The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 31, 1950 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 31, 1950
Page 16
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8—Algono Upper Das Moines Tuesday, January 31, 1950 "THE MYSTERY FARM day, Jan. 19. Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Wortrria were hosts at dinner last wee Tuesday evening with Mr, ant Mrs. Russell Winter and familj and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Win ter and family as guests. Tues day was the birthday of Messrs Raymond and Russell, known a the Winter twins, sons of the late Mr. and Mrs. Cnarles Winter and the preceding day was the birthday of Mrs. Wortman. ' Barbara Collinspn, who spen several weeks visiting her aunt Mrs. Laura Penny, left via bus trom Blue Earth, Minn., for her home at Ivanhoe, Minn. Dr. and Mrs. William Smith of Marathon spent a weekend with Dr. Smith's parents, Mr. and Mrs J. E. Smith. On Sunday the Smith's accompanied the visitors o Britt, where they visited Mrs. r. E. Smith's niece and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd. About 35 relatives and friends iclped Dwayne Lester celebrate lis birthday, Saturday night, Jan. 21. Mr. and Mrs. Junior Otis of 'orest City visited Mrs, OtisT mother, Mrs. Carl Trump and 'heodore. :agl< Joys THE FARM PICTURED LAST week in the Upper Des Moines was thai of David Lynch, we have bee ninformed. located noriheast of Lone Rock. It is a 200 acre place. Pictured above is this week's Mystery Farm. If the tenant or owner of the place will notify this newspaper he will receive a free aerial view, the original from which the above cut was made. Phone 1100. or stop at the office. HeeflandsWed 32 Years, Hold Family Party Lakota—Tuesday, Jan. 24, was th* 32nd wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Heetland and their children and families surprised them when they all came bringing a' ready cooked 6:30 dinner with a 30 pound, roasted turkey and all the trimmings, with "all the families enjoy the feast. there to Lena Winter and Jerry Heetland were married Jan. 24, 1918 at Estherville, and they have a fine family of eight children, namely, Meriam (Mrs. Larry Stafford). Lakota; Norma (Mrs. Vernon Smith), Florence (Mrs. Elmer Paulson), Joan (Mrs. Glen Mabus), the twins Wayne and Wanda, at home; Ronald and Gerald, the latter also at home, all the rest of Lakota. The Heetlands also have seven grandchildren. They have lived and reared their lamily in the Lakota vicinity. Organize Junior Auxiliary The Junior Legion Auxiliary was organized last September with Mrs. Robert Beemer as counselor and the following as officers: Chairman, Lois Leslie; vice chairman, Deloris Kienitz; secretary and treasurer, Marlene Kienitz; historian, Velma Leslie, who is also chaplain and ser- eeant-at-arms. Other members are Diana Schrocder, Deloris Schaumberg and Lois Birncr. The January meeting was held with Lois and Velma Leslie. The February meeting will be with Deloris and Marlene Kienitz in the form of a Valentine party. Library Board Reports The Lakota library board held its annual meeting last week Tuesday at the library in the city hall for the regular" business. Mrs. Henry Mitchell, librarian, gave the following report: Books in library January 1, 1949, 2,418; added during the year — juvenile 37, adult 24, "non-fiction 4, two of these were memorial books; total books on hand, 2,483; books loaned — juvenile 1,338, adult 2SO, non-fiction 51, total I,6(j9; borrowers, juvenile 763, adult 232, total 995. Story hour, 12 sessions with average attendance of t'2, highest attendance 31, lowest attendance 13. Highest month for loaning books Marcn 1949, 279 books; lowest, September, 58; highest single day, March, 44; lowest, Mayll, 1 book. The enforced polio vacation lowered totals quite a lot but reading by the public is increasing where things look more encouraging. Figures for trie past few years shovv pc-opl-j raiding GREEN COLONIAL 1 Burns ill wades domestic and catalytic fuel oils. Approved by Underwriter's laboratories. Eo«y Optratlon P. R. IRONS Phone 523-W ALGONA GREEN COLONIAL FOR HOMES 'OF ALL S/Z£5 AND ALL KINDS Of FUEL fewer books each year. Treasurers report: Receipts — Balance on hand Jan. 1, 1949 $301.60, town tax $258.19, balance paid on sale of building $700 fines $32, total $1,291.79. Expenses, librarian salary S99 for 12 months; books bought S96.6Ci dues (ILA) .50, insurance $5, bonds purchased $814, total expense $1,015.-0. Balance on hand Jan. 6, 1950, $276.69. Triple Birthday Party Mr. and Mrs. Ernest were hosts Tuesday at a birthday supper, celebrating Mrs. Wortman's birthday which was the 23rd, and Raymond and Russell Winters' birthdays on the 24th who, with their families, were the guests. The group enjoyed a telephone conversation with their cousin, Howard Randall, who called from his home in Glenburn, N. D. Taken Suddenly 111 Mrs. Raymond Winter was taken suddenly ill at the special meeting at the school Thursday night and was taken to the home of her sister, Mrs. Henry Mitchell. Homamalton Meeting The lesson on "Home Freezing" was givpn to 15 Farm Bureau Homemaker club women of Mrs. Ronald Heetland. Mrs. Russell Winter gave a short history of the discovery of frozen foods. Raymond Winter gave a demonstration on dressing and wrapping a chicken for freezing. The Presbyterians Circles met Thursday, Jan. 19 with Meriam with Mrs. W. E. Circle with Mrs. Ley, Elso Esther JanseTi, both in the afternoon and Mary with Mrs. W. D. Ley in the evening. Mrs. C. C. Gerzema drove to Algona, Saturday, Jan. 21, taking Mesdames T. C. Schaper, Lena Steenhard, Art Ogren and Miss Hannah Heetland to visit Mrs. Henrietta Oldreks, who is with her daughter and family, the Alvin Huenholds. Mrs. Schaper also visited the George Winters. Lucretia, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Clapper, celebrated her ninth birthday Wednesday, Jan. 18, at her home with seven girl classmates as guests at a birthday party with a nice birthday cake as part of the refreshments. Henry Schaper of Dec.atur, 111., was a recent visitor with his brother, Tony C. Schaper, &h<l wife. He went from here to Minnesota to visit his sons and families there. J. E. Smith attended the as- e& Grant 4-H Have Lively Meetings Swea & Eagle — The Eagle boys 4-H club January meeting was recently held at the Center rural school. Junior Pavik gave a talk and demonstrated plowing. Everett Thorson gave a lesson on knot tying. After a social time Harold Roalson served lunch. The Grant 4-H club met Friday night, Jan. 20, at the Alfred Zielske home. A program and business session was held. It was voted by the club to send $5 to the Farm Youth Exchange. The club made $20 on & waffle supper at Grant school some time ago. Mrs. Zielske served "lunch. Mr. and Mrs. John Tobin visited last weekend at the home of Virgil Peterson's, Minneapolis. Mr. and Mrs. Gaylord Johnson of Fenton visited Monday at the home of his brother and wife, the Truman Johnsons. Liola Johnson, student at Iowa State Teachers college, Cedar Falls, was a weekend visitor at the home of her parents, Truman Johnson's. Mrs. Cecil Thorson, who underwent major surgery at Methodist hospital, Des Moines, recently, left Des Moines Monday and is! staying at the home of her parents, Ed Jensens, Algona. She is expected home here at an early date. Mrs. Thorson's small son stayed at the Jensen home while her daughter of school age stayed at her grandparents, O. L. Thorson's, while their mother was away. The Virgil and Maynard Jenson's spent Thursday afternoon at the home of their parents, p. A. Jensen's. The occasion was O. A.'s birthday. ' " 20 YEARS AGO 20 Years Ago From Ihe files of the Upper Des Moines - Republican Algona wag aroused by the loud and long blowing of the fire whistle when it was discovered that the building south of the Kossuth County Bank (now the site of a parking lot) was ablaze. E. C. Mayfield used the build- ng for a warehouse for tobacco, candy and other articles, old building was covered This With outcome settled to the tune of 13 to 6. Dick Cowan, who went fri during the last moments of the fourth quarter, showed that he had the makings of a footballer. Others who stood out were Stevenson, Cliff, Adams, Medln and Blinkmah. « * * Ten Year* Ag Moli Upper Des [O ines Thursday afternoon at the home sessor meeting at Algona, Thurs- Both the highest and the lowest points above sea level in the United States are in California. sheet tin which made the job ol he fire laddies doubly dangerous Aid difficult. Stock amounting to $4000 was mrned and a Boston Bulldog hat slept in the building was lurned to death. Al Falkenhainer iwned the building and it was uninsured. It was one of the oldest frame usiness houses in Algona, hav- ig been erected 54 years before ne fire. It was erected first near he Milwaukee depot at the time when Algona was really two owns. Algona's 'present business see- on was boomed by Ingham and Smith and became Algona proper. The frame building was moved to its location to be occupied by a produce company, prior to becoming a warehouse. * * * A Ford sedan owned by William Ringsdorf of Burt and driven by his son, Donald, was wrecked when it was struck by a passenger train at the intersection east ol Sexton. Four passengers .escaped injury. Four people were on their way to Wesley to attend a show when their car skidded on the corner and overturned on the tracks. Slippery pavement was blamed for this part of the accident. As they worked to right the practically undamaged car, the oncoming train was spotted. Three of the party worked frantically to move the car while the fourth ran up the tracks in a vain effort to stop the train. They could do nothing but stand aside and watch their car turn into a pile of junk. Ringsdorf purchased, a new car two days later. * * • Four car thieves were sentenced to five years at Ft. Madison. They were men with previous police records and it was said that the theft of a' car belonging to Louis Hull of Algona was merely the last of a long series of such things. * « * A farm hand in Hebron township was fined $15 for stealing gas from farmers in that neighborhood. He couldn't pay the fine so was spending a few days in jail. * • * Mads Chrltiian«on want to SI. Paul to attend the national butter- makers' convention. * * * Algona defeated Hampton in a hard-fought game with the final Chevrolet alone in the low-price field gives you all that's beautiful ..;:> all that's thrilling . „ . all that's thrifty! Th» StyUflM D* LUM 4-Door Sedan FIRST... and Finest... at Lowest Cost! CHEVROLET Yes, you can expect the new standard of powerful, dependable low-cost performance from the 1950 Chevrolet . . . just as you can look to it for the new standard of beauty, driving and riding ease, and all-round safety. It's the only low-priced car offering you a choice of the finest standard or automatic drive and the finest performance with ecotir omy from two great Valve-in-Head engines . . . plus all the other features listed here. Come in. See Chevrolet for 1930— first and finest at lowest cost! Cfc*vro/«f-ond Ch»,rel.t a/on*—br/iig« fou all lkn» advon- to«M ol low..l cot*! NEW STYLE-STAR BODIES BY FISHER . . . NEW TWO-TONE FISHII INTERIORS . . . CENTER-POINT ITEMING AND UNITIZED KNEE-ACTION IIDE . . . CUIVED WINDSHIELD WITH PANORAMIC VISIBILITY . . . BIGGEST Of All LOW-PRICED CABS . . . PROVED CERTI-SAFE HYDRAULIC MAKES . . . CXTRA-ECONOAUOU TO OWN, OPERATf AND MAINTAIN. AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION Combination of PovergUde Transmission and 105-h.f. Engine optional on De Lutt model* at txlra cat. AMERICA'S BEST SELLER . . . AMERICA'S BEST BUY! KOSSUTH MOTOR CO. Across from Post Office Phone 200 Algona Roy Frank escaped serious injury when his Aberdeen Angus bull became enraged and attacked liim. Roy was tossed into the manger and so escaped being gored. He was badly bruised and shaken up. He sold the animal the same day. * * * Bob Feller, Iowa'* contribution ;o baseball, did some pheasant lunting at the Ernest Peterson lome at Titonka. He had lunch in Algona and was mobbed by autograph seekers. Luther Fairbanks of Burl flew up to Ft. Dodge from Shreveport, La. in-a twin engine army bomber. He commanded the ship with a crew of five. He and the crew did some pheasant hunting while here. * * * Judge Fred M. Hudson prepared to open the November term of court with 35 cases filed. 'A total of 46 government corn bins were filled at Wesley. About 131,500 bushels of corn were stored this season. * • * In a "Biggest Family Contest" the leading family was that of George Becker who lived at St. Joe. There were 22 children in the family, all living. * * * Marjorie Hugi of Swea City, at the age of 13, wrote and directed a play presented at the P. T. A. Title was "John Smith and Pocahontas." Mr. and Mw. J. I*. Lbreni of Wesley celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. Betty tfohlnaaT, student ai loWa State Teachers College, spent the Week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Phil Kohlnaas. *,•*•* Fife Years Ago Upper Des Moines Algona's Bulldogs won their Homecoming game with Humboldt with a resounding 25 to 7 total. Norma Voyles was crowned § ueen, with Captain Bob Devine oing the honors. Jerry Skilling was the standout player, with Joel Herbst, Tom Holmes, and Ross doing well. '•' * * » Unofficial results of the election Nov. 7 showed the following wirtners: Roosevelt, Gillette, Blue. Dolliver, Loss, Capesius and Cogley. i * * » The 6th war loan .drive was launched with .a meeting at the Prisoner - of - War Camp. Gene Murtagh was county chairman. * * * Pvt. Arnold W. Hansen. U. 8. Army and Pfc. Daryle Hansen, Marine Corps, both sons of Mr. and Mrs. Peter N. Hansen of Bancroft, were given citations for gallantry in action overseas. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Crilly received word that the letters son. Rex Voyles, had been promoted to seaman, first class. He was a member of 'a Seabee battalion. * * ! * Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Wef deri observed their golden wedding anniversary with a reception and open house. * ..*»• Light napiha went on the ration list. It was used mainly for cooking and lighting. * * * The annual Legion dinner wu served at the Legion hall with guests of honors being officers and men from the Prisoner-of- War camp. Old Bridge Down Irvington — Workmen have begun dismantling the old river bridge west of Irvington, which is one of the oldest landmarks of the Irvington community. ART METAL steel office furniture. The Algona Upper Des Moines is an authorised dealer for this outstanding lino of office equipment. IF MOVING OR STORING YOUR HOUSEHOLD '..... GOODS—contact BRADY TRANSFER & STORAGE COMPANY FORT DODGE, IOWA I ' '• Agents, Allied Van Lines, Inc., in your locality. Excellent equipment, competent and courteous service. Phone or write for estimate on any moving problem. etuelrij For Her Valentine She loves jewelry ... and she loves to have it come from a jewelry store. A pair, of earrings, a brooch, a bracelet, a gay ring, a lovely watch . . . any one of them would delight yoUr Valentine on "Sweetheart's Day," February 14th. Stop in soon and let us help you choose an unusual Valentine gift of long remembrance. You will find here wide, interesting suggestions and moderate prices. "Something Special From Sharp's Is Always Something Special" ^W$&' ^£^3&*z^^> ALGONA.IOWA

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