The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 24, 1950 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 24, 1950
Page 14
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Senator Gillette Asked-So We Said This! (This newspaper received a letter from United States Senator Ouy M. Gillette of Iowa, as follows, and because we feel that our reply is not a private matter, we nave reprinted basic paragraphs from it here. Comment from our own readers will be appreciated, and viewpoints will gladly be forwarded to Senator Gillette). * * * Editor Upper Des Mofncs Algona. Iowa Dear Sir: As you know, the 81st Congress is just entering on its second session. Every Congress has a host of problems to face and consider, but I feel the task before this Congress is especially heavy because of international relationships added to the heavy domestic legislative responsibilities ... I would like to have your viewpoint. Guy M. Gillette. * * * Honorable Guy M. Gillette United States Senate, Washington, D. C. Yes, the problems before the present Congress are many, and also the decisions'will certainly be far reaching. It would seem that winning a war is one certain way to bring a lot of confused thinking and dissension in the ranks. If a nation such as ours could only maintain the same kind of solidarity exhibited during the war, solution of post-war problems would not be difficult. We feel that the United States should do as it has done, endeaV* or to bolster the states in western Europe, help them to get on thelf feet, and spend money in an effort to stabilize that portion of Europe ... it is a reasonable investment in security and friendship .'. . however, the financial support of these nations cannot go on indefinitely. In the course of time it can reasonably be assumed that our own financial support may get less and less and that these nations will themselves gradually return to a basis of self support. They must. Must Encourage Trade, Production U. S. policy, it seems to us, should encourage trade and production by these countries. A policy by ourselves that makes it difficult for these nations to sell us goods—amounts to simple strangulation. We do not think that an intelligent program along these lines can be outdistanced by the Russians in their own economic sphere. The saying about building a better mousetrap applies here., We do not see why we should endeavor to enter ourselves into the present struggle between various Chinese factions. China has had contstant internal troubles, and if Joe Stalin can put a finger in the pie and make everything smooth and rosy there, he is" a greater m&i than we have assumed . . . Control for the time being of Japan, Okinawa, a paternal supervision of the Philippines, gives us enough of an area to form an outer defense line, if such is needed ... we do not believe in appeasement, but neither do we think that we should do damn fool things like sending the U. S. Navy to help a commercial freighter run a blockade for personal gain oi a shipping operator who has been told of the dangers of the act. Looking back on the history of Napoleon, the thing that ultimately led to his downfall was over-reaching himself; there was a parallel between that and the aims of Hitler; and there is a parallel today in the movements of Russia. Anyone who thinks he can consolidate the various Chinese elements, the Manchurians, Czechs, Poles, Germans, Finns, Rumanians, Hungarians, etc., into one unit that is going to jump for Russia ... is assuming a lot contrary to human-nature and history .... Tito is an example of what we mean. Time To Digest, Not Bite More There is much to be proud of in domestic legislation of the past 15 years, but some things and some trends today that do not seem to us to be too practical or intelligent. We believe in a simple philosophy of "greatest good for the greatest number", but not a "cradle to the grave" program which robs us of initiative, enterprise and thinking for ourselves . . . much of the past social legislation is probably a ®pper Be* _fflome* HERE IT COMESI THERE IT GOES! 111 E. Call Street—Phone 1100—Algona, Iowa Entered as second class matter at the postoffice at Algona, Iowa, under Act of Congress of March 3, 1879. " Issued Weekly By THE UPPER DES MOINES PUBLISHING CO. R. B. WALLER, Managing Editor C. S. ERLANDER, Advertising Manager MEMBER NATIONAL EDITORIAL ASSOCIATION MEMBER IOWA PRESS ABSH . MEMBER AUDIT BUREAU OF CIRCULATIONS -_ u • *-• . NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE National Advertising Service 222No. Michigan Ave., Chicago, 111. SUBSCRIPTION RATIOS IN KOB8UTH CO. Jne Year, in advance.-..,.... ..... .$3.00 Both Algona papers, in combination, per year $5.00 Single Copies '2 10c SUBSCRIPTION RATES OUTSIDE KOSSUTH One Year, in advance ,..$4.00 Both Algona papers in combination, one year . $6.00 No subscription less than 6 months. ADVERTISING RATES Display Advertising, per Inch _-__5«c OFFICIAL CITY AND COUNTY NEWSPAPER 2-Algona Uppar D«$ Moin«s Tuesday, January 24, 1950 OPPOSITION TO SCHOOL PLAN Opposition to the proposed school redistricting plans is developing from some quarters of northern Kossuth county, where it appears the first,vpting may take place as to whether a redistricting is desired or not. As the matter has been explained to us by County Supt. of Schools A. E. Lauritzen, there is nothing going to be rammed down any area's throat. The County Board of Education and its advisory group will merely follow through on the recently enacted legislation making school redistricting possible. After the county survey, the county unit will present what IT thinks is the best form of redistricting, if any. THEN THE VOTERS IN EACH PROPOSED AREA WILL HAVE THEIR CHANCE AT THE POLLS TO DETERMINE WHETHER OR NOT THEY WISH THIS CHANGE. Both sides of the question have merit. Those who believe a redistricting program i» worthy, point out that the change would enable children to get a wider education, more subjects, and better teachers. Those opposing the plan claim it would require more time in school busses, and reduce the size of some community schools while others would be enlarged. But one thing is certain. No change at all will he made unless a majority of voters in each district favor the change. The Budget Bureau obligingly has published a breakdown of where tax money comes from, ant where tax money goes. Coming in, it breaks down like this: Direct tax on individuals—41% Direct tax on corporations—23% Excise taxes—18% New taxes and borrowing—18% Customs and other taxes—6% And going out, or as it is spent, it goes like this: National defense—32% Veterans—15 % International—11% Interest on debt—13% Welfare, health, security—i All other expenses—23% The atom bombs, planes, ships and ground forces come high, don't they! However, the explanation is clear enough as to how they get it, and where they spend it, in a general way. We've sometimes wondered why other taxing units, state, local, school, city, etc. don't give us the same sort of information on expenditures from a percent standpoint. * * * THEY DONT TRUST US Eagle Grove Eagle—We have often wondered what would happen if we didn't have enough money in the bank to pay all of the taxes that we collect for the government each quarter. And apparently our government has been wondering the same thing because now we are going to have to deposit this tax money in the bank in a separate account each month and have the bank certify that it is all there. Frankly we don't blame them much because we have been getting progressively closer to following the example of that Connecticut woman and telling the government to collect their own taxes, we can't afford to any longer. * * * The National Education Association ii going to investigate, and expose if necessary, some of the new "schools" that have sprung up in the past few years. Good idea. The GI education bill brought into being a host of phony "schools," "universities", "colleges", etc., which sound good but mean nothing, and worst of all usually fool the folks who are "students" into thinking they are really getting educated, or trained. * * * Too bad the owner of that ship ordered to run a wartime blockade with its million dollar cargo wasn't on the vessel, instead o£ a cozy office in New York. And in addition to being willing to risk the lives of the crew, there was no compunction about yelling for the U.S. Navy to go help, regardless of international incidents or complications. * * * Mrs. Martin Becker, writer of Portland twp. news for this paper, was sharply reminded of her duties. She missed a couple of weeks getting in township news, and got letters from as far away as California about it, and v/as accused of everything fiorn plain neglect to having a fatal illness. Mrs. Becker's news is getting in oftener, now. JUST HUMANS By GENE CARR (American Ncw< Featntn. Inc.) \ «He Called Me*Angel Facet" "THE MYSTERY FARM" Ravings by CHB» BEZSE A Little of Thto. • Ultl* of Thai: Hot Mac* of Anything. Last week's Mystery Farm didn't remain a '"mystery" long—not after the Upper Des Moines got up Bancroft way. The t'ann was quickly identified as that o£ Harold G. Hamilton near Bancroft Dy several calls, and a card from Mr. Hamilton himself cinched the mutter. He will get a lie* photo of the place by calling at the Upper DCS Moini.a ull'ice. Above is this week's Mystery Farm. If it is yours,, or you tenant the place, let u^ know and the aerial photo li youro by calling at the ottice. Another Dane Oh, yes, I too, was born a Dan*. o'er which I'm happy, just the same, and so I daily take of note low Danes are living, how they vote. You will agree with me, I'd say, we Danes so live each pass- ng day that every neighbor, every friend, align us with the best of men. A farming land is Den mark small with agriculture over all, where men and women daily toil maintaining richness in the soil, where literacy also reaches nigh, compares with lands both far and nigh, where honesty in rtomes ne'er wanes, a country built and loved by Danes. And now in these United States, where man from Denmark also rates, I find we have on W H O another Dane, and he's not slow, presenting, air-wise, daily news as well as also public views. Yes, M. L. Nelsen must be Dane, he uses "e" to spell his name, and so he is in line with me, we're two outstanding Danes, you see. Of course there are also a lot of outstanding Danes in Algona, and in the telephone book there are 33 Danish names listed, that is, judging by the using of the "e" in place of the "o" in names. Under "A" there are 8 Andersons, but not a single "e" and under "H" I find seven H;.nseni and three who use an "o" .>o the Danes lead there. Under "J" I find five Jensens and there is no question about those mer knC'Wing about the sultne kat, and then there are several who don't have phones, and one is Pa'ro.ur Jensen and I know he's a Dane because on account of we harmonize Forgangen Nat every ".line we meet. And Dick Johan&en also warbles Dane. Under "J" th'-re are three Jorgensons but you ice they use an "o" bo I'm supp-i: ing they're Svenske eller Norsk, so to speak. —o— But "J" it pretty well Scandi- hoovian because on account of there art- 15 Johnsons listed. And over in ''K" I find three Knudsen Danes, no question about them, with a "d" and "e". "L" has only two, Larsen and Lauritzen. And in the "M" we find only two Danes, the two Morcks. An out of the eight Nelsons in the "N" not one uses an "e" so no Dane*. The "O" carries two Olsens, please note the "e". There are Jour Sorensens under "S". And I almost overlooked the "C" column with the Christensens, three of 'em, and a Christiansen. Of course, it could be that some names might be mis-spelled and there could be another dozen or two of Danes in Algona, and then, too, maybe some of the Danes don't have- phones. Be that as it may, it's a cinch if I could net all those Danes together there would be no doubt as to the magnificent warbliny which could be done with Forgangen Nat Vor Sultne rCat. A Danish chorus of the following: Donald Christtnsen. Richard Roy Chrtbten&en, Hansen, Christian Jensen. Duanc Jensen, Vernon Jensen, Walter Jensen, Wendell Jensen, H. W. Johansen, C. M. Knudsen, Jens Knudsen, Otto Knudsen, Jewel Larsen, A. E. Lauritzen, C. W. Morck, C. D. Morck, Arthur Olsen, George Olsen, and me, Chris Reese, Dick Sorensen, Mabel Sor- 'Tsnsen, Mrs. Mary SofensCn; Tony Sorensen, surely could waible the popular Danish songs to n fart* ye-well. And I'm xu)re proud to be one of that bunch, so to speak. John Bormann was B caller at the UDM shop the other day and he was tickled because on account of the week before th.j Bode bundle of Upper Des Moines had been mis-sent and over one hundred of the folks in that section idn't suffered a headache since Mads Christiansen, Andrew Hansen, Mrs. Chris Hansen, Erman Hansen, Rasmie P. Hansen, Ed Hansen, Hansen, Peter Wade they didn't read my bunky column. And John suggested that maybe it would be smart if we lent an aspirin with each paper so folks could open the paper to the page where my column was printed and there would be no headachy reactions. And maybe John's got something there. He admitted that with my column of bunk and my fiddling I sure peddled plenty brain suffering, so to speak. Reader Comment Editor, Upper Des Moines. Liked your comments in Odds & Ends on town rivalries in basketball, and am using same in editorial soon. — R. R. Roberts, editor, Britt News-Tribune. * » • Editor, Upper Des Moines: Your comments in Odds & Ends column of last issue Upper Des Moines meets with my most hearty approval. That kind of editorial thinking shows that at least there is One place in Algona where sa'nity and good sense prevail. I mean every word of it. Sin- cerery, R. L. (Chub) Moore, Burt, la. good ihlnff ... but it may be ««*• to digest what** fa*** alj ready bitten off. rather inan tackle more and larg« forms of social legislation with the resulting "bite" ' oa the taxpayers' ' A private business assumes that the time to pay off debts is when business is gtrod. Why shouldn't the government feel the same way? There Is absolutely no reason why government expenses should not be cut, why the total of government employees should not be curtailed, and why the leadership of the country should not adopt a policy of gradual withdrawl from some or the many things in which it has been dipping a finger. . Government's function is to administrate primarily ... We would like to think some of the income tax money is being used to pay off a bit of the debt, to insure the soundness of our government bonds, and to go for the general welfare and the good things the nation needs . . . hate to think of it being poured down a rat hole, wasted, thrown away. Farmer Basically Want* Price Protection Feeling with regard to the farm program seems to be that there ihould be a form of protection for farm prices, but whether this should be in the nature of a Brannan plan or a Kline plan is a ... difference of opinion. We think perhaps our farmers are not too concerned with any individual plan, just so there is SOME FORM OF PROTECTION for farm prices ... the matter is a little too complex on JUST HOW this may oe accomplished, and we presume it is one of your biggest headaches ... Thanking you for your inquiry, and joining with you in the hope that the present Congress may act wisely and in the best interests of our great nation. Yours very sincerely, R. B. Waller, editor, Algona Upper Des Moines. _________________ subject to Imprisonment for not exceeding 30 days or to a fine not ex- I. Hauling. It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation haul* ing any garbage, trash or other waste materials over or upon the streets or alleys of the City of Altjona, Iowa to permit any part thereof to be deposited, strewn, scattered. or distributed over or upon any street or alley or other public place or upon any prl- pu >ro Irvington Club At Weber Home Irvington — The Irvington Women's club met with Mrs. John Weber on Jan. 9, for an all-day meeting. Mrs. Perry Phillips and Mrs. Bernard Capesius presented the lession material for the meet- jng which was shortcuts in sewing. The February meeting will be at the home of Mrs. Marie Frankl in Irvington. LuVerne Doctor Aiding At Bode LuVerne — Di-. Jack Harris, popular LuVerne doctor, has been very busy the past few days. He i >a *J >e SI>» seryln* the Livermore community as their doctor, Dr. Beardsley\ has been on a two- weeks leave. Also, Dr. Harris has been serving the Bode community as at this time they have no resident physician. An urgent call for a doctor for Bode has been sent out. Council Minutes ORDINANCE NO. 31 S Hauling of Wait* Material* ling INA AN ORDINANCE REGULATING THE HAULINO OK WASTE MATERIALS UPON THE STREETS OF THE CITY OF ALGONA. IOWA. PROVIDING PENALTIES TOR VIOLATION AND REPEALING ORDINANCES IN CONFLICT. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ALGONA. IOWA: vate property. 2. Covor. It shall be unlawful for any person, flrm or corporation to haul any garbage, trash or other waste materials over or upon the streets or alleys of the City of Algona, Iowa in any other manner than In closed containers or In a box or rack completely covered by a lid or tarpaulin or other cover securely fastened thereon so as to prevent the escape of any of Bald material upon any Street or alley or public place or upon any private property. 3. Penally. Any person violatin provisions of this ordinance sh g any all be ceeding $100 or both. Whenever tlw flne and costs Imposed for violation of this Ordinance are not paid, the person convicted may b« committed to Jail for a period of not exceeding thirty (30) days. 4. Repeal. All ordinances or parti of ordinances in conflict herewith are hereby repealed. 5. Enac«m«nt. This Ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after, Its passage and publication as provided by law. .PASSED, AND ADOPTED this 12th day of January, 1950. BYRON f. RICHARDSON. Mayor ..._st: ADAH CARLSON. City Clerk The above Ordinance No. 315 is duly authenticated this 12 day of January. 1850. BYRON P. RICHARDSON, Mayor ADAH CARLSON, City Clerk (Official City Seal) 2. announcing BEEBE LABORATORIES, INC. Purveyors of flne Veterinary Biol- ogies and Pharmaceuticals for over 31 years, announces the appointment of the TIGGED PHARMACY Algona, Iowa as distributor of— Beebe Animal Health Products We invite you to attend the formal opening Saturday, January 28th. A Laboratory representative will b c at the store to help you with your animal health problems. • See Miss G-LAC—The Animated Cow—on display. AT TIGGES DRUG SATURDAY JAN. 28 • *• • free gift for al! attending e pause continuous qualify is quality you trust es Atk for it either way ...totft tradc-markt mean the same thing. IOTIIIP VNPI1 AUTHOIITT Of fM COC».CO U CO«.*H* IV NUNiRAL SPRINOS tpTTUNQ CQ., HUft*OW»T. | OW A O »MO. !»• Cow-Oas GaWMf

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