The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 31, 1950 · Page 15
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 31, 1950
Page 15
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I Town Quiz Team Victor in Show [Held At Ledyard I Ledyard -— On. Monday eve- Ining the Parent-Teachers organi- Ization sponsored a town and I country quiz under the auspices I of W-H-0. Clay RusK was master [of ceremonies, with Bill Morgan, [announcer and engineer. I Previous to the quiz, the men I were introduced by Clayton IRoseboro, program chairman. Bill [Morgan gave summary of the (business firms that had contri- Ibuted. Clay Rusk gave a memory [course and then the contestants [were introduced, as follows: For | the town, Mrs. A. A. Luther. Har[old Herzog, Mrs. E. A. Carpenter land Fred Munger; for the coun- Itry, Mrs. O'Green, Engelbart ILogeman. Mrs. Alfred Kramer- Ismeier, Mr. H. Lange. Time [keepers were Mrs. J. F. Sullivan [and Mrs. Art Zielske. The history [of the town of Ledyard was given [by Mayor Waterhouse and E. A. [Carpenter, sepretary of the [school. The town team won by a [score of 50 to SO. / I Following the program, a I lunch was served in the lunch I room. The program will be broadcast Friday night, Feb. 17, at 7:30 over W-H-O. Modernette Club The Modernette club met last Wednesday at the home of Mrs. Alfred Lloyd, with all members present. A dessert luncheon was served. The centerpiece was of various colored shrubs. Popcorn balls were favors. The birthdays of Mrs. Lloyd and Mrs. Nepstad were celebrated. An interesting lesson on "Hansens disease" was given by Mrs. Art Runkesmeier. The next meeting is Men's night in February at the Orville Brandt home, when a dinner will be served. Betty Selberg and Patricia Jonson spent a few days at home last week, following semester tests and between terms at Waldorf. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Tokheim entertained the Grant boys' basketball team at a 6:30 dinner last Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Rpy Valvick were dinner guests last Wednesday night at the Ormand Ottersoft home in Winnebago, Minn. Mrs. Otterson is a sister of Mrs. Val- vick. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Reece of Aim- strong were in Ledyard on Menday on their way home from Albert Lea, where they had been to See Mattle Reece. She had a major operation and has been in critical condition, but is somewhat improved now. The Methodist W. S. C. S. was postponed Thursday due to the extreme cold and ice. Ledyard boys basketball team lost to Lakota in a very close game Tuesday evening at Swea City in the county tournament. Ledyard led throughout the game. The score became tied in the last few seconds and a foul on the Ledyard boys gave Lakota the final point, 31 to 30. Mr. and Mrs. Anton Bonstead of Graettinger visited at the Clayton Roseboro home Monday evening and attended the town and Country quiz. Justice Weds two Couples Justice of the Peace J. B. Johnston conducted two marriage ceremonies over the weekend. Saturday, he united William R. Gorman, Jr. and Amerallis M. Benning of Burt, and Sunday performed another ceremony for Louis G. Williams of Bradgate and Esther Hanrahan of Gilmore City. TYPEWRITERS, portable 01 standard size, tor immediate sale. Algona Upper Des Moines. The Better Your Home The Better Your Living SLEEP THINK of Us When You Think of QUALITY For QUALITY is All We Ever Think of When We Think of You! ... on the world's finest mattresses and springs for the rest of your life ONE-THIRD OF OUR LIFE, more or less, is spent in bed. It's just plain common sense to make the important part of our life as comfortable and relaxing as possible* That means it pays to buy the best in sleeping equipment . . . the most scientifically designed mattresses and springs ... the finest beds. You'll find them here in our Sleep Shop—sleeping needs from the world's foremost makers. For the rest of your life, shop here tomorrow. RICHARDSON FURNITURE COMPANY "WE REFUSE TO BE UNDERSOLD" if OUR Color Calibrator' is FOOLPROOF! Using our Pratt and Lamber Color Calibrator is the fool-proof way to choose colors—in harmony and in contrast- far your home. And if s only one of the many services given FREE when you do your home-decoration planning with the help of Cowan Building Supply company. We are always glad to help you choose material (and we help find paperhanger*, too) to brighten your old home or decorate your new You'll find our prices low— and best of all, you'll be glad, you bad Cowan help you! COWAN SB? CO 210 East State Street Phone 275 Did you know thai only ninety per cent of the women in our country marry eventually? I came across this figure when I was looking through a magazine and it started me thinking. We can't get around it, girls, there are simply more marriageable women in the country than men. I'm not up on my statistics and my logical reasoning is shaky, but I believe there is something like 7/8 of a man for every woman. So, if you have one whole husband, no matter what condition he is in, you already have more than your share! Maybe we girls had better brush.up on the subject of the Care and Feeding of Husbands. * * * We girls have always known that our husbands are mighty lucky to have us, but let us consider the other side of the question. We are mighty lucky to have husbands! Now, don't let us go so far as to let the men know we feel that way, but every once in a while having a husband in the house comes in mighty handy! * * » Betty Vinson was glad she had her husband, Craig, when she returned from a trip to Mitchell, S. D.; where she visited her parents during the holidays. When she left she was living in an apartment and with her family of four in one bedroom and they were pretty crowded. For a long time she had been dreaming of a house with more room. Imagine Betty's surprise when upon their return, Craig drove past the apartment home and down to a house. He got her inside the house on the pretext of having to check the furnace and the first thing she spied was her own piano sitting in the living room. During her absence Craig had found and rented the house, packed up the household goods, moved in, and had the whole place reasonably settled! He had even packed the good dishes so carefully that none of them were broken and stocked the kitchen cupboards. He had told her parents of the project but had managed to keep the whole thing a secret from Betty. * * » We just can't avoid it, husbands are better at keeping secrets than wives are. I • strongly suspect, though, that sometimes the reason they keep them to well is that they don't attach as much importance to them and just forget to tell them. . • * * Hereafter, Dick Post will probably listen more carefully when his little daughter, Joan E., tells him that she and Tier mommy, Lavonne, have a big, secret surprise for Daddy. A couple of Saturday nights ago Dick came home tired add during the evening meal' he didn't listen very closely when Joan E. chattered on about the "surprise for Daddy." When he had finished eating he went up to the bedroom to rest a while. In the dark he stretched out his arm to turn on the bedside radio and flopped all 240 {founds of him face down on the bed. The bad part of the matter is that the bed wasn't there! The surprise Joan E. had been trying to tell him about was that she and Mommy had changed all the furniture in the bedroom around! Luckily, only "minor contusions and abrasions" and a severe blow to his parental dignity resulted. Hfe was almost ready to agree with Dagwood that "husbands are a sorry Jot." vanilla, 2 cups flour and 2 cups finely chopped pecans. Roll into balls about one inch in diameter and bake for 25 minutes on an ungreased cooky sheet in a 325 degree oven. When cool roll in powdered sugar. This makes about four dozen and they are easy to do once you have the nuts chopped fine. They keep well, too, if you hide them. — GRACE First Semester's Honor Roll At Swea City Named Swea City — Supt. Lloyd Dresser announces the following list of honor roll students for the first semester. To be on the honor roll the student must have an average of "B" or better in studies. Grade 12 — Robert Anderson, John Erickson, Leonard Hawbaker, Claie Uhr, Anna Beck, Marilyn Bone, Lorraine Carr and Merlyn Lien. Gfade 11 — Dale Koestler, Arthur Larson, Junior Pavik, Christina Abbas, Lavonne Boderius, Elsie Pulver. Grade 10 — Charles Griffith, Dick Ottman, Jo Ann Baker, Phyllis Kylen, Lorraine Youngquist. Grade 9 — Wayne Looft, Kathryn Carr, Hazel Haisman, and Florence Kylen. Resigns At Ames J. Milton Holcomb, professor of agriculture in charge of farm operations at Iowa State college, has resigned to accept a position with an Ohio manufacturing firm. Prof. Holcomb was graduated from Iowa State college in 1935. He taught at Wesley, Rudd, Armstong, Manson, and Sac City, before joining the Iowa State college faculty. He is a son of J. H. Holcomb, and attended Swea City school before entering college. See Relays Pictures Swea City school pupils enjoyed a picture of the Drake Relays, Monday arid Tuesday, during the noon hour. The pictures in technicolor, were sent out by Drake university, intended for the Lions club, but arrived too late. Supt. Dresser took advantage of the opportunity to use the films. Oscar Lindes Go West Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Linde have left for an extended visit on ths west coast, where they will visit their daughter and family, the Lewis Johnsons, at Portland, Ore Mr. and Mrs. Milt Peterson will stay at the Linde farm in their absence. Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Blomster have gone to Columbia, Mo., to Tuesday, January 31, 1950 Algona Upp*r De* Mohwt-7 live while their daughter, Patricia, is attending Stephens college there. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Carrel ot Ogden were recent visitors with her father, M. E. Johnson, and at the home of her sister, Mrs, E. t Hammond. The Rev. A. M. Youngquist wr« elected second vice president ot the executive board of the Lutheran Welfare society at the annual meeting at Mason City fast week. Dr. C. C. Anderson and MM Anderson are on their way home after having spent two months at Camp Carson, Colorado Springs, at the Station hospital there. Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Tweeten drove to Minneapolis Saturday to spend the weekend, but weather and road conditions forced them to make a longer stay than they had anticipated. They returned home Friday, Jan. 27. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Gabel have received the following letter from the Army Air Fofce: Dear Mr. and Mrs. Gabel: We thought you would like to know of your son, Darold's, progress as a member of this organization. Darold has shown a sincere interest in his work as a radio operator and has proven a definite asset to the efficiency of our organization, whose mission is to furnish communications service for military air traffic in the PaeiOc area. In vi*w of his diligence and the conscientious manner in which he has performed his assigned duties, Darold has been promoted to the grade of corporal. It is a pleasure to have your son as a member of this organization. Sincerely yours, Joseph V. Ulrfch, Lt. Col., 03AF. The W.S.C.S. will meet at the church parlors Wednesday, Feb. 1. Devotions will be ted by Mrs. R. E. Ridge, with the lesson by Mrs. Edward Stewart. Mrs. Fred Looft is in charge of the music. Hostesses are Mrs. Alvin Ewing, John Haglund, Ken a Haglund, Harold Anderson, Walter l»unn, Fred Moellering, and Bernard Looft. M. E. Johnson was taken to an Estherville hospital for treatment last week. Another time when a husband is invaluable is in disciplining the children. One word from Daddy to a misbehaving offspring goes further than a half hour lecture from Mom. Maybe it's because when Daddy says he will spank if the youngsters don't straighten up and fly right, he will do just that. But the little daughters of the family, I've noticed, have a way of getting around even Daddy—sometimes. They start practicing their .wiles on the poor unsuspecting male at a very tender age. # • * We women know that the reason the youngsters obey their father better than they do their mother is because father isn't around the house to put up with the kiddies all day. That's why we say so many times, "just wait till your father comes home." Mothers have said that from the beginning of time. In {act, I wouldn't be surprised to hear that Eve greeted Adam upon his return home from work with the statement, You'll just have to speak to Cain and Abel. They have been little demons all day!" * * * Sometimes husbimdn are even very handy to have in the kitchen. Lots of them like to cook! It's a different story when it comes to doing the dishes, and they sometimes use more expensive ingredients than the wife thinks the budget will allow, but they do turn out some wonderful food. So many Algona husbands like to cook now and then that Grace is considering a column ot recipes from men cooks. I have collected a couple, but I wish you would help me out and send me some more. If the husbands are too modest about their culinary process, I 'wish you wives would |et the recipe and send it to me in care of the Upper DCS Moines. * * V Tti» Week's Recipe isn't fioro a man cook but I noticed that the husbands were certainly eating a lot uf these little cookies when Berniee Holt served them at a party recently. She calls them Mexican Wafers but Grace Chrischilles and Lavonne Post make them too and they call them Pecan Balls. Call them what you want to, they are si ill good. Cream together, 1 cup Shortening (this doesn't have to be all butter) and '/i tup s>ugar. Add a piuch uf suit, 'i teaspoons introducing . , . "twin beds with privacy" for folks who like their own way r9S per person only at hotel sherman home of Tommy Barriett's "Welcome Travelers" Chicago FARMERS Coll for Our Dolly Markaf Quotation* HOGS V!AL CALVES SHEEP WESTERN BUYERS AL60NA,IOWA, STOCK BUYERS PHONE 107 that's strictly i HERE'S THE NEW 1950 BUICK SUPER 126, companion body-type to the equally new ROADMASTEI 130; Bath are shorter than last year's 4-door Sedans—yet 4 Inches longer in wheelbase. In both, the difference is used to give you real stretch-out room in the rear seat. That means easier parking, easier tucking away in family garages, easier maneuvering in crowded traffic. There are some other things too. An extra rear-quarter window not found in standard 4-door Sedans. A different upper structure styling that makes this body-type stand out as something pretty special. Even special names that let you say, "I drive a SUPER 126" or "Mine's a R.OADMASTBH 130," just by way of being different. Yes, we think we hit on a happy idea in the "Longfellows," as they're coining to be known. They are not longer, on the outside, but there's a two-way stretch—in width and length—in the rear compart? merit. • • • You're going to like that—as you'll see by calling on your own Buick t the boys did here really calls for some medals. We gave them the job of coming up with something that was bigger inside—for room and comfort— longer in wheelbase — always important to good riding qualities— yet unbulky and easy-handling in over-all dimensions. Just look how well this tidy number meets these''impossible"speci- fications! Item one—rear-seat cushions are a full foot wider than last year's SUPERS and ROADMASTERS. ' Item two—in every dimension— leg-room, head-room, hip-room, shoulder-room—this rear-seat compartment is bigger than previous models—and nearly four inches longer, fore and aft, thau other 19»0 Buick interiors. Item three — wheel bases are the longest of our 1950 line. On the SUPER, it is 125H" instead of 121Vi"-onthe ROADM ASTER 130K" instead of 126W. let — and here's where the magic ft comes in — the whole car is shorter *w1 ever-all. Aetuully less from bumper to bumper than previous Buicks in these series. Tun In HEHRr J. MriOff. ABC Hilwait. «>.(/ Mondo/ ending- dealer. If he doesn't have one on hand, he can get it pretty promptly —and at a price and on a deal you'll have trouble matching, much less beating, anywhere else. See him now, will you—about placing an order? <&•*• mt>*n BUICK'S THE MUY HIOHEt- COMMISSION Unbolt vo/»«-in-fc«od powtr in Hint tagintt, fir* hp ratingi. (Htw f-263 tngint in SU«* mod* If.) MW-MrrMM SrtlUte. »* bumptf- guard griirft, tapir-through rtndtrt, "daublt babbit" lailligrill. WIDf-AWUi VHIUUn, c/ew-vp toad titw bath forward and back, e, /•«» onr-all itagth (or tenitt parking and garaging, snart turning radiui. fXTM-WIDI St4H tndttd bttwttn Ht* a«/«i. SOfT HIKK MM, fnm all-toil springing. So/*/. Hdt rims, Itw-prttturt Urn, lidt-tttadying torqut- Ivat. OYN+fLOW MlVf ttaadard on all JCUOAUSTHJ, optional at tutra tail tn &UH* and SPf C/Al url»i. NIHITltH MOMU with tad, ty flthtt. WlOf CHOICE Of tQUirWINJ adding tluibilily to pacti that brocket era// prici rang* abort tat lowtft. you* mVICK do*Je* fox * dent<uuU*tio a -Mi'jbl H*wl Wttea butter uulvmutrHe» or* built MICK cettl bultii them Jones and State KIR& AUTO CCK «f wi, . When better automobile* are built Mil IIK icili build them.

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