The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 28, 1950 · Page 18
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 28, 1950
Page 18
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4-Algona Upper Dei Moines Tuesday, March 28, 1950 Two years ago there were only a few inousand Canasta player: in the United States. Today, tin game has become so popular tha authorities say there are 20 mil lion tans, or shall we say addicts of the game. By all indication several nundrea of them live in Algona. The Iwo-handed version ol ihis game when played by husband and wife, can get pretty ruggetj they tell me. 1 have yet to talk my husband into such a game and probably it is just as well He considers me only a notcl above a low-grade moron When it comes to cards, and it may be smart to let him feel a bit superior about a few things. * * * One Algona couple wishes Canasta had never been Invented. Each evening they sit down to a friendly two- handed game. The arguments always seem to start no matter who wins, and they end the evening by swearing off the game. All is forgotten the next day, and by evening, one or the other brings out the cards, the Canasta game starts, and it's the same story all over again. • » * Bui even the Ely Culberisons have their differences when it comes to cards. In an interview I heard over the radio the other evening,'Mr. Culbertson claimed that his wife, Dorothy, is America's worst bridge player! A few Speaking of pie crust, which do you use, lard or the vegetable shortening? I always hold out for lard have argued, the point quite a bit. But I know that some cooks prefer the "Crisco" type and turn out wonderful pies with it. What is your family's favorite pie filling? Do you have any special little tricks with pies? Of course, you know very well I am hinting for some more mail and I would like to hear from you. — GRACE of my bridge partners may wisr to challenge his statement, but that's what the man said. Mr Culbertson says that this is not because his wife isn't smart—he even went so far as to say that she is the intellectual type. She is at present nearly reaay to receive her Ph.D. degree. 'Although Mrs. Culbertson loathes bridge, she loves Canasta and can even beat her husband at the game. Of course, Ely has written a book about Canasta too, so he explains his wife's victories by saying that for bridge a good player must be both a mathematician and a psychologist. Just being either one won't do, it must be both. For Canasta, you don't have to be either one. You just play. * * * Another Algona couple had callers at two a. m. when they had just returned from a party. The callers had a sudden yen to play Canasta, so the game proceeded until four o'clock. * • * The Tom McGraw's son, John, belongs to the pre-canasta playing set but hu hud a highly successful fourth birthday last week anyway. His mother, btcuusc ol small living quarters had planned two parties, one for tilt,- neighborhood children on Tuesday and one for his other little friends and their mothers on Wednesday. The McGraws are building on another floor to their basement home and on Monday the workmen removed the roof over the basement and covered the house with a tar paper roof. In spite of reassurances that there would be no leaks, the heavy snow broke through and Tuesday's party turned into a bucket brigade with water dripping every place in the hou:,e. The children were delighted with this novel form of entertainment and held their hand^ up tu the "rain" and helped with the pans and pails. The social event ended by one of the guests Jailing into a tub df water as he was eating birthday cake and a good time- was had by all - with the possible exception of Mr=. McGiaw. * * * The ihree-year-old al our house was to liave been a guest at the party on Wednesday. That morn- she developed the long-await- to dry her teai.-. Mea.-lea Birthday MrCJi a•.'.•'.-: honor. !•'• t" be lv.-(, c-hil- J'olle to Ihe Tue.-,i.-lake, hut who Jij.-l lecovi red iKi-d.-lt-.v My daughter me b.ikf cupcake.! with y candle.-, and v.e made si.MIL- ice fieam. At the last minute anotlu i cav ol i,:ea-.k-s developed in another little auest S" we had bigger at'.eiiMance at party lh:in al the .McOiaws and nun . bv re- NOTICE OF RENEWAL OF CORPORATE PERIOD To Whom It May Concern: Notice is hereby given that Drug gists' Mutual Insurance Company o Iowa, a corporation duly organlzei and existing under and by virtue o the laws of the State of Iowa am whose corporate period expired on thi 18th day of October, 1949, al the regu lar annual meeting of Ihe pollcyholder of said corporation held on the 10th day of January, 1950 at the home of rice of the Company in Algona. Iowa renewed and extended its corporate period to exist perpetually under pro vision of Section 491.25 of the 1946 Code of Iowa and adopted^gnd Tiled as by law provided a Certificate of such renewal, and filed and recorded renewal, amended and substituted Articles of Incorporation, which provid2 The name of the corporation is 'Druggists' Mutual Insurance Company of Iowa". Its principal place of business is n Algona. Iowa. The object and business of the corporation is to, as a mutual insurance ompany, funlsh insurance as provid- d in Cnapter 515 of ihe 1946 Code ot owa and Acls amendatory thereto, and the company assumes all the powers, rights and privileges that are now bonald be appointed to act as Manager M. Wood, Deputy Sheriff, at of the Kossuth County Farm lor the year 1D5U. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion made by Quinn and sec- onaea by Koilascn thai M. L. Johnson ot Swea Cliy, Iowa, H. S. Scneppmann or irvingion. Iowa, nna Mrs. i_,ucine &ei-lass or Algona, Iowa, be appointed me mcmnci-s ot ihe .Kossuth County uo.-ird oi social Welfare 10. I!K- ><r«. jaau. Ayes: An. Nays: None. Motion .arried. Motion mncie by McDonald and sec- onuea oy ivoiiascn tnat me Chairman ol the Board ol Supervisors be authorized to sign order to purchase one Ailis Chaime.s A. IJ. 4 Motor Craaer. Snow Fiow and wing from the IJiike- hnrt-Hngncs Tractor & Equipment Co., LIDS Moines. Iowa, for the sum of $11,.100.UO, plus sales tax, f. O. B. Lone rtocK, Iowa, for use in Supervisor District No. -1. Ayes: All. Nnys: None. Motion carried. Moilon mnue by Quinn and seconded by McUonnld thai tne Hoard of supervisors approve the Kossuth county Budget lor reimbursement to the Slate i'unu lor Aid to Dependent Children in ine amount oi' $y4-ia.5t) ior the year lySO as submitted by the State Department of Social Welfare. Ayes: All iNays: None. Alotion carried. Motion made by Cosgrove and seconded by Kollasch that the Board of Supervisors appi-ove the Kossuth County Budget Kossuth County Farm Bureau, . amount of $20.000.00. Ayes: All. ed measles, we planned party in John ." The JJU'•>!••> V.l-! 1 !. ilren who had y day party b-, i: ioituriately had tin •d te!< phoned J our We Hap mole- ivintrul. \Vi the little one.- j_. hi life .ith This week's recipe is for Macaroon I'ie. and it ruiiii- • Iron, Mi, \V. A. ILndy. It ,., spoon salt. 1 i--a.-p. white.?. 1 cup t.uii:ii pOWjiT. 1 clip j_>| iTUmbs. 'j cup .-.In l ,2 CUp chopped halt and vanilla l . beat until they for Add the SUM.'!] a httle at a tun. and beat unt:l the mixture forms iaoi:-t peak.?. Cijii.i/nc baking jjowder. crumb;., coconut and nuU and fold them into inc.- cui; white,'.-.. Spread on a Kiea.-ed and Homed nine-inch pie pan, ;-p:-L-aijin^ it :, little thicker at the ed|j,c.; than at the center. Bake in a 1150 d'-- jM'tt- oven for thirty minute:-. Serve topped with ice ei.-am This is very wood and it «ee:i..-, to fne a good pie for you gaJ * who C'laim to be unable to make KOOU pie crust. However, one (.'ouk who had always insisted she couldn't possibly make u decent crust. served at a party recently just •it bout the ll:- ; '.!Cit pi i.- I have ever L-uten. Made it htfatlt, too. or may be hereafter conferred on similar companies, may sue and be sued and have a corporate seal. All persons whose property shall be insured by the company shall be members thereof during tne period such Insurance is In force. The affairs of the company shall be managed by a Board of Directors consisting of not less than five (5) nor more than nine (9) members who shall hold office for a period of three (3) years. Vacancies in the Board of Directors shall be filled by th» Board. The offlcen of the Company shall consist of president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer elected by the Board of Directors who shall hold office for a period of five (5) joars and such other officers as the Board may deem necessary. The annual meeting of the members shall be held on Ihe second Tuesday of January of each year. Until the next annual meeting to be held on the second Tuesday in January. 1951, the following persons shall constilute the Board of Directors: Robert W. Harvey—Missouri Valley Iowa M. P. Haggard—Algona. Iowa A. E. Thomas—Den Mumcs. Iowa N. f. Reed—Des Moines. Iowa H. L. Gllmore—Algona, Iowa Eugene Murlagh—Algona. Iowa A. H. Borcharut—Algona, Iowa • and Ihe following persons ehall be the officcri: President, Robert W. Harvey. Missouri Valley, Iowa Vice-Presiaont, M. P. Haggard. Al- jna. Iowa Vlce-President, A. H. Borchardt. Algona, lowu Secretary-Treasurer. Eugene Mur- agh, Algona, Iowa special meetings of the company may be called by the president as provided n its articles. At all meetings each member shall be entitled to one vote o be cast in person or by proxy, providing proxy is on Jile with the'Secre- tary at least fifteen |15| days beiore ".he date of the meeting. Al all meet- ngs live (5) members, exclusive of proxies, shall constitute a quorum. The private property of the mcm- jers of the company fchall be exempt Irom ali corporate debts and liabilities except that each member assumes a maximum liability which shall in no event exceed an additional sum -equal to the amount of the advanced premiums on his policy. The highest amount of indebtedness to whteh the company shall subject itself (other than liabilities under us policy t shall be an amount equal to one-hall of the premium ivcvtpls during the year. The- members shall have the power to make, amend and change its bylaws and tiiey authorise lue Board ot" Directors to do so and such by-laws shall be in full force and effect from and alter a|,|;i(ival by tne Insurance Lomrmssiom-l and shall be a part ol tht contract of membership of each member, and each member and all policies &hall be subject to and gov- eined by such by-laws. The Articles ui Incorporation may be amended at any regular mtcling ot the company or any special meeting called lor that purpose by tivo- tturcto vote of the rnernbeis present, plovidcd a copy of the amendment has been ou hie with the Secretary at least thllty i30i (la\s beloie the "date it: the meeting anrj a i-opy mailed to eucn memoir at i,i 3 last knov.n ad- diesa a! IcaM f.vei.ty IZUI d-e.s beiore the date ol ti.e rrieuling. Uutcd this i)th day ot March. A Ij 1'j'iU. DRUGGISTS' MUTUAL I.'.'SUHA.N'CE COMPANY OK IOWA liy A. H. Borchardt, Vice- Piesident. Eugene Murlagh. Secretary. 10-13 "or reimbursement to the State Fund for Aid to Blind in the amount of $493.50 as submitted by the State Department of Social Welfare. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion made by Quinn and seconded by McDonald that the following official bonds be approved and placed on file: Mary K. Sands. Deputy m County Treasurer's office. Jl.000.00. L. J. linmerfall. County Assessor. S3WO DO. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried Motion made by Quinn and seconded by McDonald that the Board of Supervisors approve the Farm Bureau Certificate of Membership for the year beginning January 1. 1950. and that an appropriation of $5000.00 be made to the Kossuth Counly Varm Bureau for the year beginning January 1. 1990. as provided by the laws of Ihe State of Iowa, Chapter 138 of the Code of Iowa. 1939. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion made by Kollasch and seconded by Quinn that the Board of Supervisors approve the Annual Financial Report of the Kossuth County Farm Bureau from Jan. 1. 1949. to Dec. 31. 1949. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion made by Quinn and seconded by Kollasch that the Board of Supervisors approve the Official Bond of Eldon Luyerne Shaw. Treasurer of the n the . Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion made by Cosgrove and seconded by Kollasch that the Board of Supervisors approve the applications submitted by the Kossuth County Advance of Algona. Iowa. The Algona Upper DCS Moines of Algona. Iowa, and the Bancroft Register of Bancroft, [owa, as official newspapers of Kossuth County, Iowa, for the year 1950. Ayes: All. Nayo: None. Motion carried. Motion made by Quinn and seconded by Kollasch that the Board of Supervisors approve the following budget estimates of the various county offices 'or the year 1950. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Auditor's Office - $13.600.00 Recorder's Office 7.850.00 Sheriff's Office 12.350.00 Treasurer's Office 15.400.00 Clerk of Court's Office 5.550.00 County Attorney 5.325.00 Motion made by McDonald and seconded by Quinn thai Ihe Board of Supervisors approve the appointment f G. S. Buchanan, as delinquent jersonal property tax collector in !ossuth County for the year 1950 as ecommenaed by Rosella volgt. County 'reasurer, and that the delinquent sersonal properly taxes for the year Ota and all prior years be designated s those to be collected by said col- ector. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion arried. Motion made by Quinn and seconded y Kollasch thai H. M. Smilh be ap- ointed Counly Engineer of Kossuth Jounty. Iowa, for Ihe year 1050. Ayes: l. Nays: None. Moilon carried. Motion made by Cosgrove and seconded by McDonald that John D. Board Proceedings REGULAR JANUARY SESSION A. D. 1950 fir«« Day January 3. 1950. The buj;d 01 Suj^cl Viiurb ot Kojsuth t'ouiit> . IU-A.I. me; in tegular U.-UKIII. llieic v.u. |,ietei.l Supeivtsor M. L John;>(jn.; man in the C'hijii, ^nd Si.|,i iMjoii, li a Scn.:iipniai.ii. S. IJ. -•icUonald. W i Cunfjiuvc iu:d J. F. QJinn Absent Nur.e. M>itiuii nude by MilJonald and o! the jd)uuil.<ul M...IIU/I iniidf -i.ded b> C'ui,'! Annual ll:\ • '• U Huil:e A.M.-!. : i ieU ,jt li.e .jiid audit Super; J Hep.<lt .., !i, be li uy;nt{ bce. rj-iieted hv II: e i tumpjeted on i jnd =.ecui,(Jed ,,|,j B 0 aid ad: .N'ujic-. Mullein M 1. JOHNSON'. Chairman Bujia ul Su;,eivu,,n:,. A'lTtST: Al.MA l'KAKSO.% 1 Th lur the Ihembe Sci. L pj)in. • . , J f A.iditi. ridl..J ml ol su.jeiv. IOA.I lor Ka>^. N'uhe. Koa- i.ev. 1 e fol- . . d A. M. bv of the M.J- b;. C'i.j..; D Mc- Craser be appointed Assistant County Engineer for the year 1950. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion made by McDonald -and seconded by Quinn that Thelma Spurgeon be employed as Clerk In the County Engineer's Office for Khe year 1950. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion made by Quinn and seconded by Kollasch lhal Marvel Dole be appointed Overseer of the Poor for the year 1!>50. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion made by Cosgrove and seconded by Kollasch that Donna Mae Arndorfer be employed as Clerk in the County Recorder's Office for the year 11*50 as recommended by Clara Walker, County Recorder. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion made bv Quinn and seconded by Kollasch that Lloyd Haubach be employed as Janitor in the Kossuth County Court House for the year 1950. Ayes: All. Nays; None. Motion famed. Motion made by McDonald and seconded by Kollasch that Mr. & Mrs. Ben liakken be employed as Steward and Matron or the Kossuth County Home and County Hospital for Insane for the year I'j50. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion earned. Motion made by Qumn and seconded by Cosgiove that the Hoard of Super- iirfils approve transfer iroin tht; den- ral County Fund to tire institute fund in the amount oi $150.00 and tlul the County Auditor be and she is hereby directed to make said transfer. AM-S: All. Nays: None. Motion cai TH-U. Motion made by Quinn and seconded by McDonald that the following cash and caie allowances be fixed for the >ear I'.iSU and that the Counly Auditor be ana she is hereby directed to issue warrants lor same from the poor fund on the last day of each month: Wrn. E. Hulf. S2.00 per week; Edith Smith. $25.00 per month on contract: Minnie Slemrnan, $25 00 per month on contract . A-,es: All. Najs. None. Motion cai tied. Motion made bv Cosgrove and seconded by Kollasch that the Board of .Supervisors, approve the following -ilh quarterly lepuru of lees collected. Auchlor s Report of Fees and other (.(illectloiis lor $1387.17. Recorder's Report ot Fees lor $1035.50; Clerk's Kc- poit 01 Fees for'j. Sheriff's He- port to the Board ol Supervisors for S157 75. A>es: All. N"a>s: Norit. Motion earned. Motion made by McDonald and stc- ouaed by Kollasch that the Board of Supervisors approve the Annual Report of Delia Welter. Justice of the Peace lor Algona Towiushlp. for the year ending December 31, IMS. Ayes: All Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion made by Quinn and seconded by McDonald that trie Board of Super- visois approve the claim of Ernest Fehr. for open ditch right-of-way exemption on the NW'» Sw'., • NEV. SW', and SE', SW > 4 of Section 23. Township B4 N.. Kangu 30 W., lands located within joint drainage distritl P. A. K. No. 1. and that the County Auditor be and is hereby directed to i;^ue reltind warrant oi abate the taxes as the case may be. Ayeo: All. .'».!'. j. None. Motion carried. Motion maoU: by Quinn and seconded by Kollasch that Cosgiove be appointed ai a committee lo have repairs made on cli.iin Nos 20. "8 and 'jO Ayes: Ali Na\s: None. Motion carried. Alotion made by Kollasch and bec- onuL-d by Mi-Uunald that Uuinii tie appointed as a committee to have re- jjaiia maac on dram Nos. X. 6'j and 133. A.\e^ All Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion made by Cosgrove and seconded In Qumn that Kollasch be appointed as a committee to have repairs made o-. Lateral 'j(l ol dram No. 80. All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion made b> McDonald and seconded by Cosgrove that Scheppiiiann bu appointed as a committee to have, lepairs niaoe on drain Nob. 9 and P. A K 1 Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion made by Quinn and seconded bv C'oagiove that the Board of Supervisors accept the following resignations Wetley A Dutlon. Chairman ol tne Kossuth Countv Board of Social Wcllaie. ufective January 1. Ili50; R. U Waller. Member of Kossuth County Soldier 1 .-. Itelicf Commission, effeclive Jaiinarv I. 1MU; Mr and Mis. Walter Scliiiielin*. employees .'it the Kossuth Count v Honie and Hospital for Insane i-ltective ai ol January 31. 1UM. Aye*: All Na\:., None. Motion carried. " Motion ii,,iuir by Quinn and seconded b-. ( ootfiuvc that the Board of Supervisor.-, fix the salary of Donna Mae Amdoiii-r. cu-ik in Ki-cordcr's Office. at .sltO'Hi M.I- nioi.Hi A-.i-s: All. Nays Non-j Motion carried. Motion inaUrt bv Cosgiovo and u=c- • inrJtd bv Kiitlu.cii that fhe Bo.nd O* Supei VJS.OJ:, lix the salary of Donald per month, .wyea: All. Mays: None. Motion carried. Motion maue by McDonald and «ec- onaea oy wumn that Una f. buiorl Be appointed 10 taK« cnaige ot tne coumy \veeu commissioner's leeoras anu xiib* ana 10 act as secretary to tne Commissioner when a Commissioner is appointed by the Board ot buper- .._o..-,. and .also that she Is to aisslat ner services are nefeued wnen stte is not ba»y witn ncr uunea in connection with me couniy Weed commissioner s Oftice, ana that her salary ue tixcd at tlTO.uu per month. Ayes: All i\ay.s: ivone. Motion carried. Motion made oy yutnn ana seconded by Konascn mat the following resolution be adopted: K£sourriON Be It Rcsoivtm oy me Board of Supervisors ol rvossuih County, Iowa, thai efiective as ot January l. is»5o. tne compensation of the following named employees ol Kossuth County, Iowa, be lixed and set in the amounts as set out opposite tttelr name, to-wit: H. M. Smith. County Engineer. S-WOOO per month. J.OIU1 D. Fraser, Assistant County Engineer. $275.(AI per month. Thelma Spurgeon. Clerk In Engineers office. JiiO.OO per month. Marvel Dole. Overseer of the Poor. $18500 t>er month. Stella «ae o>e«n. Clerk In Auditor's Office. $17S.OO per month. Marjorie rerden. Clerk In Treasurers Office, $170.ou per month. Ruth M. Raney. Clerk In Treasurer's Office. SITO.OO per month. Lloyd Haubach. Court House Janitor. $i4d UO per month. Extra clerical help In the various county offices $5.00 to $6.00 per day depending on quailfiiations and extent of emolovment. Be It Further Resolved that the County Auditor be and he is herebv authorized and directed to issue warrants tor salaries ot County Official* and Deputies as provided fo» in Senate File 181. JSnd General Assembly oi Iowa, and clerks and other clerical help employed in the various county offices on the last working day of each month. Upon roll call the vote thereon resulting as follows: Ayes: Supervisors Quinn,. Kollasch. Cosgrove, McDonald ana Scheppmann. Chairman Those voting Nay were: None. Whereupon the Chairman declared the moUon carried and th« resolution duly passed, approved and adopted this Jrd day of January. I960. Motion made by Quinn and seconded by KoUasch that the following schedule of rate ot pay and hours of work for all Kossulh County Road r jloyees be fixed beginning as January 1. 19SO: Shop Mechanic llJd per hour: Shop Mechanic helper Il.OO per hour; Auto Patrol. Tractor and Truck Operators 90 cts. per hour; Drag Line Operator $1.00 per hour when actually acting in that capacity, otherwise 90 cts. per hour: all other unskilled road labor permanently employed 80 cts. per hour; road labor temporarily employed 80 cts. per hour: tile repair men (Foreman) $1.10 per hour; tile repair men (common labor) 90 cts. per hour. The classUI- as follows: Auditor's Office $10.000.00 Recorder's Office 5.000.00 Clerk of Court's Office . 10.000.00 Sheriff's Office 5.000.00 Upon roll call the vote thereon resulted as follows: Ayes: Supervisors S. D. McDonald, W. S. Cosgrove. J. F. Quinn, A. M. Kollasch and H. S. Scheppmann, Chairman. Those voting Nay wpre: None. Whereupon tlve Chairman declared the motion carried and the resolution duly passed, ap- proved and adopted this 3rd day of January, 1950. Motion made by Cosgrove and sec onded .by McDonald that the following assessments on Railway. Express, Tele phone, Pullman and Electric Trans mission Line Companies be and are hereby made for the year 1946 m the various Taxing Districts of Kossuth County, Iowa, in pursuance of cer titicates made by .the State Tax Com mission. Ayes: AH. " carried. . Nays: None. Motion CHII'AfJO, MIl.WAUKKU, ST. PAUI, * PAC. HV. CO. MKima Ircorp.. 2.06 mllefl nt $13.817.07 $ 28.4«8 Alpona Ind. Cresco, I.OS miles at $18.817.07 14,92! Algona Intl. IrvlnRton, 1 mile ftl 13,811.07 13,817 C'rtsco Twp., .101 miles nt $1.1.817.07 , Jrvlngtor Twp., 4.!>r> miles nt JJ3.817.07 68,894 Wesley Twi>., i'.79 miles nt $13,817.07 38,560 I'l-nh-le Twp., 1.21 miles nt J13.S17.07 16.719 \Vesley Incorp, .75 miles nt flS.si7.07 10,863 Wesley Ind., l.L'5 mlles nt $13,S] 7.07 17,27! Vliitlemore Inoorp., .78 mllos at $13,117.07 10,778 \\hitteinore Twp.. 4.19 miles nt 113,817.07 57,898 \VI titpmorp Ind.. 1.28 miles nt $13,817.07 17.6S6 Total: 24.35 mlle.i nt $13,817.07 SU.VVKAl'OI.IS A ST. LOt IS HV. CO. (SO. DIVISION) Cor with 1ml. L,uVcrne, 1.77 mllt-s at $4,693 LuVerne Twp., 3.47 miles nt $4,693 I uVerne Consl. I.uVerne, 1.30 mile? at $4,«9S I.uVerne Incorp., 1.24 miles at $4,693 Total: 7.78 miles nl $4,693 .* CIIICAttO, HOCK ISLAM) A PAC. B. C. H. IS.ifrnlo Twp. Coral., .1.34 mlles nt $10.»»0.07 Titonka Incorp. .4S mlles at J10, 390.07 Total: 3.82 miles nt $10, 990.07 < . R. I. « I». B. C. R. UV. CO. (C, B, I. A , !\W, IMV.) Inkr.ta Ind Lincoln, .«4 miles nt $10.9!I0.07 Lincoln Twp.. 4.99 mllps nt $10,990.07 \\cst Hcnd Corsl. (Inrfleld, 3.06 mlles at $10.990.0? •iK'sen Consl. IJnrflehl. 1.1-5 miles nt Total: 9.94 mlles $ 86,511 N. HV. (Onnirr Dlv.) $ 86,707 5,275 .$ 41,982 .1 7,034 . 54,840 33,630 f 10,990.07 13,788 at $IO,!>9n.OT $109,242 C. H. I. IIV. CO. (I.AKOTA DIV.) Ijtkrta Incorp., .5* miles at $10.990.07 t B.82B l.aki>ta ln»l. Lincoln, 1.15 miles nt $10,»»8.07 $12,839 Lnkota Ind. Ledyard, 1.R9 miles at $18,9»6.07 j 17,474 Harrison Twp., IMst. No. 2. i miles at »19,MO.OT Hebron Twp, i.U miles at tlO.9SO.07 J '-!°5 l.cHfyard Incl. Lett yard, 4. mlles nt »10.*»<U>7 4S.960 1 linoln Twj^. 4.21 miles »t $10,9»0.07 48.JM pw»a Twr... s.»T miles at $lfl,9?0.07 4S,«|1 SJwea City Incorp,. .*7 miles at $10,?90.07 19,660 Swea Clly Ind. Harrison. S.»7 miles nt $10.990.07 32,«40 S««-a City 1ml. Swea. !.»> miles at $1»,»»0-»T 21.870 cation of work at which an employee his time spends a major portion of will determine his rate of pay. All county road employees will be governed bv the following schedule of work- Ing hours: Eight hours per day for months of December and January. Ten hours per day for the months of February. March. April, May. June, July, August, September, October and November. All regular full time employees who have worked continuously for one year or more will be entitled to two weeks vacation or sick leave on full time. Vacation period will be determined by each Supervisor of his respective district. Ates: All. Nays.: None. Motion carried. Motion made by Cosgrove and seconded by McDonald that Carl Pearson oi Algona. Iowa, be appointed drainage clerk in the County Auditor's office beginning as of January 16. 19SO. as provided for under the provisions of Section 455.165. Code of Iowa. 1948. and that his salary be fixed at $22900 t»r month.. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion made by Quinn and seconded bv Kollasch that H. M. Smith. County Engineer, be and he is hereby instructed to make a report of the roads to be improved in Kossuth Countv durinu the vear 1930, taking Into consideration the roarl prop*^****! ftt*»ri bv the Township Trustees of the various townships In Kossuth Countv, and to file said written reoort with thii board on or brloy 9JO o'clock A. M. "n February 16. 1950 Ayes: All. Nayf: None. Motion carried. Motion m;d» bv Cosgrove and s»c- ond<»d bv Kollasch that the following resolution be adonted' RESOLUTION WHEREAS, it is necessary that Pubic Funds collected by the County Treasurer to be placed In various depositories, and WHEREAS, Chapter 173 of the 4Ut General Assembly, State of Iowa authorized adoption of a State Sinking Fund within the State for protection of public funds held within the designated depositories. OW THEREFORE. Be It Resolved -*"? Board of Supervisors of Kossuth Counly, Iowa, that Rosella Voigt. County Treasurer of Kossuth County, Iowa, is hereby directed to deposit funds m the d«.jository banks hereinafter mentloneu which are hereby designated and approved as depositories of Public funds of Kossuth Countv. Iowa, to-wlf Iowa State Bank. Algona. Iowa. Security State Bank. Algona, low 3. Burl Savings Bank. Burt. Iowa Bank™ r ancrSft. tofif™ SaVmg ' R,fffiT erS r. Tr V St & . Sav 'ngs Bank. ,0f"«? Cent * r ' to * a ' <L«l»ta Iowa rmtrS 8late Bank ' LuVerne. The Lone Rock Bank. Lone Rock. Io»?a r '" CrS SUte B *" k ' Whm emora, Io^k--' e Banlt of ^dyard. Ledyard. First Trust & Savings Bank Armstrong. Iowa. (Fenton Office Titonka Savings Bank Tlton'x* Iowa. Exchange Statu Bank. Wesl-y, and that all public funds now in pos- K-a "cou^v."KJSJ: %&•"£? &'_ &^*^^*m in & y Treasurer i» hereby authorized an5 required to use said banks aV such depositories, and that the mTximum amounts of county funds authorV^d to be de-pouted m said banks which "I;'* hereinbefore approved as de- b™a Sr 'to!lows: 6a ' d C ° Unty fur ' d « sha " Iowa Statt Bank. Iowa. . Security State Bank. Bur£°SavTn~gi" Bank." Burt". S00 - 00000 Farmers &'Traders "Savings )00 ' 000 °° Bank. Bancroft, Iowa. . 150 000J» Farmers Trust & Savings ' ou ' uou - uo Bank. Buffalo Center. Iowa S^l^urBank.-^ S °™*> C,«y. sow.. --^.....^-100.000.00 b - 85,000.00 Bank. Lfjne FaPmTr*-State Bahic." Whine- IWMOM S/JirBanTof UdyiVd. Led- l °° mM TttftXlPi, SiVrn-ii-Bank IM '° 0<>M Arrostrowg. Iowa. iFenUm Office) infirinnn Titonka Saving* Bsnk." Tllon: 50 ' 000 - 00 ka. Iowa i^nnnnnn Exchanae^State B;u,k." w es - J50 ' 000 - 00 and hereinafter the- iaid Count?'Tut* longing to &aid count v in si'id" dc- posltorit-s nol exceeding ih«. m ,„...,"_ amounts anv orlz AH. Nays. Besolutton duly casiied. approved snrt odootetj thi# 8rd day of January, IBM Motion made by Cosgrove arid seconded by KoUatch tint the followirf« re-solution be adopted: * RESOLUTION Be It Hereby Resolved Ijv the Buurd of bupcrvisors of K Ui sulh County Iowa, in regular s.c-i,slon tlus 3rd day of January, 1950, pursuant to and In accordance with Chapter z of the Total- J» $1 miles »t $10,»»*.07 CHH AGO * X*. TOI.BDO * SW. IIV. Ct». Alirvra Inot^rp.. I.TJ miles at $14,J41.S* / tK»na InA Ci*«*««. 1.57 miles at $14.$42.*& AIr.»n» Itts.l. fnlon. .79 miles M »H,J4J.*S •••••• •••• AJ^ra Ina. Plum Creek. .4$ miles ot $14.342.85 Itttrcroft InJ. Greenwoo.1. 5.0S miles at $14,342.85 Tinrroft Incwrp., .99 mllw at $14.342.f5 Hurt Township. 3..19 mites at $14.34!.85 iiurt Incoriv, .SO miles at $14,3«2.S5 Hurt Ind. Burt, 1.J7 miles at 114.342.S5 Crp«co Twp., .:> mlles at $14.342.S5 Urepnwooil Twp.. 3.03 miles al $14,JI2.SS li»rrlse>n Twp Dlst. No. S. 1.31 mllos at $14.342.85 Irvlnsuor Twp.. 3.50 miles at $14.342.S5 Ix-dyard Twp.. .?> mlles at $14.342.85 I.eilynrd Incorp.. .96 miles at Il4.341.85 Ledyard Iml. Ledyard, 3.74 mlles at $1I.342.S5 ;.f<lyard Ind. ftprlnpfleld. 2.IS miles nt $11,312.85 LtiV«rne Incorp., 1.30 miles at $14,342.85 l.uVt-rne Ird. LuVerne. .07 miles at $14,342.85 Pluir. Creek Twp.. 5.17 mlles at $14..14i'.S.1 Inrllnnd Twp.. .44 miles at $14,342.85 Sherman Twp.. 6.66 miles at 114.342.85 Hprlngfield Twp., 3.69 miles at $41,342.S5 ,$m,«5S .$ 24.813 . 23,618 . 11,331 6.885 '. iV,200 . 51.491 . 11,474 . 18,215 . 10,767 . 43.4K9 . 18.7R9 45.S97 . 11,781 13.7H9 , 53.642 31,287 , 18.64B 1,004 74,15,1 R.311 95,523 52.925 .$165,517 A '«ona. Farmers State Verne. Iowa. . The Lone- Rock Rock. Iowa. ... wby "dcwiCnatid ViKl"'^proved *« the depositories for oublic l^ndi from and afttr January 3rd. I'jso. arid that the majiimum amount:, v.iuch .1^1, particular county oliicc 01 Kab^uiii County, lov, a , tfiajl c!( r,u n in ,"lrn piiance with Uie resolution shall SB Total: 46.57 miles at $14,342.85 '.$667,941 CHICACiO 4 MOKTIIIWISBTKHX HV. CO. (FOX I.AKK nilAXCIf) Hurt. Twp., 2.61 miles at a4.SI2.S5 $ 37,436 Uuit Incorp.. .04 miles al $14,341'.85 5i4 i.urt. Ind. litirt, .84 miles at $H,:il2.K5 13,482 Fenton T»rp., 1.9» miles al *H,.lI-.85 ^*,5<2 1-Vrlon Incorp.. .51 mlli-n nt $14,.142.85 7,315 Kenton Ind., 1.53 mllen at $14,342.KG 21,945 f,one Hock Ind. Burt. l.»3 miles ut II4,342.K5 27.HK2 Lone Hock Ind. K*ntor, 1.99 mllPs at $14,342.85 28,542 Total: 11.54 mile* at $14,342.85 HAIIAVAV K.1PltKS>< AliKNCY Alt'ona Incorp., 3.79 mlles al $14.S» Al^una Ind. Ci esco., 2.«5 inlle-s at »14.»» Algona Ird. Irvlngton, 1 mile ill »14.8'J AlK«na Ind. I'lum Creek, .41! inllen al $ll.Sa •.i«ona l nil. I'nlon, .79 miles at $ll.8!» iuncroft Innorp., .09 inllPH at $H.I>3 ram-roll Ind. Greenwood, 2.03 miles at $1I.X9 I Tw|i., 6.2U miles nt $H.«9 l Incorp., l.lo miles at |14.K'.( in it Ind. Hurt. 1 1.95 miles at 1'iiTal" Twp. Omisl., 3.:t4 mlltn a »H.89 I'scii Twp.. 3.7C mlk-« at $14.«3 t'urwllli Ciirxl. LuVei-iH'., 1.77 miles al |14>9 1-VntfMi Twp., 1.9H mlli-M at »H.K>i I-'i-nUin Incorp., 1.03 miles at HI.VJ Kent on Iml., l.ul milts at lU.S'j Ui't-ei wood Twp., 3.U3 mlleH HI $14.K9 Harrison Tw|.>. Klsl N". 2, 2. inllen til 114.8K Harrison Twp. l»lst No. :i, 1.31 mllt-s flt $14.8» l*a.kota Incorp., .G3 miles at 41 l.ft'J kola Iml. Lincoln, 1.7!) mil. s at tllDU Lakntu 1 ml. I^t-dyard, 1.59 nines al ] l.s 'J Hcijrori Txv-p., 2.4:) mllt-H at il |.S» Irvlrtjton Twp., S.I5 miles at »H.S'j l.(:ilynnl Incorji., l.'iS mllfs at tM.S'J I^'lyunl Twp., .H2 mlles at $14.MJ Lvilyaril Iml. Li'rlyard, 7.11 milfs at fll.S'J I.e'lyanl Imf. Sin InKflc-lil, 2.IS mll.-H at »H.»» Lincoln Twp., u.:o mlli-a at fl Lone IJock Inrl. Hun, 1.9:1 mil. H ut $11.HI) Lori- Ilnck Ind. l-'emon,'J mllos at Ill.S'J LuVerne Incorp., 2.r,l inlH-s at til 13 .' LuVern« Ind. LuVerne. 1.J7 nillcn at |1I.K!) LuVerne Twp.. 3.47 milex ut $'J 1'ralrie Twp., 1.21 miles an $i4.»tf I lum Creek Twp., 6.17 mllea at |H.h9 Portland Twp., .11 mlleH at $1 l.S'j Sherman Twp., O.Gfi mile* at $11.S3 , S|irliiKf!el<l Twp., :i.6» inllt-it ul lll.h'j '.'.."" Svt-a Twp., :i.i7 miles al $1I.S'J i \fm «'lt ; - Incorp., ,»7 miles at $11. »y !-.wi-a Clly In.I. Hari-lKori, 2.«7 Ilillen at $11.89 ' ti*-ea <'lty Ind. hw( a, l.'ja inll^s at $11 n'J Tllonka Inr-oip, .IS milt-a at $11 S3 ijtlosen "'oiitl. (Jarfii-lil, 1.2", miles at 111 ti'J . '" W'osl Hunil i'oni-1. (iai field, S.Dti inll>:H at Jllh'j WtiHlry Twif.. 2.79 miles at $14.89 Wesley Inc., .75 rnlle« ui $||,x!i \Ve«l«:V lull., 1.25 miles HI |1 i S3 . Whlltelnol.. IiKOrp. .78 mll,-s at lH.t>» "...'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.".'. SMillteliifiie Twp., 419 mllex at fll»9 S\ liltteinore Ind., 1.28 inlli-s at 15 7 12 ID 30 92 1« 29 :,« f.G 26 is 45 an 13 k 27 24 at; 121 19 111 3J 137 19 Total: 129.61 nilli-H at Algonu Ind. AI«"I a Hid. iiultulo -i »-ji l.'ui'Wllli Inn. Circsco Twp., t.u.iHi.1 jiKorp. l.UKntu Ind. l. I.UKolu Iml. l.i Hariisdi. TWJI. ncorp., ;i.;;u init (ies(o, l.'is liviiiKton, 1 . i.'uniii., j.Jl i.uVent?, l. $1 I.S9 :II> t ert al ^li^.lT miles ut $llEi.47 ., nun! ui mih« ut 111^.47 ml|(.>» ut $115.17 Jill 3.1)1 miles ut $llfi.l7 ., .!,:i riiilts at lll.'i.l? l.i.lyuid, l..i» mlleit ut Ilia. 47 cuin, i.'.y milew ai Dim. .So. .', ••. rnil.-n al $115. «7 Hebron Twp., j.|;; mil ll vllib'lnn Twp., I.'J,', rnilcx al »lir,.l7 U-dyaid lii«l , -( mill K a i » 11.1.4 7 Lincoln Twp., D.iu niilen ut II1J.I7 l.uVerm- Tun., 3.«9 rnlleH ut »II.'il7 ....... LuVeriii! Iriolp., 1.71 inlleM ut lllfi.17 LiiVi-me Jml LuVerne, l.a^ tnile.M ai $115.47 1'ialile Twp, 1.21 inlU-ii in $115.17 iiweu Twp., j.H'i inllex al $115.47 •Swell City Incorp., .97 mllea ut $110.47 Sweu <'lty 1ml. Kwea, 1.39 rnlleK at $115.47 .. riweu City Ind. Hart IKOII, 2.97 miles at $115.47 Tltoi ka Incoip. .4l> inileH ut $11517 U'enley Twp.. 279 miles ut $115.17 . .' ....... Wesley Ineoip., .75 niilew at $115.47 Wesley Iml.. 1.25 mill -a at $Iir,.47 ...... .'. OttoHen <'on>.I. Uarfk-ld, 1.25 miles at West Html Con,!, fiarlleld, 3.06 mllt-s at \\lllleinuie Twp. 4.IU niilt-H at $115. If . V\ lillternotc Iiuoiji, ,7>! miles al $11547 .. $11547 $115.'«7" * , , W'hlUunioic In, i., ].;s 73.44 iles at $115.47 i ' Al^tinu. iiico -iltton* 4na. AWn.n iml. Aitfctia I n.r Unnc.uft Bancroft lluifulo < ilullalo Twp. nini. N burl Twp., tMti inilea Hurl Uui I Ir.e'.ip., 1. 1ml. Ijiii't, Crt-rco Twp. 7. t'en I on Incoip.. l-'entoii Tw|»., 2. miles rn $115.47 \tinniui: vi , J.,.j5 iiiiit^ ai .. i *.,<•(>, J.ti4 runes ui juia.Ui iivjiijjion, .u'j miles ut »U71i.tiJ I i ioii. ..,:, miles ui iUTj.u.- .... iirbrti., 4.oa miles ut |117l».t>2 u<l. lireenuood 2.2U IMIIC'< ut $147kU' n.-il . 6.2a miles ut $1479 62 ..... s, 1.97 miieB at $U7».vij at Kenton li .1., l. field Tup.. U»riuan Twp., mile ul »H7!(.ti2 1..11 iiiiie^ ul $1I7^.U2 D ml If a al $1479.84 .11 uillm at $147U.«2 miles ul JH7UI)-' iif uillvM at $147a.«2 .SO miles at $1479.«2 1.85 ifcilea at $1479.02 . $H7a.ii2 $1475.62 Incoip., 4.54 mll»u ut »H7'J,6J Ind. Li-dyanl, 4.04 l)l)l«:3 at $l47a.62 I mi Lincoln. 3.17 in tl tilt at $U79.li2 Ureerwuod Tw|i., 3.01 rolk-i« wt $1|7».62 . llanlcon Twp. hifl. No. 2, 3.01 mile* at Hairl.-i.ii Tw|i. iJlft. No. 3. 1 Mil miles at Irvlniftou Twp.. 2.»(! niili-a kl $147*.(i2>ai-.l Twi... 9.i;^ n,ilf« at'$1478.62 Li-ilyanl li.i-oii,., 2.U.-, uillt-s at $I47().62 Ifiyuril linJ. Le.lyuK), 12.59 inlk-H at $117962 l.LiJjai'l InU. Sui Ij.iifli-lu, 2../0 ui)li.» al $1479.62 I Iiic</ln Twp., 13.CS mill-* at $H79,J3 Li/no Kuek litcoip, .-.'i uiilt-*, at $1179.ft2 Lone Itoi-k Iiiil. Hurt. 1.95 inlh-ii at f 1479.62 .. Lone lUi< h li.ii. Keiiion, 2.::'J miles at |147t> <2 , LuVt-rnc Iml. LuVci lie. 4.u() mllcH at fll7U.62 l.u\>rnL- li") .Sherman. 52 nilleji at $l(7'J«i ... I uVerne>. I>UI. No. 1 & N'o. 8. 3.07 inlleh ; LuVerne TwiL. 21.t>« in lief al III7II.C2 Ojtohvn fon.-l.. j.tiu iniJ«.-» ui *JJ7».B2 I'lum ('reck Twp.. 3.03 uiJlen al $117ii fi2 runk- T»f. .7; inilf., jt $1179.(i: Rainm-y T'wi>., l.uj iiillfa" »t $1479.02 41 179 0" Blverdnle Twp., 32.87 miles at $I4i9.«2 8h«rmon Twp., 41.68 mlleB a«*'<'a- 06 L Springfield Twp., 4,24 mile.-, at $1479.62 Sweft Twp., 3.98 miles nt $1479.B2 Swea City Incorp., 1.71 miles at M479.62 Swea City Ind. Swea 2.01 mlle» «t Wl Swea City Ir.d. Harrison, 2.OS mile* at J Titonka Incorp., .51 mll-es at $147»,«2 Union Twp., 5.39 miles al $147».82 V.V»Vii West Hend Consl. Qarfleld, S.66 miles at $I479.«8 ,.,. Wesley Twp., 9.82 miles at $1479.82 \Veeley Incorp., 4.07 mile* at $1478.62 \V«eley Ind., 1.27 miles al $1479,82 Whlttemore Twp., 7.69 miles at $1479.82 WhlUemore Ir.c-orp .,6.32 miles at $1479.62 Totals: B9«.4« miles at »1479.6J CESTBA1, STATES BLBCTJUC CO. Altrona Ind. Plum Creek, 1. mile Burt Ind. Hurl, 6.76 miles Hurt Twp., 20. miles Burt Inrt. Portland, 1. mile Corwlth Ind. 1'ralrle, 3. miles Fenlon Twp., 14.95 miles ifet:ton Ind. Fenlon, 8.J milen Oreenwood Twp., 4.3 miles Irvlngton Twp., 6.2 miles ••• Lone Rock Ind. Burt, 11.6 miles Lone Rock Ind. Fenton, 6.6 miles Lolls Creek Twp., 39.76 miles Plum Creek Twp., 13. mll-es • 1'orlland Twp., 11.40 miles Prairie Twp., 20.90 miles llamscy Twi)., 4.6 miles iflverdale Twp., 16.B miles deneca ind. Dist. No. 7, 3.25 miles Seneca Ind. L-ist. No.9, 2.65 miles deneca, *.I6 miles • • Union Twp., 17. nitUi Wesley Twp., 12.6f> inlles *» • Ino., iiiiles • . 48,635 . 61,682 6,274 5,889 2,530 *,»t4 8,004 7B5 7,976 6,213 . 14,1!»4 . 6,012 . i.sfe . 11,878 . T.87U .14^8,648 628 3,610 . 12,666 128 1,883 9,886 6,687 2,699 3,882 7,219 8,463 , 24,954 8,161 . 7,157 . 18,122 11,1125 . 10,421 2,040 . / 1,664 B,M4 . 10,672 VV«flley Total: Buffalo Uerman 234.30 Consl., mlles I'ovsi 7.5 mlles Twp., 6.»* miles Ui am Consi., 2. mile* Hebron Twp., 7.31 mlles Harrison Uist. No. !!, .66 mlles LAkota Ind. Lincoln, 2. miles Lincoln Twp., 7. mile« i^edyard TWP., 2. mll-es l-edyard Ind. Ledyard, 5.61 miles . Ledyard Ind. Harrison, 2.1U miles . id Ind. Sprlnsflelil, .04 miles •y Twp., D.ol mliea • uiiiin8il«ld iwp., miles awea City Ind. Harrison, 5.60 miles . BWea City Ind. HweB, 1.6U miles ... Total: 65.32 mllefl miles 1.41 miles ' ^HVICK CO. Ottosen Coral, darfleld, 1.3 \V'e*l Hend Consl. Oarileld, Oarfleld Twp., 1.3 miles Sherman Twp., lu.2 miles LuVerne Twp., 7.1 miles LuVerne Ind. LuVerne, 4.8 mlles Itlverdnle Twp., .3 miles •_ Total: WKST^WA 'TKH',KI ; MONH' co.' iTi'tAw'sMii'sio'ii' i.ii«iK» West Ber.d Consl. Uart It-Id, II.» mijea I in HT TKI,I:PHONK co. at »167 1,464 2,1)28 1,464 11,489 7,997 4,844 338 29,624 4,356 393 3.IH2 479 471 393 981 4,003 78 942 ;;;;;;;;... - 157 Toial- 7" 35 miles at $15T I 11.359 ioiat. (-.JU "" lt . KvrH * A|- ,, IW A TKI.KI'H4IK» Cl>. Corwlth Ir.d. LuVerno. 2.45 miles at $325.699 .tiVei-ne Twp., 10.65 miles at $326.699 Vrwltli Consl. I'ratrle, 4.2 mll«a nt $32o.899 ralrlp Twp., j.6u miles at $;i25.6a9 wen City Inc., 2.8K mlle» at $325.699 IJuffnlo Twp. Connl.. 2.5 mlleH i suit Twp., 22.05 miles nt $157 Hurl Incorp., :t.()5 miles at 1157 [lurt inn. iiun, 3. miles al $157 aurl Ind. I'urtlnnd, 2.5 mllea al I lum Creek Tw|-., 6.25 mlles at $167 I'ortliiid Twp., 2i'..5 mtlc» at $157 »157 . tatwey Twp., .5 mllei) at $157 Jnlon Twp., o. miles at $157 Wesley TWJI., 1. mile at $157 798 3,468 l,Sfi8 1,189 938 Tutal: 23.S3 miles at $325.699 ........ ( . I Fenton Ind. Fvnton, 12.45 miles at !• i-i.i(jli Twp., Ib.mllm nt»141 1-iMiton Incoip., l.'J^ miles at 1141 .... neneca I'1st. iso. », 5.76 miles at »141 . oent-i-M Tw|i. Coii«l., K.i miles al 1141 L.OUS Creek TWJI., t. miles ut $141'... Total' 4862 miles at $141 l.HDVAIIU TKI.BI'H««>K Ijedv-ard Incnrp., 1.25 miles at »«5 ....................... Li-uyanl Ind. i..-ilyard, IN. 26 miles at $»5 ............... i.tciyurd li:ii. bprlngfli-lil, 4.50 miles at $*5 ............... HiUTlMon No. .', 2.2S miles ui $xi> ..... .............. Total: 2f..25 miles tit $85 .............................. I.O.M-: HOCK TKI.HI'IIO.*K CO. flurt Tw|>., lOXir, rnllrs lit »K» ........................... ffiitim '1 wp., 11.25 mile* at JOS, ......................... Ureeuwuod U wp., 2.1ii) mile* fti Vt>s ..................... ijnu. Kink Incoip., I. mlie HI $I>K ...................... Lone Km K Ind. Hurt, 13.76 mll( « nt $t>* ................ i.ui.e HOCK I nil. fetiiidii, 32.3 miles ut I6B ................ l.utis i i*-,-k Twp., B. miles at »na ....................... r^uiitcu *. oiisl.. a.u inljes al >t;s .......... , ............... r*vi>t-ca Twp. i 'int. ivo. 7, 2. mll(« ut |iii ................... i.rnuii 'l»|>., o. mile* at »b« ............................. Total: 88. .IS miles at $8* ............................... itl.M.ifrftU TKi.*:i*titi.%K ct»iiv\NV deneca Twp. COIIK)., «. milt-H ut UK 'I ................... *T. UHftHlmT III HAL TKLKI'tlM.MJ CO. JivhiKtdi: Twp., j -0 miks at »li2 ...................... I 'i an it- Vwp., milcH at ».'•- ......................... T..tal: 17.7.', miles at $5! ......................... ____ TITO ,\ HA TKI.KI'IIO.M; fit. buffalo Twi.. Dint. Nu. t>, 2.SU mllen at $21)2 ............. Hulfalu Coiinl. IJMI., ;u. miles at ajo: ................... tieliiiuii Twp., li.1 miles nl jaUj ......................... rurtland Two., S. inllt« al »1!UI ........................ Tlluiika Incurp., 2 mile* at |202 .......................... Total 45. 111110 at $28« ., ...................... WKMT IUMA TKM-il'Ho.NK to. (Jarfl.-ld Twp., .25 lulk-n al $267 ...................... niv«.-Klnle Twp., ,5u miles at |rff . WBBI Jiend Cor.»l. Clarfletil. S4. mlleB at $;67 ____ '.'.'.'.'.'.' Otioner. Cunnl., 1.60 mllea at $2«T .......... WlilliL-mure 'Iwp., 8. mllci at $2|7 ........... ......... Tuiul: 4i.;'5 miles m $2«7 ... ............... ..'..'.""' Al>0<>*\ HHI4I, I,I.VK Algoiia Ind. Union, 1.5 mllea at $;'» ' ' 7,761 1,755 i(.2u<f 211 811 l.ias fitii 6.K6S 109 1,651 . .$ 2.231 683 itti lit) 68 1.U71 1,617 4u8 lilt) ),;« 544 . $ «,OU8 010 273 tiuU 10 * NO. :s — «• . oa l.ottM Cmtk Twii., 4. n, I leu at i;y t'nlon Twp., 6.5 miles al $>9 . , ' VS.Iiliu-muiu Twp.. .60 miles B ( }j» Tulal: U'.so buffalo T Iluflalo ;• 923 01)5 4.1)40 liulu 404 a.OKU 67 133 '401 .$ 11,1115 .$ 41 21) lit) 16(1 II •• 3, "uilll'B III j"hs. . 1.75 mlii-» «t f-y.. • •. U.-J3 uilk-a Mt |;a. 11.73 W. 87. U&i. 447. »»'««/ VVvidey I'rulrlc ...HI. «t TBI.KfHo.VB STO. a 31. Huu rufi riifl Hurt T»|i. Intl. Iml. ii.n ut »2J(. at tus. . .'*. 1U1U.-6 (Continued on Page Five)

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