The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 8, 1938 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 8, 1938
Page 2
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"VAN" rars OFPROBLHKS Van Alstyne, Algtma Police Chief, Spoke at El more Becently SStawre ^j»: The second hi a w* of unusual Sunday evening IJefct was held at the local M. K. <wt*eh on Sunday create*. Oct SOL Aat*c*pSonaIh7 large crowd was preMiit to hear the program arranged by members of the FHgrim daas comnwHnoraang International Tern perance Sunday. Mr. Van Ahttyne, chief of poBce 2*,^!™* ****• *» P"* 5 * »P««k*r, taM of many Interesting phases of law enforcement in a modern small town. One of hto most emphatic statements was that Honor was involved hi a great majority of the eases of law Delations and tint the worst of these was the drunken orirw. He further stated that the problem wiB never be Mired nntfl , tte people are wnBng to help enforce the tews and that most towns •ad TfBages do not or cannot «rnip their police force weB enough to compete with the high-powered criminal of the present dag. It carts money to take care of crime.: A stem word of warning was gir- j The AJgona gpper Ptei Moineg, Algona, lorn, Ifoy. a, 1938 en to pirtnts who allow their ehlM nA to fun QIC AU fc€ls tffl afl hours of th* night and apparently do not know and do not «*re where they are or in what company they may BCt itfcLii'cd not onrjr co those of high school age bat to many as young as tight and nine yean of age. Another startling note was a to the Increasing statement as of , even with an the recentl publicity— far more than the average person can real- lit. Mr. Van Afetyne baa had eight and a half years experience as a member of the Algona police force and kept the eodtenc* intensely ta- teie&ted with his anecdotes and J. P. TRUNKHILL, BURT, WELL AGAIN Bart: Mrs. J. P. Tnmkhffl and son. Mennett. went to St Paul bst Tuesday to meet Mr. Tnmkhill who had been hi a hospital at BSsmark, >f. D, a number of weeks. Mr. TrunkhHl is able to be out Mrs, George Harris substituted caching last week for her sister, Miss SdraKz. teacher in school dist riot No. &, who has been critically S with a •occnj sore throat jLej Us Help You Equip YOUR House To Resist Cold Weather We have helped a lot of families the last few days to get ready for winter. In some cases it has been a new roof and then storm doors and windows. In others, it has been attic insulation and an added storm door, window or shed over an outside door. Perhaps you would like to have us call at your home and see what might be done to give you greater comfort this winter with less fuel. Xo obligation at all for what we might suggest. It may save you considerable money this winter to let us do that. Give us a ring now and make an appointment. J ^ J * Phone 229 iSrSbn Algona, Iowa WEST BEND MAN JAILED FRIDAY West BSri: George Maherry was arrested at Port Dodge, Friday for reckless drfrfng. Being unable to secure bail for the WOO bond he was to Jail In Ftart Dodge until Saturday Wh*n bad was secured by friends. Mr. and Mrs. Orris Bckhart and son, Wayne, spent the week end at the borne of the former's parents near nnthven. Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Crotts and son. Alien, of Bornsfde, came on Saturday for a week end visit at the Mrs. Bertha Johnston and the HersheJ Perkins homes. Mrs. Art MBto and son left for Kansas City. Mo, Wednesday evening for a visit with home folks. Mr. Mills will leare for that place as soon a? the paring is completed. Miss Ida and Oscar Riley and Harold Simmons drove to Rochester. Minru Saturday to spend Sonday with Harold's mother. Mrs. Jeanne Simmons, who is in the Colonial hospital Mr. and Mrs. Eastman of Moiine, Hl_ and her parents. Mr. and Mrs. John Satern. ST. of Bode, were cafl- i ers at the home of the hitter's daughter. Mrs. Sari Cobb and son. Thorsten Satern family here, on Saturday. Mrs. Eastman was formerly Cora Satern. well known here. Wesley Legion Wffl Sponsor Sea] Sale* Wesley: The local American Legion post voted Tuesday night to sponsor the Red Cross drive this year, Mrs. L, I* Lease, general chairman, said Wednesday. The roH can will last from Nor. li to Thanksgiving day. The Legion divided in three groups, win canvass the town, bat those not solicited may join by paying John Htatchison at the bank. The Study dub sponsored the ran can tost year and previously the Legion Auxiliary had made the drive several times. It is expected that part of the Red Cross funds will be used in combination with P. T. A. fund in sponsoring of diphtheria immunization and the small pox vaccination this year. Gaylord Lander came Friday for members of her bridge club next Thursday. Emil Wester attended the state raUennakers' convention at Mason City Wednesday. The members of the Study club njoyed a theatre party at Algona ionday afternoon. The Methodist Ladies' Aid held a business meeting at the Clarence Ward home Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Mary Prentiss of Fergus Falls, Minn., visited at the J. T. Meurer home severalHays last week. Mrs. Mae Harris and Mrs. Homer Anderson of Algona spent Monday afternoon with Mrs. MUton Giddings. The Carl Friti family of Mapleton, Mniiu, were Sunday guests at the home of her mother, Mrs. Johanna H«H«M Mr. and Mrs. Ed Studer of Excelsior, Main, cam* Tuesday to visit ' ha* been' employed by a shipping firm hi Los Angeles. J Miss Atvtea Johnson, a former! Wesley teacher, visited friends hi i Wesley ever the week end. She is teaching in Marshantown this year Mrs. Hazel Hudson, daughter o Mr. and Mrs. Robert Welter, visited her parents several days last week before leaving for California to spend the winter. Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Sherman were among the 150 gnesta who attended the birthday dinner banquet for Governor Kraschel at Algona Hotel last Thursday night Mrs. Bd Hildman entertained the members of her bridge club Wednesday afternoon at two tables. Mrs. Bd Loebig was guest, Mrs. J. L. H*v- erty won high price and Mrs. Alf Stoder got travel prise. Mr. and Mrs. Bd Conley and daughter, Carolyn left Friday morning for their home hi Oklahoma City. Okla. after a ten days visit with his mother, Mrs. Kate Kennedy and other relatives. The Catholic Missionary society met in their rooms above the Root hardware store Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Anthony Johnson and Margaret Scfaroeder served. The society meets every other week. Mr. and Mrs fid Conley and their daughter. Carolyn of Oklahoma City, Okhu and Mrs. Kate Kennedy were dinner guests Tuesday at the Alfred Erdman home. The group visited the grotto at West Bend that was an anisttng hostess at a 6:30 pre-nuptial dinner given for a girl friend at dear Lake last Monday evening. Mrs. Jule Kunz wai entertain the a visit with friends in Wesley. He LINOLEUM One of the finest st<x-ks in North Iowa with prices cut to the limit. Hundreds of home owiu-rrs prefer to < from this n'ne stock. Xo matter how exacting one may be as to pattern or type of laying, we art- equipped to do your work. Remember this—It will pay you to get our price before buying. Throughout our tine .stock of MOHAWK RUGS SPECIAL PEICES 9x12 Wilton Velvets $49.50 9x12 Velvet, famous sidewalk test rug $26.75 9x12 high grade Axminster, only $24.50 BARGAINS $ 5.75 Deluxe- Wuft'l, Hai size !).\12. onlv ili Pads (Ouli RICHARDSON'S Furniture Company A City Stoiv With Countrv Prices afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Thoa. A. McMahon entertained their evening bridge dob Thursday evening at four tables. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bauer woo high ftualry prise and Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Brdaan won second high. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Loebig wffl en- tertaia the group Sunday evening. The display of pictures of Wesley in its earlier history in the First National bank window is creating a large amount of interest The display is promotion for an historical pageant to be presented by the local P. T. A. later this month. A large cast has been working diT- igenUy for some time on this production that everyone hi this vicinity should see. HEWSPAFER O*T»CS 19 BESIEGED As fomgftm Betae to B*. BeYe Fttse Sanifrfc* are Riverdale Friendly Club Entertained Irvington: Miss Agatha Thilges . OM days of the business whea crowds ot citizens would • collect about the newspaper office hi protest over some editorial were lived again at the Upper Des Motn«s office hut week although the cause was far differwit Some time ago a leading breakfast food company sent the newspaper a box of model gilders and books of magic to *>e given to children presenting the cover of a box of the company's product. An over- strpply of the gilders and books were received. To get rid of them H was decided to give them to any kids who wanted them. At first they came hi one or two at a time. Then in groups. Soon the supply ran out but stjll they came. The kids refused to believe that there were no more airplanes. To avoid a crisis the office was locked up early at noon. Shortly before one o'clock a whole mob of youngsters had collected, all demanding free airplanes. It was no use to ten them there were no more. Several of them threatened to soap the office windows if airplanes were not forthcoming. The office force which bad managed to get through the mob and into the building had just about decided to barricade the door and retire to the rear of the building when some one thought to teQ the mob that the Advance office might have some airplanes. At that the mob stormed •way towards the Advance and the day was saved. Ot hi not known just what happened at the Advance; reports have drifted back that the one 'clock whistle blew just in the nick of time, calling the kids to school). Fenton GKMQM Will SWEA CITY LEGION AUXILIARY MEETS Fwrton. Th* Ladfes' AMI sorfety of th* St. John'* Lutheran church Wfijll 2MN& ^Wlfiffipiiny nfteffeHMNft, Nov. f*h, to the dmttii basement Mrs, Thee. MaeWr- and Mr*. M»ch*a are the h«ft«m«. Mrs. WW Wttsfcrod win wter- tain the Fwton and Settee* township farm tare** women on Friday, NOT. 11 with assistance from Mrs, E. C. Wefcferod, township chairman, Mrs, Ricks, home demonstration agent «01 discass U» home project work for th* coming year, which is •Making the Best Use of Home Produced Foods." A clinic on frozen and canned foods wffl also be given. Wra* Haner A former Fenton student Evelyn Radtg. student at the American Institute of Business in Des Homes was awarded a bronse medal recently by the stenotype company to those who pass the national 100 word «st Evelyn graduated from the local high school in 1937 and is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Rad- BrMge C** Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Stoeber entertained their evening bridge club on Thursday evening at their home. Four tables were fa> play With high honors for the ladies go- teg to Mrs. AMn Znmach. high for the men to O. H. Stoeber. Mrs. George Jents won low. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Stoeber substituted. Mr. and Mrs. Art Tlebc of Bart visited at the Henry Tleman home, Thursday. Mrs. John Light and Mrs. Melvin Manaager were EsthervUle visitors Thursday. Mrs. W. E. Stoeber who had been in a hospital hi Algona since Sun- day for treatment and medical care, was brought to her hone bete on Mr. and MM. Kmil Mansag«r and daughter, Myma Maine and son, Chflr of HoDandale, Mini** visited recently at th* Melvin Man- n*er home her* and with other reiatrrea at Cylinder. Mrs, CarrI* Haase, Pearl and Gall of Algona visited at the Herman Gad* horn*, Thursday night Larry Gftde, who had been visiting' grandmother the past week. with his ^««MnMMWa*c* huv f uu • "***"*t *vw> ed to hb home here with them. Re* and Mrs. 3. £ JNtoter and children, Warren and: Phjlltt Jean, of Alta, Iowa, cftme T6tiW(d»y.for ft vtelt with friends h*re. Tneenyd- era are former Fneton tott&tnta, having ttvcd here ontu a yAr ago when the Rev. was transferred from th* Methodist church here to AKa. Warren attended tfctf junior class play, having been A member of that, class when h« resided her*. Ifri. CHtt AAlfs, Slotor City and Mrs. Cheater Bailey vislttd Mrs. Bailey's sister, Mrs. Hugh Raney,. Friday afternoon. WATtTIIALL STARTS FASTER! Riverdale Friendly club. Roll call was responded to by giving each member's favorite candy recipe. The next regular meeting' wffl be Wednesday, Dec. 7, and will be the annual club banquet with the hus- ands as guests. This event will M> held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ornie Behrends. Chas. Raney and his son. Hugh, of Livermore were recent guests at he Ray Fitch home. Mr. and Mrs. F. SUltz visited a few days last week with Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Schmidt at Ruthven, Mr. and Mrs. August Robison are he parents of a ten pound baby x>y born last Nov. 1. August la the son of Mr. and Mrs. Rome Robison and lives in the Swea City vicinity. Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Nelson of Spencer. . Mr. and Mn. abiger were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Perry Phillips, the event being to celebrate the birthday of Mrs. Phillips. Mrs. Clifford Etherington returned recently from a trip to Iowa City where she had gone to receive medical treatment for her hearing. ler case was diagnosed as the nerves being dead in her ear and the doctors were unable to give her satisfactory medical attention. Rural Mail Carrier Ben Terhune s one of our busiest men these days, tesides being active every day with he mail, he assisted, by Mrs. Ter- .une, are busy husking their corn. >ue to the large amount of corn Aey are getting, the strain of puling proved too much for the old larness Ben has used on his horses erican Legion Auxiliary at a regular meeting last Tuesday evening. At this meeting attention was called to National Education week observance and the matter of mothers visiting the school during this week was stressed. After the business meeting the evening was spent making nut cups to be used Armistice Day at the home for disabled soldiers at Knoxville. The door prize was won by Mrs. Annie Clark. ARMSTRONG FIRE BURNS CAR-GARAGE Armstrong: The garage on the Shipley farm was burned to the ground Monday night about 9:30. The Plymouth car owned by the Shipley's was also burned. The STEADY WORK for experienced farmer over 28 years old. Must be dependable, own a car and willing to work. Good pay every week. In applying for this Job, give age, experience and state whether you have a car. Write to Box 69, c-o Algona Upper Des Moines. quarter of a mile north of the railroad tracks hi Eagle township. Lutheran Rally to Be Held at Swea City Swea City: A special rally of Algona, Mason City. Bancroft and Swea City Lutheran churches will be held in the Immanuel Lutheran church here Wednesday, Nov. 9, at 8:30 p. m. Guest speakers will be Dr. A. P. Westerberg of Sioux City. conference president; Rev. S. E. Engstrom of Des Moines, conference secretary of stewardship and newly elected executive secretary of the synodical home mission beard; and the Rev. Malcolm Lundeen of Ottumwa, member of the RADIO Service Ed Genrich AT BJUSTBoM*8 Phone KO-W or 99 tf "*Anybody who knows die firtt thing about gasoline would know without being told that Phillips 66 Poly Gas starts faster. Look at it this waft Phillips is the world's largest producer of natural high test gasoline. Phillips 66 contain* nearly four tunes a* much natural high test gasoline as die average motor fuel Besides that, its energy content is heightened by POLYmerization, and it is weather-conditioned by matching it more accurately to climatic changes than any other gasoline on die market. "Naturally, it starts faster. And, incidentally, saves you plenty of mileage that you usually waste on excessive choking in winter. Try a tankfuL It costs no more than most; ordinary low-test gasolines . . . but you can actually feel die, difference!" Phillip with Phillips for HARMS OIL COMPANY Independent Distributor*, Algona, Iowa F. B. Haldeman, Bulk Station Agent Phone 41 or TWO NEW FORDS or many years, hence it was neces sary for him to purchase a com- lete new set last week. "^"••j^nS ^ ***?Z?£? '*£?&£•$ 'lum Creek Literary society. A' Swea township «™« arge crowd attended. Roll call was Tr - w .^,» ... . u 0 esopnded to by each member giv- J^L Hewitt t° ld , the Swea Citv .»__, .,7. . -"-• »•• rtenaerlncr wrsirlra low* «*,&Alr »~ »u n executive committee of the new home mission board. A son was born Tuesday, Nov. ng their political affiliation and elling why they belonged to that particular party. Mrs. Frank Thompson gave a piano solo and Mrs. Marie Bode sang two vocal solos, accompanied by Mrs. Thompson. The next meeting will be held Nov. 30 with Mrs. Lora Raney as the hostess. Rendering works last week to the Natinoal By-Products Inc., of Des Moines. The Estherville Philharmonic society has invited the singers of this community to take part in Handel's "Messiah" which will be presented in Estberville in December. Guests at the Jack Gilles home from Sunday until Tuesday of last week were Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Miller of Augusta, Wis., and Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Miller and three smail sons of Colfax. Wis. Mrs. J. C Miller is a sister of Mrs. Gilles and K. D Miller is a nephew. ( —«-»-»• «** k-***^ W-VVAV21, JTLf . I Arend having but a few loads when Carol Joan? who" have"be~en"vls7ting heavy ram came. They have had several weeks at the Ed Berggren one of the best seasons to harvest and W. O. Nelson homes left on beeu for several years. Saturday for Chicago to join Mr Nelson who has gone back to steady Mrs. J. T. Lallier has a severe at- job with the Swift packing plant tack of hay fever. Mrs. Ben Door j after having spent the summer has also been on the sick list for j months near St. Paul. the pa*t week. jjiss Opal McCrary is visiting at , N. H. Raskopf and Mrs. Henry' the home of her mother. Mrs. Jen| SeiJer drove to Mason City Satur- | lie McCrary this week. She came day afternoon to visit the former's 1 down from St. Paul Saturday and daughter, Mrs. J. O. Downs. will leave for Chicago Thursday The Herbert Arndorfers and their I oaorn 'nK to take up her new duties daughter, Phyllis and the A J. Fthrs ' ** anaesthetist at the "UUte Corn- spent Wednesday at the L. C Miller • P^V of Mary" hospital in Chicago, home near Plum Creek, helping witn ! Mis * McCrary. a registered nurse. Huff hfev^nrr ! H Aft U/nrlrfeH a St. Benedict Sugar Beet Harvest Over St. Benedict: The sugar beet bar- , r A^h^n^'" VlL S , ^° n ' M /ji *»: Virgil. ; Nelson and daughter butchering Mrs. Will Arndorfer called on Ltona Downs at Mason City Friday. She accompanied J. O. Downs and Mrs. John Raskopf who drive over aimoit daily. Mrs. Downs is much improved. John Ludwig of Fort Dodge arrived Thursday to spenu a. few days at the Greg Studer home. He is a brother of Mrs. Studer. Thursday, Mr. and Mrs. Greg Studer. Mr. Ludwig and Geo. Ludwig were callers at tht JoLn Arend Rome. has worked several years in St Paul. FOU ¥••: Now Eve inche. longer from hamper to bumper. Roomier bodies— more luggage space. New styling. Hfdrtutiie broke*. Scientific soundproofing. Triple-cushioned comfort. 85 or 60 hp. V-8 engine. V-i Ti «M». Mffa.. S424*-^M It*. «,!... 01 LUXE FOIO V-t: Pro. Tides all the basic Ford features, with extra luxury. Remarkable amount of equipment included in price. Hydraulic brakes. 85-hp. V-8 engine. Sets a new high for low-priced cars — in appearance mil performance. at. 0* L»« *«rd V-* Forriar S*da« AND THE NEW MERCURY 8 for 1939 MERCUIY •: An entirely new c«r. Fit* into ibe Ford line beiween the De Lu*e Ford and the Lincoln-Zephyr. Distinctive styling. 116-ioch wheelba*e. Unu»u»lly wide bodie*. Remarkably quiet. Hydraulic brakes. New 95- kp. V-8 engine. West Bend Party West Bend: Mrs. A Meiton was huateas at a party held in her apsirtment* at the Frfcd Hoffert home, Thursday afternoon. Mra. Geo. McLaugtlin was assisting howes*. The afternoon was spent playing games with Mrs. E<iiUi Evaus wincing the prise. The host- eises served a luncii after the games. This week the same folks met at the Mrs. Brady Singleton home and the husband were invited to attcad. Livermore Man Gets Two Finger* Cut Off Ljvermore: Martin Miller, who lives southeast of Uverraore had the misfortune to cut two negtr., from hut right hand last Thursday while operating a corn picker at his farm. Mr. Miller is getting along very well and if complications do not set in, he will be on regular duty shortly. Several women itota the local Woman'* Home Missionary society are making plum to attend a group meeting at LuVerne Wednesday, Oregoaian Viata Fenton Featon: Mrs. P. H. Lathrop of Salem, Oregon, who came Friday (or a month's viait with her parents, Mr. ansl Mm. H. A. Thompson at Burt, called ou Fentoa frieiida the fore part of th* week. Mrs. JLathrop in a former Ktoton teacher. Th* M«rc*ry V-I • The new cars in the Ford Quality Croup for 1939 give you a hroad choice. Whichever you choose, whatever you pay, you'll get lop value for your money. That is true of the lowest priced car or the highest. AH have one important thing in common—inherent quality. Their quality comes from fine materials, precision fcoikmanihip, and from the fact that Lack of these cars is the only automobile plant of its kind—where production processes are controlled from iron ore to finished car—and savings passed along as extra value. Thinp ure happening in the automotive wor d this year! Nowhere k the advance more marked than in the Ford Quality Group. See our dealer.. 0< ./o, e you buy sofSQOOfHvefCfnffmfnaef^^ KENT MOTOR CO. POBD SALES AMD SERVICE Phone 434 Algona, Iowa

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