The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 10, 1950 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 10, 1950
Page 17
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Irene Ricke & John Muehe, Married Jan. 4 At Wesley Wesley — . Irene Ricke ght ^ 5 f • Mrs ' Carrie * n iu un l ted m marriage to John « • Muehe, youngest son of J. B Tn U ° A' on Wed nesday morning, u. 4 ' S l nine "'dock, in St. Joseph's Catholic church. Rev. L W. Klein officiated at the double u was uehe, youngest sister Bi i! he ,eroorn, and by LeRoy £u e ' vbroth er of the bride. ihe bride was lovely in a white Bates satin gown, with a mar- quette yoke and trapunto design on the front and back of the bodice, and a junior train. Her illusion elbow-length veil < fell ci? m a • Pjeated net headdress. She carried a bouquet of red and wmte carnations and a crystal rosary, a gift from the groom. Irene wore a gold locket and cnam that was worn by her great-grandmother, her grandmother and her mother at their weddings. The bridal party was served breakfast at the J. B. Muehe re-power YOUR FORD CAR OR TRUCK WITH AN... i home. A 3-course dinner' was served 60 relatives and friends at the home of the bride's mother. The table and dining room were beautifully decorated, and * 3- tier wedding cake centered the table. It was topped by a miniature bride and groom which had been used at the silver wedding anniversary of the bride's parents. Nieces and cousins of the young couple were waitresses. Beatrice Hildman and Angeline prepared the dinner. The newlyweds treated their many friends to a wedding dance in the Legion hall that evening, after which they left on a short honeymoon. They will begin housekeeping in their newly purchased home here. Both attended the local Parochial school. The groom served in the European Theatre of War and was in a German prison camp for some time. He is now employed at the K. & H. Oil Co. Visited Daughter Mr. and Mrs. John Rkhter spent several days last week at the home of their daughter and family, the Ed Dusolds, in Mason City. Home From A Visit Edward Richter returned home recently from a 3-week visit at the home of his sister, Marie, the Neil Garys, at Philadelphia. Pa. Wednesday, Dec. 28. New Years Party Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Walker entertained a group of friends at a New Years party. Mr. and .Mrs. Ronnie Newbrough entertained at a similar party that evening. Art Bleich Home Art Bleich was brought home Saturday, Dec. 31, from a hospital at Rochester, where he had surgery and had been three weeks. His nephew, Kenneth Fqrburger, has been assisting with the farm choreis at the Bleich home. Infant Son Baptised The baby boy born to Mr. an(f Mrs. Charles Nelson on Wednesday morning, Dec. 28, at their farm home, was baptised Sunday, Jan. 1, in the Catholic church at St. Benedict, and named Charles Allen. John Eisenbacher and Margaret McBreen of Liverrnore were sponsors. Mrs. Nelson is the former Cecelia Eisenbacher, and they also have two daughters. Mrs. Neuroth Hostess Mrs. Urban Neuroth entertained her "500" club Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Oliver Young won high score prize, Mrs. Ed Hildman, low score prize, and Mrs. Clarence Ward, travel prize. Mrs. Hildman will entertain the club women on Thursday afternoon, Jan. 19. ~*"^_ | ___ • I-.H— - authorized RECONDITIONED FORD ENGINE KI<;\T MOTOR CO. * v-« m -sir At Alumni Party Ewald Haack and Arceline Penning attended the alumni banquet and dance of the Lone Rock high school at the Plantation ballroom near Whittemorp on Tuesday evening, Dec. 27. "500" Club Meets Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Smith entertained their "500" club Sunday evening, Jan. 1. Mrs. George Kemper and Lon Gouge received high score prizes, Mrs. J. P. Hauptman and Will'Hauptly, low score prizes. Mr. Kemper received travel prize. Mr. and Mrs. Hauptly will entertain the club on Sunday evening, Jan. 15. Posi-Nupiial Shower Mrs. Ernest Gerdes of. Woden was honoree at a post nuptial shower at the home of her parents, the Alf Studers, Monday afternoon, Jan. 9. A group of young women honored her at a shower Tuesday evening, Jan. 10, in the Auxiliary rooms. Mrs. Gerdes is the former Rose Studer, and she was married Club To Meet .Mrs. Viola Studer will entertain her bridge club Thursday afternoon, Jan. 12. Entertain Husbands The Neweego bridge club met at the Ralph Jarvis home on Sunday evening, and their husbands were the honored guests. Kenneth Rasmussen won high score prize, and Pat Rasmussen won low score prize. The women will meet with Mrs. L. L. Pfeffer Thursday evening and play canasta. Albert Kleinpeter and Dr. L. L. Pfeffer attended a Boy Scout county meeting at Algona on Thursday, Dec. 29. A baby girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Earl Theisen of St. Cloud, Minn., on Saturday, Dec. 17. Mrs. Theisen is the former Margaret Haverly, daughter of Henry Haverlv. The babv has been named Mary Ann, and her two brothers are Mike and Pat. The Study club will meet with Mrs. Alfred Erdman on Tuesday, Jan. 10. Mrs. August Studer will have the lesson. The Wesley Town and Country quiz will be broadcast over WHO at 7:30, Friday evening, Jan. 13. The space just north of the swimming pool has been flooded and many enjoy ice skating now. Guests at the Nick Weber home on New Years day were L. A. Dairy Men! Cattle Feeders! Sheep Feeders! FEED SARGENT'S Sweet Lumps A New 50% Molasses Soft Pellet INGREDIENTS Molasses, Cottonseed Meal, Linseed Oil Meal, Soybean Oil Meal, Grain Screenings from Wheat, Flax and Oats, Urea, 4.5% Soft Phosphate with Colloidal Clay, Manganese Carbonate, Copper Sulphate, Cobalt Acetate, Stabilized Sulphate, Zinc Carbonate, Sodium Borate, Irriadiat- ed Yeast (source of Vitamin D), Anise. ANALYSIS Protein, not less than 24% * This protein guarantee includes not more than 13% equivalent crude protein from non-protein nirogen. Fat, not less than - 2% Fiber, not more than 10% N.F.E., not less than 50% Manufactured by SARGENT b CO., DM Moin««, la. SARGENT & COv Algona. la. SARGENT & CO.. (Nebr.) Fiemoni, Nebraska SARGENT MILLS. Wwerly. Mo. SARGENT FEED CO. Monmoulh, III. FEEDING INSTRUCTIONS For dairy or feeder cattle start feeding Vi Ib. Sargent 24% Sweet Lumps per head per da/, increase this amount gradually up to 3 Ibs. of Sweet Lumps per day. Sargent's 24% Sweet Lumps should not con-, titute more than V4 or 1/3 of the total concentrate ration. For sheep start feeding Sargenfs 24% Sweet Lumps gradually and increase this amount to one-tenth Ib. per head per day. | On Sale at Sargent & Co., or Your Sargent Dealer Webers and George Roeders oi Algona and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Weber and son of Wesley. Mrs. Lou Lickteig and Bob and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Berger and John visited relatives at Greeley, Kan., a week during the holidays. Mrs. Paul and Mrs. Nate Studer were servers at the meeting of the Catholic Missionary Society on Wednesday, Dec. 28. Mrs. Everett Ackerson and Mrs. Margaret Loebig will serve at the meeting" Wednesday afternoon, Jan. 11. The C. D. A.'s will meet that evening. Mrs. Bertha Richtsmeier of Iowa Falls and her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Strayhorn, of Royal Oak, Mich., visited the Al Richtsmeier, Ben and Jule and Emma Studer homes during the holidays. Guests at the Ted Bebo home during the holidays included Clinton Parsley and Walter Parsley of Flandreau, S. D., and Mr. and Mrs. Myron Gunderson and Pamela of Minneapolis, •' Minn. Mrs. Margaret Benton and four daughters of Humboldt spent New Years day at Bebo v s. Mrs. J. L. Haverly has accepted a position as clerk in the' Don Kraus general store and began her duties on Jan. 2. Mary Joyce Kollasch is at the Don Kraus home caring for their son and the housework, as Mrs. Kraus teaches in the public school. Mrs. Lee Snook and son, David, and Irene Hanig left Friday morning for New Jersey, where they will visit Dr. Snook's mother and Mrs. Snook's brothers and sisters and other relatives for two weeks. Irene is on vacation from her duties as clerk in the Grifhorst' drugstore. Lucille Hirner has been employed there since before the holidays. New Years day dinner guests at the Alvin Loebig home were his mother, Mrs. Margaret Loebig, the Wilfred Loebigs, the Evroul Loebigs of Algona and Mr. and Mrs. Everett Ackerson. Sister Mary Ricarda and Sister Mary Antonette of St. Paul visited the former's sister, Mrs. J. P. Hauptman, and family several days during the holidays. The nuns also visited Mrs. Hauptman's daughter. Mrs. Don Lickteig, and family one day. Mr. and Mrs. Robert McMurray and daughter visited her folks at Ft. Dodge on New Years dav. Don Olson is employed in the McMurray "Wesley" cafe. Bernadette Bauer visited her -ter, Mrs. George Wellik, and family at Whittemore, Friday of last week. Mr. and Mrs. Will Hrubes and her mother, Mrs. R. C. Bauer, went to Mason City, Saturday to visit his mother, Mrs. George Hrubes, of Britt, who submitted to surgery in the Mercy hospital, Wednesday mornine. Mr. and Mrs. Will Hrubes visited the Geo. Hrubes' Monday evening of last week. inch mow f ° ' Januar * 10 ' 195 ° Des Moin "- 3 TOP CHOICE FOR 'FIFTY TOO MANY RABBITS Two jackrabbits combined to cause a car wreck near Waverly recently. Arnold Haebing, of near Klinger, was driving along when a large jackrabbit got up in front of his headlights, leading him down the road at a merry pace. Another jackrabbit joined in the fun, running at the side of the road, and Mr. Haebing got so interested in them he ran his car into the ditch and it rolled over. The rabbits, as far as he knows, are still running. PAPER SUPPLIES, carbon paper, desk blotter*, file fold- en, card index holder* and suppllec, at the ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES, in the NEW newspaper building. POWER, NEWS WITH A REAL PUNCH I They're greater in power-higher in compression^ standout in styling-dreams to dnve-and now there's a Buick beauty for 1950 to fit practically any budget N o, we just couldn't hold back the whole big Buick line for 1950. They're too good-looking-too much fun to drive-too jam-packed with stepped-up, higher-compression, ready-to-ramble power—to be kept under cover. Oo maybe you've already seen some 1950 Buicks on the highway. Maybe you've noticed the extra "git up and travel" they have-glimpsed the wide, curving windshields (one piece in most models)-noted, approvingly, that the typical Buick taper is now found in all Buick fenders. Maybe you've even heard some things... That there are more than a dozen-and-a- half models to choose from. That there are three power plants in the Buick line —all of higher compression, all stepped up in power. That all models arc big and roomy inside —some rear scats are better than a foot wider than before!-yet in every instance, shorter over-all, so easier to handJe, park and garage. Above all, maybe you've heard of exciting news on price... That Dynaflow Drive, for instance- standard on ROADMASTER models, optional on all others-now costs 20% less than on 1949 models. H»n'i juit one port of Buiek't Hint-war power ifory for 1950 — th» brand-ntw F-263 vahe-in-htad ilraighl-iighl. Packing a wo//op that maket lh» SUftKa rtonrf. ouf performer of Iht seoion, here If jflfl tr compreition and tlill greater power mfisfon, I28fipwifh Dynof/ow DriVe.* RnAUMABTER > r- 1 • That in the full Hne-SpEciAL, SUPER and ROADMASTER series —there is a Buick to fit practically every budget above the very lowesti f ictured above is the 1950 SUPER 4-door Sedan, one of the new Buick body types for 1950. At your Buick dealer's arc more actual models, the whole story on others. Hadn't you better see him-right now— and see if you, too, don't flnd Buick "top choice for 1950"? obo. above !. th Mol.-to.Mon r.or-W f for I95a ""• '• *• thi, much-wonled 4-door, 6- P o,,«n 0 .r Sedan. Phone you, BUICK deafer /or . W*.n *.tti f *uto***t,U.. or. built aVICK ,r,,l bulta ,H.m - f un . m KINKY I. MHO*. *K N.Uork. „„, «„„/„, .„„,„„. Jones & State KIRK AUTO CO. Algona, Iowa Phone 80 M DrUv, a nia rtductj prlct, j--'— -' """rmrfffi miAlk, Rocketing iiito the Futurauiic Fifties—a fubu- loiu aew fleet of Oldamobiles! Three exciting new cars—the glamorous "98!" (pictured above)—the action-packed "88," now at a new loto price!—and the sparkling "7o!" See them now at your OldaiuoLilc Dealer's! See tte Oldimobile "Roch«t"~ America's most famous automobile engine! IFfti'r/auay //vJra-A/ufic-—the new automatic "drive" that matched "Rocket" smoothness! New Futurainic sty/ing—fleet, free-flowing lines— roomier interiors — more visibility—many other new features! See the new Futuraiuics! You'll want to... racket ahead with Oldsuiobiiel flath I Htw Ltwtr Prfcw M N»w "Rotkit" fngiat "88"! Pupulurity Muki t $ iuJ I'rice /fafuaum >ill THI NiW FUTUBAMICS NOW ON DISPLAY AT YOUft OLDSMOBILI DIALIR'S. ALGONA Phone 165 DAIPS GARAGE IOWA 125 S. Dodge

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