The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 22, 1938 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 22, 1938
Page 4
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Rich Point People Attend Club Meeting News , - taken from Us* Atlantic Monthly. Special Maytag IHtOI'IX PRICE "H- . now tt9«5O and your old washer For New Model 32. Electric with square tub, large wringer. MODEL 10, ELBC. __$59.50 We are factory authorized Maytag Service Dealers. Use Genuine Maytasr Parts and oil. Leader tn ttw FeM—Majrta*: If it doesn't sell itfflf— don't keep it! SEE OTR WASHER DEPT. Different makes in good condition 14,50 & up BJUSTROM'S PURN1TUKE AND APPLIAFCES Algona. Iowa GREATER VALUES - EASY TERMS WMrW Mfewfeitatr „Fifty women attended the Algona district group meeting of Methodist women's Rone Miskmary societies which was held at tbe LttVerae Methodist church. Wednesday. It was an an day meeting with a luncheon served at U»* community ban at noon. Mrs. John Brink. LeVerne. had charge of the registration. Rev. H. A. Nelson led Uj* devotions. Mrs. Ray Stone presided. The open forum was led by Mrs. J C. Bathman. Algona. district 1 president. Mrs. W. P.aWe. Oar- ion was in charge of the soae service- Mrs- a W. Meyer. Algooa. cars a talk on ~»w Horizons- ac<J Miss Nora Shsfer. Rowan, gave a readiRg. Miss Doris Gesrich sang two solos, and book jacket reviews , were pven by Mrs. H. A. Xelsen. .i Mrs. Stone and Mrs.. Batfesan. Mrs• H. C. ABen gave a talk on "The Mother's Jewels" work. Towns rep- i resented were Algona. Bart. Clarion. Rowan, Hardy. LiTerracre, GoH SeJd. Corwiti. aod LoVerne. Sni War meetings were held at BritJ. Tuesday, and at Graettinger. on Thursday. A talk OB highway br Gc*d Hope drerth. The talk win b* ilhasfrated with Mrs. Roth Ricks, hone demon stratioo agent, wffl also give a talk. Special ttusjc is planned. Tber* wiD be no adraissrciB charge. t-BrMre— Marriage Mr. acd Mrs. John XeeScg hav* asco>anc«d Use marriage of their d&figb:«r. Sarah Alice to Percy tt Larson of Cylinder. The jaarfage took F4»c* Seytesefetr 10. IKS. fej ! tb* Lat&eraa cfcarch at Sbe&ion. I R*T. Ttoteff perfonaed Use s4ng3e Krs. L&rscra has sprat oosi of . ber life ja AJpma, bavisg eradamt- |e-i frota tbe Atom fejgi srfsool w«h iise cimss of IS®. Ssc« that time fSif hts been teacfeiag in tbe —rml Kioaif of Kosff-oth csicsty. >Cr. Larvne: j» tbe «ehr soa of Hsi5- •r Larwaa cf CrSs>3f3'. He _*frs. R H. MiBer aad Mrs. Fred Kent were hostesses at a one o'clock htncheon served at the Hotel Algoea Btoe Room, honoring «rs. R. H. Foot* of Some Oty, on Friday afternoon. Covers were iaH for twirjve. Bridge was played at MiBer s bemse in tbe ~~ priw. and the hoaoree was presented with a goesrt priie. Nw*m Circle— The Naomi eirrfe nset at the borae cf Mrs. L F. Rice. Friday. Tbe following officers were elected: Mr*. Sad Spear, presjdeot: Mrs. Atea XeJ- s«o- vice president: Mrs. Linnea Hiserodt. s«raed vie* president Mrs. C, C. Wriicht. secretarr aad Mrs. A. W. Behrends, treasurer. Mrs. G. C. Barton gave a paper concern f *Marion* takes frosn the Iowa O*l FeBows. Rich Paint: Mr*. John Schalt* P*rry Phmipa. Paul Black, Ho*h Rawqr and Hal SSdffing attended the Phaa Greek etob facetiae at fh* fitlwl Gardner home Wednesday afternoon. The next meeting wiiFbe new Nor. » at L«* Ra»eyi HotpftalNew* for ti tfc* class of 1 of H* fcm» rece Larson vi~i *>. far rrtryo&s CTJ prar lift. t Cfenss=as coters. Wfe- ttt se«ces. beHs. caadka. wreatts other apFropriat* designs E*«h in memltfrs of the Qoeeg , — r--s SBet Monday evening 'i *: a» Metiodsst easirch for a €:» rMS c«a came sapper. Jean Mor- t*ga. Joaz SSevesisoij and Ruby Tsr&rr WTT» the committee _ f su3 ESea»or Thorpe led ths A p:c-«^ of tb* Qoeen Es- pirfj frees here attended a ra2y mt Erta last week Tuesday DIFFEREVr IX A BOX.' Here's a real val- 10 beautiful French foWers each with envelope. in box 10c W. V. Butler. 'Owner K.- a_- i Krs. J F f,ST» be<s rfsi-i*stjs c: *•? vRsrs. cflfi-rsted tftetr . T- Toesiay. with : =£y r!ir.n»r at tfceir horae. ; Gu-e-rls -x-t?~ their chil-jrra and Jam- : :::es. >fr. sr.-i ifrs. Albert Grsn- ; •c-=. Beyi Kr. ar.«f Mrs. : : 'raak Craiksh-ink an<3 daazhter '• P.-jth. >fr a=d 5trs. FUIph Morzan , ar.d JfarE-aret. and Mr. ; and Mr?. Le? K»7!j-on- The Gran- i IOTTJ w»re narried in Wisconsin ! in !>*5 and moved to Cresco the • .«ame year, where they resided for • 13 years. In 1S38 they moved to i Algona where they hare lived since.« >fr. Granzow has given music lea- :- sens for nearly 40 years in Algona ! j and also served as director and in- '• ' structor for the Algona municipal j i band nearly 35 years. Their daugh- ! ter. Lilian, who teaches school at ! • Denlscn. w-as unable to be home ' Tuesday. ' j Dr. and Mrs. J. O. F. Price en; tertaiaed the inenibers and their o •=T:T»S cf the tT?p«r Iowa Veterin- ariaa association at a 6:30 dinner i: the ASjwsia hotel Friday eve- r.irr Dr. J. S- Keen. Storm Lake. president, -z-as ia charge at the Cosiness tneetin? which followed. Dr. Koen sacteedea E>r. Price in the fedenl service. Dinner at Fort Dodge— L. R Rice attended a 6:30 dinner ar.d inspection for Commaadry- men of the Masonic lodge at the Masonic Tempie at Fort Dodge, last week Tuesday evening. Mrs. R E. i Cavanaugh entertained tbe wives of I the commanderymen at a 8:30 din- 1 ner and bridge party at tbe home > Mrs. L. F. Rice won the high score j prize at bridge. ' PaaHne Black Bopped te City Saturday. Mr*. George Kain and daughter went home Tuesday from U* Kossuth hospital Rntb Black of MHford. spent toe we*k end with b«r parents. Mr. an Mr*. Paid Bteck. Mrs. Hugh Raney was a guest of tbe Mothers aad Daughters club, which met at tbe Walker Bros. bosne Thursday afternoon- Boy Born to Titonka [Couple Wednesday Titonka: Mr. and Mrs. George Ama are the parents of a baby boy bom Wednesday. This is the econd child in the family. THuUca Ctgtrm Win The girls and DOTS basketball cans defeated the Wesley teams >iday evening in hard fought games. The score for the girls' earn was 36 to XL and for Uw boys $ to 15- aCMMBMBtttt _ Wednesday. Tier. It-Mrs. Her wan FHed of Atgoa* gavr Mrth to a baby daughter, who died shortly after Hrth. The baby was named Patricia Ann. Thursday. Nor. 17— Lowell Hardt of Ehuore. Miniu anderwent a ten siTlectomy. Friday. Nor. lju- Mra. Ray Snyder of Lone Rock gave birth to a baby boy. Friday. November IS— Ed Johnson of Algona entered for medical treat meat. Saturday. November 19— Mrs. Hoyt Raney of Wesley gave birth to a baby girl Saturday. November 1»— Bazel Walker of Algona. appendectomy. Saturday. November 19— Mrs. C A. Carpenter of Ledyard gare birth to a baby boy. Monday, November 21— Mrs. & & Kiasey of Algona gave Mrta to a taby boy. General HteaiW T&anday. November 17— Mrs. M. Lodwig gave birth to a baby _ Honors Sister— ? with the high bridge prize going to : Oob- The low rr.err.b^rs of t"^« Id'- _•- _ : Hr-ur -tub Mrs. W E McDonald" To Entfrtain— " ' i v"' 'M V°S&l?r v? H / r r! 1 Mr aRd M "' ^ SpiUe. will en- ! : .;•„£ °ZZ f Vr7 « *?' MC ? J '' ' and Mrs Fran « Spine, and son. A. f Pe"^ a-d V^P w Fraacls. Mr. a^d Mrs. Oscar Poirot i Lusfe ,t 1 ^V.-^v^",.^"; ff' d «?-. ^^ 0? Whittemore. and i THTKS.-FKI, NOV. Cocuauccs showa both days. Mat. I-J-5. ARKANSAS , TRAVELER 1 y aftercooo. Mrs. A. L. Locg ' the club tik;nz Use ' W>:-.e. Tr.e a.':e'- p!sr>-? bri-lze at f tub — Tr.f^ regular rr.ts;:.-.? «rf the A'- g-r.i *i% c^s wis >r«li ve^d- -i Fnday i.'tern-ocT. in tit htrirv c-u;ri<r^s. Tr.t -^gr^~ «-ji«'- *••: c-f two viXra, sclia by M.-is. W W s-.:.i-ii. ^d i if*?tivr^ -y W-r^.* Cost* -.*:::.i ? cf her i Bet:y of Bri:»«. F. >L S. : -Mrs F E. SawTer. Mrs, P.o>- Bju;- > •rom. Mrs. Minnie Long, ar.d Mrs. ' A. A. B;jh-»p were the Algosa -a-omen the district E-.eelic? cf The Meti-xJist's Foreigr. M-i«;c<r.sry society at West Brr.d Fr-.iiy. Th* rct*-jr.? was held jr. lh- VV*« Ee=d Methodist churer- . . cy -_crr.-..:r. Wixier whi«i win the P— ^er ;r-.2* wi^ t* irs*eat*d at "t r.»xt sr.«*'.i=« It a is Mrs D R O F P.-.:* W.-s H. it \ Ho* D««L»Jd Dadf* 1 Taej Mutisi and Ffcyftfit'Bra** ai P*rtj— VC.-i r>cr. Nuger.t ar.d Mrs. Wm- F. S-te«:* -s-ere co-hosteisea at a o=t o'clock i'^jchtos ar.d bndge party a: ti* fcrrctr'j horae. Salurdav a.ft*rr.ocio. Mrs. C. C. Shierk and iC.»-3 D E £>eire] received tile iiigi'. feeor* fc.-.d«e prtie*. and Mrs, M. G Bcnri* wen tie travel prize. fjBt^rtaijo &t DtBner» t/r ar.i Mn. R. M. Wallace en- urt^med l&tt we«k, Satiirday aigh: st a Mvea* o'clock dinner. Gyeatji Li*-^ C- L GisiKtad fj f Sh'reve- j-vrt La. Mr and Mrs O. U Fa:r- -'i^^* v* Ai^j^fi.!. aid M^.* Man* L-*.^ rr.',»:r- i 1 : r.^r .-.r.-.-r, ^ :_-: r,--.-,r r' THE FAMOUS PULITZERPRIZE PLAY... TRIUMPHANTLY BROUGHT TO THE SCBEEN! EM C»aCA Ctcfc— ' CUT TAKE iT WITH YOU O-x,* waj ilt.'-^i -.-ci.iei: \ k* -«. A is MiSCHA AUER • ANN MIllEll 1 -s) BEAD U, a Jf. WAJPT ADS-I* BORCHARDrS itr -ii.4 ifc-i- Ca.j*atiii XT. and Mrs. D. Fickes visited Friday at the Dr. Torgenen home. The Woman's cfab met Thnnday evening at the home of Mr*. George Bonacker. Mra. J. J. Booiong waa the leader of a pane! discussion on Thursday; November 17— Eileen Rochlean of Whittemore entered for medical care. Friday. November 18— Mr*. U C. Banker of Algona rtnderwent a ton- siBectomy. Soaday, Korember tO—Kn. W. F. Loebig of Wesley gave Wrth to a baby girt. MRS. HOUSEWIFE TeaTJ Bke R above the tBmaJest of Annoft t» mr» aad drapn <.«•!«tug praper trratment. T«tfS Had «or ti,,r*m^, rrpalr department very eOteteBt ta ke«|rff« ywr — — .---•- •'•ill K*dk «HMKV _^ MkMM>s ^BUlA . e«di r»- PHOJfE 5T, FOR OCR TBCCK Modern Dry Cleaners UuUIontfU«-1lK Reliable Quality and Style in Overcoats ZENTJER'S have the coat you need at a price you can afford to pay. Rich, knitted fleeces and heavy ulster* in any model you desire. You will sec coat* b*re today that will demand Immediate action. Light in weight but still awfully warm. Th*y are beautiful garments and priced to suit your pocketbook. 19.5O 10 29.5O Others Priced as low as $12.65 Suite If you are buying here, you know you are getting genuine values for every cent you »pend- VALUES SUPREME U a slogan we live up to. This fall our «uit values are outstanding. Young men's single and double breasted t/niveriity models—you get VALUE—STYLE— QUALITY—AND A PRICE you can easily pay. These suits will fit better and wear longer than anything you will s«e for tbe price. 2 1.50 to 29.5O Others Priced at $17.50 and $1950 SIUM'])lil!4Ml Coats .Slip these in- siri»- '/our eboj>- ]*ers and keep warm. 19c to 39c GIVE WIXTEB A KNOCK OIT WITH Tr.c low |>ri,vs un (he*,, union »mu will amaze you fht-se VALUES are un matched ull i-oinbed yarn. • 16 Ib. hvy wt. cotton __98c • Munsingwear, hvy wt $1.50 • 60'. i combed wool union- suit by Gordon ~,_,.-$2.85 • 100', combed wool unionauit by Gordon Hfii Ftm COLD WEATHEB DA%» We s^^t & c*£ zi&tJiL &( vc&t& — ax4 tn&td ut Mil Zip Jacket G«>xi quality horsehidfc ehop- Winter Caps Fancy corduroy tie top or Kro- uier wool caps Uool Heavy wool work sox foft'v- ery il«y vvi-tti- 50eto98e 49cto89c 19cto49c i w tounam to»

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