The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 7, 1953 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 7, 1953
Page 3
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MONDAY, SEPT. 7, 1953 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE The War Still Rages in Korea— Red Guerrillas Put Squeeze On South Korean Peasants (EDITOR'S NOTE: for this first-hand report on the w»r that •till rages In Korea, NEA roving correspondent Fred Sparks spent » week on the hunl with anti-guerrilla forces of the Republic of Korea. He has covered similar Communist uprisings before in Greece, Malaya and Indo-Chlna. This Is the last of three dispatches.) By FRED SPARKS NEA Staff Correspondent TAGU, Korea — (NEA) — The old rickety bus, which once worked a midwestern town before being given to Koreans, slowly crept up the side of a mountain. Packed inside were civilians and soldiers on leave from frontline truce watch. Outside a cluster of huts a young man carrying a cardboard suit case flagged .the bus down. When the driver opened the door he looked at a Russian burp gun. Eight other armed men and two women popped from the bushes, surrounded the bus. They ordered the passengers out. A lieutenant, with his country's highest decorations, and a sergeant wore pistols. But using them would invite general slaughter. The passengers were lined up, the lieutenant. and sergeant re- join the band. They will not be hurried. They will suffer refined tortures. They will be roped to trees during the day and at night placed in an upright hole while a guerrilla sleeps over the entrance. • • • Slowly, as their spirit breaks, they will become little better than slaves. One night they will be taken on a raid of revenge. At gun point, they will be forced to commit an atrocity to full glare of witnesses. So they reach the point of no return. KOK Generals tell me perhaps one out of five Communist guerrillas are so recruited. Here again the form copies what I found covering Communist guerrilla wars in Greece, Indo-China, Malaya. While the leaders of the roughly 25 guerrilla bands are file-hard Commies, invariably trained in North Korea, often by Russian experts, a fair share are ordinary thieves. They are adventurous bully boys who find the exciting outdoor life of raid and run easier than plodding father's rice paddy. Many are ROK army AWOLs. lieved of their weapons and pistol whipped to the ground. When they Communist belief in easy loving fell they were kicked in the head offers another attraction for farm and groin, then shot in the stomach. » • * In. a few minutes every rider was striped naked of clothes and all possessions. A brace of chickens, sacks of rice, and a recently butchered cow were taken from the roof rack. Pour bullets deflated the tires and the bandits disappeared into the heavy brush — forcing before them two of the younger soldiers. This YANK ADVISOR: Sgt. Phillip McReynolds, Marshalltown. la-, works with ROKs on Red hunt. incident — and there are more like it every day. in the mountainous parts of South Korea — v/as not an act of mere highway, men. The thugs were Communist guerrillas, living off the countryside by such acts, serving the Red cause by keeping rear areas ever stewing. In mountain hideouts the two kidnapped soldiers will be asked to boys from Korean villages where girls are married before being dated. Bach band Has a group of girl guerrillas encouraged to "comfort" warriors. They favor cast off GI fatigue trousers and T-shirts available at any Korean bazaar, and* are among the cruelest and mosl dshing of fanatics, they seem to de^ light in proving their equality. Us ually they are allowed to guard stubborn prisoners — with whip ON THE TRAIL: With shotgun riders in the back seat, Lt. Col. Kim Pan Kyoo, commander of the 10th ROK Security Battalion, rides on a guerrilla hunt. Vehicles move only in convoy. and rifle butt. They become devoted to men tis well as cause. One Amazon was captured trying to flee carrying her wounded lover strapped to an A-frame on her back. • * • Deliberately, the guerrillas will commit atrocities in one area to frighten locals. After such an incident armed raids are hardly essential for re-supply. A farmer might be stopped in a lonesome paddy and "advised" to leave a sack of rice and meat — or else. The farmer knows he cannot count on complete protection from police or army, which have such sweeping miles to cover. He must pay or move away, abandoning ancient farmily farm — or else face horrors for himself and loved ones and destruction of his home. Patriotism is hard to :ome by when the next visitor might be death. To try to keep the "squeeze" to a minimum, peasants gathering harvest in bandit zones are not allowed to keep more than one day's rice crop on hand. They must deliver their day's grain to guarded collection bins in larger towns before dark. * • • The Free Western World is inclined to make light of such ragged guerrilla bands. Their caves invite meumonia in winter; the streams hey drink from contain enough typhoid to disease a metropolis. But these guerrillas are brave men, physically capable of incredible climbing feats on mere thim- blefulls of rice, with an Oriental disregard of their lives — and the 13-Year-Olds Make Like Pioneers SOMEWHERE NEAR THE STATE PAIR, Calif, m—Two 13 year-old boys were making like pio neers today on a 100-mile coverei wagon trek to the California Stati Fair at Sacramento. Duane Krolop and Leo Engelhart left their Castro'Valley home Wed nesday in their midget covered wa> gon. Their burro Burzee was thei: power. Burzee didn't maintain the boys ijfechedule. They planned to be at the fair yesterday. They camped out again last nigh and expect to finish their journey today. 7952 Miss Universe Fo Film Romance MANILA (!P>— Finnish-born Arm: Kuusela-HIlario, Miss Universe of 1952, and her filipino husband, Virgillo Hilario, left for Baguio today to start filming the story of their whirlwind romance. A Filipino film company is producing the movie. LITTLE L/2— Modern bathing suits have practically eliminated the fellow who used to go to the beach to watch the gulls. enu» Call 8233 MJrctfl na COrrTMl ca Handle with Care OKLAHOMA CITY (/P)— Aklaho- ma City Post office employes received a chuckle from a package which arrived here from San Antonio . Attached to the outside was a transparent bag containing oatmeal cookies and a note reading: "Last Christmas I mailed a doll, insured for $25, and the doll was broken when it arrived. They would only pay me $5 for the broken doll, so please handle this package with care—it isn't insured. And help yourself to a cookie." Australian Jet Flies CANBERRA W)—The first Aus tralian-built Sabre Jet fighter ha, made its official test flight. Flight Lieutenant W. H. Scott of the RAAF flew the plane for thirty minute in the Melbourne area. Minister for Defence Production Eric J. Harrison told newsmen th Australian Sabre was an improve ment on the original American de sign. Australian engineers, he said had modified the fuselage to tak the more powerful British-bull Avon jet engine in place of th American turbo Jet engine in Sabres now in Korea. Read Courier News Classified Ads WEIGHT Tractor tir.s NOW GOOD/^EAR SOLUTION 100 For EXTRA Drawbar Pill Thi. «du.iy, Goody.0, method erf Rqaid weighting add* up to 25% more drawbar paH get* more work don« p.r hour . . . odd. Metro Jroctioa to ail make* oi tractor tir«. Call n. ... we'll com. £U Tnn ^lL r T *"*** "*« wlft G~dT«ar Soli*, hon 100 todcryl PHONE 2492 FOR QUICK SERVICE GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE 410 W. Main Phon. 2492 RED HUNTER: Foliage helps camouflage ROK soldiers hunting guerrillas in Korean hills. lives of others. Never underestimate the guerril la enemy. It was such tactics thai smothered Chiang Kai-shek's Nationals in China, despite vast acres of aid we sent. Pew of our young men, born to an automobile age, could keep pace with the ridge runners. It is wel that the anti-guerrilla war, where planes and tanks are useless, is being conducted by the ROKs. (Last of a series) DEFENSE AID-Frederick A. Seaton, of Hastings, Neb., is the new assistant secretary of defense for legislative affairs. Seaton, r furmet GUP senator, was one ot Mr. Eisenhower'i top advisers during the presidential election campaign. FIRE FENCE—No, U >s not a, picket fence, out just part of the 104 high-explosive air-to-air rockets with which the new Northrop Scorpion F-89D all-weather interceptor will be armed. The rocketa are carried in wing-tip pods and make the F-89D the heaviest armed fighter in the world. Palsy Victim Shot by Father; Act Is Termed Msrcy PHOENIX, Ariz. W» — Fearf ;hat he was suffering from cane and might have to undergo a operation prompted Herman Nagle to kill his 28-year-old inva! daughter so that she wouldn't .eft alone, the 54-year-old pla juard declared in his city jail ci here today. Nagle, who says he is a retire New York City policeman, shot h daughter Betty Virginia to dea as she slept in her wheelchair Sa urday at their home. Police ha )ooked him for Investigation irst degree murder. Betty Virgin vas a life-long victim of cerebr Jalsy. The father said in an intervie i killed his daughter because h oved her. He said he was afra had cancer and she would ha'V 10 one to care for her. "I knew eventually I was goin o do it," he said, adding that U 1 bought of putting his daughter 01 if misery had haunted him fo ears. Completely Helpless Nagle's wife died 14 years ag f heart attack. He said he ha ared for his daughter constant] ince, with the help of a house eeper at times. ' 'No one knows better than te torture she went through," h aid. "She was completely help ess. I dressed her, fed her ani Doked after her every need. Sh 'as a swell kid and brave. Bu iy mind is clear. I feel what id was the best way out. "It's a hard thing to say, bu Quick Relief for HEADACHE NEURALGIA Toil STANBACK youra.U . . . tab!•!» or powdwi . . . aqoinil any Preparation you'v* «rcr used. You mw them in SEVENTEEN FLEXY-est.. . BOUNCY-est GLOVE SOFT TRAMPEZE of sueded leather .98 Blue, Black, Gray and Brown Also Brown Leather Here's your favorite moccasin in many wonderful colors! You'll wear them with everything sporty 'cause they're so right... so extra light, so extra supple. Fit so perfectly too, and give you worlds of comfort. CMWN~NIOUTI Mil* ZELLNER'S SLIPPER SHOP 204 W. Main Street in Blytheville for the first time in yenrs I fee' at ease. I killed her because I loved her," , Nnglc came here five years ago from New York City with Betty Virginia and another daughter, Lillian, 29, now a first lieutenant in the Army Nurse Corps at Tacoma, I hands. Wash. She flew here yesterday and saw her father at the Jail. Nagle said he has another daughter, Mrs. Mildred Girschick of Brooklyn, N. Y. He expects her to come here tomorrow with her husband, who Nagle said is an attorney. Detectives described the slaying as a "mercy killing," which Harry E. Westftfll, e:i-officio coroner ruled was due to gun wounds at Nagle's SEEKS BEAUTY CROWN- Prelty Nydia Power, of San Juan, is Puerto Rico's candidate for top honors in the Misi America beauty contest, which will be held in Atlantic City, N. J. She is a former .resident of Brooklyn, N. Y. 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