The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 2, 1898 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 2, 1898
Page 9
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OTOTK M01NEB: ALGON A mNimiY MAftcH 2. im, EXILED. glory gilds idly from Where the sunset's crimson the lofty mountain pine. ! And the summer wind drifts • the sea: with the shadows wearing round me many a fanciful design, i I am thinking, I am dreaming, love, of thee. Ah, sweetheart! life were darker, forever and a day, ' If 'mid its changeless change? there could he No afterglow of memory in the twilight dim and gray, No thinking, and no dreaming, love, of thee. —J. Lyon Asbcroft. Undoubtedly. Jasper—What do ycm think Howells meant-when he spoke about one of his characters being a "hen-minded" woman? Jumpuppe—Oh, I guess lie meant that she never thought about anything except her own set. Quite Sufficient. Knicker—When I was alone with Miss Smith in the parlor I proposed. I told her she was the light of my life. Mocker—And she Knicker—Oh, she went out. CONGRESS. A FRIEND'S ADVICE And what it led to. It Is not ft common occurence that a friendly word should be the means of giving nearly lorty years of happiness aud health to the person heeding the advice it carried. This was the case with Mary IMngnrd. At twenty-five she was dragging out her days in misery. At sixty-one she finds herself so active and strong she cau do work that would shnmc mnily u younger woman, aud looks back on thirty-six happy, healthful years of industry. But let her tell her story: "Thirty-six years ago I had great trouble . with my liver. The doctors allowed that there were tumors growing on it, nud they •blistered my side in nn effort to give me relief. I was at that time earning my living as a tailoress, but for five years, : between the pain in my side mid the •blisters I was in constant misery, and •work was a drag to me, with no prospect • of relief; fortunately lor me, however, a friend advised me to take Dr. Ayer's Sarsaparilla, and finally persuaded me to take a regular course of it. When I first commenced taking the Sarsaparilla my side was so painful that I could not fasten my dress, and for a. time I did not get any relief, but my friend advised me to persevere and relief was sure to come, aud come it did. This happened, as I say, thirty-six years ago. My liver has never troubled me since, and during these years I have passed through the most critical period of a woman's life without any par ticular trouble, aud to-day, at sixty-one years of age, I nm active tmd strong, and able to do a day's work that would upset many a younger woman. Ever since my recovery I have taken a couple ot bottle* of Dr. Ayer's Sarsaparilla each spring, and am quite satisfied that I owe my good health to this treatment. I give this testimonial purely in the hope that it may meet the eye of some poor sufferer."— MAUV I.INGARD, Woodstock, Out. Dr. Ayer's Sarsaparilla has won its war to every corner of the world by the praise of its friends ; those who have tried it and who know they were cured by the use of the remedy. There is nothing so strong us this personal testimony. It throws nil theories nud fancies to the winds and stands solidly upon the lock of experience challenging every skeptic with a positive "J know." Ayci's Sarsaparilla with its purifving nnd vitalizing action nn the blood is a radical remedy lor cvety form of disease that begins in tainted or impure blood.- Hence tumors, sores, ulcers, boils, eruptions and similar diseases yield promptly to this medicine. Some cases arc more stubborn than others, but persistence with Dr. Ayer's Sarsaparilla usually results in n complete cure. Mary I.ingard began with a bottle, and went on to a course of Dr. Aver's Snrsapa- rilla. When she was cured she realized that a medicine that could cure disease could also prevent it. So she look a couple of bottles each spring and kept in perfect health. There are thousands of similar cases on record. Some of these are gathered into Dr. Ayer's Curebook, a little book of 100 pages which i* scut free by the J. C. Ayer Co., I^owell, Mass. Write for it. SB SATE. Washington, Feb. 8i.— For three hours to-day the senate had -tinder discussion the bill providing for the taking of the twelfth census and subsequent censuses. It was amended as to place the census bureau under the secretary of the interior, but the extended discussion which followed disclosed so wide a divergence of views on the part of senators as to the various features of the measure that no further action was taken. A Total Disability Claim of $1,650 Paid to a Man Who Was Afterward Cured, Ho. 17. Surrey H»ra«». Price, 810.00. As good OB «61ls (or $15. but have oolil direct to tho con- Burner for ^5 years nt wholesale priccH. Gavins him the dealer's prolita. Ship anywhere- for examination. Everything warranted. 118 styles of Vehicles, G5 Btylea of Barnoss. Top Uugglcn, f 3S to $70. Sarroya,t5Uto^l-25. Curria Sgos, Phaetons, Traps, Wagon- ettes, Spring-ltoad and Milk Wagons. Send for largo, free Cataioguo of all our styles. No. COO Surrey. Price, with ourtalno, lamps, iun- ehailc, apron and fenders, SCO. A> good ua »elli for {90. ELKHART CABBIAOE AND HARNESS MFK. oo. w. B. PKATT, Bec'y. KLKHAKT, INI>. f\nn Iowa Silver Mlno Corn Is tho grcntoat producer In tho worU. U Yielded 315 bu. per acre la Iowa, 211 l>u. In Indiana, 401 bu. In Arkansas, 178 bu. in Illinois, 1<15 bu. In Nebraska, J 44 bu. in OMo. 187 bu. In Texas, etc. Is the purest, handsomest, and largest oared 100-day corn In existence. Host profitable, bout drouth resistor. These are big claims but wo can prove them. This out uhowa shape of grain and tho growerol'the 216 bushel crop. TjVDTjiHP TO readers of this paper a small sample of this corn and J? XtJjjUj a copy of our largo Illustrated catalogue, giving lull particulars and much valuable information for every wide awake lutollt- Kent farmer. Hundreds of Illustrations. If you will send 10 cents to pay lUitual postage, and tho names of throe farmers wo will mall yon a pound of tho above corn and enclose a certificate worth ib cents. IOWA SEED CO.. Established 1871, DES MOINES, IOWA. "IF AT FIRST YOU DO TRY 'T SUCCEED, nr Jn the South. Cheap. Knsy Tcrm.-i. Free Oat. W.n.Crjiwforti & Co., Southern C'olonl/crri, rioHhvlllu, 'IVim. .A pmnlesa treatment, N No Plaster. l>r. W. C. Slarshalltown, Iowa. NEW DlSCOVERYjKivos quick relief ami euros worst cases. Bond for book of testimonial.'! and 1O clays' treatment Free. Ur.ii. a. UUKHS' TO TWAVKIj for old established house, 'permanent position. S4U per month and nil espouses. 11'. W. ZIEGLEU & CO., 828 Uourbura Street, Chicago. kENSJONS, PATENTS, CLAIMS. PjOHN W. MORRIS, WASHINGTON, U.C, lats Principal Examiner U. S. Pension Bureau. I Keeps both rider and saddle per- Ifectly dry in the hardest storms. 1 Substitutes will disappoint. Ask for j 1897 Fisli Brand Pommel Slicker— I It is entirely new. If notfor sale ir. l.vour town, write for cataloKue to A. J. TOWER. Boston, Mass Garden & Rower with a world-wide reputution. Catalog froo to itll, I JAMES J. H. GREGORY & SON, Marblehoad.Mass. to send his address on u postnl to J. L. STKA/VV, .Sewurd, 111., for froo circular illimtrutiiiK tlio most liiinmno, prolltalile, priu'.tlcalimaBailsl'uctory method of raising, handling, i'eocllu;,' uml keeping cattle known to husbundmeu, Wo handle it in i-ar-load lots. Ono linu- di'od pounds g-1.50; livo hundred pounds $81.00 F. O. B. cat's Dos Moines. Dt-il'l to accompany order. Wouro state agents for '"Eagle" Automatic Acetylene Gas GOI:CT- ator. C. K. MEAD & CO., Des Moines, Iowa. Salzer's Swls aro .JVuUcr, I.eUiiysvlllo, Pa., r.stoi bvitrowlug 250 bushels Sulzcr'a eo Misliiuott,, Wls., 173 bush, biirto- Ilandulla, Iowa, bv growing JW! bu per cure, if you doubt, vm'.o UiQM. 150,000 new uuatomora, bcuco will ai: 10 DOLLARS WORTH 1 pkgs of rnro farm so •40o. W heat/Bhuopllttj' eluding our mammoth fecca about tlie $U)0 gold pri^i:^ uw marvelous corn ft also sntnple of tame, u receipt of but lOa, j tlifflO, togot a» lUOd I* l> tilt Of 3 Plcasp Bund tn! 6dv. alone. WORTH OF PREMIUMS TO PC GIVEN AWAY WITH PfrSETH ARNOLD'S COUGH KILLER, U. S. Capitol Souvenir Spoonn, Henri 1'Ins, Sleeve Buttons and Watch C'liulns. Save the Maltese Cross on Outbldo Uox. You will flna a Premium cortiflcute around well bottle. Sent! the ccrtlUcato and crosses to the Or. Seth Arnold MetiicarCorporation, Wponsooket, R. I. AU ISWitiUfttJL '»»,<l c oun_tr.vS tores, It Cures Colds, Coughs, Sore Throat, Croup, Influenza, Whooping Cough, Bronchitisand Asthma. A certain cure lor Consumption in first stagas, and a sure relief in advanced stages. Useatonce, You will see the excellent effect after taking the first dose. Sold by dealers everywhere. Largo bottles 25 cents and 50 oer.cs. IN 3 OR 4 YEARS AN independence is assured if j'ou take \ip your home in Western Canada, thehuidof plenty. Illustrated pamphlets, giving experience of farmers who have become wealthy in growing- wheat, reports of delegates, etc., and full information as to reduced railway rates, t-an be had on application to Department Interior, Ottawa, Canada, or to D. II. Murphy, Stratford, Iowa, and N. Uartholomew, 300 Fifth St. , Des Moines, Iowa, agents of the Government of Canada. HOUSE. This wns private bill day in the house; but little was accomplished, owing to the fact that most of the time was consumed in the passage of twenty-six private pension bills coming over from the Friday night session three -weeks ugo. SENATE. Washington, Feb. 88 Washington's farewell address was read, and tho senate then passed a bill providing for the enlistment of two additional regiments of artillery for service in manning tho heavy const defense batteries which congress has provided during the past two ycnrs. A resolution by Morgan inquiring if a warship, to bo named tho George Washington can be built within a year, was passed. An hour was spent in executive session considering tho situation relative to Cuba. It was generally agreed that the situation is becoming rapidly worse. HOUSE. Washington's birthday was celebrated in the house, after a motion by Builey to adjourn had been voted down, with a vast deal of political speech rrmlcing, and it was also signalized by the firing of tlio first gun in opposition to Hawaiian annexation. Johnson, an Indiana republican, delivered the speech, and it was met with the greatest applause witnessed in this congress. SENATE. Washington, Feb. 1U.— While tho senate had under consideration tho diplomatic and consular appropriation, a sharp debate on tho Cuban question was precipitated by Mr. Allen, who offered as an amendment the resolution passed by the senate a year ago recognizing tho belligerent rights of the Cuban insurgents. Tlio debatebocame general nnd occupied nearly four hours. Mr. Allen's amendment was ruled out of order and tho appeal from tho ruling taken by tho Nebraska senator was laid on a table by a vote of 51 to 5. Both tho militnrv academy and the diplomatic and consular appropriation bills were passed. HOUSE. The house spent tho day considering tho sundry civil appropriation bill. The southern members, who have for years been iig-htiug the appropriation for ''informers" on illicit distilleries^ succeeded in killing the appropriation in committee of the whole, but Chairman Cannon gave notice that he would demand an aye and nay vote in tho house. SENATE. Washington, Feb. 24.—A feature of the senate's session to-day was tho speech of Spooner of Wisconsin on the right of Henry W. Corbett to a seat in the senate from Oregon under appointment of the governor. Spooner made u constitutional argument in favor of seating Corbett, and had not concluded when tho senate adjourned. HOUSE. The house devoted itself strictly to business and disposed of thii ,'y-six additional pages of tho sundry civil service appropriation bill. The fact that the government is preparing for contingencies was recognized in tlio house to-day when Chairman Cannon, who has been laboring to keep down appropriations, accepted without u word of protest, an amendment to increase the appropriation to care for the unused machinery at tho Sprhiglield arsenal. SENATE. Washington, Feb. 25.—Spooner concluded his speech on the right of Henry W. Corbett to a scat in tho senate from Oregon, and was followed by Teller, who opposed Corbott. Allen a'nd Turley also spoke against Corbott and Turner advocated his right to a seat. HOUSE The T'cveuue and harbor 1 appropriation bill was under consideration, and Moody made a speech charging favoritism. Dingley denied that any existed. Only four pages of tho bill were disposed of. The senate amendments to the army appropri atiou hill wore agreed to. » SENA.TE. Washington, Feb. 20.—During tho greater part of tho senate's session to-day the right of Henry W. Corbott to a seat from Oregon was under discussion. Mr. Thurston, of Nebraska, in an extended speech, opposed the admission of Mr. Corbott, while Messrs. Forakor, Kyle and Mantle supported Corbott's claim. A bill providing that proof of loyalty to the Union during tho rebellion shall bo dispensed with as a prerequisite to tho securing ol bounty land grants was also passed. HOUSE. The house disposed of about twenty pages of the situdry civil appropriation bill. Negro VostiimBtcT MobbtMl. LAKK CITV, S. C., Feb. 25.—About 1 o'clock a. in. Postmaster Uaker,' u negro, and his child, were shot to death and their bodies cremated. It is said that a mob numbering several hundred surroiincled Maker's house, where the postoliice is kept, set lire to the building and opened lire with guns upon it. Maker was killed and his wife, his two daughters and one son were seriously wounded. The woman had a baby in her arms, and she suys tluit the ball that went through her hand passed throtigh the baby, killing it. All the wounded are maimed for life. The two girls may lose their arms. All of this mail matter was totally destroyed. There is no clue to the composition of the mob. The Monitor, a newspaper published at Meatord, Ont., Canada, fli-st discovered this case two years ago, nnd published it at length, which now seems, owing to the cure of it, to be a miracle,. Tho facts -were so remarkable that many people doubted the truth of them. They said: "It is too remarkable; it cannot possibly be true; the ' ' " and the man, although soon re- paper is mistaken, a?»d the he may thiak himselt cured, lapsa Into his former condition," etc., etc. Tho accuracy of its report called in question, the Monitor determined to find out definitely whether the facts -were as stated and whether the man would really stay cured. They accordingly kept a close •watch on the case for tioo years after tho openinghis month sufficiently wide to take solid food. The doctors called the disease spinal sclerosis, and all said he could not live. For three years he lingered in this condition. Then by Borne friends he was advised to take Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People. He took them and there was a slight change. The first thing noted was a tendency to sweat freely. This showed there was some life left in his helpless body. Next came a little feeling in his limbs. This extended, followed by pricking sensa- tious,untilat lost the blood began to course freely, naturally and vigorously through his body, and the helplessness gave way to returning strength, the ability to walk returned, and he was restore! to his old time health. / am in even belief hcaUh than when 1 gatit you the first interview." "Do you still attribute your cure to the use of Dr. Williams' PinkPills?" asked the Monitor. . "Unquestionably I do," was the reply. "Doctors had failed) as had also the numerous remedies recommended by my friends. Nothing I took had the slightest effect upon me until I began the use of Dr. Williams* Pink Pills. To this wonderful medtetM 1 owe my release from the living death. I have since recommended these pills to many ol my friends, and the verdict is always in their favor. I shall always brass the day I was induced to take them." Such is the history of one of the most remarkable cases of modern times. Can any '^a^^^^^^^J^^^J J&tSvt&kti, first nrticlo appeared, nnd have just now published another article about it in which tlie original reports are completely verljled,the cure is permanent, and tltcy publish a fao simile of the cJieek given bu the Canadian Mutual I,ife Association f or $tG50.00 amount of total di whiUly claim patdbu them to Mr. Fetch. Tlia first account stated that the patient (SOB address below) had been a paralytic for live yearn,that there was mich a total lack of f deling in his liinbs and body, that a pin run full length could not be felt; that ho could not walk or help himself at till; for two years ho was not aroRsed; furthermore that'lio was bloated was for that reason almost unrecognizable, nnd could not got his clothes on. The paralysis was so complete estoairectthefncoand prevented him from The above is the substance of the first article published by the Monitor. Now follow some clippings, taken from the same paper two years afterward, aud there is not tho slightest shadow of doubt, in view of thift testimony, that Mr. Fetch's euro is permanent. Here follows the account: On being again questioned, Mr. Petch said: '' You soo those hands—the skin is no w natural and elastic. Once they were hard and without sensation. You could piorco thorn with a pin and I would notfeolit.and what is true of my hands is true of the rest; of my body. Perhaps you have observed that I have now even censed to use a cnne, aud can get about my business perfectly well. You may say tlicrc 7s a/jsoliitc??/ no doubt os to my cure being permanent. Indeed one say, in the face of such testimony, thai Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are not entitled to the careful consideration of nny suffering man, woman or child? Is not the case in truth a miracle of modern medicine? To make the evidence complete we publish above a fao simile cut of the check received by Mr. Fetch from tho Canadian Mutual Life Association, being tho amount due him for total disability. It is unnecessary to add that this life insurance association did not pay this large amount of money to Mr. Fetch, except after the most careful examination of his condition by their medical experts. They must have regarded him as forever incurable. Mr. Fetch's address is as follows, Reuben Petch, Griersville, Ont., Canada. The Course of True TJOVC. Suft'ern Shutup—I hear that at last you have married your childhood sweetheart. Did. anything 1 conic bc- twocn you in the old days'.' Griiien Unrett—Yes; my first wii'e. The irullnosH Tlicrcof. Amid the discomforts of life and tho fullness therof, reaching to every family, there is that which can BO easily mitigate or entirely cure, the wonder is why we endure and suffer BO much. From big pains to little aches, which are the wear and tear of the physical structure of man, there are always remedies good, better and best. The choice should be always for best as the surest and the cheapest. In chronic or acute suffering with rheumatism, -neuralgia, sciatica or lumbago, or with the minor ailments of sprains and bruises, or of soreness and stiffness, the efficacy o£ St. Jacobs Oil and the fullness thereof in so many complete aud perfect cures make it stand out as the best remedy for pain. Why, then, should wo stand on the order of going for it, and not go at once? In numberless cases the aggravations of discomforts and pains are from delay. Why should we suffer? There, is a, river -within warring with its shores. that is ever Tho Suviiffo Itiiclielor. She—Anyway, woman cau endure pain with much more fortitude than you men. He—So can a, mud turtle. AN OPEN LETTER TO MOTHERS. Wo avo assorting in tho courts our right to the exclusive use of the word "CASTOltlA," und "PITCHER'S OASTORIA," as our Trade Murk. I, Dr. Samuel Pltuhcr, of Hynnnis, Massachusetts, was tho originator of "PITCHER'S CASTORIA," the same that has borne and does now boar tho fnc-simllo signature of CHAS. H. FLETCHER on every wrapper. Tills is the original "PITCHER'S CASTOHIA" which has been used in tho homes of tho mothers of America for over thirty years. Look carefully at the wrapper and see that It is "tho kind you have always bought." and has tho signature of CHAS. H. FLETCHER on tho Wrapper. No one has authority from mo to uso iny name except Tho Centaur Company of whicti Chas. H. Fletcher is President. March 6, 1897. SAMUEL PITCHER, M. D. Flag raising is one industries. of ouv standard State of Ohio, City of Toledo, Ijiicas County, HS. ' Frank J. Cheney makes outh that ho is tho senior partner of tho linn of F. .1. Cheney & Co., .doing business in tho city of Toledo, county and state aforesaid, and that said firm will pay tho sum of Ono Hundred Dollars for each and every case of Catarrh that cannot bo cured by tho use of Hall's Catarrh Cure. FKANK J. CHENEY. Sworn to l-'f'oro mo aud subscribed in my presence, this Oth day of December, A. D. 1SKO. (Seal) A. W. GLEASON, Notary Public. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally and acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Send for testimonials, free. F. J. Cheney & Co.. Toledo, O. Sold by druggists, 7fic. Hall's Family Pills are the best. Thirteen is an unlucky ago Cora girl. She is too old J'or dolls and too young 1 for beaux. ^POTATOES .*£! ' I.nrfc-c-kl Srod VOTATO grown In America. 1 "llural New-Yorker" given SuUor'n Kariloui a ' uf 404 IiunbelK ptr ncrs. 1'rlcon dirt tittup. t-«il Uouk, 11 firw Si'nl Diitiiplp«i stt a kUr(, far Itlc. uail IUU uutlcc. HAWtlt Wt'-U CO., luCrvm-, Via, w .b AVlicro IB Slut CUiinjf? NoiiKOj.K, Vu., Feb. 35.—The monitor Terror left here, on the way to tho sea under sealed orders, but will cruise in Hampton lloads at least a short time. Her departure created considerable excitement. Thousands witnessed it. There was no cheering', either from shore or on the vessel. The unclaimed jewels and curios fotuiti in the ruins of the fatal fire of the charity ba/ar in Paris are to be sold, at auction, and it is expected that the sale will produce $150,000. Dangerous germs in milk are destroyed by pasteurization. The process is conducted by heating the milk to t* temperature of 170 degrees, Fahrenheit, and then suddenly cooling. A French chemist, M. Gabriel Viand, proposes to impart to various vegetables iron tonics, which may be easily assimilated by the human body. His plan, is to use powdered iron as fertilizers. Auk for Alton's Foot Kline. A powder to shake into your shoes. It cures Corns and Mnnions, Chilblains, Swollen, Nervous, Damp, Sweating, Smarting and Callous Feet. At all Druggists and Shoe Stores, 2ijc. Sample FUEK. Address Allen S. Olmsted. I,e Koy, N. Y. ________ Tho happiest couple ill the world would be a deaf husband and a blind wife. ('ou(,-lilnf,' I.e;icls to Consumption. Kemp's Balsam will stop tho cough at once. Go to your druggist to-day and get a sample bottle 1'ree. Sold in :.Ti and 50 cent bottles. Go at once; delays are dangerous. It is easy to eat the, wedding breakfast, not se, easy to eat the week-day dinners that come at'tev. SALZKIt'S GUASSKS AND -CT,OV.KR8. Are warranted. They produce! Wo are the largest growers in America. Lowest prices. Seed Potatoes only $1.50 per barrel. Big farm seed catalogue with clover and grain samples (worth $10.00 to get a start) sent you by the John A. Salzer Seed Co., La Crosse \Vis., upon receipt of lOc and thifi notice, w.n.'o. A marked change has occurred in the ondition of the English girl. It is now quite usual for her to shop or to drive unattended. Strength In Numbers. "We are getting up a Klondike club." "When do you go?" "We're not going at all; we are organizing to keep one another from going." _ SEATTtiE, unquestionably best and cheapest starting point and outfitting station for Alaska and Klondike, does not ask or advise you to go, but you will find Seattle's facilities, stocks and experience unsurpassed and prices the very lowest. V Washington state has Klondikesof its own. Seattle is tho chief city. Strangers are protected by Public Comfort Bureau. Ad- dross Chamber of Comrnerce.Seattlo.W'aBh. A patched-up friendship is apt to break in a new place. Beauty is Iflonct Uiicp. : Clean blood makes a clean skin. No beauty without it. Cascnrets Cnndy Cathartic cleans your blood und keeps it clean, by stirring up the lusty liver und driving all impurities from tha body. Begin to-day to i banish pimples, boils, blotches, blackheads', and that; sickly bilious complexion by taking Ottscarets, — beauty for ton cents. All drug- sfcUsfuulion guaranteed, 10, 25, 50c. ; If a girl is born beautiful she is as g-ood us born married. COO'H Cough Js tlio oldestiiml liont. It will break up a colil quicker 4 roliabU than anything ulsu. It is always) i ble. Try it. A bouse without a wife or a fire is like a body without a soul. Doubles Ui<> I'lciiKuro ol' n Drive A fine carriage doubles the pleasure of driving. Intending buyers of carriages ctin save dollars by sending for the large, free catalogue of the Klk- liart Carriage and Harness Manufacturing Co., of JOlkhart, Inc'l. However high a man may climb, lie must always start from the ground, Ten Weeks for Ten C'l-ntn. That big family paper, the II,M;STUATKI> WKUKI.Y SEXTJNEI,, of Denver, Colo., (founded 1890), will bo sent tun weeks 011 trial for 10 cents; clubs of li, f>0c; 1:3 for ¥1.00. 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N, U. Des Monies. No, 10—1898. When Answering Advertisements Kindly Mention This Paper. FOR 3O DAYS MORE YOU CAN TRY IT FOR 25 CENTS. CUBED BY '5 DROPS" Is tho inoet concontruteil and. powerful spociflo known, Freo fi-om opiates uml pei-t'ootly harmless. Itelief 1» usually felt the very ili-ft niKlit. We )iav« letters of t:i-utoful praluu from thousand* who liuvo been cui'ca by "S UUOi'S," aiul who recommend it to s A copy of the new edition of Miss Parloa's Choice Receipts will be .sent postpaid to any of our readers who will make application by postal card or note to 'Walter Baker & Co., Limited, Dorchester, Mass. Airing other people's fuxilts never made them smell any sweeter. Piso's Cure for Consumption is tho best of all coutfh cures.— George W. Lotz, Fubuchor, La., August 2», 1895. Few wear their characters like their cloaks — outside. To-Bao for Fifty Cents. tolwcoo liublt euro, uiuktm puro. &l)c', »1- A HAD RHEUMATISM FOR 4O YEARS, Kwausou ithoumatlc t'ure Co., (Uifeagti. Gentlemen:— I write this to inform you all lunv luuch t'ooil yoor "0 DKOl'S" lu tlolng my hus'.uiiul. Ho la takliiK the Ncuoml buttle iimv ami is liiiprnviutr every day. When ho boguu to take Itl. uwus uulfci-iiu; u nivat ik-al wltti KliuuiiitttlBiti tnul Hoiirt Troublo, auJ weak- iicHslii litsliniira, anil also had Ktouiauh trouulu, had no appetite, uiid uould hot walk half a, mile without Ms lonn ln-lnfe- to stiff that \vhun ho sat down he could hardly nut up again. Now, I nm happy to tell you ho is liUo u now umu, and can walk without tny puln. If your modicliio cures him it win aura auyoiio, for ho has hud KUou mutism for forty years aud will be seventy ycar« old the 10th ol' this m«nth. llu lias gained tun pounds biuco ho began taking your "81JSOPS." 1 cannot thank you enough for what -your "5 DHOFa" has douo for him. for I don'C tbiiik ha wpuld.have bueutUlrp to-day If it had not boon for " C mtOl'B." I iltlviso ull suitoriujf beiUKH tu be troatutl with your "5 DKOI'S," fur It IH it lioou to luuiikiiul, (Mr. Joi-doii will nio.nial later oa). "Vours eratoiully, SU»v i''. JOKUOK, Bridseport, Ala., Jauuwy 0, 18SI8. [Trado Mark.] eiUKH teudtt HAD RHeUWIATISWI OF THE HEART. Ueui- Slrn:-Enclo»od jik-afo llndiuouey order, for which pleiit* rouuiuiueutl your "fl DEOi*S" very highly, Myhus- coulU not llo ilo«|> in b?il to (^eop 1 , »nil was bloatcU to liaiiiit- Swnnson llhouumtic C'uro Co., C'liioago. Boiut »iu 01 dor of " 0 DUO VS." \Vo cuu bund hud Itliuumatlsm of the Heart so tad Ito could could not- button ft»y ol W« ulothee, uiul before n 80 cewt; trl elucp AD \>oll IXH a perao« IB uerfDt-t heftltli, aud could Uuttpn bt» <JltI()j»ut oaues of " ' ' '—-' one ho oould Ho tiowu wevw. Ifio.m t«U you The speculators who often have to bear the

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