The News and Observer from Raleigh, North Carolina on April 28, 1895 · Page 3
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The News and Observer from Raleigh, North Carolina · Page 3

Raleigh, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 28, 1895
Page 3
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CONTAGION 111 THE CUP S i THE Jf. C. MEDICAL, JOURNAL DOES NOT BELIEVE IN STR 4.IN-I ING ATA GNAT. OR. PITTENGER AGAINST A CHANGE. i The egislatioa for the ladiTiaaal Coauaaatoa Cap Compared to the . Doctor Who Woald Spead His Time InSewiagUp Small Woaads on 'a Patfeat's Let Wklle he Is Blee4w-f to Death From a WoVad of the Jn-Calar The Absurdity Exposed. I Ralegh, N. C)., April 27. To the Editor of the News and Observer: Deajr Sir : I mave read with great interest in the April - number of the North Carolina Medical Journal an editorially Dr. Jewett, an article entitled "Contagion and the Communion Cup." This may be fairly entitled the latest religious lykri." With all due regard to the felines and onimnns nf throw imnd people mho have adopted the individual cup in the communion as a sanitary measure, it seems to me that their alarm is groundless. As Dr. Jewett says, no case ha occurred in which contagion can be traced to that source. As is.well known by many of your readers it is customary (required by rubric) in the Anglican Communion for the minister who has administered the Holy Communion to consume, either by himself 'or by the assistance of others when necessary, the consecrated elements remaining after all have received. If any persons have been exposed to great danger in the use of a commen cup, the clergy ertainly have most to fear. Yet not one case has ever occurred, or at least nope has been cited, in which any harm hsjs come from it 1 Dr. Jewett has reserved his fire until it seemed called for, and he has uttered what seems to me the voice of reason ana common sense. ; H Yours truly, j I DR. JEWETTS FIEWS. s It is aa extreate Heasare oa the Part 1"'" tt",Urtfc , From th North Carolina Medical Journal. Tor some months a discussion has been going toe rounds ot tne medical, religious aid secular papers in regard to the danger of contagion from the use of a common communion cup by oongrega- tinni rf iwsrda Writ nnW )ita rtm been discussing the subject as individuals, but it has been brought np in the meetings of medical societies and in the oosventions of religions bodies. In some off these, resolutions ihave been adopted Condemning the use of Che common cup and in the majority of bodies where the resolution Jhas heen introduced, tfcte vota has been well divided. We have refrained from expressing oor opingm on this subject heretofore, and thee? remarks, which will be very brief, are brought out by the: receipt of the following letter. ; .l543t Broad St., NzwaJlk, N. J. "Dr. Eobert D. Jewett: j "Dear; Sir: The subject of the individual communion cup, which is being so generally discussed in our city and all over the t country, greatly interests me. The lack of cleanlinfBs in the common cup and the danger of contagion from its use, are recognixed by many of our best medical anthoritiea. Desiring the opinion of prominent physicians, clergymen and laymen upon the subject,' I take the liberty of asking if yon will favor me with you? views! If you do so may I juote froavyour opinkmT - Yours respectfully, ; "Edwim J. Howe, 1L D." That it ia" possible to convey disease from one person to another through the medium of the communion cup, ail believers Jnf the germ theory of disease must acknowledge, for, because the cup is a factor in the performance of a religions rite, it is not more likely to destroy the activity of a germ that may aanere to it than could any other fomes. a violation oi tne laws ox nature or will surely bring punishment to the of fender, though he be ignorant of the fact that he is violating those laws,! or even tnougn nu purpose be to serve or to aavanee me weuare or. nis fellow On the other hancL while the bllitr must he acknn wittered, wo holiavo that it cannot be definitely proven that anr sinstld ease of Aaaa etn ha tvr. tainly traced to contagion through the communion cup. The customs and traditions of & people are dear to them and should not be thoughtlessly destroyed. We are heartily in favor of. all legitimate sinitary reform, but we look upon this movement as an extreme measure on the tart of misaruided -enthusiasts.- who. in their endeavor to discover some new idea with which to startle the world and cause a sensation, have complacently swallowed the camel and are now straining at the gnat Of all the methods j of contracting disease thai have been sprang upon an all-cre-dulous people, we believe this is about the most insignificant We cannot help .likening those who are using so much 'energy to wipe out this insignificant source of infection to the doctor who would spend his time in sewing bp small wounds on a patient's less while ho is bleeding to death from a wound of the jugular.) Were these gentlemen to so direct their efforts that the ventlla-. tion and heating of one or two impro perly- constructed churches were made perfect, they would be the means of sav ing more lives than if they persuaded all the churches in the country to adopt the individual communion cup. THE A If SURDITY EXPOSED. Iacoasisteat Coadltioa of the Miad of Those Who Advocate It. Cor N. C Christian Advocate. It seems that the introduction of the individual communion cup is to be the next innovation against the old-time customs of Christianity. Change that means advance and improvement is al ways to be Welcomed. But change of doubtful utility or of positive injurious tendencies ought to be avoided. I have read with some interest, and with much disgust, the argument advanced in favor of the introduction of tie individual communion sets. There is one, and only one, put forth by its advocates, to wit: that the health of communicants is endangered by partaking of the wine from ! a common cup, and that to escape the danger of the ''bacteria," or "microbes," or some other germ of disease, extraordinary precaution most be taken by Christian people. The other reason, which is not assigned, and which actuates only those who ape the "Four Hundred." is the same that in duced the so-called Christians of the early days to say to the poor, "Stand thou there." While not so intended by those who listen only to the medical argument, this new innovation will be the entering wedge of still further di-visionjbetween rich and poor worshippers, which is already too marked in our cities. If it is necessary to have individual communion cups to prevent the contagion of contact, the time will come that eachln-dividual communicant must needs have' his -own personal cup, just as be has his individual mug in barber shops. When that comes about, as it surely wiU if this silly innovation is encouraged or permitted, you .will see that the rich communicants and the "gold bugs" will buy golden cups, with their monograms engraved thereon; the communicant of moderate means and the "silver bug" will provide themselves with silver cups; pewter, china and glass will be used by the poorer members, and the 'distinction of dollars will then be emphasized at the communion table of our Lord. There is just as much danger of con- -tracting disease by sitting for an hour or more next to a person who has incipient germs of grip or some other disease. Why not divide the churches up into stalls like horse-stables in order to make sure that disease shall not be communicated by personal contact f There is lust as much reason for it as for providing separate communion cups, and more scripture for it. The silly, if not sacrilegious, innovation does not meet the approval of the able editor of the Christian Advocate, of New York. He relates the following occurrence to show "the inconsistent condition of the minds of some:' "The minister made an address to the people congratulating them that this plan removed the loathsomeness and the danger that had inhered in the cup under the old method, and that he could "now invite the most fastidious to commune." On the same occasion occured the administration of baptism. The ordinary bowl was brought, containing about a quart of water. Five infants were presented, and in baptizing these he placed his hand in the bowl and then upon the head of the first infant, allowing it to remain there while the formula was being repeated, then upon the second, and so on to the end. Afterward came the adults, and the same process was pursued. Upon this the editor says: ' 'That certain maladies can possibly be communicated by contact with water which has with in a few seconds been in contact with persons suffering from the same cannot be donbtfuL " 'What was the-state of his brother's mind that he eooid fail to perceive the incongruity, in view of what he, was about to say concerning the holy communion, of applying the same water to twenty heads t 1 '"We observe that certain Baptist churches have adopted the individual cup. What will they do with regard to the essential rite of immersion f On a single occasion we saw twenty-five im mersed in the baptistry in the same water (and we know .that one candidate! was told to wear an old suit, as he was a poor man, and as it would be concealed: under the robe furnished.) These were immersed with microbes that may have : been upon- them, and according to the! ancient practice, then beads, including their mouths, nostrils, eyes and ears, were all put under the same j water, oc- j casionally accompanied by coughing and strangling; yet one of these Baptist ministers, the same day that he denounced the common cup and introduced the new method, performed this act for several candidates. ' "'The reader must not suppose that we regard these acts as dangerous. Un doubtedly it is possible to communicate disease in this way, and for that matter it Is possible for the minister to be in such a condition that He could commu nicate disease in baptizing, but it is extremely improbable, I - " 'If there be anything in this alleged danger in the common cup, every known method of baptism, except that of immersion in the running stream, or the sprinkling or - pouring of water by mechanical action from the running stream upon the head of the person, should be changed. And it would still be necessary to inquire whether sewerage -found its way into the stream. We believe that in a week infection is spread a hundredfold more by the passage from sick-room to sick-room, from house to house, land from patient to patient, of physicians, undertakers, aad nurses, of city missionaries and pastors, than by all the communions of the world in the past century. And we do not believe that, where ordinary precautions are taken, sufficient danger exists in the movements of physicians and others in the discharge of their duty to make it necessary to take the extraordinary.'" To my mind this is a perfect exposure of the absurdity of the introduction of the individual communion cup. Josephub Daniels. A MINISTER WRITES. After ten years of great suffering from indigestion, with great nervous prostration, biliousness, disordered kidneys and constipation, I have been cured by Dr. Mozley's Lemon Elixir and am now a well man. Rev. 0. a Davis, Eld. M. E. 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