Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 22, 1896 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 22, 1896
Page 4
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uray s CORNER. On new fall goods. While many uiev- Jfchants are stuck on unseasonable goods •nd are using every means possible to pot 'them onto their customers,- John • Gray comes to the close of the .season to grand shape and is able to take ad- of tlie very low Eastern uiark- for cash and gives his customers tirnn new freah goodrf away below old -wrrfed over stock, P. S.-Come and see the difference. DAILY JOURNAL. ",>T»blUhed every day In the w»»k (except Mondny) by the Loimnnport Jour- by n»l Company. W. GRAVES B. BOYER President ..Vlc. Pre.ld.nt Secretary Treasurer per Annum, per Month.. .40 omolal Paper of City the SATURDAY.'AUGUST K. , REPUBLICAN TICKET. For Governor, /OUNT of MontBomory Co. —<^^^r coun ; y Public Instruction, • - Count. , County. n Count, Fifth District. r Z. WILEY, o£ Bcnton Count}. *" * Electors at Large. H. G. THAYER, CH_AS F. BORING CLASSES.^''THE FIRST. AND MQST DEFENSELESS VICTIMS OF UNSTABLE MONET AND A FLUCTUATING CUREENCY.- Democratlc platform, 1S02. It is a very easy thing to promise anything as a tvsult of any stated policy. Judgo Pykeman Is.going to monoy iilfiit million'' men employment, in mining silver. Tlio absurdity of this statement Is .?«**' free coinage for years one man could have mined all the silver W«$ was coined In th.e United States. 'i.>ho -ovornment reports for ISflO show that', the output of silver in 1800 was !?00,- :W(;,i)S8. That tlio total gold and silver 'mllies in the country was 0,004 and the men employed in'them was 57,307, So It only takes 07,307 men to mine all the ..-old and silver in the country, men than llnd But assuming thnt two mil- put at. work in silver less employment In any largo city. And it takes less than that to mini- airtlic- silver of course. These Jobs are all tukcn l>.v the miners themselves. lion men wore mines, they would produce, at the same production as In 1800. which was $1.132 per man, silver to the value of $34,4«-»,000.000 annually, provided the silver could bo found, which of course It could not. The alisurdlty-of putting two million moil, ouc-flfth of. the able men, at work mining silver, is also apparent. The mon employed in silver mines would bo about the same as employed now, anil they' would got the same wages. The mine owners would' pocket the increased value. According to Coin, a very poor authority, the entire product of silver by all nations since the world began does not equal Judgo Dykeman's figures. It is such a.bsurd statements as those made by Judge Dykeman that mislead people. He knows better but uses any statement to carry his point regardless of the injury he may do. PERSONAL. is* Edith Skinner is .visiting at EllxabcUi Cones is here from; Peru. Mrs. Wabash. . ! Mrs. C. J. Kern of Valparaiso Is vis-; I ting in the city. . ; F. II. AYippermau was in Madon-.yos-. •torday on business. i •'' j£i-s. J. W. Ballnrd is still at the bed-? side of her father .In Delphi.^ l ";\ jj C. W. Overly, will go to Coliurfbjis;? ,-Ohio today for a few day's visit. Miss Rose MeTaggai* is sister, Mrs. McGourty at;-IIuuthig%.l Mrs. August Witthoft nnd-son. Sum,! of Indianapolis, are visiting in the city.: Mrs. C..A. Price and family arel-ylH'!),- ing with Mrs. Harding of Hast Broadway. Mrs. Eda. Bebue who has been visiting In Wabash some time, has returned home. •;•" -.;•".:'.'..'•-.•Ji'.'i Clias. E. Harley warden oC. the prison north at Michigan City was'iri-tlie fe'iry yesterday. Wabash Tribune: Frank Grieg of^Logansport is the guest of relatives l| that city today. ' - ; ":•. .,; V Miss Carrie" McNltt lms iT1 returned from Wabash after a visit with Miss Hale of that. city. HllllpplIIpPM^ f|!St-'i41''^ ' - Highe* of all in Leavening Power,—Latest U. S. Gov't Report y Baking .Powder AB&OLUTELY PURE iemenC which proved so, successful inuchito the gratification of thc.-youdR peddle. A press representative made a diligent search for particulars today, but failed to find more than that contained in the above.. No license was issued ro them ill this city. IN ENErilES'COUNTRY. Republican Speakers Talk to Burkhart's Neighbors. There- WHS. a good, rousing Republican meeting last night at Palmer school house in Washington township. The-school .building was filled with people, and the sound money talk of Hon. W. T .Wilson was heard with deep attention. There were also short addresses by Al Brycr and George Gamble of the city. The meeting: was if stfccess-In every way. and tlie good itttondance -was somewhat of a gratification to the sound money speakers. B LONG- "wEi.L. ''"„-, . KLE3 E. HALE. KSSSSSfll^ra KEES- for Treaaurer-BENJAttUJi LI ^%-I. A. -A. ?. -~p~ 0 -^ NET , : BARR. ADAMS, Surveyo .War D.str.ct-ABKA- . HAM SHIPELER. COMPARE THEM. "The Republican party I* unreseryed- for sound money. It caused the en- of the law providing for the of specie payments In 18W; gtace then every dollar has been us good Judge Dykeman In his intemperate harangue Thursday evening stated that the per capita in ISO," was $54, and that now, according to Carlisle, it is ¥21.10. Carlisle is good authority. The Pharos Is running a statement from him find If he was good authority in one Instance he is in the other. As Secretary of the Treasury July 1st he issued Treasury Circular 123 which any one can get by writing for it. In that he gives the following figures: Circulation Clrcalntion population Per Capita ?505,304,03S 33,305,000 ?17.S4 000,041,478 34,040,000 19.0? 714,702,095 34,748,000 ' ; 20.5f; 073,488,244 35,409,000 1S.90: SCO .$1,500,031,020 71,390,000 21.10 The per capita in 1805 was $20.57, tud that in inflated greenbacks. Talc- ug the money at Its gold value, as at >resent, the circulation In 1SC5 would be much less than $20.57. There is,' really a much greater per capita now, ind the proposition to ruin our finrfri- clal system to cure the hard timW is as sensible as cutting oft a leg to cure baldness. Y«nr S04 S05 800 "We are unalterably opposed to every ffe calculated to debase our cur- or impair the credit of our counter We are therefore opposed to the tKt coinage of silver except by tater- Htlonal agreement with the leading gommerciai nations of the world, which we pledge ourselves to promote, and un «1 then such gold standard must be pre- -All our silver and paper currency be maintained at 0old, and we favor all parity with measures de.•toned to maintain Inviolably the obit i«tlai» of the United State* and all our money, whether coin or pnper, at the {•meat standard, the standard of the .,;»ort enlightened nations of the earth, • —Republican platform. "We demand the free and unlimited .«toage of botfc gold and silver'at the , .pnwent legal ratio of 16 to 1, wlthou' wafting for the aid or consent of w Other nation. We demand' that tha . Btandard silver dollar shall be 1 ful legal tender, equally with' gold, for all ..j, public and private, and we fav _~jrach legislation aa will prevent the Demonetization of any kind of legal ten fer money by private contract.—Demo iratlc platform. We demand free and unlimited coin tge of silver and gold at tbe present le .fat ratio of 10 to l.-Popnllst platform 1892. We hold to the use of both gold and •liver as the standard money, ot tho country, and to tte coinage of both gol< •nd silver, without discriminating •gainst either metal or charge-tor mlnt- .«ce, but the dollar null of coinage of .both mttals must, be of, eaual Intrlnsl •nd .exchangeable value -or be adjusted terougb-.lnternatloflal agreement.or bj •ach. safeguard* of legislation as * hwnre tlie, maintenance ot the parltj ; of the, two metato. and the equal powe - of evejy dollar at all-ttmee In the mark •r«te and In payment of debt, and we demand that all paper, currency aba.ll be -kept at par with and redeemable 1 •nch coin. WE MUST INSIST UPON THIS POLICY AS ESPECIALL NECESSARY 'FOR THE PROTEO TION OF THE FARMERS AND LA Mrs. D. E. McDonald ami .daughter Hazel were at Delphi this week for, a visit with relatives. • • ..-: .-. HunUngtoh Herald: Mrs. A, D. Sut-; ton went to Logansport this afternoon on a few days' visit. . ••--;. George Asiro was at Peru Wednesday night and addressed a meeting of. the sound money Democrats. ,.- ; ..< . Mrs. W. H. Gresham has returned from Galveston after a visit, with her. parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Thomas, Miss Tva Barker has returned home from Peru, and Miss Ida McDairy ,of, that city Is now her guest for a few, days. ' • :• .'••..••' Tllden -Sample and sister, Miss. May, : left yesterday afternoon for-Pittsbjirg; and' Washington, Pa., for a .visit, ; with friends and relatives, .-: . John Kramer is taking n two weeks', vacation. He will spend one week, at his mother's home and- include St- Joseph and Chicago an his trip. -.- ., '. ''; Miss Mary .Bozin of east North , street; and little niece, Miss Dothy-JEdw.nr.ds,, went, to, Dee Molnes, Iowa, yesterday for a two-weeks' visit with the former's sister. . . ..:''.•' Kcntland Democrat: Mr. and Mrs., IV F. Sparrow and Miss Margaret Halplii, who had been the gtiests at Hotel Randall for several days returned to their homes in 'Logansport Monday. Mrs. E. GofC of Wabasli was in the, city yesterday for a short visit, having accompanied her .daughter, .Mrs-.Sarff and children to this city on their way to their homo at Brownsville, Minn..-i Ft. Wayne Sentinel: Chris. C. Wellec operator at the Western Union telegraph office, resigned his position, to:. /day to engage in other business, He;ln, succeeded by Mr. E. M. Cilly of ,;Bor gansport. . :-'. •.<-'' ••'•' ' Ben Fisher left yesterday for ,the East' ••-. DEATH OF MARTIN LUX. ''The death of Martin Lux. father of John H. Lux, occurred yesterday evening. The announcement of the funeral -will be made later. Tlie deceased Jwns 72 years old. Yesterday morning hie' was taken with convulsions, and hlngerod many hours, finally expiring '•after-a struggle that all knew could jlM-ve- but one ending. The son, John !;H. Lux of this city, and two daughters, i'Mi-s. ,T. W. "Worley ™d Mrs - w - c of Anderson, survive him. • ADDITIONAL LOCAL. If all that ..is -necessary to make money is the government stamp what s the matter with the/free coinage ot silver at the ratlo/oLl to 1 or the free coinage of iron at i.to 1? Why couldn't a shingle nail njalfe a good dollar if 53 cents worth of Oliver will make one? The principle is 'the same and it Is a waste of opportunities to use silver when there is so much more iron. When a railroad *an pay Its employes in broken rails and-cast-off frogs why use silver, which, a' few millionaire nine owners control? Any'small boy can get a section «f cast-off stove pipe while silver Is worth 53 cents. If we are going into the ; plenty money business why not "gif'a plenty while we're a-glttin"? '"•' where his' family have been: ing the summer.. On their; return September 1st, he will move into.-thei House on North street recently.- pur-: chased by him of Mrs. T. H. Slmpsom ,.•: Mrs. I. Sprague and daugliter,;Miss Daisy of Cumberland Gap, Teann.; are the guests of Mrs. C. -L. Sheplierd'.<nnd' daughter ; of the . Soutbside'. Miss'. gprague is a graduate ot. tlic- New. York- Harrow School of the Gap and wWKbe In attendance at. Michaerg'-unlvorsityi' :' Plenty- Michigan ' peaches.—Rothcr- Iniel, |; New' fall wrappers and skirts.—Trade 'Palace.' ; 'Maso'u quart ;|avs. ">c jCaffrey & Co. f Tin' frnit cans; we have iileury of them,—McCaffrey & Co. : ; See our 19 and -ISc. waists. They ni.ust.be closed out.—Trade Palace. !' .Ge.orge Funk addressed the people of'Keutland last night on sound (noney. ij Three cases of diphtheria are report- ^d'^ln the family of Smith Cnllowny, Of .Royal Center. i Call in and.see the Hawes, the fctest fin Jliead wear for fall and winter.—De- wehtcr, tlie hatter. ,: Much rest and enjoyment can be derived from a day spent at St. Joseph. Fare for the round trip $2.00. Train leaves every Sunday at 7 a. in. : ; James T. Sharpc, of Royal Center, has moved to Linn, 111., to take charge of a stock of merchandise for .which he traded his farm in this county. '! The W. C. T. U. medal contest gave ,an entertainment at the Presbyterian C'hurch in Bethlehem township, Thursday night and the judges awarded the medal to Miss Ethel B. Enyart. "A new and destructive bug has put in its apeara,nce in great numbers on .fjiuns.,.ln the southern part of Clai-ke .e'ountjv It confines its operatious to the cabbage .plant, which it Is destroying .by the thousands. JEred Hamilton, the young man who lis being cared for at Forrest,-0., where hie had a leg amputated as a result of :nln accident, sends word that he is get- •tlng'weir rapidly, and that lie hopes to :tiG.n.ble'to come home in a few weeks. iThc-funeral-of the late Katie Mc- n, .was held yesterday forenoon at .9 o'clock, -from St. Vincent de Paul ;church,-and the services-were conduct- ;ejl by the '. Rev, Father McCormlck. will intervene. The moon will bo n little more than three hours in the deep shadow, so there will be plenty of yp- portuuily to see the phenomenon, Myers nut meg melons.—Rothcrmel. .to'hn G. Peiirosc of Metea, is preparing to make a trip to Missouri in search of a location. Tonight at the Metea Baptist church, will occur the commencement of the Bethlehem township schools. The Rev. Mr. Ileliin has been retained as pastor of the Christian church at Twelve Mile for another year. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Peters have returned from llirir wcilcling tour and gone to housekeeping on North Sixth street. The town council of Walton have employed C. C. Bishop of this city to draft nn ordinance collecting a town •license from the saloons. A son of Mr. and Mrs. L. K. Day of Royal Center fell from an apple tree recently and hud an arm severely fractured. Dr. Kistler set the limb. Notice the days on top of Harry Frank's ad..- they are growing shorter, but his sales arc increasing. Come in today, pick what you want and carry it off at half price. • Tbe funeral of the infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schlciger was held yesterday afternoon :it 2:30 o'clock from the residence. Services were conducted by the Rev. Mr. Patrick. Dr. Bnsjahn removed a. piece of wire rom the foot of .Tohu Pothoff, son ot lenry Pothoff of the Easteud. The hild stepped on the wire about a lontb ago and it penetrated the foot n d broke off. The remains of Mrs. William Kenall, who died August 15 at Gas City, nd which were burled at Royal Cener last Monday, were disinterred, Wednesday afternoon and the remains f her three-weeks-old baby were laid o rest beside her. The Rev. W. S. racy conducted the services. The exhibition of the X-ray dlscov- ry, which was witnessed by a large number of people Wednesday and Wednesday evening at the High school juilding, while the Institute was in ses- ion, will be here again today and this evening. There were many who did lot have the opportunity of seeing the wonderful discovery and they will be given a chance to test it today. Angello Nicolctta, an Italian laborer employed at the Casparls stone quar- ies, dropped dead Thursday evening ibout 9:30 o'clock. He was about thir- y years of nge and had but recently ionic here from Cincinnati. Coroner Downey conducted an inquest yesterday and found that death was due to leart disease. Tbe funeral will bo ibid this forenoon from the residence. INTERNATIONAL YACHT RACES, Pleasure Craft Sailing on the Great Lakes. Arrangements have practically been completed for the international race beginning at Toledo uext Monday, and unless all signs fail,, that city will have the largest crowd within her gates that she 1 has seen for many days. Extraordinary interest in this event has been taken by the railroads of this country and Canada, aud a very low rate has been made from every point to Toledo. The Toledo International Yacht race associat ion has chartered the splendid excursion steamers Pleasure and Promise, and tickets for them are now on sale. These boats have been limited considerably below the number required -by law, so that those who use the association boats arc positively guaranteed against overcrowding. Owing to the limited number of tickets it would be wise for those going to Toledo to secure them now. Tickets on the Pleasure will cost. ?1 for each day and on the Promise $1.50 per day. They may be secured from W. H. Portor. secretary, 920 and 921 Spitzcr Bid., Toledo. Ohio. IT IS NOT AT ALL PROBABLE THAT THE NEXT nOTJSB\WIT,L HAVE A MAJORITY FAVORABLE TO THE FREE COINAGE OB\ SILj' VER AT A .RATIO OF 10 TO, A. WHEN IT BECOMES A DEMOp STRATED FACT THAT THERE/IS NO DANGER OF THIS COUNTRY ADOPTING .THE SILVER STAND- EXPORTATION .. OF. INDIANA -a •• . HORSES:' .Lafayette Call: Messrs. .1. ;6r'oici» & r "_Spn shipped yesterday in' two...^^"!^, "palace cars the finest lot of ma-tcied: teams, single drivers -and business horses that ever leff Lafaj^ette, .T-he'. animals arc for export trade ai^d, are. to supply a. demand built up by. ^lils. flrm in Europe. They, were shipped^ via Wabash, the Nickle . ARD IN CONDUCTING THE NESS OF THE COUNTRY, PROSPERITY WILL COME AGAIN AND, WITH LOWER TAXES ON' THE NECESSARIES OF LIFE, EVERY KIND OF BUSINESS WILL BOOM AGAIN.-PhaTOS..editorial, March 32, 1800. ' ' : I:.:, ' " " /f •No-nation ever 1 attempted bimetallism except at the .market value. The act of '73 when no silver was.in circulation and the ratld was 1C .to 1 injured no one. The free.coiha.ge now with silver at 32 to 1 would be a real cri^ne. • •' Lackawanna lines to New; York 1 ,' atjd, will arrive there, on Friday; mornlug', Next Saturday they will be ioa(i^d.,ou, the steamer "St. Cuthbert,;.'V.pf.-,the' "Phoenix line" and sail for Afltijrcrjfy-. Belgium, where they are 1 expected. to [ arrive about September C or 7. 'At^New York they will be insured against .loss by. death on tlie water. Messrs. Crouch, & Son have spared no trouble, to. get together this splendid lot of Jiorses, tliey were gathered up from al| parts of Indiana, which State now 'produces as high a typo of horses as are. raised anywhere. .-. ..,-,.- . . .;• was a large attendance of the .'fclends of .the deceased, r jThe.home of-Mrs. S. A. Home, north of the city, was damaged to the extent of -SJ50 Thursday, the blaze catching •.lii Ojc pallor-from a defective flue. Through the hard work of the family tlie'house and contents were saved .fijom total destruction. " 1JA street car, No. 1, left the track at tie., west .end of. the Market street bridge yesterday, and started for the of Carter's ; barber shop. The cai in its wild run a few inches and was Tlie free silver fallacy has been fully exposed,' No Intelligent man now believes in it. ;6nly .fie demagogues who would teach anything for personal gain ndvocate,it. There are but few who honestly talk it, and they are misinformed and-are'easily answered,- . ; ;> "'-• — Y ' A businessman of Logansport has a new conun^nim. What is the diflfer- ence between Bryan and a bicycle? None, they both have wheels. ; 5, '• MYSTERIOUS ELOPEMENT. /.. Peru Journal: A very... mysterious; elbpement occurred In ,th'e, vicinity., .of,-. th'is city last night. The names of, jthe parties connected with the affair, seem. to be veiled in darkness even , blacker, '.than that of any night. ' '••' About 8 o'clock last eyen'lng .ft, roan, who would not give his name,- hired; Charles Wilson's ' sample ...^w.ag hitched his own team to it and: then.' drove away. He • returned .t lug shortly after 0 o'clock,, but mould' not tell much 'ab6ut_what .h'e l hat(..been doing during the night: Howey.er,. he., said that he had. taken.. an,, eloping couple with their trunks to, ' Wabash.; He Bald the fellow's name ,1s Curtlss; that he was objected to by.,bis..8.weet- heart's parents, and thnt rather ,.fl>ft be robbed of his darling be. planned.the, stjoppod fiiom-.the door of the shop, i\|ltiii.difficulty replaced on Kie rails, niany, hours. being consumed In the Wprk. ."-.-. .' The.Eel ; rlver,dlvlsion of tbe Wabasl .'riillroad.,wlll self round trip tickets to ;th[e,Farmer's picnic on the old Indian battle ground one mile east;of Adams b6ro- on, Thursday, August 27, at 2C T ceiats. Trains leave Westeide depot : si*ic'iai, at .8:30, regular at 10:45 a. r rejturning leave grounds at 4:30 p. All trains stop at picnic grounds. "' The. Galveston Republican meeting mis-reported by the Pharos, was a groat.success. The audience room was. crowded! Among those present be'rn; tlie Democratic nominee for Represcn tative.from Miami county, who with drpw' after the Chicago convention Aiid .by the way, his successor-has joined the sound money club .arid i wll not vpte for any free silver Senator, i .elacted. >' , - ; "" ^•A-partlal eclipse of the moon occuri ,on; August 22. .With a night favorable .as! far as clouds are concerned, the eclipse will be nn Interesting one.. It .Ui<l only one of.the four scllpscs of the yeijr thatjs visible to this part of NortI .America. Almost three-quarters o !"the disk wll be obscured, and from the .time of entering the outer shadow, o penumbra, as it is called, to the time o •leaping, flve and three-guartetthhour TIIE BOOM BU'STED. Marion Chronicle: The Montpelier boom has petered out completely and the town which gave promise only a year ago of being one "of the "future greats" of Indiana, is head over heels in debt and there is not a dollar in the treasury. The town trustees have ordered the discontinuance of all public improvements, and two or three loan associations which, while the fever wa» on, advanced large sums to borrowers to build houses, .ore now embarrassed. The debtors cannot pay and the associations will have to take the property for more than it is worth. Town warrants issued by the cleric are being peddled around at seventy-Qve cents on the dollar, with no takers, and the financial crisis of the corporation Is rapidly becoming acute. POLITICAL NOTES. The Delphi Times, edited by R. M; Isherwood,, who four years ago was chairman of the Carroll county Democratic Central committee, emphatically refuses to support Cheadlc and demands another Democratic conven- ion.- The Crawfordsville Review also takes the same stand. President A. M, Hlgglns of the State Lincoln league has announced his county managers. George Gamble Is the organiser for Cass county. The Peru sound money Democrats will go to the National convention at Indianapolis on a special train, taking the famous Peru band. The Kokoinu delegation will attach a car at Ko- koruo. Hon. E. .T. Phelps, minister from the United States to Great Britain durlns the first administration of President Cleveland, will support McKinley and Hobart. In an Interview published, he is quoted as saying: "Of course, I am for McKinley and Hoburt, and no one else, during these critical times. if is my patriotic duty, ami should be the duty of all loynl aud patriotic citizens, to support the sound money candidates in this campaign. You may quote me as saying that in this-campaign I am first. last and .always in favor of-McKinley and Hobart, anJ shall do everything to further their election; I a'm utterly opposed to everything and anything that tend*'to repudiation and anarchy." . THE FLY PEST IN CLINTON- COUNTY. A .telegram from . Frankfort says: "The continued wet weather has developed a plague In Clinton county that is causing no end of trouble to farmers and owners of stock. Myriads of flies are swarming in the air and promise to do a vast amount.of'damage before frost comes. Horses and cattle are tortured almost beyond endurance and farmers say the animals cannot graze for fighting the pests. They swarm about milch cows in such numbers that dairymen experience great difficulty in milking them, and the milk, and bnt- ter supply is being cut short. The animals are also losing flesh fast The druggists are selling large quantities of fish oil, carbolic acid and oil of tar, which, when applied to the stock, affords them some relief. NOTICE. Having moved from Boston Studio, 010 Broadway ,nll parties holding tickets for pictures please call on me- on North street, opposite Court house. — ,T. R. Walters & Co. • THE GOTTSHALL PICNIC. The Gottshall sound money picnic, September 3d, will be held as announced but it will not be under the auspices of the Republican County Central Committee. The Journal ia stating that it was recalled spoke only as the County Central Committee had any control of it. ' Wabash Tribune: John Daily of Lo- gausport, was in the.city today and stated'that there were two things of which Wabash should be proud, her beer and her water. John's breath bore ample testimony to the fact that he was'-in a position to judge the former liquid, but his knowledge about the- water must have been fritted from- mere' hearsay. . Awarded HlgheM Konors--WoHd's Fair. •DR-* : 'THE RAILROAD MEN'S CI/CJB: The Railroad Men's Sound Money club is growing and now has over three hundred members. One of the lists yesterday showed the name of H. N. May, trainmaster, and M. L. Byers, engineer of'Maintenance of Way, showing that all classes of employes were equally in earnest in protecting the nation from 'the danger that threatens it. John Phillips is charged by Phlneas Bailey with assault and battery and an affidavit has been filed against him. CREAM RAKING MOST PERFECT MADE 10 Years the Kl-,:'

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