The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 16, 1898 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 16, 1898
Page 7
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mm IOWA WEDNJBSBAY FEBIUJARY ie, "V,! thfe Chtcrfnt it 1 like," said the. Cheerful Pert, " is a friend -who will stand by through 'coffee and cream." IrWhat sort of nonsense is that?" iced the landlady. fin other words, I want him to stand me through thick and thin." A WIso Woman. trbcher—Wha-t made you leave i abruptly when i was putting up the Jritrmock this morning? IMlss Verander—I saw it was coming: fcwh for the third time, and I though |WOuld give you a chance to swear. Kt> rtnrm Done. She—No, I cannot marry you, 'but i will be a sister to you. He—Never mind. You see, I am a little superstitious, and this was go-Ing to be my thirteenth proposal, and I just wanted to get by it. tTncortaln. Wallace—I want to tell you a good story. There was a certain woman— Ferry—Get out! There never was a certain woman. It la said that If the "voice" of an elephant were as loud in proportion as that of a nightingale, his trumpeting could be heard round the world. CAUSE FOR ALARM. How baldness begins. \ * ; How to prevent it. "tv~e had a regular cyclone out to bur house at 2 o'clock this morning." "Must have been about the time you reached home?" ..^ _^. ' "Yep." * o ' * " "Funnel-shaped?" "Nop. Just about the same simp* as the other wives in the neighborhood." The Government Domain. The commissioner of the general latad office has submitted his report to the Secretary of the Interior. Compared with last year it shows a decrease of 8.298 homestead entries, aggregating 878,625 acres. Quito proportionate to this is the falling off in general health when no effort is made to reform irregularity of the bowels. This can easily be accomplished with the aid of Hostettor's Stomach Bitters, also a remedy for malaria, dyspepsia, rheumatism and liver trouble. DlPHTHEfclA IN W1NNECONNE. Aftet the Deviled Ham. The Foul Fiend glared ferociously as the shrieking barnstormer was hauled before him. "The Furnace room?" he •' howled. "Not on your life! Mince him! Deviled ham? Well, say!" Every person, male or female, shrinks from baldness. It adds to the appearance of age mid is a serious discomfort. The cases are rare when the falling out of the hair may uot be stopped, and a new and- healthy growth of the hair promoted. The hair grows in the scalp like a plant in the- soil. If a plant flourishes, it must have constant attention; it must be watered regularly and find Its food in the soil • where it is rooted. It's so with the hair. Neglect is usually the beginning of baldness. Dandruff is allowed to thicken on 1 the scalp. The hair begins to loosen. The scalp loses its vitality. The hair, insufficiently nourished,, begins to fade and to fall. The instant need in such a case is some practical preparation which, supplying the uc-eded nourishment to the scalp, will feed the hair, give it strength, and so produce a strong and healthy S rowth. All this is done by Dr. Ayer's air Vigor, the most practical and valuable preparation for the hair that cau be obtained. It tones up the scalp, does away vrlth dandruff, stops the huir,from falling, restores the original color to gray or faded hair, and gives an abundant and glossy growth. Those who are threatened with approaching baldness will be interested in the following voluntary statement, made by Alderman S. J. Green, of Spencer, Iowa. He writes: "About four months ago, my hair com. inenced falling out so rapidly that I became alarmed, and being recommended Dr. Ayer's Hair Vigor by a druggist, I resolved to try this preparation. I hove liecu now using it for three months, and am much gratified to find that my hair has ceased falling out and also that hair which had been turning gray for the past 'five years has been restored to Its original color, dark brown. It gives me much pleasure to recommend this dressing."— S. J. GREEN, Alderman, Spencer, Iowa. Those who are interested in preserving and beautifying the hair will do well to send for Dr. Ayer's Curebook, A story of cures told by the cured. This book of 100 pages is sent free, on request, by the J. C. Aycr Co., I^owell, Mass. >5G< FREE ADVICE by our Physician nnd n FREE SAMPLE,, t of our medicine nnd n 68-page Free Book treating all diseases with 60 excellent recipes are uomo of tho reasons why you should write us. Dr, Kay's Renovator Cures tho very worst oases of Dyspepsia, Constipation, Headache, Liver nnd Kidney diseases. Send for proof of it. We Guarantee It. Write uu about nil of your symptoms. Dr. Kay's Renovator la sold by druggists, or scut by mail on receipt of-prlce, 25 cents nnd 81.00. Address Dr. B. J. KAY MEDICAL CO., (Western Office) Omaha, Neb "A HAND SAW IS A GOOD THING, BUT NOT TO SHAVE WITH." IS THE PROPER THING FOR HOUSE-CLEANING, Why sit np nights gasping-for breath -when you 1 can bo permanently cured? Wo have cured thommnda with amv»Bn«i A • p> MI ig* and can cure you. His the only absolute) cure known. A trial bottle of AS T H IVi A I. C. IV! t sent free. uu. TAW DUOS., 4 Kim St., Uochcstcr, H. Y. h m FARM , Sailer's SeeiU .are Warranted to Produce. J B. Walter, LoRajrwille. Pa., uMonlshod tho world ', f ty.KroTrlng250bu»liQU SuUer'j corn; J. llrelder, . Jjuiliioott, Wla., 113 bu»U. barlujr, and P. Slunot,' |Eandall»,Jowa,'b.r growliiB 108 bush. Halzer's oati 1 Iporaorc. Ifyouttoubl, wrlto thorn. Wo wish to gala I 150,000110* .customers, hcnco will ei-nd on trial 1 1O DOLLARS WORTH FOR 10c. I J] pV« of raro 1am Boecli, Hog Pcu, Sand Vetoli, I •40o..Whoat,' Sheap Kupo, Jcrusolom Corn, etc., in. 4>ladinE'°nrTiianiuiotU Bnod Catalogue, telling all i •bouftheHOOgolaprlieBfnrbeBt naino for our / k aew marveloui corn and oats, "Prodigies, j *llo sample of »amn, nil raallea you U|»n * rcoclnt of but lOo. iKntngo, positively • wortU $10. lo get a Btart. 100,000 bbls. SeedJ'otutocs sttl.Mabbl. as .jikja. carlinit vogutablo IN 3 OR 4 YEARS AN independence is assured if you take tip your home in Western Canada, the land of plenty. Illustrated pamphlets, giving- experience of farmers who have become wealthy in growing wheat, reports of delegates, etc., amd ftill information as to reduced railway rates, can be hud on application to Department Interior, Ottawa, Canada, or to D. H. Murphy, Stratford, Iowa, and N. Bartholomew, 300 Fifth St., Des Moines, Iowa, agents of the Government of Canada. \ -g ^ 5 I ii WORTH OF PREMIUMS TO BE GIVEN AWAY WITH DR, SETH ARWS COUGH KILLER, TJ. S. Capitol Souvcjilr Spoons, Scarf Pins, Sleeve Buttons and Watch Chains. Save the Maltese Crass on Outside liox. You will flml a Premium certificate tirouiul each bottle. Send tuo ccrtiticate and crosses to the Or. Seth Arnold Medical Corporation, , Woonsocket, R. I. 1 AU Drug(?latH and Country Stores. Price. 2Sc., SOc. and $1.00 If you are interested and wish to post yourself about the Gold Fields of the Yukon Valley, when to gp and how to get there, write for a Pescriptive Folder and Map of Alaska. It will be sent free upon application to T. A. GRADY, Excursion Manager C. B. & Q. R. R., 31} Clark Street, Chicago. „ _ „ <julckreile{«iiauurfliiwottM for boot of twtlTOonlftls dml 10 vc.u. u. UUIUN TAKE l Physic to tjie.Dogs."'-! TAKE CATHARTIC them now <uud then and get, as a result, wonderful physical benefit and ease of action never. equaled. It's the perfect laxative.' IOC PUTS A BOX IN YOUR POCKET. A booklet and sample free <Jbr the asking, or you can buy a box for ioc, asc, 500, at your drug store. Satisfaction guaranteed, 74 Sterling Remedy Co. Chicago. Montreal. New York llii!!: It Cures Colds, Coughs. Sore Throat, Croup, Influenza. Whooping Cough, Bronchitis anaAnnnia. A certain cure lor Consumption in first stages, anil a sure reliel in advanced stages. Useatonce. You will see the excellent effect alter taking the first dose. Sold by dealers everywhere, Large bottles 26 cents and 60 cents. How's This? Wo offer One Hundred Dollars reward for any case of Catarrh that cannot bo cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, Ohio. We, tho undersigned have known F. J. Cheney for the last 15 years, and believo him perfectly honorable in all business transactions nnd financially able to carry out any obligations made by their firm. West & Trunx. Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, Ohio; Wulding, Kinnati & Marvin, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo. O. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally acting directly iipon tho blood and mucous surfaces of tho system. Testimonials sent free. Prico Toe per bottle. Sold by all druggists. Hall's Family Pills arc tho host. Un Tft DAP Sold and guaranteed to cure To- nU'iw DAw bacco JlaUt toy .all druggists. YOU SEND Until Gfl<Mla Arrive! ' Disc Harrows, Level HarrowB,H-foot Boeder* Cultivator*, Wwgoiia Write lor Delivery Pi'lcoa unit Catalogue. EMPIRE MF$, Ca STP««T, ROOK FALLS, ILL, How mad soprano singers look at another soprano singer's concert. A Favorite Calendar. With tho approach of a now year most people discover the need of a new calendar. This fact accounts for the great number of these articles that burden the mails at this time. Among them all the one which suits ns best is that published by N. W. Aycr & Son, Newspaper and Magazine Advertising Agents, Philadelphia. Tho 1898 edition has just arrived and been put in commission. Perhaps its chief attraction is that tho ligures are clear enough to be road across a room. It is, however, a most handsome specimen of tho printer's art, while its ousiness talk always intercstsn business mon. Wo are not surprised to learn that the edition has been doubled in recent years. Its price (25 cents) includes delivery by_ mail to any address in perfect condition. . It WAS Stamped Out, Modern Treatment Had Thirty-three cases of diplithcria were reported at Winneconne, Wisconsin, and the schools were closed. Of the thirty-three cases twelve were subjected to so-called modern treatment; four of the twelve thus treated died, a death rate of 33 1-3 per cent Mr. J. Ulrlch, a resident of Winne* conne, had observed the marvelous success Muco-Solvent had met with and In his enthusiastic way Induced many mothers to use it. His own family was one of the first infected, Muco-Solvent being used to the exclusion of everything else With splendid results. Compared with other treatments, Itfl success was so very pronounced, that Muco-Solvent was generally adopted, .with the result that by its use alone the other twenty*two cases' recovered, not one proving fatal where Muco-Solvent was depended on. We recommend Its presence In every home, for all throat troubles. In averting developments of diphtheria, scarlet lever and croup, it is unequalled. Upon receipt of the price, $1 per bottle, the Muco-Solvent Company, 35fl Dearborn street, Chicago, will expresi it, charges paid. This makes a splendid article for agents to introduce In their locality, as It Is backed by overwhelming and convincing testimony. Forty-page book free.—Chicago Opinion. "She's 'shamed 'cause she's a woman" is a man of Cairo's explanation of why a Mohammedan girl wears s veil. " SPRAYING FRUIT TREES. Tho question of sprnylnR fruit trees to prevent tho depredations of Insect peats and fungus diseases Is no longer an experiment, but a necessity. An Op«n Cotintenftnce. He—'"What a sntiHng countenance Miss Maybud has." She—"Yes. Who would have thought her old enough to have cut her Wisdom teeth!" Young Womanhood. ; Lots of men have college diplomas hanging In their parlors and weeds growing in their gardens. A Good Dictionary tor Two Cents. A dictionary containing the definitions of 10,000 of tho most useful and important words in the English language, is published by the Dr. Williams Medicine Co., Schencc- tady, N. Y. While it contains some advertising, it is a complete dictionary, concise and correct. In compiling this book care has been taken to omit none of those common words whoso spelling or exact use occasions at times a momentary difficulty, even to wel, educated people. The main aini has beej to give as much useful information na\ possible in a limited space. With this in view, where noun, adjective and verb are all obviously connected in meaning, usually one only has been dnsertcd. Tho volume will thus bo found to contain the meaning of verv many move words than it professes to explain. ... To those who already have a dictionary, this book wall ooinmeud itself because it is compact, light :and convenient; to those who have no dictionai-y whatever, it will be invaluable.. 'One may be secured by writing .to the .above concern, mentioning this paper., and .enclosing a two-ccut stamp. "Heavien Is Tiot gained by a single bound. For we build the ladder by which we rise From lowly .earth to the vaulted skies-, And we mount to its summit round by round.'" Mother "Gray's Sweet Powders for Children Successfully used by Mother Gray nurse in the Children's Home in New York, Cure Feverishiiess, Had Stomach, Teething 1 Disorders, move and regulate the Bowels and Destroy Worms, Over 10;000 testimonials. THEY NEVER FAIT,. At all druggists, 25c. Sample FREE. Ad, Allen S. Olmsted, LeRoy, N. Y. Snltoir—"Sour daughter, sir. Is all the world to me. Father—Hump! Young mara, .you want the earth.—Philadelphia Nortih American. Bounty la illoml Deep. Clean blood makes a clean ekiu. N,o beauty without it. Cascarets Candy Cathartic cleans your blood and keeps it clean, by stirring rap the lazy liver and driving all impurities from the body. Begin to-day to bauisii pimples, boils, blotches, blackheads, and that sickly bilious complexion by taking Coscarete,—beauty for ten cents. All druggists, satisfaction guaranteed, 10, U5, 5Ge. Sklmmecl milk is now turned into champagne by an electric process, and the beverage Is clear, beady, and delicious in flavor, though non-alcoholic. Don't Tobacco Spit and Cinokt Tour Life A\raj'. To quit tobacco easily uud forever, be magnetic, full of life nerve and vigor, take No-To-Bac, the wonder worker, that makes weak men strong. All druggists, 50c or 91. Cure guaranteed. Booklet uud sample free Address Sterling Remedy Co., Chicago or New York. Every great violinist claims he played with Theodore Thomas. once Lane's Family Medicine. Moves the bowels each day. In order to be healthy this is necessary. Acts gently on the liver and kidneys. Cures sick headache. Price, 35 and 50c. There are as many different kinds ol collar buttons as there are religions.— Piso's Cure for Consumption is tho only cough medicine used in iny house.—D. (X Albright, Miminbiirg, Pa., Dee. 11, "Jo. Women live for men die without it. admiration, but Dropsy treated free by Dr. H. H. Green's Sous, of Atlanta, Qa. The greatest dropsy specialists in tho world. Rend their advertisement in another column of this paper, TO CURB A COMJ IN ONE DAY. Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All Prugglsts refund tne uiouey if it fulls to cure. '.'So There is probably nobody on carvh as cranky as a good violinist Coo's Cough le the oldest and best. It will break up ft cold quicker than ^uytliiue «Ue. It la always reliable*. Try it. Everyone dislikes to leave the table for anything, when he Is about half done eating. _ __ Smoke Slertgo Cigarettes. 30 for 5 eta. Let a big and all the fish shave urf his mustache little llsh follow suit. '1'fte iJuucti of a pelican Is largo enough tp holq seven quarts of water. Teh Weeks for tcii Cent*. That big family paper, the ILLUSTIIA.?EU WBEKLY SfiNTisEt, 01 Denver, Colo., (founded 1890), will be sent ten weeks on trial for 10 cents; clubs of 6, 50c; 12 for fl.OO. Special offer solely to introduce the paper. Latest mining news and illustrations of scenery; also true stories of love and adventure. Address as above and mention this paper. Stamps taken. Apparently girls in New Guinea have a trick of eloping. It Is stated that every night they are placed in a little house at the top of a tall tree and the ladder used to reach it is re- .noved. ; j , "— ""•<"»,.,.;:. Map Pnrzle Educator. ' "• Sent out by the Chicago, Great Western Railway is.a dissected map of the United States, printed on heavy card-' board, and the puzzle consists/ in putting- the pieces together so as to form the complete map. It will be found interesting and instructive to old 'and young. Send ten cents to Puzzle Dept., Chicago, Great Western Ry., Quiucy Building, Chicago, 111. The girl who has her photograph taken showing a good deal of her shoulders is quite apt to think herself pretty. It Kccpg the Feet TVnrin and Dry. And is the only cure for Chilblains' Frostbites, Da'mp, Sweating Feet, Corns and Bunions. Ask for Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder to be shaken into tho shoes. At n.U Druggists and Shoo Stores, 25c. Sample sent FREE. Ad dress, Allen S. Olmsted, LeRoy, N. Y. Jane Addams is doing missionary work among the wealthy women of Chicago by trying to get them interested in the poor. Sweet ybtmg- girlsl Sow of tett develop into worfij listless, aM less women because mother has not impressed •upon them the .vportance of Our readers will to well to write Wm. Stab. C16H St., Quinoy. 111., and got his catalogui describing twcntv-onu styles of Spraying Outfits and full treatise on spraying tho dlDeren fruit and vegetable crops, whicn may toe na( for the asking .and contains mucli valuabli information. Lota of youoig men who like to show Colics how many changes of clothes they have often haven't them paid for. A young man's socks are not always accidentally exposed. Sometimes they are Now Inventions. Amongst the various inventions which were issued last week by the United States Patent Office was a patent covering a guiding mechanism adapted to be attached to the handle bars of a bicycle, so that the front wheel can be locked in any suitable posltkm.which of course, would prevent the wabbling of the front wheel. A .Georgia inventor received a patent for a nailless Qiorseshoe. Another bicycle invention provides a seat post which is yieldingly held within a tube and prevents shock being imparted to the saddle. Inventors desiring free intormation relative to the law and practice of patents may obtain the same in addressing Sues & Co., registered patent attorneys, Bee Building, Omaha, Nebr. Among other accomplishments taught at a certain girls' school in Paris ds the art of blushing. AT*I OPEN LETTER TO MOTHERS. Wo are asserting in the courts our right us the .exclusive use of the word "CASTORIA," 'and •"PITCHER'S CASTORIA," us our Trade Marie. I, Dr. -Samuel Pitcher, of Hynnnls, Massaoliu- setts.'was the originator of "PITCHER'S CASTORIA," tho same that has borneand does BOW 'bear the fao-slmlle sigmuure of CHAS. H. FLETCHER on every wrapper. This is the original "PITCHER'S CASTORIA" -which has been used in tho homos of the mothers of America for over thirty years. Look carefully at the wrapper and see that It Is "the Itlnd yott havo.always bought," and has the signature of CHAS. H. FLETCHER on the Wrapper. No one ha« authority from me to use my name •except Tho Centaur Company of whien Chas, H. Fletcher Is President. March .8, 1897. SAMUEL PITCHEE, M. D. The home rule party in America is pretty generally acknowledged to consist of women. PltHS. BPKINtlSY VS. FREE SILVER. A battle of giants is going to take place this summer on 30,000 farms in America, not in talk or votes, but in yields. Salzer's two new potato marvels are named as above, and he offers a price for the biggest potato yield, also $400 in gold for suitable names for his corn (17 Inches iong) and oat prodigies. Only seedsmen in America growing grasses, clovers and farm seeds and selling potatoes at $1.50 a barrel. The editor urges you to try Salzer's Northern Grown Seeds, and to Send Tills Notloo wltli 1O Cta. In Stumps to John A. Salzer Seed Co., La Crosse, Wis., for 11 new farm seed samples, worth ?10.00, to get a start, and their big catalogue. w.n.b. Some people's whole aim seems to be to have thing's to lock up. The HunUsoiiicBt .Calendar of the Year. The YoiitU'B Companion Souvenir Calendar for 181W, wliluhlK it bi' nib of clmruiliii; figure pieces, faithfully copied In iwolvo colors and embossed In gold, Is reeognl/.od us (lie richest tiuU mosi costly culoiulur ever produced In lurgo qmuulty. To buy uud reproduce famous pulntlugs Involves uu ex- poadlture whii'h could not bo borne uulus». as In tills case, tho cutei prlso Is sustained by Uio approval of wore tUun 1)00.000 yourly subscribers. Bvory new subscriber lo TUe Companion for 1898 receives this beautiful Calendar without additional \ attending to physical development. No woman , is exempt from physical Weakness and periodical pain, and young 1 girls just budding into womanhood should be guided physically as well as morally, • If you know of any young lady who is sick and needs motherly adviqe, ask her to address Mrs. Pirikham at Lynn, Mass., and tell every detail of her symptoms, surroundings and occupations. She will get advice from a source that has no rival in experience of Women's ills. Tell her to keep nothing back. Her story is told to a woman, not to a man. Do not hesitate about stating deV tails that she may 1 not wish to mention, but which are to a full understanding of her case, and if she is frank, help i* certain to cornel essential A handsome lino of illustrated do-, scriptlvo Florida tourist and immigration -literature is being distributed by tho State Press Bureau of Talahassoo, Flu., which will bo sent free upon receipt of 10 cents postage. This is the finest illustrated descriptive promotion literature over sent out from tho south. Women are judged pllshments, but are they accomplish. by their accom- judged by what Coughing I-cndR to Consumption. Kemp's Halsarn will stop the cough at once. Go to your druggist to-day and get a sample bottle free. Sold in 25 and 50 cent bottles. Go at once; delays are dangerous. Tho Rev. "Sam" Jones, makes $30,000 a year. tho evangelist, Iowa FurmR lor sale on crop payment, SI per aero cash, balance Vi crop yearly until paid for. J. Mulhall, Sioux City, Iowa. Wisdom is to the mind what health Is to lino body.—-Rochefoucauld. No-To-«uo for Fifty Cents. Guaranteed tobucco hulilt euro, innkos went mon strong, blooa pure. We, II. All uniBglstu. Anthony Hope, tho novelist, is coming to America to give a series of readings. Go to your grocer to-day and get a 150. package of Grain-0 It takes the place of coffee at i the cost. Made from pure grains it is nourishing and healthful. Insist that yonrctooer gives you GRAIN-O. . Accept no imitation. m. JJ i»'m«^» W^N.JJ. Des Aloines. No. 8—1898. When Answering Advertisements Kindly Mention This Paper. o feel that YOUR SPINE IS A PIPE STEM, ready to snap, Just get If you want to feel as Lumbago o feel as ^^ | STRONG AS A STEEL RAMROD, USE St. JaCObS Oil. - i! u o o u o <> o I . For the volume of 1898 moro than two luindred ol too most prominent men and women o 1 both i-on- tlnouts liuvo contributed. Full prospectus of too 1898 volume uud stunpty ooplos of tba paper sent upon request. TUB YOUTH'S COJU'ANJON, 200 Columbus Ave., Boston. tenor singer always makes ought to wear petticoats. us A high UilnK he Educate Vour Jiowola \VltU Cuncurots. CttPdjr Catbar^lo. cvirp cou»tliuitlou fprever. IQa W«. U C. c. c. full cmgg «t« r«JHwJ uiouer. The easiest Mud of advice to follow Is tho kind we had Intended to follow anyway. Star Tolmcco IB the leuuing Drand of *he world, because it is the best. Nothing malces a girl look prettier than a pretty hat and coat, and she knows it. Mrs. WlnfOow'B Sootlilng Hyrup For children tcothlnir.softe IIB tbettuiim. roduoea inffam- mut!on,p,llayfi paln.uurcti wluu uollu. 26 ceiita There arc thousands of ntastache cups never used. _ i To Cure Conn tlput Ion Torever, U'aho Oascuret's Candy ('iit)mrtlc. lOe or Me If C..C. C. full to euro .(IniKcisU rotund mootiy. Tho parchment tun made of wolf-skin.. the best banjos Is fi» £ Established 1780. Baker's Chocolate^ celebrated for more than a century as a delicious, nutritious, and flesh-forming iJ beverage, has our <3< well-known *3J Yellow Label «&' on the front of every <3> package, and our j3j trade-mark,"LaUelle >$ ChocolalierH,"ontlie 'Sj back. NONE OTHER GENUINE, MADE ONLY BY WALTER BAKER & CO. Ltd,, Dorchester, Mass. POTATOES SI.5O SrtU I'OTATO gfoirera In Awnrlcu. Tho < 1 "llurul Nonr-Yorkrr" five's giilzcr'* K»rlicbt u jlclil < • or 401 biubolu per nciv. 1'rlces illrt clu-ap. Our < > tirvat Send Boob, 11 farm Seed Sumiiloi, World i i #10, to net « »Urt, fur lUi-. auil (bin notice. > jim\ A, BAm:u BKKU to., LaVnute, viu, Mauy huvo «uluocl lloiirci, Cbuutauqna Tlckgt by our oo-o IMPORTED GERMAN CANARIES. Elegant singers with soft clear voices. Also Mocking Birds, Parrots, Gold Fish, etc. at low prices. 82-puge Bird Book (price 10 eta), giving full instructions for cure of birds, mailed free if you mention this paper. Iowa Soe<I Co., - DCS Molnos, In HALLET& DAVIS PIANOS Over a Half Century Favorites, SOLD DIRECT AT FACTORY PRICES. Satisfaction Guaranteed. HALLET & DAVIS CO, Ftctory Bostou Est 1839. CHICAGO. February Excursions Opportuuities for visiting the South during this mouth, via the Louisville & Naslj- vi lie Railrom}. are ^ loljowa: Home-SB«ker's Bjfcursious on fli-gt uud third Tuesday at about one i'are for the round trip. Florida CU«,utauqu» at DeFuuiwk Springs begins ou the 14th inst, Splendid pro- gramme, beautiful place, low rates. Mordi Qi-88 at Mobile aud New Qrleana ou $8d iust. Tioketij ut ball rates, For full p«r tio^lars write to 0. P. Atinore, tjeueral Pmsseuger Qr Ageut, l).>, A,., Kv., , Mo.

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