The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 10, 1950 · Page 15
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 10, 1950
Page 15
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January 10, 1950 lUtjona fcer JBesi THIRD SECTION Algeria's Biggest "Auto h w 1950 Models Of All Makes Now Displayed Here New Plymouth* Due Saturday; Others Are Unveiled For the first time since the war dealer j n Al- new models of 11 at the Offe . Algona is offering a first as* automobile show, with the new deek 1930 modes holding forth' the finest m automotive beauty ana mechanical performance It is well worth a drive to Al- a "y J? lace in Kossuth see these new models M! dC :, Or drive them , for the dealers are all justly proud of their products. Biggest Variety, 10 Years In other post-war years, dealers and customers had to be content to accept what the company was able to send in the line of various models. Now they have a wide range on display. The parade of '50 models is well on its way with Dodge, De t 0 .' £ hr ysler. Plymouth, Chevrolet Oldsmobile and Buick the latest to bring out their current styles. There have been few major styling changes in any of the vehicles being introduced. There have, however, been refinements m this respect in all models and numerous mechanical advances. D- is presenting its Oldsmobile in 19 different styles, including its "76' series covering the six-cylinder cars and the "88" and "98" series in eights. Chrysler is introducing an entirely new body style in both six and eight cylinder models with 19 body styles listed at Allen Motor. Chevrolet, sold by Kossuth Motor, is offering an automatic transmission, known as "Power- glide" for the first time. Also presented for the first time is the Bel Air, a six-passenger coupe possessing the swank of a convertible with the practicality of the solict top. Buick Is presenting 18 body styles with prices set within reach of practically any budget, now showing at Kirk Auto. In each instance, the manufacturers now have broken most of their production and sales records during the year just ended. They are now bidding for another record-breaking year in sales. Changes In Chrysler Among changes in the Chrysler are longer rear fenders that retain their full height almost to the extreme rear of the car. A new grille with three heavy horizontal bars, topped by a fourth that curves down at the ends, imparts new eye appeal to the front end. The rear end also is improved in appearance by a newly designed rear window with greatly increased glass area. Larger brakes have been installed on the six cylinder models and there is an improved booster on the brakes of the eights. There has been no price change. A hard-top convertible, called the Newport, is offered in the Windsor, New Yorker and town and country models of Chrysle * * * More Room In Dodges Promoting the claim of gener ous headroom, shoulder room, le room, seat height and wider doo openings, the 1950 Dodge cars ar being offered in 10 body styles o: two standard wheelbases, now oi disolay at Percival Motor. Bigger rear window and th larger fender are included on Dodges, especially in the Corone and Meadowbrook styles. These are the standard 123% inch wheelbase carte. The Wayfarer has a 115-inch wheelbase, cominj m a two-door sedan, a busines coupe and sports roadsters. All Dodges are powered with a 7-to-l compression ratio engine Here again, there has been no price change. « * * Oldsmobile Prices Cut In the Oldsmobile "88" series there has been a price reductior of $55 to $65 in addition to a cu of about $25 on the hydra-matic transmission. Oldsmobile has made the automatic transmission optional at extra cost on all its models. A new smoothness in forward speeds and faster shifting into reverse are the results of the ma- or mechanical advance in the design of the hydra-matic shift. For cars without the automatic transmission, Oldsmobile has provided two synchro-mesh transmissions as standard equipment. * « * Buiek Has New Grille "The new grille of the Buick, combined directly with the front bumper, is one of the many marks of distinction of the 1950 Buick. There are four wheelbases, engines in five horsepower ratings and three complete series — Special, Super and Roadmaster — offered by Buick. Prices have been reduced from $65 to $300 in Buicks, with an additional $40 cut in. the Dyna- flow, optional on all cars. Horsepower has been upped, with 124 h.p. in the standard transmission and 128 h.p. with the Dynaflow. * * Chevrolet Improvements Chevrolet is on display now at Kossuth Motor, embodying the new Powerglide transmission and improvements in chassis and body. A new "Power-Jet" carburetor eliminates the lean periods in gasoline feed and affords quicker warmup. Larger,, exhaust, valve capacity helps power output. ' ' Engine* -with-4h» -«ew*"<f»in»« mission develop 105 horsepower at 3,600 revolutions per minute. Standard models develop 92 h.p. • » • Plymouths Jan. 12 Plymouth, on sale at Allen Motor, Hoenk Motor and Percival Motors, is going on display for the first time Thursday, Jan. 12. It has a longer, lower and more streamlined look, with the biggest change being in the rear end, similar to Dodge and Chrysler. Plymouth savs it is "Packed with value and ready to prove it." DeSoto can be seen at Hoenk Motors and a look will show that it has the new sweeping, peak- crowned fenders and a rear window with 33 per cent more area. It has a lower protective bumper, and larger brakes. Many engineering improvements have been built into the 1950 DeSoto. N»w Hudson Model Hudson is out with the new lower-priced Pacemaker and Taylor Implement is making an open invitation for all to have a demonstration ride. It has the "step- down" design featured on earlier Hudsons. It claims full road clearance and more headroom and the seats are up to 12 inches wider than most cars. * * * Three Packard Sices Packard is offering a new automatic transmission in its "Ultra- matic" drive, according to R. & C. Motor in Algona. Another feature of the 1950 Packard is a gas mileage of 18-20 miles to a gallon with the overdrive. Three sizes of Packards are available in two body stylest known as Club Sedan and Touring Sedan. Sizes are in regard to engines, with a range of 135 horsepower, 150 and 160 horsepower. There has been no price change in Packard since last spring. * * * Studebaker Next Look "The Next Look in Automo- siles" is the name given the 1950 Studebakers, sold locally by Schultz Bros. Garage. Fashioned rfter airplanes, it has a complete- y new front end, with coil springs for the first time. With three models, the Champion, Commander and Land- bruiser, Studebaker is offering r ive designs in each model. The Champion, with its 113-inch wheelbase, has an 85 horsepower engine. The Commander and jandcruiser, with 120 and 124 n c h wheelbases respectively, lave 102 horsepower engines. Aircushion tires have been add- d to all models and overdrive is available on all cars. Self - adjusting brakes have >een incorporated into the 1950 Studebakers which does away with constant readjusting. Prices in all Studebakers remain the ame. * * * Ford Sixes, Eights Ford for '50 is out, featuring he "New Feel" in driving. It s being offered in five body tyles by Kent Motor and each of hese styles can be had in the 95 wrsepower six cylinder or in the 00 horsepower eight. Winner of the 1949 Fashion Award, Ford retained its basic esign from 1949, with the ex- eption of a minor change on the •nlle. A new feature 'is the "auto- hermic" pistons which prevent xpansion and contraction and ake for a quieter engine. Extra- wide (pant .rubber cushions give. WgRicojfttoaLridj. .,'VS "*, 1 There has been no change In prlco-« thwt»8fl FymJt" "»«=> *~ * * * Kaiser-Frazer is in the midst of •etooling for their new cars anc ave discontinued production on 11 but the Special. Three new models are expected in the fu ure, according to Heinie Fisher ut no date has been set for thei ppearance. All that is known at this time s that there will be a smaller lower priced car in addition to the Kaiser and the Frazer. 1950 model is expected in abou three weeks. The plant is in thi process of retooling so some ma jor changes are expected. Cars for every puroose and for every income are "featured in Algona showrooms this week anc will be on display in the future This flood of new cars makes ii possible for the customer to select what he likes as to body styling, mechanical features and price. With so great an offering of new automobiles in Algona, vehicle sales for 1950 should top those of 1949. Added Library Hours The Algona library has announced that starting Jan. 13, the doors will be open from 12:15 p. m., on each Friday through the winter months to accommodate those students who use the busses. FAITHFUL DOG When Harry Davies of near McGregor failed to return home ."? j a eoon nunt - neighbors started searching. They saw Davies' dog and the animal led them to the body of his master, over which he had kept an all night vigil. Mr. Davies had died from a heart attack. Auto Licenses Up From 1949; Receipts Climb Drop In Number Of Motorcycles, Farm Trailers Auto license registrations are •unning ahead of last year to the tune of 274, as of Dec. 31, 1949, according to Rossela Voigt, Kossuth county treasurer. By that' last Saturday noon of the old year, 4,424 auto license Jiate-? had been issued for 1950. During a similar period in 1948, 4,150 plates went out. In auto icenses alone, this meant $88,- J44.25 in receipts. In all classes, blO plates have been issued. Fewer Motorcycles Only two classifications of li- •enses showed a drop over last •ear, these being motorcycles and arm trailers. In 1949. 43 motorcycle plates were issued during December as against 36 for 1950. There were 1,533 farm trailers licensed in 1949 with 1,109 so far in 1950. All other classes of licenses showed an increase this year, despite the increased price. Full- year commercial hit 784, which was 73 more than 1949. Half- year commercial registered 86 or 28 more than 1949. Regular trailers were up only nine, totaling 171 in 1950. Trailers Bring In More Percentage-wise, the Inrgest increase in receipts came from trailers, either regular or farm. On regular trailers, $889 have been received so far, while they brought in only $393 in 1949. Farm trailers cost Kossuth residents $5,545 in 1950 as compared with $1,532 in 1949. Even though fees for 1950 have been raised they have been paid cheerfully, accord-' ing to the treasurer. The increase was well publicized so everyone expected it. An increase was made to provide additional funds for Iowa highway improvement. It touches all classes of vehicles and all automobiles which have not been registered five times. No Waiting Now Ever since the 1950 licenses were first issued on Dec. 1, regis- trntions have been running about five days ahead of those in December of 1948. The line-up at the treasurer's office has diminished after the initial early rush. After totaling fees collected in December of 1949, it was found that $129,048.25 was paid out by vehicle owners. In December, 1948, that amount was $91,726.50. 16 New Vehicles Greet Holidays 'Twas the week before Christmas and all through Kossuth only 16 vehicles were listed in all of that week. Of these, three were pick-ups and one was a truck. Buick — C. R. Schoby, Algona. Chevrolet — Cecil Bjustrom, Whittemore, pick-up: Cletus J. Deitering, Bancroft; Jack Lynch, Ledyanl; Charles Redemske, Algona. Ford — Mrs. Albert Granzow, Algona; Harry Haase, Fenton, pick-up; Frances C. O'Keefe, Swea City; William H. Sharp, Algona; Cecil H. Snyder, Algona. Hudson — Nels J. Nelson, Burt; Bernard O'Brien, Whittemore. Mercury — John Oslund, Buffalo Center; Dr. R. L. Williams, Lakota. Plymouth — Beard and Ogg, Algona. Studebaker — Vern Mortensen, Swea City. IF MOVING OR STORING YOUR HOUSEHOLD GOODS—contact BRADY TRANSFER & STORAGE COMPANY FORT DODGE, IOWA Agents, Allied Van lines, Inc., in your locality. Excellent equipment, competent and courteous service. Phone or write for estimate on any moving problem. 28 Pontiac Changes Pontiac made 28 changes anc improvements in the 1950 model now on display at the Algona Implement Company. One big change is increasing the bore oi the cylinder on the eight cylinder models to boost horsepower to 108. On the six, it is 90 horsepower. Rubber rear spring bushings have been added to give an easier ride, reduce road noise and eliminate lubrication at six spring points. Algona Implement is also the dealer for Cadillac and the new New Dodge Coronet Four-Door Sedan New body lines, larger rear window and fresh front end styling identify the new Dodge Coronet four-door sedan. The new Dodge line consists of ten body styles on two wheelbasea Coronet models, on a 123%-inch wheelbase, are available with Gyrq-Matic transmission, which frees tha driver from shifting. Fluid Drive is standard equipment on all Dodge cars. The new 1950 Dodge is now on Display at Percival Motors in Algona. They Came... They Saw... And Liked What They Saw.. That Was The Reception Given To The New 1950 CHEVROLET Last Saturday! For 1950-Chevrolet Offers AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION The automatic transmission, hailed as the most revolutionary driving aid since the advent of the self-starter, is making its first appearance in the low price automobile field with the introduction of the new 1950 Chevrolets. Chevrolet's application is an exclusive development known as Powerglide. Included also, is a larger, more powerful engine and many refinements that extend throughout the line of new passenger car models. You Will, Too! We've always had a mighty good crowd for the unveiling of a new Chevrolet... but last Saturday, when we took the wraps off the new 1950 Chevrolet here at Kossuth Motor Co., we had a crowd of eager lookers that was "tops!" There was ohing and ahing aplenty at this new 1950 beauty that offers SO MUCH for SO LITTLE. Words can't begin to tell you what Chevrolet has to offer in its marvelous 1950 line ... so why don't you, too, join the throngs who are looking over Chevrolet for '50. NOW ON DISPLAY AT KOSSUTH MOTOR CO Across From Post Office Phono 200 Algona, Iowa

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