Brown County World from Hiawatha, Kansas on May 29, 1891 · Page 10
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Brown County World from Hiawatha, Kansas · Page 10

Hiawatha, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 29, 1891
Page 10
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lO THE BROWN COUNTY T70BLD, FKIDAY, HAY 559, 1891. . . . "I'm a Takin a Whole Lot of Other Papers." The city papers are all right ifyou want them, but it is the local paper that advertises your business, your schools, your churches, your numerous societies, sympathizes with you in your affliction and rejoices in your prosperity. - ' In short, it is your local paper that mentions the thousand and one items in which you are interested during the year, and which you do not find in the city papers. BIESBRMW ((aSn EENCE.&C0 )9 FRIDAY, MAY 39, 1891. The jury disagreed in J. H. Warfel road damage suitagaiost Brown-Co commiss oners. Boots and Shoes, Furnishing Goods, Hats and UI cannot tefH liow the tnitft may be, I tell the tale as 'twas told to me." Gypsine. GvrsiNE, the new wall finisti. PnoTOOTiATjiiES. L. R. Tates. Buv your fruit jars at McGuire's. Bur your fruit jars at McGuire's. Buy youx fruit jars at McGuire's. m Miss Anna, Tnnnison is quite sick. Fine cattery at L. D. Pottenger's. Salt fish in bulk at Cash Grocery. Kasper Greb is back to Hiawatha at work for Fred Gampper. He is glad to be here again. Next week's "World will be the fourth Kansas number. Copies will be saved for you. An Iowa court has decided that "mer chandise not in a state when sold cannot be taxed. Fast black hosiery, extra woven at 10, 15, "25 and 35 cents a pair at Moore ! & Meeker's. E.H. Paillon, of St. Louis, has been visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Bechtel for some time. CAPS, TRUNKS, AND VALISES. nc arc receiving Hon Goods in all departments this ncclt. In Dress Goods and Silks our assortment is large and complete. Black China and Surah Silks suitable for summer wear. New Black Silk Grenadines-Black Lace Net. Black and colored challies and zephyr ginghams, black embroidered flouncings and skirtings, white embroidered flouncings and skirtings in all widths. White dress goods in checks, stripes and plaids. Laces, Embroideries, Ribbons, Gloves and Mitts. Immense assortment of Staple Dry Goods, prints, ginghams percales, shirtings, muslins and linens. Del. Adams, a vouner law student Mrs. TeU Merrill is visiting in Falls UvithRyan& Buckles, has been admitted City. 1 fnfka Vio- (Sarpefl OepatrHinraeontL lit?. Mrs. Scull will build a neat residence soon. Ground oil cake for stock food by pound or ton. Pottenger &1yle Drug New Straw Mattings and Rugs. Largest stock of two- and three-ply Ingrains in the city. Choice patterns in Body Brussels and Tapestry Brussels. Choice butter at Neiblnag& DL'tling-1 Company. bam. m Ask your grr for thejube Rose (gjmgm(nj FMirOflDSlfoiiOTlg (SOOIlflS- Txr- shm t. Tf flour and don't be put off with any-l "w d & " J -A!H? . - 1 Yates. -inmgeise. New potatoes and veeetables at Cash miS3 ime Jaurgawora re nome irom lrocerv 4 visit iu xaua vity. one is a natural - i . . musician. Ladies jersey ribbed vests at 8, 10, 12, 15, 20 and 25 cents nt Moore & Summer eoats and vests at Mo ore & Meeker's. Minnesota flour at Xeibling & Dill- Meeker's. ingnams. . 1 For the best 30c coffee in the city, Mi3s Graff will spendher vacation inj'getour Famous Combination at Cash Colorado. Grocery. A A 1 J 1 1 A. A nice new stone front at A. iSchil- w just pouwoes ana ouaamg piantsi linz & Co's. 1 w J lorai 1 arK s1" nouse. Margrave i& Ward. WrfSLto " ree68,TaeSday antU; MajorShultehasi'nyiteffTHE World m to Tempe, Ari&, agreeingtto pay all ex- James Rogers is building an add ition .penses. to his house. When you are in town, feed at Horn Mrs. Fred MeMillian is visitin g in& Son's Livery Stable, south of court j T.nHirnn Mn J H0US6. Prof. Arthur Partoh is home f rom Evanston, 111. J3est of care taken of teams left at Horn & Son's. Dr. Eb. Leigh has returned from, a trip to Lincoln. Burglars nipped $25 from Jim Pom- eroy's Powhatan store last Thursday night. The Kansas Mutual Life Associa tion's postage ( bill amounts to over $4 aday. We carry at all times the most complete line of Men's, Boys' and Children's Clothing and Furnishing Goods in Northeastern Kansas, on which we make the lowest possible prices. New Straw Hats and Summer Clothing. (Boot anudl Sluee EDepaoteOEnill- Our stock of Men's, Women's and Children's Shoes and Slippers comprises the best and most desirable lines in the country, and we guarantee to save you money on every article in this department. We have no old and shelf worn goods to dispose of, but handle new, clean and fresh goods only, on which we make the lowest prices. MEEEE, L A WEENCE & CO "The Rev. Mr. Countermine will com- Can find canned goods at Sibling nce Preaing the first Sunday in Dillingham's. The Miss Crawfords return .home to Odell, Thursday. Felt and fancy work material at Miss Margrave's. . Silver Leaf tea is delicious. Try it, at Cash Grocery. Strawberries fresh every morning .lit Cash Grocery. , The Ladies' Union meets Friday with JNIrs. 15. S. Foster. The Would and Home Magazine one year for $1.80. . Both gauze and muslin underwear At Miss Margraves'. Go over to Jim Franklin's store and jsee liow things look. Gypsine, the best wall finish made at L. I. Pottenger's. Loots; at our 5, 7, 8, and 10 dollar suits at Moored Meeker. Judge Webb, of AXchison, is a very sucessful practitioner. L. M. Briggs is dead, known Indian trader. He was awell The Davis flour "gets there" time, at Cash Grocery." ivery Heavy rains near Seneca damaged the Grand Island track. tt "See that pointed fence made on the "no-loose-lath-fence machine" at Wheel-ocf s. Miss Floy E. Smith has bought a bi- ycle and expects to ride to and from town to her country home. . Judge Webb has issued a marriage liscence to John A. McGinnis and Mrs. H. II. Robinson, of Reserve. : Buy your goods while it is bad A fine line of D. Armstrong's & Co's. ladies shoes in all widths and styles at the Brown-co. shoe store. Two car loads of farm machinery weather, to be ready for good weather just received and more coming to Hill when it comes. Hill Bros. Bros Tne different lodges and societies C. Reibsomer is recovering from the have Deen invited by the G. A. R. to ob- effects of a fall that nearly broke his serve the day with them. ribs. -f Judge Dickason and family and Curn The Presbyterian Literary circle H. Adams wish to thank their friends ciwxn uut Monuay nigni lor xne sum- for Mnd words and acts mer. , i Htawatita souvenir sdoous coffee Mrs. M. L. Scull has been granted a and orange High school building in pensien ot 12 a month and $1936 back ra,iaf Qf w o -pVQri5 pay. Secretarv Schilling, of the .National Mrs. L. S. Herbert and Miss Lizzie pe0l)ies party, is a distant relative of the start for San Diego. Calf., next Tuesday. Schillings living here. Garland stoves and ranges at ow is the time to discuss new designs Amann & Son's. The best in the world. f or monuments to be erected this sum- The Rev. Mr: Embre will not go to mer- See Wheelock. Ithaca until fall, and may not go at all. Joe Manly furnished the doctor's a If you want good bread try the poisoning case Monday night. He took Tube Rose. It will not disappoint you. the wrong medicine. W. W. English's team ranawav Tues- 61 buys 20 pounds, 84.80 buys 100 day. Fredi Collier was seriously hurt, pounds of fine granulated sugar at the Co-operative tore. Special bargains in ladies kid button shoes at $1.25, $1.50, 81.75, $2.00. and $2.50 at Moore & Meeker's. Jim Franklin has moved his old business house across the street; but is still glad to see his old customers. Along with thetwo weeks old report of no rain in western Kansas comes the good news of abundant rains. " This session of court is about over and the docket comes nearer being finished up than it has for years. Arthur T. Crichton, of Kansas City, is winning a place as one of the foremost illustrative artists of America. The people who are opposed to the third party movement appeared to have stayed away from Cincinnati. It is said that the Rev. Mr. Scott did not better himself much. Hastings is the deadest town in Nebraska. Douglas $2.00, $2.50, and $3.00 shoes, best in the world. Moore & Meeker. The Saturday Club will meet with Cooperative store iUi a. xiuiuum vj ii oaiuiuuji ai.i;i.iiuuu. $1 buys 20 pounds, $4.80 buys 100 pounds of tine granulated sugar at the Brent Yates saw the president Omaha. 'Rah for Brent. ' i Ask for the Xew York firm's "spec ial" Miss Margrave has it. Pongee India silk finish 15 cents a yard at Moore & Meeker's. , ' Mrs. Nels Zimmerman and son Ray are visiting in Kansas City. Oxford ties, latest styles and lowest prices at Moore & Meeker's. Lowest cash prices on men and boys clothing at Moore & Meeker's. L. M. Briggs has suffered a stroke of paralysis at Battle Creek, Mich. , ; - 1 7 For sale. 10 brood sows due to pig in 30 days. T. M. Campbell. m . Mrs. John Morris and Mary are visit ing her sister in Springfield, Mo; Miss Anna Bacon! spent Sunday in Sabetha, visiting Mrs. Maud Sipe. Prof . Rossetter has found a place at Portland, Oregon. Salary, 01200. Why suffer with heat when -Miss M. L. Guelich is building a new fence. Margrave keeps the gauze corset? A He is hard to stop on Improvements. new supply just in. Mrs. J . A. Kremer, of Reserve, is vis- Fast black Organdy lawnslit 10, 12, ltingiNir. ana Mrs, a. j. .ueiDengooa. 15) 18. 22 and 25 cents per yard at F. Harding sends $6 from Pueblo Moore & Meeker's. ahdsays keep The World comin?. Hrvmrnold screens need repairing e use only the best May King 'lt done at the Bee Hive Factory whet to make the Tube Rose flour. north of the depot. Mr. and Mrs. D. L. McCarthy, of Fairview, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. O. TV. Brown. Garden produce fresh every day at Geoi Maglott's. Onions, radishes, pie - BlaJpk silk mitts. 20. 25, 35, 50 and 71 cents al pair at Moore & Meeker's. Down. Dwn they go the prices on children Aionuments at Wheelock's. Congressman Houk, of Tennesee, Dlanf lettuce, etc. iook me wrong meaicine ana aiea. Decorated dishes and chinaware. E-erythixg in the grocery line at A very beautiful assortment. At Neibling &pillingham's. Amann & Son's. , kOse is me leaoing nour. See the High ' School and Academy ask your grocer loriu - Souvenir bangies at W. S. Evans-in TYebster'sISOI International die- silver and gold. Hnnarv. L Tt 9 ' . - 1 1 y 11EJN jfOU naui; oiuica ui Get your dooand window screens I member - the Garland is tne Kina. at the Bee Hive Factory. I Amann & Son. .- r '.' " " "; V"-. ' .. I , ; " ; ; - ?zht Buy your frhit jfrs at McGuire's. Buy your fruit jars at McGuire s. FREsn canned goods at Geo. Mag lott's warranted. You get your money back if not as claimed to be. 9 Call and examine our line of ladies Oxford ties, the largest stock in the city Jrt the Brown-co. shoe store. R. B.Carey, who is the most active 73 year old man in the county, sprained his ankle very seriously Tuesday. The Republican party does not ob ject to being known by its fruits, and the McKinley bill is one of them. A large stock of mens' shoes in Kai garoo, Dongola, Calf and Cerderan cheap at the Brown-co. shoe store. m V,. T. TnrrEs at the Brown-co. shoe store will be pleased to show goods and can show the largest stock in town. m A little of the rain water of the past week would have been more appreciated last summer, or later on this season. For Sale: House and lot between FiftU and Sixth streets on Shawnee street. Enquire of Mrs. E. Jenkens. y Rodney M. Owen, the Alliance candidate for governor in Minnesota, does not endorse the third party platform. There were 105 cars of grain shipped out of Severance last month. M. H. Peeler shipped 80 and Mr. Harpster 25. The Ladies Missionary society of the First Presbyterian church will give a concert in the church Sunaay May 31. Star of Hope lodge, No. 1338, Knights of Honor, hereafter hold regular meetings in the hall over Kelsey's harness shop. Our stock of mens and boys plow shoes is complete and cheaper than you ever saw before at the Bro?ra-co. shoe store. TriE Bee Hive Factory is prepared to make you new screens of all kinds or repair your old ones at very reasonable prises. Special bargains in black silk and serge umbrellas at 75 cents, 90, 81.00, 1.25,2.00,2.50, 3.00 and 4.00 at Moore & Meeker's. XewIine of Art books and standard authors single and in sets. Appropriate for commencement presents. L. R. Yates. , . 1 Topeka Journal: A big suspender eoncern at Portland, Me., has "busted." Now they know how their customers used to feel. , Aaron L. Hall has sold the corner lots west of R. F. Buckles residence to W. II. Forbes, of Highland, Kansas. Price 81150. G. W. Chase, sergeant at arms, of the house, it on record as having gobbled 82,500 this lastsession. He is a reformer for revenue. B. S. Foster is out of luck. First he was drawn as a juryman; second, he ran a pitchfork in his foot while feeding his stock. A. H. Thomas sends us pay for The World and orange blossoms from Santa Ana, Calf. He is always thoughtful of others.; A. L. Newcomb was in St. Joseph, Friday, making arrangements to run the telephone line to Falls City and also to Highland. m For sixty days only you can get Mm. Logan's cooking chart, The World and Ladies Home Magazine, edited by Mrs. Logan for 81.80.' , ' M. J. Dickason will return here and buy a farm. He has sold his pi ice at Osborne and is satisfied that this is the best place after alL m t For sixty days only you can get Mrs. Logan's cooking chart, The World and Ladies' Home Magazine, edited by Mrs.Logan for 8L80. . L. H. Jones bought corn of Wm. Arnold and sued him for 8300 shortage. Arnold proved that Jones was short and got judgement for 85. Buy your fruit jars at McGuire's.. Buy your fruit jars at McGuire's. Buy your fruit jars at McGuiieV

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