The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 21, 1950 · Page 20
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 20

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 21, 1950
Page 20
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6-Algono Upper D« Molne* Tuesday, March 21, 1950 ~~~ ' * . • . - i '' la "'*M«'«»I««««"«ia^^^ •• * -V. _ _ ^ _ * .'.. * ' • n — ~~-•••"•"•»' ••••™»«i^Msssr»I«l».W«K"I«IM "• -«T«I"*^VissB*IkWv,rormviv/tIIism•••••IsfAiMI § The Menken-Mighty Good at Parming-and Good at Baseball, Too! • ^HlssssssssU-'. ••••• ' _— ^ssssssssssssB ' jgsssssssssssik.A ^ ^ssskw ' '' "•'•'' "' *,;>:,. . jr>.e«j .wu at s § w I tl I ti. 5 B ART and RAYMOND ("Jim") MENKE farm together, handling 570 acres north of Bancroft. They team up good to- geiher, as do all ihe Menke brothers and brothers-in-law, for when the harvest is on all twelve of these farmers work together to get the crops in quick and efficiently. BOBBY MENKE is the only bachelor in ihe bunch. He runs his own custom corn sheller, for all the brothers and for other farmers. Bobby plays baseball with the Bancroft Veterans of Foreign Wars team. S i u i Above is RAYMOND MENKE, who is generally know by the name of "Jim". He farms wilh Arl. The Iwo are sold on ihe Oliver fraclor, and just purchas- e » ?u n t w ", 88 " last year. All together, all the Menke brothers, with their three brothers-in-law, farm over 4,000 acres in the vicinity of Bancroft. JOHN MENKE is another one of the nine Menke brothers. He farms with the father on 480 acres straight north of Bancroft. John plays baseball with the Bancroft Lions, and turns in a good game on the diamond just as he turns in a good farming operation. ALFRED MENKE is another good farm operator, who also plays a good game of baseball—or did. Alfred played last year with ihe Bancroft Lions, but hasn't made up his mind yet about this season. Alfred is a good "Oliver" farm machinery enthusiast, having owned three Oliver tractors—and he likes 'em. farms 240 acres. He Above is pictured J. C. MENKE.. father of ihe nine Menke brothers and their three sisters, who are all married io good farmers. Mr. Menke has lived on the place fanned by John and himself for 33 years. He is hale and hearty, and doesn't seem a bit the worse for wear, after raising a family of nine mighty good farmer sons. i u. i M FARMER'S BARGAIN COLUMN -o Slock No. 731, IHC Mtd. 2-row planter for H or M $165.00 Stock No. 779, Vulcan Stalk Cutter 65.00 Stock No. 121, Oliver 2-row hand lift cult 125.00 Stock No. 147, Oliver rub. tired horse mower 55.00 Stock No. 154, M.H. 7-ft. pickup attm., like new 65.00 Stock No. 163, 2-16 IHC plow, new raydex bottoms 160.00 Stock No. 174, J.D. 3-14 plow 95.00 Stock No. 184, J.D. No. 25 2-row mfd picker 250.00 Stock No. 205, IHC 2-14 plow 45.00 Stock No. 215, Hamilton 8-ft. fert. spdr on steel 65.00 Stock No. 242, A C 2-14 plow 75.00 Stock No. 244, MM 8-ft. combine w/motor and pickup 600.00 Stock No. 251, IKC 10-20 tractor, runs good 85.00 Slock No. 272-A, IHC Cult for F12 so.OO Stock No. 288, JD baler with motor 200.00 Stock No. 300, Moore's Stalk Cutter 195.00 Stock No. 317, J.D. 2-14 plow 60.00 Stock No. 326, Papec ensilage cutter 35' pipe, excel. 185.00 Slock No. 332, J.D. 10' tractor disc like new 8500 Stock No. 335, IHC 22B picker for F30 or F20 275.00 Stock No. 336, Minn, hay loader 3500 Slock No. 368, J.D. 999 planter w/lrucks 35.00 Slock No. 378, Oliver No. 109 adj 2-14 plow 95.00 Stock No. 424, AC 1942 model "40" combine, PU and Straw Spdr. 375.00 Stock No. 383, J.D. spdr on steel 50.00 Stock No. 389, M.H. 1949 2-row cult fits 30 & 44 150.00 Stock No. 390, Graham-Hoeme 8' plow on rubber 250.00 Stock No. 393, No. 20 vulcan landroller, new 300.00 Stock No. 394, Huber 7' combine, motor, PU, & SK 650.00 Stock No. 403, J.D. 8' binder, swather 60.00 Stock No. 411, Cross Cyl. corn sheller A-l cond 75.00 itock No. 415, Farmers Friend 50' Elev Cpt. 365.00 ifock No. 422, AC 2-14 plow 55.00 lock No. 425, IHC 2-14 plow slats, new mldbds 100.00 toek No. 427, J.D. A tractor & Cult 895.00 lock No. 429, Woods Bros. 1949 1-row picker __ 750.00 itock No. 430, J. D. 1946 Field Forage Harvester 775.00 tock No. 432, Oliver Std. RC tractor on rub w/cult 325.00 tock No. 433, Oliver 2-row cult & power lift 100.00 toek No. 434, Oliver 70 1940, starter, lights & lift__ 875.00 tock No. 435, AC K crawler tractor with Baker dozer incl pumps 875.00 Stock No. 437, J.D. 1939 25 2- row picker 375.00 Stock No. 438, Litchfield Spdr _- 27.50 Stock No. 444, G-l 9' Spring tooth w/bar 5500 Slock No. 447, M.H. 1946 101 Sr. w/wts & Cult.__ 1585.00 Stock No. 451, J.D. 2-16 plow on rubber 115.00 Stock No. 452, Case 2-16 plow, 2 yrs. old 165.00 Stock No. 453, J.D. "A" 1940 w/cult & houser 1150.00 Stock No. 457, AC 2-row Cult for WC with PL 65.00 Slock No. 458, Cornbelt 1-row picker ept 135.00 Slock No. 459, New Idea No. 8 Spdr on steel 10000 Stock No. 461, IHC 3-14 plow on steel '___ 125.00 Stock No. 462, Indiana 32x54 threshing machine cpt with drive belt 750.00 Slock No. 463, AC Model E 25 - 40 tractor on rubber 175.00 THf Bancroft Lions baseball team; The MENKE Brothers Can Tell You Good Things- and Bad Things, Too « About FARM MACHINERY.. They Tell You Good Things About 'OLIVER' Oliver "Raydex" Plow 5fftiS^^5±riS!trt»ir Lighter Draft 10% to 20% in Tractor Fuel Savings JOHN MENKE says: "The rfay- dex share is the biggest thing for good plowing. It turns ihe ground over blacker, scours better, and pulls easier lhan the average plow. It stays in the ground better, and has full suction all along its length. I have never had a Better Scouring BeHer Soil Conditioning sprung beam with my two Ray- dex plows. They are the deluxe type." Alfred Menke has a brand-new Raydex plow, which he likes. Richard Menke also gets his plowing done wilh a Raydex. fayjgx SUCCESSOR to the PLOW SHARE i- Buy New "Raydex" Plow Shares For One-Half the Cost of Repairing Ordinary Plow Shares! When an Oliver Raydex plowshare gets dull you can throw U away—like an old reuor blade. A brand-new .heat-treated, perfeci- .u* 1 " 9 R avde * ««are costs less than a blacksmith charges for re- sharpening a conventional type plowshare. Yet. it will last as long, and often longer, lhan a regular share. For your conven- »»»• Haydex shares come to handy cartons of six. ESPECIALLY OLIVER TRACTORS I 1 For 1950, Oliver again offers three outstanding new tractors: The Oliver "66"-a row crop tractor that is a snappy 2- plow unit for the small farm, and an excellent "second" tractor for large acreages. It is low in upkeep cost, steps up farm work, and hustles along chore boy tasks The Oliver "77"-dellvers a smooth, steady flow of power, and is right there for all-around farm and crop tasks t comes in a choice of two smooth 6 cylinder engines Ifs a row crop model. The Oliver "88"-is a husky tractor that can handle a wide variety of jobs. It has six forward speeds and two in reverse, a feature that is exclusive. Halso has double clutch, so that power takeoff can be used to run combine, corn picker, forage harvester and other machinery without auxiliary power. , «,. w » Purchased a new Oliver "88 f ' last year. It is just about all we could ask for in a tractor. There is lots of power and she steers ni'ghiy; easy during plow- ir >9- .T 1 }* biggest features, we think, are ihe constant- running power takeoff, run- ning separately from main clutch, and the gear set-up. We can us* it to power the combine, corn picker, and other implements. As for Ihe gear set-up, there are MX gears forward and two in reverse. That feature alone is a mighty valuable one io have in a tractor. is economical on taking about 2'/i an hour in heavy Our "88" fuel, too, gallons going. ALFRED MENKE says: "I have owned three Oliver* •ince 1939. I've got a new Ohvwr "77" now and ifs everything they say it is." FARMERS! New Shipment "FIRESTONE" Tractor Tires! The famous CHAMPION CURVED BAR TRACTOR TIRE in either COMPLETE STOC^TRACTO^ OILS AND GREASES FOR SPR, NG WORK Not.fy Us of Your Needs Now • • ff s IT tofcq ''«*** 'is C ?* 'A New Customer' Soon Becomes *A» Old Friend' at ^

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