Statesman Journal from Salem, Oregon on September 26, 1960 · Page 3
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Statesman Journal from Salem, Oregon · Page 3

Salem, Oregon
Issue Date:
Monday, September 26, 1960
Page 3
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Statesman, SoTem, Ore., MoiySept. 26, '60 '(Sec. l)-3 ! Highway Sign Conversion to Inter state Ma New "Interstate 5" highway slffns are attracting plenty of at tention on Salem Bypass and a few other spots on U.S Highway 99 through Ore gon. But it'll be long, long time before the red, white and blue Interstate 5 marking fully replaces the old faithful 99. 3t Bkorim M-N The same is true of the gradual conversion of east-west U.S. High way 30 in Oregon to "Interstate In fact, Oregon State Highway Department officials, like chief traffic engineer F. B. CrandalL won't even guess when if ever the Highway 99 and Highway 30 signs will come down, The new highway numbers 5 and 80-N in Oregon are part of an entirely new marking system designed nationally to distinguish the vast interstate highway sys tem being built to modern four- lane divided highway . standards with joint federal-state financing. Through Oregon Route 5 follows Highway 99, with right-of-way changes only where made by the State Highway Department to achieve the new standard. Similarly Route 80-N will follow Highway 30. tO Follows 30, 40 On a ' transcontinental basis Route 80 was devised by federal road planners to follow mainly Highways 30 or 40 from the East Coast to San Francisco via Salt Lake City. When a Route 82 number was assigned to the interstate system link from Salt Lake City to the Oregon Coast, Nort hwest leaders pro tested it and f iriea 10 gee the western end of Route 80 for Oregon. The result was a compromise the Route 80-N designation. Changes to the new standard are gradual and are being completed in various short sections throughout the country as priority needs and funds dictate. mo) So Oregon highway policy has been developed to use the new numbering only, upon fully modernized highway sections when the work is completed, and then to use both the ( new and the -eld highway umbers, usually both on the same standard. The shield design for Interstate Highway markers was developed by American Association of State Highway Officials. Sizes for these signs, prescribed by Bureau of Public Roads, run considerably larger than older highway marking signs.: That's because" the new ones are designed for use on fast-travel freeways. Sign sizes go up to a mammoth 48-inch sign, reserved for use at intersections of two interstate highways, and a 36-inch size for use along the main highways where motorists have been ac customed to 24-inch sifins. Signs are bigger and more are needed to keep tp.with highway modernizatinn. in! result of this is that the state ' now ; generally contracts for the signs rather than having them made and put up by nigoway department employes. In years to come the completed new. Interstate Highways 5 and 80-N will add up to about 720 miles. Of this total, about 161 miles is now completed or under contract. , Willamette University Sororities Pledge 95 A total of 95 girls were pledged to the five Willamette University sororities Sunday evening at the close of the annual fall rush week, The pledges. are as follows:. Alpha Chi Omega: Carol Amell, Linda Brown, Sue BushnelL Ann Davenport, Dorothy Montag, Karen Ward, Portland; Judy Gil hausen, Jo Morast, The Dalles; Lorraine Demler, Shelton, Wash.; Mary Gayle Shaffer and Linda Taylor, Kent, Wash.; Joanne .El-lerbrook, Diane Wilson, Seattle; Robyn Infelt, Idaho Falls, Idaho; Jerry Baker, Santa Monica, Calif.; Barbara Bong, Menlo Park, Calif.; Ana Chambers, Sunnyvale, Calif.; Ann.i Finlayson, Berkeley, Calif.; Karen Ge Herman, Penny Johnstone, Burlingame, Calif.; Carole Knudson, Orinda, Calif.; Linda Pond, 1 Cupertino, Calif.; Janet Johnson, Ogalla, Neb. Alpha Phi: Barbara Beasley, Carol Lee Davis, Susan Johnson, Patricia O'Garra, Bonnie Sanders, Gerrie Scott, Suzy Shane, Sarah Steib, Jean Stephenson, Christi Warner, Portland; Judith Ann Rogers, Albany; Diane Yunker, Sweet Home; Alice Dickie, Oswe go; Rosalee Johnston, Beaverton; Carol McMurty, Eugene; Judy Potter, Medford; Betty Hoehn, Menlo Park, Calif.; Sharon Taras, Pebble Beach, Calif.; Lynette Kinderman, Tacoma, Wash. Chi Omega: Valerie Ramsdell The Oregon Statesman's' Business Beat WILLAREA INCORPORATES Willarea Corp! (Willamette-area) has been incorporated to handle mutual investments. Principals in the new venture are Wesley E. Stewart Jr., vice president of Salem Title Co.; Harry J. Ewing, accountant and tax expert; and Allan S. Watts, real estate man. The firm, which will buy equities, real estate, stocks, bonds and other investments, has offices at 1427 Fairgrounds Rd. NE. . PIERCE OPERATION SHIFTS Salem terminal for Pierce Freight Lines, bas been moved from 1120 liberty St. NE to larger facilities at 1415 McDonald St. NE, manager Richard Iven reported. The interstate carrier's new local location provides larger dock and office space and a larger parking area. Features include across-dock loading with overhead doors on each side of the building, and direct tektypev connections with other Pierce terminals from Los Angeles to Seattle. SUNNYSLOPE TENANTS GETTING SETTLED Newest tenants atSunnyslope Shopping Center on Liberty Road SE are Huyett TV Company and Jack Beck Interiors. Each opened for business last week on the center's attractive garden patio. Jack Beck moved from quarters in his home at 460 Bush St. SE and Robert Huyett transferred operation from 1993 Fairgrounds Rd. NE. Next business will be Mardi Gras Broiler restaurant. Owners Harold Cul-bertson and Gilbert Mather hope to be in operation "sometime this week." ALLSTATE DECENTRALIZES LIFE OPERATION Allstate Life Insuance Company has decentralized its operations to six zone offices and 28 regional offices throughout the country, Regional Manager Charles E. Colbert of Salem announced as the company began its fourth year. The Salem regional office, which serves Oregon and most of Idaho, began life insurance operations on a fully decentralized basis in August. It has resulted in more personalized service to policyholders and is in line with pattern . set when Allstate Insurance Company decentralized its casualty and other insurance lines, Colbert said. r V INSURANCE MEN ATTENDING MEETING Eight Salem insurance men are attending the 32nd annual convention of the Oregon Association of Insurance Agents in Portland this week. The local men are Richard D. Denton, a director of OAIA; Merrill D. . Ohling, past president of the organization; and Donald H. Wells, Hillary J. Etzel, Robert W. Parks, Robert W. Callahan, Charles S. McElhfnny and Lee Haskins. ASSUMED BUSINESS NAMES Assumed business names filed recently in Marion County Courthouse . included "This Old Housed (restaurant) by Howard V. Ross and Carol M. Ross, Stay-ton . . ' . Salem Convalescent Center, at 845 Dak St. SE, by Geriatrics Inc., Robert F. Anderson, president, and Irwin F. WedeL secretary . . . Walter W. Morse and Frances P. Morse, retiring from Klasic Photo Shop, assumed by Wallace Brennan and Ruby J. Brennan. Marion Press, printing and publishing, at 2060 Warner St. NE, by George Meitzen, 1960 Lana Ave. NE. ... retirement of Everett D. Crabtree, Theresa M. Crabtree,; Richard B. Jenning, Geta Marie Jenning, Richard P. Lankow and Jo Anne B. Lankow from C&K Lumber Co., assumed by C & K Yard Inc., 852 Lancaster Dr. NE, Richard P. Lankow, president and Richard B. Jenning, secretary . . . - ' '-I - ' DANCE SCHOOL OPENING SET The Carol Rae School of Dance for children will open Tuesday at 1395 18th St. NE, owner Carol Rae announced. Miss Rae had basic dance training with the Cornish School in Seattle, Wash., and has had some 20 years experience in teaching and theatrical work, including television shows in San Francisco, Seattle and Hollywood. Her Salem studio will be at her home. - ' ,1 COMMERCIAL BANK CAPITAL CLIMBS Capital of The Commercial Bank of Salem will be raised from $250,000.00 to $375,000.00 through the sale of 2,500 additional shares. The increase was approved at a stockholders meeting on Sept. 22. The sale of the newly approved issue will increase the bank's surplus account by a -1m amount The bank will have a combined capital and surplus a&er the transaction has been completed of $650,000.00. The growth of the bank and the expansion into the Silverton area occasioned titf locrease according to Don. B. Peterson, President. and Pat Holland, Salem; Betty Burgoyne, Mary Ann Ragland, St Helens; Nancy Warner, Prine- ville; Anne Peterson, Mercer Is land, Wash.; Fay Chamerlin, Spo kane; Diane Mayberry, Havre, Montana; Karen Shade, Denver, Colorado; Betty Bennett. Ala meda, Calif.; Joan Robinson, Jan Twining, Orinda, Calif.; Sue Strach, San Mateo, CaEf. Delta Gamma: Diane Hunnex, Rosemary Myers, Sue Sorick, Salem; Alice Bryant, Toledo; Jean Gibbons, .Roseburg; Susan HilL Eugene; Mary Lee Jones, Burns; Carl ODonnelL -' Ocean- lane; bnaron Paulson, Hood River; Margo Maris, Kristi Scott, Connie Wisting, Portland; Nancy Jones, Seattle; Suanne Hower, Emmett, Idaho; Paula Abbott, Hawaii; Carolyn Bliss, Menlo Park, Calif.; Mary Brown, Stock ton, Calif.; Barbara Green, Ather- ton, Calif.; Clare Griffiths, El Cerrito, Calif.; Patti Hull, Sacra mento, Calif.; Carole McChesney, Orinda, Calif:; Nan Means, Vaca-ville, Calif.; Jeanne Meyers, Belvedere, Calif.; Pam Street, Oak land, Calif.; Dorothy Tanner, Palo Alto. Calif. Pi Beta Phi: Cathy Campbell, Jacquie Graber and :Bev Me Kinney, Salem; Heather Birnie, Julie Boss, Colleen i Cochran, Linda Crawford, Jane Drinker, Pat French, Janet Hawthorne, Mary Jane Schaefer, Linda Swan, Cathy Vielhauer, all of Portland; Janet Clow, Dayton. Over half the families with in comes of $2,00043,000 are auto owners. This Jumps to about 90 per cent at $5,000 a year level About 1 in 6 families with $5,000 a year are 2-car families. To reach his best prospects, an aver age car dealers spends $3,223 a year for newspaper advertising- more than all other forms of ad vertising combined. CALX, FOR BnS The City of Salem im requesting quotations for the furnishing of ap proximately 6iu gallons of permanent type radiator antifreeze to iud- ply the needs of the city, school aosinci ana xaanon iunty. Bids must be filed with the Finance Director. City Hall. Salem. Oreeon not later than 10:00 a.m. on September aa. laou. norms for bidding and specifications may be obtained from the undersigned. The right is reserved to accept or reject any or all quotations. HOWARD D. BRANDVOLD Director of Finance Sept. 28 NOTICE OF INTENTION TO IMPROVE CLARMOUNT STREET NOTICE HEREBY IS GIVEN that the Common Council of the City of Salem, Oregon deems it necessary ana expedient ana nereoy declares its purpose and intention to improve CLARMOUNT STREET from the North line of Lot S. Block 4. West-wood Heights Addition to the South Line of westwood Heights Addition. City of Salem. Polk County. Ore eon. by bringing said portion of said street to the established grade, pro viding drainage, constructing ce mint Mnrrt m i rK anri i .nrfillr. and paving -said portion of said street with a 2'3" asphaltic concrete pavement 34 feet wide, at the expense of the abutting and adjacent property, except the street and alley Intersections, which expense will be assumed by the City of saiem, ana except tne sidewalks which win be constructed at the expense of the abutting property only. aU in accordance with th plans and specifications therefor wmcn were adopted by , the Common Council September 12, 1960. which are now on file in the office of the city recorder and: which by this reference thereto are made a cart hereof. These dans and i: noti fication may be examined by any uiieresiea party. Any : interested property owner may ascertain their approximate share of the cost of making the improvement at the office of the city engineer. The Common Council hereby declares its purpose and intention to make the above described improvement by and through the street improvement department. Owners of property liable for the cost of making such improvement may file written remonstrance against the same with the city recorder at any time within ten days after the final publication of this notice. By Order of the Common Council September 12. 1960. ALFRE D MUNDT, City Recorder Date of first publication: September 26. I960. Date of final publication: October 3. I960. Sept. 26, Oct. 3, 1960. 1NU rureoi Closings Seen This Season v As conditions now exist, there will be no closing of forests to hunters when the big game sea son gets under way next Satur day, according to estate Forester D. L. Phipps. , However, he added, that at the present time the hazardous areas of the state are under controlled entry and all hunters should check with the wardens and rangers to e determine whether conditions are such that the per mits will be issued. Where entry permits are issued the hunter must carry tools suitable for fighting forest fires if he plans to camp at some spot other than a posted and desig nated camp ground, the forester added. "At the present time hazardous conditions exist in the southern and eastern part of the state," the forester said. "There has been little rain for the past two or three months and the hunter should-exercise extreme care in the use of fire. ' "Warming fires are not per mitted during the closed season and the season will not end until general statewide rains occur and a proclamation issued by the governor." In the northwestern part of the state there has been some rain and at present the hazard is low. Phipps added that with high tem peratures and east winds fire conditions could get extremely hazardous in a very short time. He pointed out that some -of Oregon's most disastrous fires have occurred in late fall. Hillcrest Girl Apprehended A 17-year-old Hillcrest School for girls inmate was apprehended by police early Sunday after she attempted to flee to Burns, Ore. in a car taken illegally from a home where she was baby-sitting. Police said the girl was taking care of several small children in southeast Salem while the par ents of the children were visiting at Tacoma, Wash. She left the children and took the car owned by Beverly Sigmands, 4775 Skyline Dr. SE. Officers said they apprehended the girl about midnight after a patrolman spotted the car weaving from lane to lane. Officers said several bottles of liquor were in the car. She didn't have an operator's license. The girl said she was attempt- nig to return te her home at Burns. She was released to Hill crest authorities who also checked the Sigmands' children and made arrangements for another baby sitter. Sawdust Blaze Damages Floor At Paper Company A fire which started from welding equipment caused minor damage to the chipping room at Columbia River paper Co. in Salem Sunday night. . A night watchman on duty discovered the fire and turned in the alarm. Five pieces of fire equipment responded for; the general alarm about 7:20 pjn. Battallion Chief Donald Rienke said the blaze was smoldering in some sawdust and caused minor damage to the floor. The tropical storms that are called hurricanes in the Atlantic are known las typhoons in the Pacific. ' Willamette Two-Day Panel discussions, addresses and a feature film will highlight the One World Mission Conference of Willamette Presbytery as it ends a two-day run today at First Presbyterian Church here. The conference presents such notable mission leaders as Rev. and Mrs, Richard J. Cochran, formerly in Iraq and Lebanon; Dr. Sandro Sarti, Turino, Italy; and Miss Virginia M. MacKenzie I of Tokyo, Japan, A panel discussion en Christian Missions by young people studying here from ether lands will be held. - Sunday night opening program Presby Meeting -- y -i tery Ends HereTqday included a sermon, "Out One World Mission," by Dr, Paul S, Wright of Portland First Presbyterian Church. ' Today's agenda will include an opening address, "Evangelism from the Bazaars of Iraq to Beirut," by Rev. Richard J. Cochran. A 10:30 ajn. panel will deal with "What of the New Day in Mission?" Other panels in the i afternoon will relate to "The Mission fa Your Town" and "The jWorld Mission Through the Eyes of Christian Laymen' i A feature afternoon film. "The Mark of the Hawk," will portray the Africa of today and its social revolution, - ; Among panelists today will be Miss Virginia MacKenzie, Dr. Sarti, Rev. and Mrs. Richard Cochran, Miss Nongyao Singhan-ate, of Thailand, M. E. (Gus) Moore and Dean Robert D. Gregg, both Salem; Rev, George Ash-wood, 'Eugene. Moderators will be Rev. Paul Newton Poling of Salem First Presbyterian Church, Rev. Phillips Todd, Westfir; and Tinkham Gilbert, Salem Presbyterian clergy and laymen from most of the Willamette Valley are attending the conference. Coast Guard Academy Test Announced i - - WASHINGTON Congressman Walter Norblad, R-Ore., announced that competitive examination for entrance to the U.S. Coast Guard Aeademv will be held Feb. 20 and 21, in 123 cities. The four- year course leads to a commission as a career officer in America's oldest .sea-goin service and I a Bachelor of Science degree. A candidate for the Coast Guard Academy must be single, must have reached his 17th but not his 22nd birthday by July 1, 1961, and must be in excellent physical condition, Norblad said. OPEN TONIGHT TIL 9 P.M. 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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to creditors of. and all persona having claims against, said deceased, to present them, verified as required by law. within six months after the first publication of this Notice to Elmer M. Amundaon, Livesley Medical and Professional Building, Salem. Oregon. " Date of First Fbulicattoa 12th day of September 1960. 0 ELMER M. AMUHU5UW, Executor. MERLIN ESTEP Attorney at Law i . 205 Masonic Building' Salem, Oregon . Attorney tor Executor Sept. 12, 19, 38, Oct. I, 1960. , OPEN MONDAY NIGHT 'TIL 9 P.M. 25-jewel watches Like getting 8 extra jewels at no extra cost ... 8 extra Jewels at the price you'd expect to pay for a 17-jewel watch. 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