The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 21, 1950 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 21, 1950
Page 11
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Daughter And Father Banquet, LuVerne, Held The Fathers and Daughters banquet was served in the church rooms of the Methodist church Thursday evening Match 16, by the Women's Society of Christian Service. Service was set for 125 guests Tables were lovely with yellow ana green decorations, including nut cups and shamrock designs Botiquets of yellow jonquils grdced the tables. _ At the prepared program, William Prior was master of cere- mofiies. Marsha Prior gave the toast to Fathers with answer by Albert A. Schipull. Music numbers were enjoyed including selections by John Tiss on xylophone and the brass quartet, Dwight Sorensen. Joan Hin'z, Joan Phillips, and Russell Phillips. Patty rfansen sang "Wel- cortle, Sweet Sprine»irrje," accom- padied by Joan Phillips. Mr. and Mrs. Robert McGowan of Renwick were guests, and they showed slides taken while on a trip in the eastern part of the United States, which was much enjoyed. The dining room hostesses were Mrs. Lloyd Larson, Mrs. Ray Stofte, and Mrs. William Prior. The high school boys serving as waiters were John Tiss, Russell Phillips. Jerry Smith, Dwight Sorensen, Dwight Voss, Howard Krause, Jerry Weber, Vernon Davidson, Junior Giddings, Jerry Hardcopf, Jack Jergersen, Teddy Detmering, Marion Larson, and Jerry Zweifel. Netir Postoffice Hours Effective Friday, March 17, new hoUrs went into effect in the LuVerne postoffice. The office will now open at 8 a. m. and close at 5:30 p. m. The windows will be closed during the noon hour, from 12 to 1. Million Band Elicit The Mission Band of the Evangelical United Brethren church, under the direction of Esther Merkle, held an election of officers at the church Sunday afternoon. New officers are: president, Wesley Loewenstein; secretary, Rollin Loewenstein, and treasurer, Jean Johnson. "Juii For Fun" The Just for Fun club met at the farm home of Mrs. John Stampka Tuesday afternoon, Mar. 14, assisted by Mrs. Joseph Norcross and Mrs. Guy Giddings. Three tables of "500" were in play, with low, Mrs. Ralph Boge, and high, Mrs. Harold Meyer. Good Will Club * The Good Will club were guests at the farm home of Miss Emma Krause, Thursday afternoon, March 10. Mrs. Clarence Krausc was assistant hostess. There were 13 members present. After a regular business meeting, the entertainment consisted of contests and quizzes, with prize awards, conducted by Mrs. Alvin Weber and Mrs. Andrew Nielsen. The next meeting will be w\th Mrs. Harry Christiunsen, Thursday, April 20, assisted by Mrs. Helena Stripling. Missionary Speaks Special services were held in the Evangelical United Brethren church, Friday evening, Marc-h 17, in which Dr. Harold J. Elliott, a medical missionary from Africa, who is home on furlough, presented slides and gave an address covering his work. Dr. and Mts. Elliott nave served for the past several years in the mission field of the Evangelical United Brethren church in Nigeria, Africa. A new hospital has been built in this area and it is the task of Dr. Elliott to carry on the work in Builds Bird houses, Gives Them To Polio Patients Whenever W. A< White lakes hme off froirt his duties in Jhe local grocery store, he can generally be found *ith hammer, saw and nails — building bird houses. He Is Pictured here with two houses jusl completed, awaiting delivery into the hands of two new young bird house owners. "W. A." gets a big kick out of building the houses—and a bigger kick out of giving them away, for ihe most part, he gives his bird houses 10 young polio patients, the names of whom he discovers as he reads newspapers from far and wide. When he comes across a youngster suffering from polio, off goes a bird house, no matter whether the young paiieni is in Iowa City, Chicago, or Allan- la, Ga. Thai the bird house gifts meet wilh a warm reception from Ihe young recipients is proved by the fact that Mr. While has a pile of letters that ring with thanks -—all from youngsters, most of them polio patients. W. A.'s bird houses are not Just ordinary bird houses, either. He specialties in houses for wrens only, saying that wrens need houses more than larger and hardier: birds, and more protection. He has studied the habits of the wren species, and has adapted his designs to their habits. W. A. claims that a W.A. WHITE * * * jrreh on flying up to his or her bird house home, never immediately enters, but alights on something nearby to size up ihe situation. If all is not wall, Mr. or Mrs. Wren does not enter. Mr. While's unusual hobby is financed by himself — and by the boxes and crates he sets aside in the grocery «fore. He says a peach crate just about provides all the lumber needed for one wren house. this center. A male quartet of Westmar college, LeMars, spent Sunday at the services, singing several special numbers. They also conducted the Sunday evening service. Members of this group are students, Who are young men, preparing for the Christian ministry. They do deputation work on weekends in many churches in Iowa, South Dakota, and Minnesota. ( Howard Marty, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Marty, LuVerne, member of the LuVerne church, was with the quartet visiting in LuVerne. Howard is a junior at Westmar college. Hear Organ Program The Tuesday club were guests at the home of Hulda Fritzmeyer March 14. Roll call was answered by 12 members and five guests, Mrs. Elsie Steussy, Mrs. Arthur Maas, Mrs. Bruce Loewenstein, Mrs. Fred Baumgartner, and Mrs. Harold H. Phillips, present. Tvlrs. Paul Blumer, presiding, presented plans for the Kossuth county federation meeting to be held Tuesday. April 11. Mrs. Fred Merkle gave an interesting discussion on legislation, also presented a skit entitled "A Bill Becomes a Law," with Ihe assistance of several club members. A program of organ muslf w»< presented by Mrs. Harold H. Phillips on the new Hammonfi spinet organ in the Fritzemeier Home. She also accompanied Jean nt\'( Joan, twin daughters of Mr. and Mrs. George Johnson, who <8n« "When Irish Eyes are Smiling." A St. Patrick motif lunch was served by the hostess. Mrs. Sione Hostess Mis. Ray Stone entertained the Progressive Women's club at her home, Monday evening, Mar. 13. Twenty-one members answered the roll call with information about our National Health Foundation. There were four guests, Mrs. Irvin Chapman, Mrs. Dale Zontner, Mrs. Gilbert Rowen, and Mrs. Andrew Marty. ' r h» LuVerne Progressive club will be in charge of the program lur trie Kossutn county meeting to be held Tuesday, April 11. Miss Genora Roland and Mrs. Bert Ramus gave interesting ac- counts on "Public Health" and "Social Work and the Joneses." A piano duet, "Tea for Two," by Vincent Youmans was rendered by Mrs. Ray Stone and Mrs. Harold H. Phillips. Club Talks Travel Mrs. Irvin Friday entertained the Friendly Neighbors club at her country home Tuesday afternoon, March 14. Guests were Mrs. Henry Kubly of LuVeYne and Mrs. Elwood Rummens of Livermore. Travel was the subject of discussion. Mrs. Rummens showed slides of points of interest on a trip to the west coast, made by the Rummens and Friday families, some months ago. Refreshments were served by the hostess. • The next meeting will be with Mrs. Elmer Kubly, Tuesday, April 11. Methodist Circles The three circles of the Women's Society of Christian Service of the Methodist church will meet Wednesday, March 22, as follows: Circle 1 with Mrs. Ray Stone, assisting, Mrs. T. L. Williams. Devotions, Mrs. C. O. McClellan; lesson, Mrs. John Voss, Jr. Circle 2 with /Mrs. Gerald Brace, assisting. ' Mrs. Allen Thompson. Devotions, Mrs. Ralph Davidson; roll call, favorite hymn; lesson, Mrs. Phil C. Lichty. Circle 3 with Mrs. Jesse Jer- gcnsen, assisting, Mrs. Theodore Johnson. Devotions, Mrs. Charles Nygaard; lesson, Mrs. Albert Genrich. STEP INTO THE Easter Parade A parade of beauty in fashionable styling to put real spring into your step. A wonderful array of slings, pumps, and straps in every new wardrobe shude. Sizes 4 to 10; AAA to B. That New "Spring Look" For Only $6.95 and $7.95 Mr. artfl IHrs. Hfttfdfdl BtBddard Visited ThUfsday in Ottese;h. They also attended a combination sale there that day. Elmer Merkle of St. Paul. Minn., spent Wednesday and Thursday in LuVerne Visiting his father, George Merkle, and sis- lef, Esther Merkle, and other Brothers arid sisters living here. Mrs. Wanda Wilson and son, Craig of Hufnboldt spent several days the past week visiting ier mother, Mrs. Mary Stoddard. Mrs. L. S. Pearsen returned home Thursday from Mercy hospital in Ft. Dodge. She entered ;he hospital Monday for medical observation. Mrs. Katherine Burtis of Des Moines came for a visit at the Pearsen home- Mrs. Earl JaHsSetl and daughter, Valeria Jean, left Friday evening for Pittsburgh, Pa., to visit her parents, Mr. and .Mrs. B. F. Morrill. She also attended the wedding of her sister, Frances Morrill, and Ralph Green of Dayton, Ohio. The other small children of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Janssen went to the parental Mr. and Mrs. Williarn Janssen home, Emmetsburg, during their mother's absence. Al Miller, son Milo Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Miller, all of LuVerne, and Mrs. George Tiede of l Fairmont, Minn., went to Cedar Falls, Wednesday, and attended the funeral of Charles Miller. Mr. Miller, who was 83 years of age, was cousin of Ai Miller and the late William Miller, father of Lawrence and Mrs. Tiede. Mr. and Mrs. W. Raymond Logler of LuVerne accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Terry Mitchell of Renwick to Kansas City, Saturday. They took Mrs. Roger Olson and son, Terry, daughter and grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell, home after she had visited here. Mrs. Legler Will remain for a longer visit, .while Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Legler returned home Tuesday. The Leglers' small son, Denny Ray, was cared for by the paternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Legler. Diana, small daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Neville, Ames, spent the past week at the home of her maternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Dimler. Dale Brayton, Earl and Richard Gronbach, Dean Ramus. Jerome Stripling, and Charles Loerwald drove to Ames, Thursday evening, and attended the Corwith-Holy Family, Mason City basketball game, with Corwith being defeated. Howard Marty and his friend, Imogene Wells, both students at Westmar college, LeMars, spent the weekend at the parental Mr. and Mi's. Henry Marty home. "RI5 THE WANT ADS 100 YEARS Almost ns old as the State of Iowa, John Haupert of Keota observed his 100th birthday there last month. A widower, Mr. Haupert is still in fair health. NOTICE 6P HEflEWAL OF CORPORATE PERIOD To Whom It Ma* Concern: Notice Is hereby given that Druggists' Mutual Insurance Company of Iowa. .1 corporation duly organized and existing under and by virtue of the laws of the State of Iowa and whose corporate period expired on the 16th day of October. 1949. at tha regular annual meeting of the policyholders of said corporation held on the 10th day of January. 1H50 at the home office of the Company In Aigona, Iowa, renewed and extended Its corporate period to exist perpetually under provision of Section 491.25 of the 1946 Code of Iowa and adopted and filed as by law provided a Certificate of such renewal, and filed and recorded renewal, amended and substituted Articles of Incorporation, which provldj: Tiie nnmc of the corporation is "Druggists' Mutual Insurance Company of Iowa". Its principal place of business Is In Alfiona. Iowa. The object and business of the corporation is to. as a mutual Insurance company, funlsh Insurance as provided in Chapter 51S of the 1948 Code of Iowa and Acts amendatory thereto, and the company assumes all the powers, rights and privileges that are now or may be hereafter conferred on similar companies, may sue and be sued and have a corporate seal. , All persons whose property shall be Insured by th6 company shall be members thereof during the period such Insurance is In force. The afTairs of the company shall be managed by a Board of Directors consisting of not less than five (5) nor more than nine (U) members who shall hold ofTice for n period of three" (3) years. Vacancies In the Board of Dl- rcclors shall be filled by the Board. The officers of the Company shall consist of president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer elected by the. Board of Directors who shall hold office for a period of five (51 yedfs and such other officers as the Board may deem necessary. The annual meeting of the members shall be held on the second Tuesday of January of each year. Until the next annual meeting to be held on the second Tuesday in January, 1951. the following persons shall constitute the Board of Directors: Robert W. Harvey—Missouri Valley, Iowa M. P. Haggard—Aigona, Iowa A. E. Thomas—DCS Molnes, Iowa N. F. Reed—Des Molnes, Iowa H. L. Gilmore—Aigona. Iowa Eugene Murtagh—Aigona. Iowa A. H. Borcflardt—Aigona. Iowa and the following persons shall be Ihe officers: President, Robert W. Harvey. Missouri Valley. Iowa Vice-President, M. P. Haggard. Al- goha, Iowa Vice-President. A. H. Borchardt, Ai- gona, Iowa Secretary-Treasurer, Eugene Murtagh, Aigona, Iowa Special meetings of the company may be callefl by the president as provided In its articles. At all meetings each member Shall bft entitled to one vote to be cast in person or by proxy, providing pfoXy is on file \vfth the Secretary at leSst fifteen (151 days before the date of the Meeting. At all meet- Ings five (5) members, exclusive of proxies, shall constitute a quorum. The private property of the members of the company shflll be exempt from all corporate debts arid liabilities except that each member assumes a maximum liability which shall Iri rid event ejJc'eed an additional sum equal to the arnount tit the advanced premiums on his policy. The highest arnount of Indebtedness to which the edmpanj* shall subject Itself (oilier , tHah liabilities under Its policy) snail be an amount equal to I Tuesday, March 21, 1$50 Afgorta Upper DM Moinei-S Ing the year. Tlie mpfhtoerS sliall have the power to make, amend and change Its bylaws and they authorize the Board of Directors to do so and such by-laws shall be in fall fofce ana effeef fttrtn and after approval by the Insurance Commissioner and shall bff a part of the coflfrad of rrtemtJcrShlfr of ««erj member, ana each rrtPrfibcr and all policies shall be subject to and governed by such by-laws. The Articles of Incorporation may be amended at any regular meeting of (he company or any special meeting called for (hat purpose by (wo- IhTfds vote of the membfcfs preSeht, provided fl copy of fhe, arnendmerit has teen orl file with Hit Setretaty at feast thirty (*0) diivs before thC date of the meeting ahrf fl cdp.v mailed to each member at his last known address at least t\v«nty (20) days before the date of the meeting. . Doled this ftth dav of March. A. ti., 1650. INSOftANCE COMPANY fJF IOWA one-half of |W> premium receipts dtir- By A. H. Borchardt, Vice- President. Eugene Murtagh. Secretary. 10-13 NOTICE! OF PROBATE or WILL State of Iowa, Kossuth County, ss. IN DISTRICT COURT No. 6032' March Term. 1350 To All Whom. It May^Concern: fftti Are tfefeft* Mtfttfefl, thai art w« wft*fji. a* -itf <j«jfe tKfwv<* '« m the fast Wfil.aria B. EfJcKsofl. trfceSsefl. „ La-fs 8*ptefh- . . . tfer 28, 1946, havmi Weft th» day .filed, opened sna teafl, Monday the 3rd day of April. 1950. t» fi*ea (at h£«rini proof of, sarrtft at the Cotfrl Hoti* in Aigona, Iowa, before the Ofslrlct Court Of said Coimty. or (he Clerk of, srtld Colift; and at ten o'etOcR A. M., of the day jibcrve mehtiotred all person* Interested are hereby notified and re- imlrfffl to appear, and sliow cause, If flhy they have, why s«d frttitrurrtent should ncrt be probated a«d allowed ns rind for (he last Will and Tcsfamciit of said deceased. Dated at Algona 4 . Irtwa 1 . March il, I!HO. ALMA PEARSON. , 11 Clerk of District Court. HEADS THE Easter Parade . 'Leading the field ift pre- sentinR the smartest, most beautiful shoes, Carolynn shoes hit a new high in fashion news. Pumps, slings, sandals, and ties m midway or walking heels. Every shoe wardrobe shades. Sizes 4 to 10; A A to C. and only 4.99 & 5.95 , . . d bright ferfcitiif f« p«ff and pretty f<rthlfln» WOMEN'S SUITS They're wonderful! They're fay- on fabrics finished to look like wool! They easily shed wrinkles! They're expensively detailed with hand-piped button holes. And richly hued to inake a lovelier you. 'Sizes 10 to 18; 9 to 15. 16.95 WOMEN'S SPRING COATS Try on one of these classic styles. They're easy to wear over suits and are detailed to look far more expensive than their low price. Gored and yoke backs . . . tweeds, coverts, gabardines, manipulated shark-skins, all satin lined. IQ OR Sizes 10 to 18; 9 to 15.. deep-toned Silhouettes $2.99 to $4.99 Classic new style* cast for Spring in the dress-up tone of NAVY! There'* no doubt that each soft straw or lite-weight felt with its fastidious brim of spring buds and feathers will win its way to your heart. SHORTY COATS Verve's the word for those clashing shorties. They'll add the finishinu touches to your wardrobe. Broadcloths, covcrls, lleei-eK, and suedes in darinu reds, rich navys, brilliant kellvs, Midas gold, and warm dacias. Sizes 10 to 1(1; 9 to is. - DEPARTMENT STORE Girl's SPRING COATS Flesh as her new Easier bonnet. Sparkling coverts, flannels and Shetlands youthfully tailored and radiant in their new Spring shades. Sines 7 to 14. All wool Shetlands, sizes 3 to 6 5.95 $ 10 95 Girl's Rayon DRESSES Just like her \>\f> sister's. Rayon taffetas, and Juanas, {jrullily trimmed with full skirts and nuiny with flounce bottoms. In little yirl shades. Sizes 3 to b'X I. Infant's COAT SETS All Wo6l Fabrics $5.95 As Clever as the Easter Ijliimy! All wool coat si-t.i with bonneta to Hutch fur jjirl.s . . . caps !'</!• boys. Embiuulcry trim.; in nirl.i models; tweeds and solid colors !ui boys. Si/,es 1 tu 3.

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