The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 6, 1938 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 6, 1938
Page 5
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The Algona Upper Sea Motoe^ Algona, towa» flee. 6,1938 Bulldogs Polish t*p For Webster City After Close Game and Defeat by Emmetsburg, 29-21 Emmetsburg, an Algona jinx, this season, handed the Bulldog cagers two defeats on the local floor, Friday evening, winning from the regulars in a good contest, 29 16 21, And drubbing the reserves, 21 to 7. It was the first game of the year for Coach Flndley's men and the .first team, particularly, showed ex- «ellent prospects considering that It was an early season game. This Friday evening at 7:30 o'clock the Algona regulars will play their first conference game against Webster •City in the Algona high school gymnasium and Immediately following the game the Bulldog wrestlers, coached by Clyde Ridenour, will grapple with Mason City's team. For the first game of the season As one result of the contest, Hicks aa center and Jim Neville at guard gained considerable ground in tffelr battle foV first string positions. Hicks played during most of both the regular game, and the second stringers' contest Devine demonstrated that he is likely to M one of the squad's most potent scoring threats during, the season. Rog Michel was held somewhat in by Chuck Warner, star'Irish guard, but his floor play was of a high caliber and he scored five points even though closely watched. The Algona quint showed a great deal of promise of developing into a very smooth Ball handling team and plays that did not work out Friday evening may very well click later" when the squad has gained more polish. Crowd Boos Decision Two Incidents occurred during the game which caused confusion in the crowd. At the end Of the first half the timer's gun barked just as Rog Michel's scoring shot was in the air and and there ensued an argument over the shot A foul called on an Algona player caused so much booing that finally Coach Findley had to request the fans to stop. Box Score «*MARCH I OF TIME iWLK.ILMS.OIW. • Algona (21) a big pep meetltig was held in the'Devinef _..„ 1 Fg Ft Pf Tp high school auditorium and evidently the Algona team had the same spirit for although they trailed the invaders all the way they never gave up and at the end of the game were In command of the play. Emmetsburg's all veteran quint pulled away to a ten point lead in the first Half and the margin would have been greater haB the Irish been hitting lor they, were getting many shota under the basket Change in Lineup Findley Vevlsed his line-up by substituting Hicks at center for Schultz, and Jim Neville at guard for Leroy Lee and with Long, Devine and Captain Michel filling out the quint, this combination seemed to do better. After Emmetsburg started to pull away in the second half by baskets by Bryant, Beatty and Pat Hand, the Bulldogs began connecting with the basket and showed improvement in their floor play. Clarence "Wee Willie" Devine led the offense in the second half by potting three field goals. During the last quarter the Bulldogs forced the 'play all the way keeping the capacity crowd in an uproar as they challenged Emmetsburg's lead. The invaders had too much of a start however and staved off the Algona attack until the final gun Michel f 2 Schultz, c 0 Lee g. _ 0 Hicks, c', 1 J. Neville g 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 Totals 0 3 7 21 Emmetsburg (29) Fg Ft Pf Tp Bryant f 3 016 Beatty f , 3 21 3 Edge, c 2 5 0 ,0 Warner, G 0 020 T. Hand g 1 0 2 P. Hand, g ....2 0 0 Mueller g 0 0 0 Totals „ 11 7 6 29 Deim Boys of Swea Off to Cage Wars Swea City: Gregor and Artie Deim, sons of John Deim of Swea township, who for several years have played basketball with the House of David team, jonied their manager, George Johnson of Chicago, last Monday and headed south. Their stops were not learned, but they will probably make the usual tour of the nation during the winter months. Read ThA Waat Ads—It Fays LAWBENCKS OF ASIA— I CHUNGKING, China: In most of the 430,000 square miles of China thus far "conquered" by the Japanese, hundreds of thousands of em- jattled Chinese peasants keep up today an endless sniping guerllla- warfare resistance to their conquerors. Clad in green cotton uniforms enabling them to melt into the courf- tryslde after a daylight raid, the guerillas are taught to wreck Jap- inese troop and supply trains, ambush food Convoys and attack isolated Japanese garrisons. Their military headquarters, located in dozens of central villages, keep in touch with each other by telephone and wireless equipment, much of it filched from the Japan;. • At their general headquarters, where a "general staff* of young officers plan wide-spread attacks, an Associated Press correspondent discovered their textbook on guerrilla warfare to be a translation of "The Seven Pillars of Wisdom", by Colonel T. E. Lawrence of Arabia. Pride "of the guerillas are two train wreckers both dignified Chinese scholars who have copied Lawence's method of train wrecking— setting off an explosive Charge un- der'the rails as a train passes over, or pulling out the inner rail spjkes at spots where the tracks curve causing them to spread when heavily loaded Japanese trains run over them. Japanese bombers frequently rain tons of costly explosives on Chinese "airplanes" and "tafiks" which upon capture, turn out to be reed matting or wooden imitations placed in the open to draw fire. Heads and shoulders of Chinese "soldiers" cut out of tin, have been nailed to stakes and jabbed into trenches— to make the Japanese think that Chinese trench lines are strongly manned. Every guerilla headquarters has at laest 100 Japanese uniforms, complete with helmets and leather boots. Favorite guerilla tale is that of 24 Chinese who, caught in Ping- chuan when the Japanese entered the city, donned the blood-stained uniforms of dead Japanese, walked out of the city" unmolested. yroriss EtCRE AND 1BBBE NEW ITORK: "Th« woods are full of Republican candidates,'; said Alf M. Landon last week before sailing front Manhattan as a delegate to the Pan-Americart conference at Lima, but here's a story for you. I think the outstanding Democratic candidate is the man who has just been elected for the fourth time as governor of the great state of New York, Herbert H. Lehman. I don't see how the Democrats can pass up man who has been elected governor four times." » * * NEW YORK: In book form appeared "Behind the ballots" (Harcourt, Brace & Co., $3) Jim Farley's "personal history of a politician"— fascinating reading tor all who like politics. Written mostly by Mr. Farley, the book is strong proof that Presidents, like babies, are not left by the stock but born of patient labor. Mr. Farley shows to quiet, blunt, shrewd advantage as the man who made one President and might well make another. For serial rights, "The American Magazine" paid Mr. Farley $75,000 just enough to get him out of the debts Incurred by him since going to Washington as Postmaster General at $15,000 per year. Book royalties ($5,000) will be velvet Japanese and Korean prostitutes 'attached" to the Japanese Army fortgnlght ago brought into Nan- king 80 cases of opium. CZECHOSLOVAKIA SPUT IN TWO . PRAGUE, Czechoslovakia: Pared down on three sides by territorial slicings of Germany, Hungary and Poland after the Munich Deal, what Is left of Czechoslovakia was last week split in two. Germany demanded and got a corridor 40 miles long, 1§8 feet wide through the slim mdidle of the whittled little nation. Along this strip Adolf Hitler will build one of hI\Autobahnen, which will run from TSreslau in German Silesia south to Vienna and thus provide a direct and short motor connection between the eastern part of Germany and recently-acquired Austria. The road, to be completed In 1940, is the first section of a great highway which Germany Intends to push through the Balkans into Asia Minor, via Belgrade, Sofia and Istanbul, as part of her drive to the East. Along the Czechoslovak strip police, customs and traffic control will be in German hands. The two parts of Czechoslovakia will be connected by tunnels and overpasses. NAZI ENVOY SLAYER SAVED? PARIS: With over $30,000 collected by Dorothy Thompson at his disposal, 17-year-old Herchel Grynszpan, already an object of world sympathy last week found his Paris jail cell a mecca for top-flight criminal lawyers. The Corsican showman of the Paris bar, Maitre (Lawyer) Vincent de Moro-Glafferrl. boomed: "I have agreed to defend this youth on international and humane grounds!" The no less great Mattre Henry Torres and six other Maitres joined up to make a defense team of eight Grynszpan was being held under two charges: the capital crime of murdering the German Embassy Third Secretary Ernst vom Rath; and the technical but gra\ie charge of having remained In France in defiance of an order Issued to expel him from the country as an undesirable alien some time before his crime. Previous Paris dispatches saying he would likely be guillotined for the murder were superseded by guesses that he would be let off with hard labor. Emmetsburs: Beats Bulldogs; Open Conference Play Here Friday Evening ALGONA HI LOSES ' ^^ FIRST CAGE TUT; CIRD FOR FRIDAY The Herbt Trenarys are driving a a new 1939 Dodge. ANNOUNCEMENT!! ZENDER'S CHALLENGE SALE will positively end Saturday, Dec. 10th. We have a beautiful line of Christmas merchandise for gifts for men and boys we want to put on display and don't want to be bothered with a sale. See our Christmas displays next week. They will make your Christmas shopping a joy. ZENDER'S POPPY PROFITS IN'THE ORIENT NANKING, China: The reason for Japan's invasion of China Is that Japan wants not only all of China's raw materials, but all of her markets. One of the things that China produces is opium poppies; one of the things she buys is narcotics made from opium popples. This Is accepted as an ideal situation by the Japanese, who have made an enormous profit briskly boosting both ends of the dope trade. Latest word on Japan's profitable dope traffic came last week from Dr. Miner Searle Bates, vice president of the U. a—supported University of Nanking. Laying before I the foreign press at Shanghai ob- [ serrations he had personally made, 'Dr. Bates declared. In Nanking 50,000 persons, or one- eighth of the population, are being sloly poisoned by heroin (an opium product) sold by Japanese-directed rings. At least 5,000,000 Chinese dollars are made every month in the Nan- king area by dealers belonging to or allied with the Japanese Army." Out of this, Japan's puppet Chinese "Reformed Government" gets a sizeable cut. 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