El Paso Herald from El Paso, Texas on September 3, 1919 · Page 4
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El Paso Herald from El Paso, Texas · Page 4

El Paso, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 3, 1919
Page 4
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Wednesday, Sept. 3, 1919. BELEAGUERED RUSSIAN IE NOW MAKING PLEA FOR PEACE Anti-Bolshevik Forces Enter Kiev 'While Fighting Rages There; British Admiral in Helsingfors to Plan Attack on Petrograd; Admiral Kolchak Reported to Have Evacuated Omsk, Going to Irkutsk. BKRXE, Switzerland. Sept. S The Rniiian BoUfaeTikl have pro posed pence nejrotlatlons fol-towlnff the root of their forces, whlrb fire norronnded, according to an official announcement re-re I red here. The foregoing dispatch, while it dui3 not refer to any particular district in Russia, probably has reference to the Lithuanian front, where ihe Bolsheviki were said Tuesday to be surrounded and tobe offering to make peace ntI-BoUfaevrkI Enter Kiev. Ionacn, Eng.. Sept. -"n ik forces occupied 3. Anti-Bol-the southern nor skins fif Kiev today. wireless dispatch sent oat by ibo soviet headquarters in Moscow and picked up here. The dispatch states that the fighting ts proceeding. A wireless dispatch from Moscow received here reports that 'admiral Kolchak. bead of the all -Russian government, has evacuated Omsk and transferred his headquarters to Irkutsk. Confer on IVtrocrad Attack. Helsingfors, Finland, Sept. . Admiral Cowan, commander of the British squadron in the Baltic, has arrived here in connection, it Is understood, wish preparation for an attack on Pe&egrrad. The admiral intends, it ts said, to confer with members or the British military mission on the plans for the attack. Howze Praises Gen. Pershing In Kiwahis Speech New El Paso Commander . Guest of Club at Regular Weekly Luncheon. With their Trives as guests of honor, ' virtually the whole membership of according to the Kiwanis club met at Inqcheon In! the Sheldon grill room at noon Wed nesday. PERSHING GIVES If REPORT 01 LEADERS THRILLITREATY J7 R I D A Y Politicians Wonder What! Republican Leaders Devel-1 mmmmmmmmmmmmammmmmmmmmmmm Overseas Commander Will Do on Return. (Continued from page 1.) along the line, mistaken and all. Ha did not relish the Idea of testi fy ine before a committee in France ! headed by a man who voted against " war, then enlisted, and now neaas an MaJ. Gen. ft I Hbww, district com-, jnouirv into the Louducst of the ar mander here, was a guest and gave a short talk following his election to I honorary membership in the club He declared future events in Europe will) tcalf Now, will the general relish other investigations into decision that had to be made on the tield ot battle, and in hours of great uncertainty when be as interest a. those past. f ot consider in S'uuVS "American arms did not win the 81re fnr victory? war," he said, ""but without them it From such letters as the general would have been lost. Two months h written to friends here It is Bath-more without America and Paris ered that he believes the American would have fallen and France ur-; people cannot be fully informed as to so. America made Toluntary sacri-1 what took place in Prance or they floes in the war but was forced to do would not be in sympathy with In-so. Am eric a made voluntary sacri- quisitorlal efforts based upon the dw-fices and as a result her armies al-jmands of party politics. Moreover, ways had plenty of white bread, red: the general is said to be prepared to meat, sugar, coffee and other sup- J defend the con rtmsftial system as es-plies which the other armies did not." i sential to discipline. Gen. Bowze closed his talk with a' His trip across ttie country, which tribute to Gen. Pershing. Norman probably will be In the nature of a Walker was named to send to Gen. triumphal return, has In it political Pershing a message of greeting im-1 possibilities for an emotionally immediately UDom the general's arrival ' clined nec-ple On y the wiseneadsn . America. I ootn political parties Deneve America ! Mrs. I. N. Corrlngton, a guest of i has had a surfeit of emotion and that the club, gave two humorous read-, ''" ""l vv Four Captains at Fort Blissinmstea TSSS"?, "Sk note Vfn.e for fe. '-"P""""1"'" y "T,'JI songs, one of them the Kjwanls - k.n.. ih AA-t i.t him TV J 3 Ti:i - V 1.- xnriM ITiiMm' , - . JJtimUtCU 10 XllSt I a R. riwns.n won the attendance I 70'hce,a Lieutenants. prize, a goM pen -knife i donated by, Woort .UODOrters claim Per- Dr C. C. CummingB. H. u. umpwu shlnK was a party to the conspiracy Demotions aril resignations and inl chosen as "booby" for next week s wnereoy Gen. 'Wood was kept at home, some-case hr.th th ltt- fniinwin! meeting, to furnish the attendance, g0 - .oldier candidates so. koni- .mJ prise. I Oen. Wood has made tremendous . " " I I headway in the west and Gen. Per- a little taster in the EI Paso district. , ,r,i anrtiaMns- ban oil that rrirlnTi in whloh drastic ! Lieut. Col. John Pullman, district In- nn v w&ldron. Seventh cavalry. i to travel and a frreat deal more. The THREATEN BREAK jMORE OFFICERS WITH RUMANIA ARE REDUCER Allies Will Send Ultimatum Regarding Government's Course in Hungary. I'arib, France, Sept 3 The supreme c n:l today decided to send an uiti-i aium to the Rumanian government i-.irarding' her course in Hungary. Tl.e ulrimatum. couched in -ms and with a time limit, will be delivered by an envoy of the council --hodld Rumania refuse to comply with .iiC inui. vw.t.ni. a c' " . met, Wednesday were demoted to matic relations will cease and the al- ( f.rst lieutenants. They are Geoffrey .led envov will b-ing awav rith him i Gal way. Fifth caalry. George M. spector, who is, now on a leave of absence, was demoted to captain. Capt- Pullman has resigned to give nis enure rime io ue on cosiness. t ... vnrlr this dis- d.4. Dve n fiAftr in ia district first thine he nrobably will do. as be insoector's office was discharged fits a man who wishs the political wnAEs4nv anH lft for his home. ii?ntning to siriae mm. ww- nhottMllv thet ha la Four captains, stationed in -orv Bucharest tije allied diplomatic t pre-entati esjtere. , Herr ingsbaw, motn Thomas M Turner, transnort corps; Sp ye nth ca val ry ; is to say emt nhattcally that he is not a candidate and that he does not want the office. 1 All of fhin nm Pprah n Zlcfoc RnhPT Nlimher Men ? o. Then It will be the " "'." - ' . ' . 'business of the politic political tnan&Kers to Ail"LJ In CZrff ChloVs whether the popular reaction to ittuuicu iu uiujj vnivj j persftlnrs return is sufficient Office and Amount of Pay pwhatiyr 1 14 c iPershinsnn Special Notice To Our Mail Order , Patrons Of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. From now until further aotiro we will pay all nottage or express charges on all mail orders. Prices on open orders! wiR be charged as advertised for the week all tnail orders will also be graa the benefit of all unadvertised specials. THE NEW BAZAAR .make him tli choice of the party i vv natevr miv nannen xo Jonn J. Wasbinston, D. C Sept. 2. Secre- I will not be abl to MraTW rh. uru. rv RRV.r in asked In a resolution 4;ni,inn. ,..-. .k. An.tMt jaaoptea tooay or uniw" -.and tnetr trusted Inspectors of puBIic jliation as to the nomeer of Cflmmis- ; npinlnng. Coprrlfrht. 1919, the Kl t aioned eincers ana ormans, iiwnnoi , -n u.nM. I1 with their ray. now attached to the II office of the chief of stall In Wash-! r ,. U A inston. The measure was ottered Dy IS.VUUIIIUIS near fllTiancan 1 senator Chamberlain, Democrat. 0T1 f T , , . Oregon. , OendlOTS V OlP TOT 1 tlClT HUNDREDS OF ARMY AUTOS Independence; Celebrate HELD IN ClcLDS, tXfUStD j Lofclon, Bnr, Sept. r-Great enthu-TCasBlogtoa. D. O. Sept. s. Hun-1 siastlc demonstrations were held at drda of automobiles, man, of them ' Cairo and Alexandria Saturdav and lluncrated. hae been held In fields" at snnday In consequence of the receipt umuuu, "l" i m teiegxam ae taring: mat tne for- TO HELP REDUCE THE COST OF IIVING Wo ttUJ aell aoal Id carload lota, at wholesale prices In can at mines, to indlv-ldnals. ten and ynr neighbor rmn rlub together, hay a car. pay na for the rual, pay the railroad the freight eharjres and hire someone to haul it from the ear. ' Get onr orders In early and save delay In delivery as all mines are Mocked with order h and there will be aorae delay In filling, due to rrarrit? of laber. car shortage, etc THE AWBREY COAL & COKE COMPANY 50$ Mills Building:. Telephone February, await In e sale by the gov- Uijrn relations commlttte of the United eminent, the special house wsr tnves .states senate had .leclared that Eg-ypt " . .:, J tsnouia oc inaepe; jent. accoraina; to a MaJ. R. a P. Evans, ot Baltimore. cairo dispatch to., the Daily Malt Dr. Elizabeth M. Baer of Philadel-! Xo action has bt-en taken by the fnr-phla Is the first woman to run for ,eign relations committee of the senate magistrates In that city. 'regarding Eirypt hat would seem to I warrant demonstnxion in that coun try. XSs. ! S J s-N.lt A a , i mat. UiHem Assigned oping "Harmony Jrro- gram" pn Reservations. ' Washington, D. C, Sept. S. While Republican leaders hope to report the peace treaty to the senate Friday, they said today that discussion of the resolution of ratification In wbjch reservations will be incorporated g would take some time and mlghtde- S lay a. report until early next week. m The committee plans to hold Its M hearings Vriday and. probably, after M adopting senator Fair amendment to s eliminate the labor section, proceed ! to frame the resolution of ratification and the proposed reservations. . Progress was reported today among a: RepabUcan leaders toward, a liar- ,p mony program' on reeemttiona. A g eompromlse between the Republican reiesyatlonlst Is being negotiated wlthr much prospect of saeeess. it was & said. ! X.od?e Aceesla IleaerTatlons. S Repableas leader Lodge was re- g ported to have accepted three of the 3 four reservations proposed by the group headed by senator htcSary. Ot- g egon, dealing; with the Monroe doc- J trme. domestic questions and Amen- g can withdrawal from the league of .g nations. The reservation reported still tn disagreement Is that dealing with ar- Is tide ten of the league covenant g No reservation oa the Shantung ,m provMen is planned In the committee. ;m it was said. In view of its action In S speclfleally amending this section of the treaty. If the senate rejects the ! Shantung amendment. . Jiowever, a ;g declaration of reservation may be of- ; fared In the senate. a Charles w. Rassell, former minister m to Persia, yesterday urged thaCthe ; senate raase written protest agalast t iS treaty between England and Persia . under which Be said -the former would s be given valuable rights and powers S In Persia. is French Deputy to Vote 1 Against Peace Treaty Paris, 'Franc. Sept 1. Deputy i Franklin-Bouillon. 14th orator in the debate In the chamber of deputies oa Is ratification of the German peace treaty, declared today that ne would lg vote against the treaty. 1 TAKE SEW POSTS. Washington. D. C Sept Army 8 orders Issued last night provide tor'M ie ZOIIOWIUS OMWSea Diotixu. officers in the Southern department: 1 First Lieut. James O. Juskln. ouar- !m terraaster corps, from Columbus. N. M.. to Camp Travis: dental corps off I- I s cers. from Fort Bllsa to headauar- IS ters of the Southern department, first IJents. Otto Fred Apel and Bar Staf- 5 forfl. : HOUSEK We Are Now Ready to Help You Get Your Home In Order for Fall MANY El Paso housekeepers have just returned from their Summer vacation. Many others spent their vacation in El Paso. Every housekeeper is now getting ready for Fall house cleanihg and getting the home in order for the Winter. Our big Basement Store has been busy planning all Summer to supply even-thing needed. Some f the items of special interest are Majestic Ranges ' For wood or coal, the Majestic range k the one range that always has and alwayt wfll give absolute satisfaction. Acorn Gas Ranges There are two important fact connected with the Acom gas range, first the gas bill k materially reduced, second your food k greatly improved. The Conservo Thk steam cooker, and steam .caaner. for the amount of the cos(. k an addition to any kitchen tBe ecoaomical housekeeper wrH appreciate. Fireless Cook Stoves The ideal and domestic science firekss cook stoves meet every requirement bf the modern housewife. They do away with the worry of cooking aad theie ' k no depreciation in the food. Hoosier Kitchen Cabinets If there k one item in the Rogers Basement Store that stands out above all others, k is the Hoosier Kitchen Cabinet, Our easy payment plan on these enables every home to own one. is IB Pleads for Money To Buru His Mother: -v p Police Inoestigarte m "Please give me something to help g bury my poor dead mother." was the plea with which1 Jars. M. K. Walker, g of a local printing company, was greeted Wednesday morning. A youag s Mexican In a trembling voice aad with Z tears in his esse made the plea. Mrs. lH Walker gave the man, who said. that' g bis name was Manuel Morales ana , that I . EXTRA SPECIAL For tomorrow only we offer a 5-inch bowl strainer, suitable for either soup or gravy at the special price of For Fall Cleaning There is lots of dust and dirt to be gotten rid of. The . following items will assist you in Fall cleaning. Hugro fiber brooms, use like the ordinary straw bfoom, they are made of long brown fiber, lighter than ordinary broom and will last Q -j tyf twice as long. The price k , ' V Special this week k a 14 iach horse hair and- fiber push broom. These.are specially . CO CA priced at $4.0U We also offer the 12 inch, all fiber broom at the special price cj qq The walk need cleaning so we offer .you an all wool wall brush equipped with an extra long handle. Special (j j q O-Cedar Mops and O-Cedar Polish are old standby, and we have a fuHsMck of both. Leonard Refrigerators A Leonard cleanable refrigerator k a twelve month m the year iavestjotat that pays big dividends and will last a life tkae. ROGERS FURNITURE CO. 20791 1 N. Stanton St : be Hved on South Stanton street. some money and ae went on his gv j - way tnat ine man numea out REJECTS OIL AKU LUAL lKlLt, Tn PJpflpnth Cnilnlrii The i aftr ahe mm the manor tn him TUie MaJ A. C Gillem. who since June' Mrs. Walker curtoas and she decided j 1. ISIS, has been adjutant of the Ell to Investigate. Paso military district, has been as-: At the addreea on South Stanton signed to the nth cavalry, stationed! street, where the man said he lived at Monterey. Calif. He probably wilt' and where he saM his mother had leave Thursday, when CoL James B. died, the resides ta said they knew FIXING AMENDMENT TO BILL Washington. D. C Sept. J. An amendment to the land leasing bill rrhleh would have authorised the president to fix and-control the prices of EASILY KILLED TODAY BVUSING STEARNS' PASTE Ua SCSI BUTH to WATER BUGS, RATS AND MICE KtUrfarTu. iln, . ul 11.10. ORDER FROM TOUR DEALER Erwin, former commanding offiter of! nothine; of htm. A description of the, J0- " L?iheLta SSLfSaE the district. Is expected to leave on man was given the sotteeT m5;'",K,. "Sft.li hi Call- Use Herald Want Ads True ere in everywherethroughout the United States are hauling more tonnage on Firestone Truck Tires than on another makes of truck' tires combined month's leave of absence in forma. Maj. Oil'.em came to El Paso about I March 1 from Camp Dodge. Iowa, j wiere Be was a col nel of Infantry. Ho came to Fort Bliss as commanding; ! officer of the 5th cavalry. When he was demoted from his emergency rank of colonel to major he was made district inspector. Who will succeea Ma Gillem as district adjutant is not et known In military circles, but it Is said Maj. Gen. Robert L. Howze. commanding: officer of the district has an officer in mlmL. rTALUX CROWN mOPERTlES ARB SCRKEDERED BY KIXO Rome. Italy. Sept. 3. (By the Associated Press.) Kins Victor Emmaniel has decided to surrender all the crown properties in favor of the peasants and for national work for former soldiers. The crown properties of Italy are larger than those of any other country. Legion Will Help Soldiers in Need Any exservlee lean who Is 111 or In destitution wfU be given relief by the American Leg-Ion. announced aeere-tary-trcasurer Ted Braim Tuesday Anyone who knows of a former soldier who Is m or destitute la aiked to communicate with Mr. Brann la the chamber of commerce building or with Mason PoUard. pysldeat of the chapter. r Iini.I) TO PBDBRIL GRIND JIRY. Charged with Importing tequlli. Pablo Romero plea1d rullt before A. J. W. Schmld. United tSates commissioner, Tuesday afternoon. He was held to await action of the federal grand Jury which will convene October . TO CONFER ON OKLAHOMA- TEXAS BOUNDARY CLUB Austin, Texas. Sept. 3 Attorney general C. U. Curat on and assistant attorney genera C W. Taylor loft Monday for Washington on official business. While the natui . of their mission was not disclosed here It is understood to be relative to the Texas Oklahoma moundary dispute, which involves several thousand acre ofl valuable oil land situated tn the valley of the Red river in Wichita county The state is gathering data preparatory to the Institution of proceedings In the United Stales supreme court 7 s WE knowFirestoncTruckTirc advantages. We've watched their work closely. We know, too, that you need these tires on your trucks. More than that, you need the aid of our truck-tire press and other machinery. These will practically end loss of time for truck-tire change. Talk-to us before you buy your next truck tires. FIRE DESTROYS HAY BARN ii rT? i TWirwr cTorv vinnc pn new of the Maine 1! thoortt to n.T. caused Rpilrrne tn Wt'c T-Tna li by Ponataneoiis combustion, de-reiumS IO tllS tlOme stroyed a bay barn and its contents n i belonging to the Union Stock Tards CERGT. KIRT EDWARD M CLEARr. plant early Wednesday morelig with J who was manager of the Pacific loss amounting to Ise.MO. The fire r8 company in Aiazatlan, smaloa. i ' vjumi ilitj u.j iwuw Mexicn left f ir ih. l'n-tmA v: . . ..j ill the corrugated Iron bulldina- and Joine-" the army at Cam- Kearnev. JT UD1e firemen arrived the flames uau o.'i uidi enure ouiiuing. Thousands of bales of bay were stored in the building. the measare was rejected today by the senate. 48 to te. It was offered by senator La Fellette. IIOMJI RAN RGDBIiS nOUTED. San 8alrador. Salvador. Sept 3. Hoaduran government troops, under Gen. Flores have comDleiely defeated -and scattered revolutionary forces numbering If 00 men. led by Gen. ls pez Gutlemx. according to an otfl cial statement issued to TegnclgalpA FIRE DOES XO DAMAGE. A large trash fire near the residence of Rev. Hugh Mltchelmore. at 3t0 King's Highway, called rat the fire department at S: oclock Tuesday night So damage was done. GIRL! The newest complexion fad is der-wtllo. It instantly beautifies the complexion, whitens the skin and astonishes all who try It- Never he without it. rerwilu gives you a rosy, pearh-lfke shin whleh everybody will rave ibout- It's absolutely harmless. Get kit todiy. Trnars-ists refund th money ix it laiis. ot r aBnoanrenRni soon to appear In this paper Adv. Candy Special Oa Our DeMcious Assorted Cream Taffy ISe the H lb. WEDXESDAY OXLY TBe Elite Confectionery The Coolest Plare In Town. Orchestra Every Afternoon and Use Herald Want Ads 322 Texas Telephone 274 The fact is Over half the" truck Tonnage of America is carried on jlf ttettt Tires lsssW I J FIRST ROUND IS EXTENDED IN LOCAL GOLF TOURNAMENT. On account of the condition of the links, due to irrigation, play in the first round of the golf tournament at the country club, which was to I have closed today, has been extended until Saturday, September 13, it was announced Wednesday. It is planned to have the semifinals and finala In the three days following the end of p!ar in the first round- : p xjmi o EDGAR WILLIAMS CHOSEN JUDGE FOR COUNTY COURT dgar Williams, local attorney, was c!-osen as temporary Judge for the county court at law at a meeting of the bar of El Paso eountv Wednesday. Mr. Williams will preside until the return of Judge Will P. Brady, who Is now In California. ?o Discard Freckles, Tan, Pimples, Blotches Calif, m f -iot,er, I ''IT A f"w months later "went ht"--1 ' and saw service at the f-unt for eight months, during hich time he was wounded twice, and has been with tho'army of occupation since the armlstl'- 'L-ied Ho Is now retum'nii- to t i i at NogaleS, ArlX ir 1 v'ojmni la- . to Vllt fr;. li i , ( , i.M' i. rs a'f with hJm, Fran k n V .an The latter celebrated his lotii birthday annlversar after bolnp at the front two month- Thee soldiers belonged to the famous Marne divinlon the color1' rf nh' h r-L,'fnnTU were decorated " iih the I"', nt i cron de gu-rr" Tin hm of craaaa coatalnlnt animal You run do risk of acquiring siipernnoiia vuku you use of (unary mercoiiarPu , wax. There la nothJoc better for a dis- i colored skin, as the Wax actually absorbs ' the offensive cuticle gradually, gently, bo tnere i no dejentlon Indoors and no In- j conentnre The discarded complex'on , uaiuran i-i replaced oy a clear, smooin. tualthy cne full of lit and erprewnion. inp nensioie iy to fft rid or a freekted. trniied over-red. blotchy or pimpled skin. Just nrociare on anocf of mer- colixed wax at any drar&rlst'a nd apply i nightly like cold cream erasf g in the , morning with snap and water It tike- a ve-'k nr -.o to toippk'f the trnaiurma- I usiness Quick action is necessary. The overwfcelming responte to the anauftccmcat of our Quit Business Sale bas exceeded oui foadest hopes and expectation'. Enormous crowds have tnroaged both our stores all day long aitd their wild enthusiasm and liberal keying tells us that, the time is not long until our shelvesviO be empty. ACT QUICK Don't wait to be urged Anticipate your need aad supply yourselves for rnonths ahead, for in a very short time this sale wfll be over and Zebaan's Sample Shoe Stores will be only a memory. otice to Merchants Oteing to the enormout croWi Mai are attending this sate, bw are fhJhs it uneissible to i gfpe Tehciesale burets the proper attention daring opening hours. If interested ewevef, ar rangements can be made for an appointment for anf time after 7 p. m. II i ! II LL ZELMAN'S s I lil J! r- i Sri rr -I 1 V I ft

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