The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 24, 1950 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 24, 1950
Page 3
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Wallukail - Weydert Wedding Betty Wallukait, above, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chris Wallu- kait of Algona, became the bride of Hubert Weydert, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Weydert of Algona T P - a «* em °ny performed today, Jan. 24, at St. Cecelia's Catholic church by Father P. P. Gearen Lorraine Rahe was maid of honor, and Eleanor Weydert acted as bridesmaid. . Howard Weydert and Don Red- inR attended the groom. The bride attended and gradu- ted from Algona high school, and has been secretary at the high school. The groom is a graduate of St. Cecelia's Academy. The popular young couple carry with them a host of .congratulations and best wishes on this occasion. Muhle - DeBower Riles In a double ring ceremony performed at the St. James Lutheran church at Allison, la., Sunday Jan. 15, If ma Doris DeBower and Walter Edward Muhle Jr., were united in marriage by the Rev. Robert Niederwimmer. The ceremony took place at 3:00 o'clock before a host of friends and relatives. The bride was attired in a white satin gown with a beaded neckline. Satin covered buttons down the back and train finished the ensemble. Her maid of honor, Mildred Engeling, wore a laven- dar taffeta gown. The bridesmaid, Mrs. Andrew Johnson, wore a yellow taffeta gown; and the flower girl was Judith Kay Johnson. Hanna Boehnemann at the organ played the Bridal Chorus. "The Lord's Prayer,, and "Jesus, Still Lead On," were sung by Eugene Boisden and accompanied by Joan Moeller. John Schmidt acted as best man. The groomsman was Louis De Bower and ushers were Albert DeBower and Ernest Mayhew. A reception was-held for 100 guests following the ceremony. Relatives from Waverly, Lu Verne, Schulyer, and Central City, Neb., were in attendance. The couple will live at Lu Verne following a three weeks' trip to California and Texas. Mrs. Muhle Jr., is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Otto DeBower of Allison. Prior to her marriage she was the housemother at the Lutheran Children's Home at Waverly. Mr. Muhle Jr., who is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Muhle Sr., of Luverne, is engaged in farming near LuVerne. Entertain At Dinner Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Reed and Mr. and Mrs. Orville Wicks entertained at dinner Sunday evening, guests being Messrs, and Mesdames Al Thompson, Loren Thompson, Mel Thompson, Vernon Jensen, Lee Seversen, Clayton Percival, Kenneth Percival, Henry Bunkofske, and Halbert Long. The evening was spent at "Canasta" at which high score prizes were won by Mrs. Long and Mrs. Lee Seversen. The low score prize went to Mrs, Mel Thompson. "500" Party Hoits Mr. and Mrs . Gilbert Har- Announee Engagement Mrs. Donald Will and Delores Brown gave a personal shower last week Thursday evening for Alice Ann Vaughn whose engagement and approaching marriage to Harold Kallestad of Rodman has been announced. Other guests were Mrs. Paul Bierstedt, Mrs. Glen Long, Mrs. Darrell Mosher, Mrs. Martin Huber, Mrs. Dick Strayer, Mrs. Bert Baldwin Jr., Zeta Fandel, Dorothy Lewis, Donna Carman, and Louise Sorensen. A mock wedding and bingo provided the evening's amusement. Turkey Buffet Supper Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Smith entertained at a turkey buffet supper Sunday evening for Mr. and Mrs. Nat Bangs. Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. Bob Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Allen, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kent Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Paul Owens, and Mr. and Mrs. Carl Morck Jr. The evening was spent at canasta, prixes being won by Messrs. Morck, Kent, and Bangs. Youth Group Party greaves entertained at a "500' party Wednesday evening. Those in attendance were Mr. and Mrs. Louis Scheppman, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Siemers, Mr. and Mrs. Barney Capesius, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Scheppman Jr., Mr. and Mrs. George Simon, and Mrs. Esther Hanna. High score prizes were won by Louis Scheppman and Mrs. Capesius, low score prizes went to Clarence Siemers and Mrs. Simon, and George Simon won the chair prize. Jeanne Ehrhardf To Wed Jeanne Ehrhardt, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Ehrhardt of Fenton, and Cleon Goode, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Goode of Albia, will be married Sunday, Feb. 26 at the Collegiate Methodist church at Ames. Both are recent graduates of Iowa State college, Ames. Mr. Goode is a member of the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity. Following their marriage they will reside at Albia. Card Club Meett Mrs. Jess T. Fandel was hostess to the Wednesday card club members last week. High and low score prizes were won by Mrs. "Dusty" Rhodes and Mrs. Harold Roth. BROADWAY AND MAIN STREET ; Great mtiter, Found Something He Could Not Kill -By BILLY ROSE- BlUy Base From the province of Manitoba in Canada comes the strange tale of Pierre Montevilain, the hunter. Your acceptance or rejection of it will depend on the kind of pixies under your hat. . . . For many yean, Pierre, a man with the strength of a caribou, lived In almost medieval splendor in a chateau overlooking Lake Winnepcg. Only two things interested him—hunting and drinking, and the measure of the man was that he was more concerned with the potency than the taste of his liquor, and cared little what It was he shot as* long as he tnade the kill. When he was forty, he married Emilie d'Arbeslne, a girl of good family from the Wlnnipegosis district, and when she presented him with a son a year later he toasted his heir in Hudson Bay rum and predicted that he, too, would some day be a great hunter. His wife, however, hated the continual kiUlng. and as the child grew older she ; was happy that he showed no inclination for the hunt. To encourage his love of wild life, she gave him a silver medallion of St. Francis of Assist, patron saint of birds and beasts, and hung it 'around his neck on a thin gold (chain. "I've heard it said that When people die their souls .enter other living things, sometimes an animal," she told him. * • • A FEW MONTHS before the boy's ninth birthday, his father found a new-born fawn in the forest and presented it to his son. The lad named it Francois, bottle-fed it until the shakiness went out of its legs, and trained it until it followed him around like a puppy. Oi» bit birthday a few wieht later, Piern gave bit ion another present, a specially • constructed rifle, tmall enough for * boy to tarry but in all other respects ait efficient inttrument of detraction. "Tomorrow." he said, "we will go hunting." The youngster said nothing, but later asked bis mother what be should do. "You must go with your father, •aid Emilie. "You told me that when people die their souls go Into animals," •aid the boy. "Wouldn't it be like killing a person?" "Your father thinks differently. "1 won't shoot to hit anything," •aid the lad. Pierre, who had been drinking on the porch, overheard the conversation. Addressing himselt to his son, ha said, "There will be no more women's talk. You will become a man and a hunter like your father. Tomorrow we go to the woods, but your tirst lesson will be tonight. Take your rifle and shoot the fawu " Terrified, the boy nodded and went to the barn. He prodded the fawn with a stick and tried to frighten it into the forest, but the pet, thinking it was a new game, took a few playful leaps and then frisked back for more sport, Finally, the boy placed the medallion of St. Francis around the fawn's neck. It needed divine protection more than he. • • • HALF AN HOUR later, Pierre back on the porch, was roused from his rum by a shot and walked out to the barn, certain that the boy, like a true Montevilain, had obeyed his order. Instead, on the earth floor he found his son's body, blood oozing through the shirt, while the fawn, the medallion dangling from its neck, stood near by. Crazed, Pierre picked up the rifle and pumped the remaining bullets into the animal's heart. Then he tore the talisman from the carcass. Next day the boy was buried with the medallion of St. Francis again around his neck, and after the funeral Emilie went back to her own village. from thin on, the great hunt- ir became the great butcher. Day aftir day, be killed as if beat on exterminating every aaimjl in thi furesl. and at night he drank and euned bis u'ife for her ideal about souh and animals. One evening the following summer lie saw a giant stag at the far end of the garden. He reached for his gun and followed it down to the lake. At the water's edge the animal paused and Pierre lifted the gun to his shoulder, but instead of a giant stag be saw a frightened fawn. Its eyes reminded him of two other sets of eyes, but he fired, and the animal gave a little Jump and fell dead. Attracted by something on Its neck, he walked over to see what it was .... The villagers were not surprised a few days later when they learned that Pierre Montevilain had died of a s'u-oke. But there was much talk about the object found in the dead man's hand—a silver medallion i St. Francis of Asslsi suspends on a thiu gold chain. Forty members of the intermediate youth group of the Meth- adist church held a party in the basement Thursday evening. Chaperons were Mrs. Bob McCullough, Mrs. Joe Tschetter, Mrs. Roy Hutzell and Mrs. Beth Miller. Hugh Raney assisted in the folk dances which provided the evening's amusement. Lunch wap served at the close of the evening. A Birthday Surprise Mrs. Anna Madson was given a birthday surprise party last week Monday afternoon at which the guests were Mrs. Howard Gibson, Mrs. Lou Matern, Mrs. Julius Peterson, Mrs. A. J. Klooster, Mrs. Bob Fisher, Mrs. "Heinie" Stebritz, and Mildred Miller. The women provided the refreshments and a social afternoon was enjoyed. Ray Madson of Des Moines sent his mother a bouquet of red roses. Guests Of Tullles Mr. and Mrs. Homer Tuttle entertained Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Weber and sons, Jerry, LeRoy, and Charles, of LuVerne at dinner , Friday evening, honoring the 19th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Weber. ' Campfire Girls Elect . The Awakyia Campfire Girls had an election of officers at their meeting held Jan. 17. The officers are: President, Lois Funk; vice president, Judy, Murtaeh; secretary, Sandra . McCorkle; treasurer, Alice Kresensky, and scribe, Shirley Kuchenreuther. Silver Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Ray Stoeber of Fenton will observe their 25th wedding anniversary by holding open house Sunday, Jan. 29, from one o'clock till five o'clock p. m. Friends and relatives are cordially invited. Homemalcers Club Meeting The Riverdale Cresco Homemakers club met Wednesday, Jani 18, at the home of Mrs. Eawrcnce Thilges, with 23 members present. An interesting lesson on "Home Freezers" was given by Mrs. Nicolas Weydert and Mrs. Lawrence Thilges. A pot luck luncheon, which the guests brought, was enjoyed at noon. Guild To Meet St. Thomas Episcopal Guild will meet on Thursday, Jan. 20, at 2:30 p. m., at the home of Mrs. Glen Shore. Mrs. Sigabeo Hostess Mrs. Harlan Sigsbee entertained the members of her card club Wednesday evening, high score prize being won by Mrs. Thomas Sawyer, and Mrs. Lloyd Pratt winning the low score prize. At the next meeting the losers will entertain the winners at dinner, the scores having been kept over a period of several months. "Eight Specks" Party Mrs. John Dutton was hostess to the members of the "Eight Specks" card club Wednesday evening. For a change, second high score prizes were awarded to players at two tables. Mrs. Clara Pratt and Mrs. Esther Helberg being the winners. Observed Birthdays Mrs. Wayne Smith gave a party last week Sunday evening, honoring the birthdays of her husband and Mrs. Gail Haase. Other guests were Mr. Haase, and Mr. and Mrs. Pat Jensen. Lunch was served following an evening of cards. Rebekahs To Meet The Rebekah lodge will meet Wednesday evening, Jan. 25, at the Algona hotel at 7:30 o'clock. private dining room at Georgp's. Following this, the group went to the club room where movies were shown and "Canasta" was played. John Rich broke a small bone in his right wrist last week Mon- dny while cranking a tractor. Mrs. Clara Sankey is recovering from an attack of migraine to which she is subject at intervals. During the most severe sickness, she was with her daughter, Mrs Ralph Lindhorst, but she is now nt her home. Hosts To Mariners Mr. and Mrs. Paul Popma were hosts to the "Mariners Club" of the Presbyterian church Thursday evening. Mrs. Edgar Campbell gave a paper on "The Christian in the' Home." Sorority Hostess Jean Popma was hostess to the "Exemplar" chapter Tuesday evening, Jan. 17. Jean Miner had the lesson and gave a review of the play, "How Deep are the Roots." Mrs. Godden Entertains Mrs. Clark Godden entertained her card club members Wednesday afternoon. High and low scores were won by Mrs. M. R. Wagner and Mrs. Elmer Kelly. Annual Firemen's Banquet The firemen entertained their wives at an annual banquet last week Tuesday evening in the See Our Complete Assortments of VALENTINE CANDIES CARDS FAVORS TALLIES HARRISON'S Tuesday, January 24, 1950 Algona Upper Des Moines-3 AUCTION Household Goods WEDNESDAY Feb. 1st 8:00 P.M. AUCTION HOUSE Just West of Co-op Creamery re-power YOUR FORD CAR OR TRUCK WITH AN... authorized RECONDITIONED FORD ENGINE IN V-8 OR "SIX" KEXT MOTOR CO. America's Greatest Values! } Thrifty 8 eo; Ifcf? CORONADO Refrigerators 19495 i NO DOWN PAYMWT* <!i • MO 20 Ib. Frwif* ChMt • 8 Ib. Olatt Meat Tray fl • 14'/i iq. ft. Spat* .' • Thriftmathtt Silwl UnM /••/ "ZoMmatfer" CORONADO "Curtom" 8 cu. ft. ; Refrigerators 27493 P NO DOWN PAYMENT* . • 37 Ib. Fr«*x*r Ch«st ' • 16.3 Sq. Ft. Shelf Ar«o • Twin Glim-Top Criiperj • liberal Trade-in Offer. *U*e your old merchandise for down payment providing it meets minimum requirements. is the 'miracle ingredient that makes magic in these new JUNIORS h, Choose from these beautifully rtyled rayon aadA /nylon Carole King*. Aiive (With a wonderful texture..; they've contrast., . and Color.. r and a marvelous wearable quality you'll treasure for all occasions. Line- Tamer... Contracting •tripe, acrou the flatter, ing bodice match the akin •nd wide belt. The criip collar and cravat are ray. on faille. Red, Green, Copper Bark ikirt with ISavy blouie. Sizea 9-li Brilliant Career... A big help oa any junior'* ladder of success! Double breasted bodice with interesting yoke treatment and tweet notched collar. Taupe, Green, Grey, Blue. Size§9-15 .... Little Jewel...a trimly tailored gem with that young junior feel. Note the twin inverted pleat* iu the akirl. Grey, Navy, Copper Bark, Blue. Size» 9-15. Exclusive at Alodtrn Hetresi...liie crisp white rayon faille collar that pulU through the »lil» iu the tuauJarin neckline i» removable. Twin pui-k- cls. bultoneii boilice unj cuff?...all leiiJ .1 "mill:,ui. jdollar louk." Taupe. Krd, , (Jrtcii or Navy. Sitta 9-15.

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