The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 11, 1950 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 11, 1950
Page 4
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DCS' Moll Ml Tu«rfay, April 11, 1950 PaulEiglerTo Head Fenton P.T.A. For Year Fenton — The PTA met Tuesday evening in the high school. The program started with a se- lectidh by the mixed chorus. A group from Hurt, the "Gloom Chasers," presented quite a few numbers. Mr. Fredrich H. Kingdom of Forest City, director of special education of three counties, gave a talk. During the business meeting, election of officers was held. New officers are Paul Eigler, president; Mrs. Fred Newel, vice president; Mrs. Jess Halverson, secretary and treasurer. On the committee for the school picnic are Mrs. Wilfred Stobef, chairman, and Mesdames S. E. Straley. V. J. Tatum, Art Voigt, Holland Watson, Don Weisbrod, Shelby Weisbrod, Lester Weisbrod, and son, and Bertha ftressin. Hostesses for the May meeting are Mrs. Ferdinand Bierstedt, Mrs. Alvin Zumachy and Mrs. Allen Bollinger. Program committee is Mrs. E. C. Rath and Mrs. Walter Jentz. W.S.C.S. Mealing The Methodist W.S.C.S. met on Thursday afternoon. Devotions were given by Mrs. J. Wallace Smith. The lesson, "Story of Israel," was given by Mrs. Charles Lovejoy. During the business meeting, it was decided that as much money should be turned in as the men made at the pancake supper, to buy chairs and also to get new curtains for the church parlors. 75c per family, O. H. Stoeber. PTA dues, . , should be paid to Mrs. Halverson at once so PTA bills can be paid. Lutheran Aid Mot The St. John's Ladies Aid -met Wednesday afternoon. Hostesses were Lena Zumach, Sophia Bleckwenn, and Mrs. Larry Alt. Mrs. Friedrich had charge of devotions. Guests were Mrs. Alex Radig. Mrs. Woodrow Kracht, Mrs. Lloyd Sunde, Mrs. Ferdie Mueller, Jr., Mrs. Wayne Alder- Mr. and Mrs. Warren Voigt of Austin were Sunday afternoon visitors in the Frank McFall home. Mr. a»d Mrs. Art .Voigt, Mrs. Mary Hayenga of Owatonna, Minn., and Mrs. Moe Voigt and Esther visited with Mrs. John Menz in the Holy Family hospital at Estherville, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Hadson Potter of Rockford, 111., were Saturday evening dinner guests in the R. C. Goetsch home. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Weisbrod of Storm Lake and Joan Meyers of Albert City spent the weekend in the hom'e of Alfred Meyers. Mr. and Mrs. John G. Murray of Grand Rapids, Minn., are visit ing in the R. C. Goetsch home. Mrs. Mary Hayenga of Owa tonna, Minn., visited Friday ti: Tuesday with relatives " an friends and her sister,'Mrs. Joh Prize Winning Pictured above are the two prize-winning posters, with their designers, selected by judges from entries by high school art students in a recent contest sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary of Hagg-Turner Post. These two posters will enter the district contest. At left is Marian Zeigler, high school senior, who won first in that division. At right is Sandra McCorkle, whose poster was a winner in the junior high group. . Mrs. Harold Lampright headed the Auxiliary committee which staged the contest, to secure posters for "Poppy Day", just before Memorial Day. . Menz, at the Holy Family hospita in Estherville. Mary , Finnestad, who attend Augustana Academy at Canton Fri. - Sat. - Sun. - Mon., April 14-15-16-17 WOVE BEEN WAtTlN'FOR THIS.' Added "How Green Was My Spinath". News Thurs. - Fri. - Sat., April 18-19-20 S. D., is spending the Easter weel end in the home of her parents. Friday afternoon, Will Voigt Peggy and Betty, Carrie Voigt, Mrs. Mary Hayenga of Owatonna Minn., and Mrs. Frank McFal visited with Mrs. John Menz in the Holy Family hospital at Es therville. Ward Ruske, who attends the University of Iowa at Iowa City spent the Easter weekend ia the home of his parents, Dr. and Mts E. W. Ruske. Florence Weisbrod and Edith Logge of Des Moines spent the weekend in the home of their parents, the Will Weisbrods and the C. F. C. Logges. POWER • WELLES WANDA HENDRIX . SEXTON NEWS Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hess and 31oria Ann of Eagle Grove and tfr. and Mrs;. Ted Vick and Wayne of Williams were visitors n the Glenn Gabrielson home Sunday. Mrs. Nell Opheim and Mrs. Wilford Ward were at Mason City ast week Thursday and also vis- ted with Mrs. Opheim's brother ind sister, Mack Wise and Mrs. Alice Phillips. As they were re- urning home, they stopped in lear Lake and called on Mr.'ana Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Sanders. Glennda Sue Gabrielson is con- ined to her home with the mea- les. She attends first grade in Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jennings were callers Friday evening at the lome of Mrs. Nell Opheim, /' Utenn.- OabrteJsoh took his mother-in-law, -Mrs. Vinnie Laymon, to Eagle Grove, Tuesday, wnere she will visit for two weeks. Mrs. George C. Olsen rfpent last weekend with her daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Thomas and family, in Iowa City. En route home, they visited at the Gilbert Benschoter home at Iowa Falls. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Benschoter accompanied Mrs. Olsen on the trip. Mrs. Ambrose Lickteig and daughter, Joan, visited at the home ->f Mrs. Glenn Gabrielson on xuesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. June Noble and four children of near Britt visited Behind The Movie Sets WITH BUDDY MASON Of CnofeS Incidental to. picture making must go on. Wdrkmei 1 with cables, lights and profes keep Opening the sound-stage doors. Every time a door opens, Don's fog is caught by the draught oi fresh air and disappears in little bunched up clouds; We can't tell what Don is mumbling under his breath, but we'll make a small bet that the censors Wouldn't O.K. the words! * * * Don's next j6b Win be making little rainy weather on Stage *Jb. 4. The plumbers are already nstalling the overhead pipes. Wind machines are ordered and Stewart will start installing fans and blowers when he finishes his fog assignment. No snow this time, just rain. This is what Don calls "easy weather". recently with his Mrs. Drusie Nobie. grandmother, Rev. and Mrs. J. A. Riggs were visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Gabrielson, Tuesday afternoon. ''Doodlesack" is a name for bagpipes. colloquial Tuesday - Wednesday April 11-12 Abbot and Costello in "HIT THE ICE" 2nd Feature Rocky Lane in 'Morning Bandit" Thurs. - Fri. - Sat. April 13-14-15 HrtGOTA DATE with JOHN PAYNE SONNYTUFTS JUtoMd 0KU UniUd Aftict 2nd Feature Monte Hale in "Ranger Of Cherokee Strip" Added Serial—"Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok" Mats Off to producer-director William Lee Wilder! Few directors or producers will take a chance on an unknown. Production time is so valuable that they are inclined to play safe and pick camera veterans for even minor roles. Retakes are very costly. While making "The Iron Cage, Mr. Wilder noted that Cesar Romero's stand-in, Phil Harron, had an engaging personality. Work- ng as an extra, between his stand-in chores, Phil carried himself with the calm assurance and poise of an old trouper. Upon completion of "The Iron Cage," Wilder went into a huddle with production chief. Bill Stevens, and when they started their next picture, 'The Vicious Cirle," young Harron was included n the cast. Phil plays a doctor n the new picture. It's only a minor role, but he handles it very well. * * • A break like this in invaluable to a newcomer. When casting directors ask wnat he has done betor«N i he.carv ) refer them to a, nrhiehthe wu« ,includo0. serves', a* a showcase^ When other directors are con* sidering him for a part, they can run the picture in tne studio projection room and see a sample of his wares. Young people with talent should pray lor more uireciors like Wm. Wilder! * * • Having been a stand-in gives Phil Harron a distinct advantage over the average movie aspirant. Standing-in, he has learned to move in his own invisible path of lighting without obstructing the light paths of other players, iie'll know how to keep from throwing shadows on other players. He has learned to come to the toe markings on stage floors without looking for them. These marks designate focal lengths. Being "lit" for his star he has, become familiar with lighting and position procedure. All these things have become' mechanical actions to him. Unlike thi n.'W player he can concentrate entirely on his acting. He'll come to his positions without worrying about hitting the right mark for camera focus and lighting. Remembering his lines of dialogue and manner of delivery will be his only new experience. He'll do the rest automatically. Remember that name, Phil Harron. You may see a lot of the youngster in the next few years. * * * On the next stage to where the Wilder company is shooting, Don Stewart, the special eifects man is having his troubles. Don is spraying oil, and a secret combination of chemicals, on an electric hot plate. Object: Creation ol a nice thick London fog. It must not be so heavy' as to obscure the players from the cameras, yet it has to be thick enough to simulate the real thing. Between scenes, the multitude VENETIAN BUNDS Don't buy new curtains- Use Venetian blinds. They control light, insure privacy, and are easy to clean. In sizes to fit any window. Winner this week is No. 21. COWAN BLDO. SUPPLY 210 East State St. Ubbe Dreesman OfLakotaHas Major Surgery Lakota — Ubbe Dreesman e tered Mercy hospital in Mason City early last week and underwent major surgery, Thursday. He is as well as can be expected. His daughter, Mrs. A. C. Schissel, has been with him, but came home last night and went back Friday. Big Youlh Rally • The Presbyterian church was filled to capacity at the Twin City Youth for Christ meeting, Monday night. The song service was led by Rev. Engels of the Buffalo Center Baptist church. Miss Dorothy Hartman, also of Buffalo Center, is the accompanist. Special music consisted of two numbers by the Junior Young People of the Buffalo Center Reformed church; a solo by Miss Shirley Anderson, Lakota, and a solo, "Open the Gates of the Temple," by Jerry Ukena. When the guest speaker of the evening failed to arrive. Rev. Engels very ably substituted. Move To New Home The Floyd Claubaughs moved a week ago Saturday from the Anna Baumann residence to their own home which has b6ed re-* modeled and decorated. Music Contest Ratings Several students entered the music contest at Britt with thfe following results: The girls' trio rated one; the boys' quartet, two; Paul Darnauer rated a two in a tuba solo; Fern StenzeL a two with a soprano solo, and Dorothy, a two with a trombone sold. F. Gus Torrine returned on Thursday evening from a 10-day business trip in the Waterloo and Cresco vicinity. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Ander* son attended the funeral of a nephew of Mrs. Anderson, Norman Thomsen, at Royal, la., last week Sunday. The young man, 14 years old, was an announcer lor the Storm Lake radio station. The LaVerne Edwards, Elmore, and the Franfc Mejrett of Were last Week Sun'day visitors at the paternal C. A. Edwatds Mrs. Raymond Smith visited her mother, Mrs. Edith Dawson. last week Tuesday at a hospital in Aurelia, la. Mrs. Nettie Keister and her son, DeVere Keister, and wife of Elmore, Minn., were supper guests at the Harry D. Mussmans In celebration of the birthdays of both Mr. and Mrs. Keister last week Wednesday evening. • Mrs. W. E. Gutknecht has been Seriously ill at her home for several days. Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Ley entertained their son David's teachers, Mrs. Jean Anderson and Miss Shirley Anderson, at supper last week Monday night. Funeral services were held last Week Td&aaf fti ffi* ftfcnsey Reformed chufch (of Mfs, Esther Johrtsoft, 79 ^car-old gfand- thother fif Mr* Milford Berg. The Glen Wilsons of Ledyard moved last week into the former Peter Koppen house recently purchased by Mf. and Mrs. Richard Zeilske. Viola Larson, Buffalo Center, third and fourth grade teacher in Lakota School, Was called home last week Tuesday aftefnbdn by a message saying her two brothers were injured in a cur accident west of Buffalo Center and neither was Seriously hurt. Miss Larson was back for wofk Wednesday morning. A 7V4 Ib. son wns born to Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hintz of Armstrong last week. Mrs. Hintz was formerly Emma Dutji. IF IT'S NEWS Wfe WAST ITl CALL THEATRE * Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday, April 11-12-13 DAILY MATINEE 2 P. M. A Pulitzer Prize Story This Years Academy Award Winner! KINCS Cartoon-"Coonh-y CoMln" News. Remember the "dark dayf* of farming, a few thort yean ago? Loit of farm*, mortgager, ruin?. !The most recent economic era»H to hit our farmers wa* '29, •till freBh in our memory. Overproduction, di«tre**e<l markets, ruinous prices for his products, grew weeds on thousands of vacant farms. Today it's quite different — the good years in the history of farming — but, what of tomorrow.? How long will this "prosperity" continue in the face of grave world problems? No man can predict with assurance the future. We hope for peace, domestic and world markets, full employment and answers to pressing economic problems. But, fortunately, hundreds of thousands of pro. gresslve midwest farmer, have slrengthened the foundation of their welfare. They have seen the advantages of organisation and can look ahead with a little less fear, a little more confidence. Why? Becawe the p-t rwenty years have brought a greater membership i« their own marketing and purchasing cooperatives. Through cooperation they have gained ownership in marketing faci,ht" They have accumulated manufacturing «nd taken a definite .tep to promote peVmanent pro., perity f« P „,, md to reduce „,, f £ ^JK of the farm auction at the buyer't price * CO-OPS ARF COMMUNITY BUILDERS BURT CO-OPERATIVE ELEVATOR FENTON CO-OPERATIVE ELEVATOR LONE ROCK CO-OPERATIVE EXCHANGE FARMIR'S ELEVATOR COMPANY, TITONKA WEST BEND HiVATOR CO. WHITTEMORf lifVATOR CO. HOBARTON CO-OP, ELEVATOR CO.

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