The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 24, 1950 · Page 18
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 24, 1950
Page 18
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6—Algona Upper De» Moines Tuesday, January 24, 1950 A dog may be man's best liiend. but I doubt very much whether he is woman's. Every dog-lover had always told me that if I owned a dog I would become as attached to it as to any other member of the family. I believed them and although I never cared much for dogs, we bought a puppy anyway. The dog lovers were right, my feelings toward canines did change. After we had a dog around the house for a while, I simply hated them! In fiction and the movies. If a character loves, and is kind to dogs and children, you can be real sure that he isn't going to turn out to be the villain of the story. The villain often shows his true character by surreptitiously kicking at a cur or referring to an innocent little child as a "brnt". I guess I must be part villain, because I still don't like dogs, although I could never mistreat them. On the credit side, I'm very fond of children. That's why it seems so unnecessary to keep a dog with all of its fur shedding, tracking, barking and general cusseddness. It's lots less work and much more rewarding to simply add another child to the family. That's what we did, but for a while we had both the new baby and the dog. The dog took sick and has now gone, we trust, to a better place where no irate Mama will chase him off the dav enport with a broom. Things are comparatively peaceful around here now, but it undoubtedly won't last. The six-year-old says he thinks he is now big enough to take care of a pet himself. He and his father think it would be agers. Extra butter isn't necessary, but a bottle of catsup is not out of place. 1 have also triec making these with baking powder biscuit dough, and they are quicker that way but not quite so good as when they are made with the yeast dough. GRACE Young Couple Of Grant Twp, Wed At Swea Swea & Eagle — Phyllis Gies, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Gies, and Eldon E., son of Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Link, were united in marriage at the First Baptist church, Sunday afternoon, Jan. 15. The Rev. Peter Peters performed a double ring ceremony. Miss Donna Swearinger, cousm of the bridegroom, was the bride's attendant. The bridegroom was attended by Dick Lanning, a cousin of the bride. A reception in the Guild hall was held immediately after the ceremony with 120 guests present. The bride moved here with her Swea - Harrison homemakers met last week, Wednesday afternoon, at the home of Mrs. Selmer Uhr. Thirty-five ladies attended. Mrs. Dick Spear was at Holy Family hospital last week where she underwent minor surgery. Mr. and Mrs. James Dolan became parents of a daughter, born Friday, Jan. 13, at Bancroft. The girl weighed 9 Ibs. and has been named Barbara Ann. She is the seventh child of Dplans. Wilbur Freeburg of Grove City, Minn., visited during the past week with friends here. They lived here before moving to Minnesota. Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Anderson and son, Morris Lee, left Tuesday for Frazee, Minn. They were called there by the death of Mrs. Anderson's mother. They will re main until after the funeral. Mrs. Hilma Anderson spent several days the first of last week at home of Anna Larson. She is now visiting at the home of her son, Clifford Anderson. She makes her home with her daugh ler, Mrs. Sam Larson. Mrs. Richard I. Anderson o Grant left recently on a vacation rip to Florida and other southern points. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Gies enter ained a group of friends at their home Tuesday evening. The guests were those who helpec with the wedding arrangements of their daughter, Phyllis, to El don Link on Jan. 15. 32 New Trucks, Cars Registered After a two-week slump in new vehicle registrations, 32 listings were taken at the treasurer's office in Algona. Of that number, five were trucks and the rest automobiles, no pick-ups being sold. Buick — Arthur W. Goeke, Elmore; Frank Huxtable, Algona; M. T. Price, Swea City. Chevrolet — Bradley Garland, Algona; William Buss, Lone Rock; Donald J. Duffy, Algona, truck; Maurice Keil, Titonka; R. I. Mawdsley, Algona; Carl L. Reed, Whittemore, truck; Edward Rich, Algona; Frank M. Spilles, Whittemore; A, M. Youngquist, Swea City. DeSolo — George Bruellman, Ottosen; Melvin Thilges, Otto- aarents three years ago from Humboldt. She graduated from Grant high school in the Class of 1949. Eldon has lived here all his life, and is a graduate of Grant school. Class of 1944. The couple left on a two-week honeymoon to Dallas, Texas, nnd other points. They will start farming on EJdon's father's latin, north of town. very nice to get a good-sizec collie. Puppies, like the babies o" any species, are so appealing tha when they bring it home, I wil probably let them keep it. • » » When I was growing up we had a family dog we all loved—even I. She was a little mongrel named Spot and she was a very patient soul. We dyed her a different color after each bath. She was originally white but a little bluing, Mercurochrome or a mixture of both produced a startling- Jy colored dog in blue, red or purple. One time when Teddy and Joel Herbst and our little sister were about four years old, they decided -to use Spot as the patient in the hospital tent. The surgical instrument was a toy hatchet, the dog held very still until the "doctors" and the "nurse" had cut quite a gash on her foot. They carried the bleeding Spot home and explained that she had stepped on some glass. The Herbst boys were absent from our house for quite some time after that, and it was months later that we found out what had really happened. * * • Some of the Algona people who have been ill this winter say that the new drugs are very effective. The only catch is that the pills cost about a dollar each. That's what the Don Hemingsons are using at their house but it is their pet dog who is ill. The family is very attached to the animal and just in case the dog doesn't recover they are already explaining to their three-year-old Susan that he might have to go to "dog heaven." • • * The Frank Moultons chose a kitten for their pet. The four- year-old daughter, Kay, couldn't decide whether the cat was a boy or a girl, so she gave it a double name just to be safe. She named it after two of her best friends. Judy Dahlhauser and Tom Vinson — Judy-Tom. The Moultons live in an apartment and the basement entrance must be reached by going outdoors, so it was finally decided it would be better for everyone concernec if Judy-Tom were given away So the cat was taken to the Chrome Cafe where Marpare Beamish reports that the anima has put on royal airs. JuJy-Torr was there only a short time be fore she made it plain to the dog in the establishment that she was to have first rights at mealtirv-. The cat lakes her new job .1 = mouse-catcher very seriously. • * • The Lloyd Piatt's dog, Slcippy. raised a family of five last year. With the three sons, Jim, Dick and Larry, and the six dogs, Mrs. Pratt thought she had quite a house full. The boys wanted to keep all of the dogs and UK- parents were fond of them, too, but good homes were finally iuunJ for all of the puppies. Skippy, proud of her success as a mother, promptly decided to raise another family. But things are not so complicated this winter. Skippy's family consists of one lone pup who already has a home waiting for him when he is ready to leave his mother. I hesitate to tell you what this week's recipe is for. After all how corny can I get? But. I have been f oing to tell you about this one or some time and it just seems appropriate to use it here. It's ior Hot Dogs! Bernice Lee first told me about them a couple of years ago. Incidently. there are quite a few Lees in Algona right now, and, I think, more than one Bernice Lee. This is the one who teaches school and whose husband is a railway mail clerk, E. G. Lee. For the Hot Dogs use your favorite raised roll recipe. In my case, it's one-half of a package of roll mix. Let the dough raise up to the time when you form the rolls. Roll out on a floured board, in circular shape, about one-half inch thick. Spread vvith melted butter and mustard, if you like. Cut the dough in wedges like you would pie and roll each wedge around a wiener and fasten with toothpicks. Bake in a 425 degree oven about ten minutes These are a good thing to serve to your hungry little boy scouts or teen- Minnesota Couple Wed Friends here have received the announcement of the marriage of Beatrice Sabin, daughter ol Mrs. Olive Sabin of Fairmont, and Harvey E. Larson of Granada. Minn., on Jan. 1, at Fairmont. Beatrice graduated from tho Swea City high school, CLiss of 1941. Her parents farmed in E;iglc township before moving to Minnesota. Dies In California Relatives here received word Thursday of the sudden death of j Albert Erickson, Alhambra, Cal., >n Thursday, Jan. 19. Albert was x>rn on his parents' farm in Swea township, where the Franks Torines now live. He was in he late 60's at time of death. His marriage to Pearl Fisher of Al ;ona took place some 30 years ago. The couple moved to Cali- ornia 20 years ago. He is survived by his wife and a daugh- er, Evelyn. Grant 4-H Girls The Grant township Go-Getters i-H girls club met Wednesday evening, Jan. 11, at the home of Wilma Lien. After business and club study, entertainment was enjoyed. Mrs. Lien served lunch. Algona Debaters Win 4 Of 6 Four Algona high school debaters participated in a tri-state tournament at Morningside college, Sioux City on Saturday, Jan. 7. The debate team won four out of six debates at the annual meet. Students participating in the tournament from Algona were Helen Lenz, Claudia Pollard, Eddie Laing and Fred Langmack. Winner of the tournament was East High of Sioux City, who had only one more win than the Algona team. Eddie Laing was chosen as one of the outstanding speakers of the :ournament to appear on a radio 'orum which was broadcast Wednesday evening, Jan. 11 at ?:30 p. m. over radio station KCOM in Sioux City. There were only four speakers on the pro- Tarn. Algona representatives also entered two extemporeanous speaking contests, one for experierlced and one for inexperienced speakers. Entered in the experienced division was Eddie Laing while Fred Langmack was Algona's entrant in the inexperienced classification. — Ernest Heidecker, ;en. Dodge , Buffalo Center; Lyle Mathes, Algona; Wilma Strayer, Algona, truck. Ford — O. T. Cherland, Lone Rock; Lewis Larson, Titonka; Kenneth Lindhorst, Algona; Kennedy and Parsons, Algona, truck. Hudson — Martin Geerdes, Swea City. Mercury — Ambrose Lentseh, Bancroft. Packard — Dick Harmon, Al* V. of the Articles of Incorporation be amended to read as follows: "Article V. The duration of corporation shall be perpetual." "BE IT FURTHER^ESOLVE order to hereof. gona. Plymouth W. A'Bleich, Algona; Albert J. Davis, • Titonka.' Marie-Ditsworth, Sw«a-City; P. A. Holcomb, Swea Gity; Sylvester Wagner, Bode. Studebaker — Ed. Blumer, Algona; Charles H. Joens, LuVerfle, truck. PAPER SUPPLIES, carbon paper, desk blotters, file folders, card index holders and supplies, at the ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES. in the NEW newspaper building, Notice Fenton Auxiliary Met Fenton — The Fenton Auxiliary met Friday afternoon in the home of Mrs. John Waite, with Mrs. Earl Dean as co-hostess. During the business meeting, it was decided to have a plant sale in May. Twelve members answered roll call. Dear Subscriber Since this is the time of year when the majority of The Algona Jpper Des Moines subscriptions become due for renewal, it is impossible to keep our records up-to-date day by day. However, as ,'our credits come through, they are handled within a week. With the combination offer of both Algona newspapers many of you have received statements from each newspaper office. The aroeedure in handling these requires at least a week. So, if you nave received a statement from one office after you paid the other office and it was within a week's time, you may rest assured that the credit will be taken care of properly. A subscription to the Upper Des Moines still costs only $3.00 per year. This is the same price which has prevailed for the past five years. Five years ago your $3.00 bought 524 pages . . . today, this past year, your same $3.00 bought 1166 pages, or twice as much for your money. A combination subscription to both Algona papers is still $5.00 per year. NOTICE OF AMENDMENTS OP THE ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION OF THE MID-WEST SERVICE COMPANY KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE 'RESENTS That a special meeting of ie stock-holders of the Mid-west ervlce Company, a corporation duly rganlzed and existing under the laws f the State of Iowa was held at the orporatlon's principal place of busin- ss in Algona, Kossuth County, Iowa, n the 26th day of May. 1949. at which meeting all of the stockholders of the corporation were present. Each and every stockholder duly waived written notice of the meeting and the purpose of said meeting, and all of the stock; of the corporation having voted ftr the adoption, the following resolutions were duly adopted by unanimous vote: "Thar the corporate existence of said Mid-West Service Company be and hereby is extended for a term in perpetuity from and after the date .of approval thereof by the Secretary of State of the State of Iowa, and Article this EvEt> That a copy of this resolution duly certified by the Secretary, be filed and recorded as required by law, that the proper officers of the corporation take such proceedings as may be necessary in —*— " accomplish the purposes "BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That this resolution be executed on behalf of the corporation and the stockholders thereof by the president and attested by the secretary, and the corporate seal be affixed hereto." "That the authorized capital stoc of the Mid-West Service Company be increased from 1,000 shares ol the pa value of $100.00 each to 2500 share of the par value of $100.00 eech, s that the authorized capital stock o said corporation shall hereafter b $250.000 Instead of $100,000 as heretofore "BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED. Tha a copy of this resolution duly certified by the Secretary, be filed and recorder as required by law, that the prope officers of the corporation take such proceedings as may be necessary In irder to accomplish the purpose hereof. "BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED. Tha this resolution be executed on behal of the corporation by the secretary ind the corporate seal be affixe< hereto." ATTEST: Christopher Faye Secretary of the Mid-West Service Co a corporation Martin A. Jenson President, Mid-West Service Co. a corporation (SEAL) STATE OF MINNESOTA SS COUNTY OF BLUE EARTH BE IT REMEMBERED, That on this Jth'day of July, 1949, before me a notary public in and for said county and state, personally appeared Martin A. Jenson and Christopher Faye, each being by me personally known, who being duly sworn, did say that they are the President and Secretary- Treasurer respectively of the Mid-West Service Company and that said instrument was signed and sealed In behalf of said Corporation by authority of its stockholders and that they acknowledged said Instrument to be the voluntary act and deed of said corporation, by them voluntarily executed WITNESS My hand and notarial seal at Mankato in the County of Blue Earth, State of Minnesota,' the day and year above written. William C. Blethen Notary Public Blue Earth County. Minnesota My Commission Expires October 17, 1951 (SEAL) WILSON. BLETHEN AND OGLE Attorneys for Mid-West Service Co. 130 IM South Front Street Mankato. Minnesota 49 - 52 NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Sealed bids will be received at he office of the County Audi:or of Kossuth county, Iowa, un- il 2:00 P. M. on the 18th day of January, 1950, for the supplying of materials and the construc- ion of Joint Drainage District fo. 100 of Humboldt county, No. 131 of Kossuth county, and No. 93 of Hancock county, Iowa. Bids will be opened at the ibove office promptly after the time for receiving same has closed. A certified check, or cashier's check, amounting to ten percent of the bid, made payable to the County Auditor, shall be filed with each bid, which in case the bidder receiving the award, 5if1$r... fbrliie sensational new 1950 fRlGiDAlRE HOMEWUANCE5 See'em Soon. at... Crilly Appliance Store Algona should he fail to execute a contract and file a bond within ten days after the award, shall be retained by the counties as liqui dated damages. The proposed work consist o 16265.7 cubic yards of excavation removal' of 3038 trees and 113 squares of brush, 12 tile outlets 15 surface outlets and 1700 feet o 30-in. drain tile. • Plans, specifications and pro posal forms may be seen and may be secured for a deposit o ten dollars at the above office or at Rowat and Murray, engineers, Estherville, Iowa. The counties reserve the right to waive technicalities and to reject any or all bids. All proposals filed shall be on the form furnished by the counties, sealed and plainly marked Proposals containing any reservations not provided for therein may be rejected. BOARDS OF SUPERVISORS Humboldt, Kossuth and Han cock counties, State of Iowa Dated December 14, 1949. 2-3 NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT OF ADMINISTRATOR IN PROBATE In the matter of the estate ol Anna Peters, Deceased. IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF IOWA IN AND FOR KOSSUTH COUNTY TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has been appointed and has qualified as Administrator of the estate of Anna Peters late of Kossuth County, Iowa, Deceased. All persons in any manner indebted to said Deceased or his estate will make payment to the undersigned; and thos^e having claims against said deceased or iis estate will present them in like manner and form as by law required, for allowance and payment. Dated this 19th day of December A. D., 1949. . KOBIE HEMMEN Administrator of said Estate. ENNEFF & BUCK Attorney. 1-3 FILING CABINETS (letter Size) ART METAL, four drawer, with lock —J GOPHER four drawer ST. MARKS, three-drawer ST. MARKS, two-drawer $70.00 $45.00 $37.50 $24.50 UPPER DES MOINES Office Supply Dept. Phone 1100 Algona nts me to stay all night This It surely an "ordinary" call. True, it may mean exciting fun for two little girls, and by their standards is worth a lot—but isn't that what a phone's /or? The hard part is to Bay this call, or any call, is worth so much money. Obviously, we can't charge on that baaia... is worfn more This is part of the cost of each telephone call—the wages we pay our people to keep the service running right. Another is the materials and supplies we must buy. Still another is profit —profit because that's what attracts the new money we constantly need to improve and expand the service. We think you will agree that the telephone company must keep pace with demand, which means we must grow. Growth depends on investment money, investment money depends on making money. NORTHWESTERN Bill TELEPHONE COMPANY Swvlag lew*, MiutMM, N«lnatk«, Merth Dakota an4 Smdfc ItrtnH It's the Way They Take Care of You Here... LUBRICATION? "Yep, the same kind of • good job in* lub* boy» at Pcrcival Motors hare been doing for years—the kind of lubrication that you know is cushioning your car in all wearing parts." MOTOR TUNE-UP? "Is the old motor a little on the sluggish side? Let us check carburetor, points, igntion, plugs. etc., and we'll put on those hair-line adjustments that mean • motor thai purrs". RADIATOR SERVICE? f IX A TIRE? "Sure—this it one of the items the expert mechanic* at Perdval Motors can handle in stride. Pretty important too—to have that radiator in tip-top clean condition, especially during winter-Urn*." OVERHAUL? "Can do. Our car doctors can take it ipari and put it back together and shell turn like a new person. We are experts in rebuilding sick motors, and sending them out on the road with new pep and new life." "Sure—no trouble at all—it's good work, too, when you get it done at Percival Motors. And cheaper than havina four clothes cleaned, loo." ALIGNMENT? "This is where we really shine. Our ™£ Iu ?It. and *>«*i«»Uy-known Bear Wheel Alignment equipment enables us to check your whole front end in a matter of minutes. Worth what little it costs, when you realise it may save you a costly and frightful accident'? We Wont to Deserve Your Business Permanently PERCIVAL MOTORS Sales - DODGE-PLYMOUTH South Phillips Street - Service

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