The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 20, 1938 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 20, 1938
Page 10
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WSJ" The Algona Upper Pea MoiflffrAfebtta, towa, Bfie.lS, 1088 Mr*, Aug. Heitmann Died at Age of 80 At Home of Son Funeral services were held Friday afternoon at the Trinity Lutheran church with the Rev. P. J. Braner officiating for Mr*. August Heit- irtsmn, 80, who died at the home of her son, Charles Redemake, Wednesday morning, Dec. 14th, from an attack of the flu and complications. 8K6 had been 111 about a week. Burial was made In the Irving-ton cemetery, Matldia Mullsone was born Nov. 10,1868, In Mayvllle, Wis., and lived there until her marriage to Carl Redemske, when they moved to Hanklnson, N. D. Her first husband proceeded her In death 35 years ago and In 1906 she moved to Iowa and three years later married August Heitmann. From 1917 to 1927 they Hired In Lake Worth, Fla. Mr. Heit- mann died seven years ago. Survivors are her children, Mrs. Elmer Raff, St. Cloud, Minn.; Mrs. S. R. Durant, Mrs. Archie Haines and Charles Redemske, all of Algona, and Mrs. William Hedrlck of Lu- Verne. There are 14 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. Polities At Burt; Fine—$2 and Costs In P. A. Danson'B justice court last week, Walter Steward, marshal of Burt, was found guilty of assault and battery and fined $5 plus $2 costs. Steward, a well known peace officer, came Into court voluntarily after D. F. Schwietert had sworn out a warrant against him, charging Steward with assault and battery. County officials were engaged in the Whittemore bank robbery case and Steward appeared fn justice court before a warrant was served Your Corn Loan Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Have your loan papers made payable to us aiid we will give you cash as soon as papers are completed. Security State Bank Algona Iowa upon him. The altercation Is believed to have developed as the result of an argument over politics. CLASSIFIED ADS SECTION 1. The flre detfartftiert shall be under the control and Supervision of the council. SECTION 2. The mayor, At the first FOR SALE—Turkeys and chick ens, live or dressed.—Leo McEnroe phone 30F21. 51 FOR SALE—Four fresh Guernse heifers, reasonably priced.—Henr Tleman and Sons, Fenton. 51 FOR SALE!—Purebred Whit Rock roosters for next year's stoel Also dressed chickens for Chris' mas.—Mrs. L. Bode, Phone 2K11 2% miles north on 169. 6 FOR SALE—Dressed turkeys, or der early.—Mrs. Nick Eischen phon HAVE YOU been considering tak ing a business course? If so, why not enter Mankato Commercial Col lege, Mankato, Minn. 5 PIONEER HTBRID SEED corn. 3anner Trophy winner In Iowa Corn Yield Test 8 times in 13 years. Ony commercial producer of hybrid ever to win the "Grand Champion" award. See or call Walter Vaudt, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.m»\B^ " or R * Mawdsl6e1y< ; * t . M I FOR SALE—Used heating stove —one circulating heater like new one used Coles hot blast heater Voss Copper tub washer, Voss auto matlc copper tub washer.—Kohl haas & Spilles, Algona. 5: FOR SALE—Native prairie hay over 3,000 bales on section 31, Cres co township.—A. C. Bernau, Wes Bend, Iowa. ' 50-51 FOR SALE—Plymouth Rock roosters.—Joseph Skow, Wesley. 51' FOR SALE—Royal Portable typewriter, wonderful condition, and priced very reasonable. See it al The Algona Upper Des Moines. FOR SALE—Purebred Spotted Poland Chnia boars, vaccinated price $18 and $25 each. —Howard Wltham, 4% miles west of junction 169 and 18. 51*-52* FOR SALE—Jay Hulless pop corn, really pops.—Merle Wellendorf. 49-52 Enjoy a Gayer Holiday Have Your Clothes Ready for Every Occasion readiness for holiday activities, to have your wardrobe renewed, school fresh and clean. I Send your garments in to be cleaned and pressed In Vacation will be a good time Take your clothes back to Our alteration and repair department can make wearable those garments which have been hanging Idle in your closets Bring them in today. Aa we approach our second Holiday season, in business in Algona, we wish to thank our friends and customers for their' increasing patronage and good will and wish you all a Merry Christmas. The Elk Cleaners NORMAN & PERRY Phone 330 \y e Deliver THE MID-WINTER term of the Hamilton School of Commerce at Mason City, Iowa, will open January 3. 51-52 GRADUATES of the Hamilton School at Mason City have been very successful in civil service work. Twenty-five received good appointments in one single month in 1938. 51-52 FOR SALE—Duroc boars.—P. M. Christensen, Lone Rock, Iowa. 45-tf FOR SALE—Purebred spotted male hogs. Cholera immune. Some new breeding.—M. L. Barton, Lu- Verne, Iowa. 46-52* FOR SALE—35 Spotted Poland China boars, new blood.—Marean Larson, Rlngsted. 39-tf FOR SALE—Baled alfalfa hay, first and second cutting—Jas. McEnroe, phone 33P22, Algona. 60-01* ITt rJBi Vr £UT Can you think of a better gift for the high school or college student? Priced from $29.75 up. Both Corona and Underwood. At the Algona Upper Des Moines. 49* FOR FURNACE OILS and Distillates, call Albert Grooters, phone 228, or Skelly Station 805. Prompt service. 50-52* Intimate GIFTS She Will Like Chrischilles Buy them here-they're always so appreciated OIIIHXANfK N'O. 257 I AX dKDiNANCK I'ltoviniNc; KOI; Till: OIHiANIXATION AND GOV- Kf.NMKNT OK THK FUSE DF- 1'AUTMKNT OK THK CITY" OK A LOON A. IOWA; I'UOVIDING IM-.NAI.TIKS FOR THK VIOLATION TIIKKEOF AND RKPEAT.- INr; OI-.DIN-ANCI-: NO. THHEE CM OK CHAI'TKIl NINK OF THK CITY OK AUGONA, IOWA. HE IT OIIDAINED BV THK CITY ,01. NOI, OP THR CITY OK At.- \ BARBIZON MUNSINGWEAR— famous names that spell holiday satisfaction— There's a &aU»JucUou in buyiuti nationally uilv<-rti»fd, iiutiun- ally known, S>lt iUaiu, at Christum*. Such IKUIH-S u«, .MuJiaiug- wear and Barbtaon. uive your gilt a c.-rta.iu DISTINCTION that |Uttt ail ordinary »Up, gouu or bit of ft-iiuiiiuc finery tauuot poettetui. Think uf thin when you arc buyuiu "her" a preheiit. She'll enjoy a Barbixou slip or a Munfrillgvtear pajauia inure be<uuse hbtt kuowt> t>ne iu getting a recognized Ql'AlJTV iu-in. regular meeting of the council In'Ap- rll of each year, or In the case of a vacancy, shall appoint a chief of the flre department with the approval of the council. AH other officers of the department Including a president, secretary, treasurer, and assistant chief shall be elected by the members of the department and shall hold'of- fice for one year unless removed for cause by vote of the department or by order of the council. SECTION 3. The chief shall' be the officer highest in command, and next In command shall be the assistant chief, and In the absence of both, the next officer in rank, whom the chief shall designate, shall assume command of the department • SECTION 4. The flre department shall consist of a chief Of the fir department, an assistant chief ftn< a volunteer flre company of as many firemen as the council shall fix, from time to time, by resolution, but a no time shall the department have more than twenty members. Th volunteer flre department, as existing, shall be the flre department under this ordinance but the membership thereof shall be subject to the approval of the councils Any male citizen of the munclpallty over twenty-one years of age, and who works within the corporation limits shall be eligible to membership. SECTION 6. All vacancies In tho flre department except the chief shal: be filled by the members of the flre department by election, subject to the approval of the council. SECTION 6. If any flreman refuses or neglects to attend any flre, without submitting a sufficient and satisfactory excuse to the chief of the flre department, or shall neglect or refuse to do his duty as a flreman, or obey the orders of the chief or his proper commanding officer, or shall leave his post of duty at a flre without permission of the chief or officer In charge, or violate or Ignore any rule or regulation established oy the council, he shall be-subject to expulsion from the tire department, Ither by action by the chief of the flre department or by the council. SECTION 7. The council may dopt such rules and regulations In regard to the flre department, not nconslstent with the ordinances, or he laws of the state, as the council hall deem advisable. SECTION 8. The flre department may adopt such constitution, rules nd regulations, not Inconsistent with the ordinances or the laws of he state, as the members deem nd- Isable, but such constitution, rules nd regulations, or changes In such onstltutlon, rules and regulations, efore being effective, shall be ap- roved by the council. SECTION 9. The flre department hall be under the control and dlrec- on of the chief of the fire depart- tent or. In his absence, shall be nder the control and direction of ._ next ranking officer. Upon an larm of flre the members of the flre epartment shall proceed Immedlate- y to the place of flre, with the n»c- ssary apparatus in their charge, and lere work and manage the same nder the direction of the chief, or (Tlcer In command, and use such pparatus. In the most effAtlve man- er until the fire Is extinguished and hall not move therefrom except by ermlsslon of the officer In command, nd on such permission they shall eturn the flre apparatus to its place r occupancy. SECTION 10. Members of the de- artment shall commit to. memory le location of all flre hydrants, and familiar with the name and loca- on of the streets and avenues of the unlcf pallty. SECTION 11. Each member of the re department shall be exempt from the payment. In labor or otherwise of any poll tax. The chief of the flre department shall, on the first day of January "' each year, furnish the clerk with a written list of the active members of tho flr^ department. SECTION 12. The municipality may purchase an,accident policy^ for each flreman, covering the time at any flre and going to and returning therefrom, and pay for such policy out of the flre maintenance fund or tlie general fund, ^ . • „••* 'SECTION It'. It •hill,tie mflawfaf to hinder or Interfere with any officer or flreman In the performance of his duty at a flre, or going to 05 returning from a flre. or while at- tmllnK to his duties as a member of tin- flre department. SECTION 14. It shall be unlawful fur any person, drayman, express- man. teani.Mt-r or other person to re- fuH«- to In hauling or carrying any engine, i.usf i-art, hook and lad- il'-r tru<-k. nr other apparatus*, to any flre. SKCTKiN" 1.1. It shall be unlawful to m-Klert or refuse to assist the flrenvii. IP. their duties at any flre. when called upon to do HU by thu r-litcf of the fire department or assistant acting In his place. SKCTION 1C. Klre equipment shall shall have the right of way on all xtreetx In going to a flre, and every waKon. cart, dray, bicycle, motorcycle, automobile, motor vehicle, or vehicle of any kind, on the approach of ar.y flre equipment, shall Immediately" draw up to the curb or the able of the street and remain »ta- tionary until after the fire department equipment has passed. Alt pedestrians, except firemen, along a jscuciioLifaun. cAvciJL Jireinen, Bionr a street on which the flre equipment 1* TOP QUALITY Christinas FOODS Good thingi* to eat; rar« foods and \vhole»ome everyday ifc-iiiH ... at un- usimlly low priori during Amlerhon'* 1're-Holiday Sale. Shop early. 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I'jtEscitiii- INO J--|CECAi;TIONH AGAINST FII'.K. f.'ONMTJMTCTIOIf OF CHIMNEY FI.l'IOS. IASE OK C'OMUl.'HT- 1HI.K MATKKIAU THK KINDLING MAINTAING OH AKKIHTINU IN MAINTAINING ANY KOHV1UK Olt OTHKH EXPOSED FIIIB WITHIN THK LIMITS OK THIS CITV. PROVIDING 1'KNAI/TIK.S KOR THE VIOLATION THKRK- OK AND RKI'KAIJNO ORDINANCE NUMUEK TWO <!!) OF CHAITEH NINK (S) OF THK CITY OK ALGONA, IOWA UK IT ORDAINKD UV TIIK fTITY fOl-Ni'IL OF THE CITY OF ALGONA. IOWA: Hi-cli.,M I Tin- Chief of the- Flre iJupartmvril i,f (lie City of Alguna. luwa. vlial], UH often a-s may be nee- i-Hsaiy, liiHpei-t all buildlngx. llrt- i-« - c-ii|/i:.s. .-laini|jli/e». piclnlHcs unit pub- li< IhnroijKlifiircM for tin.- uui'puai^ of Uki-ellulnliiK uijij c'UUslliK to be i:ur- ret'lvil any ;oi/illlloiiM liable to cuu.-e tin-, c.i any violations of the |.io- of til iv OnJIiiiiiiri: of tin- Cily - affi< I, IJI-IK-VI r tic r'lii..f of tin- Fin- I i'.-j/iii I ui y bullillntc or for any jviixon. Is o llri-. ami wlilcli ix , ut. s|,all Nil uetnre '.In i>th< I'ltnat- -ii.-vvi- any ufflei Klrr lifpartnie ijullilliiH or iii, -r or ni<-int»..r of t t,l,a|| Hn,J In n at.y [in-nii.-./a. • "ii.bij.itibU- or .-sulohlve matter or •lal:Kernll« UCi'llHl Illut loli.l of rulil.lMli. or unneci-B.-ary u. < nmu latlonn of wusie uaoi-r. l.oxt-». i,huvirj|{«. or oilier iiiKhly iiiiluiiuiiuMii juuu-i-ial especially llal'k- to Ore. un.] wblcl. in «o »l(uiiti.-ij as to en*Jai:«er l^ronerty, '•r tfiiall tin-1 ob.^1 rui/tlonfc to or on lire i-aeape*, ^tu-lrH, payaaKewuyH, •Joois, window*, ele,, liable to Inter- were wllli llo:; oyerutlon of Ihu Flru Department, or tht- curt«a of occu- I'Untx in ease of Hie. lh« Chief of tilt) Kirt- Dfcpiiriuienl fe-hall order tho feu,jno to be removed or r(,-lnuili«i|. and sucli order uliull forthwith li« complied with by tie owner or oeeujiiint of t-ucb u.-ei:)]M.-H or bulidJtig, and it «l)H.ll be unlawful for the owner or (KTiiViiuu of any »u':li premiats or I'Ulldimj to full to comply wllli vuch an order from the Chief of th« Fire shall remain on the aide Walks ana away from the Street Intersection. SECTION J7. It Shall be unlawful to park or leave standing any wagon, cart, dray, bicycle, motorcycle, automobile, motor vehicle, or vehicle of any kind. In front of the fire department building or within twenty feet of the entrance of said building. SECTION 18. It shall be unlawful for any vehicle of any kind, except vehicles driven by officers' or employees of the municipality whose duty It Is to be at fires, to enter thu block In which the fire department building is situated, after a. fire alarm has been sounded, until after all the flre equipment has left that block on Its way to the flre. SECTION 19. That the driver of any vehicle other than or.e on oftlpial business shall not follow any Bre ap paratus (raveling In response to i flre alarm closer than five hundred feet, or drive Into, or park such vehicle, within three hundred feet oi where the flre apparatus has stopped In answer to a flre alarm. SECTION 20. It shall be unlawful to cut, deface, destroy or Injure any hose, wires, poles, signal boxes, or ny other property or fixtures belonging to or connscted with the flre department or the flre alarm system, or give or make, or cause to be given or made, any false alarm of flre. SECTION 21. It shall be unlairful to drive or run any automobile, dray, wagon, truck, locomotive, train or cars, or other vehicle, across, along or upon any flre hose. SECTION 22. Members of the fire company shall not go beyond the city limits with the flre apparatus or any part thereof for parades or display without the consent of the Mayor. SECTION 23. The Chief of the Fire Department or assistant who shall have command at any flre, or the Mayor, or any three councllmen, may direct the flre department to :ut down or remove any building, or erection of fence for the purpose of arresting the progress of any flre. and to the same end, the Chief or any Jerson In command at any flre, may. vlth the advice and concurrence of hree members of the City Council blow up or cause to be blown up with dynamite or otherwise any building or erection for checking 'he progress of any flre. SECTION 24. It shall-be the duty if the chief of the flre department to exercise a constant supervision over he flre department apparatus and lUildlngs belonging to the city and sed for fire purposes, and shall see hat the same are always kept In •ood order and repair and that the re trucks, engines, hose hylrants, nd ladders are alwaj-s ready for 1m- lediate use. He shall attend all flres which may occur In the city and all rders given by him at any fire to any ssistant, or other member of the company, shall be strictly obeyed. In the absence of the chief or his Inability to act, his duty shall be performed by the assistant highest in rang present. In case the chief and his assistants are absent then the duties of such officers shall devolve upon the Mayor or the Chairman of the Fire Department Committee. SECTION 25. It shall be the duty of the Chief of the Flre Department to examine monthly the condition of all flre apparatus and buildings for storing the same and report on the last Saturday of April and the last Saturday of October of each year to the Council the condition and amount of all flre apparatus, and a list of names of all members of the department and shall recommend such supplies as mny be necessary to keep the company In efficient condition SECTION 26. It shall be the duty of all firemen to attend all flres promptly and to obey nil orders of the officer In command while on duty. In case any officer or member of the company shall he gulty of disobedience of orders of the officer In command or neglect of the same he »liall be reported to the Clly Council by the chief officer on duty and the City Council may deny such member the exemptions provided for firemen, and the Company may expel him from Its membership, and If said Flre Company and Its officers shall neglect, their duties, the Council may at apj- tlmo deemed by it exixdlane and for the best Interest of the public disband said flre company and resume control of all city property In possession of nal<! company. SECTION 27. The flre department shall he responsible for all damuci-a ilonu to the flre apparatus resulting from carelessness or disobedience of orders Riven by the superior officers .SECTION 28. At ar.y flre upon request of the officer In command of the Flre Department nml when Hie public safety requires It In thu opinion of the mayor, the mayor may detail an many able bodied male resl- to as.ilst the flre department an n his Judgment may l»e necessary and any person falling or refusing- to ren- iler aHHlNtance upon nueli request, dial! be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and may be punished accordingly. SECTION 29. Each member of the Flre Department when called out tn a flre shall be allowed the sum of Two Dollars (I2.0H) to be paid by the City to the Treasurer of the' Flre Department, SECTION 30. Any person violating or falling to comply with any of the provisions of this ordinance shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall lie fined In any sum not exceeding One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) or be Im{ irlsoneii for a term not exceeding hlrty days. Whenever the fine and costs Imposed for the violation of ordinance arc not paid, the pfcrHon ronvlcted may be committed to jail until the line and costs are paid, not exceeding thirty day*. HKCTION 31. Ordinance Number Three i:i) of Chapter Nine'(8) of Hie City of Algona, Iowa, be and the f-arne |H hereby repealed. SECTION :(1! Thl* Ordinance Khali be In force and effect from and after ltn paiiHage and publication tin uro- vlded by law. Adopted and passed by the Citv Courn-11 of the Clly of Algona. Iowa, tlil« 15U. day of Dec. A. D.. ia::s. ADAH CAdl.SON, Clly Clerk of the City of Algona, Iowa Approved by me thi.t If.n, i|av of Dec. .t. D. 19:i(t. C. F Sl'ECHT. .Mayor of the City of Algona, Iowa. Section S. The service of any such order shall bs made upon the occupant of the premises to whom it la directed by either delivering & true copy of same to such occupant personally, or by delivering the same to and leaving It with any parson In charge of the premises, or In case no such person is found upon the premises by affixing a copy thereof In a conspicuous place on the door to the entrance of the said premises; whenever It may be necessary to serve such an Order, upon the owner of the premise*, such order may be served either by delivering to and leaving with the said person a true copy of the said order, or, if such 1 owner is absent from the Jurisdiction of the officer making; the Order, by mailing such copy to the owner's last known postoff Ice address. Section 4. A record shall be kept at . the Flre Department of each building examined by the Chief of the Flre Department and a brief statement of the condition of such premises and the orders or recommendations made with reference to the same. maintain or assist In maintaining Section B. No person shall kindle, any bonfire or other exposed flre within the flre limits of the City of Algona, Iowa. Section 6. No person shall kindle, maintain or assist In maintaining any bonfire,or other exposed flre within the corporate limits of the City of Algona, Iowa, and outside of the flre limits of said City within twenty-five feet of any building; •Section 7. No person, firm or corporation shall keep, store or cause to be kept or stored any empty boxes, waste paper, straw, hay. Shavings or ther combustible rubbish or material of any kind In any strfre or building, or upon any street, or In any alley, or upon any premises owned by them or under their control except that empty boxes and barrels may be stored In basements or other rooms If In the Judgment of the Chief of the Flre Department they are so stored as not to Increase the danger of fire. Section 8. No person, within the corporate limits of this City, shall stack or keep In a stack, any hay, oatB. wheat, straw, or other grain or Fodder, within sixty (60) feet of any house or other building used as a dwelling or for merchantile pur- loses, or In which a fire Is made or kept. Section 9. No person within the corporate limits of this City, shall leposlt or keep ashes In any barrel, or other wooden receptacle or any wooden floor, or against any wooden partition In any building. Section 10. The Chief of the Flre department shall at all times have 'he right to enter any theatre, or ither place of amusement, and all parts thereof, at any reasonable time, and especially when occupied by the 'Ubllc. In order to Inspect the same or the purpose of preventing flres ind for the purpose of Inspecting the flre apparatus In such theatre or lace of amusement and it shall be unlawful for any person to refuse admission to such officer to any such building. Section 11. All persons u*fng a stove In any house, store, shop or other buildings within the City, shall have a metal plate or platform of stone, brick, sheet-Iron. zli:c or earth under said stove and extending at least six Inches beyond that part of the lower plate that fronts the door of said stove; and all stove pipes at their Intersection with any floor, partition or celling tflrough which they pass, shall be made to pass through an earthen or tin ventlator. or other fireproof material, and shall be at last six Inches above and beyond the partition of the building through which they pass. Section 12. No stovepipe or metal chimney flue shall be permitted to pass through the roof, window or side of the house or building, unless special permission be granted by resolution of the City Council. Section 13. All chimney flues shall be built of well-burned whole brjck. the walls not less than four Inchex thick, and the Inside surface well covered with a coat of plaster. And where said flues shall pass through the ridge of the roof they si all project not less than two feet above the ridge of the roof, and when such flues shall pass through the slop- of the roof, they »hal| project not ]«•• than thre« f*«t from th« roof of the building In which the same are built, measuring from the top of the chlmrey to the nearest point of thereof. Section H. No person shall set flre to any chimneys for the purpose of cleaning the same, except In thu clny time, nor then, unless It Is mining or then- Is sr.ow on the roof of the house. Section 15. The Chief of the Fire Department shall be allowed flftv cents (OOc) per hour for the time he Is employed In performlriR hl« duties as Flre Inspector of the City of Algona. Iowa. Section 1C. Any person violating nr railing to comply with any of tlie provlslons of this ordinance Khali he guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be fined In any sum not exceeding Ono Hundred Dollars (1100.00). or he Imprisoned for a term not exceeding thirty days. Whenever the fine and costs Impoted for the violation of this ordinance are not paid, the person convicted may he committed to Jail until the fine and costs aro paid, not exceeding thirty days. Section 17. In case a person, firm or corporation falls or refuses to obey orders made with reference to the condition of any building or premises owned by them or under their control, M provided In the foregoing sections, the City Council or its delegated agents or employees shall have the power to enter such building or go upon such premises and alter or abate the hazardous conditions therein and the cost of such work shall be assessed against the owner of the-property and levied and collected In the same manner as'other special assessments. Section 18. Ordinance Number Two ) -of Chapter Nine (9) of the City of Algona, Iowa, be and the same Is hereby repealed, ... . Section i». This Ordinance be in force and effect from and After Its passage and publication as provided by law. Adopted and passed by the. City Council of the City of .Algona, Iowa, this 16th ddy of December, A. D. I988i ADAH Mayor of the . 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