The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 13, 1938 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 13, 1938
Page 14
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.18,1988 SENT TO SWEA CriY Fifth Machine Detailed fortta in 38? Mile (TWatrict Swea City: A new snow plow for county roads of the fifth district arrived In Swea City Tuesday »om Algona. The new machine, of the maintainer plow type, Is driven by a 90 horsepower dlesel engine, and has dual wheels behind. This will be the fifth plow for use on the 887 miles of county road In th district this winter. Mrs. S. P. Eckholm returned hom< Wednesday from the Fairmont clln ic where s'he has been quite HL Mr. and Mrs. Fred Peterson an< daughters, Arzele and Arlene, went to Minneapolis Friday to spend the week end. The Roy E. Bravenders moved Into the Linde apartments Saturday after having spent a few weeks with their mother, Mrs. R. A. Bravender The home economics girls of the freshman class served a very nice luncheon to the faculty members Thursday noon. Fuel You Don'l Have To Worry About When you shovel our coal into your stove or furnace, you do not have to worry about what it will do. It will burn and give you a clean, hot fire, easily controlled and economical. That's because it's clean coal—all slate, stone and dirt has been removed. They are the real trouble makers in cheap coal. They cause clinker, excessive ash and dull, lifeless fires. • Get a supply of our clean coal before Christmas and avoid heating troubles during the holidays. F. S. Norton & SOD Phone 229 Algona, Town WHITTEMORECALF SHOW, SATURDAY Whittemore: Santa Claus was In town Saturday and all the kiddies In and around town were present to receive their bag of candy. A free show was the main feature and was attended by a large crowd. On Saturday, Dec. 17th, a calf show will be held. Over 30 calves will be entered In the show. Prizes are to be awarded In the beef and dairy divisions. Heldenwiths Return Mr. and Mrs. Art Heidenwith of here and Mr. Heidenwtth's mother of Algona returned home Sator- day evening from a weeks' visit with relatives at Milwaukee, Wls. While at Milwaukee they attended the 60th wedding anniversary of Mr. Heldenwith's uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. William Leopold. The anniversary celebration was held on Saturday. About 60 attended the hanqute dinner. Mr. Leopold is 80 years old and Mrs. Leopold is 78. A reception was held at the Leopold home after the banquet. Cafe has Opening "The Main Cafe" held Its opening late Friday by serving a free flsh f ry. The cafe is located in the luilding formerly occupied by the IValdron grocery. Cagers Lose Two The local high school basketball teams motored to Ottosen, Friday evening, where they were both defeated. The boys lost 24 to 18. The girls lost 42 to 6. PLEASANT INTERULDE ON" WAY fo UMA—Panama City, Panama-. President Juan Demosthenes Arosemeria of Panama is shown (left) as he greeted United States Secretary of State Cordlel Hull outside the presidential palace here when the latter called on President Arosemena during a brief stop-over on his way to the Pan-American Conference at Lima, Peru. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Behnke spent the week end at the Martin Meyer home at Garner. William Roebers, sons Maynard and Melvin, and Mr. and Mrs. Lester Baas and Charles drove to Rochester, Minn., Sunday to visit with Mrs. William Roeber, who is in a Rochester hospital recovering from an operation. Shade Ann, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd E. Walker, was baptized Sunday at the Lutheran church here. The sponsors were Art Heidenwith, of here, Shari Ann's grandfather and Miss Rosella Voigt of Algona. Sunday dinner guests at the Art Heideuwith home in honor >f the occasion were the Herman Voigt family of here, Miss Beulah Larson of Algona and Loretta Larson of Britt. Record Crowd Sees West Bend Triumph West Bend: The largest crowd In seven years at a local basket ball game, watched West Bend take a double header from Ottoaen Tuesday. As neither West Bend nor Ottosen girls had been defeated this season, the game was indeed a fast one, and ended with the score West Bend 30, Ottosen 29. The boys' game was well played, the teams being about evenly matched and West Bend came through for a 31 to 17 victory. Swea W. <C. T. U. The W. C. T. U. are holding their nnual guest day and Christmas par- y today at the August X. Peterson iome, all members being hostesses, itrs. Watson Herrald is program eader. Gifts will be taken for the Benedict home in Des Moines. An eight pound son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Zaugg on Tuesday, Dec. 6. John Abbas was taken to the hospital in Iowa City, Tuesday, where he will receive treatment' Mrs. Geo. Lowman and son, Keith, who have been visiting here, returned Thursday to their home in Rodman. Mrs. Ed Anliker returned home from Fort Dodge where she has been confined to the hospital. She Is reported to be recovering although still unable to be up and around. Dr. and Mrs. P. O. Dorweiler rntertained at an elk dinner at the Franklin hotel Wednesday evening. About 60 guests were present. The evening was spent in playing bridge, with Mrs. Weber and Mr. Koch receiving high scores. **«MARCH OF TIME . •.•.*«!. 01*. 59 Negro families whose ancestors reputedly went to Mexico in the IsScfs aa slaves of a mm of fflck- apoo Indians who trekked across the border from the U. S. The Mexican Government, which has Beeii shipping expropriated oil to Nazi Germany on a barter trade baslft, aMfl agreed last week to tafia* JMoriB ttSn~|2jaO,MO worth of dM* matt 611 refinery equipment In exchange. . TH/SNEW ^- ^^ I L C SPINET STYLE PAN-AMERICANISM AT LIMA CONFERENCE Letts Creek News TlMmoMC««pl«teCUfl •Jlpwr A**ortm*nt «v«r otf*r*d All Chrlttma* Sllppw PurchiM* packed In Gift Boxo* Free! Slippers for the Entire Family! Thsy't* her* by the scoi«> "GUly" illppera (or every member oi the lomily ... and »lipp«r» rook* ideal CbjUunas remcmbraucM at pUaiiogly small coat • Felt Slippers • Indian Slippers • Satin Models • Leather Slippers • New D'Orsays • Artistic Mules • Dozens of Styles Mrs. Otto Ruhnke and Mrs. Hugo Faultich were Friday evening visitors at the Wm. Shcmiel Home. Quite a few people of Lotta Creek attended the opening sale of the Colwell pavilion at Algona. The Little Geman band of Letts Creek furnished the music. The Lotts Creek parish night will bo Friday evening beginning at 8 o'clock. Those on the serving committee are Mr. and Mrs. Herman Hintz. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Meins and Mr. and Mrs. Louis Hackbarth. Mrs. Loss, Mrs. Fred Jacobs, Mrs. Hertlg, Mrs. Hintz and Mrs. WTO. Dau of Algoan and Mrs. Aug. Boettcher and Elma Boettcher of Lotts Creek and Mrs. George Bolte of Fenton were Friday afternoon visitors at the Lotts Creek Ladles' Aid meeting. Mrs. Wm. Boettcher was hostess. How good a driver are you? Can you answer questions on rules of the road correctly? Here is one: When you make a right turn from one street into another, should you turn from the lane nearest the right edge of the street? You should, but many persons drive in the middle of the street, and then make the right turn. , Drivers should get in the lane nearest the right edge of the street when making a right turn from one street into another; otherwise thera is danger of collision with cars in the right hand lane. Do you agree, and do you make your right turns correctly? •ftunBm'iau'ttuaatgaaat, <^fe^.. . •••-~~~?&.&l HOLEPROOF tfR * Active young women cheer for these Penny Wise Chiffons . . . chooie them for 'most anything from breakfast to date-time . because they're Holeproof quality . . . shadowless . . . and come in the highest fashion shades for only ...... tor4<krud—All<>Ui>i<Stt,,ct Wtight Duality doubly c»*8*d b» Good Ho ul .k«»p- 1 mo end m« U*lltr fabfici Telling Bureau.! Department Stores '"• fti " *"•" IT* fry* frir »r* tor ton ft m nin frj 9. S. SANTA CLARA (at sea) Enroute to Lima, Peru, to atteni the eighth Pan American confer ence last week, the U. S. delegates aboard the Grace Liner 'flSantt Clara" played and communed am ong themselves. Pan-Americanism began on board as soon as the "San ta Clara" cleared Panama and head ed southward. Father John F. O'Hara, President of Notre Dame University, and tho chairman of the delegation's committee on Intellectual cooperation and moral disarmament repeatet his Sunday sermon in Spanish. John L. Lewis' daughter, Kathryn, made friends with Electrical Worker Dan Tracy of the A. F. of L. Cordell Hull, besides beating all comers in his first try at deck golf, communed long and often at the rail with Delegate Alf M. Landon. The life of the party, Mr. Landon played bridge seven hours at a stretch with Mexico's shaggy, shrewd Ambassador Francisco Castillo Najara. Submitting to an equatorial initiation by Neptune (Eugene P. Thomas of the National Foreign Trade Council), Mr. Landon was pronounced guilty of "high crimes and misdemeanors. Including Republicanism" splashed with flour paste and shaved wth a three-foot razor. He balked only at being thrown Into Neptune's swimming pool. Cordell Hull and his chiefs Good Neighbor Policy have notably softened Latin American distrust of the U. S., but the eve of Lima showed that they have by no means removed It. Well organized last week was opposition by the ABC powers (Argentina, Brazil, Chile) and other nations to confirming at Lima the proposals for a Little League of Nation* and Little World Court, which Colombia and the Dominican Republic introduced out of friendliness to the U. S. at Buenos Aires two years ago. And toward Franklin Rosevelt's program for Continental Solidarity against Fascism, Latin American response has been noncommittal and cautious. Cordell Hull will have to be equally cautious about defining the limits of the Good Neighbor Policy: there are bold Latin American spirits, who inspired by the absence of downright Dollar Diplomacy In the current U. S. attitude toipnrd expropriations in Mexico and Bolivia think the Good Neighbor is perhaps ripe to be plucked of all his property in their lands. Whether It Is performed by pacts or by a ring of Navy steel, what the U. S. hopes to accomplish at Lima is to show Itself so Good a Neighbor that 120,000,000 Latin Americana will eschew the ideas and products of neighbors which the Good Neighbor wants to keep out. On the eve of this attempt, currents and undercurrents and undercurrents showed the progress of the neighborly race• * * In Havana, Boas Fulgencio Batista announced the upshot of his last month's trip to the U. S.: a new U. S.-Cuba trade treaty, with concessions to Cuban sugar, tobacco, potatoes and rum in return for concessions to Louisiana rice and other products. • * * In Washington, Under Secretary of State Sumner Welles, who likes Latin American affairs despite his Inability to get Latin Americans to like him, has been working since May as chairman of an inter-departmental committee to think up things which the U. S. Government can do for Latin America. Last w*ek Mr. Welles reported to the President that 13 departments ami agencies had thought up $998,804 worth. Samples: Agriculture can spend $75,000 for a tropical Forest Experiment Station in Puerto Rico, Treasury, $27,714 to send a Coast Guard patrol boat and one cutter on a demonstration cruise; Library of Congress, $27,200 to show Latin Americans how to use and catalog their libraries, $10,000 to present their 20 Governments with photostats of "fundamental American documents"; Federal Communications Commission, advice on radio problems (free); National Emergency Council, two $45,000 propaganda films, one about Latin America for U. S. audiences, the other about the U. S. in Spanish and Portuguese. In the seesaw race between the U. S. and Germany for the Brazilian market, Germany was leading lust week. Score: Germany, $49. 823,075 or 22.16 per cent of Brazil's 1938 imports; the U. S., $47,993 221 or 21.29 per cent. In Mexico, President Lazaro Cardenas showed how little he cared for any U. S. property rights, last week grabbed! 7,830 acres (over 11 square miles) of pasturage owned by Mrs Lettie Welter of San Antonio Texas. He split it into 59 farms for Phlleo'» Spinet Irpe «•&!•> aeU hare set • new vo*ne in radio furniture that borne decoration «xp«rtt W wffl endure for yennl Tfcelr graceful ityUnk and extraitlte (implicit? blend with and enrich the for* nbhingi of anr home. And now Phileo brine* yxm thfa <mdy beanty «t * Mm*. UonaOy low price, Conto in and MM them! YOU CAN GET ALONG WITHOUT ELECTRICIFy • AND WITHOUT AQVERTISING- ;= BUT WHY TRY? " PHILCO 53RX* n*to...d» PHILCO40XX*(.t~~) A S»faM* try* Phil** •! Ji^n-j b*MHT nd iMtlaf A*rm. POT. fMfed Bl««trli Fufc-B>H*n TM. fe« «f • MitlwHi pmrfai ".3 PHILCO S8rx (left) |T«. li. Spfawt rtrltec WMMB.* mlia 4«Mud . . . at an «•• UmMr few prlMl Pmrfel ••»«»—- Aad. A. -UUUn, *"* "» try* ••fcbMt «f IB 1 •» • t « , - n f » 169.50 BIG TRADE-IN ALLOWANCE You'll find the price range from] 19.50 UP MZZ.<Mr««, Foster Furniture Co. COAST-TO-COAST STORES CHRISTMAS TREE BULBS GENUINE "LUND" SKIS s root tittt, PlM 8kl. Mir • Foot *4n Oral* PlM uu. MI* •Vi Fort BOM Onto PlM Hd. t3* •Vi Pi. Itanl M«»l« MJ, flat tap, Mir 7 Ft. Omit HaUt (U. CUl tap. MIT TV4 Pt. Hard to*. $1.45 $2.25 LATEST MODiEL DOLLS tor Complete Line of Mechanical and Electrical Train*. FREE! THIS WREATH FREE WITH EVERY PURCHASE CHRISTMAS FIRE TRUCK wl Ual 98c JOE BLOOM

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