The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 27, 1954 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 27, 1954
Page 9
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THURSDAY, MAY 27, 1954 BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FAQ1 MINI Things Are Different 4 Handlers Keeping Champ Hot By JIMMY BRESLIN NEA Staff Correspondent GREENWOOD LAKE, N. Y. — (NEA) — When Paddy DeMarco was just an ordinary lightweight fighter, he stayed in a single room at Long Pond Inn's training camp. But Paddy is the champion of the world now and his headquarters are in a two-story frame house a couple of miles down the road from, the gymna- ,sium where he is I preparing for his {title defense lagainst Jimmy fCarter, from | whom he lifted f the crown in an I astounding upset, Ion June 2 at San I Francisco. (The fight has been postponed). » DeMarco has sbeen training at Paddy DeMmreo Greenwood Lake — for over eight years, but the daily grind he puts himself through never ha* meant more than it does now. "Paddy DeMarco is the champion and he's going to stay that way," he says. This, fight people tell you, always makes a difference in a fighter. They »eem to do everything a bit better when they become champions. In Paddy's case, he lives better. And outside the gymnasium there is a big sign telling passersby that the lightweight champion of the world is training inside. There were no signs up before DeMarco, a. 7-1 underdog, whipped Carter In March. « * • He leems to fight better. You could see that in his workouts. He was moving from side to side and firing punches at an incoming sparring partner. He moved on a pah- of well-conditioned legs that were glistening with sweat. The left hand which had done so much to upset Carter was flashing back and forth, harrying the sparmate—Richie Crump. Doing everything a step faster than Crump, DeMarco would use the ring, then close quickly, shaks his hand« free and whip them to the body, windmill fashion. Later, on a wooden bench behind the champion's house, he let you know in definite terms that he had the mental attitude of a titleholder. "Carter? What's he gonna do to Paddy DeMarco? I wish I could fight him tomorrow so we'd have it over with," he snorted. "I'm in better shape than I was last time." * • * When yo« have been to a few training camps, they all take on & sameness. The days start the same and the workouts all look alike. The trainers and managers seem to spend most of their time just looking, sour-faced, as the fighter goes through his grind. The DeMarco camp is dierent. His handlers and everybody around him take full advantage of his hot Italian temper, keep the fighter on edge constantly. "That's the way you used to train the old-time fighters. Keep them mad at the world," Nick Florio, the quiet trainer, pointed out. Then he went over to watch a car game Koins on in the living room. "You lost that last hand. You owe me six bits," one of them said to "Paddy. * * • "What? I won the thing. I won it." Paddy snapped. "Over six bits you quibble! I ain't playin' wife a bum like you," Jimmy Knapp, a friend, said and got up from the table. The others threw in their cards. DeMarco angrily pushed the cards onto the floor. "That's some taste you got, that shirt of yours," another said to the fighter. "You look like a guy'that rides the rods." DeMarco clutched the flashy black and yellow printed sports shirt he had on. "What's the matter with it?" he demanded. "It's better than anything you got. Who are you to call me a bum?" "Shut up, ya bum, yuh." Knapp yelled. "Can't you see we're tryin' to get the ball game on television?" * * * DeMarco, his face a tomato red. got up from the table, grabbed a white golf cap from the table and stormed out of the room. "I'm goin' for a walk," he said. When he left, there were no smiles in the group. "He's gettin' there quick, Nick," Boxing's Ratings Undergo Changes NEW YORK (AP) — As a result of their recent setbacks in the ring and on the television screens, middleweight Joey Giardello and featherweight Percy Bassett, both of Philadelphia, today were absent from the positions as No. 1 challengers in the monthly Ring Magazine ratings of boxers. Giardello, beaten . by France's Pierre Langloise, was dropped to third place among the challengers in the middleweight division, where the ratings were completely reshuffled. Castellan! Moves Up Eocky Castellani of Cleveland, who will meet champion Bobo Olson in a title bout at San Francisco in August, became the No. 1 man and busy Holly Mims of Washington advanced to No. 2 from the sixth spot. Tiberio Mitri of Italy, who recently won the European middleweight title with a sensational 28 seconds knockout of former world champion Randy Turpin of England, is rated fourth. Turpin yielded fifth place to Bobby Dawson and was dropped to ninth. Langlols Advances Langlois, on the strength of his victory over Giardello, returned to sixth place after being dropped from the ratings last month. Ralph (Tiger) Jones was the one dropped this time, going from third place clear out of the picture after losses to Jacques Royer and Pedro Gon* zales. Bassett's defeat by lightweight Orlando Zulueta cost him the No. 1 spot in the featherweight division. He now is rated second behind Baby Ortiz of Mexico. Other Changes Some of the other significant changes in the ratings were: Billy Graham was dropped from third to sixth among the welterweights because of continued inactivity. Former featherweight champion Willie Pep was dropped from the ratings in that division. The bantamweight championship was listed as vacant, since Australia's Jimmy Carruthers an- New Cage Tutor For Little Rock LITTLE ROCK (#)—Lawrence E. Mobley, who played at Little Rock High School in 1944, has been named basketball coach of the Tigers. "The appointment was announced yesterday by Supt. Virgil Blossom. The 28-year-old Mobley, who coached basketball at Conway High School 1950-53, succeeds George Haynie, who resigned. Mobley has been serving in a business position at Hendrix College in Conway for the past year. He was graduated from Hendrix and received a master's degree at the University of Arkansas in 1951. nounced his retirement after a successful defense against .Chamrern Songkitrat of Thailand. • Leo Espiriosa of the Philippines moved from fourth to third among the flyweight challengers on the strength of his fine showing in a title bout with champion Yoshio Shirai of Japan. Five Americans In British Event Frank Stranahan Leads U.S. Delegation Into Fifth Round of Play By TOM OCHILTREE MtnRFTELD, Scotland (fh- Bill Campbell and Frank Stranahan, two United States favorites, along with three other Americans were up to the fifth round of the British Amateur Golf Championship today. The three other surviving Americans of the original 40 were 40- year-old M. Sgt. Harold Ridgley of Havertown, 'Pa.; Dick Davies, 23-year-old sailor from Annandale, Calif.; and Maj. W. D. Henderson of San Francisco. The field also included seven Englishmen, eight Scots, two South Africans, four Canadians and five Australians. Ireland had only one player in the running but he it the big one— defending champion Joe Carr, the Dublin 'clothing merchant. Campbell, from Huntiugton, W. Va., is paired today against R. F. Stevens of Australia. Stranahan, of Toledo, Ohio, takes on Alan Thirlwell, English amateur champion. one of them said to the trainer. "Yeah, he'll feel like flghtin', all right," Florio answered. Guard Falls In Southern 3 MEMPHIS (m — Only Sgt. Earl Mitchell of Arkansas' golfing contingent still was going today in the Southern Amateur golf tournament here. The Camp Chaffee soldier swept aside two opponents yesterday, defeating Bill Norvell of Chattanooga 3 and 2 in the first round match, and stopping Elliott Moore, Orangeburg, S. C., 1 up in the second round yesterday afternoon. Mitchell tangled with Cotton Rockholt of Memphis today. Two other Afkansans were eliminated in the first, round. Johnny Buzick of Monette was stopped 4 and 3 by Vernon Bell of Memphis. Charlie Rosen of New Orleans beat Dr. James Guard of Blytheville, 1 up. Everybody's callingforit! AMERICA'S TOP SELLING STRAIGHT WHISKY MONSTER MARLIN — Ross D. Siragusa displays the 12-foot, 8-inch, 593-pounder he landed on a 24-thread line off Cat Cay, Bahamas. Fishing from the Suzi III, the manufacturing magnate boated the giant in one Hour, 11 minutes. It is the prize (winner in the Metropolitan Miami Tournament (NEA) Baseball Standings By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS NATIONAL LEAGUE \V L Pet GB Milwaukee 22 14 .611 — New York 21 16 .568 14 Brooklyn 20 16 .556 2 St. Louis 21 18 .538 24 Philadelphia 18 17 .514 34 Cincinnati 19 19 .500 4 Chicago 16 20 .444 6 Pittsburgh 12 29 .293 124 Today's Games Philadelphia at Brooklyn Chicago at St. Louis Only Games schedulad Wednesday's Results New York 2, Pittsburgh 1 Philadelphia 8. Brooklyn 6 Chicago 15. St. Louis 5 Milwaukee 7. Cincinnati 6 AMERICAN LEAGUE W L Pet. GB Cleveland 24 12 .667 — Chicago 24 13 .649 4 New York 22 14 .611 2 Detroit 18 13 .581 34 Washington .... 13 20 .394 94 Baltimore 12 21 .364 104 Boston 10 19 .345104 Philadelphia .... 12 23 .343 114 Today's Games Baltimore at Detroit New York at Washington Only games scheduled Wednesday's Results Chicago 5, Cleveland 4 Detroit 6, Baltimore 3 Washington 2, New York 1 Philadelphia 6, Boston 5 (10 innings) SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION W L 15 17 20 22 20 25 24 23 Pet. .643 .614 .524 ,488 .459 .432 .415 .410 GB 1 5 6' 2 7Vi 9 9" 2 9 l-b Atlanta 27 Birmingham — 27 Chattanooga 22 New Orleans ... 21 Nashville 17 Mobile 19 Memphis 17 Little Rock 16 Wednesday's Result* Atlanta 5. Chattanooga 3 Nashville 16, Birmingham 3 Little Rock at Mobile, postponed, rain. Memphis at New Orleans, postponed, rain. Today's Game* Chattanooga at Atlanta Nashville at Birmingham Little Rock at Mobile (2) Memphis at New Orleans Charles Must Keep MINOR LEAGUE BASEBALL American Aasoclation Louisville 2, Charleston 0 St. Paul 10. Indianapolis 2 Columbus 11, Toledo 6 Knnsa* City at Minneapolis, postponed. Texas League Fort Worth 8, Oklahoma City 7 Q3 innings> San Antonio 6. Beaumont 2 Dallas 4. Tulsa 0 Shreveport 5. Houston 4 Western League Lincoln 2-9. Wichita 1-6 Sioux City 14, Pueblo 6 Denver 3. Des Moines 2 Colorado Springs 16, Omaho 14 COTTON STATES LEAGUE W L Pet. GB El Dorado 15 10 .600 — Greenville 14 10 .583 Mt Hot Springs .... 14 10 .583 *A Meridian 12 14 .462 3>i Pine Bluff 9 14 .391 5 Monroe 10 16 .385 5£ Wednesday's Results Greenville 7, Monroe 5 By LESTER BROMBERG NEA Special Correspondent NEW YORK — (NEA) — Last time Jack Hurleys' strident voice was heard around here he was telling Harry (Kid) Matthews he'd fought like an amateur being knocked cold by Rocky Marciano in two rounds. Hurley, an old-school scold who once had Billy Petrolic, whom he didn't need to scold, sounded off again on a brief stopover in these parts. He ixnd his fighter pinned to London. Matthews has a June 1 return with Dan Cockell. his upset- ter last August in Seattle. "I can't agree thrit Marciano has learned anything," Mr. Ulcers said. "I came cast last year to see him with La Staraa and. When he missed a punch, he fell on his face." What about Rocky finishing Rollie in the llth round? "La Staraa was outboxing him by a mile until he got tired. "He was down too fine. If he had the strength to go 15, he would have beat him sure." • • * Hurley got around to Ezzard Charles' and his match with Marciano at Yankee Stadium, June 17. "There's another fellow with some ability. He could make Marciano Hot Springs 2, Meridian 1 Pine Bluff at El Dorado, postponed, rain. Today's Games Greenville at Monroe Pine Bluff at El Dorado Hot Springs at Meridian miss all night. He's got experience. He has the style." Was he picking Charles? "II he wouldn't let the guy bulldoze him. Keep Marciano from climbing on top of you and he's nothing." Could he bank on EJS doing that? "There are no dependable fighters any more. Bunch of tissue paper fighters they are." W|is Matthews included? "Let's talk about something else." What else? "I got a new heavyweight—Dick Schwender, 210. six-four, 22. a Seattle boy. He's had only one fight, knocked the guy out. I had him a year in the gym first. I think he could be something." * * * Was he still against TV? "I'm not telling other people what to do with their fighters. All I know is we did $100.000 with Cockell in Seattle without TV and. in London, witji no TV. we'll do $200.000. "The. morning of the Cockell fight I was having breakfast in the hotel coffee shop and the waitress said, •Mr. Hurley, will I see the fight on my set at home?' 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