The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 29, 1938 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 29, 1938
Page 4
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PICK3LUVERNE DECLAM WINNERS Richard Smith, Mary Alice Biggings, Jean kosher Win Division First IM Verne: The home declamatory contest WBS held Tuesday afternoon In the high school assembly with Mrs. S. R. Baker, Mrs. Ray Stone and the Rev. Harvery Nelson as the judges. iTifst place winners were Richard Smith, Mary Alice Bigings and Jean Mosher and second places went to Raymond Legler, Mary Dlmler, Robert Lichty and Beverly Smith, the latter two tieing in the humorous class. The first place winners will represent the school in a prelimln ary contest ThftnksRlvinR Program Mrs. Bdw. Hof was hostess to the Tuesday club at her home last •week Tuesday. Mrs. Henry Peitzke read the Thanksgiving proclamation for club women written by Mrs. K. H. Trimble. "Literary Achievements of lowans" was the subject of the paper given by Mrs. Albert Genrich. The Algonatrpper flea ^ 1038 Evangelical Group Met The Young People's mission circle of the Evangelical church met Friday evening at the Paul Blumers. Elmer Merkle had charge of the devotional service and the Rev. B. R. Walter led the study. The rest of the evening was spent socially- Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hoepner and son came from Bloomington, HI., on Tuesday of last week to visit the home folks here and at Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Williams and Mm and daughter-in-law, New Virginia, were visiting old friends here test week. The Williams family formerly lived here, moving away •bout 31 years ago. The Fred Martyr came from CJo- <jnet. Jffbm., to spend Thanksgiving Witt his mother, Mrs. Catherine Marty. Marie FYitzaneier who is a teacher at LaGrange, HI., and Bather, a teacher at Lena, HL spent the week end at borne. College students at home for the Thanksjrivnig holiday include: E&rle Hansehnan and Wm. Chapman, of Ames; Elinor Mae Woito and Kenneth Marty. LeMars; Dolores Voss. Oedar Falls; Robert Smith and Edward Udebak, Forest City; Phil LJchty and Haxel Nygaard, Mason Qty. FKJHT OVER TREE ENDS— Hutchison, Minn.: This magnificent tree, said to be the largest elm in the state of Minnesota, is shown just as it begins its mighty fall to the earth, victim of the axe and saw. It stood for generations directly In the center of Glen street. Last August the city council condemned it as a menace to safety and Mayor Grant Dwinnell ordered it removed. Scores of citizens rose up against the decree and a reprieve was granted. Petitions both for and against its removal were presented to the council who were quite literally up the stump. But the ohter night midnight vandals hacked the tree with axes, mutilating it beyond salvation. Then the council went ahead and cut It down. The trunk measured 15 feet in circumference. Seneca Basketball Teams Win 2 Games Seneca: Monday evening the Seneca high school boys' basketball teams went to Haifa where they met the Haifa boys. The Seneca second team was victorious, winning by a score of 13 to 8 and the Seneca first team again came out on top, defeating Haifa with a score of 27 to 23. Ralph Drinnan spent Thanksgiving with a niece at Waterloo. Elaine Kessell of Harvey, 111., met him there. Mrs. Eula Williamsen and sons, Virgil and Merwin, spent the past week end with relatives and friends in Audubon. Vernon Dotson student at a Mason City business college spent the FULL HOUSE SEES YELLOW SHADOW A packed house witnessed the presentation of "The Yellow Shadow", class played staged by the Juniors of St Cecelia acauemy on Sunday. The audience in the Academy Hall was estimated at about <oo. The "Yellow Shadow" capably directed by Sister Mary Edmunda, provided plenty of chills from the time :he curtain was first raised to reveal the body of a "murdered" man until the Shadow was revealed as Gilbert Wright played by Wilbur Courtney. The complete casts included: Martha Platt, Wilbur Courtney, Rosanne Holtzbauer, Pauline Zender, Frances A. Zlttrltsch, Florian Neuroth, James Esser, Roland Bode, Corrine Dutton, Vernon Nelson and Peter Hegarty. MANY FAMILIES HOLD GATHERINGS Many Families Entertain Guests on Thanksgiving, Others Visit Burt: Among the many family gatherings on Thanksgiving day was one at Mrs. Maude Hannas, which was attended by the J. G. McDonalds, R. F. Elvldges, Charles Olsons, Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Hanna of Nora Springs and Pauline Moore, Wesley, who was visiting her friend, Dorothy McDonald. The G. P. Hawcott home was also the scene of a family dinner, the guests being Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Hawcott, the Harold Stewards and Mrs. Bertha Wallace. At the R E. Moyer home the Hans Koestlers, Ed Moyer and daughter, lone, were guosts. The C. B. Chipmans had as their guests E. O. Chipman and daughter, Vera, the M. At Chipmans and Wm. Elvidge. At the C. C. Smith Home, Robert Richardson and son, Waterloo, Mrs. H. J. Guide and daughter, Maxine. Des Moines, the Rev. and Mrs. J. M. Doms, and the Misses Mattie Warner and Eva Whitney. Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Holding were at the W. W. Boettcher home for Thankgiving. The G. W. Bleichs entertained Dr and Mrs. Herbert Bleich of Maple ton. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Triennen of Marcus, Mr. and Mrs. Dona! Cronan of Toledo, and the Floyd Koepkes. At the J, T. Heaney home, Mr and Mrs. J. P. Trunkhlll and SupL and Mrs. Condit Bowie ah'd son were guests. Seline Clifton and Lulu Hawcot were guests at the F. L. Ryerson home and the G. J. F. Vogels were at Mrs. Delia Carroll's for Thanksgiving. Many Homes in Lott* Creek Have Guests On Thanksgiving Day Lotts Creek: Mr. and Mrs. Lorenz Pert! and Mr. and Mrs. Carl Peril of Whittemore were Thursday dinner guests at the Carl Pijahn Home. Vlstt at Fenton Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Fuertsenau and family and Mr. and Mrs. Alex Radig and family were Thursday dinner guests at the Leland Hantelman home at Fenton. Meyers at Fairmont Mr. and Mrs. Martin F. Meyer and family were Thanksgiving day guests at the Robert Schmidt home at Fairmont, Minn. past week end at the parental Clem Dotson home. The Ralph Campbells spent the Thanksgiving holiday at the Ralph Lage home near Irvington, the Irwin Classens at the Amos Classon home near East Chain and the Curtis Olsens at the Art Paulsons. The G. E. Braces, L. A. Boettchers, the Ross Ring-sdorffe, Mapleton Minn., the C. F. Whalens, Lakota, and the Vernon Pedersons, Bode, were guests Thursday at the Wyott Stott home. EXQUISITE HANKIES Buy them by the dozen for Christmas gifts. All pure linen, hand rolled handkerchiefs in white, white on color, pastels, prints. Mosaic, ajjpliqu,.-. spoke border and embroidered typts. Gift boxes free. $ 4 <" $ 100 The Rev. G. H. Wessel preached at Lone Rock Sunday morning. Ronald Elvidge, Des Moines, came home for Thanksgiving with his parents. E. O. Chipman went to Mason 21ty Wednesday and brought home his daughter, Vera, for an indefinite stay. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Miller were called to Boone last Wednesday to attend the funeral of Mr. Miller's tep-father. The H. G. McMulIens spent ^hanksgiving at the home of Mr. McMulIens' brother, E. N. McMuI- en at Webb. The W. G. Patterson family and ifrs. Elizabeth Patterson spent Thanksgiving at the Irving Nelson ome at Lake Mills. Marie Grover accompanied Dr. nd Mrs. Wallace, Algona, to Des ifoines, where they spent Thanksgiving with the Ray Grovers. Basil McAdams, Yakima, Washington, spent Tuesday and Wednesday at the Henry Uettman home. He is Mr. Gettman's nephew. The R. E. Kautzkys, Grace Mein- zcr and Irene and Minnie Colby, of Fort Dodge, were Thanksgiving dinner guests at the A. H. Meinzer home. Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Vanderlip, Mr. and Mrs. H. R. VantSerlip, and Miss Mary Vanderlip, Dows, spent the Thanksgiving- holiday at the George Worden home. Mr. and Mrs. Dean Potter and sons, Roland and Richard, Dubuque visited Wednesday at the Rev. G. H. Wessel home. Mrs. Potter is Rev. Weasel's niece. Mr. and Mrs. James Ollom and son, Gerald, and Luella Weiske visited over Thanksgiving at the home of their daughter, Mrs. Max Smith at Eldora. A good crowd attended the union Thanksgiving service at the Methodist church Thursday morning. The Rev. J. M. Doms delivered an excellent sermon. Henry Strommen, son and daughter of St. James, Minn., spent a few days over Thanksgiving at the N. I. Morness home. Mr. Strommen is Mrs. Morness' brother-in-law. Eddie Stewart, Grimes teacher, Marlida Pratt, who teaches at Altoona> Oriole Brooke, Ringsted teacher, and Lura Sewlck, Forest City teacher, spent the Thanksgiving holiday at their various homes here. The H, A. Thompsons returned home Wednesday from Minneapolis, where they took their daughter, Mrs. F'rank Lathrop to take tRe train for Salem, Oregon. She was accompanied by her mother-in-law, Mrs. Maude Lathrop. Mr. and Mis. Henry Nelson and two chidiren, Tama, came Wednesday for a few days' visit at the K. J. Smith home. Mary Ann Smith, who is attending school at Cedar Falls, came home with th*m. Mrs. Nelson is Mrs. Smith's sister. Dr. and Mrs. Perry Stow, Newton. Mrs. Byron Zimmerman, Gosh- tn, Jnd . were Thanksgiving week end guests at the J. P. Stow home. The (' K. Godfredsons and Mr. and Mrs. WilJard .Stow also had Thanksgiving dinner at the Stow home. Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Paine spent Thanksgiving with their daughter, Mrs. Chester Sill, in Algona. Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Buell were at the Lacy home in Algona. and the Art Rev. Buck, a missionary ofChlna, gave a lecture in the Lotts Creek Lutheran church, Wednesday evening. Evelyn Radig of Des Monies came home, for Thanksgiving to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Radig. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Hintz and daughters, Marian and Caroline, were Thursday dinner guests at the Herman Mittag home. Ada Fiene of Antes and Johanna Flene of Early, Iowa, were at home with their parents, Rev. and Mrs. Fiene for Thanksgiving. Mr. and Mrs. Will Wehrspan of Ottosen and Herman Wltchendah of Fenton, Mr. and Mrs. John Geitzenauer of Armstrong, Mr. and Mrs Herman Baas, Mr. and Mrs. Chris Meyer and son, Walter of Whittemore, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Boll- tnger and son, Wayne, of Fenton and Mr. and Mrs. Wllmar Wichtendahl of here were dinner "and supper guests at the Otto Wichtendah home. 175 WESLEY SCHOd PUPILSVACCINATED Wesley: About ITS school children and children of pro-school age were vaccinated Tuesday and Wednesday for diphtheria. This Is sponsored as a health project by the local P. T. A. who 16 paying one- half of a 50c fee on each child. The local Red Cross donated $20 and the American Legion Auxiliary gave $5. Birthday Party Held For Lone Rock Man Lone Rock: A birthday party was held in honor of William Fischer at his home north of town last Tuesday evening. Attending were the Edw. Priebes, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Priebe and Ernest Prlebe, all of FSnton; Ralph Priebes, Bancroft; Harold Fischers, Swea City, and the Arthur Priebes. The evening was spent playing cards. LONE ROCK PEOPLE OBSERVE HOLIDAY Lone Rock:i Thanksgiving guests in the various homes and those being entertained were: the R. J. Edwards family of Pipestone, Minn., their son, Robert, who attends the 3rake University at Des Moines, the Otto Jensens, Hans Jensen and daughter, Tena, at the Roy Jensens; ifarjorie Jensen, who attends Grln- nell college, spent the holidays at he parental Roy Jensens, the Jen- ens taking her to Grinnell Sunday and also taking Robert Edwards to >es Moines. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Dlttmer, he Arie Dittmers, the Edward Dittmers and the Stanley Blacks were at the Leonard Dittmers, Burt; the R. T. Angus family at the Delmar Angus home, Burt: the Lawence Newbroughs and Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Mueller at the A. D. New- broughs; Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Doty, and children, Jean and Barbara of Tripoli, Dr. and Mrs. F. A. Parsons and daughter, Margaret, Storm Lake and son, George, Ames, Mrs. Knud Thomsen, Rlngsted at the Andrew Thomsons; the Henry Schroeders at the F. F. Schroeders, Fenton; Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Morgan and Mrs. Mary Jane Clark, Algona, at the W. J. Cottons; the I. W. Nelsons at Mrs. H. J. Bacons, Mgona; Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Hendrickson. Rlngsted. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Welsbrod and son, Harold and duitghter, June, Fenton, at the Ralph Weisbrods; the Arthur Priebes at the Carl Priebes, Fenton; the Ralph Ricdels. Fenton. the C. E. Householders and Florence Householder, Humboldt at the Harlan Blanchards; the Chester AJmes Mr. and Mrs. Donald Blanchard, and Mrs. H. A. Whitehill, Burt, at the J. M. Blanchards; Eugene Blanchards, Mason City also spent the holidays here. Mr. and Mrs. H. Blanchard, Des Moines. spent the holidays at the M. E. Blanchards, all being Thursday dinner guests at the Edward 31anchards, Irvington; Beulah Gladstone, Swea City, and Robert Gladstone, who attends Dubuque University, and a friend Joe PulaskI of Cincinnati, Ohio, spent the holidays at the Rev. S. M. Gladstone home. the A. A. Kruegers also being Thursday dinner guests there; Mrs. Nora Welch, Dowa, spent from Wednesday until Friday at the H. J. Rices; Mrs. Caroline Ackerman, the Earl Ackermans, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ackerman, the Jim Ackermans, Jerry Pruisman, Kanawha, and Mr. and Mra. C. W. Heerdt, Algona at the Frank Flaigs; the Maynard Kuecks, Whittemore, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Jensen, Mary Anne Flaig and Myrtle Orvick. Ledyard, at the Henry Kuecks for six o'clock dinner; the John Kylens, Swea City, Mr. and Mrs. James Nyman, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Harris, the Everett Harris family at the P. L. Persons; the William Nelsons and Mrs. Lillian Stan- gJe at the Theo. Jacobsons, Humboldt, Mrs. Stangle remaining there for a visit. The A. H. Henningsens, Graettinger were at the E. M. Jensens; the Fred Genrichs went to Welcome, Mnin., being guests at the Will Hillrnans; Paul Gremmel, Dorothy Mawdsley, Irvington, Marion Jones, Fort Dodge, Hfrs. Mary Leason, and daughter, Mabel, the Robert Lea- sons. Burt, and the Harold Grosses - - ...... , at the C. M. Grosses; the Harley frandels spent the day at the Her- j Shellitoes, Ames, came Wednesday man Fandel home in Whittemore. | evening to the N. L. Cottons, Mr. Mrs. Mary Bolgrt-n, Mr. and Mru I SheUito returning Thursday after- Ben Weurtz, Waltharn, Minn., were : "°°"- but Mrs. Shellito and daugh- over Thanksgiving gutsU at the H i tfer ' *** < "" m * remaining for a visit, A. Rachut home. Mra, Bolgren u • Wr a "' J Mra T - K - ke w 's. Osklaloosa Mrs. Rachut's mother. The N'el* a J' fc «t Thursday and Friday at the Nelsons. Britt, were aijso Thanici- '• W ( ' t' 1 *''**giving dinner guesU at the Rathut ' ' hoim ' The J. H. Sthrotders, Mm. Vei l ? ma McBride and Milton ar.d Phvl- ' A lis and Maybeline Miller wer* the: Ihankiyiving dinner gutiU m the ' ti' K. A. Bartlett home in Whittemc/re. i b~ Milton and l-hyllis McBride remain-i Mr. a/,/J Mrs Merle Grodlar.d, '*'+t I-akfc, caiit/j Saturday at the td at the Banieu home for the rest dinner '!'•<= * H Uui ifttt Friday after- Mn with M*ry Ann and Maxine l*i%. Ten m«n>t,era were present The- ChtaUr Aimea were Sunday of the week Mobt of the teachers spent the Thanksgiving vacation at their various homes: Alice Eighme at Shannon City; Marion rfoppe at Fort Dodge: Marguerite Bueghly at Conrad, Pearl Wilson at AJta, Leona Bahe at Fairbanks and Axel Anderson at Dike, Erna Baara visit- eu friends in Milwaukee. Mrs. Sadie Schenck and daughters, Maude and Mildred, Minneapolis, the Horace Schencks, Crystal Lake, and Alfred Schenck, Algona, spent Thanksgiving Day at the L. H. Schenck home. Mrs. L. H. Schenck accompanied Mrs. Sadie Schenck and daughters back to Minneapolis and from there was to accompany Mildred to Chicago, where she will visit her daughter, Maxine. of Mr. and Mrs Don- aid Blanchard m honor of Mrs. Al- r/ie'n birthday Mr. and Mm. Charles Olson and family of h«'jfi«ld. 8. D., spent from Thursday until Saturday evening at the Paul Gi*ena. The Paul Olsens spent Thursday at the Edward Marlows east of Burt. The W. J. Cottons took Margaret Schloernan to her home in Estber- ville last Wednesday afternoon for the holidays. Other teachers going to their homes were Fern Cinch Algona; Aria Wadnley, Early; Dorothy Walker, Cowrie; and Donald Wood, Storm Lake. Mrs. Henry Meyer of LuVerne was a Thanksgiving guest at the M. F Meyer home. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Prleoe and Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Blanchard drove to Mason City last week Monday evening and attended the graduation exercises of the Hamilton business college. Mrs. Priebes' sister. Violet Larson, and the Blanchards' son, Eugene were in the graduating class. Farm Bureau Meeting Held Near Fenton Fefttoni A Palo Alto fawn bureau meeting was held at the center school, four miles west of town on Wednesday evening. A program was presented and was planned by the township leaders as follows: Mesdames Melvin Norland, Alfred Meyers, Melvin Mansager, A. J. Muir, Carl Beck and Sigurd Oleson. Rev. J. G. Waterman talked on "Thanksgiving." County Agent Ashley talked on Farm Outlook for 1939| Miss Dunkelberg, home demonstration agent, gave Farm Outlook for Women Interests. Constructive games were led by Alfred Meyers and a lunch was then served. Celebrates Birthday Seneca: A number of young folks helped. Fern Skow celberate her birthday at her home Monday evening, Nov. 21st Those who attended were Elizabeth, Helen and Dorothy Burt, Meta, Elna and Dagney Ravn, Merton, Keith, Russell and Joyce McKean, Helen and Maxine Cody and James and Earl Norris. Cootie was played at four tables with Meta RaVn and Russell McKean winning high prizes and Earl Norris winning low prize. Noses on Grindstones There is nothing that will keep your nose on the grindstone like a straight mortgage on your home. Tou can pay interest, commissions and fees for a lifetime and never own your home. Your neighbors are refinancing straight mortgages with DIRECT - REDUCTION HOME LOANS Repayable monthly, like rent Come in soon and set complete details. Algona Federal Savings & Loan Assn Phone 55 C. R. LaBarre, Sec'y-Treaa. GIFT NOTES Bring oat the Holly! Get Ready the Tinsel I Ifs another Chriit- tna* Season . , . and M usual, as it has for many years past, unSBACKFS are ready for Christmas with QUALITY merchandise, REASONABLE prices, and COURTEOUS service to help yon select the perfect gift 1.95 JAYSON SHIRTS Whites and patterns, all sizes, newest style, a perfect man's gift HOLEPROOF PACERS The socks for men and young men that mean quality, style, economy. 50c COOPER SHIRTS - SHORTS The Famous Y-front underwear that pleases all men .,. here's a gift that's most practical. NOR EAST TIES Non-crush; brilliant colors and designs or plainly dignified too GLOVER PAJAMAS Give him a pair of the finest pajamas that can be acquired from *1.95-3.50 MtN'S WtAft Christmas Tree Light Decorations 8 lights on a string, priced from 29c to $1.25 Lamps—2 for 5c to 3 for 25c More Power to Your Gift If It's Electrical Electrical gift* get warm welcome In any home. We've hundred* to cfiooaa from—handsome, good looking electrical gift* that co*t Ut- tle. Thoroughly practical, too, they're all guaranteed to give PEB- FECT SERVICE in RECORD TIME. Give them to the home you like ix-nt HOW ABOUT THESE Suggestions! • Toastmaster Hospitality Sets • Matched Breakfast Sets • Hoover Vacuum Cleaners • Sunbeam Shavemaster Electric Razors • Electric Light Fixtures We invite you to stop in at our store, you'll get cow- teou* friendly service. We'll lay away your selection tion if desired. Electric Toasters $3i95 Electric Heaters $4.95 Electric Roasters $17.00 Hamilton-Beach and Mixmaster Food Mixers $21.00 Hotpoint & Westing. House Elec. Irons $2.95 and up 1. E. S. Floor Lamps $5.95 up Automatic Toastmaster $10.50 Desk Red Wing Model Lamps pottery lamps $1.50 up $2 up Wef ( tinghouse, G-E, Silex Coffee Maker $4.95 Pratt Electric Co. East State Street—Next to Call Theatre t Algona, Iowa *&&&&&lto

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