The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 26, 1954 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 26, 1954
Page 13
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WEDNESDAY, MAY 26, 1954 BLTTHEYILLF (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAG1 TMIRTCBH OUR BOARDING HOUSE — with Major Hooplt OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams POOR Of HERMAN.' V THEY'RE ALL THIS IS POU-AR CV*Y I OILERS' OR. FOR HIM, CASHIN)' £ CUP CHECKS.' \ MOJKEYS THEM SATURDAY NU3MT \ SHOPS OR SPORTS WRAP A / RAILROADS" TEN) AROUND TH" / AM EARLY REST OF THEIR. PAY \ FORM OF OIL MILLIOJ AIRES-' ONE TEW UNO TWENTY ONES; ME THE POOL VMA5 DKAIMED LAST M16HT ? BORN THIRTY YEARS TOO SOON SOB) IT SIMPLY TME '54 CLASS IS JUST TME BEST YEAR" OP OUR LIFE MAS PROBABLY jusr . PASSEP/ w I CAN TREAT OUR. HEAP WHEN YOUTMINK ABOUT IT, DOeSNT SYLVESTER? AN- BR SCHOOL YEAR IS OVER / OUC MEMORY BOOKS --SNIFF/ ZORCHT DUAL , MANIFOLD/ Television — Tonight Tomorrow — WMCT Channel 5, & WHBQ Channel 13 WMCT Channel 6 Wednesday Night, May 26 fi:00 I Married Joan 6:30 Superman 7:00 TV Theatre 8:00 This is your lif« 8:30 Playhouse 9:00 Favorite Story 9:30 News 9:45 Clete Roberts 10:00 Soundstage 10:30 News 10:40 Weather 10:45 Adventure 11:00 Big Picture 11:30 Sign Off Thursday, May 27 5:50 Meditation 6:00 Today 6:25 News 6:30 Today 6:55 News 7:00 Today 7:25 News 7:30 Today 7:55 News 8:00 Ding Dong School 8:30 Betty White Show 8:55 Charm with Cathy 9:00 Home Show 10:00 Bride & Groom 10:15 Hawkins Falls 10:30 Shopping at Home 11:00 Story land 11:15 3 Steps to Heaven 11:30 Homemakers 12:00 News 12:15 Farm News 12:30 Channel Five Club 1:00 Kate Smith 2:00 Welcome Travelers 2:30 On Tour Account 3:00 Pinky Lee Show 3:30 Howdy Doody 4:00 Berl Olwanger 4:15 Armchair Adventur* 4:30 Lash of the West 4:45 Flicker Comics 5:00 Captain Video 5:15 Interesting Person 5:25 Weatherman 5:30 Dinah Shore , 5:45 News Caravan 6:00 Groucho Marx 6:30 TV Theatre 7:00 Dragnet 7:30 Theatre 8:00 Martin Kane 8:30 Jackpot Calling 9:00 Plavhouse of Stars 9:30 Newa 9:45 Strcst Corner, USA 10:00 Rocky King 10:30 News 10:40 Weather' 10:45 Adventure 11:00 Better Living Thea. 11:30 Sign Off WHBQ Channel 13 Wednesday Night, May 26 6:00 Godfrey and Friends 7:00 Strike it Rich 7:30 I've Got a Secret 8:00 Blue Ribbon Bouts 8:45 Do You Know Why 9:00 Sportsman's Club 9:15 Sports Time 9:30 Ray Bolger 10:00 Weather 10:05 News 10.15 Late Show Thursday, May 27 6:00 Morning Show 7:55 News 8:00 Arthur Godfrey S:30 Strike it Rich 10:00 Valiant Lady 10:15 Love of Life 10:30 Search for To'row 10:45 Guiding Light 11:00 Kitchen Magic 11:25 News 11:30 Garry Moore 12:30 House Party 1:00 Big Payoff 1:30 Lady of the House 1:45 Bob Crosby 2:00 Brighter Day 2:15 Secret Storm 2:30 Robert Q. Lewis 3:00 Early Show 4:15 Exercise with Joye 4:30 Western Theater 5:00 Mars Patrol 5:30 News 5:45 Jane Froman 6:00 Meet Mr. McNutle* 6:30 Four Star Playhouse 7:00 Video Theater 7:30 Big Town 8:00 Death Valley Days 8:30 Place the Ftce 9:00 The Web 9:30 Dr. I. Q. 10:00 Weather 10:05 News 10:15 Late Show Political Announcement The Courier News Is authorized to announce the following candidate for the Preferential Primary July 27. for State RepresenUtlT* Mississippi County H. H- (Buddy) Howard Highest radio station-in eastern America is WMIT on Clingmans Dome, North Carolina, 6560 feet high, near the Blue Ridge Park- wav. IHEUMATIC ARTHRITIC VICTIMS Offar«4 fMtor IdM frm Ptm A me!*! X»terU Co*ted T»btot. Qokfe. lr tnt«n blood itrc*m from itttMtia«. Will cot n»niMt«. RedueM nric »eid. tivinr quick, long«r ksttnf relief to deep- M»t«d paim. 0«t gvnuint A.R. Pain RdUrf Tmbl«U. KIRBT DRUG STORES We Service All Makes Commercial Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Bill's Refrigeration Service Z337 Birch Phone 3-6986 Guarantee Watch Cleaning 36 Hour f • Service Watch is completely disassembled, machine cleaned, pivots polished, hairspring adjusted. Two Watchmakers THOMPSON Jewelers 114 W. MAIN Nert Door to Wade Fum. EXPERT WATER PUMP REPAIR Hubbard Hardware Phone 2-2015 rompt DELIVERY SERVICE Phone 3-4507 Hours: S a.m. to 10 p.m. with Delivery to 7 p.m. WOODS DRUG STORE 221 West Main St. JOHNSON GRASS KILLER 99% Pure Sodium Chlorate 700 Lh. Drum 12 Webb Culvert Tile Co. Highway 61 at State Line Phone OSborne 3-8414 CLOSE OUT Many Pattern Dishe* 1 Price Hubbard Hardware ^ w- .Jib* 'Jr> "I never see any report* oh unemployment behind tht Iron curtain—if s my hunch all's not wsll over there!'* "Who keeps swiping the pennies I put in this fuse box?"* ATTENTION Cor & Truck Owners: Tailored Seat Covers, 4Voven plastic $50 val 24.50 Truck seat covers Installed 4.95 Door Panels, Covered 3.50 Head Liners 15.00 Convertible tops 39.95 SMITH MATTRESS & UPHOLSTERY CO. Ph. 3-4293 So. Hiway 61 THE STORY: Contrary to parents' wlshen. Ricky !«, hnn bought m "jnnk«r" motor car trom a d*nr«pmtnble d«ale». Ricky n«*d »S» "« ha* earned, promt King to pay tlie rent ot the *75 price »t a «*H«r a week. Km route to »how oft kte pnrcaa*e aw jroea !•(• a <Mt<*u : * • » IV T5ICKY \yas in tihe ditch for **•*• more than an hqur before he fceard the sound of familiar motors coming his way. He scrambled to his feet and stood by the side of the road, shading bis eyes as he watched them. They came up fast, hitting their brakes and sliding, turning their wondering, incredulous faces toward him as they saw and understood at once who it was and what had happened. They backed up noisily, gunning and braking violently, until they were close to him. Link Aller leaned on the door of the Chevvy convertible he was driving. He looked at Ricky with a glint of superior amusement in his black eyes. "What'd you do, boy?" he drawled. "Steal a car?" "Steal nothing," Ricky answered, leaning nonchalantly against his coupe and hooking his thumbs in his belt "I bought it." "You what?" Chub yelled from his Ford Tudor. "I bought it," Ricky said truculently, not prepared for the way they were acting. As though it was a joke. "I suppose you thought my folks could stop me." "Naw," Link whooped. "We figure Merle paid you to take it off his hands." The girls giggled. Ricky ignored them all but Sharon, who was riding with Link. She didn't aeem to be paying any attention to what was going on, but was filing her fingernails. He wanted to shake her, and make her acknowledge that she knew he had bo'jght a car asked, getting out of his car and joining Ricky. The other boys took their cue from Sherm and gathered around too. "Aw, you know," Ricky said loudly, so that Sharon would hear. "I hit the turn too fast, when I kicked her she didn'1 have enough dig to bring me around. ..." Ricky made a careless gesture with his hand. T INK ALLER winked at the others. "1 didn't know this heap could go fast enough to slide gravel," he said, touching the coupe with his booted toe. "I've had it on the road. It's a real turtle." For a moment Ricky felt like walking away and leaving them and his coupe, but he knew that would be too childish. "I won't argue with you," he said, trying to sound uninterested. "But I'm in the ditch and I need some help to get out. You guys want to help me out, or prove I couldn't be there in the first place?" It was the right thing to say. This time they laughed with him, and moved to help. Sherm backed his car around until it was near enough to be hooked to Ricky's coupe by chains. Ricky got in his car and started his motor. With his car in reverse, Sherm towing, and the other boys pushing by hand, he was soon back on the road. The chains were unhooked and the boys gathered to hear the sound of Ricky's motor and discuss his car. They were pleased that he had wheels, but it wasn't heir way to come right out and say so. Their way of welcoming fUcky was to rib him. I know she's not perfect." Ricky said seriously as he gunned the motor and a cloud of blue smoke rolled out of the exhaust pipe. "But at least I've got my own rod." "Rod!" Chub howled, wnn- as the fumes enveloped him. "You don't call this a hot rod do you? Man, it's more like a warm stick." "Well, let's get on back tt town," Link said. "Want a tow, Ricky?" "I'll get there," Ricky snapped. "You might—if I pushed you," Link teased, with a proud look at his convertible. It was bright yellow, with chrome exhaust extensions and Buick portholes along the hood. Ricky looked sullen, but didn't answer. After all the waiting, and torment, and all the trouble he was in, the big moment of his life had come, and it had been flat Only Jerry Long stayed by him as the others moved toward theii cars. Quiet, thoughtful Jerry, who was his best friend. "How did you get your dad to okay it?" he asked. Ricky didn't look up. "I didn't," he said. "That's not. so good." Ricky Ufted his head. "Why not? You guys all did the same thing, didn't you? If it was good for you, why isn't it good for me? I'm not a kid any more. Can't you see?" * * * TERRY scuffed the gravel with •* the-, toe of his shoe. "I had to fight "for mine," he said, "but my dad agreed before I went and bought it." "I tried it that way," Ricky said. "You know my folks. They didn't say yes and they didn't say no. I ... I don't know what they said." "Maybe you should have waited," Jerry said. "Anyway, you could have done better than this . car. What did Merle try to stick you for it? Last I heard, t could be had for 25 bucks." "I made a good deal," Ricky said, mentally kicking himself. "We've been buddies • long time," Jerry said. "I know when you're faking. What was it, thirty-five?" "Worse," Ricky admitted, look- inf ashamed. "Forty." "You've got to learn not to go off half-cocked. See you in town." Jerry walked to his car, shaking bis head Swings, Slides, Sand Boxes and Monkey Climbs Hubbard Hardware SHADY PARKING Ole Hickory Inn 707 W. Chlckasawba IV-RADIO SERVICE More Than 20 Years Training and Experience. Factory Service Guarantee on All Makes. Blytheville Sales Co. Felix Carney, Myr. 108 £. Main Ph. 3-3616 NEED PAINT? We can Save You Money Pittsburg Standard Outside White 3.49 Sunbrite Outside White 1.95 Also In Pastel Shades ROSE SALES CO $01 S. 21 St. "> ^ <*f ...HOPE THE WO GOT SOMETHING ^ OUT OF IT...T KNJOW WOW WE FEELS WITW k BULLY MM.1N6 UlS LIFE MSEBkBLE/vcxi C^N'T PUN MW FCOM BULLIE6- vou WAVE: no STAND UF TO TWE^ THE BOSS WANTS TO, SEE YOU ...TWAT^SOMETUIMGI WAD TO LEAI?N V& MAPD ' MkY- \\OW/l'M PLENTY LATE/LOOKS LIKE A, , EXCEPTION COMMITTEE/ THAT sues w*s KcareuLE BOXING LESSON I SAVE BILLS'WAYNE YESJ I'M TAKING UP PAINTING I DON'T MIND THE BLACK EYE BUT ME DIDN'T HAVE TO CALL MIS f=msr MASTERPIECE WHAT WAS THAfT AlWT YA HOIt7? ABOUT THE VIC" \ THE COPS &OT TW\'» PAU&HTERV AW ALARM O J FOR SKETCHEN V \ ' AW, C'MOM/1 /V\E0ffifE VA COULC7 USE AlsJ YOU tTtCICTEt? IT VMDULP _ VISIT WAHT FEK YfK. PRIVWCV, VIC, fLTT WH6M i seew n* HEAC^LIKIES A&OUT (SLIV ftETTIN' KILLEI7 N VER HELP YATffACX t?OWM t7A K/UEfc A^J' tOO)<: FDff TWE VlCT/M'S CWU5HTB TH/NI A/R swe^ APPARENTLY YOU 5&WW HIM WELL FOR. YEARS- HOWEVER ,m SURE PORI& FRWflJE WILL AGRE& THAT THE SOONER YOU !=T7 THE 5O YOU WDK YOUK 5PITE OIT0W R068M, TDO^TO HELP DI5CREDIT HER! VOITKE wo FIT PERSOU A.KOUMP, GET OFF- EASIER NOU DftSEPWE, WfMT MO PUBLICITY 1 HEe-CMTED HER T*KIW<3 CASTW^V HOU^ti POK HlkO WKNA6ED EVEEV OETWL EX BUT 0W EARTH CMP YOU PC? TH05B TO DOftft, MK». LEMME THAT'S RIGHT... SEE... ^v NOW LET'S YEAH/IT \ GO SEE WAS 2O2,1 WHAT THE WASN'T WELL.OVCAY, FIVE OR SIX/" DO YOU THEN.... / REMEMBER HOLYCOW/f WHAT YOU WEIGHED LAST TIME THREE OR FOUR, POUNDS? ARE YOU KIDDING? YOU'RE GONNA MAKE ME GET BY ON LI'L OH DAB5 OF BIRD- FOOD LIKE THIS JUST BECAUSE I'VE PUT ON MEBBE THREE OR FOUR ROUNDS? STEP LlSWTLY, PETUNIA! , LEMMB YA A MAND.' GEHTtCMANX PTTUNIA WOULD A TWS ^ inni - B - ' WITH

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