El Paso Herald from El Paso, Texas on June 22, 1915 · Page 11
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El Paso Herald from El Paso, Texas · Page 11

El Paso, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 22, 1915
Page 11
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EL -PASO HERALD Tuesday, June 22, 1915 11 BY GEORGE M'MANUS V U I BRINGING UP "nn '- n t i T c . c i I m2hS, h "" EAiyRE - . AOAM , HEA.VENV J v OUCAtL J ,r,oo- p- TO HAVE S REAt. (X . THERE E2 OH' MA6GIE In ffliWflfi' TOOK tve FOR R VIOR&E RJ, I I " JHT g This rr H r-, .BETTER THERESA HB7L wBllThEhI f Sk 2 l&l y(' 1 v, -T-J KJ ANSWER .T Rl SELLER fillfl " V VHATOO 1 Lwfek ""1 5 ad I J DOWN HERE j J f I 10U SEll'J In the First National Bank Building. Dentist. DR. LEK MrTNTOSn. Dentist Ph.622. R. 808 Paving' TFXAS B1TCMTH1C TO Ph- 3385 R. 70S. Physicians. UK. CASH. L. SMITH Ph. 1171. Bra. 327. For Sale Real Estate City Property. IHO LOTS Sunset Heights. ldal location ner leaving dtr pnone zazs. IIK ROOM modern bungalow on Montana, Neer occupied. 83753 Actual cost. $50 down, balance easy Phone owner n. 2: OK SALE Buy from owner and save com mission, xour room bungalow, gooa location, bu-lun features, large sleeping porch, heating plan' 'Write H 188. Herald. FOB SALE Three roam cottage with sleep mg porcn oeauuzuity locstea in ziigmana t'axk. Cheap tor cash. Telephone Owner FOB SALE near Washington park, one new frame cottage on two lots, steeping porch, city water, plenty oathooses, good fencing. J6a0. Also more vacant lots,. $164 each; easy terms. Will -take light automobile as part payment. Phone Meyers Place mi. MOXT.1XA STREET HOME Week, l-room bungalow, glassed-in sleeping porch, breakfast room, beating plant, hardwood floor and all built-in features, SM, small cash payment, balance easy monthly payments. J N. Vasqnez. Phone f&SW. MB. ElKilNTON. Apt. A. Georgette is ln--rlted to attend the Athambra theater as a Eueot of The Herald. Clip this oat and bring It with you to this office before oclock tomorrow evening and reeesre your ticket PITMAN CATTLE CO. 8 and 9 Morehouse BlocL 13 1'iw, Texas. Phose InTestments In cattle and ranches paying larger dividends and safer than any other business. GOOD BANCHES FOB SALE. WITH OK TUTHOUT CATTLK. NEW BCNGALOW AT A BARGAIN. On raied street in Manhattan Hehrhts beau ufu! t, room bungalow, t comer lota, all built in features, basement, heating' plant. large closets, hardwood floors, sleeping po-ih errants quarters, garage. Make your u n terms. s JIST COMPLETED S room bungalow mod' cm in every particular, completely famished with handsome new mmiture, an for 84eoot SHOO cash, balance monthly. Phoae SMS, M. E. Townley. With Bailey Land Co. SOS Mesa Ave. FOB SALE OB LEASE One of El Paso's most beautiful homes, cool and airy, atx rooms, large hall. bath, pantry, also serv ants quarter laundry, large spseloas lawn, shrubs and flowers, etoee in. present oeeu- pnt leaving city Will sacrifice property or lease reasonably to responsible party who will buy furniture which will be sold reas onable Address F 18. care Herald. BARGAINS ONLY. 8 room brick E. a Paso, S fall lets 82788. Terms. -- 4 fine lots N Florence SL. 81S8 per lot cheaper than other lots in that aectlon. I N Davis. Davis Bros, ?756 Montana, street, 2 room frame, on 2 sooth fr-nt lots. $75 cash and JJO a month. Including; interest. SlSSO Bungalow of 2 rooms, on 2 south front lots; new; SIM cash and ?15 a month Sfeso Kight good lots. 4 in Highland Park and 4 In Grandview. pwner' has to sell before July." Slsso Thrae room new bungalow with bath and kitchenette. Will take up to SSSO In trade or $108 cash and $25 a month, Including interest. North Kansas Five room and glassed sleepinc porch, one block from new high school. This place was foreclosed on and can now be bought for J18S0. Nevrznan Investment Company, Phone S56. 10 clan Antonio. OTJB. BBST BABGVI-SS. 6 rooms, 12SJ0 block beautiful Magoffin Ave. close In parking and paving paid. $420 7 rooms, two story, same street, closer in, $5500. 5 room, corner Rio Grande and Ange, beautiful yard, garage, glassed sleeping porch, valuable corner. $450 6 room Modem Bungalow, corner Hutton St, basement,, worth $6000, owner says take $$760. 8 room, basement, heating plant, fine house, W Kio Grande, paving paid, trade equity $4500 for smaller house or lots or sell less than cost. FisK &. Bnmsey Bealty Co. Phone 1073. Trust Bldg MANHATTAN HEIC.HTS BUNGALOW FOR $ 100 rooms, bleeping porch, heating plant, evervtnirg desirable In a home Get busy, -.uj t --r: It (hunters. Only 3350 cash bal- H. E. K'Jburn Co ,03 lt j' Bank B!Js. j FATHER i For Sale Real Estate Gty Property. roil t,v. j room brick house wlth.bath, and four lots at a bargain $228. I will take $180 or $1300 cash, aatomobtle or time on balance. Most be sold in the next tew days. Phone MM NEW BUNGALOW. $85 cash and $35 a month Including Interest. 4 rooms, bath and sleeping porch. Two level lots. Price $2860. 'Write P. a Box m, an. SUN, 4 room on : lots, will take Ford car In trade. K SC(. 2 lots, trill trade for Ford, ifitt, one best saloons, San Antomo St. t;t, H acres, 6 room bouse, Ysleta. SM, Picture Show doing good business. S27S. 5 room bnngalow, Rio Grande, 88U8, S room brick cor. Xevada-NoMe, 8218. 18 lots corners, Grand View. ' 81850. grocery doing fine boeineas. S8, 6 rooms, : lots. 18H bit Montana. Cut Kate Bealty. 428, 1st Nat. Bank Bldg. SS88 equity In 4-room furnished house, H. P to trade for rooming house. 2-i room nice houses in H. P. S lots each, to trade for valley land. 14 acres IS mi. np. 8 room iouse, fine land 18 In alfalfa, at 828 per acre. 3488 acrea In the mountains ad foot hills. has Umber. eoaL good grazing asd plenty of farming land. 88 mi. w. Albuquerque, to trade fcr anything good. Fine cattle ranch in Ariz:, well eojulpped, water, 34 head cattle. 18 bones, etcL. to trade for valley land. TSee Us" for trades and bargains. Davis-Tandy Com. Co. S12-14 Trust Bldg Phone Mil SSSO. 4 room frame on 2 full lots south front, on Gov Hill car line, pay $208. bl Uke rent. Trade in on hesac doee in. 4 corner lots, weal located on paved street. H20. what have your $3600. New 8 room bungalow, basement and heating ptant, close in. 888 down, baL $48 per mo. S2900 4 room cottage has the prettiest hardwood fleers in city, garage, JIM down, nmL $88 per mo. including Interest Security Bealty Co. 448-r-pirst NatL Bank Bg. Phone 8772. MR. SPECULATOR. A WHOLE BLOCK AT THE BATE OF $3S0 PER LOT. Located within a stone's throw of Mundy Heights where lata are now selling from $1288 to $1884 a lot This property is owned by non-residents. They need the money hence this ridiculous Place Bealty Co. Sole Agents. Phone (774 38 Mesa Ave. MSW HIGH SCHOOL Will be one of the best equipped and handsome structures In the state of Texas. New, modern five room bungalow within three blocks of It, paved street, walk and curb, beautiful view and has all the built-in conveniences that could be desired in a home, including' Hooster cabinet and covered with Flex-a-Tlle shingles. $6v.M cash and balance easy terms. BIO GRMOB STREET BrAGAwnv We are Just completing red rug brick, five room, home with basement and heating plant and all modern conveniences and the price is only $4350.0. $iA.a. cash, balance easy monthly payments, i HERB lb .V I1VRGAIV. New, Ave room red brick bungalow with larse sleeping porch, tor only $2750. $25 cash and balance about the same as rent Inderson-Filler , , . "Superior Homes" 1-4 Buckler Bldg Phone 491. Hawkins Bros. ""Hemes Our Specialty." rBICE CUT to only $275 for this 4 roots modern brick honse, doee in on Oetavla. bath, gas. fenced, electric lights, near Arl-aoma, walking distance. O. H. 4 s. A. shoes. 2S down. St monthly IN ALTA MSTA. 4 room brick on corner Room to build another boose. $28 down will handle it $28 monthly. For quick sale J1808 J0 DOHN $15 MONTHLY. 2 room brick, fenced, vines, beautiful house fronting south in A1U Vista. $178. ON CAB LINK, 4 room brick for $1ES fronting south, bath, gas, electric lights; fine view. Just move in, i down, $15 monthly. NEAR BHALL SCHOOL on Washington Park car line, thu 4 room house $6 down. SIS monthly, $ls This wUI Just suit you WB HAB BUYBK for close in hoase. 8 x atones. What have you with fur- 5 ROOM BRICK for only $2268 on cornet near school and on car line. This la a dandy, $36 wiU handle it $2 monthly. Let's have a talk about it A S1C3UFICE, near Lamar school for only 3234. a room red pressed brick. Let us show you. Some terms. THE BEST RENT service la El Paso. 7 BOOM 2 STOR1 BRICK, dose In, north side. Our price $420. Want it TO BUY A HOME, see Hawkins Bros, the bargald center "Homes Our Specialty" ON N KANSAS, 5 room bungalow $4200 for quick sale, better take enough time to see 1l An unusual opportunity NEAR (NEHI HIGH SCHOOL, a pippin I room bungalow on corner Owner muet sell Priced for a few davs 33hOU Terma. . IN ALTA MsTA, a beautiful (new) 4 room j bungalow neer occupied, basement built In I features walking distance of shops, $290, SS00 down $20 month V PICK IP, . r on 1 rick on 2 corner lot . c-e in on ' i Cut from 34ioo to $36jt Hawkins Bros. Phone 200. " ' For Sale Real Estate Gty Property. VALLET LANDS. $1000. C acres, just enough to make a good home. WIR take small home or lots in trade. I2S ACBES. 11 miles from H Paso, on waa-ty road. 34 acres In beans. So in general cultivatSOB. IS la melons; S1SS per acre. We have bargain In valley land. Better let ss show yen. Wblte-Paden Realty Co. ll-i:-18 Mergan Bide. Phase 16(9. ' THAT AX.TURA BARGAIN S4S buys 2 lots on Altura Boulevard, northeast corner of block 34, 1 Mock from car line, street paved; $M cash, balance 1 year. GOVERNMENT HILL BARGAIN $775 buys 4 south front lots on Westminster street, in block $5. dose to ear line. HOME BVRGAIN-. 5 room modern red pressed brick bungalow, all buntin features, dressing room, breakfast room, sleeping porch, garage, chicken boaoe. earnest walk. 7S foot lot nice lawn, one of the nfeest homes on Ft Boulevard, on the Ft Bliss car nne. price only tlSS. SS8 cash, balance easy D. G. Belnrman, Phono SIS. 288 Mills St For Sale Real Estate Co an try Property. WILL SELL 2 acres at Senecu Park, S minutes walk from station, for $388 acre. Terms given. Call at 508 Trust Bide. For Sale Farms ana Ranches A BARGAIN. For sale, the finest alfalfa and cattle ranch in Texas, satisfaction guaranteed. Thos. G. Altken. Demlctr, X. M. FOB SALE 38 acres an in good stand of alfalfa facing on north loop paved road 2 miles below relets. If sold this month I win take $176 per acre, it Is worth $22. but mast seU. Farmer, care Herald. ALEHEDA ACRES. Just the place tor cmckeas and your own vegetable garden. Pine acre tracts, oa a paved road. $S aad an, easy lerasa. Kern riace Realty CO. 39 Mesa. Ave. Phase SfTi. VALLEY LAND. 1 acres $268. Bmsy terms. Located In Ysleta, good soiL,. Just what the man looking for a small farm wants. 3 acres, $18 per acre, all In alfaKa, paved road is one of the boundaries, located near Cunt Good soil and one of the lateral ditches is on the place. This buy is hard to beat because the value is there is the land and location. 2 acres $8 per acre raw land, level, good government ditch, and old county- road are one of the bnnda-riea. Can be put in cultivation very easily Let us show you the valley. NEWMAN INIBSTMBNT COMPANY. Phone 568. IN San Antosdo St For Sale Rooming rionjss. 21 BOOM hotel, clearing $15. to I4O0.SO per month, swell location. $2268.8. Phone 787, owner. Terms. HREE HOUSEKEEPING SUITES, of two rooms each, all occupied, doee la, cheap rent bargain for cash, or light car and some money Phone 8141 W ROOMING HOUSE BARGAIN 3 ways fall, new bouse, cheap rent living in this for you. Only l8. terms. Phono 80S. SIMMER BVRGAIN8. ROOMS, handsome furniture, running water, modern, centrally located, good lease, $128 cash will swing. THE MOST ELEGANTLY furnished apart ment nouse in 1 aaso, at a aacnxice. owner leaving city, will sell $0 worth of rural-tun tor half price, floe location, good lease. Any sort of terms to responslblo people for qmcK sate. - I ON vt EST MISSOURI. 3 rooms, handsomely furnished. 4 steeping porches. Income as mu-h as any 12 room boaea in the dty, reasonable terms and a bargain price. Phono 263. ( M. E. Townley. 111th Bailey Lund Co. 36 Mesa Ave. Phone 2$. For Sale or Exchange Real Estate. FOR S VLB 33 acres land In vineyard tract Socorro. Texas. Apply to Frank J. Giron, own newario, xi TltO CHOICE clear lota, beet location Sunset Heights for some cash and equity in residence. Write T 28 Herald. I OR EL PASO REALTY 2 bungalows, on 2 large lots In Loo Angeles. Inquire 120 W Boulevard. Phono 4143. FOR SALE OR TRADE For El Paso property. 18 acres deeded land In loer Mim-bres valley Fine well and Improvements on place. Write H. H. B care Herald. j TO SELL CHEAP FOR CASfl, or v. ill trade ' for new 5 passenger Ford auto lots 13 14. ! block 72, Highland Park addition to El Fio ldresa N. D Wood. Box 122. Vi rston Ore gou. BEAUTIFUL BUNOVLOW, five rooms, all i'wiiv ia leaiures, aouDie sleeping porcu. i Built for home Be"t location In city Lawn. fruit trees in lak "Will take goou 5 pa-a- ener at a, first pd)nunt lor ri equity 1ST a uone j.-. it. Copyright 1915. International News Service. P.H.LUCKETTTQ nnii Sells Prospect Ave. House; Bungalows in Manhattan and Kern Place. P H. Luckett has sold his home at 703 Prospect avenue and will build a hew home on Los Angeles street this falL The Buckett home was sold to W J. Lighbourn, who recently moved here from Florida. The price paid for the house and lots was $$. O E. Glenn is building a bungalow on Cincinnati street. In Kern Plafj which wiU cost S40J. The house will occupy lots IS and 11. in block 29 of the Kern Place addition. John Wood is also building a $& bungalow In Kern Place. It la being built on Park road. Will P. Brady, who moved here recently from Pecos. Tex. has bought a building site on Grant avenue In Ammo Heights and will erect a modern residence there soon He paid $15 lor the two lots In block G. of the Alamo Heights addition. Walter Spelter Is building a brick bungalow on San Jose street In Manhattan Heights addition, whieh will cost $3000 when-it Is completed. WEATHER BULLETIN. U. S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE. WEATHER BUREAU. Observations xa&en at S a. m. 7Sth meridian time S a. m. El Paso time). June 22. ISIS. forecasts. ' El Paso and vlcin-ty Fair tonight and W ednesday. New Mexico Tonight and Wednea-iay. partly cloudy: not much change la temperature. Arizona Tonight and Wednesday, fair, not much change in temperature. West Texas Tonight and Wednes day, generally falr telame humidity In El Paso at 3 p. m. Tuesday 13 percent Brecipltatlon In last 24 hours (in Inches) weather at a. m . .. Lowest temp, last night Mlghtoat yesterday ... Tempi at I a. n. . siliiPv kNS 7 i .TBlT'SWW PJ I" TSt0U- I WeM'serti Abilene 78 M 72 clear 0 Amartllo. 84 78 82 cloudy 8 Atlanta " 73 31 74 clear Boise. Idaho SB 32 S3 dear 8 Boston 83 72 68 cloudy Chicago 84 8 82 clear 0 Cincinnati 78 83 Cf dear 3 Denver 68 3 cloudy Detroit. 82 72 SS dear .81 Dalath. Minn 68 88 62 clear El Paso 73 12 73 pt dor Galveston 82 8 84 dear Havre. Mont 32 73 41 pt ddr Jacksonville 78 3 74 cloudy .8 Little Rock 78 38 73 ptcldy Los Angeles S3 74 68 dear Nashville 74 34 7 Pt ddy New Orleans 33 33 73 dear 8 New York S3 74 80 dowdy 0 Omaha 88 78 8 dear. 8 Phoenix ... 68 12 82 dear 0 Rapid City, & D .. S4 74 48 dear Roswell C4 14 82 ptcldy 8 St. Louis .... 71 H M dear 0 Salt Lake City ... 32 84 U dear 8 San Antonio 73 34 71 dear San Francisco 5 62 6 cloudy Santa Fe .... 84 3 33 dear Seattle 64 72 64 clear Washington S3 73 81 dowdy .13 Wichita, Kana 38 33 34- rain 02 Yuma U1K )l clear 0 Ceofiaratlve El Paso Precipitation. Jan. 1 to June 28, Inclusive. 1311.. .4 43 In. Jan. 1 to June 28, Inclusive. 1812... 2.33 in. Jan. 1 to June 28, Inclusive. 1313 2.81 in. Jan. 1 to June 30. Inclusive. 1814 Ul In. Jan. to June 23, Inclusive. 1316 3.14 in. Normal. Jan. 1 to June 2. Inclusive.. 2.18 In. Water Conditions, Rio GVunde Project. Depth of Water Behind Contents Dam 6 a. m AereFt Elephant Butte reservoir. ..16.46 438.38 Decrease in 21 boon 0.2 2.12 Flow of river at San Mardal 3365 second ft Flow from reservoir 454 second ft For Irrigation. Leasbug canal 473 second ft For Irrigation. Franklin canal 44 second ft Date. June 21, 115. For Sale or Exchange Real Estate. EQUITY tn beautiful 4 room bungalow home, furnished or unfurnished. All modem conveniences for unimproved dty property or acreage. Phone 1185. l FOR EXCHANGE Olt SALE, for house In ' town, or cash, my 14 acres 7 miles down valley oa street car line and both sides of county road, with 6 room hoase and bearing Bartlett pear orchard, and all kinds of im- . provementa. chickens and alfalfa. Owner, I care Herald. i For Sale Fcrniture. COMPLETE FURNI8IHNG of 4 sale, cheap, call 612 J. FIBNITCRK of three room boaae for sale, house for rent Close In Phone 23S4 J. ' FOR SALE Furniture of fie rooms, cheap for cash. 2 Brazos. Phone 6823 W. FOR SALE Dresser. Vera la Martin bed. refrigerator kitchen cabinet chalra, cbeen, 2231 Texas. FOB SALE Nice furniture very reasonable, bed room set. rugs, rjrigerator. coal range. and etc Will sen By piece, i-none was. THE HOME FUBNITUBE CO. wlB take your old ruraiture in exchange for new. Phone Hit. . FTNTTURE FOE SUE On account of leaving dty. want to sell complete furateb.-Ings ot 3 room house. Will lease to responsible tenant Address V 33 care Herald. For Sale Automobiles- DETROIT ELECTRIC In good conditions-will sell cheap, terma reasonable. Ph. 3203. FOR SALE OR TRADE For S passenger ear one runabout good condition, or wtU sell for $136. Phone 326 Wheeler. ' WILL EXCILVNGE baker electric automobile, fine condition, new batterlea and newly painted for lots or diamonds. Phone 8783. WANTED To buy a roadster, must have plenty of power and cheap for cash. Call slonday. 18 Texas street WILL TRADE or sell cheap my 3 horse power two passenger car. Address T. W. Hanns, Lamy N M. 1314 MODEL CADILLAC, two speed axles, electric lights and starter Can't teH from new Will trade for good lots or nice bungalow FOB SALE 1314 ene 6-passenger. excellent condition, new top aad starting batteries, good Urea, price reasonable. Western Battery & Magneto Oo S4S N. Kansas street t WILL SELL OR TRADE for $37(4. my Mg 7 pass. Flat 1 model, cost new $41 only 3 months old. will take In exchange El Paso real estate not too far out Write R. N S.. care Herald. WE BUY and sell second hand cars. If you have one to sell first get our prices. This is sozce of our bargains for this week: 1 Saxon used 4 month $234: 26 Studebaker. 112 model, good condition. $275; Furnderi 2. $250. Ford. 1314 model. $25. 4 cylinder Cadillac good condition. $276. We have ether bargains equally as good. Come and see them and ask for demonstration- Mageffin garage. 1235 Magoffin Ave. t Ford delivery chassis $32S Ford, 6 passenger ........... 325 Hupmeoue 2 passsngsr 244 Cadillac. S passenger SS4 Overland. S passenger 14 Overland panel deltvery body 6(4 Colo Roadster. 2 pass anger S3 Chalmers "38- Roadster, good tires, perfect condition, this is a bargain that ean not be duplicated for the mosey 834 Several Fords, two and five passenger bodies as tow as $13 is $26. One delivery body, capacity 144 lbs. $84 Twin Indian Motorcycle $184 Boeeboro & Hatcher, 31S Texas St Phase 723 Sell Livestock 6uy. FINE JERSEY COW for sale. Phone 2413 J. W ANTED Calves 1 day old or mere. Ad-dress box 1. Hill. N. M. GENTLE YOUNG BURRO, reasonable. Phone 433 W FOR BENT Two horses, drive single, double or saddle. 2714 B. Bio Grande. Phene 6313 WANTEO Jersey cow for two months SS. month and excellent care. Reliable people. Phone 6383 W FOB SALE Black matched team. Horse and mare, weigh 118 or better. Age 8 and 3-Sultable for any kind of work. G. L. Coats. Mesllla Park. N M ONE STANDARD bred rllly 3 yean -eld. nacer. 1844 sounds, broke ta drive. One mare. 3 years old, M. J Higgle, 242 Tula- Poultry and Pet Stock DUCKS FOR SALE. Phone 832. FOR SALE quail $L8 Phone 3(12 W. FOR SALE Genuine White Angara eats, Lasenby 317. Tularosa St. Phono 43IS W. FOR SALE White legbom bensnad rooster Phone 245 FOR SALE CHEAP It Indian Runner docks, laying Phone 6&03-J. STOCK, eggs and chicks reasonable. Mens-day Poultry Farm. Alpine. Tex. WHITE ANGORA CAT FOB SALE. Phone 6217 after 3 p. m. Fit B VARIETIES BABY CHICKS. 16a each, lv. $14. Two varieties 2c 15 eggs. $LM 11.6. 10. $.. and $3. Stock. $1 up. Try us. Measday Poultry Farm. Alpine. Tex. For Sale Miscellaneous. FLAT-TOP DESK CHEAP. Phone $168. SEUING MACHINES New and second band, terms to suit Chas. Fouls. 113 N. Stanton. REMINGTON TYPEWRITER No. 8 ii.S4.M3 Olive St FOR SALE Acme adjustable drees form. $4.00. Phone 3542 W TRADE your old furniture for new at the Heme Furniture Co. Phone 1293, FINE SMBET POT VTOE plant. $1.64 1444. John Nusbaum. El Paso Texas. SO 11. P MKTZ tlass OIL ENGINE. USED 6 MONTHS COST 3344a. SKILL FOR SU4. ADDRESS A. L. TWLOft. DEM-1NG. N. M. COLLECT your stow accounts by using Say-ers Collection Cabinet Results guaranteed or purchase price refunded. E R. Roach. Genl Agent. 424 Trust Bldg. Phone 1313. FOB StLE. Upright mahogan) c t piano practically sew at a bargain Owner iejing city Address C 417 Herald for appointment C. B. DIXON. 805 N Kansas, la Invited I to attend the Alhambra theater as a guest of I The Herald Clip thl out and bring It with I ou to TM- offlte before w oclwk tomorrow evening in 1 receie ycur ticketa lick-et, g d an lime. i For Sale Miscellaneous. FpK SALE CHEAP Fairbanks Morse gasoline engine nearly new. Call 2212 Rosa St. or Phone 2336 W. BANKRUTT SALE. All the furniture, ftxturas, safe, cash register, hone, harness and delivery wagon of Ruperts. Secies store, at 107 Sooth Stanton street will be sold at sacrifice sale. Come aad get your pick. Must be sold in 34 days. SECOND HAND MACHINERY. GAS AND OIL KN4MNB8 of the following horsepower for immediate delivery. 64, 18. IS, 11. 18, S, S. 4 and 1. MOTORS AND GENERATORS 16 IT. P. 13 H. P. 13 K. W. SM K. W H K. W. with storage batteries. PUMP3 4 in. 3 In.. 2 in.. 1 In. and K in., centrifugal, various else steam pumps. HOKTS IS H. P. and 8 H. P. gasoline, horse whim. All classes of mining machinery, boilers. steam engines, eta Correspondence eoltdted. Southwestern Wreeking Company. 115 Dnrango St. El Paso. Texas. DressmaTnnz. SEWING BY THE DAY Phono SS8S J. BUTTONS CO BRED Angeles O g. Wka, DRESSMAKING aad remodeling. Mrs. Webb. Phone 833 W MRS. CROSS, dressmaker. Pnone 1484 W. 218 Cpson. DRESSMAKING Work guaranteed. Mrs. Renf ro. Phone 852 R. DRBSSMAKTNG, prices reasonable. 6313. Phone aesojed $100 REWARD for any uncomplicated case of Piles we fall to cure without the Knife. Ligature, cautery or Carbolic Add Injections. International Specialists. Corner Texas and Mesa. t eg Pasc. Teg. Ready Reference Easiness Directory Accountants. NORMAN B. VEAZEY. P. a Box 837. Phose 2653. CLARENCE LONGNECKER Phone 514. 52 First NatL Bank Bldg. II. H. HENDKICK. Public Accountant Audi tor. 2 years experience. Phono 813. Office 333 First National Bank Building. I Adding Machines. I DAI.TOV Addtng Machines, tit Mills Mt. I Auctioneers. I W. A. WILLIAMS. I Auction Sales and Commission Broker. ' Office Pnoae 3L Residence Phose 3654. Office Entrance to Csplee BMg. I Sell Bverything at Auction or Private Sale T Bruin-si CnlWM. DRAUQIION'S Busmen College guarantees positlot Cafes. W1STEKTA CAFE lit San Aatonto. It will pay yea to give this place a trial. I T ar t-i c r-a-in? . -j , ,1' ' " w rexngeraiora. carpets, ' JCJJS-TFV tSSFSEF tsV 2Zt I " flc furniture, and all kinds -of fux-I P J ?- H".1001"- nltur. wni pay cash or exchange fcr new rTop. an e Missouri, rnone seas w. Cleanrag and Pressing. UITS STRVM FKBSSED. Sd'CBNTS. Morenead's Busy Little Shop. 42 N Oregon St- Phoao SL Carpets Geaned. STEAM AND 1 CUUM Carpet Cleaning. Da Sang Wellborn. Phone 3999. CARPETS CLEANED and general work. Duatley Vacuum Cleaning Co. Ph. 3313. CARPETS steam cleaned germs positively exterminated look like new. 58c to $1 $ Morton Steam Carpet Clesainc Co. Ph. 111. Gril Engineer & Surveyor. FORREST K. BAKER. CIVIL ENGINEER AND SURVEYOR. . 731 ysrst National Bank Bldg Phone 2373. DeadCatHe. FULL GROWN dead cattle, horses, males. aaoieq away Tree, ynone 74 lnxnyScaateiy. Detective Agencies. J. a STANSKL & SOX Detective Agency. Room 547 Two Republics Ufa Bldg. Pa. 3342. The Ben WlHian Detective Agency Ball a ill, nral MIL Bank Bldg Facial Massage. ranalar Beaaty Parlors. R. 1 Buckler Bldg. Fire laseraace. FRANK A. S PENCE Real Estate and Inaar-ance. 405 Mills Bldg. Pnone 1332. Faraitefe Packing. FURNITURE UPHOLSTEJIED. rnolnd mH packed. Da Saag t Vlelrbom. Phone 3333. UrHOLaTKMlN'fa iurniture repairing, cashlens made. mattre.'es rcno-aled. automobile upholsterlnc our pe( ialty Ph. 5185 PACKING and shinning household eoods our specialty Furniture repairing riaisntag ard ' tress Factory 4H-lr Mrtle Pbone 10S5 Jeweleis. UIGIIKST PRICE PAID for diamonds, watches, Jewelry of anv Ue-criptlon. also old relics bonghtDajj.207 San Francisco St. Jnak Dealers. II.ILNOIS BOTTLE JINK COMPANY 16 Overland. Phone 1641 UK Bl all kinds of junk and bottles. B. N'elson First and St Vrain Phone :33l HERMAN' BLOCH A CO. Scrap Metal. Copper Brass Bone, Wool Hides highest prices paid Ph 4.,3 Id E. BouIeard. KL I's K METtL to i-.ii San Antmio Den era In cr p iron rubb r cop pert brass, bonia. etc r--ne lies. Ready Reference Basinets Director Junk Dealers. WANTED TO BUY Att kinds of scrap ... niU. Iimih vava aj.Vw VM..A Bit j and aell second hand bags, machinery, pipe. relaying rails, etc. special price on Mexican army shells fired. Fair deal and prompt retnms. Carl Hlrsch. Rusk Ave. and L sr G. X. tracks. P O box 1274. Houston. Tex. Kodak Finisiiing. ANY BOLL FILM developed fer 18c. Prints 3c 4e aad 6c 7 hoar service. We want your mail orders. The Camera. Shop, 311 X. Oregon. Mills Bide Mamnmsts. XltVj. TKSAU Room 4 Phone 27S6. Mercantile Agencies. E. G. DUN & CO. Mercantile reports. Paso office. 61 Guaranty Trust Bldg: LOCAL MERCANTILE- AGENCY Reports and rating on Indivldnals. collecUona, Member of the National Assn. of Mercantile Agencies. Harry Faieman. Mrr Booms 1-Z3 Herald Bldg 'Osteopa&s, Reg-Jarly Licensed. n. Ti. WRIGHT. M. P. P.O. Herald Bldg. Painting. Triton Paint Co. 34 N Stanton. Ph. 1247 Pjgfflbjgrs. N. E. NATIONS Plumbing. Phone 228, PRONTO PLUMBBB Call OS for that hurry up Job. We doa't hold you up tn prices. Res, phone 5043 office 103. Roofing;. ALL KINDS OF ROOF WORK New. paint ing, repairing. Estimates furnished. Clark & Weeks. Preps. I. X. U Roof Paint Co. Phono 38 Second Hand Gotiing. HIGHEST POSSIBLE PRICES paid for ajT kinds second hand clothing. Phone 4337 LADIES' AND MEN'S second hand clothing bought, highest prices paid. Ph. 8845 WILL FAY GOOD PRICES for second hand clothing. Phono 454. GET FULL VALUE of your second hand clothing. New starter. Need the goods. Phone 3353. Second Hand Farnitcre. WANTED 2d hand furnttaro. B. L. Daniels Furniture aad Mattress Fetr. Ph. 1825. WE BUY, SELL exchange any thing la household goods. Rio Grande Hardware aad I Parnlture Co- 4T N Oregon St Ph. 833. ! EASTERN NEW AND SECOND Tt AVT i furniture store Highest price paid tor eec- j ond hand furniture. Phone 4718 W j EXCHANGE NEW FURNITURE For second hand. Western Furniture Co. I 343 a B Paso St Phone 1432. j WANTED AT ONCE second hand gas nlture. Will pay cash or exchange fcr new good. Call today Texas FSrnirurs Co. Phep. 437 43 S El Paso St Signs. CITY SIGN CO- 334 X. Stanton. Pn. 1347 SSqs. MADE IN EL PASO. Oalr Steel, best made. Hirta Sutton White Manufacturing Co. Spanish Lessoas. MRS. PTDBNCLV A. CABBBON Ph. 2415. PROF. BRAVO. Ph. 338. 24 Buckler Bldg. CONVERSATIONAL Pahaore college. Phi 3434 Joragejffarehorises. BL PASO TRUNK FACTORY New ware-bowse, safest location, possibly lowest rats. Office 1ST Mala St Phone lssa Stove Repairing. STOVE KBPAlRINe New parts made and iwucu xor aji msjees or seovea. z j Peeler, with P. and H. Iron Works Phone 344. Tanks. TANKS. CULVERTS. Irrigation pipe. silo. garages, etc Ask fer catalog, phone lut. Hllla. Batten A White Manafaetnrinc Co. Tariefermtsts. McLBLLAN BROS. Ph. 784. 333 'Frisco St Tools. WANTED To bay 3d hand tools snd gurs. atonr m s. Kl Keep at Transfer and Storage. LION'S TRANSFER and Storage Co S-f prompt sati-factory 312 8. Ochoa. Ph 4"i TwbBa&s 448) N. OREGON Ph. 144. L. Wacht Prop Typewrsters. TPEBRITBB ASTD OFFICE SUPPLY CO. Ai makes sold, rented, repaired. Corona vnewrtter zl Mlllp St MMn 31 Veterigary Snrgaens. T. BROWN. Veterinary Ph. 4317 Office 222 DR. F THVTIHKK, Phoao 187. Prartlco limited to Jogs Welding Scops. HEAVY MACHINE snd automobile parts welued promptly Brown Welding Co. Wfcoleak Metal Dealers. WE TA HIGHEST market pr'ce for o 1 and new Copper B-ass, Zinc Lead, etc Cv re-pondence solicited. Herman Bloih & C EI

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