The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 7, 1950 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 7, 1950
Page 16
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$ $ COMING! Something That'll Make You Want To "Take A Trip To Town" $ $ 4**Aig8fia Upper De* Motnti Tuesday, February 1, 19SO Named To Public School Honor Roll After a tough bout with semester tests, 81 studehts of Algona public high and junior high schools were named to the honor roll. In order to qualify for this honor, a student must have a B average with no grade below C plus. An improvement honor roll was made • out for students in junior high who raised at least two grades and lowered none. (*) indicates straight A. 121h Grade Bottger, Margaret; Collins, Dale: Button, Jerry; Hansen, Carol; Henry, Charlene; Hutchison, Ted; (*) Lenz, Helen; Lieb, Iris; JMcAlpine, Nancy; McKim, Mary; Mertz, Janet; Phillips, Shirley; Pollard, Claudia; Reding, Janet; Richardson, Phyllis; Zeigler, Marian. llth Grade Albright, John; Black, Montie; (*) Christiansen, Bob; Fuerstenau, Ruth; Gade, Helen; (*) Laing, Edd; Langmack, Fred; McVeigh, Mary; Parkins, Betty; (*) Rech- ess, Joan: Robison, Beverly; Simons, Anita; Wolcott, Larry. lOih Grade Batt, Marilyn; Van Buren, Pat Qapsaddlet, Jill; Eason, Mary; Finn, Carol; Galbraith, Barbara; McGinnis, Denver; McGuire, Madonna; Schaap, Dianne; Seger, Ruth; Skogstrom, Chloris; Spear, Sherry. 9ih Grade (*) Funk, Lois; Gade, Helen; (*) Kresensky, Alice; Lea.negh, Jan; Lowman, Marilyn; Mawdsley, Mary; McCorkle, Sandra; McMahon, Judy; Murtagh, Judy; Shierk, Cameron; Stillman, Marcia; Thaves, Marilyn; Urch, Albert; (*) Wellendorf, Carmen. 8ih Grade Anderson, Joyce; Bourne, Julia; Devine, David; Griggs* Warren; Hayes, Kirk; Hutzell, Joy; Looster, Janice; Lee, Donn; Lenz, Pauline; Miller. Joyce; Riebhoff, Lois; Vanderwall, Jacqueline; Wildin, Barbara. 7th Grade Anderson, Phil; Bergeson, Joan- Bosworth, Harold; Bray ton, Kay Downey, Karen; Herbst, Adel; Kuchenreuther, Karen; Langmack, Peter; McKim, Evelyn; Powers. Donna; Reid, Adris; witnam, Geraldine; YoungBlood, Gerald. Improvement Honor Roll 8ih Grade Anderson, Joyce; Bourne, Julia; Griggs, Waren; Hanson, Duane; Helmers, Eldon; Hutzell, Joy; Jones, Lois; Lenz, Pauline; Riebhoff, Lois. 7th Grade Dermand, Nidcs; Bergeson, Joan; Bray ton, Kay; Downey, Karen. Home Owners In County Increase Home ownership has taken a sharp upswing in Kossuth county sirtce 1944 and there has been a general increase since 1937 in the number of people claiming homestead exemptions, according to records at the Kossuth county treasurer's office. The law went into effect in 1937 and in that year, $108,218.52 in property qualified for exemptions. In 1948, that figure was $154,243.58 and is an indication of the increased number of home owners. However, with added levies and other changes, no correlation as to the number of homes can be made. Owing to a possible equalizing valuation by the state tax commission, the 1949 figure is not yet available, but it is assumed that it, too, will show an increase. Figures showing the general upward trend follow: 1937 $108.218.52 1938 107,459.52 1939 106,332.02 1940 116,037.45 1941 116,879.77 1942 124,167.93 1943 118,076.96 1944 121,691.33 1945 121,305.34 1946 138,686.52 1947 147,313.10 1948 154,243.58 The experience over Iowa has been similar to that of Kossuth with a steadily increasing ration according to figures released by the state tax commission. Bond Sales Over 4 Million Here Total sale of U. S. savings bonds in Kossuth county during 1949 were well over the four million total. Figures just released showed that Kossuth purchasers bought $2,443,888 worth of series E, F, & G bonds and $1,729,674 worth of E bonds during the year. There were redemptions of slightly over one million dollars in bonds during the year, also. BOOKKEEPING S U P PLIES, at the Algona Upper DPS Moines office. PHONE 229 FARMERS Call for Our Daily Market Quotations on Your HOGS VEAL CALVES SHEEP WESTERN BUYERS ALGONA,IOWA, STOCK BUYERS PHONE/07 FARM SALE 320 ACRES OF IMPROVED LAND The Bierstedt farm in Burt Township, Kossuth County, Iowa, will be sold to the highest bidder on February 10, 1950, at 2:00 o'clock P. M., in the Court Room of the Court House in Algona, Iowa. LOCATION— The farm is located in Burt Township, 1'i miles straight west of Burt, Iowa and Vi miles south and 3 miles East of Lone Rock, Iowa, and is described as the West half (W'/j) of Section Twenty-two (22), Township Ninety-seven (97) North, Range Twenty-nine (29), West of the 5th P. M., Kossuth County, Iowa. TERMS AND PLAN OF SALE— Farm will be offered for sale in separate tracts as the South half of Southwest quarter, North half of Southwest quarter, Southwest quarter, Northwest quarter and then as a whole tract, that is the West half of the Section. Whichever plan will amount to the largest sum, that plan will be submitted to the Court for approval. Purchaser or purchasers to pay 20°° down and balance in cash on final settlement as soon at abstracts of title have been approved by purchasers and deeds delivered. Premises will be sold free and clear of liens and encumbrances. The 1949 taxes, payable in 19SO, will be paid by the Referee. Possession will be given as of March 1, 1950, subject to lease of Wm. Madson which expires March 1, 1951. IMPROVEMENTS— Two story 6 room house with 2 enclosed porches, large burn, double crib with overhead granary arid new Inside elevator, hog house, chicken house, machine shed, garage, steel grain bin. Farm is serviced by R.E.A. high line.. 1948 taxes, payable in 1949, were $377. The successful bidders will enter into a contract with the Referee, subject to approval of Court. For further details or information see the Referee. R. H. MILLiR, Algona, Iowa REFfRK ANNUAL STATEMENT OF t^ Kossuth Mutual Insurance Association ? For 1949 RECEIPTS Assets Dec. 1, 1948 ., 1949 Assessment collection „___ 58,712.21 Interest on bonds_._ 826.25 Rent received—„_;•> „ __„• 1,107.00 Pollicy fee, contig. fee^hew & renewed business 9,241.63 Received from reinsurance , 157.31 $150,841.88 Total receipts. 70,044.40 $220,886.28 LEDGER ASSETS Book value of real estate 23,000.00 Book value of Bonds i 80,100.00 Cash in banks _._ 67,390.91 Total Ledger Assets Outstanding check Net resources. $170,490.91 2.05 170,492.96 DISBURSEMENTS 186 Claims Paid Adjusting and Inspecting. ..; Directors Meetings Reinsurance Paid Sec'y., Ass't. Sec'y. a»d Extra Help State & National Ass'n fees and Farm Bureau- Return Assessments ^ . Sec'y & Ass't. Sec'y. Bonds : Bond Insurance Return checks Bank charges Social Security & Withholding Tax Advertising and Printing..; Telephone and Postage •- — Taxes on Office s Building expense including janitor Fire calls and Membership in Fire Co Collection fees 31,525.57 410.99 114.35 8,667.87 5,33190 210.00 348.48 35.00 17.00 27.41 3.60 542.00 681.51 522.58 722.93 1,383.47 1,800.00 42.66 Total Disbursements. | 50,393.32 $220,886.28 LOSSES PAID - - - 1949 F. G. Darnell & Son, Household goods by fire '. $ Lloyd Neswold, Tractor by fire Harry L. Nelson, Building by fire Alvin Gray, Household goods by fire Walter Vaudt, Building by lightning Alyin F. Klein, Household goods by lightning Irvin Elbert, Household goods by fire Roy E. Ehrhardt, Household goods, by fire L. M. Bonnstetter, Household goods by fire Milford Berg, Tractor by fire * John Kohlwes, Building and household goods by fire Charley McGuire, Building and household goods by fire J. H. Furst, Building by lightning .'.. ._ Wm. Hoffman, Building by fire Louis Germann, Household goods by fire Bill G. Steil, Household goods by fire III R. H. Birnbaumer. Household goods by fire Wilfred Radig, Household goods by fire "III""" Howard A. Horthrop, Household goods by fire -_^_a.. John .W, Schiltz, .Building by fire. .... :.__ John W. & HerwfiSfflaitz, Household goods by fire,— Fred W. Harms, Building by fire . W. H. Meyer. Building by fire. _..'_ II" Roman Ricke, Stock by fire Chris J. Miller Est. & Anna M. Miller, Building and house hold goods by fire Freddie Eden, Building, machinery, hay, grain and stock by fire Maggie & Walter Crahan, Tractor by fire.— "..J.JJJ. John A. Krull, Poultrtt by fire Ira Naumann, Stock ^y lightning "IIIII Milford Berg, Poultry and machinery by fire II Calvin Bode, Machinery by fire Otto Ruhnke, Stock by lightning ..Ill" Elizabeth Reding, Building and household goods by fire George Griese, Building by fire '. Rudolph G. & Bertha Willrett, Building and household goods by fire John Van Hove, Building by fire... Viola Sarchet, Building by fire Rose Blanchard Est., Building by fire Melvin Engelbarts, Machinery and grain by fire Carl W. Priebe, Building by fire ' Ralph Johnson, Stock by lightning Wm. F. Erdman, Household goods by fire Alton Hurlburt, Poultry by fire Anna Welter, Building by fire W. J. Weisbrod, Buildings by fi fire. W. J. & Don Weisbrod, Hay, grain, machinery" and stock by fire Alberta L. Gumming*, Building by fire I Alex N. Eischen, Poultry by fire Marius C. Henriksen, Stock by lightning!!!!!!!I Louis C. Cink & Dan Roberts, Machinery, hay and grain by fire °_ Earl Trenary, Stock by lightning II.II.IIIIII Herman Wise, Machinery, chicks and grain by fire"_I" I"" W. L. Reynolds, Hay by fire Art Kelch, Stock by lightning I I..IIIIIIIIIII George Ennen, Machinery by fire Harvey Enfield, Household goods by lightning R. J. Stewart, Building by fire. . " George Schroeder, Building by ffre IIIIIIIIII Lawrence Meyer, Household goods by lightning Harold Redihg, Stock by lightning R. W. Gingrich, Household goods by fire V.V.V.V" Percy Ronda, Stock by lightning "_!!"_ M. C. Krosch, Household goods by lightning I.IIIIII Carl Harms, Stock by lightning Frtd Pannkuk, Stock by lightning I HI Alex N. Eischen, Building by lightning I Gilbert Cordes, Building & personal by fire I.III Irvin Koppen, Stock by lightning John Grandgenett Jr., Stock by lightning I Roy Kenne, Stock by lightning J. H. Jensen, Personal by lightning HI Walter Nase, Personal by lightning _ W. L. Heerdt. Stock by lightning I Frank T. Lewis, Stock by lightning Ralph Dugan & D. D. Clapsaddle, Stock by lightning Ralph H. & Edith P. Woltz, Building by lightning ... M. O. Richards, Stock by lightning Howard Funnernark, Stock by lightning Christ Gelhaus, Stock by lightning--- ___' Ray Balwance, Household goods by lightning Arvid Christ, Stock by lightning ___ _ Howard Funnernark, Stock by lightning Marius Henricksen, Slock by lightning Russell Shiplcr, Stock by lightning A. L. Rochleau, Household goods by lightning I'lII Melvin Mansager, Stock by lightning... Ernst Frieden Jr., Building by lightning , Leo Crowley, Tractor by fire N. A. Pingei, Building by fire .".. E. J. Shilluigton, Building by fire Henry W. Schultz, Stock by lightning -Arnold Hantelman, Building by lightning 5.80 22.50 21.52 108.00 31.50 18.95 44.80 149.93 40.00 176.09 557.68 352.20 12.25 29.25 3B.OO 37.50 33.75 60.00 63.50 26.50 87.36 60.00 60.44 72.00 70.10 3,430.00 44.13 100.00 30.00 375.00 114.86 50.00 75.00 31.37 125.00 314.62 40.00 300.00 67.90 136.37 80.00 5.50 28.00 100.00 4,054.00 5,425.00 27.00 50.00 35.20 1,926.25 25.00 222.35 160.00 86.25 52.20 22.98 34.47 25.00 25.38 25.00 10.00 100.00 7.10 40.00 100.00 24.76 25.25 216.25 200.00 100.00 28.15 17.65 47.25 100.00 100.00 36.89 76.50 137.93 75.00 5.37 100.00 137.93 48.25 75.00 2.09 100.00 11.85 46.88 10.00 34.35 30.00 10.74 Walter Nase, Building by lightning ______________________ E. J. Heidenwith, Stock by lightning _________ . ..... _______ Louis Schmidt, Building by lightning ____________________ Rose M. Potter, Building and household goods by fire -----Urban J. Lichteig, Household goods by lightning — •_: ____ ._ Lafrs & Lawrence Loge, Build by lightning ----- .. ---------Sig Logt*. Household goods by lightning __________________ Justin Berhow, Household goods by lightning ----------Clem Heiar, Machinery by fire --------------------------U. 3. Hmz, Building by lightning _________________________ Howard A. Northrop, Tractor by fire --------------------Clarence Gardner, Stock by lightning ____________________ Marvin C. Uhr, Stock by lightning _______________________ Alfred Lloyd, Stock by lightning --------------------------James Cullen, Machinery by lightning ____________________ ft. S. Leibrand, Building by lightning ___________________ Homqr W. Dodds, Building by lightning- .......... ... Roy Osborn, Stock by lightning ________ ____ ...... ... . ..Henry J. Jensen, Stock by; yghtning— „__ .. * Lewis A. Breese, Stochriby Cghtning.,-^_...lC-- _______ I,J. O. F. & Adda M. Price, Building by fire..,!. ..... ...„?£ Louis Kaphcngst, Building by lightning _____ Jack G. Tieman, Stock by lightning __________ I.IIII"! I" B. C. Luedtke, Machinery by fire _________ P, W. Arend, Straw by lightning ______ ..... ..II Mrs. Mary Anderson, Stock by lightning ______ '.. Lee Olson. Household goods by lightning- Michael & Casey Loss, Stock by lightning Elmer Jorgenson, Stock by lightning ___________ E. F. Logemann, Building by lightning. F. C. Newlin, Building by lightning ..... Frank Seeley, Stock by lightning.. David E. Lynch, Stock by lightning . ....... '" John P. Peterson, Stock by lightning Darney Hesvik, Building by lightning- ............ Walter Leonard, Stock by lightning ________ ....... " ..... Mrs. Mary Newman, Building by fire-John Altman, Building by lightning... I ................. Marvin Junkersmeier. Building by lightning ............. John Moulton, Household goods by fire ..... Truman Johnson, Stock by lightning """ ........... "" C .R. Kollasch, Building by lightning ............ " ........ Harry Dirksen, Building by lightning ..... ............... Raymond N. Kohlhaas, Building by lightnine ..... Carl G. Tegtgmeyer, Stock by lightning....:!"! Wm. Ostwald, Building by lightning "I Ll £ yd ""J ch 'nson. Building, hay, grain 'and "machinery" by lightning ------------------- Mehz & Reimers, Stock by lightning ............ Otto Engelbarts, Household goods by "lightning ....... " John K. Harms, Stock by lightning " ...... "" G Benjamin, Building by lightning!""" 14.00 298.00 6.76 330.12 10.93 47.93 20.00 2.15 70.00 21.92 48.87 45.00 90.00 48.00 35.70 12.18 54.51 100.00 100.00 100.00, Earl & Ellen C. Reed, Building by lightning!"!"""" ...... Charley & Gladys Eggerth, Building by fire ........ David Johnson, Stock by lightning ..... Ervin E. Weaver Household goods by'Iightafni" ......... Mike Bormann, Building by lightning- -------Peter Schmidt Est., Household goods by HfihtnTnt' Elmer C. Potter, Building by fire "Smnmg -------Ludwig & Haakin Johnson, Building by liehtni r niT~~ ...... Dean Andrews, Building by lightning ngnlnln 8 --------Lawrence Johahnesen Building by lightning! ....... O. R. Person, Personal by lightning . ....... ----Menno Limberg, Building by fire ........... -------Wilfred H Kohlhaas, Personal by lightning"" ..... ------Harvey Enfield, Machinery by fire ....... ------Merle D Miller, Household goods by lighTnTnjT ..... ----Henry Boyken, Building by lightning g ..... ------George C.Olsen, Building by lightning!!!! ........ -------Maynard White, Personal by fire ...... " ....... Thomas Murphy, Buildings and "per"s"o"nal""by" lig'htnimT"" George Dorweiler, Combine by fire "K"inmg ---Forrest Rode, Machinery by fire ............ " ........ Viola H. Blomster, Building by lightnina"" ........ """ ..... Robert Kollasch, Slock by lightning * ..... ' ..... ' ...... Harry Mathahs, Implements by fire ........... - ....... John Homann, Implements by lightning ....... ------ " ---Rosa Stattelmsm, Household goods by lightnfne --------S. R Parsons, Building by ligntning " gntnln 8 --------Eimel Elmers, Grain by fire ----- ........ - ..... John feuilding by lightning' —-*,, r, ",-.-• «"Hn and machinery by firo Eli Bruelhnan, Building by fire Ervm Klinktick, Stock by lightning Theodore W. Trunnelle. Buildl™ K,?VI" ... Trunnelle, Carl A Seip, Household „ „„„ Arnolld Becker t Household ijoods v —"- Seeley, Household Bros., Building by 17.37 40.00 55.40 224.00 20.00 5.02 125.00 90.00 9.30 38.27 78.39 112.50 80.00 40.00 50.00 400.00 26.82 46.62 206.00 9.00 15.27 9.54 40.73 100.00 21.08 2,561.60 75.00 2.85 100.00 a.oti 27.70 27.74 41.88 1)3.00 80.00 5.02 35.24 9.63 20.00 36.21 3.8G 21.62 31.42 126.00 100.00 30.60 3.75 20.61 23.60 77.00 6.15 74.97 250.00 8.00 100.00 35.75 21.00 16.04 12.20 51.30 35.05 545.64 30.13 170.25 37.93 1,025.58 43.10 2140 97.50 128.43 2.05 3.63 15.71 ¥3 Your association paid 38 more claims in 1949, but the total paid out was $10,851.96 less than in 1948 1,525.57

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