The News from Frederick, Maryland on April 21, 1891 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 21, 1891
Page 2
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THE DULY NEWS. 1 therefore, have besa frequently In use j ! before, aad who was the party who iis«sl j R. H. CAMPBELL. There A VEKY IMPORTANT FSAT- JAS. H. GAMBEIL ^^^--^^ J .TT * jDL. ·8 *S GJtSES FCBSITCKE Froa tin? New York Tune*. Ij is b«c£ Mated 'hat white f urn here ~ *a n ! ** "i* 5 ^* k^ l ' s **y--* 133 S ooe U k* 8 or*3.w| jjgg,^ too--and 'he coming tint of ) serenes, tables, cabinet and even fau- THE WBESPUT SEWS. j teuiis TJH be, i *cd«*«i, green ""' I* * ^ utmnbttj' Bacossproc! tiu teem not to b taisoetaeer*. to j J '£{ CBE OF BCS1NESS L THE KID,GL0VE DEPART- MENT. vr£ SHOW TOl" J-CtL BOLLEEPBSCESS FLOEISTS, GROCERIES. oa the contrary, E st '-» --« «· «r£«ri::r«. Ttt Sake is a varnish , FLUCB- FLOCE. FLOL'E. . . **" "*" asi 2oUi ioastle for several se^oas past, Lave ?:v rei «ol"c«O5» tesur.e, to ;5*os* *!.o cart* fcdulzea in term. One maid has {or ltrtrir exc!c-»* care, Tee S *ws BwauSae, by the G wsi ManolacsJiruyr fiorspaay. ·goiter. TUESDAY, APRIL 21.1881. This Date a History-- April 21. Canterbury. "Cur " -*'t forth Ol» ». . . . iUv t J»» FVench dniiiuitisU illed. --, 1 leber.poet-btohop of Calcutta, nn'a If o;:e Bnou Iwra; diel ISSi n f San Jawnto: «30 Mexican^ kilted acre' l.lW bv 153 Amencaa-Teiaas. who h!«; t-. s .:««! "J- ^ vroondeil. Texji in- J8E1-- -p~r. c Stjnday" in northern comryt! nrauon u'tth \Vasbin«ton cut 08 a^d its cr^tare reported. caerjil John A. Oil died in New York si fcora 1^6. Our British brothers abase our lai Srorce lavs fiareelv and then come over on die sly to take advantage of them. J du!v regulated to becure tLe retention of o* "iheir purtiv and frrslineb* Then ibev are unbecoming for ordinaiy us*-- eugiit resllj to b*p*«i'l« t i oaiy by loiely creatures in ball goviaa of delicate tinti. TAKE CAKE OF \OCB COU». ' Kross ibe N. V. Herald. "Perhaps you wouldn't think so, bat a very large proportion of dls«yu*» in Xc-w York come from careleaaneib about catching coid," says Dr. Cyrus Edson. "A cold Is a ten- simple thing ;oruost people and they pay lilue or no attention to u. If it were some serious disease they would probably break their necks, so to speak, to get a doctor and to follow his advice. But it is such a simple thing and so common that very few people, any attention to d cold. New York Is one of the healthiest places on the Atlantic coast, and yet there are a great many cases of catarrh and consumption which have their origin In this neglect of the simplest precautions of every day life. "\Vhat is commonly known as pneumonia weather is simplv that state of tbe atmosphere conducive to colds and more liable to result in something serious. The climate of 2few York is not nearly so bad for those predisposed to consumption, catarrh and other diseases of the respiratory organs as that of Boston and other coast cities of the North. As to a cold, the simplest and most sensible advice is, when you have one get rid of It as soon as possible. By all means do not neglect it." In a test jaade of the relative economy rf the Hir^:2 s=i cc~pczr^l en^e cz tho Brooklyn elevated road it was found that the cornpoond engine effected a saving of 23| per cent in fuel T5C_ WHICH AHE ESPEEIALLY GOOD FOE THE MOSEY. A BETTER E AT *l.OO. BCTTO.VED S E L E C T E D W H £ A 1. LOCAL LOGIC. ASI LACtS, A STILL FISEB OXE AT $1.25, Bt'T- T NE0 AND MOSQUITAIKE. AD A BEACTV AT flJM. ALL SELECTED B K I N S , DRESSED AND CSDHESSED. BLACK ASD ALL THE LATE SHADES. B-H. CAMPBELL. T^OR SALE--A BABY COACH. nearly 'new. Apply to k., care Isewi office. P LANTS.--I HAVE FOR SALE. AT Clenmore. one half mile east of Frederick on the Baltimore pike, five thousand Cuih- bert raspberry placu. fi^e thousand Sharpless strawberrien. cabbige. tomatoes, beet, lottuce and other plants. All the best varie t ies. S. Ijams. ap F OR SALE.--CABBAGE. TOMATO and beet plants. Apply to Wm. Anderson. ayrltidVvr TCE FOR SALE IN ANY QUANTITY JL desired by persons. Apply to Wta. Anderson. aprlBdlw TT'OR SALE.-A STOCK OF DRY JL; goods and notions, about J50OO in Salem. Virginia. The store bus been open about one week and will be sold on account of the death oJ ihe proprietor. The clock, is entirely new and the store the best location in the town. Population about forty five hundred, will double before the end of this year. A great opportunity tor one or two young men who wish to start in a growing town. Address X, Salem, Va. aprlCdlw* C P E E M r P H E M E," " M? I D Q E W O O D." COAL, WOOD, O. COAL. COAL. COAL. COAL. COAL. COAL COAL. COAL, COAL. COAL. COAL. COAL. The- Italia newspaper says: "Ameri- ·aas have but one god--their strong box. En tbis strong bee ,TTC mcst strike them. One nonces that our god is very welcome vrhen he travels to Europe every season, at any rate, and particularly welcome in . fascine pinched Italy. Pal ponndud ice on this man's head and give him ozone- "It is the success of a Jndus Lcsxiot: It is the success of a Benedict Arnold! The brand of traitor is stamped indelibly on . He is a man without a party. Wherever he may go he will be followed by the cry of "Traitor! traitor! traitor!'" What will the newspaper correspondents do now for a St. Jerome? For twenty-five years the opening letters from ihe United States senate chamber have annually spoken of Senator Ed- ·mundsas St. Jerome. He was not so ranch a saint in his proper person, but lie looked like one, and that was something. Now there ·will not be anybody left in the senate -who even looks like a -saint George F. Edmunds took his seat as ·enaior from Vermont in 1S66. One rear later, Justin F. HomH was elected also to the United States senate, and the two together have filled Vermont's senatorial chair ever since. This is ne*rly as good as the tenure of office in ithe house of lords. CUBBENT COMMENT. Pungent Opinion* of Topic* local and General. Expresalous of People Picked Up tfj Diligent Reporter*. The same old chestnut, been reading it ever since I was 'born! Here it is, "If nothing happens to prevent we will have an abundant fruit crop this year." For pity's sake gives us a rest, but Tve'll take the fruit too.-- Mary Jane. Bennie Rosenour is quite an industrious young man, besides attending to Ms store I see he helps his neighbor, Charley Diffendal, to carry out hams -- An Eas't Patrick Street Man. Tes, I have the contract to erect another building on the yards at Brunswick and expect to have others to erect before very long. I have been kept quite busy by the company for several years, putting up buildings and making repairs at various points. I believe that Brunswick ·will be quite a business place in a short time and believe it will grow better in the course of a few years. There is a nice country back of Brunswick and it has other advantages to make it quite a town.-- J. Brady, of Baltimore, Con'rac tor and Builder". I think there will be more pork bought next fall than there has been for many years. Corn is too high for people of ordinary circumstances to purchase shoats and fatten them by next fall. Farmers can fatten and kill the porkers much cheaper than we can raise them -A West South Street Citizen. When chances that things go awry -Some trouble comes to fret, Her pretty mouth she purses high And tears her eye-lids wet; And though a month has full gone by 1 think that from her sweet blue eye The shower's falling yet. And so it is I always take My best umbrella out, So sure am I that rain -will make, When Fanny's lip's a-pout. --The Bentztotra Bard. TTlOR SALE.--LARGE QUANTITY JE? of Concord and other grape vines at liberal prices. Harry Witter, on J. G. Miller's premises, 1 mile east of T70R SALE -FOR A FEW WEEKS JD I -will retail iny parlor furniture at -wholesale prices. Bed Lounges, any cover desired. 12. I f . ?1S. BOJC Lounges. - 10.15,20.^25. Turkish Lounges. " ·· 3», 35, $40. Parlor Suit:!, " " 40,5o, 60, $75. $100. Parlor Centre Table, walnut or cherry. 3,4, $6 ·' " " marble top ^lo, $12. "Walnut or Cherry Mirrors. 10 ii.JJ.5. " " " marble piers, 20, 25.530. Terms.--Ten per cent discount, cash with order, or half vith order, balance in 60 days. ALFRED COLES. 520 Myrtle A-v e., Brooklyn, N. T. febl-idfcwlyr . TT«OR SALE.--COKE AT ISABELLA JJ Works. Delivered in cellar, 30 bushels for J3.OO. G. F. Clingan, Agent. feb26dtf Tour attention la called to aKBWCOAi tiutt I have recently Introduced In this market- It is especially prepared for cooking purposes: it is quickly touted and not TO objectionable w Cumberland coal. Give it · trial *nd } rhtnV it -will prove ·what at) housewives -want- I also carry a full stock of the beat quftlitte* of Hard Coal and constantly keep- a supply under cover for delivery during snowy and slushy weather. The patronage of the public is respectfully solicited. JONATHAN 3ISEB. DKALES IS WOOD AND ANTHRACITE BITITMINOtfS COAL. Third Street, Frederick 1 JanSdtC. Telephone No. 34. y\O YOU RAISE FLO WEES OB VBG ETABLES ? F LOWBK3 OR VEGETABLES 'i FLOWEKSOR TSG ETABLES? HOSES. ~ O U DIFFERENT c*s *y? ALL aiZEs. CHRY5AXTBBCMS OF THE G£ADE3T KINDS. GEHASICSIS. THE FINEST OF THE XOV- ELTIES IX GEHAMCXS. CAUSATIONS AXOCAN.VAS. PETUNIAS. DREBH-SDOCfiLB FfclSGED PETCiOAS. PLANTS. THOrSAKDS OF PLAXT3 OP ALL K1X13. SEEDS. VEGETABLE ASD FLOWER SEEDS. ONION SETS, PEINCB ED WARD ISLAND SEED POTATOES. E^EEYTHISG *oa THBGABDEN. HEJTKY TBA1L. 71 North Market Street GHBSN "OC^E? AIJ, ?. aed fvfxfmm. O-il oo or So 55 VfstSr4 BL, Fredenek, JSd, TO BCtLDEiiS. tliete *re the oicesi cooiici veoe^ reoxed. Tber *re ns*o« of Chica. Proof, require no ecourtajf. are a!v«r* «tdcie*E We hare their ia l«ticeP»sa ties and S«aai Cooi.ers. Call ao en. tbest, as* do your vcokfag £fi Cia» reesi F. a SAPPIXGTOi 72 K. H ORSEY^ PURE RYE WHISKEY, ·issuUed 1S83, «t £4.00 per Btlioo. He- Co. apr2Wla REGULAR JUEETDCG NOllOE TO BREEDERS. ATTHEFA1B GBOCSDS. Having had n experience of thirty years in handling and breaking horses, I am now prepared to bundle BALKEHS, KICKERS, 4c, ia a humane way, not trith clubs or stones, but with the moat approved methods, which always makes them, gentle and useful. I also make a specialty of breaking and educating: COLTS TO TfiOT. I handled a large stable of horses in 1SS9 and 1S90, and the universal verdict of tbe owners ·was : "Smith. I have bad horses handled at the Fair Grounds before, but those you bandied were the only ones that were ever broken." GEO. TV. SMITH. P. O. Box 412. Frederick. Md. apr7dlm-w3m BOABD OF SCHOOL COMMISSIONERS OF FEEDEHICK COrXTY, ·» i£ be hfcid io tstar uAoe at the Court Bouse. OX VT2DSESDAT JUM THCHSDA Y. APHIL 22SD JAD 23ao, 1681. The usual business of regular meetings wiJl be imnsactfrd. All bill* agalcst tbe Board sitist be sworn re bufore Leiog presented tor j«s taent. Teacnew 1 eaianra vrul be piai on airf after Friday, May 1st. By order, f* Secretary FURNISHED AND DELIV- fj ered to any part of the city, screened and cleaied at reduced prices. SohiU i- Strailmaflu aprl8dlw» Notice is hereby given, that the Street Commissioners ate now prepared to receive SEALED PROPOSALS for the removal ot all Garbage, House Befuse, Ashes, Street Dirt, and Dead Aty^sls from the taxable limits of Frederick City, in accordance with tbe ordinances of tbe City and the rules laid down by the Street Commissioners. the city having' beea laid off by Church and Market Sireeta into four districts or for the whole area, for one year commencing May 1st, 1891. and ending May 1st. 1892. Tbe bids must all be handed in on or before TCESDAY. APBIL 2Stb, 1S91, at 12 o'clock. 5L, and the successful party or parties to begin work May 1st at 7 a. m. Likewise, at the same time Bids will be received for all matter. garbage, et^, removed in tbis way, to be delivered to the purchaser one half mile beyond the city limits. Proposals may bs addressed to . the pticlic tlbat I issv -- »__n« relieve u | aadjpihQtofwfree to as, Swr proposals for tbe Ad- uczU tUr vault piie i» £3»=IieJ, I £tve notice fiitr * 1.1 b* J*Ui for SB SfcCl»E5- GEO. T. EOHLENB2HG. Secretary. TO aa. rwsnoig la TrtU deiirer COP port oi lie cry. ol-fe BILLPOSTER fcrf"^^'«^ 1 v~-- *"W '^^·^^·-^K** 1 -*^^* 1 -- **w*» TpSTABLISEED 1S4S. JOHN J.liiCBDOCK, BILL POSTSB AND DISTBIBCTOP For Frederick City aad Couetry Toirr. ALSO COSTKACTOE. OFFICE-- Court ctreet, near Pcvcoftei FBBDKB1CK, MD. «rriwtdi to. B B. B. SCHEDULES ALTO. OHIO R. R. ON AND AFTHK SUNDAY, NOV 16, DEFJLBTCBZS. For TTsfihiagton sod Way Stations Daily ................... - ......... 8JOO A. Doily, for Baltimore and Way Sta- tJocs,PhilalelpluaJ?e w YorklKey- ·en and except Btjndajr for Wasb- . . town, and Pituburg ................ 30 JL For Baltimore and principal Way Stations, Philadelphia and New York; except 800037. ............. 8J.O Bxoept Bunoay. lor Washington Philadelphia, New York. Griitoc and Way Stations, Lexington and Way Stations, Haeerstown. and Way Stations, Pittsburg and Chicago .............. .' ............. .10.504 BioeptSundayJor Baltimore, Phfla- delphia and New York ............ XiS Except Sunday, f orMartiBsburg, Cud- berumd, Graftoo, Cincinnati. St. LouSsendtbe West. ................ Daily, for Baltimore and Way Stations, and Philadelphia ............ AJX P Jxcept Sunday, for Baxeietownaod. Hartinsburg, Winchester, and Way Stations. Chicago, Pinsburg, Cincinnati and St. Louis ....... .. S. MTTJVRiEt CO., (Successors to P. H. Pyf er j CITY COAL ASD WOOD YABD FINEST QUALITIES OF COAL. FINEST QUALITIES OP COAL. FINEST QUALITIES OF COAL. STNEST QUALITIES OP COAL. MUTE PREPARED CUMBERLAND, especially adapted for cooking purposes; BALTIMORE VEIN~ TT'OR SALE.--A LARGE and ROOMT JL: house, No 18 East Second street. Be- cently remodeled. Gas and water through the bouse, in fact, a grand bouse. Possession givfnthelstdayof-April. 1 he property Trill be shown to any person desiring 10 see the same. For terms call oo Doll Albaugh. mar!2dtf OR SALE.--THREE FINE TOUN'G horses and mares, some with foal; also some very fine heifers and milch cows. Appiy to N. J, Wilsou i Son, Eicelsior Stove House, No. 28 E. Patrick St. apr9d*wtf TTOR SALE.--A PORTABLE PRICK JL engine, 10 horse power; used but a short time and in excellent order, A +re bargain. Apply to P^Buckeyi Firestone, Frederick. Md. may22diwtf LTKEN-S VALLET, (Red AihJ GEORGE'S CHEEK, CUMBERLAND. Orders by mail, telepaone. or left at G. W. B Shriner's store, ·will receive prompt attention. WM. 8. MILLER CO. Offlce--Bast Patrick street. Yard--Water Street Depot. LOOK TO TOUR INTEHEST. DUNDEE, 3657, His dam, Bantam, by Auditor. 773, sire of five. in the 2:30 Jist: his sire's dam is the dam. of Wilson, 2a6jf , and Minnie, 2:25 : Ciarke. 2UJ7. Sired by Abdallah West 25831 ; sire of Tvil- kin. 2=i7»'; Fayette West, 2^1; first dam. Mits loons, dam of Wilson, 2dl6s : by Clarke Chief; second dam, American Clay; B. L Treacy, of Ashland Park Farm, Le;nngton, Ky., said: "Abdallah "West died at 5 years old. be was one of the most promising colts I ever bred." Dundee is a handsome chestnut horse, 15.3 bands strong, with fine broad. Hat bone, with the best of legs and leet, large, prominent muscles, whicn show strength and power. He is standard bred on both sides. His colts show great speed. Dr. Stone saM he has a yearlinz that trotted last fall mfle in 3.-OO, and will beat 2.30 this faLL Hakiog the season at the Fair Grounds and other places. See .arge bills. _ GEO.V. SMITH. aprtdlm-wSm. ,. Manager. Two deaf mutes in Marion, Ind., were recently married by a typewriter, the preacher asking the necessary questions by the aid of the machine and the deaf mutes responding in the same tray. The The dawn of returning reason grows brighter and brighter-with passing time in the mind of^he ex-empress C*dorta,she is now able to take some part in the man- future of the typewriter as amatrimonial aeement of her home near Lacken. agent is becoming a serions problem of modern life. And that's the very reason i want to study the art.--A Visitor to THE NEWS Office. The Rev. Frank Clendennin, who is to «arry 3Iiss GabrieUe Greeley, had held to the theory that ministers should never marry. When hemet the lady named he .renounced the heresy, and the cure seems to-be complete. * * A aew fad among the truly exclusive is to have gloves of tbe color of the gown stitched with the shade of trimmings. * * Tie daughters of the Princess of Wales :are said to be able to go into the kitchen and cook a meal's victuals, but they never ·dofc- * * Jr. 3Iary "Walker says:" you talk about a woman who pats on trousers feeling like * fool, jast you. trail around with skirts wet to yonr knees flopping about yoarheels, and then tell me who feels toe nearer ready for cap and bells. NO. 5808 EQUITY. In the Circuit Court for Frederick county, sitting in Equity. Daniel B. Stone, Assignee of Henry Stan Her. Mortgagee of Reuben Key and -wife on petition. In tbe matter of the Report of Sales filed the 4th day of April. 1891, H ARCH TERM. 1891. Ordered. That on tbe 28th day of April, 1891. the Court will proceed to act upon the Report of Sales of Beal Estate, reported to said Court by Daniel B. Stone. Assignee of Mortgagee in the above cause, and filed therein as aforesaid, to finally ratify and confirm tbe same, unless cause to the contrary thereof be shown before said day: provided a copy of this order be Inserted in some newspaper published In Frederick county for three successive ireeks prior to said day. Tbe Be- port states the amount of sales to be $402L50. a Dated this 4th day of April. 1891. ·W.IKVEfG PABSONS. Clerk of the Circuit Court for Frederick Co. True copy--Test. w. IR v i]NXJ PARSONS. J. C. Motter, Solicitor. Clerk. apr7d4t /"1OAL! WOOD 1 COAL BBOWN * DBLASHMUTT tSucceaiiors to B. F. Brown Sonj 22 BAST PATBIGK 8T-. JALL COAL ONDBB COTEB. No water, snow and ice, out DKY CLEAN COAL. FTJLLIWBIOHT BVEB.Y TJQtK U Tour order* by Telephone or Postal -will J» cetve prompt and CABBFUL ATTENTION. LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES 1 P1NBST QTJALmBS OF COAL. Give iu an order and; BBS FOB YOTJBSELVBSI ' ALBEBT 8. BBOWH, BDWABD DXLASHMTITJ BBANCH OFPICB8: X. A. STOLL-corner Market and Fiftaita. C. I. ZBLLBBs. corner Mmriet and South Itt. /"^IHATWOOD. BEG. NO. 8433. STANDABD. This fine young stallion will make the season of 1S01, at the Fair Grounds, near this city. Will be in charge of Harry GoodselL Also remember that I can still be found at the Fair Grounds, where I will break colts and handle boTses for speed. Best of care -willbe given to all horses in my charge. . . Sfaror.C. B S-C-. Or left at the City Begister's Office. C:ty HaUL aprlTdtd _ A ' MEW STORE.-- I WILL OPEN a store In Doub'srooin. on N. JIarketSt, near 4th St., about Apr. 22, with a full line of staple and fancy groceries, Geo. F. Thomas. aprlSdeodtwtml rpO THE PUBLIC. Having bought the City Mill, I will do all kiud. of grinding, and all .kinds of feed and. chops wifl be kept on band such as rye. chop, ccrn and oats, and the best of Bubr Flour -will be made ana flour exchanged with the farmers -for wheat: also corn crushed. Having the poxrfr it will be done without delay. The highest cash pnce paid lor all kinds of grain. C. B-MEA1EY, Proprietor. Capt. S. Q. ETLBE. Head .Miller. aprSdiwly Weekly Exam, and Cit copy. HABHT GOODSELL. mr24dlm-w3m rpo THE PUBLIC. The old Mountain City livery Stables -will be run as before Having sold the Excelsior and nottheabove.jtwillbe conducted as a first class boarding and hiring stable. The best of HORSES ASD VEHICLES will be kept and beyond a doubt good and reliable hands will be in attendance. Thanking- the general puolic for their kind patronage, I bone it -will still be continued to my successor. E.I.Mealey. Wm. Puole,who is well known to the public, will be manager. Colts bandied and broSemrtth great care and charges moderate, a here will be one advantage, that is, having the mill. I wfll furnish the stable, with chop teed, which is good for summer feeding Your obedient servatt, aprSdlm C.E.MEALEY. Weekly Examiner and Citizen copy. PIBLIC OPKIOS. Tunely Excerpt* from tbeGolomtu of Om Loamed Krchnnge*. They are the brightest, smartest,-wittiest, heartiest set of people in the world; these same newsboys.. They have more get-np-and-get about them than any other class of people I know. They understand human nature; they may not read many books, but they do read men. They size up a man as he approaches and they know just where and when to touch him. They are very tough and hard to break.--A. W. Hawks. Of the many names mentioned for the nomination among the Republicans for Clerk of Circuit Court I know none better fitted than George M. Swank, ofPe- tersville.--A Prominent Republican of 1 etersvQle District- Owing to a concatenation of circumstances I did not appear in my usual place last week. But this is to inform you that I'll get there all the same for tbis mid-week chat.--The Rambler. rrom the N. T. HeraKL Uncomfortable as yesterday's "warm wave" was for a few hoare, we cannot regard ihe Tisjiaiioa an aaiaised evil, as tbeabtionnallvhtgh temperature of tbe past three days extended over all the Atlantic States said latist hare greatly ttianlated the growth of all early vege- tatkns. "We have a rignt, tbeiefOTe, to expect aa increased sapply of early fruits and vegetables at moderate prices. AMUSEMENTS. *\^l***i*^*-^ f *i*^f*^T^^^*******^' ANNUAL TOTTK UNIVEBSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA GLEE and BANJO CLUB'S COKCBBT. arr OPERA HOUSE. FBIDAY EVBSING, APRIL 24tb. 1S91. PBOFESSIONAL. l"X^ 1 *l*-Sp«'^J^%^^^^-^V^^»^ta-i -- ^rf T\B. L. T. MACGILL, D E N T I S T . Tbe best method* known to the prof ee- sionlnuse- CHAEGBS BEASONABLE. IGAS AD5CLN1STERED. Teeth extracted free of cbarjre for the poor of the city on Wednesday evenings from 2 to 5 o'clock. OFFICT^-17 N, Market 8t (Over HaHert Dry Goods Store.) nov28dtt ATTOKNEYS-AT-LAW. ·^^\^\^^^^^\^mf^i^^f., V. S. LEVY, ATTORNKY-AT-LAW --Aim-- 8OLICITOB IN CHANCBBY. OFFIC5:--Opp. Court Home, Court Street. Frederick, Md. LIFE INST7BASCE COMPANY. The jEtua is a stock company and ner stockholders receive large dividends. But what of that if her policy nolders receive large dividends too? And they do. Much larger than they receive from gome other companies claiming great liberality- This we know from letters-received-from prominent policy holders who have policies, wiih so .called mutdbl companies and at the same time have ^f"»THrr policies with us The foundation of our dividend paying ability is our low ratio of death claims and expenses. This is tbe result of a careful supervision by interested stockholders. For full particulars or comparisons call on or address, W. H. PLTJIDfEE, Agent for Frederick Co. Carlin House, Frederick, and Mt. Pleasant, Md. Telephone Connection. H. PTJRNELL, JB. ATTOBNB r-AT-LAW SOTJCITOBIN CHANCBBY. Omcx.--dwcond street,- opposite Conn rtreet, Frederick. Md. . feptl»d*wly TfBOOV Q. trHJTO. CLATTO» O. XXXDT tTRNBS* KJ5EDY, Attomeyf at Law and Solidtonin Chanoerf Wfll attend promptly te an butineai entrusted, to their care. * QfflcM--Hecortl 8t^ opp. Court G. B. CONNELL, A. SL, M. D-, Ph. D. HOMOEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN, 15 Court Street, Frederick. K Frost the Baitanoie News. The escape of BJaney, the murderer, from the city jail indicates two things, a Simeatabk lack of discipline in thl ia- snrction and treaebery snd connivance cs the part of some one inside who took advantage of that lack of discipline. There can be no erplaation or excuse for tiis escape. A j vri^do'«' In an open hall «fgb.teen feet irom the fioo^ bad to be rcicbei by the prisoner and' an iron bar sawed to permit Ms exit. Aad this is-as dose -7 cozeboSj, zn£. ^ot done at one sitting either, for iron bare ate not cut {· an boar with the crude appliances tii: Lii != be =:ci. Tic :*Z^r ^^-, CUBRENT YEBSK. Contributed and Selected Poetry, Old and New. Tbe Idiwyer's Lullaby. Be still, my child! remain ia state quo, \ While I propel thy cradle to and fro, Let no involved res inter slios Prevail while we're consulting inter nos. "Was that a little pain in medias res? Too bad! too bad! we'll have no more o* these. Til send a capias for some wise expert Who knows how to eject the pain and stay the hurt. Ixo tresspasser shall come to trouble thee, For thon dost own this house in simple fee-And thy administrators, heirs, assigns, To have, to hold, convey, at thy-designs. Correct thy pleadings, my own baby boy, Let there be an a' atemnet of thy joy; Quash every tendency to keep awake, Aad verdict, costs and judgment tLou ahelt take. --F.H. Cogswell in Boston Traascriot 20 VOICES. ADMISSION. 12 INSTBCMENTS. 50 and 75 Centa 20 Year*' Experience in the Treatment :. of Chronic Cases. Specially solicits chronic troubles supposed to be incurable. ; PEARRE, (Sucoeaeors to Jos. B. Garrott.) DKTJGGISXS ASD PHARMACIST?. ETCH1SON BU1LDETG, S. MASKSI S FEBDEBICK, MD. PrescriptiOBS accur by man properly «i S oapocaOed. Oraers to. PDKJO PUBLIC SALE HOUSEHOLD FCRMTCBE. I, tbe undersigned, will sell at public sals at A.T. Rice £ Sons. N. Market street, on WEDNESDAY. APBIL 220, issi. at 2 o'clock, p. m_ the following articles, viz 1 bedstead. 1 bureau, 6 caaeseal chairs. 2 rocking doTM 2 looking glasses. 2 tables. 13-ply cftr- PK, 1 icgiala carpet, 1 leatier bed aadpiltows. 1 husk mattress, lot blankets, lot quilt*, lot unflaished qui'.ts, knnes. spoons and forks. iot lamps, lot glassware, lot table linen, lot bed sheets and many other articles tow cuaerous to mention. Terras of S?le--Cash. WALTER SATTXDER?. aprlSdSt Auctioneer. WANTED. Oc-- . BARRELS OF Bkr Corn and 20,000 bushel! of Shelled Jaacs E. Gasa^ri':, J*o5d«rwif WILCOXON, LAw XJUC -- PECIALTEES:-- Obtains Decree* for sale of Beal Property -attends to Will Uatten in tbeOrpbanr *nd Bqnitr Courts ; Alto attends to Criminal Case*, and Collection* of Notes and Accounts, c. Practice* in tbe Circuit Courts. T7.S. District Court and Court of Appeals of Maryland. · 3anSwly TRACTS! J-ACTS! PACTS! UKCLADSBB MONEY AND BSIATBS. Money and Bctatea awaiting- distribution amoDKabsent heirs. It is an undoubted, io- terectinK and important fact that, dnrtng recent year* the number of propeitte* and sums of money awaiting distribution among- miss- img-heirs and legatees are rapidly on the increase. Beoajrnizmgttdsfactlliavefar»ome years l pun engaged to a limited extent in the investsgation of such matters. In which I have had great auccesa. I therefore, offer my §er- rices to those who believe that tnev «ze entitled to participate ia the distribution of money or estates. All correspondence confidential. 27o charge UDlesiucce«fnl Gallon or address B. A. KAGBB, Office comer Second and Court Sts_ Frederick, Md. P.O. Box 173. Except Sunday, from Baltimore an* Way Stations.... .7.05 A Except Sunday,, bom Winchester, and Way Staaons-Hagerstown, Martinsburg and way Stations. Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Cincinnati and tbe Vest- 8.40 A Sxcept Sunday, from 'Baltimore sod Way Stations, and from New York and Philadelphia 11 IK A ^ilprifty^ frrtm Kflmmfira ,1 %.%ffP Sxcept Sunday, from. New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Piedmont. Hageistown and Way Stations J..55 P DunJay, from Chicago and the West, Washington and Way Stations and Philadelphia : 3.45 P Except Sunday, from Baltimore....3.45 Except Sunday, from New York, Philadelphia, TVaBhingtou,Chicago and the west 5.25 P Except Sunday, from Baltimore and principal Way Stations, New York and Philadelphia 6.45 P Except Sunday, from Washington, Winchester andHagerstown^ita- burgh. Chicago ana Columbus.....6.55 Daily, from. Baltimore aad Way Stations. - -- 8.30 P Time Table of Trains between Point Washington Junction and Frederick. Week Days: Leave Point of Bocks, m, 1259 p m; Washington Junction a.uulOSpm,445pm and 61t pmSimdays: Leave Washington Junction pm- Week Days: Arrive at Frederick 84O 155pm,525pm and 6 55 p m. Sundays: Arrive at Frederick 3 45 Sundays i Leave Frederick 600am, Washing twi Junction 635 » m. Weed Days: Leave Frederick 6 OO a m. 3 25 p m, and 615pm. TT/TESTEBN MAHYLAND K. K. Connecting with P. EL P. R. R. burg, Sheoandoah Valley aad B. loads at Hagerstown: Penna,S.R. atfiec ick Junction, and P. W. B^ N. P. Railroads at Union Station, Baltimore, JL4INLINEANDCONNECTION8. ' Scftedute Taking Effect UTao. 9th., 189 ! EASTWARD. i ECAVE A- K. P. Jl' V Williamsport.. 715 145 *.r Hagerstown 731 300 8L Chewsville 744 216 ..* Smithgbnrg 751 325 3S Edgemont 800 335 Highfleld 815 253 ... Fairfleld Orrtanna -Gettysburg., Hanover ArnvB 842 323 852 332 9 13 3 62 958 435 A.H. P, M. Leave Highfield - 815 253 Blue Ridge t. 818 254 Mechamcstown. 844 890 BockTBIdse. 86S 831 Frederick Junction 907 344 Union Bridge 918 S 55 LInwood-- .". 922. 86* New Windsor. 928 405 Wectminrter. « 947 428 eiyndon 1022 489 Arlington.... 10 5O 5 SI Baltimore. 1110 558 Arrive A X P M ...I 4- »»* 4' C B S. 645 Ti 9 Washington 142 Philadelphia · 2 9« New York 4 SO U 05 Arrive r x p x A Between Wjnjamaport, Shippeiuburg aad termediate itatioua. ·FREDERICK BUSINESS COLLEGE. Next door to Citizens 1 National Bank, (3rd Floor Frederick, Md. BODEBUOKTS LINIMENT . D. C., NOT. 1?, 1890. (X .BoDXIElrCK-- In Justice to your Liniment and Oirrt- reent, I wfll state it a ail you claim It to be. I have tested it by applying it to my face. It removed a Tumor which had been there for years. It baa made a perfect core by its ·nse for three months only. Sincerely Gentlemen prepared for Mercantile life. Instruction in all branches of bookkeeping; penmanship, business correcpond- ence, sorthandaiid type writtcg. OPEN ALL THB YEAR BOUND. Students may enter at any time. Practical education for tbe backward at well as the advanced scholar. HOUSS:-- 9a. 2 p. m. every day except Satorda? and babbath, xadT^O to 9:30. p-m^ on" Monday, Tuesday, WediJesdayand Tiraraday of each wsek,' TEBMS:-- Day Ooma*, six moothav $49? threenjontbs, S2S. Nigbt Course, sn moutbs, $35: three mouths, $2O. Books acd Stationery extra. SPSCIAL.-- Siorthana aod lpe»jJttog.-full course, (day) S55: plain penmanship (day) 3 month*. $15. Plain penmansoip, night, three mouths, $12. Stnderits enterrag during- tbe month of April may pay monthly. -ingriviug and fancy penwork neatly executed, Invcs=- tigate. aad aorttt with your influence and insass 2 irortSr enterprise to become perma- cetrtlv estabtisbed. f or further inl onsation call on or ad£ress« B. B. etnoN. aprSdawtf Principal and Proprietor. LAZE COCXTT ScRv*roaOR FBZDXSEICK Co, Offer* his profeesional services to those de- siroos'of hating surveys neatly and accurately m*ao. Abstracts of title f from 1748 to the present time) made wben desired. Infcrna- tSon IB geoeraL concerning lands la this coaa- ty fonnshedtipon application. Historical and geneakwlca] invesUgmthnwa smdaltr. Offlce--Cor. Second and Court St«_ Frederick. Md. FOB BENT. ROOMS^OR^ENT AT REA JL sonablc rates, near Honiery and Shoe "Factory. Apply at this office. api21dlw TB*QR RENT -A DESIRABLE Brick JU Jwelliusr situated on South Market St Apply to C. A. Frazier, Xo. 23 E. Patnck St. apjlCdtf T?OR RENT--A LA.RGE BRICE JL 1 stabl», anangtxl for two horses and aJras dance of room for several vehicles. Situated on Chape! Alley between East Patrick and Church Stu. Aon 1 r to ?*o. H. ZlrsarTsaa. saarldtf Leave - A x -». x Wmiamsport S 25 1068 Eagerstown.. ;... 6 40 11 OS TTnitinJrFQrET- j -* ··· *·!"*-*·'*' 7 06 i A 83 Edgemont. 715 U14B Waynesboro 735 1302 Chaanberstourg ~ 812 .1239 Shippensburg 840 108. A X T X WBSTWAKD, P. X. A. K. J. New York *»OO 1215 ia Phuadelpma. 12 OS S SO 13 * 6 I T r, K B I Leave A. it Baltimore »*1O Arlington,.....-. « .....j gyndon-.. 4 « i *'prt TT *Vy r -" ^ ** Jfe* Windsor. A. X. 800 828 900 848 10O« 1010 10 38 Onion Bridge.. Frederick Jon 'Hv»tv TMfTo*- XecBauBCttrjwn,.".·--··· «05 lOBi BlueBidge .": .832 1128 *TM?*ia . 638 1138 Leave A X A X ^l^ftrt'tf^jfj.--»w»»»»·· ·«·-·»- ***·«« 9 3% GctQrsbnrg. 1535 1022 OrrSima- -. 1S 62 1O 41 JFairBeld «O3 1058 4 B e f Le«ve, 633 1188 7 644 1145 ', 1153 1 12 OO t ·713 1315 13 « t r M r CfThese Bemedies are for sale by Druggists and Storekeepers ia general. Agents wanted. JOHSC. BODBBCTCK. Jianuiacturer. Ladiesburg, Md. H ARVET R. LBASE. :::I05-.:: AUCTIONEERING ra all its branches Dromptly attended to Terms reasonable, and satisfaction gcaran orders left at C. L. DiCendal ft Cos', grocery Store, will receive iram^lau atten- non - T T T « . O » . X. B LSiSS. iaol4d*Trtt JLUL* 45 WBST PATRICK STBEBT, Frederick, Md. RE6ISTEBED SANTTABY PLtTMBBE. GAS AXJ SXBAM FITTBB. BSTIKATES CHEBBFTTLLY GrTBJf. inar26dlm . C. A. POOLE, COSTBACTOR AKD BCILDEB, 53 TTest South Sgeet. Fredsrick, 3H. I have an modem appliances for tbe prompt and satisfactory execution of all kinds of work, also derrick, ropes, blocks and Jacks for removing "otnldings, heavy material. 4c. Estimates cheerfully gives on all business in my line. dec23dly EOLLEB FLOUR O ter has almost gone, but Golden Tinge Flour Is always ben» and it's alwav» the b^st. Try it and be cocnscei. Gee. i3r ' ~ West Patrick Street. Between Leave Cbambersbarg ·W«yn«bOTtf A. K, p. K. I 680 1 W 7O1 1*8 785 213 I 758 230 f Smitbsbarg. .............. 806 243 I Hagerstown. ............. S SO 305 ( Wifiianisport ............. 845 323 Leave Wiffiamsport for Hngerstcnra 7 15, 10 53 a m, and 1 Leave Hagerstown for Wfllinnsport, ax, and 12 15, 3 05,610 and Leave Becky Baize for SouulUVurs m- 8 33 sod 8 35 p. m. Arrive bun; 11 10 » m and 4 O3 and Leave immlubargforBocky Btfgeat a. m. »tirt 2 62 and 5 50pm Bocky Jbdge S 50 a m and 3 Leave Frederick Jancaon for rrwisn 10 32 a. m. acd 5 09 p. m. Leave Frederick Jnnctl on for TaaeyC Uttleatown. York and Coluisbia at m and 3 42 p ra. P H. 4 P. B. K. tramo leave Snlppensburj jum.and 12fpm; arrive at 11 32 a m and 6 36 p m. *Baiiy. 1-Moooar omy. ceptSncday. - g. 2,

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