The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 31, 1950 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 31, 1950
Page 11
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Ravings CO BCEBE A LW1» ei Thll, • L1HU of That) Mot Much oi Anything. That Dime. The "March of Dimes" is on the way, lei's not pass up another day to get in step with neighbor, friend, and do our part and so extend a willing and a helping hand to polio stricken in our land. And what's a dime? I'm asking you. 'Twill buy a beer, v oh yes, that's true, and also pay for half a pack, but not enough to buy a snack. A dime or two won't take you far, nor peck of dimes would buy a car, a dime is ne'er a lucky piece, but used for innocents to fleece. HowevSr, now a cause is found in which the dime becomes profound, and so a march is on the way by which the dime is put in play. The purpose is to march at length in ever- growing daily strength. to battle polio (not in vain) and brins to victims health again. With canes or crutches thrown away, a victory march of dimes I'd say. So dig in pocket or your purse for dime to help fight polio curse, take step in "March of Dimes" today, let's help get polio out of way. — o — T. J. Cullen is Ihe president oi the Coffee Gulper Club in the county seat to the west of us — Emmetsburg. C. A. Dinges is vice president, B. J. Elbert is secretary, because on account of he can write so you can read it, and Arnold Murray is the treasurer. The board of directors is made up of Chas. Spies, W. P. Kerwick, Bill Frederick, and Oscar Decker. The new club meets at 7:30 every other week and following the business session a contpetitive gulping test is enjoyed. The new gulper members are plannng on a membership campaign and one of these days Emmetsburg .will Coffee Gulper boast of a real Club. The Emmetsburg Coffee Gulper auxiliary was also organized with Agatha Kerwick president, Isabel Spies vice president, Pearl Cullen secretary and Mary Elbert treasurer. The board of directors is made up of Magdalene Decker, Leta Dinges, Mary Elbert and Clare Murray. The ladies are all real coffee gulpers, in fact they have materially aided in the husbands • taking on, Java gulping. The auxiliary proposes also to start 'membership drives for their new club. Yep, it looks like Emmetsburg was about Whiltembre — tftie boa''d of education here hps approve') a project aimed at erecting a nc\v gymnasium and other improvements to the public schoo'. A petition has been circulated r.nd now has the necesrary number of signers to bring about a special election to determine if the community wishes to vote en a bond issue to finance the project. A special school election on the matter is likely in the -near future. No definite plans regarding construction, details are available at this time, but fundamentally the idea is to provide a new addition to the gym making it standard size with a seating capacity to handle sports crowds. /The lower half of the old gym could be converted into a lunchroom to benefit the more than 200 pupils who now take advantage of the hot lunch program. The upper half of the old gym might be used brary. for a public li- The local Community Club lias indicated its backing of the project. lo be a leader in the art of coffee ;7 gulping, so ' -*-" "•' rt Wed 33 Years Mr. and Mrs. William Fandel Sr., celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary Sunday. Present were Mr. and Mrs. William Ffliidel Jr., of Aigona, Mr. and Mis. Floyd Conlon and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Donald Corley of Emmetsburg, M_r. and Mrs. Francis Fandel and family of Sherburn, Minn., Zita Fandel of Algona, Marian Fandel of Sioux City, and two of her schoolmates, a Miss Sneider of Alton, Miss Mc- Enwe of Storm Lake. It was also Rev. Fandel's birthday. K. CVs At HaHy Knights of Columbus held a meeting at the Emmetsburg Country Club, Sunday night. The West Bend council sponsored this meeting. Maurice J. Steier of Whittemore, a member of this council, served on the committee. Louis Kollasch sang several numbers. He was accompanied by Elenor Fleming. The Rev. WiH- iam Veit and the Rev. Raymond Pick were guests of the assembly, and the Rev. Louis Greving of West Bend was the guest speaker. M. J. Steier is an officer In the assembly for this year. And a junior gulper club being started in Emmetsburg with a committee of Pat Wiggins, Rosella Brady, Marie Duda, Emma Brennan, Iva Warmke and Alice Coburn taking on a membership drive. The tJirJs feel that the young can also gulp coffee as efficiently as their elders and so should organize to promote Java gulping. I was called to the telephone one day last week and a gentleman told me that he was a Swede and that there were as many Swedes in Kossuth as there were Danes and he thought I should give some publicity to the Swedish named folks in the county, and which I shall be glad to do in the near future, fie wouldn't give me his name but he wanted me to know that the Swedes were as competent gulpers as the Danes, in fact he hoped that a contest could be put on some time in Algona, Svenske vs. Danske, so to speak. And he s got something there. Den Danske Pioneer, a paper published in the Danish language at Omaha weekly, and having a country wide Scandinavian circulation, contained a column length story recently about our Danish townsman, C«rl W. Morck. And the paper also gives Algona nice recognition, says we're about 8.00U strong, but not all Danes, however. Mentions Mads Christiansen and Alex Nielsen as being Danes, too. But there you are, Algona gets publicity through a Danish paper with nation-wide circulation, so to speak. District School Meeting Jan. 21 District officers and county association presidents of the North Central District of the Iowa Stole Education association met i in Algona Saturday, Jan. 21 to liiseuss proposed (legislation and (other matters of issociation busi- Jness. The meet- ling is one of sev- len to be held in 1 district centers I throughout the Jstate. Raymond u. S te P her ^ h /*?Se field representative for the state association, re-presented the ISfcA staff at the Algona fieetmg. i ne session started at 10 a. ' nvan ° continued through the day at George's Cafe. Rites For Infant Funeral services for KZ&J3&3 S'S^'sr&^ft nesday. .Arrangement!, were hv „- . i A" 1 " 7 miscellaneous shower was held Sunday afternoon in the Wfi/tfemore fo Vote On School Gym Community Club Backs Project For Expansion Academy hall in honor of Phyllis Mergen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nick Mergen. Bridge and "500" were played. Prizes were awarded to Mrs. M. F. McQuier of St. Joe, Mrs. Herman Thilges, Mrs. Bernard Fcrden, and Mrs. Martin Frideres. A delicious lunch was served, and the bride- to-be received many lovely gifts. Two Citizens III Mike Thul is a patient at St. Ann hospital in Algona, recovering from pneumonia. John Van Heise is confined to his home due to illness. Bake Sale, Jan. 28 The Fern Valley Township HomemakcWs club met laat Thursday at the home of Mrs. George Kissner at Rodman. Vice president Theresa Duffy had charge of the business meeting. The club held a bake sale in Whittemore at the Legion hill Jan. 28, for polio benefits. The committee in charge was Mrs. James Dahlhauser, Mrs. Anthony Busherfeld, Mrs. Sterling Simonson, Mrs. PePter Andre, and Mrs. Francis Slagle. Following the business meeting, Mrs. William Fandel Sr., and Mrs. Busherfeld gave a lesson." The next meeting will be held Monday, Feb. 6, at the Sterling Simonson home. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Jurgens and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Baas of West Bend were Sunday visitors at the Leroy Farrell home. Mr. and Mrs. Bohanek of Livermore visited the past week at the home of their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Uhlenhake. Mr. and Mrs. Loren Barker and son of Fenton visited at the parental home of Mr. ond Mrs. Richard Potratz Saturday evening. Mrs. Lawles of Chatanooga, 111., and Mrs. Durnin of Albert Lea, Minn., are visiting at the John Uhlenhake home. The women are sisters. Mr. and Mrs. J. Heller-and Mr. and Mrs. Francis Coughlin of Ft. Dodge were Sunday visitors at the Raymond Kollasch home. The Hellers are parents of Mrs. Kollasch. Mv. and Mrs. C. L. Cavanaugh of Ft. Dodge spent Tuesday night with Mrs. Clara McCreery. Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Meyer had as guests at their home Sunday evening Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wichtendahl, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Heidenwith, Mr. and Mrs. Archie Voigt, and Mr. and Mrs. Herman Voigt. The men played pinochle, and the women canasta. A delicious luncheon was served after the card games. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Meyer entertained at a 6:30 dinner Sun- ping. C Anna -Dau, ; Mr. day .ever Guests and Mrjs. Ernest Bernau and family. Sunday afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Fouss and family, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Gade, Mr. and Mrs. Severin Opheim and daughter, and Mr. and Mrs. William Lauck attended the wedding of Miss Katherine Wood and Caitoll Ernst of Humboldt, held at Trinity Lutheran church at Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Hein and daughter of Ponca City, Okla., are visiting at the home of Mrs. Hein's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Thul. Mr. and Mrs. James Bisenius of Whittemore and Mr. and Mrs. James Lenhart of Storm Lake were at Sioux . City Monday where they visited with Mr. Bisenius' sister, Sister Mary Luella, • at St. Anthony's home in Sioux City. Mrs. Mike Mergen, Mrs. Leo Walters, and Mrs. bdmund O'Brien, attended a homemaking class in West Bend, Monday evening. Mrs. O'Brien has been teaching textile painting to the West Bend ladies. Mrs. George Winkel spent the past week in Minneapolis, visiting with her sister. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Seely left Friday for Texas, where they will spend two months this winter, enjoying the sunshine of the south. Carl Ostwald was honored on his 84th birthday Thursday. Afternoon visitors were Mrs. Ida Kuecker, Lotts Creek; Mr. Geo. •Hems, Fenton; Mrs. Theodore Meier, Rodman, and Mrs. Herman Gade. The evening guests were Mr. and Mrs. Gustav Berninghaus, Mr. and Mrs. Werner [Jade, Mr. and Mrs. William Richter, and Mr. and Mrs. Milford Gade of West Bend; Mr. and Mrs. William Madson Sr., and Mr. and Mrs. William Madson Jr., of Burt; Dora Bierstedt and Mrs. Rost Barto of Algona; Mr. and. Mrs. Eugene Elbert and family, Mr. and Mrs. William Ostwald and family, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Ostwald and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand Ostwald and family, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Walker, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Ostwald, of Whittemore, and Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Klein and family of Rodman. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Foley, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kollasch, Mr. end drove to Detroit Lakes, Minn., to attend the funeral of John Schmitt, uncle of Herbert. From there, they went to Fargo, N. D., to visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ostwald, uncle and aunt of Mrs. Schmitt. Mrs. Peter W. Kollasch. assisted by Mrs. Andrew Elbert, entertained the Veterans Mothers' club at the Kollascli home Thursday afternoon. After the business meeting, a lunch was served. The Rosary Society ot St. Michael's parish held a rally at the Academy hall last week Tuesday afternoon. The business meeting was followed by cards and lunch. Mrs. J. M. B'leming, winning high score, and Mrs. Edward Besch won the door prize. Mr. and Mrs. George S. Elbert celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary Sunday. A six o'clock dinner party was held at their home in their honor. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. George Fandel of Rodman, Mr. and Mrs. George Kohl, and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Elbert of Algona, Mr. and Mrs. James Elbert of Waterloo, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Waldschmitt of Ft. Dodge, Mrs. Phyllis Fauerby of Fenton, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Fuchsen, Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Elbert, Leroy Elbert, Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Alig, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Dahlhauser, and Marvin Elbert of Whittemore. Mr. and Mrs. Elbert received a lovely gift. Mrs. Frank Foley entertained the A and G club at her home Friday night. Songs were sung, and a gift presented to Ella', Burke whose birthday happened to be on Friday. After a painting lesson, a delicious two-course lunch was served. Seneca People At Convention Of Grain Men Seneca — Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Osborn attended a grain dealers' convention in DCS Moines from Monday until Wednesday of last week. Clarence Osborn is a newly appointed member on the Fenton elevator board. Mrs. Mrs. George Winkle, Mr. and .Sam Montag, and Leroy Roeber and family, Mr. art'd MM. Melvin Roeber, and Mr. and Mrs. Farrell attended a grain dealers' meeting in Des Moines, Monday. Due to the icy highways and heavy snow, they all stayed in Des Moines until Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. James Bisenius and son, Clemment, and daughter, Joan, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Foley and daughter, Mary Beth, and Lloyd Kollascn spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. James Lenhart in Storm Lake. It was the latter 1 a. daughter, Mary third birthday Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Schmilt PUBLIC a baby Mrs. Wilbur oy At the farm I have been living on has been sold and I have not been able fo rent a suitable farm, I will sell the following described property at public auction at the farm located IVi miles north and l'/i miles west of Ledyard on Thursday, Feb. 2 Sale to start at 1 o'clock. Lunch wagon on the grounds. 2 - HEAD OF HORSES - 2 Team of smooth mouth mares, good planter team. 4 HOLSTEIN COWS 4 All coming with second and third calves, heavy springers. Shorthorn bull, 2 years old. Holstein heifer, 18 months old. Heifer calf, 6 ms. old. FARM MACHINERY WC Allis Chalmers tractor, with starter and I ights, on rubber, with cultivator. McCormick- Deering 10-20 tractor, high altitude pistons. New Idea 2-row corn picker. McCormick- Deering manure spreader. MeCormiek-Deering 2-14 in. plow, solid moldboard. McCormick-Deering 2-16 in. plow, solid bottom. 15 ft. Roderick Lean disc, like new. 10 ft. Mc- Cormick-Oeering dkc. 4 section lever flexible drag. McCormick-Deering endgate seeder. McC.-Deering horse plantar with tractor attach. McC-Oeering horse planter. Little Giant 40 ft. steel elevator, hoist and speed jack. McCormick-Deering 8 ft. grain binder, with power take off. Roderick Lean spring tooth harrow. McCormick-Deering 5 ft. mower. 10 ft. dump rake. New Idea side rake, 2 year* old. New Idea hay loader in good shape. Rubber tired wagon with flare box. Steel wheel wagon with good hay rack. Hand shelter. Slip scraper. McCormick-Doering cream separator with built in motor. Good set of harness. A number of steel and wood posts. Some fencing. Woven wire stretcher. 2 barb wire stretchers. ALSO 2 STACKS OF WILD HAY, Feed bunk. Hog Troughs. Electric motor third horse. 2 log chains. Steel tank. 16 ft. ladder. Hog water er. Buooder stove. Hay slings. 2 hay forks. Forks, shovels, hand tools, and many other sm all itums too numerous to mention. Some household goods. Plan Aid Program Mesdarnes Henry Wilberg, Millen Jensen, Lawrence Johannesen and Henry Looft met at the Odey Cherland home Monday afternoon and made out the yearly calendars for the local ladies' aid. The above-named group constitute the officers of the Seneca society. Sewing Club Met Mrs. Alfred* Petersen was hostess to the Seneca Thursday club at her home Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Ted Jensen was on the entertainment committee. "500" was played with high prize being won by Mrs. Herbert Krause, and low by Mrs. Winston Kerber. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Kennedy Tuesday. January 31, 1950 Algona Upper D«Moines-3 are visiting their daughter nnd family at O'Niel, Neb., this past week. Marvin Wilberg and Jack Looft, students at Luther college, Dccorah, are spending a between semester vacation with home folks. The second semester begins Jan. 31. Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Weisbrod and daughter were Sunday guests at the Clarence Osborn home. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hauge of Leland, la., were weekend guests at the home of their daughter, the Kenneth Thompsons. On Sunday, the Thompsons entertained at dinner, additional guests being Mrs. Taylor and son. Glen, of Moorland; Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Hauge of Lelancl. find Mr. and Mrs. Abel Hauge and children of" Mil ford. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Mathcson and family of Armstrong were afternoon callers. Skids On Ice, Driver Uninjured Wesley — Due to the icy roads ^ last Tuesday evening. Jack Lickteig's cur slipped off the road at the Eisenbacher corner and rested bottom side up in the ditch. Jack escaped -with a minor scare but had difficulty in getting the car back on the icy road. WANT ADS BRINGS RESULTS OR.QUIZ ANNUAL SALE Of DUROC BRED GILTS at Oakdale Farm, Ronwick, la., 2 north on 60, 1 east of Ren wick; or 16 south of No. 18 on No. 60, 1 east, 8 north from No. 3-rStarting at 1 o'clock. Wednesday, Feb. 8,1950 55 Head Big Thick Brood Gilts W. H. Helmke & Sons Lunch Served At Noon. Col. John Hall & E. A. Nelson, Auctioneers SHurrucocK wouio BE U«et> IN THE GAME Of A. POLO 6. Pooi. TYPE Of It CALLEP A.HANCOM e.SURREY c. DRAV 0. ALLIED ABMIff* A. POCH c.riSENMOW ft. PERSHiNG O. PETA.IN f -' If you want something built of lumber or brick, come to the HEAWY.MIX CONCRETE & SUPPLY COMPANY. If you want the RIGHT answers to the above questions . . . they are Badminton, Surrey nnd Focli. You'll find that we always carry the building materials you want at the prices you can nfford to pay. READY-MIX CONCRETE ,™AND SUPPLY COMPANY— 202 NORTH LANTRY PHONt ONE-SIX-SIX ' FOB 'READY-MIX" ALGONA IOWA rm v ^ >••:." ion As I am quitting funning will sell all described property at farm 1 mile north of Luverne, Wednesday, February H, 1».>U. Sale to start at 12:30. Wednesday, February 8 Hay, Feed and Seed ISO bu. Hawkeye Beans 1000 bu. Clinton oat* 1,000 bu. ear corn 35 tons ensilage 50 bales clover hay 25 bales 3rd cutting alfalfa 7 tons looce hay in barn Some baled straw LI'Xt'H WAGOX OX THE GROl'XDS 65 Head Livestock 2~> head registered milking shorthorns; H cows, ull fresh, re- bred; 5—2 year old heifers, bred; 2—1 year old heifers; 5 calves; 2 serviceable bulls; hogs; .'(.» purebred Poland China gilts, pen bred, Nov. 20 to Jan, 1st (breeding dates furnished; 1 purebred Poland boar. Horses Sorrel team 5, .V 10 year old 3100 Ibs, well broke. Ford Pick-Up 1D-18 % ton Ford pickup, 12,000 in lies. niU'KKNS 75 Leghorn liens TERMS: Cash or make arrangtnwnts with you r banker prior to tale. No property to be removed until full *ettUment u mad*. A. K. JOHNSON __, ab Corpus literal!}; means, "ypu may hava the body. PHASER & PRESTON, Auctioneers. LEDYARD STATE BANK, Clerk Farm Machinery Tractor, John Deere II, 1!M.">, Hi Comp, \e\v tires, lights and starter, with cultivators, power lift; John Deere 1-H tractor plow; John Deere 12 ft. tractor disc; Western 15 - ft. cultl pucker; t section I. H. C. Harrow, folding draw bar; Itf-in. I. If- C. Ensilage cutter; Kover U.foot spring tooth; h foot I. 11. C. grain hinder; 1. H. C. corn binder; 12 foot John Deere Elevator with extra K.foot section speed jack John Deere 5.toot mower; 1- II. C. stalk cutter; John Deere ODD coru planter; 2 wide tired wagons with boxes; Hayrack, steel wheels; Victor endute seeder; bob sled; hand corn shelter; piatt'orm scales; ?."> gul. hog waterer with light, S electric pig batteries; 2 steel tanks; hog troughs, 10 individual; 14 foot round brooder house; stone boat; 2 brooder stoves, 1 battery; new tank licuter (oil); 350 gal. gas barrel; hose equipment; other bbls.; 45-IHC electric cream separator (1000 Ib. cap.) Household Goods Oak dining table, 6 chairs, buffet, desk; bed and dresser; 2 chests of drawers; davenport and chair; radio, Zenith; Maytag washer; Norge Refrigerator (8 ft.); 2 cupboards, 4 kitchen chairs; Schumann piano and bench; Singer portable sewing machine; coffee table, 2 floor lamps, (4) 9x12 wool rugs (1) 8x10 wool rug; curtains and drapes (new); Sunbeam mix-master (never uncrated) with juicer attachment; pressure cooker; Hoover vacuum with attachments; misc. articles. Not responsible in case of accidents. Aaron W. Steussy Auct.—IJruiiiKiond aud Matern I'lerk—Farmer's State Bunk, LuVerue, Iowa *+*

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