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El Paso Herald from El Paso, Texas · Page 5

El Paso, Texas
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Monday, July 7, 1919
Page 5
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EL PASO HERALD Monday, July 7, 1919. LIES MB If TO JUAREZ Squadron From Mexico City Will Help Locate Villistas. A Mexican air squadron is en route to Juarez from Chihuahua City and will be stationed in Juarez for re-connoiterlng purposes, according to a report received In Juarez llonday morning. The strength of the squadron and the official personnel of the air detacument was not given. Reports from the interior say that -rrtzai. nine miles south-west of Villa Ah urn a da- is menaced by Villlstas. AH wires between Juarez and Chihuahua City are cut. The wire along '-ne Mexico xorth western railroad is Sown about 100 miles south of Juarez. Mexico City Indignant Over Calles Ordering Death to Bootleggers Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico, July T According to deputy Jose Pes- quiera, who has Just returned here from Mexico City, the now famous circular order No. 158. .recently Issued by governor Calles of Sonora, decreeing death to those persons caught in Sonora in the manufacture, transportation or wholesaling of mes-cai, has cansed a tremendous wave of indignation at the national capital, wuioh may result in his removal from office before his term expires m September, or at least in me abro gation ox me oraer. In th national chamber of denu es deputy Jose PesquSera of Sonora 'h.-rged governor Calles with assumanp powers reposing only in te "resident of the republic, that of n- a death penalty for an orient ii : mes of peace. Made from cereals x for richness and nutriment; from hops for tonic properties andflavor;andfrom distilled water for purity, GRAINO comes to you as the greatest single achievement in the art of beverage making. Have a case sent home TO-DAY Sold by all soft drink dealers Hade by Grain Juice Co. Dallas, Texas Border Beverage Co. El Paso Distributors Phone 305 e The Skin Deautificr fWlTd 'in. rrr tW AtM ; tbe k peryntoi nd trap beg. Tt-NeMoK M AZfrM to M ' cad Uexxii mt txsfacfJy ai d sfca At jroar beauty pyot to wt& OS AT TOUT COUCIUS M ttUT rfVLTAI Baker-Wheeler Mfg. Co. DALLAS. TEXAS Liberty Bonds See me before selling I PAY MOSE GROVER MILLIKIN 511 Caples Building Phone 3700 Reference: Security Bank & Trust Co. m Mexico Seeks Murderers Of Jno. W. Corf ell Tampico Authorities Ordered to Make Efforts to Capture Slayers. Washington, D. C, July 7. Acting secretary Phillips, ot the state department, announced today that the American embassy at Mexico City had been informed that orders had been issued to the Tampico military auth orities to make every effort to capture the men who killed John TV". Cor-rell. an American citizen, and mal treated Mrs. Correll. near Tampico, on jane jt. . Urgent representations to the Jlexi can government were made last week cy me state -aepartment alter news had been received of the attack on the uorreu ramliy. BE PEACEFUL iNPOLITICS, GONZALES URGES OBREGON Gen. Pablo Gonzales, who is considered the Carrancista candidate for the presidency of Mexico, has given to the Mexico City press the letter which he wrote to Gen. Alvaro Obregon. of Sonora, the other leading: presidential candidate. Gen. Gonzales proposes in this letter that they both sign an agreement to abstain from all per sonal abuse by word or writing during the campaign, that they use no illegal methods to get votes and that they take no advantage of their military standing to help on their respective campaigns, ne men proposes mat they abide by the result of the election as canvassed by the federal Mexican congress. Gen. Gonzales proposes that the defeated party accept the result and sot constitute itself a menace to the peace of the country; also, that if any other candidates come out. they. too. be invited to sign the same agreement. REPORT CARRANZA TRIES TO SUBSIDIZE U. S. PAPERS "Washington. D. C- Julv 7. Raiort ed attempts by the .Mexican irovern- xnent to purchase the supports of American newspapers for spreading Mexican propaganda, in connection with recent defence of Mexican Dolicv toward American oil operators, issued! by Gen. Candido Aguilas, soninlaw ofj president, uarranza, nave oeen called to tne attention o xtne state denart- merit. The situation Is being- watched by officials here. Genu Aguilar. lust before he sailed for Europe, said that "the only order issued nas oeen tnat tne Mexican law be enforced. It was pointed out here that Gen. Aguilar xonst have referred to article 27 of the Mexican constitution .and the decrees of president Carranza to ake effective that law. In official circles It was said this law declared: "In the nation is vested legal ownership of petroleum," and "only Mexicans by birth or naturalisation haTe tne Tignt to acquire ownership in lands, or to obtain franchises to develop mineral fuels In the republic of Mexico." COMPANY PLANS BIG SODA PLANT NEAR ALAM0G0RD0 Alamogordo, X. it, July 7. The Southern Chemical company, an El Paso concern, is malting arrange-, xnents to put a large manufacturing plant at the soda lakes. 25 miles west! of Alamogordo, to manufacture a number of chemical compounds from! sode. The soda deposits furnish the raw material which by a simple and economical chemical process may be made into a. number of commercial: copounds for -which there is a big demand. The chemists and engineers of the company have spent more than a year in prospecting and in experimental work with the soda, in developing plans for the manufacture and mar-, ketlng of the refined products. The soda deposits cover 3000 acres. ELECT DAYBERRT CHAIRMAN OF BROTHERHOOD COMMITTEE B. E. Dayberry. 1412 nast Missouri street, track foreman of the5 E. P. & S. W. system, was elected general chairman of the United Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way and Railroad snop laoorers tor tne is. K. & s. w. system at a meeting of representatives of various branches at the Labor temple Sunday evening. His office will be in El Paso with Jurisdiction over the E. P. & S. TV. employes of the brotherhood from, Tncumcari. 2f. St, to Tucson, Ariz. HEILIGERS IS NEW AD MANAGER OF WHITE HOUSE Sam J. Haillgera has taken the position of advertising manager and manager of tire mall order department for the White House. Mr. Haillgers has been sales manager for the Mc-Cllntock company for the past year. Prior to that he was in the mercantile business in Ohio. During his residence In -EI Paso, he has made many friends. , ELEPIIAAT BUTTE DISTRICT TO HEAR EXEMPTIOX CLAIMS Las Cruces, X ll- July 7. Elephant Butte irrigation district will hold a special exemption meeting at its office In Las Cruces on August 4. 3913, to pass upon claims for exemption of land from levy and assessment of a minimum charge for operation and maintenance. The directors of the district are anxious that everyone should have an opportunity to be heard on this question. - Keep out the dirt and .and. Automatic Airtight Door Strip. Rhein-heimer Lumber Co, phone 498. Adv. Cnrtlu A Co, buy Liberty Bonds.-Adv. THAT IOOMAN.5 MArlNCj- MAKE HER CjiVEITTOME i r i ASKING MEXICO TO PAY DAMAGES Americans Claim Villistas and Carrancistas Tore Up Fields.. Cut Ditches. American citizens -who own property in Juarez or along the Mexican side of the Rio Grande valley will forward claims to the Mexican government for damage done their prop erty durinsr the recent fighting at Juarez and innorthern Chihuahua. One- El Pasoan who owns a small farm In the valley a short distance from Juarez reported to the American consulate In Juarez that his wheat crop was practically destroyed during the recent battle. He claims his Irrigation system was seriously damaged when the ditches were used a3 trenches. Visitors to the battlefleTeport that the decaying bodies of horses are still left upon the fle.lds southeast of Juarez. Girl Chooses Gay Life; Sent Back to Her Mother Blinded by the bright lights of El Paso's gay night life into believing that life of "Jazz" was the thing to be desired, a pretty little 16 year old American girl was rescued Sunday afternoon through the work of Mrs. Kate Farnham, police woman. The vonnET srirL who is a Dretty child, came here from Denver a few dags ago to visit her father. She soon disappeared from the lather's home. She was found in a downtown rooming house Sunday. After a long talk, during which the girl was brought from a mood of rebellion "to one of resentence, she was restored to -her father who will send her back to her mother In Ien-ver. First Riots In Mooney Strike Are Reported 100 Policemen Called on to Rout Crowd in Chicago; Mob Throws Stones. Chicago, 111, July 7. The first dis turbance growing out of the labor strike called July t for frre days as a protest against the conviction of Mooney and Billings in San Francisco, occurred today when 100 policemen were called to disperse a crowd of 700 which was distributing strike handbills in front of a north side factory. "When called, upon Ho disperse, the crowd threw stones and broke a number of windows in the building. Several arrests were made. Only a few thousand workmen, it is said, joined the "peaceful Mooney and Billings strike" in Chicago. Try to ree Taeoiua MrtKe. Timms. IVasb- Julv 7. With thou sands of shipyard workers jamming tne downtown streets xocay, an euorc was made In Tacoma to lorce a Mooney strike. Mopney sympathizers necKied woricmen wno auempieu w take street cars to the shipyards. Some workmen attempted to fight i their way through the crowds and board the cars. It was estimated that less than half the ship workers were at work. j DISCUSS PEXSIOy PLAX FOR I FIREMEN AND EXfilXEMEJf Denver. Colo, July 7. The report of the pension committee was discussed at the convention of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen here today. It is proposed to make members eligible for a pension at a minimum age of 45 years. Some opposition developed as to the minimum age and the matter went over until this -afternoon. FAR3I HANDS WANTED TO WORK IN COTTON FIELDS The city employment bureau has received a call for 20 farm laborers who are wanted by Miller brothers ot Barstow for work in the cotton fields on their farm. The wage paid is 2 a day. "There is a scarcity of workers in the culinary trades," said Henry M. Walker, manager of the bureau. NEW STRIKE IN" CLEVELAND. Cleveland. O-. July 7. Street car traffic here Is tied up for the second time in eight months by a walkout of about 2600 motormen and conductors to enforce their terras for wage increase of IS cents an hour. Auto Hit Bicycle; ' Sorry, Says Drioer Billy Owens, 16 year old son of W. T. Owens. 1009 Montana street, received a dislocated shoulder and was badly bruised Monday afternoon when an automobile struck his bicycle. The driver of the car, stopped a few seconds, staid "I'm sorry," and drove off. The police are looking for the driver. The accident occured at Oct-avla and Montana streets. WANTS TO CORRECT SENATE JOURNAL ERRORS; .COST $1500 Phoenix. Art July J-In reply to I a letter from i Gov Campbell, secretary L. F. Sweeting, of the state senate. recommenaea umi, u.5 10 err"", roe prmiea journal oe resei lor oinoi ins the 300 cpples au that the printerj journal may conform io me typewritten version. The cost Is estimated at $1500. Secretary Sweeting stated that the omissions In the printed copy were due to the nnfaxniliarltr of the clerk3 with the worK or revising the minutes and to the lack of a competent proofreader on the senate Btaff. Gov. Campbell recently held up 5500 In accounts for post session Work In the senate and house and announced that he was eoine to investigate the mancr inorougmy. o Banish 'Wrinkles and , Freshen TJp Quickly After a strenuous dsv nnfrinnn winds, heat and exhaustion have combined to iakb away one s iresnaess and. cacsed the skin to wrinkle and nau or after i tedious Or fretful flav InrTnon has urgent need fa" some quick rejevena-tor. ilaybe there's a dance on for the eve-nine or seme ether social evnt. How-la the world can on? maUe herself ore- srntaDie, looking as she does? It's quite ca.-y. Jest get an ounce of powdered saxo-lite and a half rlnt witch haze at th nearest drag store, mix the two and bathe the face in the sola tic n for 'two cr three minutes Then look Into ycr mirror and behold the, worderful transformation 1 "Wrinkles have vanished, loose, tired mus-cv have been rested and "finned uj." marks of fatigue have flown, and you look so much br ehter and younger you can hardly believe your eyes. No one need hesitate to try this, the witch hazel anil mtd. JUte being so perfectly harmless. Criminals Of Real Ability Slum El Paso Long Stretch Of Desert and Isolation of City Feared By Professionals. By FRANK II. WTTTRAM. The master hands of the criminal world safe blowers, gun men. expert forgers and Diamond thieves. In fact, all of those men who look on crime not as a profession, out as an art have drifted away from this border city and left us a moral oasis in the desert of crime. Occasionally, in years gone oy, tne ponce or snernrs department would pick up one of these master criminals, but It has been many a long day since they have practiced tneir expert amiities. The reason is not far to seek. Six hundred miles to the nearest city, and no well traveled thoroughfares to escape over. A well known El Paso man with a wide experience in handling the lawbreakers and as a peace officer, gives this as the prime reason for the scarcity of real crime in the city. Incidentally, he said, it might also account for the hundreds of petty offenders, owing to the inability of the city to snunt its rcum xo oiner fields." There has been a tie in this city when on almost any night a policeman going down an alley might be attracted by the faint, dull slow of an acetyline lamp on a shop window: or might be warned by a half suppressed thud that business was afoot. And there was a time when a Jeweler need hot have been unusually surprised to find a neat circle cut in the glass door or his shop and his diamond trays rifled. However. Til Paso, for the above mentioned reason, combined with the advent of automobiles, has "hit the trail" in respect to big crime. So,xto-j day. the cmei concern oi xne strong arms (sure, its a centipede) of the law is the occasional drunk, known In police parlance as "plain: well done," the petty thief and the drug addict. 3 Held After Dynamitingln City Of Butte Damage Is But $5000; 'One Big Union' Convention Being Held in City. Butte. Mont, July 7. Explosion of dynamite placed in the entrance of the Anaconda Copper-Mining Co.'s pay office early Sunday damaged that and surrounding- buildings in the heart ot the business district. An iron grating was blown against a building across the street, narrowly missing a street car heavily loaded with miners. Dara3ge was said not to exceed $5000. Three men have been arrested and held for investigation. Addressing a mass meeting in behalf of Thomas J. Mooney, W. F. Dunn, associate editor of the Butte Bulletin, declared the dynamitins was a ruse on the part of the mining com pany 10 cast oamm on tne one dis union" convention being held here. Plans for such an organization are being dlscussea oy delegates xrom labor organizations in Montana and northern states and Canadian prov-inves. AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENT KNOCKS RAILROAD MAN UNCONSCIOUS J. P. Donnelly, of 13:0 Texas street, roundhouse foreman at the G. H. & S. A. railroad shops, was knocked unconscious Saturday night In an automobile accident on Magoffin avenue. He was carried to a nearby private residence. It was some hours before his relatives and friends located him. He will be, able to return to work In a few days. News Brevities Train Bulletin. All afternoon and night trains Monday were reported on time. Osteopath Dra. Aiiaatroni;. 41C Roberts-Banner. Office Ph. 1343 Res. 5965. Goea on Vacation. Deputy sheriff J. B. Kilpatrick left Saturday afternoon for a vacation trip to California. Dr. Ebert. Dentist, 21S Mills BIdg. To Restore Death Penalty. Jefferson City. Mo, July The Missouri senate met at 12:05 oclock yesterday. and passed the-bill to restore the death penalty in Missouri, by a vote of 20 to L Dr; S. A. Schuster, eye, ear, nose and throat. Providence hospital building. Phone 365. Sella Boll for S10O.O0O. Belvedere. N. J, July 7. King Pon-tlac, a famous blooded Holsteln bull, was sold here by Mrs. Helen Mas-senat, of the Pequest stock farm here, to E. B. Hager, of Algonquin, 111, for $100,000. He is five years old and weighs about 2100 pounds. Dro. -Irvln S: Gray. Eye, Ear. Nose and Throat. 610 Martin Bldg, Ph. 758. No More Dend from Lake Madison. fi&3T52 than a core f sJnera qult ork at night satisfied that the nine drowned bodies recovered from the water - would be the final death toll exacted when the pleasure boat Reliance turned over at Lake Madison' Friday night. I Earth Tremor Recorded. Washington. D. C. July 7 An earthquake of moderate Intensity, believed to have had Its center in Central American or South America. as recorded early Sunday by the seismograph at Georgetown university. Dr. EoTTlby away at Chicago clitic. Two Drowned In Colorado Xjike. Greeley. Colo.. July 7. Geonre Co- burn, 17 year old son of Earl Coburn, h of Greeley, and Harold Coburn. 20 year old son of Charles D. Coburn, of , Ia Salle, Colo., were drowned In See-1 ley lake, four miles northwest of Greeley, Sunday, when, with Jesse 1 iTaker, a companion, they attempted to swim from a raft to shore. Dr. Anns Beam, BucKler Bide. Ph. 57? Launch and Nine Hissing. Corpus Chrlstl, Ter., Jqly 7. The gasoline launch 'Waldo, -with nlno persons, is missing as the result of a heavy eale which struck here early Sunday and lasted until nearly mid-night. The Waldo left here Saturday with James McAllister and a Dartr of five Ardmore, Okla.. friends and a crew of three for a pleasure cruise on the bay. rrrRfU T UT r Avoid Trouble. Leave J-JAUUXUIli Baggie cheeks at Longwell's or Telephone No. 1. istar isnea April, isst. Cnrtlu & Co, buy Litem-Bonis. -Adv. , SENATE PUSSES DUDLEY S BILL Measure Harmonizes State Laws With the Fed-. eral Statutes. 6A.ustln. Texas. July 7. The Dudley lenatsVmlninc bill, which liberalizes rthe p Jkerit mining laws and hannon- lzestnem witn tne xeaerai statuit, Kas- finally" passed in the senate to- day-rThe bill does not apply to oil. Erna and llenife. After considerable debate the senate passed finally the Dean senate 0111. proposing an extension of the life of the commission or appeals from June 30. 19S0, to 1922. A motion to recom mit the bill failed by a vote of 9 to 1.. Two Comnilnslon Ilill. In both branches of the legislature, bills have been introduced providing for the creation of a civil service commission. Senator Hopkins, of Denton, is the author of the senate measure, while representative Tillot-son. of Austin. Is fathering the house bill. There appears to be little chance for the final enactment of this bill during the present session, because of the far reaching political effect such a law would have on the future of the state. - Previous efforts of past legislatures to pass such a law has always met with defeat The present bill proposes to create a commission of three members, who shall receive a par diem of 0. while actually engaged in the discharge of their official duties, and also provides for a secretary iEhA chnll receive 1500 a vear. This secretary shall also be ten chief examiner of the commission. Bill Kavoraniy iteponea. TTnuse committee on criminal juris prudence has made a favorable1 report on the bill by representative Lange, of Bexar, which seeks to Rive further protection to furniture dealers and those engaged in the business of selling pianos and other musical instru ments, rne om proviaea mui ucu-ever any person gives a mortgage he; must serve notice to the mortgagee of any changes he may make in, his place of residence. Mr. Lange explained that In many instances the mortgagor buys furniture and the day following he changes his place of residence and the dealer Is unable to keep up with these changes. Furnl- ture dealers and other Instalment houses of the larger dtles of the state are back of this bill. Mr. Lange said. Man Scared in the Foot j Instead of Being Shot Apparently suffering from nothing more than a bad case of fright. A. Annendarez. 32. of Third and St. Train streets, came into the police station Sunday afternoon claiming be , had ben shot in the foot by a man years old. Policemen examined, Armendarez foot but were unable to find any place where he had been struck by a bullet. An argument between the two men is said to have been followed by the old man firing into the floor. j Bou Is Stabbed ha Fellow Who Had Date Wilt Sister Daniel Herrera. 19. of 1118 south. El Paso street, was stabbed In -the left am Sunday, night, when he ob jected, to his sister's going out witn a Doy, rouce surseuu i dressed tne wouna. xierrersi. wuu.w Tint tll the name of the boy who stabbed him. TWO MEN PLEAD GUILTY TO THEFT; BOTH FINED Two nleas of rrullty were accepted in the county court Monday morning as the Iirst action ot tne opeams ""J term. W. E. Doyle, charged with the theft of a' pistol, pleaded guilty and was fined J35 and costs, and sentenced to serve ten days In JaiL Jose Martinez, charged with the theft of a watch, also entered a plea of guilty. He was fined Ji" ana costs ana sen tnA tn crrn ten dsvs in ialL Jose Montes. alleged to have used an automobile without the permission of the owner, is on trial In the court. A inrv was selected shortly "before noon Monday, and It is expected that the trial win Close late jionoay aner- noon. The docket for the present term is not unusually heavy, although both the county court and the county court at law will De reasonaDiy Dusy throughout the term. Judge E. B. Mc-Cllntock Is presiding in Ue county court, and Judge Will P. Brady in the county court at law. t , GWIN ADVOCATES SANITARIUM FOR TUBERCULOUS PATIENTS The establishment of a public sani tarium lor tne treatment ot tuberculosis patients is advocated by J. B. Gwin, secretary of the Associated Charities. "There are mauy migratory cases of tuberculosis and a great prooiem conironts us in dealing witn such cases. I think there should be a law compelling a state to care for those who come within Its I'.mlts." said Mr. Gwin. TThe state tubercular sanitarium at Carlsbad, N. M. cannot care tor tnem Because tne institution provides that patients must have lived in the state one year before being entitled to treatment. I have sent only one man in the last four years to uarisoaa De cause ot this fact." CIVIL SERVICE KrUIIXATIOXS TO BE HELD JULY d and 9 Federal civil service examiizUions will be held in El Paso on July :S for clerical positions and July 29 for telephone operators. Both examinations are for male and female applicants 'wuiuuiuaara--- ..........MM niiiiii maiiiMiii . . e ! OPHELIA i nl I El Paso Pears Will Fill 75 Railroad Cars Quality of Crop Improved By Modem Methods of Horticulture. The estimated shipments of pears from this valley this season is placed at 75 cars, according to J. J- Smith, of Tsleta, one of the principal growers. The prices will range, he said, from JL50'to J2 a box. The fancy product will bear the trade mark of the El Paso Valley Bartlett Pear association. Culls will bring about 11.25 a box Shipments will begin about July 10. Mr. Smith stated that tne ouallty of this year's crop has been improved by spraying and the energetic Inspection by Charles Shadle. horticultural Inspector. As to quantity Mr. Smith said ne considered it will be about the same as last year, as the late frost had cut into the crop. Mr. Smith stated that his own shipments last year had been IC.000 boxes and he thought he would have about 50 percent more this year, owing to the new trees which have come into bearing. He expects to save about 1000 boxes for canning at the factory ot tne jaso (panning association. Harry New Grows Nervous Trutsy Guards Confessed Slayer of Freid'a Lesser Los Angeles, CaL. July 7. Harry S. New. held In the city Jail here for the murder of his sweetheart. Miss Frieda Lesser, last Saturday, was reported to be in a highly nervous condition and so despondent In demeanor that a trusty was confined with him. News mother. Mrs- Lulu Burger, of uiendaie. was reported to be 'on the way here from Indianapolis to aid in ner son s aerence. ill3 employers tola the police they would provide temporary counsel for him. New has clung to his original story or tne scooting, with tee exception of the statement that Miss Lesser was approaching motherhood. He withdrew that and said the real cause or their quarrel was her refusal to marry him after he had secured a license and made all plans. MEXICAX EDUCATOR INVITED TO VISIT UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS Austin, Tex.. July 7. Gov. W. P. Hobby has Invited J. Natividad Macias. head of tbo ?Jat!nTral TTnlvr!t nf Mexico, to visit the University of Texas before returning to his own country. The Mexican educator has accepted, according to press reports. He has just recently visited the University of California and Stanford university, and will visit the University ot Arizona at xucson, Ariz. Metallic Rubber Stripping keeps the windows from rattling. Rhelnheimer Lumber Co, phone 498. Adv. . B. The Greatest Name m Goqdv-Lanq g I yN'u know "the fl Wm-r f &QQd dreams is Ijj a and swsts 1b Br?A e mos as- ill lffii m way tQ mae 111 A some those ' In BmVW dreams a delight- n BfMal? reality is to jp Bpl tss fiome j j I frequently. Bow WlSs akut tQn'' ill U I fTSEALED TIGHT-KEPT RIGHT ' Vfa mJ r BE SURE TO GETWR1GLEYS S&Sf l! The Flavor ym 0 The Store That i PHONE 5200, ..'"Bfcl.,, theH Cor. Overbad New Matchless Values In Bungalow APRONS $1.39, .$1.95, $3.49 rrHE arrival of nca shipmenti of prtUs Bmgaloo Aprons daring the past en da$s macs it possible to place on sale beginning lomorroTa the most complete lines Tshich tne have, ever shoTm. Note the specials belois and plan to shop early Tuesday' $t 25 prnrGALOW APSONS $1.39 Full eat style?, made of extra good quality percales with pockets, belts ana soua color collars colors represented. Regular J1.9o values, EXTRA SPECIAL $2.50 BUNGALOW APRONS $1.93 Dean's famous make of Bungalow Aprons made of the finest quality Ginghams neatly trimmed with ruffling. Exceptionally well made. Regular fZSO values, f -I f .EXTRA SPECIAL 01 i?0 GLOBE BUNGALOW APRONS AT $3.43 Made in our own workrooms to your individual measure. Only the finest quality percales and ginghams used. Take advantage of thU unusual service. The valces are tmapproachable J o Ar locallyat tp5.Ci UNDERPRICED BASEMENT "Agents For McCall Patterns PARKIXG PROHIBITED IX FIIO.VT OF THE WOOLWORTH STORE ) An order prohibiting parking automobiles or wagons on San Antonio street In "front of the Woolworth store . was Issued Monday mcmlng by police captain "Vi. A. Simpson. Automobiles turning east on San Antonio from j Mesa. br:va many- times bumped into cars parked in front of the Wool- '. worth store, CapL Simpson stated. "-" V"" MMiifi 1 1 m Mill f IjmiUillUiUMMllUfPif Sells For Less' BRANCH EXCHANGE, m OSES San Jcdtilo Sis. ana cutis. All the.lavoreu $1.39 s UNBURN Apply VapoRub lightly itsoothes the tortsred akin. YICR'S VA "xJTOUa B0DYGUARDr-30O! kPOWJML i29

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