Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 22, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 22, 1896
Page 3
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: ipjf This is the'way it looks to the women who do their washing in the old-fashioned way. They dread it—and. no'wonder. _All because they, won't use Pearline. Use Pearline —use it just as directed—soak, boil and rinse the 1 clothes—and the wash-tub won't be a bugbear. You won't have to be over it enough for that. No hard work—no inhaling of fetid steam- no wearing rubbing—no torn clothes —nothing but economy. d/i«ir1 1'eddlcrs and some unscrupulous grocers will OCllCl tell vou "this is as pood as" or "the same . , ._>. •+ D 1 'as Pearline." IT'S FALSE—Pearline \i ^""^ " JJaCK is never peddled, and if your grocer ids you something in pl.ice of I'earline, be honest— ami it back. 51° THE Mm Typewriter Is a Good.Machine. A blsti standard ot excellence. Man) users Ot tlie "JIunson" consider It THE BEST. You win llmi It a valuable assistant In jonr of. Hi*. Address tor particulars THE MUNSON.TYPEWRITER CO MANUFACTURERS. 340-344 West Inkc St.. ClilcnKO, 111. Greatest Discovery or me 19th Century. Dr. Tcugue'n NXW REXKDT Medicated Air Tor tlie Cute ol Catarrh, AnthmH aud nil Pulmonary Diseases, It bus no equtU lor Sick and Nervous HMd- .aclie, 1,000.000 people J ale nnnuHlly from tne I Rbote nnmed diseases. Way duller and die, when Medicated Air la guaranteed to care jou. ••dlcated Air and .Drue Co., Richmond, Ind., U. 9. A. It If the best remedy on earth, for L« _,.riype. It will give Immediate relief Cfii will effect a core where all other •old by B. F. Keeellng. STATE NATIONAL BANK iOGAKSPORT, IJOV -. $2OO.OOO jr. F. Johnaon, President. 8. W. TJllery, Vice President H. 3. Heltbtfnk. C«ahl«r. DIRECTORS. I. r. Johnson. B. W. iniery. J. T. Elliott. W. M. Elliott. W. H. Snider. Buy and B»'l Government bonda. Loan •joney en personal security and collateral!. Issue special certificates ot deposit* tMftrlor I per cent Interest when left one year; 't per cent, per annum when depoB- Boxes In Safety Deposit Vaults of thli bank for the deposit of deeds, Insurance Mllclefl, mortpi«ea and »ther TaUuables, Hnted-at from IS to 115 r«r year. KROEGER & STRAIN, Undertakers &Embalmers. 010 BROADWAY. CHAS.L. WOLL, :-: UNDERTAKER :•: N«fc 417 Market Street. Calls attended to promptly. d»y or Central Union and Mutual telephone!. Office, No. 16; Residence, No. 12L My little boy, when two years of age, was taken very 111 with bloody flux. I was advised to use Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, and luckily procured part o£ a bottle. I carefully read the directions and gave It accordingly. He was very low, -but y and surely he began to Improve, radually recovered, and Is now as stout faa strong as ever. I feel sure it saved iiijshife. I never can praise the Remedy half its worth. I am sorry every one In tlie world does not know how good It It Is as I do.—Mrs. Lma S. Hlnton, Grahamsville, Marlon Co., Florida. For «alo by B. F. Keesllng, druggist.. .. Remington fair excursion via Pennsylvania •• lines, August 25-28, low round trip tickets wlll.be sold to'Rem- ington for the fair; return coupons Talid August 29, Inclusive:- THE RAILROADS Western Freight Rates Continue in Bad Shape. NEWS ITEMS OUTSIDE A small boy named Flnncgau was run over by- n-wagon yesterday, morning and had an nnlde dislocated. He was attended 'by Dr.'J. W. Ballard. General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. Western freight rates are now HI a. wor.si; condition tliau I hey have bci'ii for a long time. The light IK>L\VI.>I>II Hie Chicago roads and tlie gi;lf linos for the gniin iraltic of the trans-Mis- souri tiMTitory is bein.i; waged with groat bitterness, and at present, riie gulf Hues seem to have the better of tho struggle. Althou.L'h rates have been reduced one-half between Chicago and tlie Slissotiri river and one- third between Chicago and the sou-' .board there is much of the grain going by the way of New Orleans and Galveston gateways. The AYesteni roads do not at p'reseut sec how they can reduce rates more without losing money and they an; anxious that their eastern connections shall come to their relict 1 . Tho latter, however, seem to be fairly well satisfied with their action in reducing the rates .by one-third, and the present indications are that the Western roads will bo loft to work out their salvation tho best, way they can. RAILROAD NOTES. E. M. Kinuey has been appointed chief train dispatcher of the Western New York & Pennsylvania. Mr Kiu- ney was at one time a telegraph operator on tho Wnbash lines. General Manager Loree, of the Pennsylvania lines west, who made a trip over the Indianapolis and Yiucenues ou Wednesday, ' gives Superintendent Mansfield the credit of having got.the operating expense of the road to the minimum and not"a man was ordered dropped. Tho brotherhoods of Locomotive Engineers, Locomotive Firemen, Railway-Trainmen, Railroad Telegraphers, and Railway Conductors will hold a 'grand union meeting at Terrc Haute ou Sunday, at which all the grand officers of those bodies will bo present and deliver addresses. For two years past .the Class X engines of the Pennsylvania have been considered the best on the lines, but they arc now followed by the Class L engine, which is larger aud heavier and is making ti remarkable record with the heavy express 'trains: As yet, uonc have-been put in service west of Pittsburg, but within the next few months a number will bo at work. There are two organizations which are likely to become permanent among the railroad companies' adjuncts: The car-service dissociations' which arc self- supporting, and which arc a'iding greatly In the prompt movement of cars, and the weighing and inspection bureaus, which are handsome revenue earners for the companies; not costing more than 20 per cent, of the earnings to operate them. It is to be hoped that the rate war between the Southern roads will be averted as it has been officially announced that it would result in wages and working forces being reduced at least 23 per cent.- If inaugurated, it will be one of the bitterest railway warfares this country has ever known. So say those who understand the situation and it begins, to look as If the' Seaboard Air-line were anxious for a test of strength and_ endurance. The total salaries, it is stated, of the nine managers of the Joint Traffic Association amount to if 100,000 a year. SHOCKNEY - AT'-''•• THE RINK TONIGHT. special occasions, receive but $5,000 per annum, but the presidents claim that the cost of operating the organization is Insignificant -when compared with the increase lu revenue which has been derived by the better innintcnnnce ot rates. W. C. Arp, superintendent of motive power of the Vuudalia, is spending a few days with friends at WiHIamsport, I'a. ••KvL-r'y day." says an expert engineer, "Is making it apparent that the Union Railway Company must do something in the way of straightening its track at the Union Station train sheds. Since they wore built the passenger trains, especially the through trains, have been considerably, lengthened, anil when sev.ernl are n.f the station ;il. one time it i.s dillicult to'handle them, as On several"of the tracks are curves too sharp for the long Pullman ,'iin.l Wagner cars, and three times within a week trains have left the truck in making these curves. There is more Catan 1 '- : " this section of the country than aU other disease.-! pu: together, and until the last I'ew years It was supposed to be incurable. For a great -many .years doctors pronounced It a local disease, and prescribed local remedies, and by constantly falling to cure with local treatment, pronounced It incurable. Science h.is.prurai catarrh to be a constitutional disease, and therefore requires constlt"t:onal treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure, muuuractured by F. ,1. Cheney & Co., Toledo, OhJo : Is the only constitutional cure on the market. It Is taken Internally >n aose.i from 10 drops to a teaspoocful. It acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. They offer one hundred dollars for any case It falls to cure. Send fo>- circulars and testimonials. Address F. ,T. CHENEY & CO., Toledo. 0. Sold by Druggists, 7Dc. The State Fair Is nearly bore once more, being this year the 14th to the 19th of Sept., and the managers arc actively preparing for the event. The' premium list is being mailed on application and the changes made will Interest exhibitors. Especially is this true in the live stock department where the changes give three premiums where before there was .1 warded but two. All diplomas have been abandoned and cash prizes substituted. 'JChe : uumbcr of •premiums are thus greatly increased and the live stock exhibitor that tliis year fulls to receive an award will certainly be very badly outclassed. Entries in all departments .close Sept. 7th, and exhibitors should write for a list at. once. Address Chas. F. Kennedy, Room 14, State .House, Indianapolis, Ind. 'REUNION OF THE SIXTY-NINTH. . The Sixty-ninth Indiana Regimental Association held a reunion at Liberty Thursday, which-was largely attended. 'Col. Oram Perry of Indianapolis, and the Bald-headed Glee Club, o£ that .city, were among the guests the regiment being Colonel Perry's old command. Last night, there was a camp lire, with .a welcoming address by C. W. Stivers, of the Liberty Herald, followed with responses by Colonel Perry Capt. Lee Yaryau of Richmond, and .T. W. Short, of Liberty. This was formerly the home ot (Jen. Tom Bennett, deceased who marched the regiment to the front and Mrs. Bennett was received with distinguished honors, coming .from her home at Richmond. WRONGLY USED. .. A correspondent at Kokomo, ; Ind., writes: Otto Garrett and William .Tarvis residents of Greontown, who.were arrested here on show day as supposed thieves, have filed a .«2,000 damage suit against Officer Frank Piter for false imprisonment They were kept In jail twenty-one hours before proving their innocence. • • TO CLEANSE THE SYSTEM Effectually yet gently, whaa costive or bilious, or when the blood U Impure or sluggish, to permanently overcome habitual constipation, to awako the kidneys and liver to a healthy activity, without Irritating or weakening them, to :dlapel headaches, colds, or fevers, use Syrup of Figs. EXCURSION TO PETOSKEY AND aiAOIXAC ISLAND.' Via. Vandalia Line, September, 1st. On the above date the Vaadalia Line will run a low-rate excursion to Petoskey and . Maclnac, Michigan. Tickets good returning for ten days. This is the only through car,line to northern Michigan." For full particulars, call on nearest Vandalia. line ticket agent, or address E. A. Ford, Gen'l Passenger Agent, St. Louis Mo. NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION INDIANAPOLIS, SEPTEMBER 2, 1800. The Vandalia line will sell excursion tickets .on August 29th,,,30th and 31'st good'to return until September 7th, Inclusive from nil stations,. at one fare for'th'o round'trip. For full particulars call on nearest Varnlalia line ticket agenl; or address E'. "A, Ford, Gen'l Passenger Agent, St. Lonis Ho. '•'\ We have no old shelf worn goods, but everything new and up to date. Read the following prices: Our $15.00 Suits go for $12.00 Our $12.00 Suits go for $9.0O Our $10.00 Suits go for $ 7.50 Our $8,00 Suits go for $5.5O Our $5.00 Suits go for $3.50 50C FOR CHOICE OF ANY STRAW HAT IN THE STORE. 25c qhoice of any of our Children's Straw Hats. Boys' Duck Suits one third off, trmy are bargains. Now is the time to buy a Suit of Clothes, a Kat or Gents Fur« nishing Goods, and 526 Broadway is the place to save money, These Prices are For Cash Only. JOSEPH G GRACE & CO., 426 BROADWAY. HAS HIS TROUBLES. Tlie Marion Lei'uler gives-the' following account of the attack on Walter E. Westlake.' brother of W. B. Westlakc, liy a crowd of Swayzee toughs: "Last Thursday night v-hile Walter E. Wostlako, editor of the Swiyzee :News, was sitting in the-grocery o£ Fry & Fry. "Red" Harrison walked iii the door and-, after a moment of parley, struck WestlaFto and followed the lirst blow up with two raoro. Walter grabbed a bottle of olives which was near and stopped his antagonist. Harrison started in to whip Westlako. but was prevented from so doing by moans of a very vigorous use of the manly art of defense. Both men then stepped out on the veranda aud the door-was bolted behind them. The mob, which lind been concealed in the shadow of the trees and 'bushes all of this time now appeared loaded with eggs. Harrison ducked and the rascals fairly peppered Westlak-c with the hen fruit and several of the mob wanted to do greater violence. He was informed that lie would be killed unless he left town and never returned. A buggy was procured, and he was driven to Marion, the Swa'yzee hotel refusing to shelter him. "Mr. Westlake will return to Swayzee today or tomorrow rinc will hold the fort.-- He says ho will continue to publish the Swayzoe News," WRIT OF HABEAS CORPUS. A dispatch from Tcrre Haute says: Benjamin Wintcrmuto today filed a petit ion for a writ of habeas corpus to secure the release of his sister, Mary from the Union Home for Invalids, this city. He has also secured an order from the court for her guardian, Swain B. Hughes, to bring her into court at 0 o'clock tomorrow morning, when the case is set for bearing. Miss Wintermute, who is forty years old, was recently examined as to her mental condition upou petition of her brother-in- law, -Swain B. Hughes, and was found to be weak-minded. Hughes was appointed' her guardian. He at once committed her to the Invalids' Home, left orders that her. brother nor any one else should see her find he took charge of her estate, valued at $15,000. The neighbors say' that the woman is ot sound mind. Her brother will Die suit for a rehearing of the insanity proceedings and to have the guardian removed Imedlately after the trial of the present pending case. • NOTICE TO CONSUMERS OF IL-; LUMINATING GAS. Wo desire to.notify those who are favoring us with their patronage, that tlie price on Artificial Gas consumed after September 1st, 1896, will be reduced to.a maximum of ifl.25 per thousand cubic feet net. . We trust that this material reduction will result not only in a continuance of present custom, but also : in increased patronage, which we will continue to endeavor to merit by good service and low prices. Very respectfully, , -, LOGANSPORT & WABASH VALLEY GAS.COaiPANY. Attes' Nellie Elklcburner., .of .North sireot, i.s' ( S.ick. ..-,•-. .1; ; :-. - /.. Drawings of All Kinds Made byj[ Draughtsman & Patent Attorney. Spry^Block. Logansport G. A. R, AT ST. PAUL. Special -Rates via Pennsylvania Linos for National Encampment. August 30tl* and 31st and September 1st are the dates upon which, low rate round trip tickets to St. Pa-ul will ba sold via Pennsylvania Lines, the short route through OWcago. Tickets will be good returning until September 15th, Inclusive, and if deposited with the joint agent at St. Paul on or before September 15, the return limit will_be extended to include September 30th. The rates tor thte occasion will be exceptionally low. via Pennsylvania Lines, the only system of railways over which trains run- from Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio and Indiana to Chicago Untoa Station, the natural gateway from those States to the Northwest. Daily trains from Pittsburgh, Columbus, Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Louisville make convenient connection at Chicago with St. Paul trams. Arrangements may be made by G. A. R. Post* or parties of friends to travel together on special trains or special cars that will go .through from starting point to the Encampment without change; If. tue number. Justifies It Information ,on tte subject wilt be cheerfully furnished by representatives of the Pennsylvania Lines. .-•,..,.- SIX SIX i Subscribe for The Journal, '40 cents 'n month. •• . . Special Train EXCURSIONS -TO- Maxinknckee Lake VIA THE VANDALIA LINE July iptl*. 26th, and August and, 9th, i6th, Fare for the round trip f 1.00. Tndm leaves Vandalia station at 9:68 & m. Those who enjoy a day's outing •hould not fail to take advantage of the exceedingly low rate to St Joseph via tte Vandalia Line. Train leaves tlw •fcitlon every Sunday at 7 a. m. Fare lor the round trip, $2. On account of the G. A. R. Encampment The North-Western TJne (Chicago & North-Western Railway) wJll on August 31'and September 1,1800, sell excursion tlcbete from- Chicago to St P»ul and return at rate of $8.00 for the round trip, good for return passage until September 15. with privilege of further extension to September SO, 1S96. For ticfets and full Information appty to agents of connecting lines, or addraM A.-H. Waggoner, T. P. A., 7 Jactem Place, Indianapolis, Ind. •• ~ , .'"::7j» Subscribe for The Journal.

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