The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 17, 1950 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 17, 1950
Page 12
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4—Alflona Upper Des Molne* Tuesday, January 17, 1950 New Constitution At Lakota Church Lakbla — The church council of St. Paul's Lutheran church was increased from eight to nine men at the annual congregational meeting, with Ray Hertzke elected as the new metnber. A new church constitution and by-laws were adopted at the meeting a week ago Monday. In Ihe election of board members, Art Tietz, Otto Engelbarts, Albin Nelson and Leonard Christ were all renamed to their posts. Jake Peterson was elected to replace H. J. Boettcher on the cemetery board, with August Baumann and Walter Christ serving as the other members. Bbard Proceedings no.tnun i>i«otKi:i>i\<;«i llrKHlnr SriXtmltrr 5e*nlon \, j). HMO FOIIJBTII DAY October (I, 1041). The Hoard of Supervisors of Kossuth County, Iowa, met pursuant to adjournment' In regular session. There were presc-nt supervisor M. L. Johnson, (Jlialnnnn ii. the Clmir, and {supervisors Henry Schoppmann, s. D. McDonald, W. .S. COB- Brove and J. r. yulrn Absent: None Tills being the any anil time fixed heretofore by the Hoard of Supervisors for hearing on Engineer's report to Include certain lands wniiln J.fiiyarii Towns).Ip, Into drainage district No. 8", anil that fc Suli DralnaKO District be cslab- llshed within Drainage District No. 80, Kossuth County, Iowa. M. L. Johnson, Chairman of the Board, directed ilie County Auditor to read the petition on file, the 1'JiiRlneeis report, tl'e not lees of hearing and nil written objections on file opposing said Improvement. After hearing from thu objeclors to the proposed Improvement that were present In persum, nmUnn wa« made by Scheppmami a?id seconded by that further hearing on said report be continued to October 11. 1813, at 1:30 o'clock 1'. M. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion made by (iulnn ar.d seconded l.y Scheppmann that the ap- lillcntliin and boml filed by Russell Dugar. for a cigarette permit nt Mussel liugnn DliA Club 1B9 be approved. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. llotlon made by Sc! eppmann and seconded by Cosgrove that Mr. and Mrs. Walter Schmellng be employed at the Kossuth County Home at a salary of J200.UO PIT month be- Rlnrilng as of October 24. 1949. Ayes: All. Nny s : None. Motion carried. Motion innde by Qulnn and seconded by McDonald that the Hoard of Supervisors rei|i>est the Kos- ("illh Cour.ty Soil Conservatinn District to run surveys and submit recommendations to the board for lellef of the situation tint exists In Drainage District No. SI of Kossuth County, Iowa. Ayes: All. Nays: Nnm>. Motion carried. On motion adjournment was taken until October 11, 194-1 at 1 :«0 o'clock 1'. M. SI. 1.. Johnson. Chairman Hoard of .supervisors. ATTEST: L. J. Immerfall, Cnnnly Auilitor. FIKTII DAY '.. October ". 191!'. The Hoard of .Supervisors of Ko«- suth County, Iowa, met pursuiint to adjoin mneni In regular I<CKS|OI>. Tbcre was prcsev.t Supervisor M. 1-.. Johnson, Chairman In the Chair, and Hu|iervlt;nj-H Henry Scliepp- mann, N. D. McDonald and \V. S. Oo»Krove. Abiwut: tjupervliior J. !•'. giilnn. Tills being ll.o day and time Jierelofore fix on Engineer's cer'aln lamb Township, int No. MI, aii.l ilnn bv the Hoard n! continued hearing report to Include within Leilyard Drnlnnire District Huh Drainage District be established within Drainage I'1st! let No. Kti, Kossuth Conn I v, lown. -Motion nia.le |,y .McDonald and hccoi.tloil by Si-li<-|,i.inann that fnr- Ibcr l.i-arlnh' on ,-a|.| report be con- Illincd lo November 1. i'H'J, at 1 :;in i.Yloi-k !•. M Avcs; All. Xiiys: None. Moli -arried. Motion nia.le bv Seller,prnan and f ec.iiiil. ,1 bv M.-Iiorabl Ibal ihe asscsmieiit of benefits on Sub II of I'riln No. i'.*i be confine.! n* report en by ci.iiimli.siorprs. Ay,*: All. Niivs: None. .Motion carried, inienl was en nnl il i i.-toh o clock I'. M. M. I.. !'.' ATTEST: 1.. .1. linmr I'olinly An SIXTH DAV li Ti.e II..aid KOS.MII h I ' .ant I o :i >ij. .in n in r jr.. r.iis, at tak- l!:ii'.i On motion- adjournment was taken until October 27, 1949, at 10:00 o'clock A. M. M. I* Johnson, Chairman Hoard or Supervisors ATTEST: L. J. Immprfnll, County Auditor SEVENTH DAY October 27, 1949. The tionrd of Supervisors of Ko- ssulh County, Iowa, met pursuant to ndjourr.ment In regular session There was present Supervisor M.L. Johnson, Chairman In the Chair and .Supervisors Henry Scheppman, S. n. McDonald, W. S. Cosgrove .1. F. Qulnn. Absent: None. This being the time heretofore fixed by the Rnnrd to review nnd examine the bids submitted by the five bidders for the cleanout repair of part of the open ditch of the Main of Drainage District No. S" and the oiwn ditch of Lateral No. 30 of Drainage District No. 80. Motion made by Seheppman and seconded by McDonald that the Cooper Construction Company of Fort Dodgp, lown, Is hereby awarded the contract to cleanout ar.d repair pnrt of the open ditch of Drain No.80 and the open ditch of Lateral 30 of Drain No. 80 and that M. L. Johnson, Chairman of the Board, be authorized and directed to sign <jald contract. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Mollon mndp by Cosgrove and seconilpd by Qulnn tl.nt the Board of Supervisors approve the Contractor's Bond of Cooper Construction Company, Fort Dodge, Iowa, on contract to cleanout ar.d repair open ditch on Drain No. 80. Ayes All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion by Scheppman nud seconded by McDonald that Leslie C. Fa her of Algona, Iowa, be permitted to purchase logs taken from open ditch of Drain No. 80 nnd Drain No. 165, for the consideration of 113.00 per M. and that D. L. Lef- fcrt. Engineer In charge of repairs he directed to scale the logs. Ayes: All. Na.vH: None. Motion oarrled. Motion made by Scheppmar. and seconded by McDonald that the Hoard of Supervisors approve final estimate No. 123 nnd 4 On Sub 14 of Dr. No. 60 for Curl Garrett & Sons. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion curried. Or. motion adjournment was tn- k<-n nnlll November 1 1949 at 8:00 /clock A. M. M. L. Johnson CI.airman, Board of Supervisors ATTEST: L. J. Immerfall, County Auditor. HIC.IITH DAY November 1, 1949 The Hoard of Supervisors of Kus- siilli County, lown, met pursuant to adjournment in regular session. TlH'ie was present Supervisor M. L. Johnson, Chairman In the Cliair, and Supervisors Henry Scheppman, McDonald, W. S. Cosgrove and .1. F. (julnn. Absent: None. On motion Board proceeded to audit and allow claims. .Motion made by yiilnr. and ce- omled by McDonald Hint Mr ard Mrs. Hen IlaKken be employed as Steward .and Matron at the Kossuth Courts 1 Home and County Ho«- llnl for tho Insanv al a salary of »2^f>.00 per monll., beginning as of November I. 1949. Ayes: All. Nays: None. .Mollon carried. Motion nia.le by Qnlrn nnd seconded by Cosgiove that .Schepp- nuinr be appointed as a committee 10 have repairs made on lateral No. 5 of drain No. 79. Ayes: All. .Vuys: None. Motion carried. Motion by Sclieppman and sccon- Ifd by Quliin that Johnson be ap- .inliilvd as a committee to have re- inliK made on drain No. 90. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion made by Qulnn and seconded by Scheppman that the Ho- ird of Supervisors approve final stlmale No. 746 for graveling of •ivcni.s Uros. & Elmer Dole. Ayes: \11. Nays: None. Motion curried. .Mollon nuiilB by McDonnld and iiconilecl by Cositrovi. Hint the Ilo- 11 rd of Supervisors approve tl.e ihlrd quarterly report of Byron I'. III. hardson, Mayor of ihe city of Conn. Ayc s : All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion made by Hc-heppmunn and econded by McDonald that the hulrman of Hie Hoard of Supervisors be authorized lo nlgii order o purchase one W Inkier fully au- omailc Sinker from p. II. Irons of Ul'or.a, Iowa, for Ihe sum of :i7."i.<iu, plus sales lax, for instnlla- lon In the sheriff's Residence and •oiiiiiy Jail. A.VLH: All. Nays: None. Motion cuirle.l. H. J. McNertney laving made • uppllcuilnn to the Board of Supervisors- to compromise the 1m of Kossuth County for the care and support of Eugene Sar- •h.-iii- while an Inmrtte at the •l.crokee suite Hospital from Sep- ember 27, 191*, In November 29, l'.i|\ anil after due consideration f Ihe fads in-evented in the case, loilon was made by Qulnn and sc- on.|i*rl by McDonald that said ae- onnt be compromised and satis- flcd for a |ia\nienl of t7,1.UO. Ayes: All. N'ays: None. .Motion carried. .Moii,,,, nia.le by McDonald and . ..nil..I hv Srhcpplnann .1. A. l:.l.l ul Algona, Iowa, Oeortte A. Nynmn ol Swell City, Iowa, ami Koscoe lllff, Knglm-er, of Hurl, lowu, he anil tley are hf-reby ap- |.olnl.-.I as eoinrnUHloners 10 11:1 benefits on l eelasslf icntlnn of Drainage Dlsnlel No. Hlii. Avcs: All N'ays: None. Motnn cairlf-d. Motion made by .Si-bejipioaiin an.I condcd by MrDonald that the iiliinn of ilie lax levlea ami the re.-oid of the valuation • of the various uiili- nK n Kosc;nt b CniinM •citified by the stal sion be ]•.,.. i puneil until 1 I, 1!. III. A y.-s: Al !,K Mot b.n < a ii ieil. l-y (Jninn an.I Co.-'uiovi. I bat fill II eslilbllsbllli-l t lif Sill d int? on Inlle.-lK ties i.ii.-ral Iowa. an.I Novembi. r Navs: None Motion n . 01,.1. ,1 bv n i rifcd. Mi 1!U!«. a Nay s : un r i Mmion H.IO made by Sri eppinailli -,-.-.,], de. I bv McDonald thai Ui'iUd of Suvitv vlbi.i > aiilnov.- .-il^pi -ntloil ill the taxes of III, I \-si.-la ...... r< f cip<.'iils a« ceiilfii '^ tl,.- Kossuth Conn! ment uf Social \Velfuic b OFFICE SUPPLIES — Largest stock in Kossuth county. Alpona Upper Des Moines, in the NEW newspaper building, Algona, la inled -iliie '.; and ll -jn, -n an , | ne. M made by S under dates :•:,. mi?', M 1019. .May 'ji, ]|,|«, A tion larrled. bv fo^mo cheppmanii I Hi >h Au ifi.-.l l Di-l.ail ax .-us "f Sep- followlng Resolution he adopted: RESOLOTtON WHEREAS, the Boards of Supervisors of Wlnnebago and Kossuth Oount&Jt, Iowa, acting Jointly ard In behalf of Joint Drainage District No. 3 Wlnnebago County, IOWH, nnd No. 11, Konttuth Uuiiniy, Iowa, did by resolution duly passed the 14th day of September, 1949, finally d«termlne the amount to be assessed ami levied against the several tracts of land wlthn said Joint dram, NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Supervisors of Koqsuth ' county, Iowa, Hctlng pursuant to the provisions of Section 457.16 of the 1946 Code of lown, that the classifications, apportionments and assessments made In Joint Drainage District NO. 3, Wlnnebago County and No. 11, KoBsuth County, lown, as set forth and specified In tl.e Report of Commissioners fled with the Auditor of Kossuth County, Iowa, on February 7, 1949, as altered by Amended Report of Commissioners filed with said Auditor on September 12, 1949, and finally determined and fixed by action of the Joint Boards of Wlnnebago and Kossuth Counties, Iowa, on the 14tb day of September, 1949. be and are hereby ratified, confirmed, established, fixed and levied upon the Kossuth County, Iowa, lands and tracts of and described therein and are here- he assessed and clrtlfled accordingly, except only as to the classffca- tlons and nssessments In said Amended Report pertaining to the K>4 NKH NK>4; the NH SE1/4 NEW: and the NH SWH NK1/4, nil In Section 23, Township 98 North, Range 27, West of the 5th P. M. belonging to Eilert Boyken. Further, the S^ SE<4 NW>4, Section 2:i, Township 98 North, Range 27, West of the 5th P. M. belong- ng to Henry and Dorothy Van Hove nnd also the NW^4 SW'4 Section 23, Township 9S North, Rnnge 27 West of the P. M. belonging to Edwin .7. & Etta Fahrenholtz, which excepted classification nnd nssessmert shall be the subject of further proceedings herein. The County Treasurer of Bald County la directed to forthwith mall notice to the last known post- office address of each owner of land In Kossutli County, Iowa, within said Drainage District of the asscss- npnt hereby made and levied upon said land nnd that the same can be paid within 20 days In full with out Interest. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED Hint Improvement Certificates payable to benrer shall Issue for the respective nmounts of the unpaid assessments In excess of Twenty Dollars,($20.00) each against each Iract of and In, Kocsuth County Iowa, now subject to such assessment In said Drainage Dislrct, provided the owners of each tract on account of which such certificate hall issue, execute the waiver in connection therewith 1 as specified n Section 455.64 of the Code of owa, nnd the Auditor of Kossuth County, Iowa, and the Chairman of "hp Board of Supervisors of said 'ourity are hereby authorized to execute such certificates In behalf of said Drainage District. Each ueli certificate so Issued shall rovlde for the payment of such assessment in ten equal annual In- mllmi'nlp, with Interest at 4r£ cr annum, the first such Installment to be payable at the March ml-nnnunl tax paying date In 1950, and succeeding Installments i> be payable on March scml- an- unl paying dates to and Includ- ng March, 1959. t'pon roll call ttic vote thereon resulted as follows: Ayes: Supcr- 'Isors Cosgrove. Schpppmann. Me Jonahl, Quinn and Johnson, Chairman. Nays: None. Whereupon the niuilrman declared the motion •arried and the resolution duly lawu-d, approved and adopted this tb day of October, 1949. Motion by Qnlnn and seconded .y Scl cppninnn that i.hc payment »f the clainiH allowed at this ng or tlip pprsons and firms as lls- eO Immediately following bo rail- Tied, allowed and confirmed. Aye«: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. COUNTY FUND W. W. Sullivan P. M. Stamps & Post Cards . .1 8.00 Iowa State Hunk, Withheld Taxes 3«0.2B loniibl M. Wood, Invest. I.'ees ,\t Mileage ,'11.86 la. ol.l AK« \: Suvr. Ins. System, Tax &jl.34 Trcas. of the State of Iowa, Consumer's Use Tax Return 7.97 Jlly of Algona, Lljjl.t & \Valer S«rv 62.'il Ajratha Fansman, Assist. Co. Auilitor nrtallu Kulm, A»Mlnt!ng Ati.l. <sj Treasurer Ik'iiilep Heller, Asaist . Trea. 38.22, Donna Arn.loi-fer, Assist Co. Itecoi.ler J2&.2S Henry Scbeppinann, Coinm. & . ]>. M.-D..I At S'-fcslu Ai .1. I-'. Hi M. L Coinm. Qiiln C Heport of Condition of EXCHANGE STATE BANK of WcbSev. KusMilh Cuunly. to the. SUPERINTENDENT OF .1 ul I'.e close ol business ou December HANKING. STATE OF IOWA. 31. 1. (.'ash '-e.. ol State ASSETS lj;,:ik , in.-liiding oll. clion ; ''Mi^Lj'.i'):! v diu-L- joiltl. .1! .illbdi VI esenc balances, halan c;.:>h ltcni> in United Stale:: ObliB.'itiun:. . Loani and d B.n:k iiitnii.'ci. uvuiccl »2,!>nu ijO. lun.Muiu and iixtui us uonv 77.221 78 535.000.00 777.28 3U3.U24 57 2.500.00 TOTAL ASSETS ...S 1.011,426.63 13. U.jfli.ilHl dep.j.-i! 1 1). Tune d. |,o-.l . o| 15. Dcpo-.iti .11, lii. Dcl' , of S'jU- I'J. TOTAL DHPOSlTi 23. Other li.ibllitiL-s nl n nidi d SI. LIABILITIES .(Ju.i! . P.II l MC; ..r.ipa, ,md coi Pol .itioni, ._J .11 tcf-r: >:i;-s. ac.d corpor.iltons . . i.nii.-nl l including poilal l.avings) TOTAL l.IAUIl.ITIES CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 2«. Surplus 27. Undivided piolil:. CAPITAL 30. TOTAL TOTAL LlAbll.llIli.S Al'l OI'N'l S 750.048.71 69.33624 33.9117.07 70.954.72 450500 Ua7.U31.74 30.000.00 15.000-00 28,4U4.8'J 73.4U4.80 .'I) l AI'iTAL ACCOUNTS •Til!., b.n Cunin We. Guy •led b.niK J liiij ion block M ith Butt;. Pri-i oleninl>' iV. rl Jull> ;i.i r ^ M.ilc - (.I'Y .M JOHN lI ol tile .iblJVC iner-.t is tiue ol the ^e and bchcl. Co iiu I lecl-Alli .le .,1 lo. ti v, u 11; I .,!-• I. II Klelill.cler. Ao.J ULALi .oid J D. H'th .Li-. ..: .1.0, HAI'PTM \NN . Cat.bli.-i Lowe. L . ............. Johnson, Coinm. K fciCBHlon ............ I'.oselltt Yolgt, Co. Treu*. Adv. Ca*h for Hty, Kx- [jli-KS, etc ............. Donald M. Wood, Invest. l-ei-.-i & Mileage ...... luiljib W. I.lmlliorat, Hoard & Lodglrg I'risonerii .. E. 11. Knulley.. Sheriff, Hoard /t Lodging .... Ralph W. l.lodhoiHI, Invest. Fees ii Mileage .. II. .1. McNerlney, Olllce. Kx p IMI .v ............ II. J. Mi \eiln.-y, Coinm. oil !•'! I es .............. Kocl Brother*, riup ....... Mall I'ai i ol I A: Sons Co., .Sup ........... F!ngerp! ml Kiiulpmcn t l.atioi a t ory, HIIIJ ...... t'l'p»-l 1'eH Molr.CM Publ. Co.. Hid. Proceed., .Sup. A; Nut lee ............ Advance. 1'uiillsiiiliB Co. Hnl. Ploieed. fle riup. . . Tltonka r roplc, Court i 'aland, ir &i Nui ice .... The Ffiiton Keporter, Ad Clark A- Claik, Hoard \Vliilti-nioi, liuiioiiKhs Aildinf Mach. Co, linrion^hK Ni-w Murhiiiu Cowan Uuil'llnif Supply Co., Suj Bol»ford Co., Sup.. . Munruu Cul. Mach. Co., Kil.i,. inn Wilcox & Follett Co., Books 115.21 The John C. Winston Co.* Books ' 'S.Sfi Adnh Carlson, Local Registrar 88.60 P. M. Chritenson, Mtg 1 . .. 4.00 Alex Radlg, Mtg. ....... 4.00 G. B. Johnson, 1 Mtg 4.00 H. H. Dreyer, Mtg 4.00 Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., Sup 3.77 General Typewriter Exchange, Reps 21.04 Lloyd Haubach, Janitor Service 15.00 William C. Heller, School of Instruction 16.06 Johh K. McEnroe, Rent tor October 185.0 Kossutli County Farm Mureau, Appropriation 416. GI Ralph W. Lir.dhorst, Sheriff Fees, Zleger Case .. 23.21 George Slell, Witness Fees S.Oi Lelahd Wldln, Assist Weed Comm 166.9' Kobus TJaden, Assist W-eed Comm 8.9i Alf Kinder, Assst Weed Comm 85.06 Theodore J. Fisher, Assist Weed Comm 88.05 Brady Motor Freight, Freight 1.46 Court Knnd F. H. Kcmls, Court Reporter 111.18 Iowa State Bank, Withheld Taxes 41.30 la. Old Age & Surv. Ins. Sy., Tax S7.7.S F. H. KemlR, Court Reporter '. 24.11 Joseph V. Hamilton, Court Reporter 100.40 L. W. Nitchals, Attorney Fees 30.00 Slnle Institution Fnad Clerk of DIst. Court, liar cock County, Fees In Davis Case 20.91 County Fnlr Knnd Kossulh Co. Fair Ass'n., . Hal. of 1948 Apprup. .. 2.000.00 Komi ClenrlnK Knnd Mitchell Chemical Sale, Sup 134.00 Iowa State Bank, Withheld Taxes 27.10 ta. Old Age A Surv. Ins. Sy., Tax 132.70 Leslie C. Faber, Cuttng Trees 31.50 ' ANfteRNor Knnd owa State Bank, Wth- held Taxes 56.10 la. Old Age & Surv. Ins. Sy., Tax 227.52 Phyllis Chrstensen, Assist Co. Assessor .... 81.76 Luctle Loesch, Assist Co. Asso-ssor 125.28 Matt Parrott & Sons Co., Sup 102.34 'arnma Carbon Co., Sup. 7.14 General Typewriter Exchange, Rental 30.00 Innllfntc Fund I'anna Albers, Mileage & Mtg 1572 Plorercp Larson, Mileage & Mtg 3.54 sabelle Dab], Mlg 1.02 Prances Eason, Mtg 2.04 Goldlc Erickson, Mileage & Mtg 4.84 Evelyn Meyer, Mileage & Mtg 8.76 Burnelco Lee, Mtg 1.02 Enid Norman, Mtg 1.02 xiulsp Soreraen, Mileage • •/ & Mtg 2.14 Varcplln Fandel, Mileage & MIR 3.82 Guy Wagner, Mileage & Mtg 44.77 Library. Kuml Iowa Pupil's Reading Circle, Books 91.80 Construction Kuml lown State Bank, Withheld Taxes 304.4.1 C & NW Railway Co., Freight 829.77 In. Old Age & Surv. Ins. Sy., Tux 880.40 Frank J. Delm, Labor .. 220.10 William Iterry Peters, Labor 1110.70 Ev«rds, Wellt- & Mlllur, Grading Kvi-rds, Welle & Miller, Griiillng H. M. Kmlli, I-'.nslnecr . .lohn D. Fraser, Salary . Thelma Spurgeon, Halary Karl Booth, Rodman .... 170.40 Leslie A. Hlgley, Rod- mnn 187.05 Bill Curphy Co., Removing Cock 2," IB.0/1 lohn Xcller, Righ-r,f-Wuy 288.00 M. 1-Jsser, Operutintj Dragline 2II.C.O lowanl o. Ksser, Labor . 22K. 19 ;asnile Hai'Hen, Labor .. 229.32 M'-rlp K. ciiiimltcTlain. Labor 219.22 A'llllH Marshall, Labor ... 226.M N'oble L. Crouch, l^llbor .. 225.90 'than Nenrotb, Labor .. 249.*>1 I'.. M. Downs, Labr .... 2.15.78 I.I Ili.'ke. Labor 21.1.21 II. Cooper, Labor 215.41 Ernest Godfrcdepii, Labor -'24.91 P. II. I'elersfii, Labor ... 115.82 EVerds, Welle & Miller. Gra.llni; 1,162.50 Harry L. Cutler, nrading 2,218.75 Klinore Cement & Tile f.v,.. sup Oi.r.o I.elai .1 D. Si-hrop.Ter. Labor 7i).IO Elmer Dole, Graveling . 11:1.24 Graveling . 4;!7.1!9 Co., Gravel- 3D9.85 S.87 91.05 10.60 118.35 200.83 U I..'.' 'J.'J'l Sup 57.75 Thompson Yards, Irte.j SUp. ., 70.48 Mtiltl-Blfto-e Planer Co., SUp 4,182.00 Citizens Sefvic* Co., Silp * 20.60 Llnde Implement Co.. Sup .28 Johnson's Hoily & Alignment Co., Reps S-I.SO Brady Motor Freight, Fre'lght 4.30 W. C. Brown Supply ' Co., Sup 100.47 Fort Dodge Mdeh. & Sup. Co., Sup 129.56 Kennedy & .Incoby Auto Klectrlc, Sup. .". 12.26 SelST-Forl Dougre Company, Sup 6.S1 Wnterloo Rteel & Rnpt. Co., Sup 48.00 The All-Wheel-lirlve Co., Sup 68.73 Armco l>r. & Metal Prod. Inc., Sup ; 3,208,00 Herman M. Brown Company, Sup .67 Burnes-Hoak Company, Sup 178.21 Certral Bearings Co., Inc., Sup 52.09 Diikehart-Htifrlies Tr. & Eqpt. Co., Sup 1,921.09 Electrical Serv. & Sales Co., Sup 8.82 Olbbs-Cook Equipment CO., Sup 201.21 Globe Machinery & Supply Co., SUP 33.76 The Fredrick Post Company, Sup 30.11 Certified Blectrlc Corp., Sup 100.35 Cities Service Oil Co., Oil 32.50 Kossutli Oil Company, Sup. 953.05 Peerless Oil Co., Sup. .. 57.00 Lynch Oil Company, Sup. 519.02 Standard Oil Company, Sup 380.57 Uens-Oll Lubricant Co., Sup 401.68 Spencer .1. Cox, Labor .. 198.46 Lerov Crapser, Shop Me- cl.anlc 275.16 [•"red Lupkes, Fatrol .... 207.30 Harold Zimmerman, Patrol 257.80 Clifford Holmes, Patrol . 229.32 W. A. Medrick, Patrol .. 227.5Z 'erdnand Meyer, Patrol . 219.24 ifax Block, Snow Fencng 94.08 Fred Herman Hlntx, Snow Fencing 108.24 3all Sloddard, Snow Fencing 94.08 -larerce Hentges, Palrol 233.78 !ert Shellmyer, Patrol .. 210.91 [lenedlct Glsch, Patrol .. 189,04 ialph Markla, Patrol ... 229.3! Tlfforil Johnson, Patrol . 229.32 llm \Valker, Patrol .... 210.92 •aul A. Wllley, Patrol ... 2in.9S •Izra Blanchard, Parol .. t 189.04 \dain Heefer, Parol 189.04 .cm Stockwell. Patrol .. 229.3J )|ck Haade, Patrol 229.3* taymond Baade, Patrol . 210.9! Vm. H. Klmmermann, Pntrol 203.30 amps M. Long, I'atrol .. 219.22 laymord Blerle, Patrol . 219.22 lobert J. Berzen, Patrol 230.00 Roger Long, PMrol Martin Brlley, Patrol Cletus" Quinn, SnoW Fenc- Doyal '.Sanders, P«f'dl .. Clyde Sanders, Patrol Koelf B. Miller, I'atrol ... u riicodore 'fnnmp, Patrol -. •nctiard J. Uarrett, Patrol tvm. t:hrl8tensen, Patrol , Cliitprd U. Ituttertleld, Patrol Frank J. Delm, Katrol .. Spencer J. Cox, Labor .-.; William H. Peters. Labor William N. Batt, ' . Bridge. Work ....... Dale Kern, Itrldg-e Work Howard Lowman Bridge Work Ross Burrs, Bridge Work iienry Sankey, BUJge Work James H. Morrymah, Bridge Work n. Pomems', liepalrlnB , Road Tile •• Poor Find Marvel Dole, Travi.'l Kxp. ' Jerry CoJwell, Assisting In Itullef Oftice John M. schutter, M. D., Med. Aid Not Cowlrg-Wfthnke Food Mart, Prov. •. v. Diagonal Grocery, Prov. v Art Prebe Store, Prov. .. Save-U-Market, I'rov. ... Hemke'9 Grocery, Prov. Bkshara'a Grocery, Prov. German Valley Store Prov Raesly Lumber Co., Coal Cities Service Oil Co., Fuel Oil K & It Co-operative Oil Co., Sup Farmers Coop. Society, Coal Dr. Howard Dolyak. Med. Aid Dr. F. E. Sawyer, Glasses Dr. John M. Schutter, Blood Tests Dr. C. H. Cretzmcyer, Med. Aid Dr. M. U. Bourne, Med. Aid Ur, H. D. Meyer, Med. Aid St. Ann Hospital, Hosp. Care Merrltt Rest Home, Care A Keep Mothers Jewels Home, Care & Keep Mary Greetey Hospital, Hosp. Care Stale Sanatorium, Insullr Ada Flowers, Care ...... Mrs. Carl Buscn, Nursing Care Convent of the Good Shepherd, Care and Keep .. Mrs. Harry Curts, October Care F*. S. Norton & Son, Sup. Kohlhaas Hardware, Sup. Dept. of Social Welfare, Aid to Deperdent Children Dept. of Socal Welfare, Aid to the Blind De-pt. of Social Welfare Emergency Relief Fund owa State Bank, Withheld Tax 187.38 218.64 54.88 »29.32 210.92 224.91 177.71 139.36 211.60 265.84 219.22 £08.16 195.00 76.44 174.79 180.60 179.93 110.26 932.00 12.25 24.64 59.29 Allowed 12.24 24.48 130.56 36.72 - 48.96 81.20 7.13 8.26 13.36 23.47 31.99 22.00 60.00 14.00 67.00 49.60 33.00 225.93 279.95 08.40 40.55 4 76 45.00 40.00 &S.93 75.00 l'.8l 4.18 613.42 35.23 6.01 10.95 la. Old Age & Surv. Ins. system, 3rd Quarterly C'irt'tii?' "n ftii towa State Bank, Withheld Tax«* ••-•••' • • • • I«. Old Age A Surv, InS. S)«rtem. Srd Quarterly Iowa' state' Dept.' of Health' Annual Licence Fee ... treasurer of State of Iowa Use Tax Return Cresco Light & Power Co., Elec. Serv. Francis Sloan, Clean Seittlc Tank NW Bell Telephone Co., Tele. Serv. ........... Ben Bakken, Salary ... Art Ilerry, salary R. M. Schemmel, Salary . Walter Schmellng, Labor Racsly Lumber Co., Conl Algona Ice Cream Factory • Storage & Locker Rent Algona Co-operative Cry. Co., Sup 28.36 12.SO 178.40 10.00 .56 113.45 100.00 .97 196.00 196.00 83.30 50.57 163.97 28.75 154SO Algona Baking Company, Prfl» •••••• ? v" SorWieir Grocery Co., prtov. .1 i ........ S A L Company, Sup. .... Dr, P. V. Janse, CWls 4 jied. t)t. J. B. Wlnkel, Veterinary Work • • • • Cowan Building? Supply Co., Sup. ~ '••• Certified Eleb. Corp., Sup. ,*...,. .^......... P. S. Nofjor * BOti, Sup. KohlhaaS Hdwe,, Sup. ... Algona Implement Co., . Sup r ...".. k.. Llnde Imnlentent Co., Reps .7. B. .Tonnotoft, IfiB. Frem. Dr. C. If. Cretzmeyer, Med. Or motion Board adjourned ."Sin, Die" "" Mi I- JBnnsfln, Chalftftat Brtftrd of Supervisors ATTEST?: L,. J. Immerfall,' . Couny Auditor. 148.0. 8.5! 8l.0( 507.0 26.1 . l.BE 3.4! l.U . 19.3 1.0 FARMERS Call for Our Dally Market Quotations on Your HOGS VEAL CALVES SHEEP WESTERN BUYERS ALCONA.IOWA, STOCK BUYERS PHONEI07 /li C p. Mei.-l.:ii:l- Klmer 11 Muudln < Inif . . H. A. I'rench l.unib. r Co., Lumber Concrete Products Corp., Sup Anno Dr & Mclal Prod., Inc., Slcel Pipe Kcuffel ^ leaser Co., Sup Maintenance l-'nud Eco. Inc. Rod Flag Ma- lerial Not Cei lial StaleH Klec. <Jo., l-:iec. .S.-rv Iowa Slate Hank, \\ilb- liebl Taxed la. old AKU & .Surv. Ins. Sy.. Tax Leslie C. Faber, I'lank . . . Treas. of Ibu Slate of Iowa, I'se Tax Kcluin inieihiaie I'ower Company, K.-e. ,St-rv I'tv of, Lral-t ami Power Serv c Ar N\V Railway Co., Freight NW Dell Telephore Co., Tele. Serv NW Hell Telephone Co., I Tele. Serv Cat! llaneit & Son, Labor Clj.le San.I.-is, ltf|w l:o.-ell,i VolKt. Co. Treas., Cn.-li Adv. fur Kxprt-HH . Ci-ntial Io\\a Te-lcpbonu Co., Tele. .Serv Iowa Public Servco Co., Klec. H(:l v., Central Slates Elcc. Co., l-:lee. Serv InleiMat.' Power Cum|.ai:y 300.33 1,825.75 2,2'J3.88 13.35 Allowed U.C'J 203.10 liJU.Iil 5.ii7 6.7« 5 I Maiel.a C'J., ijci l i I i" ut j,. Hop!', I i Me I > lilo 4.35 2.DO (Jecil UrlffllU, lily 1350 J.Jii FUl.i-i-, lilj i'ou " " Johl,. ion, P. 1'Ves 17.00 M \Voo<l, IK'P. Sheriff 1-'. ea 4 Ui Duke Klnsi:' 1 , ilar- sl.all l-'..s Jo..- Munke, Will...-.-.- |-',-e . IHta Fee . . . .' Cecil Mdiinnls-, Mur- .sl.ul! Fee Dr. Jobr. M. Scbutier Nedllgenc.j Kli I|.-Kiep y*ji>£, &, Carnal.iiu, Uuuk in 11 u i. -i ' .'v., Lfook j :-J Coin- -M.UO ~t '.' -^ 'i |. i oka & C. 06. I'J 4.55 Slip AU..n;t 1 iil|ilelnen t Co., Muchlim .Slioii, Lumber .•or,; 1 ,"-, . . R. ar Cook' t .sup. Re.nlv -Ml> CI, Hi, I.I Sup. <.Jr.-i.-nbi. i Su],. . llovey P. l:. l-'u 11,1 Kent M, rUi;.-, IVe End Assy ....... U'ul'icrB Supply, Conerclu Ac Co., Sup Supur Hurvlcu, Auto Supply, ni..|it, Sup.. Sioker &. G.7U 1.19 i :.lii 40 00 r;.92 Cti.61 1IC.|J|7 17.72 6.32 lor mically, Sup. II. Inc., Sup. .. Motor Compan:^ -.suth S. Norion 4; -Hill Motors, Hro». Son, sup Sup, Sup llt Co Suj .M ; k ' ' I'.i.l inildt.-ioel ou Dl.' tilbullng Co., ,^.-i \ I,,- Co Sup. . n. : .|. lirakc Flub! . .., Coop. Suclc-tv, Inc., Sup .pc, PU l, ,- Vards Inc., Luiiabcr Co., you can't STOP the snow • . . But there are some things you can do to protect yourself against It. A. a matter of courie, a man puts up some snow fence and lays in a flood fuel supply when if, needed as insurance against a heavy winter. It is |ust as much a matter of course that a man should safeguard himself and his family through adequate life insurance protection. You can't regulate your lif. span any more than you can stop the snow, but you can make sure that your family is economically protected in case o? your sudden death Aid you can make sure that you have a comfortable income as you grow older. Life insurance and life annuities protect you and your family, and they do M .1 a cost that practically everyone can easily afford. For protectjon's sake, check your insurance program with your Equitable representative. THE EQUITABLE LIFE AlHUttE SOCIETY OF THE UNITED STATES THOMAS I. PARKINSON • PRESIDENT 3?3 SEVENTH AVENUE t NEW YORK 1, NiW YOiK REPRESENTED BY: 6iOE. MCGREGOR ST. C. R. JOHNSON ALGONA PHONE 3284

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