The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 11, 1950 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 11, 1950
Page 13
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1 doubt if television will ever replace radio for the housewife For with television how can you keep your hands and eyes busy w »n dusting, ironing and cooking and still keep your mind on the program in progress? In spite of all the- criticism of radio, and I have contributed my share, I think it offers us a lot of wonderful entertainment. There is something for every taste. There are quiz shows (how many hundred?) music of all types from hill-billy to complete symphonies; programs to make you think such as sermons, books, and panel discussions and lots of drama from good plays down to soap opera. After scorning the latter for years, I now find myself following a couple of them every day from Monday until Friday. • * * It could be thai the soap operas are written especially for women for it is in them that the feminine sex is portrayed at her noblest. The men don't fare so well because our heroine always picks some man who is very charming but wh,o has a weak streak in him. Long suffering, patient, bril- . liant, beautiful and misunder- j stood our heroine is. She may be capable of managing a business, , trying a case in court or perform| ing delicate surgery but she never i seems to be able to size up thi man she loves correctly until i ! is too late. * * * In the soap opera world, there are only a few professions or ways of making a living that are I acceptable. Doctors are highest on the list with psychiatrists and ed Banker Pendleton who has at ?, d> sla ndered and swindled poor Ma and her rich, but terribly innocent daughter, Faye, until you would think even the righteous Mrs. Perkins would stop forgiving and trusting him. But Banker Pendleton is still doing business down at his bank, or was the last time I listened in. I wonder how far our local bankers would get if they even thought of some of Pendleton's schemes. Ma goes merrily on her way, managing her lumber yard and getting her none-too-bright offspring out of scrapes. She firmlv believes that right always triumphs, that the poor are always honest and the rich less so, and that the use of dreadful grammar denotes a heart of gold. * * * But you can always switch to another station or even turn the radio offj I tried doing without a radio for a few days a while back when ours was in for repair and I certainly missed it. I thought I never would 'get the ironing done. * * * ' • . I had a letter from Mrs. Hans surgeons preferred. The surgeons always perform the most unusual •life-saving operations—they •er seem to have a mere a; Idectomy. The law professii,.. ... Bacceptable, but the attorney has Ito be either a trial or a divorce •lawyer. It is considered very ro- jmantic for the leading man to be TH writer. The newspaper reporters jjead exciting radio lives—the icroine is often a reporter her- elf or the man she loves is one. -Being a newspaper man on the radio is complicated, though. He Wways has to solve a few mur- _ners on the side. There are few •farmers in soap opera excepting la few of the Gentleman Farmer 'ariety. If a plain dirt, farmer lips into the act he talks- with uch a hick drawl that I doubt •lumbers. I guess the radio world list doesn't realize how romantic: " plumber can be. • « * On the Ma Perkins program, Which is one of the more nauseat- 6 % ones, bankers really take a ating. There is a character call- C. Baago of Fenton asking for the >ancake recipe. I have heart! rom Fenton quite a bit lately arid I like the peopfe up there from the contacts I've had. I also had a nice letter from Mrs. L. G. Kenyon of Algona telling rne how she solved the problem of good pie crust. She says she found that II she uses milk instead,of water in the pastry she can bake so that the crust can be cut. u . re adds a teaspoon or so butter for flavor, too. I never heard of the latter, but it sounds like a good idea. from being wasted. Make a white sauce of 2 tblsp. fat, 2 tblsp. flour, 1 cup milk and salt and pepper. Cook 2 tblsp. chopped onion and 2 tblsp. chopped green pepper in 2 tblsp. fat until soft but not brown. Add 1V 4 cups canned tomatoes, 1 mashed garlic sliver and Vt tsp. chili powder and cook until thick. Add to white sauce. Slice 4 hard-cooked eggs, (more if you have them). Place alternate layers of sauce and eggs in casserole; top with % cup buttered cracker or bread crumbs and % cup grated American cheese. Bake in 350 degree oven for 15 min. * • * Ophelia, the kitchen cynic, listens to the radio, too. That's where she heard this week's quotation, "Marrying a girl, for her brains is like going to a burlesque show for the popcorn." — GRACE e pie :. She I heard a couple of other pie making hints on the radio.. To keep a one crust pie sell f rom shrinking, put two or three drops of cold water in the tin arid rinse them around a lit.tle. Also put cold water around the rim', of the tin and crimp the edge's of the crust down. * * * It was suggested in making a two crust pie that} we make the, top crust in the form of a circle which doesn't come quite to the edge, without crip ' " ' — — r-r-r-c, it to the bottom crust. Thatj double thickness of crOst is alWayifthe part --- - ----- —- -. - —--- that is leftidh? the;pie .,-*-' '-*-* n y..°L 0 ™ Io * a yariete«anj nughtjU**M :we||&„ . r| **5* <W IWfWrpposed to save- jfji Milford Gade, Infant, Victim Of Pneumonia Whittemore — Funeral rites for Milford Eugene Gade, eight month: old infant son of Mr. and Mrs, Milford Gade, n6rthwest of West Bend.' were held last Tuesday afternoon with a short service at. 1:15 at the home and at 2 p.m. in St. Paul's Lutheran church, wjth the Rev. Paul G. Weinhold, local pastbfr, officiating. Burial was in the Lutheran cemetery southeast } qf, Whittemore,. Pallbearers were George Gade and August Bernihghaus of West Bend; Donald Hurlburt of Burt; and Elmer Maahs of Whittemore. Milford Eugene was the only child of Mr. and Mrs. Gade and contracted, a severe casq of pneumonia and was' rushed to Mercy hospital in Ft. Dodge, on Friday, and died the following day, on Saturday, April 1. He is mourned by his early death, by his parents, grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Werner Gade of West Bend, Mr. arid Mrs. Geo. Maahs of Whittemore; Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ostwald and Mrs. Henry Kuecker, the great-grandparents, and August Gade. Mrs. Frank Eisele entertained the Women's club at her home on Thursday evening. Eva Besler reviewed a book on "Redwoods." The annual eleption was held, and the following officers were elected: Mrs. Louis -Greinert, president; Eva Besler, vice president; Mrs. Anna. Behnke, recording secretary; i Threxa* Duffy, corresponding- secretary,' and Mrs. Bftniel Foley, .treasurer", •< , _ ;'- • Mr; iiintf Mrs- Charles Borrrian Blr f ,]dnfl{ Mrs. Adam Reding , ~:?!"w .-T^ *"*'"*•*•»«•"" TO m* ••• uupjjusca 10 aav«r aiiewJCJU' leading men I have heard are ones for the dleUwatchersV fool •n t-idVn I rtiiopo tltnxn*Jirki.>.i«iln . •• . i • ! T • •»—•—. *' V . Do you still bave colored bard- cooked eggs left over from Easter? Our children like a lot of eggs colored but they are seldom eaten. This week's recipe is for Creole Eggs and it is a good way to keep the Easter Bunny's gifts Thiessen of Spencer. "500" was played, and prizes were awarded to Mrs. Edward Besch and Mrs. Mike Besch. A two-course lunch was served. The bride-to-be received many useful gifts. Barbara Elbert, 6 ^Mrs. Earl Elbert entertained at a birthday party in honor of her daughter, Barbara, who was six years old Saturday. Guests were Mary Kay Loebach, Mary Marguret McDonnell, Mary Carol Gengler, Theresa Martini, and Carol Anliker, of here; Mary Bea Schumacher of Algona; Richie Fuchsen and Miss Mildred Fuchsen of West Bend. Other guests were Mrs. Elmer Anliker, Mrs. Gene Martini, and Mrs. Leo Walters. The women spent the afternoon socially while the children played games. Mrs. Elbert served a delicious lunch after which Barbara opened her many nice gifts. Auxiliary Party The Legion Auxiliary was entertained at the home of Marie Hogan on Tuesday evening, April 4. "500" was played at five tables. High prize was won by Mrs. Leroy Farrell, low by Jerry Kollasch. Mrs. Dean Elbert received the door prize. Assisting hostesses were Mrs. Carl Johnson and Mrs. George Jergens. Pinochle Club Meets The Pinochle club met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mueller on Monday night, April 3. Prizes were awarded to Mrs. August Elbert, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Winkle, William Fandel, Sr., and Frank Foley. Hosts To Card Club Mr. and Mrs. August Vaudt, Jr., entertained their "500" club at their home Friday evening. "500" was played at five tables, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Dau winning high Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Greinert low. Louis Greinert received the travel prize. Tuesday, April 1.1, 1950 Algona Upper Des MolnM-3 _ ssssss^^ aturday, ^here they spent two weeks visiting with .the Reding's two daughters, ' > Shower Honors A miscellaneous shower was held Sunday afternoon, Auril U, at the Presentation Academy Hall, in honor of Miss Clarice ST. THOMAS' EPISCOPAL CHURCH Algona, Iowa Sunday, 11 a.m., Morning prayer, 1st, 3rd and 5th Sundays. Holy Communion, 2nd and 4th Sundays Thursday, 7 A.M."Holy Communion. Saturday; 1:30 p. m. Church SchooL Good Dairy CALVES Can be yours through the use of good sires, available by ar- tifllcjal insemination, at a reasonable cost. For information or service call or see John McMartfn,•'• Technician at the ^»anCroft Creamery 7 *o 1« a.m. Phone 5142. Kossuth Breeders Co-op. The Chieftain He Luxe Four-Door Sedan MOST POPULAR POMTIAC Of THIM AUl The beautiful Chlefloin De lu»e our ^^ eom fort . . • sr^£t=hrr*#s Even in a family of stars there is usually a favorite—and in the brilliant family of 1950 Potuiacs this, is the most popular car. It'» eajy enough to see why—and it's also easy to see that the basic things which make this model so desirable can be yours in any Pontiac you choose. Every Pontiac is distinctively beautit'ul. Every Pontiac, whether it be a Straight Eight or a Six, a Chieftain or, a Streamliner, a Sedan or a Coupe, will givs you marvelous performance and wonderful satisfaction Tor jears and years. Ves, the car you see here is a vtry smart buy—chiefly because it's a Pontiac, and do Ha.- UK dollar, you can't beat any Pontiac! Come in and see for yourself. Amtrlem'f Loifffi-frteed «<r«ff*< I Car Vptiotul tit M mo4tli »t f f»«MWfl>«efc«<l Ullmr Strtak £*«**««- CMolee ol Six OF «ff(M WorM Htmottme* ««««* Hecor* lor and Lo*v Ule Dollar for Dollar* yaw cunt beat a Tfc« Mont «* ALGONA IMPLEMENT CO. Commercial & Diagonal Streets, Algona, Iowa WALT AND DEB HALL We Would Welcome An Opportunity To Talk Things Over With YOU Signed -- ACKERMAN ROOFING CO. Algona, Iowa Here Are Some of the Services We Offer To You: SIDING A Word About Our Work .... While commercial built-up roofs are one of our main specialties, and will continue to be so. we offer a number of related building services we want to acquaint you with. We otter these services for the commercial building—for the home—and for the farm. You will find our work "tops" in quality in every way. Ackerraan gets few complaints. We have roofed over 75 commercial buildings in; this vicinity, within the past two years, and «11 of *hese roofs are giving splendid service We recently completed doing: the roofs on twenty IHC buildings in this section'of Iowa.; We offer you other services besides roofing, as listed in this advertisement. We handle the biggest jobs, and we are glad to handle the smallest, giving all jobs the same expert workmanship and quality materials; For commercial, home and farm jobs believe it will pay you to lei us talk it over with you. Schedule Your Work NOW! We aim to finish every job within ten days, scaling the size of oqr installing crews to the »U« o.i the job. We have a photographic record of moqt of the jobs done by us in this area, and will be glad to show it to you. We are conveniently located on Diagonal street corner, and available to go over any job with you. Built-Up Commercial Roofs; Asphalt-Shingled Home Roofs; Farm Home and Barn Roofs Asbestos aricflhsufated Siding For Homes Blown-ln Mineral Wool For Homes And ' Commercial Buildings ALSCO COMBINATION WINDOWS Combination Windows— Siorms and Screens Together WINDPROOF SHINGLES For Farm and Hoirte Building*. (Note' We did not. lose a; one in the "big blow' 1 of last October) VENT-AIR METAL AWNINGS For Commercial and Motne Installation. Newest Type Out. '. . SHEET METAL Specializing in Spouting Fabricated To Order ASPHALT TILE FLOORS For Commercial Buildings Only ACKERMAN "No Job Too Large" ROOFING CO. Diagonal St. Phone 460U TERMS I. E. McCarty, Mgr. ALGONA, IOWA "No Job Too Small" TERMS ^*t II

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