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Tuesday, November 1, 1898
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THIRD EDITION) ' I ' 7: t 1 X. e : U ! f VOL, NO, 48. KALEIGII, K. C.; TUESDAY MORrNGri NOVEMBER i; 1898. price rrvE cents. ! THE PHILIPPE ! AD wjm KICK IT BE OURS I I Win ! L f Upset the Agree-in New Hanover? Our Commissioners Demand the Entire Group. RUSSELlilN WILMINGTON THE DEBT: I WE ASSUME IS IIS M ISSrOX TO MPPPnvKa t I . ' i - : 1 : TICKET? - XE:i:o mil lifii 171' h : JfiH Mi ! WffiMi i"! ii. , . ymmk b .; i;lr ! ).Vi(L: Mill I ALT SPENT FOR BENEFIT OF i I I i ' i - 1 1 - , ' ii , 4 8 LANDS AND PEOPLE. SI rUATlQ GROW MORE SERIOUS' 1 e- . ir. r, ! ii : ! i ! BEYOND THIS WIW1U ASSUME NOTHING Ediiorii in the Wilmington Record, the Inf- mo is Near Paper, Suggf sts that the After the Delivery of the' Oemand in Written 1 - i h M,i, , i , forrrj, the Session was Adjourned WUlf inittou NJ i Oct. 31.T-Xt-- UithliTdiTj 'tiic inore ieac ful outlook tbi-t hJs pref ijiled for the past two' days' Until Friday t Give Tims I ' ,-for Reply. t I tin- feJliiitf r!-nnret! lceins to show Pilris, Oct., 31.Tbe American com- mf iiin to-ijght. There i a .disqniet-' Ing 'minor that .-the negroe are seriously conoid. ring the question of mnm'ng a coupty jtirkot fipardlews of the wihe- f tioTiri.itr Buiiill ) and three! or four white ieiitetuints ht-re, who have not d.'- kiin, tJ -.-! iV ,t: i ,. erted " The unexpttted arrival : of Goternor ' . I i II 1 i I 1 , 1 II ,,, , lylfciilonera JtrWnted -a Written explanation 'of t a purpose ot the United State uMake thM entir group of, Philippine Ulajid. and. to assume such., proportion of t$e rbiltypiue debt as. has been spent tor the bout-fit of the! UlauW or their inhabitants,' I (a public works, improvement and permanent betterments.1 f ' I . If, vat al4o set forth that the United State 'would- not asavuve any part ofj the 1'hUippJnv debt, which had been' Iwcuj-red ,by Spain for the f urtherance of ' miliary or naval operations to quelj iii-surrWtlons j the native. , ; .j:' :!j ijv lit aessioo was adjourned -nn til Fr - i -i1 - i ' H i ii , T -W . ... i I. , i -i - Q0KjE)iEE,5SIKDM FOi, ltussel thiH evening l eaps, the linuts f the; 1ianpei conditions.! Th h.-' nmonpf conwitTatlve jpeople- is tlatt Uoc- ! Jhn M. (lor'tntn. lui) tnnde a pn m wni- ernor: nuMsel(ij hasrheard of the mov ..'. .J ... t" . ' . 1 un ,t United State ISenator unnrUv iueni.i: ue .nesrwn to place a eon.i;r -ell out' the State Jeiuoeraey. j I . j ticket! In the field, and has cimie'hcre to WAY SAYS IT ISVFAI-SE.T aupprcU It ifj possibks There re' ot'i-e tnriolable iff annexatioit m to fillow, The conditions prvBented are cntinly irn-like thoe in'C'ttlm. In the latter en Lhere aa justiijeation in international law and m-edet for our ti-fusjil to W imddled with the dobt 'h'hea we httd re -ccired no tatisrible. aset. But iii tin case of the Philippines, 1 rich and I well HnrrlrMtrff- V.: (lit .11 S.vntir uicorid. bowm-er, ia ' regard - to t he clt- INEGRO WOUflEN ApilVL; Congressman ;7hU8's Wife Gets Ri Jeit ( his v$it. dayJ in order to rive' the Spaniards time tfuay paused through tw-re late tonirht : S In at-cocdarice with an agmmeut, tie to prepare reply. ' k , J urn Inn,: fvay from Plipladelphia j to Motiw in j Itearer. i'Shbwn the t harpe The session to-day lasted a KttJe prer populated, the United State would nc jhade. by il)r. Swallow) of. a proposition the eyes of the world, in quire what, in , a u hour. , 1 i i , I i I ; , - hay Quit1 rEorix want tiikm inodrat accepted j the H-signatem rf both ;omliiees 'for1 the ( lloitw, and agreed to supirt George Ronntree, Tn.. and Mf. M. M. Willard, who were named from ltemocratic t'lwuhnan Carman t fles arid; his Daiigli er Asks We ; Washington., OctJ 31. The ad tied C-wll out to Qoy M'H Setintwr waid: - i -The : charKea are I Mtwiiit4r nntrno. y tbi injecting of business men. . iroui iam (9 me erject tiiat tht united A X have never had au jiiitrvicw witU'M. Theit U little doubt that if a .rt-:t-i! ll KH k or .Mr. (in nun h. a nit Tuluable po8ct;NUn, nni it I re-lierel that tlie bdderH of aU jjrovertuKent obl.Tntiona, 'without regard to nntioual-tty,. .would 'insist that llu-liien houfd pann with 4he prHMrty." Quite t 'tinoffii cially, but in' a manner to-arry cihvlc-tion a to Murcy .Of, tae; iuforiilittion, the Spanish . commissioners mmc Idaya , rtat,ea peace, commissioner hare I de-uia Miled the .cession to the United States of tlhe entire Philipidne group it in! line innnii-Ket )H brought out for eonuy ontcel tne. situation here will titv.iai yi j j union ui iu j vi u i' for Vhitd People , 1 ! -!J - "i ii with the instruction that hare been re itvrions tian ever. The Democrats. IKU'UMENTS IN, flEYFt S (USE baited to the representatives of the navel -arriedj ont their part of the ar rangement made with the; Governor Ir I 'cited Statu-. Up to a very recent date Minirter!1nf ar V& . Not It Some chang bg their candidate for the' luwer tho Imted, htatea leonimiiuiionera had ITarbofo R CtOctl 3LHOh Friday ? so were allowed t know what tin j UniteI Stntf purrH)e a ro the I?iiiii-i pinerf wax. but ithe (tuu'h'wi'Xii wi ar rivd at Ho they are not taken com-i, ftonsi of the Legislature, and th-y nrx- -no rrcctse lutttrxK-tiont ou this rilaj poiut. Of course Ltfore Jhe.y had"drpArtl tlruiiu To not over bv talk of a negro county of last week'JVirsi: GcbrH hitc. wife ItCfcCtJ of the; Court of j . CjjHiMitlon jipiointiv Watwiogtuu tuurk 1 1 4-onideratLun - I bad Uin rlreii to thU important aiibjeet lr pwu'iy oy Kurpnm iy tru anuind prv The fotlowiiuK editorial from the n-- oounwtlor' to-lay 1 to ! pr.iowd with entwi tn-oay t i'arta, and are iikWy thj Freuideiit, Serretary Dny,' Afiititaut t of the negro Congressman f torn tnc Secohd rro lper. the Itecord. of this after- Ktij.plefneiitary. inaulrjl j inj the prvjr Im prei nred to proceiMi rapidly wi fio cuet! and coonl fr the lr'vfi- hist article of the protocol.1 uiHin, ji coimiilered when read Wtwe"'t the lite, -a tHwitive indication that tLe EHH-retary Moore I and the member of 1 thif conimLlMon. Bnt tlute va a .lack fmnL'y went toj tha . . i Ixmiloa. Oct.1 .lU.-f-The.Tliiwn , r of dnta at to the li&itnial and tKiU.-eal iiegriH do tuA consider the qncstiori nf ; fr th purpose j of f'tudriiu tho mt. - - i. - i ally this mnntinur i'XpreMhi it Iwnkb district,; Kceivi;.aii express package con- tairiing ritlcs name il shippeitfficld. , . a -oriry t cket .flnallr nett ed. The uM-nieuti tti the a M4 Lockroy, who Hattsfaetion. at th uliH'tHUm of ih i still iH-tini ft'Mi:ii ler of War. itil Kecore is thj iaper that printetl the in-;'fauHHf editorial reflecting oh tb State foiuTiii!si(tiern,to tate the !hilh Wi surcei.r. M titNT'tl) iutHlIntkiK it DeFreychietl raiwil Itne. i r. It is learned ;oni good;au hdrityjthat the hast;iy of the white women f the difficulties nl(t tati iThe rtrtHle that appeared hi Uthveriiia ;tle dHU&iflit and DEEM lUOT6cfjlli VIOLATED. affaire of the Philippines, and it to liap-( ietied that len the United States f oi.n-1 uuiiioneni. juailed they were; not iohi-' ailttvd beyond change to atty Jlije f ; ljiry. A majority of their nutubcr i K ritied toward a rontrnction , of thf de-i m4ndU to be put forth as to the l'jiilipi piaea, rarjiuff all the way from thL re- tetitbtn of j Manila bay and the iilam i diite aurrotmdinir country,' tol the arqui-r it ion of the ' whole island of Lhzrm, -irterti un ia iw follows: aa nt r v t5 rir- Imn-il Mind v to'. !iri)pfft . i, !lfmi ; I I .At I ' I . I" j daughter pt Congressman ' "S! iutf- Think the (JuTcrnuiciit asking lallficolofed !wor Spanish People a cetition culatingj mlay ft 12 non was tbelime aj-' I for the holding of the tTnveti-nd ironiination of -otinty officer. , sicloct the delegates went into K A 1SEU IN II ck'Ly . L A N 1 Shoitd Urote.4 At m men to refuiie to work for i white people j saucui, and tarter much speech rraking , Mndnidj Ortnber HI .-tTh ii; new tVni Curtail His ViKit! Itecnwe of-KtmiK-a: . That reim-Hented about the estrcm de: rhat mmnented about the estrcme de- ring, it was decided ?tt to; aiand that waa in mind heu the ic-om mnd that wa in mind beu he w acuiailite a tkkct at this ime. cmos- j ;. ' ';.,. i j ; Lomplicatioiis. r Jcruxnlem.' (kt jtl riie Enipe Empress of ermueyi i are cu ror ai:.l "jtient:k there I was no nenl for calllnr . p nl(lh IV Conmns.ioner. arTVr- t TU. ttjUW 'rtti'' -iVJ rrltr -snr4 1 rrPirH u jj, ferrrtl tl the (jMmnment f j i ne wrute peopie are reaay ana preparea lilT-1- T ' 11: ? t"- 'mal demand 'of the American Counuisi 'J''' , '! r I . ' J there Sir a treat ioiular demand for the. J i - , 7 I . , . I i -t . 7 i ehtire riiiliiine caused the 1 urtuilita he cijuveutluo together. It was rumor- d ard'md the city that th cnxni.ti.a ', .group, Rrentf or soi e onejhad dcfcliHl not to r-nf m i their vlnit I to the) Holy Liind. Thcv hare atuimjluned : theirj trip t jerichi, owing to (the tureismiin . coniplicntioDK, and it in. alwo iH-liertnl! tbe will , ti.t ro et uriri" iu .Madrid. . ! : ft tick ft, for county oITk-em at all, tut t Tt. ..... .!!.. u . i t. .. ' aiucxatiou to- the foiled State- of tho whole Iliilipiine Ktours and be 04 dls xt-d to defer to that -ntlmeut. Be aiie, there is ground ;to believe (hat,1 'in I 1 4 Ui1" e everything io the Denisrnf. wr i viiirnii in-uuK jurjuiiw iun.w uitr Oovermnent fthoQld protect enersetieally to-yra. We Uhil to acertnin the truth of tul the latter hmtad I mi '.required for pctive ajrainut whnti i .regarded an a yutati-o " r Their ilajettes.' tb'i moruinr. atten-l- ?t8teti tiunoffkal, manner, pMiUy thttph" ..r "J V. i nl nrni iL.t?.. Juk i lt 'J lt of the protocol Kcrftce.i ' , 'i. . i- f ' RUSH OF VffiR-LIKE ril the ffoiiMecnttionJ ent, but t-ouJd not, ; ' tnori4ng;papeTs. however, camo ' stertlny1 with the anmnoiu'im-ut ' tue ,l hurtli . til i: "TI ;ut i A KTikntion Ivan 1ii mnMl Vir t)n fir Mfrpnwnj. in whun TIIEVLL BOW TD Wl HKMAN1K4 that there wjtild be no Republican tkk-i the IiediHertier. The the natives took a most : InipreMsite ar the ratet pomp. I rent this morning of. h supposed It tuoda it I fpy at n fijirt jearl Harwich. The man I wan alread unTler aurveilbtn-e, and wmt leading part. 1 wiw -Was marked with a s 1 4 II' ')! the I I Cl : f. thiig! neiti ami inat every-leen j i arranged be . a.. a. . Li'wiH4Ui mi iVU wr V 14. illyilf tillo, -ARuialdo'a ajfent iu I'aria, oi( r' ttp through i uMf direct dealiutf Ih tvrwn the hiefttrin land Admiral Dowry tl(e United Staten j CTiiimiHxionern ,have fatlolied tbeinst4re! that tlve' diffichltiea Iu! the way of annexation, ao far aa they uuVbt le .fxKH-ted ,'to depend ui ma the Without .YduiitHiij): Either Tlieir Jiutticf the Gtrernor.'i So we tesnme ihe, . hh- to u redoubt, Itthete he trinnl to btain i home inftrtiiatn from a sentry r'jrard-i itig the foriificittioiifj. Jle was promptly S i.....iii i.i i, . ' ty 'ciidveutioti.! must hare met .nte S.- jfUHAUOES NOT or Iejr:ilitjt; 1 t - id SUSTAINED. tirjay anTuMu as nofhins of this na- 111 ri. Oct i.TI.-f Aftetf the conference tV.Pt' Ijjd iHt-fi; leIded tpoa a; e British Gathering of wmJI of the natirea, ' havy ! been much exasperated, j ' '.; Had Nt jMoIatwl i('vil Service Lan. Tboudi tJuilty of IVrniclou Politlcll tiPeT"! carding hU nnlecedn'nt It waa abo as- 1' ! Ii t iurtKl fiwtnv lull I 1 hi mmini ii.lincr nf. r:- th cam u. ; j . vuim diNKoIvisli the Sjiniush' ern expressed the opijtiou Aroerifu iifl i demand wouhl i the 1' HE FAKED FOIt THE DEMAND. i hat :reat e in gency ': Squadron.: sti:4NdH0 6x walkeu cay. Activity. : ,;.!'' I I ,. i ' 1 ' "1 I ! 1 I .'',', T- - ' I ;WKhlngton. Oct. .1l.-It was definitely annoum-ed Tat the civil I wrvkv comdds- jji ficers of the Loudoti ;volnnte!r reiriments lun-e received iWdej1 to prepare for im-yinediatc ntohilij.itiou, and it was declared Sp:iin. af they Lhd iiinm her commi-hierii. I tin exceedmi;.! jrrnrp j it iiresiou. Were th,k SiuininU (omiuisubme: pmshed Nsfan. Ni P.i Oct. 31. The Who sU.n ttvda?' (that t! e fvidence! taken fit U canntt W learned definitely what money consideration ia to patat with the tiiie to the Fbiiindmii. Indeed there U I reason to MIeve that even the United States iH-aee eommiwdoner haTe t(it jyet len able to fix 1 the amount exactly. Anuiuln that they are to repudiate; all SUPPOSED' Jen.nl4 F. l!ley,Uaptaia Bulger.! which' S FYii - lAKEN. informed ai ti the :forts oh "the southern to n Liitili deteruunatiiMi . to-uicht, they iiie , recent 'inv-stigntioa of charge J-aflcd from jjat ksouviile 00 Sctitemlr would r-)e-t the American demand), but 1 ' i I. ! and ensterti ''cpaxriiH'to which they have ; ' !. . , twri U &.''')' I': :' I '; the rhntiKiil tone of the Htanihh 21t, for S.l Pierre, Martinique.) sod prcHH of a iKt-rti.-na of the debt or the Wund-j uhkh! Ww th conMiibmation agapist' tIM hYiIvTaJ iffichils. j at Klea-ntoiHt, VaJ, had fiotU'eti sustained, a twl no rnrtiier action ii probable.) The tfrs-tiiiionvi ; which was' tnkt n by Mer. Alo.vle audi Wales, h.isjlieeu Informalfy submitted - to by to tbrt commia- WAlt SHIPS TA tfiinaikes, nrl New York, encountered a hnrrii4iie onj :OctoW 1st. during wiikh xlSO OX iTHEIIt The Pall Mall t.hzette thin aftern sny: ., ."'j.-1-: fj-- ji l! .--.I . j ' ; h. r.'Enjrlandf hai been, and even now! is treaty of jkicc. iiovevr., riKonm, tht- iirumettt Uisr, that although Spuiinnlf so FULL STOIlES be.wi distiiasted, b-r deck "was blown bfT ati i she was iiartlr sunk. Sht drift- ly to fin lAmerif-an deuimndM, the near war that he itJoverntnent has ctr riedl on i' its'; prcparaf! fQ the 'farthest t ed;. b weverJI ami j strandelN on Octoler mlxnietierii' da not nrkmwlede the jus uii uoi represent inoney aix-nt roc actual iM-Uermentw. itwil h een atjofice ihat the tak preaented to the ooiumi-ionerK, of, differentlatinjc thia dehtj l not an ey one; partk-ularly in Tie- fcif the uotorionaly loone fiuancial nietlilfd( of the- SpauUh Icobmial authorities. j Kioiters as B Isidyj no'Ubis full report in prepttratjwn. It show that while ht Walker' Cay. The vessel and tice or tidiint the Ji-cality of them. limit of the preparatory tnice. It ha a SIGNAL SERVICE men ordered; home ta rg are a total, low. -.The crew I sue. breu, arrangHl; to Kiall.k)ut the . reserre ! there w iis.much to If ; deplored in the 'i'o-ui&ht I the; Spnnish coinmiKs onei mi' in mtcbiuz shore and are ' rei.H)i tind that tie' Amtricuu outmti--ieiierK to at thiti iort That this debt nbould le amumed by! all iutetitNlhave i inieuiM nave inoi )u,ere liny iiuian fiiit rifT.ri.iV nut1 the I nitcd I States in ; mine i proiKftliou. j cinl imluH tnenf CC! I ' paim t. ceiie . by; !S jraethire extraordinary, it '$ DecUred. Stems i- ii.iv and militia, nud to the vIu- :faefs hrought out, there was n evidem-e teer ,imnljtaeouslyi and to; form large I ,f. the violation pf! tejcivil service Jaws camiw at virions important rH'imad junc- rules. The enwj Vu taketi np' be-ti)ns, where rolling stock and locntupUvea hind closed doors to-day, and the pre-will be eoncetitrated.'' 4 I I ; liniiuary rcpirt made galled attention 'm ..LliiUi U L r. v i lh? taft' that the paiftlcipatiott of offi- THE NEW.FnENCII CABIN hT. ! lla, fu th Iutirni;uiiIth..rms ... t. . : . .1' . i .. i . w . . r " i . r . . NEED THEM AS WAlJSHirS. it said at the; State Department H be treaty any part, f : the, Philippine! .. a 1 . . . r " 1 ta have Happenediand Crisis Seems : Va m-Mi ver Mi-,' , h til 1 1 i " -j ' i B. C fVtJ. 3li-Auj "on. conBrtiiM retort says the Canadian Pa- Approaching" New French j Cabinet ConstUutedJ j I i i . of the Clevelatd Paris. Oj:tobt'r j3j-The -ijew Cabinet I their ls lief. n violation clfie rill way has received word from the Is constituted aa follows: 1 onli-r regarding "iiern cons political ,ar- l!rtt:stt Admiralty that the three BritMi NEGROES! BUYING GUNS. ,1 M. Iycbrat, Minister of Jttstlc?, tiot cotiM' within J- linrrs tivity," but that d.s-s the civil service law,. may lje mpiiretl at any moment transfcrmetl into tnilser. i j I M., Ditpuy, Ffeniieri a'd M inster jot the : r London. 'Ortoliei; Bljt.-There( was an unj-xpeeted f,douny ffeliup tJiia morninjc' ! ! -, 1 'I I ..-1 .. (. ; i. 1 ! w ' : ! Inferior. ? !" .Hi:" on . tine (ftock Ejitlvtinite ilnd the 1'ariH M. DeFrleyciiiet. Mitt r of War. A Negrd Office-Holder Visits Norfolk and Bourse, lKth theie anHrkcfa j U'lUi intiti ,-.tiS-d, it i inferred, by. th, Atfresie Baltimore to Make Purchases t ; tone of Koine of tht' Frctirh pnintr. IU WITH RIFLES! tidin this, noni'thnn4estrardiiiiiry seems SL locktoy, MiniMer-;f . MuriueJ M Delcithse,; Minister of Foreigr Af-tlTH. --. I - I 'I M. Petrayal. iMlnister of. Fnan,rrJ , M. I-ypnes,?! Minister of r inb'je Instruction. " ' ' ! ' I M. IeloticJe, Minister of Commmeree. M. tlnillainJ Minister of the Colonic. M. Vlgerl M mister of AgrL-td'.iirk fUkptnond Dinpatth.i If n ito have hnptHMicd, htid it Jooks jerisim wen npproncldnif. . 1 he .Br'iiiM'i n.- ihinj;ton, D. C, Oct. 2I,4-tSeeiar.t I hare infortntilloii to-day , of ai Hal preparation arehraSniy Immjcij? puu- f A Ntgro Otfice-Holder Siys Radicals Will! most, nuthetitic, character that a nero offjei-liohh r froiu wtlminfftoii. n: t wa iii Norfolk mu Thuradar Iat trrma' to i.nrdiatke ti mntJv of iirin .i . i- 'i : ... . ' . 1 7 M - . . ' . : ' . '' ' . I . with Jfrent activity. The HritUn Kqnndron la JrathefltiK 1 n't with-all iMifaibi Kiw-cd. Soven nn1 one rriiiner hUTe! tieen thni M, Krantx, Minister of Ftibilo Works. j' : : - I - '' I i! 1 T - r -f . . ami ammunition. IM was repined to lie liJierully mppUsl rkh fund, but tuilei Ki ftTiirtf the improved weaiKins leii-el iu hulticiemt quantity, and. 1 lVin.ls4r. N. CJ Oct. 31 SiH'Citd.) LilllJI S RoHf-ks ntfm rMaJ.n. A A IrEAL WITn QUAY.. MAt)E left Xor I5alliin)re to till hi onler, after making a fen- pMrchMf x in Norfolk. fnr'dedirnatcd to' jejn thl Kuadron. ttl From talk which li nkt out. throiijrh friends of hi ti ti-i, it ii ftah-l Ji,Ti and nnilorn Ime Urn hiirriellv re-t but he clainml toi nna-ret the iieeetidity for u Hrnntl coiflicfJ Jir reniirtiMl .h"jimI frm bnTe of iabaenef. utnl k vern! 4 who hold offkf nndrr tke negro Cctrresi.mitn W'hite. spoke here 4o a . v munu i row u 01 negroe n wainraay, 1 lie nsetl the most incendiary langnage; Ie saki that the Republicans and Hmatened the white tieotde retHtttHllr. that lis jxfiple! w rej thoroughty pnpared for it. He iid tlmit m n. )w battleshipa and ruSsers at Portsmouth tJrave" cirargt'.. Against INfiusylvanias mmoerBtierClairuin. 1 1 : 1 . 1- -ij '- - ji! - ' ( : Ml WlfllantKiKtrt: Pail Oct. 3L-Mor fuel Hill! Women wnfn fivi.,1": fn I'lK.. Mnino nf thn Imll " i.ihw l. ' were this year determined to carry North Cakjina; iaml that be knew preilletjitl,- Jire taking their fulljston-s m lwmrd, nut . 7 " - . 1 .V ' -1 t J k fifv .r" .....ii, - .... .ti.....,, w-oiiia tie II lively one when it started he was talking atmnt when he declared that tut her I ike preparations nre twinge inml. they would carry It -if ueetw- u na H.I1I..1I t(u tlim.. i.f Pennvvlraniil's sary at tlie iiomt of, the Imyouet and vith It is to,le regretted that thi negro rnu'ssiiry and inkvndiury from klif I'.V upmlxT of signii ' ' . -- --- , liieii,: now on t'ity H'le. As "he is fresh from Norfli Carolina Bepublieans could not have Imi-u halted I . . 1 . . I " , 1 . " - . 1:1 Norfolk. mJide: in the British Chaituel miUadroh, which furious cauipnlgn tontitlit when Dr.'Silis Washington City, he may lie anpisme 1 to retWent the views of White and Pritchard. ' . i : ' 1 j ' ; - I. 1 . to iliM-lose Ins murdi'rous mtsssfiu. and dealt ith a- be iM-lose Ii thin morning, have 1 arrivtHl nt tiibrnlta C Swallow the hmest government ustly dttMTVed. ll 1 I li ' . T r l r r.7 . . . Hi ;: I.' "... been ordered homo fir er vices, t is pre- cstnlid.'ite for .Governor.- boldly charjtM 4. aa 4a on tmard the snnie'J. atiJsiiiary crtiiers, if j that the leuiocnitie f State Chairman, ; ef ; - M ' 1 1 1 ' ' ll '1 '.- t v ' i 'I " 1 . . l: , . ri ' I i I ''. ') n ;' , i'-l!-' ' ; ';! 'j! : - -! . i. ;l . .4 1' I t

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