The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 7, 1950 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 7, 1950
Page 17
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Kossuth 4-H Leaders To Hear Details, Camp Center Officers of Kossuth county boys' and girls' 4-H club organizations will meet with Carol Dee Legg, Hudson, la., historian of the Iowa girls' 4-H club organization, to learn more about a proposed State 4-H Club Camping Center, on Feb. 9, in a district meeting scheduled for Garner. Mrs. Henry Looft, Fenton, girls county 4-H chairman; Jack Quinn, Lone Rock, boys' county 4-H chairman; Paul Bode, Corwith, boys' county 4-H president; Dick Waterbury, Swea City, vice president; Robert Moore, Swea City, secretary; Gene Tokheim, Swea City, historian; Catherine Orthel, Titonka, girls' county 4-H president; Eilene Schiltz, Bancroft, secretary-treasurer; and Marjorie Bleich, Wesley, historian, will attend the meeting. Club members earlier discussed the camping center at their state wide meetings during the summer of 1949. Delegates to the girls 4-H convention unanimously approved the camping center movement and boys' 4-H short course delegates appointed a committee to work with the foundation in planning the project. Members of the Iowa 4-H Club Foundation gave-the project their approval following a meeting of state officers of the boys' and girls' 4-H groups, Miss Legg explained. The Kossuth county officers will discuss their part in the camping center movement with Miss Legg at the district meeting. They then will meet with local club officers and leaders to explain the fund-raising program to obtain a site for the camping center. Hawkeye state 4-H'ers are hoping to obtain 200-400 acres for their camp by the time of their annual June meetings. Money for this part of- the project development is expected to come from local clubs and club members, Miss Legg points out. Later, individuals, business organizations and other groups interested in further development of the 4-H program in Iowa will give 4-H'ers a helping hand in their efforts. In addition to hearing about the Iowa plan, the Kossuth 4-H officers will see a nine minute sound movie about a similar project which is nearing completion in Kansas. This movie will give the officers and leaders attending a picture of what's ahead in developing the Iowa camping center. Three Hurt When Car Strikes Ice Slippery ice resulted in an auto accident involving three young people 2 north and 3% east of West Bend, in Kossuth county, last week. Injured were Delores Ludwig, West Bend, head bruises and scratches; Walter Ulrich, Mallard, severe scalp wound, sprains and bruises; Donald Ludwig, lacerations of the head and cuts requiring 29 stitches to close. The injured were treated at West Bend by Dr. Morrison and then were taken to a Ft. Dodge hospital for observation, and Donald was retained while the other two were released. IF MOVING OR STORING YOUR HOUSEHOLD GOODS—contact BRADY TRANSFER & STORAGE COMPANY FORT DODGE, IOWA Agents, Allied Van Lines, Inc., in your locality. Excellent equipment, competent and courteous service. Phone or write for estimate on any moving problem. After a. long, cold week wfoh the children indoors most of the time and with no meetings or trips downtown to break the monotony, a week-end trip can sound mighty inviting. And unex* pectedly, that's what happened to me! Three days of hotel living with no laundry, dishes, cooking or child care is practically a rest cure this time of year. Although it was wonderful to get away from my three little problems, they certainly looked good to me when I returned. Not that I worried about them while we were gone, for they were in the capable care of their grandparents. The youngsters seemed to enjoy the change, too. * * * We watched one basketball game on television and saw another one in person and watched it being televised. There were two cameras, one for closeups and the other for long shots, and they were both operated by women. The microphone was located across the gymnasium from the cameras and the commentator was a man. This is one place where the man does all the talking while the women handle the mechanical part! • * * We accidentally came acrosi Rudy Vallee and his wife appearing in a television short after the game. He is extremely youthful looking, although he must be over fifty from the years he has been in show business. As for Mrs. Vallee, the wolf whistles our husbands gave her sufficiently describe her appearance. » * « Curly Pratt once said that he could understand how radio, telegraphy and the telephone operate but that he couldn't see how an image could be transmitted over television. I can't understand it either. Nor the radio, telegraph or telephone. In fact, about the only form of communication that I can understand is that of standing at th^ front door and yelling for the youngsters to come in for supper! « * « Television receiver* in Algona are increasing from the number of aerials seen on the houses here. Technically, we -are too far from the stations for good reception, but the families enjoy it. The test signal from the new Ames station is being viewed here, and I ,am looking forward A bow to the past, A PLEDGE TO THE FUTURE With whistle tooting and a plume of wood smoke trail, ing, old No. 1 started on its inaugural five-mile run from Milwaukee to Wauwatosa in 1850 —and started The Milwaukee Road on a century of achievement. That hundred years has been a busy period of growth, development and progress. The five miles of primitive track have stretched to more than 10,600 miles. The handful of employes has swelled to a group of 35,000 highly skilled railroaders. Businesses, like people, sometimes grow mellow with age and are inclined to live on their past achievements. We of The Milwaukee Road believe that age is simply an accumulation of experiences which can be used as a springboard for new ideas and new thinking. Experience has taught us that we must be pro* gressive to keep and win shippers and travelers who provide the traffic on which we live. As we begin our Second Century of Service we look forward to going ahead with the people and industries with whom we have long been a partner. The Milwaukee Road A home town industry—aiding your community by its taxes, payrolls and service* to seeing some of the people from WOI, which has been my favorite radio station for a long time. One Algona woman said she wouldn't give two cents to see some woman mix up a cake on the Screen, but I still think it would be interesting. * * i The younger Algonians greet the cowboy television shows with the same whoops and hollers that they greet their same heroes in the movies. It hasn't cut down on their weekly, attendance at the movies, though. * * * Although I thoroughly enjoy a trip to the city, I am more convinced each time I visit one that the only place I would like to live in is a small town. Like Algona. The time consumed in getting from place to place, the waiting for street cars and busses, and the impersonal • crowds are not for me. And if it is some of the cultural and entertainment advantages we seek, we smaller towners can always drive to Des Moines, Minneapolis, Omaha or even Chicago in just a few hours. * * * When it comes to raising a family a small town is perfect. Here we have yards for the youngsters lo play in, nearby woods in which to picnic and nearby farms to vliit. The kiddies can go safety to almost any part of town unescorted. If I lived in a city, I think I would miss, most off all, speaking to or talking with almost every one I meet on the street. The critics of the small town say that in a small town everyone knows your business and talks of it. I even enjoy that aspect of life here. For if everyone knows my business, I in turn know theirs. And being naturally nosey. I enjoy that. * • • This Week's Recipe is for Mid Waller's special hamburgers. These are fine for a late snack and the family will enjoy them, too. Brown a pound of hamburger in a skillet, stirring it until the meat is in small crumbly pieces as you would for chili. Take one can of chicken gumbo soup and two tablespoonfuls of catsup and add it to the meat. Cook over low heat until the mixture is very thick.'If you are in a hurry, thicken it with a little flour and water. Spread on buttered buns or bread and serve while hot. This recipe will stretch a pound of hamburger to serve six people. It can also be prepared ahead of the party and reheated at serving time. * * • In the mail I received a card from Mrs. L. A. of Fenton who objects to Grace's column on dogs. I felt rather badly to read that she thinks, "there is a cruel streak in a child or grown-up who sees humor in applying mercurochrome to a friendly, helpless dog." Well, Grace still doesn't like dogs, but I still maintain that I have never mistreated one and I will never do so. The incident of the mercurochrome took place about 17 years ago, but I am sure that all we did was to put it in the rinse water of the dog's bath. I think perhaps Mrs. L. A. is confusing mercurochrome with iodine because full strength mercurochrome doesn't even sting. I know, because after I read Mrs. L. A.'s card, I tried it. And what we used on Spot was greatly diluted. Medical authorities say that while mercurochrome doesn't sting any more than water, it is also just about as effective antiseptically. In the time we owned a dog, I am sure he harmed me much more than I ever even thought of harming him but that's another story. The dog which started my "unwarranted hatred" of the breed was undoubtedly not as good a pet as most people have. But I am always happy to receive mail from readers and I do value your opinion. — GRACE 2 Church Youth Groups To Meet The Congregational and Presbyterian young people of Algona will unite their efforts for the next four months in a conjoined youth program. The program, planned by youth officers of Westminster and Pilgrim Fellowships, is called "The Cathedral of Life." Rev. Gerald Hallauer will be Dean. The Sunday evening schedule is as follows: 7:00-7:20: Youth Worship, arranged by a joint comm i 11 e e from both churches. 7:20-8:00: Courses of Study, with elective courses for the Senior High age group. Planned course for Juniors. 8:00-8:30: Fellowship. 8:30-8:45: Refreshments. 8:45- Friendship Circle. Planned for the benefit of Junior and Senior High groups, the meetings will be held in the First Presbyterian church during February and April and in the Congregational church during March and May. Farmerettes Meet The Farmerettes met on Thursday, Jan. 26, for a monthly meeting at the home of Mrs. Marvin Reding. Winners at "500" were, high, Mrs. Wilfred Kohlhaas, low, Mrs. Milford Plathe, and travel. Mrs. Arthur Kohl. Guests of the club were Mrs. John B. Reding and Mrs. Maurice Reding. USE THE WANT ADS Churches Plan Easter Cantata At a meeting of the Algona Ministerial Union, held last Thursday afternoon at the Congregational church, plans were made for local Protestant Lenten services. One of the highlights of the plans this year is a cantnta. to be presented by the massed choirs of the local churches at 7:30 p. m. on Palm Sunday, April 2. Harold Weber of the high school faculty will direct the combined chorus jrroups. The cantata will be given at the Methodist church. A theme, "Wortls From the Cross", has been chosen for the Easter season by the local churches, and a pre-Easter program will be sponsored cooperatively at the following churches and times: Monday, April 3, Nazarene church. Dr. Emil Brnzon speaking: Tuesday, April 4, Presbyterian church. Rev. L. E. Page speaking; Wednesday, April 5. First Lutheran chiikich. Rev. Gerajd Hallauer speaking; Thursday, April 6, individual communion services. On Good Friday. April 7. from 1:15 to 2:45 p. m., a city wide program will be held at the Congregational church, with all ministers and churches participating. Rev. Van Duyn, Rev. Brand, and Rev. Kuyper will present meditations. Faces Charges Of Larceny Here \Vm. H. King. A/gona. charged with larceny, was bound over to the district court by Mayor B. P. Richardson, after a hearing in the mayoi's court Saturday. King is charged with the theft of carpenter's tools He was arrested by city police. Tuesday, February 7, 1950 Algona Upper Des Motnes—3 Other cases before the mayor included the following: Gottlieb Reefer, Algonn, intoxication, fined $25 and cost.*: George Lichter, Algona, intoxication, casfil continued until today. Before J. B. Johnston, local justice of the peace, John Farrell of Whittemore was fined $5 and costs for an arterial violation, and Wade Koons of Algnna was given a 20 day jail sentence, with 10 suspended, on a charge of intoxication. Hilda Fain, a transient, charged with intoxication, was sentenced to 30 days in the county jail, but sentence was suspended on condition that the defendant leave town immediately, which she did. One of these __ * Afolentines for you? LIBERAL TRADE-IN ALLOWANCE MAKES YOUR COST SURPRISINGLY LOW NEW TUBELESS TIRE Made ONLY by tv\iv B. F. Goodrich Seals punctures instantly and permanently as you drive. Tube troubles ended for good I New BFG "Rythm Ride" for greater comfort, safety, mileage. Cost is less than regular tire and safety- type tube. Get a set today. rB.EGoodrieh' 1 LOOK! NiEDS NO TUBE- SEMS PUNCTURES TOO! i_i-n-nT ""~ r o K [ Rubber Welders 1 immmmmmmmmmm* 118 North Thorington Algona Phone 308 @/{/() y heart belongs to Felicity Hall: **• She waits five minutes before the next call. NORTHWESTERN BEll TELEPHONE COMPANY THE BETTER MILKING CLINIC .... don't miss the BETTER MILKING Sponsored By IOWA STATE COLLEGE Extension Service CLINIC ALGONA HIGH SCHOOL WEDNESDAY,FEB.I5-9a.m.-3p.m. • YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO MISS THIS BETTER MILKING CLINIC.... YOU WILL SEE SURGE IN ACTION—AND YOU'LL SEE WHY THE SURGE MILKING SYSTEM IS THE BEST YOU CAN BUY! Linde Implement Co. FRED LOOFT SWEA CITY, IOWA * Surge Sales and Service* ALLEN LOOFT SS COMING! Big News For Everybody Who Loves Real Bargains SS

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