The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 15, 1938 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 15, 1938
Page 7
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IThd Algona, Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, Nov. 16,1938 VBTTORATST. St. Benedict: John Ludtrig, Dodge trtkfe xras visiting MB sister, Mrs. Q»g Studer, died suddenly Friday night. He had been feeling quite well for several days and It aMM M ft severe shock to all for He had been preparing to leave for his home the following morning. Mr. liddwig formerly lived at Algona, Funeral services were- Held Monday morning at 8t Cecelia'.? «hurch and burial was in th« Catholic cemetery. He leaves his wife, one daughter, Mrs. John Hartln, Of SibuX City, two sons, Fred of Washington tmd Albert of Colorado, also two s'Wters and two brothers. Rev, Ifcther' Kramer was a business caller at Fort Dodge 'Hrors- Mrs. "B. Dorr spent two days 'rts- WtegKt the Mrs. Mary Btader home in Corwlth. Mrs. George Aman and daughter, Thecla, of Sexton, vteffcefl -wifh Mrs. Geo. Clnk 'Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Mary McKennm vuQ <Saugh- tter, Agatha drove to Mason City to see her daughter there, Mrs. Harold Henigar and family, Bother Superior of Dubuque came Thursday to accompany .one of the Sisters to their eumvmtt ihrome be cause of poor bcallh. Don't forget the dhlcton supper next Sunday night, "Nov. -20. Serving will begin -at TUJO. Everybody welcome. Look tm :«a elsewhere. FOR LONE RBCK BRIDE Lone Rock: A miscellaneous shower was given at the A. B. New* brough btmre Tuesday afternoon in honor of Mrs. Clifford Mueller, nee Grace Wewbrough. Games were played. 'Hostesses were Mrs. Leo Smith, Lola Marlow, Mrs. H. A. Rice, Mm. J. "M. Blanchard, Mrs. Mrs. TTreU tQenrich, Viola Bierle, Alex Krueger.'Mrs. A. A. Krueger, Mrs. Lawrence Newbrough, Mrs. Harbin "Btenchard, Mrs. Frank Flalg. Out of town guests were Mrs. Leland ~Hantelman, Mrs. Paul Volght, Fenton, Mrs. Clarence Enderson of Armstrong, Mrs. Edward Blaachard and Mrs. Hazel Stevens, and "Mrs. "Virgil Schrader, Burt Lone Rock Opens Cage Seafton Friday Lone Rock: The Lone Rock basketball teams have the following schedule for the coming season: Nov. 1ft—Seneca, Mere. Nov. 22-Titonka, here. Dec. 2—Lakota, there. Dec. 9—Fenton, her*. Dec. Id—Ledyard, here. Dec. 1*—Wesley, here. Dec. 20—Whlttemore, here. Dec. 23—Bancroft, there. Jan. 6—Seneca, there. Jan. 10—Ledyard, there. Jan. 13—Lakota, here. Jan. 17—Whlttemore, there. Jan. 20—Bancroft, there. Jan. 24—Fenton, there. Jan. 27-28—Girls' county tournament, tare. Jan. 30—Tltonka, there. Feb. 2-3-4-6—Boys' county tourn- wment, Algona. Feb. 10—Wesley, there. Feb. 14—Ringsted, there. Feb. 17-18—Girls' sectional. Feb. 2-3-4—Boys' sectional.. W. G. Flalg and Frank Householder attended a truck meeting In Mason City Wednesday. The American Legion Auxiliary entertained the Legion members and their families at an Armistice party Friday night. Bridge and five hundred were played. Dorothy Walker and Aria Wads- ly spent the week end at Early the latter attending homecoming al Buena Vista College. Mr. Wood also attended the homecoming: Mr. and Mrs. Fred Genrich attended a rural letter carriers meeting at Wesley, Thursday evening. Mr and Mrs. Vee Mullins and Mr. anc Mrs. George Aldrlch were hostesses. Twenty attended and plans were made for the Christinas party The Mothers club met Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. C. M. Gross, Mrs. Harris Wadsworth assisting. A paper on feeding the school child was given by Mrs. Calvin Householder. Games were played. The next meeting will be with Mrs. Frank Flalg and Mrs. Raymond Bierstedt This will also be the Christmas party. Many attended tfce funeral of H. A. Whitehlll at Bart, Thursday. Among those who attended the funeral and were guests at the J. M. Blanchards were Mrs. J. M. Hulbert, Glidden, the Johnson family of Sutherland, the Gordon Blanchards of Olin and-Bngene Blanchard of Mason City. The Hulberta returned Friday. The Gordon Blanchards returned Satorflay. SUSIE—by Edith Swanson Exclusively each week In The Algona Upper Des Molncs you 50MKOFMY 6RAPBS 1 / I KMOMS CAUifi I POUND THtt 4K»NS Wesley. Titonka Open Cage Season, Friday "Wesley: Wesley high school Is preparing for its opening basketball game of the 1938-39 season, with Tltonkft, Friday night, Nov. 18th. There are nine lettermen returning this year. They are John Bottom, Charles Kraus, Bob Studer and Alvin Loebig, Seniors; Pearly Haynes, Lawrence Hlldman and Jerry Wlngert, juniors, and Junior Bottom and Mike Lloyd, sophomores. SEED CORN - Authorized Dealer for Iowa Corn for any type of soil or conditions. Anderson Grain Koal Co. Phone 308 Homer Anderson 46-tf IMAGINE! a .typewriter ...ff'sffteneiy Come in...see it...try out this amazing portable. Lightweight but strong. Surprisingly complete. Has 84 characters—Standard Keyboard— Swinging Shift—back spacer... truly a great buy and a full-fledged Corona. —AT THE— Algona Upper Des Moines ^MARCH OF TIME nasovma TWENTY YEARS AGO Monday, November 11, was the greatest day ever seen in Algona. There might have been greater crowds but never such enthusiasm been shown. Early In the morning the church bells had pealed out the joyous tidings that Germany had surrendered. Senator H. C. Adams had received a message to that effect, and had immediately spread the news. At 7 a. m. the streets had been filled with people, business houses had been decorated, and the mayor had given orders for all business to be suspended. * * * The local board had received their orders cancelling the call for 45 men who had been selected to leave for Camp Greenleaf, Georgia, and also for the 62 men who were to leave a week later. Haggard, Charles Card and Maron Brown, all Iowa City students, ame for a week end visit at the laggard home. * * * Mr. and Mrs. Charles Clement had Isited with friends and relatives in Bancroft * * * Lois Cosgrove had returned'from few days' visit with her sister, Mrs. W. R. Laird at Sioux Falls, louth Dakota. * * • Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Johnson had one to Tracy, Minnesota, for a few lays' visit with Mrs. Johnson's larents, Mjy and Mrs. Jerome Fln- iegan. * * * Mr. and Mrs. George Elbert had ipent a day visiting friends in Spencer. FOUR-WHEEL DEBUTANTES HAVE 1OOMING OUTT NEW YORK: The 1939 version of the greatest annual U. S. fashion parade was presented last week with the opening of The National Automobile Show in Manhattan's Grand. Central Palace, and the nation's No. 1 industry was again bursting with Its usual show-time optimism. By September 30, close of the automobile year, profits had declined as much as 70%, employment had been cut one-third, total production «f 2,704,992 units was little more than half 1937*8. But even this fignre was nearly twice as high as 1932's Depression low. And by the season's end the glutted used-car market was back to normal with 'only 90,000 new cars remaining unsold, an almost unprecedented cteanout of the nation's 45,000 showrooms. With the slate thus wiped clean, with the new cars full of genuine mechanical Improvements and priced below 1938 <thoogh still above 1937), and with the public snapping up the advance models and ordering more, Detroit was sure Its 1939 fashions would 'click. Most significant advance 'this year is the virtual disappearance of the familiar wobble-stick, gearshift lever; almost all 1939 cars will sport some sort df steering post-mounted gearshift -"either as standard or extra equipment While most of these systems 'are merely conveniently placed substitutes for the old wobble-sHcta, some, use the vacuum energy generated by the engine's air-Intake systems to operate automatic clutching and transmission changing. Other changes: Running boards are abandoned completely In some models, optional In others. The rumble has given way to the 4-to- 6 seat coupe. General savings in gas consumption and wear and tear are promised from the 'over-drive, an automatic super-high gear that engages somewhere between 23 and 35 m. p. m., cutting the motor speed down almost to that of the drive shaft Not the same as free-wheeling, the over-drive provides free- rolling efficiency-while still retaining the braking power of the engine, Is conceeded -wider favor than free-wheeling since 'It requires • no manual operation. Other new wrinkles'include rotary door latch that catch without -Slam mlnjr; increased -visibility through blggerwind shield area; sliding sunshine panels 1n sedan'tops; "catwalk cooling" grilles lowset on the-cftt- walk apron between hood and fenders to scoop up the theoretically coler ah- near the 'ground. Adopted by no manufacturer but approved by the U. S. Patent -Office Is an extra-special-gadget invented by David O. 'Wilson >of Santa Monica, Calif. At the touch of a'button on the dash, this rear-end device waggles a derisive tongue and gives a Bronx cheer to the horn-tooter behind. In 1938 Bales, as in 1B36 and 1837 Chevrolet led the padk, hotly-press ed by Ford, with Plymouth third But stable for stable, the Ford and Lincoln-Zephyr combination ran third, the Chrysler line (Plymouth De Soto, Dodge and Chrysler) sec ond and General Motors (Chevrolet Pontiac, Buick, Oldsmtfbile, LaSalk and Cadillac) far out in front. Fo 1939, Henry Ford has two major bidi for a return to the day When flTv vers led the field: a new car—the Mercury—to tap the mlddle-pric field; installation, at last, of by draulic brakes hi all models. 'Only other newcomer in the field 'is an oldtlmer, the Overland, which re appears as big brother to the littl Willys. » «-» PHILADELPHIA: For every cus tomer who buys a new car this year two will buy used cars. For th guidance of these a voice of exper ience from Philadelphia, that of 40 year-old Dealer Martin H. Bury, las week expounded the subject of use car buying in a 44-page, 25c bookie published by his firm, Bury Si Hoi man, Inc. With the reminder that "there ar no bargains in used cars", only sav ings because of consumed mileage Preceptor Bury advises used ca buyers to buy from a reputable deal er with service facilities; buy in th winter—prices are lower and goo winter cars are usually better sum emr cars; buy standard makes. A few of Mr. Bury^ warnings: Be ware of worn upholstery—the in nards may be worse; don't beltev speedometer mileage, look at th pedal wear; a new paint job some times covers a multitude of sins. In the course of his research Dealer Bury made a used-car TexJ con. Samples: Jalopy (junky use cars); Baloney (tires worn smooth) Jaloney (a palopy sold with balo uey>; Hop toad (prospect who vis its all dealers, inspects, tries car out, but never buys); Orphan (a ca no longer manufactured); Tomat (stolen c*r), Four Algona young people had stolen away from home and friends boarded the Milwaukee train for Mason City where they were quietly married. Marion Burbank, son of Mr. and Mrs. EH Burbank and Miss Amelia Larson, a niece of C. R. Madson, made up one couple and Frank Hanson of LuVerne and Miss Esther Bllnkman of this city made up the other party. . • * • Burglars had entered the E. W. usby drug store after the celebra- lon and had stolen $150 in cash rom the safe and money drawer, tr. busby was at a loss to know ust how they "had entered the store ut thought that they had a key to lie front door. Oopignwlman-eteca Li J. Dlofe- nson, Kossuth county's first congressman, had run remarkably wel n the •election. He .had carrlec very county in the district with he exception of Crawford which he had 'lost by four votes. * • » Several traveling men had cele- irated on the evening of the false repot of victory by parading thi street Algona people were dublou and did not participate until th authentic report was received. • * * Atn(. Melzar Haggaed wa» re covering from an attack of In Uuenza and Melzar had been lal up for a few days but was up around again. - several other members of the group. Sixteen members were present. The next meeting will be Dec. 9, when Mrs. J. E. Llndebak and Mrs. Duane Neal will be hostesses at a one o'clock luncheon. Mrs. Harry Llchty sfcent Wednesday with her niece, Maxine Perkins, Corwith. Miss Perkins is a patient In a Fort Dodge hospital following an operation. Mesdames A. D. Burtls, S. R. Baker, Jas. Godfrey, Adams Zwiefel and D. H. Wermersen will be hostesses to the Methodist Ladles' Aid, Nov. 16. Mrs. Wm. Ramus and Mrs. John Ramus were In Llvermore where they were guests recently of the Twentieth Century club at the home of Mrs. Fred Hinz. lona Godfredson was a last week end visitor at the Ernest Godfred- IOHS, Algona. LUVERNE CLUBS HOLD MEETINGS LuVerne: The new members of he Progressive Woman's club, the Misses Kleta Ftnley, Harlret Beatle, Laurene Olson, Corlnne Hubbard, Louise Luers, Verla Huston and Consuelo Hanna were enter- alned at a 6:30 dinner at the P. C. LJchty home Thursday evening by the other members of the club. The women were seated at two tables with fall flowers forming the centerpieces. Phyllis Lichty and Betty Surtln served the two course dinner. Following the dinner the regular meeting 'of the club was held and several games were then played. Twenty of the 21 members were present. Tuesday dub Meete The Tuesday club met last week with Mrs. John Voss, Sr. The club's program 'for this year deals with Iowa. Mrs. Edw. Hof had the paper for the afternoon which told about the Mesquakie Indian reservation near Tarns. There were nine mem bers and two visitors present. J. J. Society A '.program observing Education Week and Armistice Day was given Friday afternoon at the meeting of the J. J. club with Mrs. Dehnert, 'On the program were Mrs. Irvln Chapman, Barbara Lou Wolf and Peppy Pals Meet Portland: The 4-H Peppy Pals are scheduled to meet Nov. 19th, with Lavlna Jandl. A thanksgiving party will be R part of the meeting. Rend The Want Ads—It Pays ATTORNEYS AT LAW R. J. Harrington J. D. Low* HARRINGTON ft LOWE Rooms 212-14 First Nat'l Bk. Bid*, ALGONA, IOWA J. L. BONAR ATTORNEY AT LAW Collections will receive prompt attention ALGONA, IOWA iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiinininimiiiiiiiiiHiiii RADIO Service Ed Genrich W. a QUARTON H. W. MILLEB ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over Co. Savings Bk. Bldg. Office Phone 427 ALGONA, IOWA HUTCHISON ft HUTCHISON ATTORNEYS AT LAW A. Hutchison (1862-1938) Donald C. Hutchison Theodore C. Hutchison Security State Bank Building Phone 251 Algona, Iowa AT BJUSTROM'S Phone 620-VV or 99 tf •minimi I Take This Opportunity to Express My APPRECIATION For The Election Support Given Me By my Friends and Neighbors in the Kossuth First Supervisor District I John H. Eraser E. J. Van Ness G. W. Stillman VAN NESS A STILLMAN ATTORNEYS AT LAW Offices In new Helse Building Phone 213 Algona, Iowa Gaylord D. Shumway Edw. D. Kelly 8HUMWAY ft KELLY ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office in Qulnby Bldg. Phone M ALGONA, IOWA HIRAM B. WHITE ATTORNEY AT LAW Office in Hutchison Building Phone 208 ATTORNEYS AT LAW J. W. Sullivan (dec'd) S. E. McMahoa L. E. Llnnan SUTJJVAN^VPMAHON &LINNAN Algona, Iowa Phone 261 Office over Kossuth Mut Ins. Bldg. ALGONA, IOWA L. A. WINKEL, ATTORNEY AT LAW (County Attorney) Office over Qulnby Building PHYSICIANS ft SURGEONS J. N. KENEFICK PHYSICIAN * SURGEON Office formerly occupied by Dr. A. L. Rlst over Rexall Drug Store Office Phone 300 Res. Phone 828 ALGONA, IOWA G. H. CRETZMEYER, M. D. Phone 444-810 SURGEON & PHYSICIAN Office John Galbraith Bldg. MELVIN G. BOURNE PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Office over old Post Office Phones—Office 197 Res. 194 ••••••••••••••••••••••I Nina. Dorywt hiul Ixwin elected county superintendent of school of one of the large counties in Sout Dakota at an election. * » * Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Momyer 1 received an Interesting letter from their son, Chet, who was a sergean In the Coe Student Army Trainin 2orps. He stated that he had been Inoculated and although not 11 lad a sore arm. He hoped to b able to go to a medical school lift er the war, under the government His brother, John L., was on 2 o a group selected to take the exam nation for entrance to the Centra officers' training school. • • * Lou McMurray was laid op tor >a week with an Infection In one of ils eyes. • • • Mrs. Art Trauger had receive* -a long letter from Mr. Trauger, -stating that he had received a promotion and was in Italy. He was engaged in Y. M. C. A. work. TEN YEABS AGO Prof. J. F. Overmye*, superintendent of the Algona city schnflg, was highly honored at the annual meeting of the State Teachers' as-; aoclatlon in Des Molnes by being elected vice president of that association for the central district. • • * Frank Lathrop, Dwight ParsMHi and Everett Anderson had driven to Whittemore to attend the picture show. Avery Austin had placed his overcoat in the car. When the boys went into the show they left their overcoats and caps in the car. When they returned Frank Lathrop's hat, Dwight Parso»*» overcoat, Avery Austin's overcoat, and Everett Anderson's overcoat were gone. The robe had been taken off the rail but was left, and the agate ball on the shift lever was gone. The Algona Ice Cream & Candy Factory had purchased the ice business from Charles Magnnsson, -who had been conducting the business in this city for about forty years. * * * .Kohlhaas Bros, bad wired and were installing two large street flights in front of their garage. The posts were eleven feet high and the globes were thirty inches high. Work was also progressing on the north of the block remodeling the room for the Elk Cleaners. * * * J. 'W. Sullivan, who had been ut Iowa City for several weeks, had undergone an operation and his right kidney was removed. A telegram from his son, Wade, stated that the operation was successful. <• » • * Dr. and Mrs. Hurry McCorkli' were very happy over a little son who was burn to them at the Kos- suht hospital. This was their first child. * * * Airs. J. C. Murtagh and three daughters of Waterloo visited at the homes of Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Murtagh, and Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Murtagh. Anna Murtagh, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Murtagh, joined them at Waterloo and accompanied them home for a few days' visit with her parents. » • * Mrs. Forrettt Twogood cumo home from Iowa City for a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Haggard. Mr. Twpgopd, John Why Pay More When Yon Can Get the Beat For Less? L. S. Bohannon Hutchison Bldg. Phone 103 QUICK RELIEF FROM STOMACH ULCERS DUETO EXCESS ACID Free Book Tells of Marvelous Home Treatment that Must Help or It Will Cost You Nothing Over one million bottles of the WILL VRD TREATMENT have beenloldforreliefer Stomach and Duodenal Ulnndue to CXUM* Add— foar OlfMtlon, Sour or UpMt Stem. aeh, Oaulneu, Miartburn, Sl*epl«wic», •to., due to Excctt Aefd. tinld on 35 davV trial! Ask for "Wlllnrd't M.IMEO" w^rh kill? explain! thi* marvclotu trcatmcuv— lro»—at A. H. Borchardt LET US SERVICE YOUR CAR FOR WINTER TODAY! Let us tune up or overhaul your car for winter driving. We have a factory trained mechanic to do the job right. A COMPLETE LINE OF ACCESSORIES, Heaters, EXIDE and U. S. Batteries, U. S. Tires and Accessories. See the mud and snow tire selling for 20 per cent less than last year. Drive in today for your lubrication and wash jobs. If your battery stalls give us a ring. We will bring you a rental while we charge your battery. WHEN YOU'RE DOWN TOWN, STOP IN AND GET ACQUAINTED MEYERS SERVICE Phone 80-W SEE MEYERS FOR TIRES Algona, la. OSTEOPATHS DR. 8. W. METER Osteopathlc Physician General Practice Special attention given to non- surgical treatment of rectal diseases, varicose veins and rupture. Sawyer Bldg., East State 8t Phone Io7 DR. H. At OLSON DENTIST Located In New Call Theatre Bldg. Phone, Business 166, Residence 788 ALGONA, IOWA DR. L. a NUQBNT DENTIST Second floor Sawyer Bldg. Phone 313 Algona, Iow» MCIAL RW CROWN NOW WAVY AT STANDARD 01 LDt ALMS! FAST-FIRING FRACTIONS, STORED LAST SUMMER... NOW "READY-TO-GO" IV RED CROWN! Saves Gasoline la Start-up and Warm-up ond gives you maximum Winter mileage I YOUR ENGINE STARTS up with the quickness of a finger-snap witb Standard Red Crown... Your motor warms up so rapidly you save gasoline and get maxi- mum Winter mileage. This economy results directly from the extraordinary facilities of Standard Oil. During the Summer millions of gallons of "light", highly volatile fractions of gasoline are imprisoned in refrigerated tanks. Those volatile fractions blended into Standard Red Crown, get your car under way speedily on the coldest days. Try this gasoline just once and you'll use it constantly. TOUT/M STAfir'JUST LIKE THAT ANO GET MAXIMUM MILE AGE WITH STANDARD RED CROWN FOR WINTER DR. C. D. SCHAAP DENTIST Qulnby Bldg. Phone 138 Res. Phone 174 Algona, Iowa A. J. EASON, Dentist Office over James Drug Store Phone Office 59, Residence 859 KARL R, HOFFMAN DENTIST Office in New Helse Bldg. Phone 44 Res. Phone 116 REAL ESTATE MURTAGH ft SON REAL ESTATE FARM LOANS INSURANCE BONDS Qulnby Bldg. Phone 105 VETERINARIANS FOX ft WINKEL Dr. L. W. Fox Dr. J. B. Winkel Office 220 West State Street Office Phone 47S-W Res. 475-R ALGONA, IOWA Typewriter Paper We have just received a large shipment of ream packages (500 sheets) which sell for 75c for 500 sheets This Is a good grade bond paper and will make an excellent school paper. The Algona Upper Des Moines Thai .P-ye* Satisfaction Inquire at The Algoiia Upper Des Moiuea office for partruclara

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