Statesman Journal from Salem, Oregon on November 1, 1959 · Page 3
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Statesman Journal from Salem, Oregon · Page 3

Salem, Oregon
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 1, 1959
Page 3
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Demos Double Size of Convention Delegation (Story ala n page 1.) - PORTLAND Oregon will double the size of its. delegation , at the I960 Democratic National Convention in . Los. Angeles, " tbe . Democratic State Centra Committee decided in Portland Saturday; vK U . County.: committee chiefs, fathered to elect a successor to the late Dave Epps as state chairman, voted to split the state's 16-man delegation to make 32 positions elective I by the party voters next May. One other full vote, bringing . the Oregon total to 17r will be 1 shared by National Committee- woman t and man Virginia Grant and C Girard Davidson.- both of But'-the state 'committee postponed until December the final de cision on the. toughes problem of "how to' Select 16 alternates for the delegation. One suggestion was that the 16 be first 16 of the also- rans on the primary ballot for delegates. Half-Vote System. The one-half-vote system, author ized , by. the- Democratic National Committee in September, met little opposition though it may in effect cut into representation from some area4 Under the system two will be 'elected as congressional district delegates, the remaining 24 from the state at large. This would tend tcr favor candidates from the more populous areas of the state. ' Saturday's meeting, attended" by representatives of all the 36 counties for the-first time, at least, in recent history, also saw action on four other resolutions: AJ2th voice was added to the state executive . board by giving, the Young Demo- crats' . representative a vote. " Resolution Approved - - A resolution aimed at clearing - up . problems: between the county and state organization over finances was approved. It gave new chairman Robert Straub of Springfield authority to appoint a committee to take up the vexing jprotx lem. Another move to require scheduling of all national speakers through, the state office was tabled after a long discussion. Some county officers saw the, move as - aji infringement on the counties and a deterrent to local initiative for. fund-raising programs.? Another attempt, to fix the time . of the annual Dollars for. Democrats drive to .February and March was sidetracked by sending the, resolution to the executive committee for consideration along witlvother financial problems. Unanimous Ballot r . Straub, elected by unanimous ballot after three opponents withdrew, pledged to "operate" the party on full throttte all the time," hot just during as election. He said he was interested in building, a strong state organization, with his yes on what he termed a "very crucial year" in 1960. "My only interest is a strong, .liberal party in. Oregon," Straub said. "We should force the Republicans to stand up and say what side of the fence they are on." He was our duty as Democrats to talk very straight to the voters." :: . Straub was nominated by; fellow 'senator Dan Dimmick who is .also Douglas County Central Committee chairman. He said Straub .could bring Jthe party together and "of fered a new face" in the party's state leadership. - Victor Mature Takes Bride RANCHO . SANTA FE, Calif. (APi'-Victor Mature brought a bride home Saturday.' , She is the former Joy Urwick, 25, daughter of a London physi- - cian. They were wed Sept 27 ati Capri; , the Italian resort, but ' I have not previously apnounced their -marriage.' - , . - I "There was no particular rea- I son to keep, it a secret," she said. i. "Unless it was because people ! I wer vfonrterinff if wi werp evpril going to do it. We've; known each other Vk years, yoir know." ;.-. . She and? the brawny actor met at a Mayfair party in London in 1957. She is the, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Desmond Urwick of Knightsbridge. J5he was a debu- tante in London society in 1951. It was Miss Urwick's first mar riage and Mature's third." The 45-year-old -actor was divorced from Martha Kemp in 1943 and Dorothy Berry in 1955. : , . SERVING Convenient location On Bus tine South Commercial Street' : Direct Rout to Cemeteries No Cross Traffic ' j vV Parking-Off Streets-2 Lots : ' ' ; State Democrats 'Can Look Up' to NSW Leader Art-;- I II til PORTLAIV-Most Democrats had a party leader "they could look up to" Saturday with; the election of tall Sen. Robert Straub of Springfield (right) as new state chairman. Hold- - over officers of the State Central Committee who welcomed Starub's election with broad smiles were (left to right) Mrs. Accountant Leaps From Plane After Probe of Work OSAKA, Japan (AP) A 30-year-old Japanese accountant, under investigation in connection with a $588 shortage in his . firm's ac counts, leaped from a small passenger plane flying at 3,600 feet Saturday. Police, identified him as Yoshiaki ' Tanaka of the Sakai Fountain Pen Co. of Osaka. They said' Tanaka boarded the 12-pas-senger plane for a flight to a resort 70 miles south of here but in mid-flight wrenched 'open, the emergency door and jumped. British Butter i Prices Soaring LONDON J AP)--An acute shortage of butter sent prices upward in Britain Saturday and threatened to bring rationing. Distributors ad-Vised grocers butter supplies may be cut J5Q per cent this week. Supr plies to some grocers already have been cut. I A major cause of the-shortage was the excessively dry summer in Europe. Retail prices increased two pence, two cents, a pound in the past week, and another two pence rise is in prospect this week.; Prices currently range from tour shillings sixpence or 62 jcents.per pound to six. shillings two pence, or 86 cents, depending on grade.- A Real Bargain KLAMATH FALLS. Ore. (AP)-At a county auction of unclaimed stolen goods here, one . bidder got a little bust of. Abraham Lin-; coin for $1.75, found it was a sav-i ings bank that held $4.50 in coins, i "MORGAN" Elastic ankle. Hunting .boots with mites of service and comfort built yi. Cleated type soles and heels. Cushion insole. A Full Line .Red Ball Rubber of Rubbers & Galoshes ALL-IANO OPEN MON. 9Jf.OMMR CIALSAL Jji OREGON - - s ... SALETA VICINITY for 28 COST-ALWAYS WITHIN YOUR IM2257 - - V University to , Ban Social Fraternities NORTHFIELD, Vt.': (AP) The Board oj Trustees of Norwich University voted at; its annual meeting Saturday to terminate university authorization of social fraternities on the' Norwich campus, effective at the end of, the current academic year. '.The .board authorized the university" administration to substitute, four class clubs, open without , restriction to all members of each class. the method of implementation of the decision was left to Maj. Geff. Ernest' N. Harmon (reti president of the university. - Harmon said recently fraternities are a "distinct divisive influence at Norwich and a force detracting" from the morale and dis cipline of the corps' of cadets.' The trustees also granted,, authorization to incur university indebtedness' to acquire the physical properties of the fraternities where this is desirable or feasible. Six chapters of the national fraternities involved are Theta Chi, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sigma Chi Epsilon, Sigma Nu, Tau Delta Phi and Lambda Chi .Alpha. Pact Ends Hollywood Writers' Guild Tieup ' HOLLYWOOD (AP) A 20-day strike by the Writers Guild ,of America, against three Hollywood studios was settled Saturday. The settlement' provides that writers retain ; publication, stage and sequel rights to their stories. The studios are Harold Hecht, Productions, 'Mirisch Co. and the Stanley Kramer Co. Boots. I I 1 W-" m i t; i & FRL-.'TIL 9 P.M. VIRGIL X GOLDEN FUNERAL SERVICE .-. 605 Commercial Street S. E. 4 1 jjaii Years 3 4- Ik r " v , - h . A I 1 f i Irma Lindquist, Aurora, state treasurer, Judge Lloyd 'Rea, Baker, secretary, and Airs. Beulah Hand, Milwaukie, vice chairman who "has been acting chairman since Dave Epps of Sweet Home died unexpectedly last' June. (Statesman Photo.) , : Kennedy. Chance For President Dim, Says Hoffa ST. PAUL, Minn, (AP)-Team-sters President James Hoffa says "Jack Kennedy- has as much chance of being elected president of the United States as Ldo." Hoffa gave his views on the Massachusetts senator's political chances on arrival here Saturday to address a dinner. The dinner was a testimonial for Gordon Conklin, national vice president of me leamsiers uuon. Hoffa, in an interview, did not indicate any preference for any presidential candidate. He said a Teamsters' decision on which candidate to support in 1960 will be delayed until "we see who's in the field."- .. Kennedy, who is considered a likely candidate for the -Democratic presidential nomination although he has not announced his intension, 'was a member-of the Senate" rackets committee which investigated affairs of. the Teamsters Union. the II 'r L j- RR042 ' II 1 luLpxrlni:39 Automatic Rota-Grill . Electric Range with RECIPE HEAT Calrod Units Avtomotk Rota-Grill Rotisseri 4 Ht-Speed Cdrod Serf ace Uniti Wide super-oven lighted Back Panel Oven-timing deck and minvfe timer Giant Storage fall-width drawer $ n d See These Super Values at Your Hotpoint ilea d quarters . ' ' j Judge Denies Tax on JOHN DAY, Ore. (AP) The state of Oregon cannot levy property taxes against Oregon cattlemen on the federal land they use for ' grazing, a circuit judge has ruled. The decision was handed down here Friday by Judge E. H. Howell in a suit brought against the Oregon Tax Commission by six Eastern Oregon cattlemen The commission had sought to collect Hhe" taxes under a state" law, passed 12 years ago. but not used until last spring. That state law provides mat the lessee of federal land can be laxSd at , the full cash value of the . property less deduction for restricted use The cattlemen who brought the suit use about 800,000 acres of Bureau of Land Management land for grazing. Grazing Northyest with the With Trade v rat BETTER SERVICE ON ANY MAKE TV-HI-FI OR BicTOpening On John Day Projects Set PORTLAND (AP) - Bids will be opened Nov. 19 for $0 million dollars worth of construction at the John Day Dam on the .Columbia River, the Corps of Engineers said here Saturday, That will be the single biggest item in contracts totaling an estimated 92 million dollars that the corps will award by June 30 for major civil projects in the Northwest and Alaska.. The" John Day Dam work; will involve, what the corps - called north shore construction. . , Covered by. the . contract wiH be non-overflow and spillway dams, the north .abutment, "navigation lock, fish ladder and other work. The corps estimated that the work would cost between SO and 60 million dollars! Bids also will be opened Feb. 9 and 10 for construction of two railroad ' shooflys" and two road detours at John Day ' Dam. That work will cost an estimated Vi million dollars, the corps said. Also included in the work schedule is construction of railroad and highway " relocation .: works and bank 'protection at -Ice Harbor Dam on the lower Snake River. Bids wul be opened June 3. The corps estimated the work will cost more than two million dollars. In announcing the schedule . of projects for which bids will be called and contracts awarded by June 30, the corps sajd the 92 million dollar cost estimate included only major items. A major project; the corps said, is one costing more than $100,000. The Tate of admissions to gener al hospitals in the United States has risen by almost 80 per cent in the last 20 years, the Health Information Foundation report In his decision, Howell said that the state law is constitutional However, he also ruled that un der the Taylor Grazing Act, cattlemen who use BLM land have no lease but merely a license to use the land. Thus, state law does not apply to them, he said. The judge said that the federal act specifies that grazing rights are inferior to rights of miners, hunters and fishermen and can be withdraw or greatly reduced The tax commission said any decision to appeal would .await a study of the ruling. , , The BLM administers about. 15 million acres of land in Oregon. Most of it is used for. grazing. ( Was ID " 'ne ' Art and Phy Highlight 'Curriculum Material Fair Homegrown teacher guides to art and physical educatian-will, be two of the stars, in a Salem School District curriculum materials fair Starting Thursday in the district administration building.; , I Salem teacher committees have written - their own guides fori all subjects' taught as well as a gen- - - 1 - . ml erai gurae top eacn graae. xne PE and art books, however; the H, M. Schwab as Circuit Judge (Story also oa page L) r A 43-year-old "Portland attorney, Herbert M. Schwab, Saturday was named to the Multnomah County Circuit Court bench by Gov. Mark Hatfield. . j Schwab replaces veteran Judge Martin Hawkins, who died last week. Schwab, -in law practice since 1940 and longtime member of the Portland School Board, reportedly was high on a list of future judge possibilities submitted to Hatfield last July by the Multnomah Coun ty bar. - -. Appointment of Schwab brings to seven the number of circuit judges named by Hatfjeld in a 10-montas period. - Firemen Called Is 1 1 . A smoking oil j stove sent Salem firemen to Mrs. I Effie Anderson's home, 398.Luthef.Sts S, about 7:15 p.m. Saturday. Firemen said somehow the,fire in the stove was extinguished and the cpmbination jof heat and over-supply of oil caused the smoke. Minor if any damage resulted, firemen said. . ,MYHHWANAn is corning! Appointed Best Range Values Since 1 930! Hotpoint offers a complete lincdF ranges at drastically-reduced prices. Not one-of-a-kind, so-called "Nailed Down" models! but all models, are available at prices that will amaze you. If you don't see the Hotpoint range you want, come in, because the entire line is marked down. These are the greatest rangfe values since 1930! Anyone who needs a range now or in the next year can't afford to miss this sale, PUSHBUTTON AUTOMATIC RANGE with RECIPE HEAT Calrod Units Choose Just-rigift "Recipe Heat at the tooch of an automatic pushbutton ' Automatic Oven time-clock Two Oven Racks and Broiler Pan Wide Super-Oven for banquet-size mods Full-width' storage drawer. Automatic Oven tempercrru'control No-drip cooktop LTiimnfc 39" Deluxe Double Oven Automatic Range wftli RECIPE HEAT Cclrod Units Two-Ovess . . . Clg Baaewt size cad thrift-size ovens j Scper Cdrtd Coekkrj Crfh Oven .timing dock . Giant foil-width stenrt tVawer. Lighted back panel (-AppiiaNce ovtlet for contenienta A Special Pre WW V9 379.95 0 BSES Statesman, Salem, Ore., Sun., Nov. 1, 1959 (Sec l)-3 sical Education two most recently revised, such "masterpieces that they are are becoming best-sellers in their field, which is pretty well limited to other school districts and-libra ies. Many Photographs In contrast to older guides, they are; illustrated profusely (with photographs, and, bound attractively. Another recent and highly regarded guide Is the one for mathematics, although it does not attract so much attention Decause it does not lend itself to photographs. . Mother 'Asleep' In, Fumes-Filled , Portland Garage PORTLAND (AP) A 6-year-old -Portland Boy awoke Saturday morning and heard the motor of the iamily automobile running in the garage. He went info the closed garage and found his mother, Mrs. Esther L. Schonneker, in the car. He thought she was sleeping and shut off the motor. e The boy's 9-year-old brother became hungry at noon and went to a neighbor's house for some-ting to eat. The neighbor investigated and found that the boys' mother was dead from monoxide "tumes. Police said she had left ai note indicating she was despondent ' DR Local aaMtriMtk for xtractioa mt i gai cm bo arraofod for Transparent Palate Dentures Set With Trubyt'e Teeth T I X--. Fitted far You few "V. 218 LIBERTY ST d..V . . EZAMDCATICX WITHOUT APPODtTMEXT v PLATES REPAIRED - 1 HR. SERVICE IN MOST CASES ' stops spillovers. ; o ViHhlradm APPLIANCES Guides to The guides are written by teacher committees. They are paid by state funds for curriculum im " provement bqt most , of the com mittee members donate many additional hours. . Others on Display Guidef provided by the State Department of Education also will be on display. They are used in Sa-lem as supplements to the locally prepared guides. Purpose of teacher guides is uniformity of instruc- -tion and sharing- of the teachers best ideas, assistant distriet . su- -perintendent Arthur V. Myers explains. ' , The exhibit in the School' Board . room will include many other instructional materials such as audiovisual aids, new ' textbooks and handbooks, maps and globes. Open to Public : Dr.- George B. Martin, assistant district superintendent in charge of '. the fair, will explain, use of the various' materials at a meeting of Salem Parent Council in the room at 7:30 pjn. Thursday. The exhibit ' will be left in place until after ' School Board meeting in the roora Nov. 12. , ' - ' . The display will also be open to the pubhc from 1 to. 5 pjn. daily. Questions will be answered by Dr. Martin and Myers, whose offices are across .the" halL ; The district administration build ing is at 1309 Ferry St. SE. DR. C0LT0N J PERSONALLY Make Your First Small Credit Payment 45 DAYS AFTER COMPLETION OF WORK J. J COLTON N.E. EM 2-0337 JtoMKC302 363 HIGH N.E. OPEN 'TIL 9

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