The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 20, 1938 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Tuesday, December 20, 1938
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HISTORICAL DEPT. ' 1 DEFpHIS RALLY DRAWS ONLY A SMALL CROWD Court House Meeting Held Thursday; Depping tells of Organization and Its Research Work Some 15 or 20 people, including several newspaper men, were the sum total of the audience that turned out for the general, open meet* tng of The Defenders of American Liberty, held last Thursday evening In the court house in Algona. , Another meeting of the same group was held last Friday evening at Lakota, At the Lakota meeting, Rev. Depping spoke for an hour and a half, In a most fiery and forceful manner. Attorney Curvo was unable to be present at the LakoU. meeting, also, Rev. A. A. Depping of Ledyard opened the meeting with a prayer. Rev. Depping is president of the organization, wHMh was cited in the Dies committee Investigation at Washington, D. C., for its pamphlet work which has Included political and racial subject matter, Rev. Depping outlined the early organization of the group, told of , the Studies the members had made; and how they issued pamphlets, and denied their purpose wad anything , other than to fight "subversive" Influences in the country. Communism semed to be the chief foe of the organization. Attorney Henry Curvo of Clear Lake was not present, as previously announced, and a young lady present sttlsted Rev. Depping by reading some telegrams and letters re- ceived'from various places congratulating the Defenders on their work. TTTONKANS MOVE TO BOWLING TOP Tltonka regained the lead in the bowling league race last week and for once it seems likely the leader will hold its place for a week since no games are scheduled until after Christmas. Tltonka reclaimed top position by whining three straight from Botsford while Silver Gray was losing two out of three to the Farmers, keeping the latter in the running. Nicks Shine, which won three straight from the cellar occupants, LuVerne, is the fifth team to score 20 or more wins. The Standings Won Lost Pet. Ti tonka..-. ..« 26 Silver Gray -...25 Botsford :„ 22 NIckB Shine 21 Farmers 20 Wesley 18 C. H. Rats 14 J. C. C, - IB Hurt .'.» 8 10 11 14 15 16 18 22 21 28 28 .792 .694 .611 .583 .555 .600 .389 .417 .306 .222 * jilotnesi Established 1865 ALGONA, IOWA, TUESDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1938 Ten Pages VOL. 35.—NO. 51 Arrested, Confessed, Sentenced in 48 Hours WHITTEMORE BANK BANDIT GETS LIFE $50,000 Fenton Fire Ruins 6 Stores Fenton: A fire which caused damage estimated at nearly $50,000 destroyed six buildings on the west side of the business district here early Saturday morning. The'fire was discovered at 2:30 in the back room of the Priebe grocery store. Raging for nearly four hours and destroying three-quarters of a block it was brought under control about 8:30 a. m. by the Fenton volunteer fire department, aided by the Algona and Whittemore fire departments. Origin of the fire is unknown but it broke out In the rear of the Prlebe Bros, grocery store, operated by Ray Prlebe, which was In the center of the block. The fire spread in two directions. Roaring south through the Stoeber Hardware it destroyed an old and a new building. The new one being completed about a year ago. Above the hardware was an apartment occupied by Miss Lucille Wels- brod, operator of Lucllle's Beauty Shoppe, who escaped and savect only a few personal belonging. The Wld- del garage directly south of the hardware, was also completely destroyed. The front of this was owned and operated by Marry Wlddel, I the rear was owned by Martin Han- teiman, contractor, and used as a lumber and tool storage. Hid loss was a small one. North of the grocery was a building also owned by Prlebe and used as a warehouse for Priebes grocery. The upstairs of both Priebe buildings were occupied, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Priebe and son living over the grocery store and the John Gramenz family living over th« warehouse. Each family saved only a few personal belongings. • When the blaze had destroyed all but the north wall of the drug store, owned and operated by Frank | partiallly covered with insurance, ESlgier. it was brought under con-; while the heavy Christmas stocks trol, the north wall of this store re- were alsd partly Insured, rhalned standing which protected i Qtoeber hardware plans to put up the bank which is located very near a small office as soon as possible and the drug store. The bank, Zumach's : continue in business In'a small way, tavern on the north end and Long's while Harry Wlddel will rent some harness and shoe repair shop on th-> ; building here and continue his line extreme south are all that remain of work. Others have made no plans standing in that block. Close guard i for the future. of buildings on the east side was I EHgler's drug store plans to get kept. Flying embers landing on the stock here soon and build in the Reporter office. Shorty's Cafe and near future. It might be Interesting the Krause meat market, Vmt very to mention that Mr. Eigler was one little damage was done on that side, of the first business men here, corn- All the business buildings arc ing to Fenton before a railroad 60 Prizes Go to Entries in Big Dog Show to be Held Wednesday It'll be dog day, Wednesday, in Kossuth county and every pooch will come into his own during the afternoon, for the Algona Chamber of Commerce and N. C. Rice will put on the first annual Kossuth County Dog Show. It will be a show for ail dogs and any canine Is eligible for entry. There is only one qualification, the dog must be on a leash. There is no limit on the number of dogs that may be entered and Mr. Rice guarantees that it will be one day when there are no stray hounds on State street, for everyone entering, a dog will be given a free ticket to the show at the Call Theatre where the dog show will be held. The show starts at one p. m. when there will be a parade of dogs entered, down the north side of State street to the west court house corner where the parade will turn around and return on the south side of the street to the theatre for judging of dogs. Major Leslie T. Saul, R. J. Harrington and K. B. White will be judges. Ralph Elbert Is New Fire Chief In Texas Hospital Lakota: Mrs. R. L. Williams received word last week that, her mother, Mrs. Albert Ogren, had been taken to a hospital in San Antonio, Texas, where they are spending the winter. No details of the extent of Mrs. Ogren's Illness were given. The Ogrcns, now residents of Algona, went to Texas for the winter, where they are part of a considerable colony of Kossuth residents spending the winter months in the south. Andrew Peterson, 87, Died Monday P. M. Andrew Peterson, retired Algona contractor, died late Monday afternoon at his homo here, following an illness of several days. He was 87 >•• i'rs of agi. Mr. Peterson came to Algcna from Wisconsin, 39 years ago. He is survived by his wife. Funeral services will be held Fri: day aftenroon at 2:30 oVl^clc at the Congregational church, of which ho has been a staunch and loyal mem- Ralph Elbert is expected to be formally announced as Algona's new fire chief Wednesday night in a special meeting of the Algona city council. He will replace Oscar Anderson who will retire after having served the city as fire chief for over 40 years. Mr. Elbert has been assistant chief for. the past ten years. ' At' the regular, council meeting . publication In the Upper DCS Molnss today, will enable the council to finish the work of reorganizing the, fire department according to the CYLINDER MAN SENTENCED TO JAIL, 3 MONTHS District court was In session only one day last week, Wednesday, but a number of cases of long standing were finally settled. One criminal case, originating only recently, was also ended when Judge Davidson sentenced Henry Bergenson, Cylinder, to serve three months in Kossuth county jail for drunken driving. The case arose as the result of an accident In which Bergenson's car collided with an auto driven by Joe Crowiey of Seneca. plan used by progressive cities the same size as Algona. A minor chimney blaze In the Dora Mitchell residence on South Minnesota street Saturday noon win probably be the last fire attended by a group of . 'Veterans of the department who lti*< St John, C. C. Wright. The personnel of the new fire department will be decided upon in iv meeting of the present members of the department who will remain In service. It is probable that they will be named In time for announcement in next week's Upper Des Molncs. The second of the two ordinances passed will enable the fire chief to inspect property for possible flrc haaards and citizens should read its provisions carefully. Provision is made for penalties for those who disobey it. t A clean up drive of local beer taverns and pool-halls may result if certain Algona establishments do not heed warnings which 'have been given them. Complaints of disorderly conduct have been filed several times In the past and It is charged that a local billiard parlor I is selling cigarettes to minors. Martin Brandt of Titonka, Heavy Loser Tltonka: Martin Brandt, a farmer living two miles east of Tltonka, has lost an estimated $1800 worth of hogs during the past week from cholera. The hogs were vaccinated but after they had contracted tho disease. HOGS Best light butch., 180-220 $6.85 Med. heavy, 220-250 ...- 8.75 Hevy. butch., 250-270 ....6.65 Hvy butchers, 290-326 ,... 6.45 Heavy butchers, 325-350 „ 6.85 Heavy butchers, 350-400 6.25 Packing sows, 275-350 „...,.. 6.25 Packing sows, 350-400 6.10 Pnpking sows, 400-550 5.90 CATTLE Veal calves $5.00-7.00 Canners and cutters 2.75-3.50 Stock steers ).... 5.50-7.00 Pat cows 3.76-4-60 Fat yearlings 6.50-7.50 Fat steers 7.60-8.60 Bulls 4.00-5.60 GRAIN No. 2 white corn $.40 li No. 2 yellow corn 38'/j No. 2 mixed corn - 38 No. 3 white oats 20 Barley, No. 3 29 EGGS K^T,.!":".'":".".""»"'"».'.".'.""'".'."."aj No. 2 1* Cash cream- No. 1 34c No. 2 22c Sweet 25c POULTRY Hens, over 6 Ibs 13c Hens, 4 to 5 Ibs He Hens, under 4 Ibs 80 Leghorn hen* Cocks, over 4Wi Cocks, under 4V4 6c Geese, live 9c Ducks, live, over 4Hj 9c Ducks, liver, under 4V4 6c Springs, heavy, over 5 Ibs 13c Springs, 4 to 5 He Leghorn springs' 9 Springs, under 4 Ibs..-- * Annual Mistletoe Day In Algona, Friday Free Kisses As Forfeit From All Caught Under Sprigs Ye Olde Yule Custom—the symbolic hanging of the mistletoe —will be observed in Algona on Friday of this week, December 33, when .the annual Mistletoe Day of the city Is to be held. Major Leslie Saul, secretary of the Algona Chamber of Commerce, is making arrangements. He has ordered the mistletoe und will see that it is distributed to all business places in the city. •'An for myself," said the Major, "I am a firm believer In the powers of the mistletoe, and although I might not take as active an interest in it as will aome of our more youthful citizens, I will say that is has my full blessing." According to legend, anyone found standing or sitting under a sprig of mistletoe during the Christmas season must surrender a forfeit, and usage has established the custom that the forfeit shall be a kiss, firmly but with finesse, to be implanted on the lips (or cheeks—second choice) of the party under the mistletoe. In Algona, on that day, the old-time custom will prevail. Girls or ladles found under the mistletoe sprigs will have to pay the forfeit. Eligible males in the vicinity are entitled to do the collecting, and all legal suits that might result will be null and void. Our etiquette books say that the ladies so caught, must yield gracefully to the custom. If the male is caught under the mistletoe, he, too, must submit to any females in the vicinity who catch him thus. Ruins After Fenton's $50,000 Fire, Saturday Farm Youth, 28, Paroled Robber, Nabbed at Elmore Forty-eight hours after his arrest at El more, Minn., LJoyd D. Afus- selman was sentenced to life imprisonment In the state penitentiary at Fort Madison for entering a bank with Intent to rob. Judge F. C. Davidson of Emmetsburg pronounced sentence Monday afternoon, in the presence of several dozen people Including federal and county officers. Musselman will probably be taken to Fort Madison today, Sheriff Casey Loss said. L. A. Wlnkel, county attorney, represented the state. Musselman did not desire an attorney, and entered a voluntary plea of guilty to the charge. It was one of the fastest cases of apprehension, conviction and sentence in the county's history. In sentencing the farm youth, Judge Davidson prefixed his announcement of the life term, with a few appropriate remarks. "Officers of Kossuth county have shown wonderful skill and judgment In this case," he said. "It is to their great credit I cannot give you (Musselman) much consideration. I hope that at Fort Madison you will try to atone for your crime by encouraging others to stay away from future lives of crime." Appeal bond was set at $80,000. Musselmah's father was in court at the time, tight lipped, and did not speak a word. He Is from. Eagle Grove. Musselman himself was Serious, but did not flinch or show any particular expression of emotion as sentence was pronounced. Lloyd D. Musselman, 28, looking and talking like many another young man from a farm, confessed Sunday afternoon to county and a federal bureau of investigation officials, that he attempted to rob the Farmers State Bank of Whittemore, last Thursday afternoon. The young man's arrest and confession culminated as speedy a process of criminal apprehension as this section has seen for a long time, and due credit should go to the of- fleers responsible. Musselman, a bachelor, had been .arming for the past nine months on a place mile south and one half mile west of Elmore, Minn., In Kossuth county. Saturday night he was arrested by Kossuth officials and the state and federal man as he got out of his car and started to enter an Elmore beer tavern. Questioned for Hours Sheriff Casey Loss and Deputy Art Cogley brought Musselman to Algona that night, and Sunday after several hours of questioning, ho broke down and admitted his robbery attempt after stoutly denying It up until that time. While officer* were looking; for 'Musselman, two of them parked In his farm yard, a car drove in, . wijiUSlMijrarrewted - ' ' Two view* of the ruins left by Fenton's disastrous $50,000 fire of early last Saturday morning. are shown above. In the top picture is the debna left from the Widdol garage, and In the lower picture is the wreckage of the Pricbe buildings." Photos from Mason City Globe-Gazette. Kossuth Farmer Who Confessed Bank Holdup Attempt As 'Defenders of Liberty* Met Here Pictured above in Lloyd Mussulman, Kossu*'' farmer, who Monday was sentenced to life imprisonment for a bank hold-up attempt at Whittemore last Thursday. He is between Deputy Art Cogley (left) and Sheriff Casey Loss (right), who were largely responsible for the quick apprehension of the paroled convict, who has been farming in this county near Elmore, Minn., for the past nine months. Musselman's picture was taken Monday morning, before he received sentence. (Algona Upper Des Moines newsfoto). Swen Pearson, Aged Wesley Man, Dies Wesley: Funeral services have been set tentatively at the Congregational church here Wednesday for Swen Pearson, 80, who died Monday afternoon at Ma ho;i)e six miles northwest of Wesley. Pneumonia was the cause of death. Algona Stores Closed, Dec. 26 AIj;oiia stores Hill be Monday, December 20th, the day after Christinas, the retail closing committee of the Chamber of Commerce' announces. Store* will al*o be closed on Monday, January '1, the committee stated, making two, two-day holidays during the fhrUtiim.-, Stores will be open evening* nil tills week, with the question of how lute they want to stay open Saturday night being left up to the individual. isome store* have made it a luvbit to clone dirititma* eve. Business "As Usual" With Frank Frank Bustenlthner, ut the cage, was doing business an usual, a half hour after the robbery attempt. He chased the bandit out of the door and took a pot shot at him, but evidently the bandit was unhurt und escaped. IJts Moines Kfgister newsfoto. arreoted and Is being held In Jail, charged with Illegal possession of intoxicating liquor. Officers said Ui« alcohol found In MUH- solnmn'» house was owned by Farrow, according to evidence they received. After Mussulman's arrest, hn told officers Unit he had driven to Mankato, Friday, where he left hl» car and took a train for KanHiut City, enrouta to California. In some manner at Kama* City ho changed his mind, and new back to Mankato in a chartered plane. Thin angle to thn story came to light Monday uft- ernoon.1 Atussclman got Into Mankato Saturday afternoon, and had just driven "hack to Elmore enrouta home, when he was arrested. He had a young lady from that vicinity In his company at the time. Her name wait not disclosed. Musselman had a previous crime record. He was arrested am charged with robbing the Goodel bank, March 7,1930. For that crime he was sentenced to prison for life In 1036 he was paroled, on recommendation of the board of parole, by Gov. Clyde Herring. He stated in a conversation with a reporter, on Monday morning, that he then work ed on a farm near Blue Earth, Minn, for a time, and last spring went to a place he had rented in north Kossuth. Suicl lie Needed Money "I was almost broke, and need ed money," said Afusselman. '"My father had staked me on the farm und I was trying to make good, bu I lost my hogs from cholera and things were not going so good. : went to Blue Earth, where I let my ear and stole another, then drove down into Iowa, and stopped at Whittemore." "I can't rob that bank," Musselman said he told himself as he got out of his ear at Whittemore last Thursday, but then he added to himself, "I gotta rob it,' and proceeded to try. Sheriff Loss and Deputy Cogley had been suspicious of his activities for some time. A Jot of bootlegging has been going on near the Minnesota line, and Sheriff Loss .said that Musselman had been driving three new cars in a year's time, hardly In keeping with the latter's .statement of being broke and needing money. Thursday afternoon, Deputy Cogley on a hunch after the robbery attempt, drove up to Muaselman's farm. Tile latter was not home. Then Friday the stolen ear was found in Blue Earth near the spot where il hud been stolen the pro- ceding day. Blue Earth people saw Musselman getting out of it, und from I heir description of him. the trail led to the 7-.Hi3:-...-'u:Li:i farm. Officers said they found alcohol on Jjjs farm. Horn Near l''ue.l< - Crove The would-be robber was born near Eagle Grove, anu went through the eighth grade in school, but slopped there At the aye of 20, he .said he wan "talked into" trying the Coodell stick-up where he got $2.2fi7 but was arrested before he had a chance to dispose of much of the cash. Ho said an older man who "got u way" was supposed to have helped him in that job, but their plans were crossed up somehow, and Musselman did tile job himself. In the state penitentiary, he was u. mode! prise-::"" * * * Bandit Proof 9 Cage in Bank Thwarts Holdup Frank Bestenlehner, president of .he Farmers State Bank of Whlt- emore, is having the last laugh. About a year and a half ago his bank was robbed by hold-up men. After that, he installed one of the most modern, bandit-proof bank cages for protection to be found in he state. Last Thursday at about 1:05 p. m., t paid for Itself. It foiled a bank robbery. Annette, his daughter, was In the front of the bank after just having reopened following the lunch hour. Her father was In a back room. A man walked across the street from a parked car, and In the front door. As he entered the bank, he pulled a handkerchief over his face and told Annette, "This Is a stick-up, open that door." He polntea a pistol at her as he spoke. The 21 year-old girl coolly looked him over end.reachod for a gun on the shelf, jtwt a* her tether walked into the frontiart of the bank. She ^d«4 Wkfflrto bar father, and fled. '•• . The new, protective equipment of the bank includes bullet proof glass and steel meshing across the entire front of the bank. Inside the door, and steel meshing across the windows. Persons doing business with the bank put their money on a revolving disc which Is then swung inside of the cago. Conversation Is carried on through slots In the cage. The bullet proof glass is several inches thick. . Wm. Green, Former Kossuth Farmer, Killed at Humboldt William B. Green, 49, a former resident qf Kossuth county, and well known by many local' citizens, was killed Saturday night, when his car overturned in a ditch near Humboldt Tracks showed that the car had zig-zagged before leaving the highway. He had been dead about two hours when his body was found by Jens Jensen of Rutland. Green had a akull fracture. Mr. Green farmed the place now occupied by farmed by John By son, just east of the Algona city limits on highway 18, for many years, and then farmed north of Sexton until about five years ago, when he moved into Humboldt county. Mr. Greon married a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Moulds, well known and respected Algona citizens for years, and leaves the widow and nine children. Mr. Green was a breeder of fancy hogs and in the boom days of the early twenties, frequently sold hogs for thousands of dollars. Arthur Moulds of the Algona police force, is a brother of Mrs. Green. 1,000 See Messiah; Donations Are $85 A capacity crowd heard the singing of "The Messiah" Sunday, in the Algona high school auditorium. The singing of the Christmas music, which is to be a yearly custom, was successful, both artistically and financially. No admission was charged, but voluntary contributions totaled $85. enough to pay the considerable expenses involved in presenting such a large scale musical effort. TIIK A LOON A I'lM'KK DKS AIOIXKS \visl:cs ils suhscrilirr-; jiii'l I'rK'iiils ;i MERRY CHRISTMAS aiu! ;i HAPPY NEW YEAR

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