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Atchison, Kansas
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SHOES a Nnlnt ra v. 10b 13 willing to settle on the same, ba is. Please inform me as Soori as" possible what yod are willing to dd the rilat-ter. Respectfully yours, I J. T.

Coplan. Mr. Burns moved that it be spread in full upon the records, and the clerk instructed to decline ahy terms for com 'OHD Ril rairai no.l,t. ORI NTK'N HALL BUILDING ATCHISON KAS. removal; toyb XXTill H-omovo Max.

lst.toS17 Comniovo'l 4 KPANGElA OOItF IHtO FAMILY AND PRODUCE DEALERS AND POLITE TREATMENT. FRESH STOCK FULL, Goods de.b"ered to WEIGHT No. 426 Oommoroiol Stroot. nny part ol tl city uuus i tin uurs. Eminent Chemists and Phyaioiana certify that theso gocds an free from adulteration, richer, more effective, procluco better result ha.n any others, and that thoy use thorn in their own families.

VftTirMTiiHiiiiiiiiiia. npcirn ii An agreeable, healthful Liquid Dentifiicc A substitute for Lemons. JAMAICA GINGER. From the mm-r x.i YEAST GEMS. Hop Toast in tho World.

Chicago. St Louis Cincinnati cm 1 1 ia xj STEEtE 4 PRICE'S i.UPUtlN Tho liett Dry STEELE PRICE. Manfrs. Unexcelled in Economy of Fuel. Unsurpassed in Construction.

Unparalleled in Durability. Unaispntel ii tie SSOAO CLillt of being ub VERY)BE8T2 OPERATING, AND MOST PEHFECT HIG STOVE EVER OFFERED FOR THE FR1CE. MADE ONLY BY -l. mamm Knr TOOTH EN E. LEMON SUGAR.

EXTRACT Tuesday Evening Feb. 4, 1879, Copies of The Patriot may Ka hS at the news stands of Charlie Un Alwara irown Jobn- a nmn nrt A. licim. tsnbscriDcrs and others who may wish copies after office hours will Dear mis in mina. Condensed Time Table.

DXTABTS. T. A S. F-, 11 :90 a. m.

11 :50 p. m. 5 :50 p. m. It.

I. l-. 5:30 p. 7:00 a. m.

A. N-, 12:50 p.m.; 7:00 a. m. C. B.

U. la P. m. a a. fit.

6:10 a. 5:30 D. in. K. Jo.

C.B-GoinRBorUi 12:40 d. m. Going Booth 12:) a. m. v- m.

Mo. 2:45 p. 7:00 p. a. ni-C, B.

A 5.10 p. m. T. A 8. T.l 5:00 p.

m. 6:10 a. 9:40 p. m. R.

1. 11 a- 9:43 p. m. A. A 8:30 p.

p. m. C. B. U.

2:20 p. m. ii jn in-in a 10:40 P. m. Kl St.

Jo. A C. B. From north 3:25 p. 1:20 a.

m. From south 1 a. m. p. m.

Mo. 12:50 p. 5:20 a. m. p.

m. B. A il, 10:35 a. m. DNort-C-f K.

I. A P. time la 20 minntea fast. WANTS, FOUND, KTC. artvortlapmenta nnder this head Five Cents a tva-u Ine each insertion.

FOB SALK Deeds, Mortgages, gaes, Deposition Blanks, mot office. Chattel Mort-at The Pat- dtf THOU SALK An organ-cntircly new and at JC greatly reduced fljeures. dtf. nvK SALE Old papers Patriot omce. in anv quantity at tf T)OAKD can be had, with reference, in a plea- XAnt location.

JEuquire ai ini owlc. TV11I U1T a deRirahle residence seven rooms, basement and cellar; good location. inquire at this office. TO PENSIONERS Under the new Pension Bill yon arc entitleU to back peBBfOT irom iue uaiu vi rirawinir Tmnoton nre euti- Uedto the benefits of the laV Jae ftrst in will niiii Amplications made by Mnitii Holomon, Attorneys, n-w lUI 11V1 111 CUA cisd fits, J27d4t THE IIOTE BOOK. Th Diitlv Record of News and Events in and About Atchison, Items 1b Brief.

chowder lunch at Footc Smith's to-morrow. TUnkiW Qtnck boots and shoes- U4uuupi)wv. I IHft Commercial Street. Remember the great bankrupt sale of boots and shoes commences Thurs- "av- Twenty car load of hogs.and three j. i.ini tlin west yesterday.

Great bargains in odd pairs of all stvles and Qualities of boots and shoes, A at 310 Commercial street. -More gold pieces given away to the lucky ones to-night, at Dohson enter prise, back of Hoxic s. The comical features of the great Grimaldi. with the Humpty-Dumpty party, decorate every window. Thore will be a meeting of the chess club to-nisrht.

ot Conkling Ste venson's photograph rooms. The members of the Atchison Sil ver Cornet band are requested to meet at the band rooms to-morrow night Every day disappointed men come to Atchison, trying to get rooms. in tvVi.nV. fliop pnn nnen siorno branch ot business. Wait for the sale of the big bank ruDt stock of boots and shoes, which tipvt.

Tliursdav at iUO Com- u.v mw-v mercial street. Boots and shoes to Ihj we had almost said given away sold at extreme ly low rates at 310 Commercial street, Monday. The Patriot acknowledges the re ceint of a complimentary card invita tion to the third informal hop of the Topeka National Guards -Tho Wallace Sisters appeared last night to an overflowing house. The Mulvihill brothers are making a most excellent for the sterling amusements they are bringing to Atchison. It bow understood that Senator Tiranrtaq mi hi icVr stated that John M.

Price" is to be the next" postmaster What has Postmaster Morris done that he must be cut down so early. Goods bought at 50 cents on the dollar and sold at 65 cents on the dollar on and after Thursday, at 310 tommer aal. street, by the great Bankrupt Bootl arid Shoe concern. Notwithstanding its enterprise other directions, Atchison has sadly ne- alee ted the "mysterious disappear oi a I I 1 612, 614. 616 618 N.


WELTE ATCHISON. KANSAS. Reply to the Charges Against Him I as a Policeman. An Interesting Document with City Council Last Night. We believe every citizen in Atchison appreciates the lact that a braver or a truer officer than Policeman John Flan- nery never wore a star, and the fact that charges had been filed against him, and that he had been suspended irom me force was received with general feelings I regret.

Last nignt tne ioiiowing re i i till IV 11 I ply to the charges preferred against him was filed with the council: To the Honorable Mayor and Council men of the Citi oj Atchison: In compliance with your request of the Cth ult requesting me to appear be fore yonr honorable body to answer to the charges against me of conduct un becoming a police olhccr of the city, I have to say that for the last twenty- one months I have been doing the daty of a policeman ol this city and drawing the pay of that office. During the whole of said time I have conducted myself as a man who appeciated the responsibilities which devolved upon him, and 1 challenge any person to point to single act of misfeasance or miscon duct upon my part while on duty as an officer during said time. It is troethat while off duty, on two different occa sions, it was my misfortune to become a little excited under the influence of liquor in an un-garded moment, and I solemnly declare that I haye not on any occa sion been so inebriated but what I was capable of taking care of myself if let alone. 1 understand that the charges against me have been brought and filed under section 2 of ordinance No. 70.

If I am rightly informed then I fail to see wherein in any way I have violated the letter or the spirit ot that ordinance. The ordinance relates to the acts of misconduct on the part of police officers while on duty, and in no way infringes upon the entire personal liberty of a Policeman while off duty. 1 would -say further that in the discharge ot mv du-1 tioo a rWmnn In iwa.v1 Hie- abilities which have incapacitated, me rom performing any hard manual labor, and the marks of which I will carry to my grave. I do not make this statement for the purpose of arousing anv sympathy at your hands. I have the assurance in my own conscience of having done my whole duty toward the city, and whatever disabilities I now suffer irom 1 shall carry with pride and satisfaction, since they were received while serving tho city ot Atchison at my post of duty.

While other officers, the names of whom I shall not mention in this statement, have repeatedly violated the section of the ordinance which I am charged with violating, as I am prepared to show if called upon, -yet they go charged with no violation of duties, while I am singled out to suffer that their misdeeds may be passed by and overlooked. As I have said before, I am not here to ask clemency at your hands, 1 desire to appear before you a proper light in order mat ims, the true ot mv services done lgr the city of Atchison may be recorded on your official records, and that my char acter as a man and an officer may not be foully stained, and that my standing and reputation may 'remain in the eyes of the community the same as it has heretofore, that of an honest man and faithful servant ot the city. Respect lull), John Fl.vnneut. A Ills Thine- Thursday there will be offered for sale at 310 Commercial street (Weber's old stand) an immense bankrupt' stock of boots and shoes. These goods have been bought so low that they can be sold at prices at which it was never dreamed such goods could be sold.

-The stock embraces all styles and qualities of boots and shoos, and rare bargains can bo obtained. The sale will commence next Thursday. As tho stock is simply 'to be sacrificed, all persons desiring bargains should avail themselves of the first opportunity to visit the establishment and inspect the goods. The mast assidioss parental attention will frequently fail to prevent valnable renmAv to have convenient yvhen needed. Hoard of Trade.

Messrs. Webb, George, Bradish.Rohr, Sherer, Brown, Martin, Cochrane, Burnes and Gushing, tho committe ap- pointed Oct. 29 last to report a plan of organization for a board of trade are requested to meet at the layv office of Wells Hendershott, chairman, this (Tuesday) evening, at 8 o'clock, to per fect report. IN MEMOIUAM. Resolutions of Respect and Condo lence on the Death of Rro.

F. A. Rerger. At a regular communication of Mon rovia lodge No. 48, A.

F. and A. held Feb. 1, 1879, the following pream ble and resolutions were unanimously adopted: Whereas, It has pleased the Great Architect of the Universe to remove from our midst our late Bro. F.

A. Ber-ger, and' Whereas, It is but just that fitting recognition of his many virtues should bo had, therefore be it Resolved, By Monrovia lodge No. 48, A. F. and A.

while we bow with humble submission to the will 'of the Most High, we do not the less mourn for our brother who has been taken from us. I i "i That in the death of F. A. Berger this lodge laments the loss of a brother who was ever ready to proffer the hand of aid and voice of sympathy to the needy and destitute of the fraternity, ana active member, of this society, whose utmost endeavors were extended fori t3 welfare and prosperity. A friend and companion who was dear to us all, and a citizen whose upright and noble life was a standard of emulation to his fellows.

Resolredt That our thanks are due to the brethren of Washington lodge No. 5, and Active lodge No. 150. for their tendenf of the B. U.

P. IL IL. for fur nishing, without expense, a special car I to carry the body ot our late brother, and his brethren and friends, from Atchison to Monrovia. Resolved, That the heartfelt sympathy of this lodge be extended to his family in their afflictions. Resolved.

That these resolutions be spread upon the records of the lodge, and a copy thereof be- transmitted to the family of our deceased brother, and to the Champion and Patriot -lor publications By order of A. r. Acuknbach, Jxo. Ltojt, F. M.

Clovce. rn nnA Mr iWrlrm tl m- nf meekness by listening to a crying baby. Stop its fretfalness by curing the colic Wf rtVA if 4-A-n Ii-krr An rm 4- a aaIi with Dr. IJuil Baby Syrup. KNOCKING AT OUR DOORS.

Water Works Wanting Introduction to Atehison. Our Era of Prosperity Attracting Attention from Foreign Enterprises. We have hardly recovered from the suddeness of our recent attack of pros perity, to find ourselves riding into foremost prominence as the greatest grain market of the west, with four new leviathan elevatb-so do the busi see ourselves possessors of the greatest pork packing industry in the west, and the terminus of more extend-1 incr than anvcitv the world. I when we find propositions submitted to I our city which enables Atchison to take a seat among the modern cities of the country. Several propositions are be- fore our city council by which different parties want to build extensive water One from Mr.

Watts, of our city gas workS offers to organize a company I uu 111 the works the city would guarantee per annum for fire privileges, and about $5,000 for extra purposes. W. P. Hanchett, of Chicago, yvrites to the mayor and city council: Gentlemen: I am informed that your city has been visited by a disas trous fire, such as all citie3 are liable to. I am also informed that your city is without hre protection save the ordina ry fire engines, depending upon cis- terns.for the supply case of fire.

Now yvould your honorable body oiler any inducements for me to come there and construct works? I will make the fol lowing informal proposition: That the exclusive right be given me to hold and maintain water works for a period of years, to be agreed upon between your honorable body and myself: that the city lease a number of hydrants at a stipulated price, to Ik agreed upon between your honorable Udy and myself. 1 agree to furnish the city and its inhabitants with an ample and con stant supply of water for domestic and public purposes; also to furnish, free, all public and municipal buildings. If your honorable body is willing to enter tain a proposition embodying the fore going and think it. advisable, 1 will visit your city at any time you may suggest. lours very respectlully, W.

P. Hanchett. Address to W. P. Hanchett, South Bendjnd.

A new wholesale liquor houe will open out in the city in a short time. Mr. Hart, of Pes Moines, Iowa, has been looking around the city in com pany with Mayor Rohr, and has con cluded to locate here and has already rented rooms for his family. For the present he will occupy the large room on the first floor of the Otis house, but will, we understand, occupy the new building of Mr. Henry Brandner.

Mayor Rohr has received several favorable answers to his letters! for a wholesale dry gods house. He is thor oughly satisfied that two or three such houses will locate here be lore many mouths. L. B. an extensive oil manu facturer, of New York city, contem plates here at an early day and starting an oil store.

He will bring with him his hve sons, who are associated with him in his business. Personal. James McFadden, a well known stock man, yvas at the stock yards to day. Max Alwens, the stirring repre sentative of Bartlett Merrill, went west to-day. Louis Schauppner, of the Illinois Type Founding Co, gave TnE Patriot a pleasant call to-day.

J. H. Crosby, a well known stock dealer from Valley Falls, was register ed at the stock exchange to-day. P. Cf Staley, of Waterville, one of our mast prominent stock men, was at the East Atchison stock exchange today.

Al Maxwell, the traveling gcntle- man of the Council Bluffs road, was shaking hands with his Atchison friends to-day. Lyman McCarty, the good natured and attractive gentleman who represents the Kansas City, St Louis Northern Railway, was in town to-day. Hon. Luther Challiss returned yesterday from New York, and will hereafter make his home in Atchison. Our city needs few enterprising, go- ahead gentlemen like Mr.

Challiss, just now, and we welcome him back with more than ordinary cordiality. I Dr. G. Lovatti at the Lindell hotel, is havinsr a erreat rush to see him. His diagnosis is wonderful his time is limited.

If you wish to know what your diseases are without jsaying a word to the doctor sail at once, as Wednesday is his last day this visit Room Ho. 27. Consultation and examination free. jue, at R. S.

Commprcial street 11-20-dti I Official Report of the Proceedings of the City Council. Couxcn. Chambek, i Atchison, Kas, Feb. 3, 1879. REGULAR SESSION.

Mayor Rohr in the chair. Present Barker, Burnes, Park, Thompson and Wetzel 5. Absent Blair, Hetherington and Shipley 3. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. PETITIONS AND REMONSTRANCES.

Of Edward Walters, et Praying that a two-plank sidewalk be built on Gillespie street from Park to streets. On motion of Mr. Burnes the prayer of the petitioner was granted and the committee on improvements were instructed to advertise for bids. From C. J.

Goodrich: Asking that he be allowed to repre sent the Hamburg, Bremen German, of Freeport, Illinois, insuiance companies, in this city, without paying license therefor. Referred to committee on licenses. Of Messrs. Barker Lambert: Asking a special license privilege un til March 1, to enable them to auction their present stock of goods and close their business. On motion of Mr.

Park the prayer ol the petitioners was granted and the city attorney instructed to prepare an ordinance in accordance therewith. REPORTS OF STANDING COMMITTEES. Of committee on -irtovements: Recommending that if an alley is opened between Commercial and Main streets and Gth and 7th streets, that strip bo condemned for that purpose, in preference to the more expensive at tempt to open the alley as at present shown on the map. On motion it was referred to the city attorney. Ot committee on accounts: i That they had exanined the following claims, found them correct and recom mended payment: II.

Clay Park Co 20 35 11. Clav Park Co 31 62 a Kuciuc Co 105 00 L. lliffbr 24 Atchison Gas Co 50 Atchison Ua Co 6 05 Plonctr H. L. Co 103 00 Cluw.

lligley 64 20 5 80 73 80 80 20 J. P. Pomeroy 4 li. A. Heim 2 40 Thos.

Murphy 24 00 W. II. McNeil 24 03 U. C. Hlxon Co 21 45 J.

W. Rurkbart 32 50 M.1I. Loc 14 35 M. II. Lec 25 Blish, Hir.e A Sillinimi 17 15 W.

J. Ketaler 5000 yV. J. Kehler 7 50 Ed. Murphy 22 Kd.

Murphy 3 50 J. BisLop 50 J. Clark 2 75 T. Conror 1 .1. ,22 50 J.

3 So P. Ku-ly On motion of Mr. Shipley the report was received and adopted and the amounts ordered inserted in the1 appropriation ordinance. REPORTS OF OFFICERS. Of city clerk for January Showing, receipts general revenue, disbursements general revenue, $140; receipts general improvement, $300 Of city treasurer for December and January: Showing balance cash on hand, alt accounts, of $10,495.24.

Of police judge for January: Showing, cash paid to treasurer of $21.00. Of wood inspector for January Shoyving cash paid to treasurer of S11.5G. All referred to the committee on accounts Of city attorney: That a bill had' been prepared? for passage by the legislature to authorize the transfer of certain interest balan ces to the general re yen no fund. Of same: Recommending that tho amount of $130,50 for rent of basement of Colored Baptist church be paid to Jesse C.Crall upon his giving an opproved indemni fying bond to the city. On motion of Mr.

Barker the report was received and its recommendations adopted. Of same: That he had settled the suit of P. Clark against the city, Mayor Rohr and Marshal lienning, by consenting to a judgment for $36.25, including costs, which he recommended that the city cause to bo paid at once. On motion of Mr. Burnes the amounts were ordered inserted in the appropria tion ordinance.

The maycr reported that he had been elected a director of the Chicago Atchison bridge company, to represent the stock of the company held by the city. Councilman Shipley came in and took hi3seat, NOTICES. AXD CQSfMUXICATIOXS. From John 4 In answer and explanation of the charges which had been preferred against him. On motion of Mr, Park the clerk was instructed to furnish Mr.

Plannery a certified copy of the charges preferred against him, and to notify Mr. Flan-nery to appear at the council chamber next Monday evening, to answer thereto, either personally or by attorney. Of J. T. Coplan, as follows: Atchisox, Feb.

3, 1879. Hon. C. Robr, Mayor; 1 Dear Sir: friend authorizes me to make you the following prop-fcition: He holds $2,100 of the city's 10 pei-cent funding bonds, which, with the accrued interest and 7 cent interest on matured coupons, no. amounts to $2,056.50.

-1, He will accept $130 of the new funding 7 per cent bonds, the interest to commence January 1, 1879, in fall payment of the old bonds and accrued interest i Another party holding $1,000 of the promise other than in accordance with the ordiuance therefor. Carried. INTRODUCTION OF 'An ordinance relating to appropria tions." Read the first time, when on motion the rules were suspended and the ordinance placed on its second reading. Mr. Burnes moved that section 2 be amended by inserting $19.50 in favor of Nesbitand Wright.

Carried. Mr. Wetzel moved that section 2 be further amended by inserting $6 in favor of James Footit. Carried. The ordinance was then passed by the following vote: Ayes Barker, Burner, Park, Shiply, Thompson and Wetzel 6.

AllCnnt '1 1 1 .1,1,1 Till rtf Barker Lambert to sell' their present stock ot merchandise at auction by taking out a special license." Read the first time, when on motion the rules were suspended, tho ordi nance place upon its second reading and passed by the following vote: Ayes Burnes, Park, son and Wetzel 5. Absent Blair and Hetherington -2 Excused Barker 1. I The con-ulerafion of all ordinances' on second reading was on motion post poned until the next meeting. PRESENTATION OF CLAIMS. The following claims were presented and referred to the committee on ac counts: C.

N. Rejrnier, journal for city C. Treffz, bread lor hospital patient a Atchison UaB lighting streets, Dec ottices J. Trichctt, ragf to clean engine Challiss, Bros. fc kincHin? for J.

V. Crall, hanliug engine to yV. II. McNeil, coal for engine Tim Conroy, labor on strei-ta D. Hunt, ringing fire alarms Atchison Gas lighting streets, oflices D.

Patton, clerk's oilice expenses J. Footit, sidewalk approach and till. Nesbit Wright, building stairway or, ivansas avenue 19 ro Park Jfc Stiver, 17 MOTIONS AND RESOLUTIONS. By Mr. Wetzel: Resolved, That the committee on im provements be instructed to at once ad vertize for bids for the repairing Commercial street culvert at Seventh street, and that said committee shal have the authority to let the yvork to the loyvest bidder, provided the bid within the estimate of the city engi neer on hie.

Carried. By same; Resolveti, I hat. the committee On I uu provements be to advertise for bids for the furnishing of fe ot oak lumber lor tho me ol uie cit- in constructing crosswalk-! and verts; lumber to le subieile t( selection and inspect ion by the city en gineer. Harried. By same: Resolved, That the city engineer i hereby instructed to examine all and bridge? within the city limits, especially the culvert, Commercial on Fourth make report, of the condition thereof at he next council meeting, with estimate cost ot repairs necessai Carried.

By Mr. Park: Resolved, That the senators and rep resentatives in the legislature from Atchison county are hereby reiuvsled to vote against, and do everything in their power to prevent the repeal ot the proviso to take away tha sright to the cities of the classto grant dramsbou licenses, as in tne governor 2 i "Resolved, Thaia the above resolution bo 'Inrabhed bv the city clerk to each senator and nleinber of the legislature from Atchison county Carried by the following voter Ayes Burnes, Park, Shipleyfliomp son and (5). Nays -Barker (1). '1 1 I Absent Blair and Hetherington (2 By Mr. Thompson- Resolved, That the culvert at the corner of Laramie and Eleveuth.litiieeU le enlarged sufSeiently; to caral rff the water.

Carried By Mr. Shipley; Resolved, That the street com mis sioner be instructed to repair the (crosswalks as far as possible to do so during the contmuanoM of the one weat liter. i Carried. On motion of Mr. Park' the council adjourned for one week.

Thos. J. White, rii0'Crtv Clerk. THE CARDIFF GIANT. The Scientific Wonder Still on Ex hibition.

The very startling curiosity which the wonderful Cardiff Giant has crea te, has induced Prof. Coborn to re main a few days longer, and he now an nounces its appearanco nntil Saturday, that every i)fia)i and may have the privilege of looking upon this great scjentafid yiemomenon. Its im mensity and novel appearance can only be conceived bv personal inspection. A stupendous figure, perfect in fprravith ajl the attributes which scientific men claim for the race of giants, a counte nance of intellfictaal appearance, tho enormous limbs and the axtravugant contour of a man nearly eleven feet Iong which has nndergonepatf jfaction until it even surpasses the work of the sculpUirer, ake it a curiosity un parallelled 111 should miss the opportunity to see this wonder. jA opportunity may.rtfwer occur again.

Removed Rv Dayi-V the I well- known pawn-broker, has removed hi office to one of the rooms under the Otis bouse. 4 I JOHN SEATON. ATCHISON. KANSAS FHANK SUTTER, 419 Oommcrcial Street, Atchison, Kiuutae. nr.ALfiRjN Fine Jewefrv, Watches, Clocks, Solid Silverware, Plated ware, Diamonds, ITParticnlar attention, paid to all kiinds of Watch work" and Prompt Attention Paid to ail Orders by Mail.

stools, 'izl' jauibp2iJLso i "i R. HERSHFIELB? Iylaniifactnriiig Jewele saiice.w "Every town in the country has had from seven during the Atchison has not enjoyed one. Mr. Sargent, tho nevr general freight and ticket agent of the Central LKAVKNWU11TI1 RAJMSAN. Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Silver-ware.

0 iy t1a uf iiCf i ii i the West A FhII Line of Wateknucn Tool And Jewelers' Findings. The Lay gfelt-BetaU Stock Iffest of the Mississippi- Abj dtea oft-Jf weJry rad to order at short notice. Pnrchncrs can mow jjipgftleadqaartcn. AU goods guaranteed as repreacntcd. Branch road, has leased the handsome property of Mrs.

Gould, on South Fourth street, and will move his family to Atchisoli at an early day." Tho flouring mills of Blair Auld ii.ti.V4f V.llftll ft lAunh Ma 12 )-' are a reputation over the country that has brought them into prominence in every locality where wheat bread is used. A bill is to be in troduce3 into the Iowa legislature pro hibiting the importation into that state of any other brands of flour. Arrangements are In progress in northwestern Kansas to organize an immense excursion of all the people in the two northern tier of counties, to coto Atchison to look upon Pomeroy, the (Treat coal man. who saved them ALFRED WELdll. Manufacturer of iUn-as Dct.

CtU and 7th. ATCIIIHOX KAX---- OONOVEB BEOS; SuteAgentfor OHWiatrhlf- rrf and Mnsical dim, JSIosant ftp lCF.irbt Piano, fnllr warrauieu ir f)rf for peial ITIcenon uc OOU IMHIOie CfU 1X vwv Waddles Hf lu Si TO JOHN MdSTECT; SL jjdies and Harness. Oor- alld 1 JSAMTJSBMBNTS: CORHIIAHSPALt. M()SPAV, PEBKUAKY 10, The Original unit only XlrU ItofHrfM. GUI MA.

11) I PANTOMIW THOUPB, INCLUDING TUB 11 A BI MA I PIUNCK OP AIDED BY TOE in Thm wor.serfol fturial CUma. Toetb-r with a sui'KKB cours or 8PKiAUsr. AdmK-vinu 35cts. 5Hrt. and t5ct.

Jif-erred Seats on sale at P. UJU--I- HU1 I -1- I PHYSICIAM. Office at McCob-aoghj kB store. a Kansas IxU 6ta and Ncrvons aiseases sua diseases of women a specialty. from'a fuel famine during the past win- ter, It is but a just recognition of the rworlh jQf.a, noble man.

ilZ.UJLL. UtkUrre! the new ffeeHctaso nH Sample Room of Footed Smith?" 41 Yes, I was around there jast night, and that just Jays 5feKaytlftAg)r the kind ever started in Atchison. They have fine 15-cent lunches of Boston baked beans, roast choicest of liquors always on hand. Furniture all new, rooms all carpeted, and in fact there will be no pains spared to make it a desirable resort for many acts of kinduesi and assistance Money loaned on dia-rendered on the death of cur brother in I monds. watches and all articles of val- the city of Atchison.

Resolved, That our thanks are due.

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