The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 6, 1938 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 6, 1938
Page 16
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The AJgona tfpper ftes Moiae&, Alfon^ low^ ttefc 6,1938 CAR HITS WAGON LOAD OF CORN Des Moines Man Has Nar!row Escape South of Algona on Hiway 169 A Des Moines man, Marlon E. Caldwell, was fortunate to escape serious Injury last Wednesday evening, when the machine he was driving struck the rear of a wagon loaded with corn about a mile and a quarter south of Algona on highway 169, and bounced across a ditch and Into the field belonging to Ralph Brown. Two horse drawn wagons owned by Mike Loss, Jr., were traveling south on the shoulder of the road when Caldwell's car caught the rear Wheel of the back wagon. Francis Kreasser, hired man, was driving the wagon, but was uninjured. Corn was strewn along the highway and the wagon was badly damaged, as was the automobile. After striking the first wagon, the car narrowly missed hitting the second as it careened down the road, plunged across the ditch and landed In the pasture. Court Cases Handled During Last Week Session THE RATS GET REVENGE ON THE ROACHES For several weeks, now, the Court House bowling team, nicknamed the Court House Rats all In the "spirit of fnnT^. have been forced to enter the bowl- Ing contests and see a large cage prominently displayed, In which were five rubber rate, each carrying the labels of the court house bowling team members. But even a rat can turn. Last week, 24 hours before the scheduled match of the Court House and Silver Gray team, appeared a placard on the wall of the Barry alleys. It had a beautifully Inscribed picture of a cockroach, and on the side were five dead cockroaches, all inscribed, one to "Grease- Hair" Font, one to "Postage Stamp" Lamp, one to "Chinir- Chan" Dalley, one to "Smoky" Smith, and one to "Roachy Boblnanlt. Repercussions are expected tonight, when the two teams, Silver Gray and Court House meet on the hardwood alleys. If there are any developments well let you know. Cases handled during the court session last week: Anna R Haskins vs. Rlley Has- klns. Divorce. Decree was signed. Peter Beach vs. Swift & Company. Law, damage. Sullivan, McMahon & Linnan appear for defendant Acme Feeds vs. Luclnda Niemer. Writ of replevin. Van Ness & Stillman appear for defendant Ruby Hamlin vs. Charles Hamlin. Divorce. Defendant in default ' H. E. Rist vs. T. J. Ormsby, Lee Wolfe, et al. Foreclosure. Jydg- went against Inez Wolfe and Lee Wolfe to the amount of $3,224.89. Polrot & Schattschnelder vs. Anton Waechter, law note. Appearance filed. Flsk Tire Company Inc. vs. Russell Maxwell. Account Defendant In default. Judgment for plaintiff to the amount of $129.24. W. E. Gutknecht vs. Gust Koppen, equity foreclosure. Decree as signed. Mrs. Phyllis H. McLaughlin vs. E. C. Allen, law, damage. Motion to strike filed. Floyd F. Taylor and wife vs. Guy Ij. Taylor and wife and Ray Lleur- ance and wife, partition. Answer filed. Mildred Hudson vs. Ira Hudson, divorce. Defendant in default. Clinton Sampson vs. Orville Elkins et al. Landlord's attachment. Attachment returned showing service. Wm. H. Vogel vs. D. L. Godden. Law account. Defendant in default. Judgment of $70.14 for plaintiff. Max Kalen vs. Mae Jones, C. W. Jones et al. Foreclosure. Decree as signed. Leslie H. Butterworth et al vs. Klare T. Butterworth, suit to set aside deed. Answer and cross petition filed. In a 33-page brief the defendant denied many of the plaintiffs allegations—that she influenced the deceased O. E. Butterworth, that his mind was impaired and that she was not his wife until Sept 22, 1932. In a petition the defendant states that she and O. E. Butterworth were husband and wife and the marriage status existed from and after June 15, 1918. Ralph D. Gillette vs. Clara E. Gillette, divorce. Decree as signed. Home Owners Loan Corporation vs. Katherine Holdren and A. B. Holdren, foreclosure. Amendment to petition making the State of Iowa the defendant. Thomas L. Steven vs. Eva Steven, divorce. Waiver of notice and time of filing of petition. Hiidegard Benz and George Benz vs. Lucy Arndorfer et al, partition. Abstract of title filed. Here's Girl Who Wants To Get Work As a new policy, one want ad each week received from persons who are out of work but are seeking jobs will be published in this paper. Here is this week's want ad. Sirs: Do you have anyone wanting or asking for help for house work or waitress work? I am anxious for work and feel you might be able to help me. Thanking you in advance. Leona Gibbons, West Bend, Iowa. We will print only one such ad a week, the first one received getting preference. Hospital News Komuth Hospital Tuesday, November 22—M. J. Faber of Algona underwent an appendectomy. Tuesday, November 22—Mrs. Joe Ramus of Irvington gave birth to a baby boy. Thursday, November 24—Mrs. Mike Arndorfer of Corwith gave birth to a baby girl. Saturday, November 26—William Hedrlck of Sexton entered as an accident victim. Monday, November 28—L. R. Dutton of Algona entered for medical care. General Hospital Tuesday, November 22—Lester McKenzie of Hardy, Iowa, underwent -an appendectomy. Wednesday, November 23—Wilma Laabs of Lone Rock had her appendix removed. Wednesday, November 23—Connie Albright of Ledyard, medical treatment. Read The Want Ads—It Pays TEN YEARS AGO Mrs. Catherine VuuRhiui and Miss Mamie Gilbrlde left for California, where they were to spend the winter. They expected to be at Los Angeles for a time and later at Long Beach, coming home in April. * * • Henry Jolmnnscri, Sr., and his son. Henry, Jr., had narrowly escaped death when their truck went into the ditch and thty were pinned beneath it. They were rescued by Mrs. Johannsen, Jr., who was able to lift the car enough for them to crawl out. Otherwise their death would have been certain. * * » C. K. Hei»e had purchased the vacant lot on North Dodge street between the Hodges garage and the George Galbraith building. Mr. Heise contemplated the erection of a building on the lot if a suitable renter could be obtained. * * » Mr. and .Mrs. C. L. Bliley unit three children had returned home from Ottumwa, where they had been called by the death of Mrs. Blile/s mother, Mrs. G. H. Carlsen. 0 * * Algona had experienced iU first zero weather the morning of December 5th. * * « With the appointment of kevrrul committees, plans for the big Diamond Jubilee commemorating the founding of Algona in 1854, were beginning to take some shape. It was presumed that the celebration would come some time in July. * * » James N. Mitchell, u resident of Algona for 18 years, had died suddenly at his home on South Minnesota street. He had been in hi:; usual health and had been uptown. After retiring he was taken suddenly and seriously ill with heart trouble, and had died early the next morning. » » » Superintendent J. F. Ovcrmyvr, dent of the State Education Asso- who had been elected vice prtsi- cwtion for the Northwestern district, was again honored by being elected to head the seven vice presidents of Iowa. * * * Mr. uod Mrs. F. E. Kent luid t>ou spent Thanksgiving in Iiidianola, where they had lived until Mr. Kent purchased the Ford garage here. • • » Mrs. Elsie Cody UJttd Miss Evelyn Cady had returned home the latter part of the week from Mason City, where they had spent several days visiting relatives. » * * Air. and Sirs. Hugh Po*t returned from St. Louis, where they had spent a week with Mr. Post's mother and other relatives. * * * Mr. and Mrs Donald Hutehins of Cedar Rapids had spent Thanksgiving under the parental roof Donald was connected with one of the leading law firms of the city, a;id was meeting with success. • • • Mr. and Mr*. K. I>. James had gone to Des Moines for Thanksgiving. There they were joined by their daughter and her husband. Mr. and Mrs. C. B. N'asby of Otturnwa. TWENTY YEAS AGO Eil|{ur Ilunegan had parsed awav following an illness with pneumonia, beginning November 5. The deceas- ed was a well known man and held in high esteem. * * * John Betaer, well known Algona boy, who was serving with the army in France, wrote home that he was running a telephone switchboard. * * * Tag Day in Algona for the fattier- less children of France had resulted in a collection of $174, which was more than enough to adopt five orphans. * * * The Otto Kohl 160-acre farm south of Whittemore had been sold to Chas. Kohlhaas for $210 an acre. It was a good farm with fair improvements. Claude Nugent had arrived home from Camp Dodge bearing an honorable discharge from the service of Uncle Sam. Claude had enlisted, being a limited service man, owing to an accident to his hand. He went through a severe siege of pneumonia and had just recovered sufficiently to come home. He was the first Algona soldier to arrive home after being honorably discharged. • * * Mrs. S. B. Wench, chairman for Kossuth county, had attended the food conservation and council of defense meeting at Des Moines and had come home Intent on urging the ladies of Kossuth county to continue their conservation of foods as rigidly as before the close of hostil- ities. Mrs. Frances Whitley, state chainhah for Iowa, In her speech had urged that all unnecessary social affairs at which refreshments were served be omitted at least until food conditions were better. * * * * Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Ktettagh had been blessed by the arrival of another fine baby girl in their fam r ily. They had one boy and three girls. * * * ,• Chicken thieves were brmy. A flock of chickens had been worth a good deal of money, and a dose of shot would no doubt have stopped some of the stealing, * * • Russell Cowlea had come up from i Des Moines to visit at the home of his sister, Mrs. S. D. Quarton. He had been attending the American Academy in Rome when the war broke out arid later entered naval work for the government * * • H. E. Hist and both of the ehllcben had been down with the flu, but were all getting around. Uncle Lon Kennedy was also under the weather at the same home, and Lewis H. Smith arid Mrs. Rlst had their hands full caring for them. * * * It was understood that tti« "Sandstorm" division of the United States army which was trained at Camp Cody, were among the troops ordered home at once. They had Only I boen across a short tittVJ and Were in France. Raymond Wehler, Theo. Herbst, Emory Seward, George Kolttbauer, Ralph Laird and Other Algona boys belonged to that division. Fred Wehler had recently received a letter from his soft Saying that they had been taken front England to France. * » * Row "»ud" McDonald, Hurt aviator, who was taken prisoner In Germany after being forced to descend by lack of gas, was one of fourteen who planned an escape from the pi loon camp at Vlllengen, had been told to Dud's father, O. P. McDonald by Lieut B. V. Isaacs of Crrsco. Fourt*-f-n in the German prison had hatched plans to escape, by means of ft ladder made out of wire from th» roofs of their bar- rocks. This would enable thent t6 escape two at a tun* over the tops of the heavily ehargetl wire sur- jour.d'ng them. Two days previous u- Uiti time set for the escape, a map was discovered on McDonald's person where he had hidden it In the lining of his trousers, and he was put in solitary confinement on water ration fo* six days, and was unable to accompany his companions on their break for freedom. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Walker and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Kuecker and Arthur Locke of Algona spfent Thursday evening at the Art Held- enwith home. IF YOU RAISE Hybrid Corn— It will be money in your pocket to get the facts about lowcalth, before you order hybrid corn. IOWEALTH King of the Hybrids lias won more yield test awards and performance test awards, year after year. It produces 10 to iO bushels more corn per acre, stands up in hiyh winds, is drouth resistant, bug resistant, disease resistant. Produced and guaranteed by one of the world's largest growers. Never sold by agents or canvassers. STOP IN —GET OUR PRICES Hobarton Co-Op. Elevator Phone 86F1 K. L. Held, Mjfr. In this one store you can find a suitable gift for anyone on your list. This year we have the largest stock in our long history in Algona, the largest stock of gifts in Algona or North Central Iowa. We invite you to come in — bring your shopping list with you; but we urge that you come now, while there is a selection. Feminine Gift Ideas PERFUMES No sift please* a woman or girl more than a bottle of her favorite perfume, or a bottle of a perfume a little bit better than she ordinarily uses—something for those extra special occasions. Priced, per ounce, from 50c to $2.50 POWDER GIFT SETS In a favorite brand and odor are certain to please. Von nlll find many, many brands and several choices of number of pieces to the srt. Onr Miles force will know what kind she uses. I'rlep ranire from 49c to $10.00 •They Look Twice As Good They Last Twice As Long The Original Fiesta Ware Flesla comes In six lovely colors—Turquoise, Green, Yellow, Blue, Old iTorr, and Red—all brilliant, nil checrfnl, all endowed with a pleasant feelinsr of good fellowship, Informality and gracieng Urine. Bent of all, Fiesta Is extremely reasonable In price, may be bought by the piece, and thus affords the purchaser of a chance to build up a set not only of whatever items, but of whatever colors, she desires. Lu-Ray Pastels For Modern Charming Tables Hfnntlfnl. captivating pastel colors in dinncrware for yonr table, on the new I.n-Hay Shape. Streamlined this thin bodv ware pro- rides exquisite charm. From the four color*—Windsor Bine, Pew- Ian Cream, Surf Green, Sharon Pink—you may choose one or any combination nf rolor* desired. Christmas Cards in Sets Beautiful, new, modern Christum* cards In packaged net*. Many design* and color combinations In package* of Identical cards or different dexlfrnn. Most reasonably priced. Complete with envelope. Give jour Chrlstums cards a personal touch with your own signature. Set of 21, a till value, only 69c Set of 1«, beautiful cards 49c Set of 12, an Ideal boy 2»c Special Gift Bottles Toilet preparations are put up at this time of the year in special Christmas gift bottles, and Include such Items as perfumes, toilette waters, ponders, bath salts, etc. You can't go wrong giving on« nf 59c to $3.00 • Fut I 4.5 Anutlgmat L«n«. • Hbutter MM-ed*. 1/25 to 1/2*10 a*c.»Hlmnll- n«l rapid focusing. • Uw*« 35 millimeter motion picture film. * 3fl exprvurea 1 luadinf * TiUea natural color, tiiiffyt, ilatfe fchot*. OM1Y $ 12 50 And lip to *2.->.IH) GIFT BOXES We have a large, well-chosen selection of jrlft boxes suitable for cosmetic containers. Some are now filled with such Items, others have paper, or other useful articles. They come In leather, mirrors, heavy board, and cedar. . 79c to $3.25 BATH SALTS There Is no gift that comes so well In this country of hard water—bath salts that soften the water and give a pleasant scent. Them come IB lance packages of several units, or in bulk package*. Prices range from ' 59c to $2.98 Atomizers Dozens of perfumes and atomizers can lie combined to make a jrlft that will bo pleasing and express your wish for the holiday scafton. Yon will find special prices on such combinations at the James store. Ask our sales force for details. 49c to $3.50 CAMEO BILLFOLD SET M.tcK.d lipp.r k«y c*>* trui billfold in fin«»t quality ftMrhidt v'itt) handiem* FUi- chrcm* d*»!gn tod h.nd Uc*d *dg*l. A lifatimt gift. Other* to *10 S1.50 CAMEO TRAVELING KIT Smtrtl Comp4ctl Genuine lt*ih*r with iipp*r f«J»»n»r; wattrproof; oilskin lining. Conv pl«»« with «cc«uo~ ri*f *i iltu»tr«t«d .. . only TOBACCO POUCH Het separate oiltkin compart* marti for (.'•(,• »r.d tebtcca. Gtn^'mi briar p'p«. In calf.kin &r ftucr- hid* with lippcr failcnar .... CAMEO CIGARETTE CASE 6tnuin» l»*tti.r with ilpptr faittntrl Holdt full ptcufi »nd pr*v*Ari crushing. Otbtri We have the lun,'fnt »#lertlon of ifift Kltttioru'ry ever shown in northern lonu. Sonic come In attractive boxes of cedar, walnut, or uilrrorii, which alone would make an attractive (fift. The price* are NO reasonable that you will be certain to find more than one on yonr shopping || s t tbat would be pleased with such u gift and at a price less than you expected to pay. Here's a Suggestion for that Hard to-Suit Person SHAVING SETS All the well-known brand*— we will know the kind he uses or prefer*. Old Lavender, WrlslejH, and Koyale special sets, priced from 59c. 79c up DRESSER SETS Combination comb, brush, and mirror set* that find a place on any dresser. Price range from the lowest to the Ivory Inlaid "Special" irlft*. $1.98 to $8.00 Manicure Sets This year there are literally dozens of new way« in which these always necessary Items have been combined Into attractive sets, ranging from four- bottle to a complete unit. $1.19, $1.20 up Cosmetic Sets Complete with powder, soap, dusting powder, bath oil, in lludnuts Mar* relous, Hudnutg Geiney, and many others. These make one of the nicest gifts. Priced reasonably from $1.00 up Christmas Candy Hundreds upon hundreds of boxes of cundy line our shelves ready to male tunny happy oa Christmas. Selections in Gales, Joan Manning, Jane liorton, Llggitt's, and many others, ranging from half-pound packages up to five-pound family(,1/e boxes. ITEMS SEEN IN OUR LARGE STOCK There la not Hufflclent space to list the hundreds of Items purchased specially for Christinas. There Is the always popular Fiesta warej copper and bronze hanging bowls; polished and hammered eopper and brass table bowlsi crystal sets of all kinds and for all purposes; cocktail sets; liquor bottles and glasses; pewter sugar and creamers; modern book ends, some with thermometer; and hundreds of pictures, some in sets of two. You must come in and see these items before you start your Christinas shopping. All ure reasonably priced. Perfume Bottles These are the fancy crystal bottles every woman loves to have on her vanity dresser. Filled with her choicest and best perfume makeu a gift doubly appreciated. Priced from 79c to $3.00 Christmas Cards ThU store hag always been, headquarters, .for Christmas cards, and the selection thin year Is better, larger, and more attractive, than ever. Cards prices for five cents to a quarter. Largest Stock of Gifts In Northern Iowa to Choose From K. D. JAMES DRUGS

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