The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 28, 1950 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 28, 1950
Page 11
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Biggest Fish' Contest ere pz ^^^ „ —- »*«»«41IC* Field Narrows As Cagers Compete For 4-H Crown mwe™ni .' and more will be three of the fou ea ' n -'' fighting for the county 4." basketball championship Thurs a the Bur" "' ght tcam ei at to n w gating Eagle, 34 rr f Wednesday night in the scored S , C « h ° ol . g rV Bi "y Tokheim and n ^.P?'" 15 { , or the winners, ana jj. Zielsk 11. Other Alvm and Melvin Pavik were rS f ° r Eagle - ^he rest fe/T Son* ottman ' S£ i uoeze d by Seneca c h i night at the Grant school, defeating the Senecans by one point in the first overtime period Dale Schroeder registered 17 for Lone Rock. Others playing were S Mitchell, R. Meyer C P n ,W' sen, and M. McGovern. <? P n« Moore got 18 points for Seneca, while Dick Looft accounted for 13. Making up the rest of the team were D g Wi?berg Bill ar nH C n'i •?' F ? ley ' R ' Osb °™.' Bill and Blame Jensen, R Peter- Fo'ley M00re> R ' Speth ' a"d Jerry . Other teams eliminated earlier in the tournament and the play *-TS 8I*G" Portland; R. Christensen D Eimers, B. Miller, G. Ringsd ' IWV- Harms - " . Fairbanks. T Swea-Harrison; R. Anderson, G M ? i S ' u' " arner - L. Peterson, R lolcomb, M. Johnson, A. Peter By Jog MAHONEY < * v^'p'vtl \\ *v$> , * WILMAN MAN OF THE YEAR AND ONE OF THE GREATEST CHAMPIONS IN THE SPORTS HISTORY, HOLDS AN AVERAGE OF 214 FOR FIVE CONSECUTIVE ABC TOURNA- MENTS.AN ALL-TIME RECORD. v ' ~v "u! Bcn Tl S8 es - Ben Vern Kahler, Duane Habeger """™ood; David, Bill and Bernhard, Philip Inman ^ahe, Francis anc Phi'r°"c j° L '^" tEl Jer "me and Philip Soderbcrg, R. Wilhelmi. <v™l #• Amsbur y, Loescum <rantz, Misselman, Phelps. Rings- jorf. Orthel, Moore, Frit7 Lone Rock Mamas, Papas Outlast Burt Baskefeers Burt — The Burt Band Moth"- "wisored a Basketball (?) : which fqatured the fathers -mothers of Burt and Lone : Band members. ., In * he / j rst game of the evening, K° T Burt § and Mothers opposed the Lone Rock Band Mothers in a hectic contest, marred by nothing spectacular. Burt started with ~"- u gusto, fouling, traveling "* L £ ne Rock fought back . •-•'• Jhe score at the end .-- l . ne iirst quarter was 2-2 (a battle of defenses!), at the half, 4-8 in favor of Lone Rock, (th first sign of weakening by Burt) at the end of the third quarter 0-15 in favor of Lone Rock. (Lon Hock showing power) and th final score 8-20, still in Lcn Lone Rock's favor! The_second game, between th Burt Band fathers and the Lon Rock Band fathers was n differ ont story. They didn't win either out the margin was greater than in the first game. Tho game started at snail's pace with each team threatening to score at times. The Lone Rock pressing type of offense caugh Burt off balance and had them stymied throughout the first half as they piled up an impressive 11-0 lead over Burt. The crowd sensing a Burt rally, cheered Wildly as Bob Nealy slammed in a free throw to break Lone Rock's shutout. The score at halftime: The second half, Burt matched its first half efforts with another free throw while Lone Rock was collecting 5. The final score was 10 to 2 in favor of Lone Rock. Burt, smarting from the first defeat of its game season, intends to journey to Lone Rock in the near future to avenge the losses. The Burt Band Mothers heartily thank all who participated in the game, both from Lone Rock and Burt, the referees, the cheerleaders, Mrs. Mitchell, Mrs. Officer, and Mrs. Christensen, and all others who contributed to the evening's success. Teams Rack Up Hi Point Games Some impressive team scores were tallied at Brandt's lanes Incf urnnl^ i n 41. ,-.1 . i**»n_.j T'h Classic league in?>7 S^n-UP team racked up ii«f points on a single can 2S 11 ?.!!} 0 °' d st yle Lager be th ' and no handicaps, ii C ^° Un l 247 was the high --•—-y. *?HE LONGEST ( OFFICIALLY RECORDED ,. ,<3OLF DRIVE WAS HIT SY UIMMY THOMSON... ^ j 445 YARDS/ HENDERSON ON HIS WAY TOATOUCHDOWM __ , DURING A GAME BETWEEN *»*bJ>J DENISON AND BONHAM HIGH SCHOOLS/ AT DENNIS/TEX.A DOG RAN ON 7OTHE ' IN HOT PURSU.T.HE CAulTQENE £ 32 YARD LINE AND BROUGHT TOWN/OFFICIAL'S FOUND NOTTHJNG HE RULE BOOK ON THAT ONE SOf DENISON KEPT THE BALL ON THE ;£ AND THE GAME WAS RESUMED. .-D£A//saw wov /y-on LuVerne Cagers At State Meet LuVerne — Coach Bryce A. Wickett and the following boys 0f the LuVerne high school bas- cetball team, Bill WicTtett, Dean iamus, Lyell Holmes, Harold Nielsen, Jerry Wolf, Jerry Nielen,, Marion Larson, Gary Block lerome Stripling, Richard Gron- iach, Charles Loerwald, David nompson and Jerry Smith, manger, went to Iowa City, Friday morning, to attend the remainder f the Iowa State boys basketball ames, Friday and Saturday eve- ings. Dale Brayton also accom- anied Coach Wickett Other 200's were J. Will (200) Shipler (203), J. Jcrgensen (206), N. Gade (212) A. Krominga (216 E. Petersen (217), J. Bt-ami-h (205), K. Raney (216), C DaHey .212), C. Kohorst (237), D Furst (202). Bob Gade (215), H. Furst (212, 203). W. Voigt (205) H .eilenfeld (211). and M. Potter League standings: Vestern (Wednesday) W L Algona Hare'ware 53 2(1 Algona Ice Cream ...'... 55 29 3urt V. F. W. 53 31 'ioneer Hi-Bred" ~-~..I~_~ 49 35 National Guard " 49 30 .ivingstpn Tool 43 36 Vhittemore Am. Legion 45 39 L L L.Club 43 41 Mantation 40 44 larold's Food Store I 29 55 Pee Wees To Again Play Baseball! Donations made locally will insure another season of Pee Wee Baseball here. Don Smith Jr., who has been active in coaching and booking games for the team of 9 to 14 year-olds the past two years, said that a sum of about $200 was needed to carry the boys through a season. Last year the team played 12 games, and won eight. The age group is just below that required for Junior Legion play, and does not conflict. From last season's squad, the following boys have Indicated they will turn out: D. Cook, D. Simmons, T. Finley, D. Elbert, D. Devine, and D. Meyers. P. Miller, D. Zittritsch, B. Lamprighi, M. Hentges, H. Amfahr, J. Scobba, A. and L. Christiansen, and D. Glaser. Other* will also report and will be welcome. No opening date has been, set, but the first practice is slaJed for next month. loone Ridge JQ 74 Classic (Thursday) w L '.'tonka Woodman's 66 18 even-Up (JQ 24 oast-to-Coast 51 33 Jauer Implement 51 33 Old Style Lager ~ 43 30 Barry's 47 37 Jaycees 3 8 46 5i lat ? r- — 38 4 « Plantation 32 52 Britt J 29 55 Brandt Lanes 24 6( Algona Independents 20 6- IF IT'S NEWS WE WANT ITI (eith Young WinsN.C.A.A. Mat Crown Keith Young, Algona. wrestling in the 145 Ib. class for Iowa State Teachers College, won the National Collegiate Athletic Association championship, in the national contest held at Cedar Falls last week end. He defeated Jack Moreno of Purdue University in the finals of that division, 9-2. and will be one of the nine- man squad from the Teachers a » TI J?, iake part in the A.A.U. title matches, Friday and Saturday, at Hempstead. W. Y. »J? wa . Teachers won the N.C.A.A. title, scoring 30 «°ii i*' ^!? h Purdu » second, tallying 16 points. 26 Track Men Out For Team At Algona High Track season at Algona high school is ready to start whenever weather permits. With the first meet a little over two weeks away, Coach Champ Martin is nopmg that the weather soon will permit practice outside. So far 28 boys have- turned up. The hurdlers have been getting some practice in the gym, but practice has been limited since the baseball squad is also working out there. Boys who are out for the team are Merle Moore, Lee Colburn Jim Kennedy, Dale Koestler Vaughn Love, Fred Langmack Bob Kain. Dick Kain, Jerry Anderson, Roland Brown, Robert Funk. Jack Black. D*on McGinnis, Merle Teeter Bob Thompson, David Vaughn John Albright, Chuck Holmes, led Hutchison, Bill Bryant, Dick Amunson, Ed Bowman, Harlan Haas, Bob McDanel, David Long, and Jim Palmer. Schedule: April 14—Eagle Grove, here April 21—Pocahontas Relays April 25—Emmetsburg, here vJ ay 2—Cowboy Relays, Clariqn May 2—District Meet. Cherokee May 19—Conference Meet, Clarion: May 26—State Tournament, Ames Academy Junior High Team Wins St. Cecelia's Academy was winner of the sectional diocese Ju- 2n°L^' g 9i to . ui : nume nt held March 20 and 21 at the Academy. They went to Fort Dodge Sunday to play Corpus Christi for' the championship of the eastern half of the Sioux City diocese. a mn t £ ili^ round "°f the tournament held here, St. Cecelia's dei? at t^u Bancroft st - John's. 30 to 18. WhJttemore beat St. Joe, 27 o lo. Wrestlers Are Honored Guests At Steak Feed Algona high wrestlers wer special guests at a banquet Thurs day night in the Country Clul Footing the bill for the Mo-ik dinner were five Algona busines men: John Kirk, John Have's Jean Abbott. Ralph Dicckmann and Jess Reynolds. Coach Champ Martin introduc ed each member of the wrest 1 in" earn after the dinner. The sponsoring group thought hat some honor should be handed ne boys and their coach in rec- Snit/on of their winning third n the state wrestling tournament us year, and the dinner was heir way of honoring them. Wrestlers present were Bill lawson. Jerry Reilly, Merle ?cter, Bob McDanel, Paul Fishr, Jim Kennedy, Montie Black Colburn, Wendell Packard eorge Platt, Dick Sarchet, Earl Umore, John Albright, Earl Eller Jick Kain, Bob Kain, Jim sarks. Louis Maharas, Bob McConnell Nick Reding, Jack Clapsaddle Denver McGinnis, Vailghn Love Leonard Hansen, Clayton Bilyeau' £ eith , Gregory, Scott Galbraith JJon McGinnis, Kenneth Teeter David Long, Lylc Black, and Bill' Lampnght. AFgona Upper D« Moinet-3 Women Top Men, Barry Alleys A woman did it! I. Cook scored 23o at Barry's this week, while .,.]« c° st tht ' lwn cmM fl ° ws ^Jd. She combined this with 178 and Mfi to make a hiyh 55!) T Lestonlehner bowled 157. u;fi an( | 177 for 520. Other women bowling over HO were J. Briggs (1(12). A. Kaifwyki (Io8 15,). K. Kelley (150). B Bradford (151. 153), C. Brepslor (154). J. Sperry (1G(>). M. p rr . s . thus (154). League Standings w L Sd's D-X 5n 25 tVeidenhoff - _ 47 i; druggists' Mutual _"I!^II 40 3f Modernistic 35 4(1 jperry's 3!-, ^ 0 Jppcr Des Moines 35 40 Bell Telephone I ,-);} 4') Woodward's __ 25 50 Barry's _ 40 K. of c."::;:::::::;;;:;; 4? Algonn Barbers _ _ 45 Lotts Creek 42 Eddie's Flower .. American Legion National Guard Purple (Tuesday) Plantation S & L 39 33 30 W 50 42 Council Qnk 44 f~i._ . " " '* BATH Two Conrad girls got an unexpected bath recently. While walking on the frozen ice of a creek near their home, they both broke through and fell into water Up to their necks. No harm done, since neither suffered any ill effects ' lorry's Bowlers Find 200 Mark, But Little Above Sixteen bowlers at Barry's hit 00 or over last week, but tho cores were just barely over. A 20 by M. Calhoun. followed bv a 215, was high for the' week. ' ..Others over the lino were A. Wittkopf (202), H. Voigt (211). C Benschoter (201). Ted Vera (203) Ed Mittag (202, 203), F. Mittlieder (200). A. Cotton (206), H. Hutch- mson (200). C. Miller (210), Bu<.l ^gp.«01 201), M. Amfhar (200), TI. Decker (210), Soup Br-ggs (?04), H. Anderson (202) B. Batt, Sr. (204). League standings: Blue (Monday) W L Old Style .... 52 32 Sportsman Tavr-rn Blanehard Lumber John Deere Schmidt's Roller _ __~~ Plum Creek . . ..~IIIII Green (Thursday) Burl H t - — ,jfj oovers 57 Mninliner '_"_' 52 Algona Produce 41 Reding Super Market .„!' 40 Algona -Implement 34 V. F. W. . ' 31 Lfdyard ~~ 21 44 40 41 38 34 W 59 36 37 39 42 45 51 54 L 34 39 40 40 41 43 46 50 L 25 27 31 43 44 50 53 63 SHOULDER Mothers who find it difficult at times to get their youngsters dressed will sympathize with Mrs Lewis Young, of Tripoli. Her two year old daughter squirmed so hard getting into a dress that the youngster's shoulder was dislocated. DANCE Sat., April 1 SCANDINAVIANS Adm. 75e »ax inel. 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