The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 1, 1938 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 1, 1938
Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Mphies, Algofla, Iowa, Nov. i, 1338 ,88 YEARS HONORED Lotts Creek: Those who helpei Mr. Ohm celebrate Ihs 88th birth day Were: Mr. and Mrs. Otto Ohm of Fenton, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Leln- Inger and family of Whlttemore Ernest Haack and Wm. Boettcher of Fenton, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Ohm o) Penton, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schal- Hn of Algona and Mr. and Mrs, Fred Schmidt and Robert and Luella Schmidt of Lone Rock, Mr. and Mrs. ,• Martin F. Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Mlttag, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pompe, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Radig and Mr. and Mrs. Martin Dreyer and son, Lerle Lee, all of Lotts Creek. Mr. Ohm is in good health and we wish him many more happy birthdays, August Gade of West Bend was a Wednesday dinner guest at the Hugo Faulstlch home. Ada Fiene came home Thursday from Ames to visit with her parents, Rev. and Mrs. Fiene. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Potratz visited at the Wllmer Wichtendahl home Thursday evening. -Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Fuarstenau visited at the home of Mrs. Emil Laabs Thursday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Adam Lleb of Algona are at the home, of their son, Edwin Lleb, helping him with the corn picking. Margaret Fiene who is a nurse in the Mason City hospital/is spending a few days with Her parents, Rev. and Mrs. E. Fiene. Kenneth Kuecker who Is employed at the Erwin Si ems home at Whit- About Town Say* temore is home this week helping his parents with the corn picking. Frank Pompe. Art Fuerstenau. Tom Schmidt, W. H. Meyer and Martin Meyer, went to Humboldt to testify in behalf of the Peet Mineral Co., of Ottumwa. Mr. and Mrs. Art Jackman and daughter, Phyllis, drove to Algona, Thursday evening to visit at the Jack Dltsworth home at Algona, and to bring their daughter, Grace Ethel home, who has been visiting there during the week. 3: ST. PEOPLE INJURED ', St Benedict: Miss Rita .Arend had the misfortune of falling from a board in a corn crib recently and suffered a gash and bruises on h«r head. ' Roman Arend had a beet fork pierce his hand last week. Mrs. H. Erlckson had the misfortune of fracturing a rib by slamming a car door recently. Mrs. Geo. Clnk called on Mrs. Jack Ludwig, Friday afternoon. George Ludwig Is building a corn crib for Dr. Adams of Wesley. Rev. Kramer attended the funeral of his uncle at Ashton, Saturday. Miss Frances Dunlap and Louise Huscbka were Friday callers at the Arend home. ' .»•.,,.*•, Aftss Roslee Dorr left Monday for Mason City where she is getting ready for graduation from a business school. Joe Durnln helped cater to th folks at the state corn husking contest in one of the concessions a Ringsted. He reports 300 pound! of coffee were used and two tons o; welners, almost; a scant 130 pounds remained. * * * Four Algona boys followed Rev. Edge to Dakota Wesleyan college and all are on the football squad according to a picture from "that place. Bruns, Hanegan, Vinson and Banwart are the boys making good. * * * Local fans should be doubly interested in the great Minnesota- Northwestern football game last Saturday. Bell, a colored boy, seor- d three points for the Gophers. Jefferson, a colored lad, scored six points for Northwestern. That's all the points scored. * * * Don Ameche, radio and screen tar, is featured in the Movie Mirror vith his life story. Don is at the lead of the Sunday Charlie McCarthy programs. He has an ardent listener and follower In Father Ahmann. The two were classmates in school for four years. * * • Hunting ducks Is a hiuuirdoiu job for most people. Chas. Nlcoulln takes it easy and gets a bag full. He carries a stool and sits comfortably in a corn field beneath a flyway and waits. * * * diet Williams is improving as n shooter since the opening day when he filled his pockets with 65 shells. The ducks swished past In a hurry, Chet would shoot and miss. The ducks would come back as fast, Chet would shoot and miss. He reached into his coat and found it bare and then he looked at the half arc of empties at his feet and realized he was outdone, an empty game sack. • * • Politics is reaching a near high level In tne matter of bringing to one an idea of office seeker according to an ad in Saturday's local paper. It's a shame to ridicule a home town citizen who reared a family _here, pays and paid taxes to build up the city and community, big enough to help organize and head the contmerclal club, serve as county attorney, sit in the House of Representatives and the Senate, give a keynote address at the Republican National convention and small enough to stop and talk with those he knows on the street. Let us hope that ad is not the sentiments of all the opposing party members. If it is, the next two years are going to be boresome running around holding one's nose. Sorry for those fine gentlemen in office who would not be guilty of such practices. * * * But then men of the calibre who rceive brickbats are not all so bad. Remember a few years ago when cabbage and other spoiled fruit were hurled at Rudy Vallee and bis band? Today Rudy baa .done quit* weU by himself, and Is entertaining millions of people after completing a nine year consecutive run on the radio. He continues. other lines. So— it may run In $156,085 Saved Annually $156,085 Saved Annually THOMAS L. CURRAN War Veteran Both Candidates For State Secretary Of Agriculture Have An Official Record In That Office HEBE IS THE COMPARISON Thomas L. Curran (See. 1937) General Maintenance Cost $321,815.00 (Appropriations by Legislature) Fees & Licenses Collected (Turned into General Fund) Inspections Made Figures taken from official state records. If you appreciate an annual saving of *156,085 — VOTE FOR — THOMAS L. CURRAN For SECRETARY OF AGRICULTURE DEMOCRAT This ad paid for by friends of Thomas L. Curran Republican Candidate (See. 1932) $477,900.00 $591,022oO $290,701,00 185,772 162,638 MANY WESLEYANS AT STATE MEET Wesley: Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Haverly and son, Don, Mr. and Mrs. XJeo. Johnson and Mrs. J. L. Studer Attended the state corn husking contest at Ringsted Thursday. Others who attended the corn ftusking contest were the Joe Ooetz, Geo. Wards, Chas. Kraus, Jr., Lawrence Hlld- man, Alvln Loebig, Eugene Klrsh- baum, Mike Lloyd, Bob Studer/ John and Junior Bottom', Ralph Bauer, Pearly Haynes, Dennis, Tom and Lou Vitzthum, Bob Moore and Fay Ward. Hutching Baby Baptized The baby boy born to Mr. and Mrs. Linus Hutchlns recently was baptized Sunday at St. Joseph's Catholic church and named Gary Lee. Ed Hauptmann, the grandfather, and Mrs. Clara Thissen, an aunt, were sponsors. Sister Camilla Honored Sister Mary Camilla of St Joseph's parochial school was appointed leader of the group In her field of work at the annual teachers' convention at Algona last Monday at which the iacesan school superintendent, Rev. 2. Ivis presided and released a ourse of study to meet the approval f his faculty. Carnival Nets $200 Supt. Eldon Ravlin reported that the carnival which was held Friday and Saturday nights, Oct. 21 and 22, had gross receipts of nearly $200. Henry Arndorfer and Lillian Johnson were chosen king and queen, respectively, of the carnival. Mrs. Ed Hlldman will entertain the members of her bridge club on Wednesday, Nov. 2. Want Ad* TOM SHERMAN Water Witch Algona Man Tells of Water Witching In Younger Days Tom Sherman, well known Algona citizen for many years, in a letter to the Forum page of the Des Moines Register, relates how he located water in Humboldt county with a willow twig over BO years ago. Here Is how Tom found the water: 'The letters In The Sunday Open Forum concerning the reliability of the water witch as a means of locating subterannean veins of water recall that something more than 50 years ago while teaching a rural school at Owl lake in Humboldt county I "witched" a well for Geo. R. Pearsons of Fort Dodge. "The previous summer Pearsons had made some deal with local authorities to drain the lake and the marsh adjoining, and in return receive title to the lake bed, and the riparian rights of the adjoining lands. He wanted to dig a well and one evening asked where he could get a "water witch." I told him I could locate water for him as I was an experienced water witch. I had often manipulated the willow and apple twigs in a manner that would deceive even the elect. He at once asked me to see what I could do. The school house was on the south shore of the lake and just across the road was the site he had selected for his bulldnigs, so the following day during the noon In- Bert Southard Dies Bert Southard, who came from one Of Algona's early day families died at a hospital in Mason City las Wednesday, after ah Illness of about three years. He had been at the hospital two \veeks. Bert was born in Algona, October 22,1875, and had lived in Mason City for the past 30 years. Of the family there are four brothers surviving. SOCIETY For Sale FOR SALE—Good gentle matched team (cheap); 1 real nice Shetland pony; will trade for cattle or hogs.—H. M. Colwell, phone 445. 44 FOR SALE—Black faced bucks— C. E. Detrlck, phone 5F4, Algona. 44 FOR SALE—Duroc boars, vaccinated—H. B. Thecsfleld, 2 miles south of Fenton on 44. 44* FOR SALE—Fur trimmed coat, size 12, with hat and muff to match. —Mrs. L. J. Reed, 633 No. Minn. St. 44' FOR SALE:—6-room modern bungalow and 2 lots. $2,300.—C. W, Nlcoulln, Algona, Iowa. 44-45 FOR SALE—Typewriter ribbons, typing paper, clasp envelopes, at The Algona Upper Des Moines office. FOR SALE—35' Spotted Poland China boars, new blood.—Marean Larson, Ringsted. 39-tf FOR SALE—New portable typewriters, Corona and Underwood, $29.75 and up. One rebuilt, standard alze Underwood. At The Algona Upper Des Moines office. Wanted RAWLEIGH ROUTE available at once. Good opportunity for man over 25 with car. Write at once.— Rawlelgh's, Dept IAK-11-105, Freeport, 111. 44» WANTED—Experienced woman 'or general house work.—Mrs. L. J. Dickinson. 43 WANTED—Man with car for profitable Rawleigh Route. Must be satisfied with good living to start Write Rawlelgh's, Dept. IEJ-11-101. Free port, 111. 43* Miscellaneous NOTICE—There will be a Kossuth county truck owners meeting, Nov. 3, at the court house at 8 p. m., sharp. Be present if possible.— Walter Steven, secretary. 44 METAL SPOUTING repairs now will preserve the life of your home and increase your comfort. Call Oeorge Holtzbauer, phone 83, plumb- ng, heating and sheet metal. 44 RE-ELECT C. W. STORMS (DEMOCRAT) AUDITOR OF STATE 'An Administration Without Fear or Favor Saving* of hundreds oi thousand* oi dollar* in th* admin- libation oi state institutions through revisions in contract*, obtaining refund* and in disposing of non-productive prop. Wty. Busines*-lilte ai-ditiug oi all •tat* expenditures. For exam- pi*! on* contract la force for Mvuol year* and coiling the •tat* 1400,000.00 wa» immediately cancelled by recom- UKUdatlon oi the department 3. In each oi the past three year*, over $200.000.00 due th* taxpayer* ha* been recovered lot the county funds. 4. In addition, shortage* totalling $150,000.00 hav* been recovered for th* countie* by th* county audit division. 5. Shortage* totalling $85.000.00 nave been unearthed and partially recovered ior 105 title*. 6. In school audit*, school examiners have pointed out many forms oi saving and additional source* ol school tax revenue. To Continue This Fine Business Record VOTE NOVEMBER 8th FOR C . W. STORMS POLL PARROTT shoes. The sol • ution to the children's shoe problem! They fit and they're all leather to wear and wear. Get full information at Kresensky's. 44 termission I secured a willow twig and went to work. "Casually inquiring about where he wanted the well, I began a preliminary survey of the site, knowing full well that water would be found at about 30 feet, the water table under the alluvial soil of Iowa was much nearer the surface then than it is now. "I gravely got my twig In the right position and circled the spot and crossed and recrossed It a couple of times, and finally came to a stop a few feet from where he wanted the well and announced that water in abundance would be found at 30 feet. He dug the well and found water as predicted. Many years afterwards I saw the well intact and still doing business.—T. C. Sherman, Algona. « . Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Potoff of Carroll arrived here to visit Mrs PototTs mother, Mrs. Huschka, and Al Rosenmeyer. Mrs. Smitz also accompanied them here to visit the Nick and John Roskopf homes. Thirty-five members of the junior class of the Algona high school enjoyed a Hallowe'en dancing party at the shelter house at the Call 3tate Park, Saturday evening:. Brooks Potter and Russell Buchanan were the hosts. A late luncheon was served. Twenty friends honored Mrs. Chester Cook at a party at her lorne, Saturday, afternoon. The fternoon was spent socially and at games. Mrs. Ralph Moe, Mrs. Oliver Moe and Mrs. W. Bowman were hostesses, and served refreshments. The Rebekah lodge entertained at bingo party at the Dehnert hotel, Thursday afternoon. Hostesses, 'ho served the luncheon were Mrs. 'earl Moore, Mrs. Bert Cronan, Mrs. Sylvia Bilsborough and Mrs. Ella 'adgett Twenty-six women attend- d. The Presbyterian Helping Hand society will meet Thursday afternoon at the church. The hostesses will be Mrs. C. R Murtagh, Mrs. R. M. Wallace. Mrs. H. L. Turner. Mrs. H. J. Bacon, Mrs. Mary Smith and Mrs. M. W. Ferguson. The M. R Ladles Aid will meet for a 1:15 luncheon Thursday afternoon Nov. 3. Mrs, Roy Keen's division will be in charge. Bring a lOc shower gift for kitchen or combine with group for larger gift The sixth grade pupils of the Third Ward school and their teachers. Miss Carrie Durant and Miss Christensen enjoyed a Hallowe'en party at the Bert Baldwin home, Friday night. The Ladies' Association meeting will be held Thursday at the Congregational church. A one o'clock luncheon will be served by Mrs. T. H. Larson's circle. There is to be a program. The First Lutheran Dorcas society will meet at the church parlors, Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Ben Bakken and Mrs. George Miller will be the hostesses. Mrs. C. R. LaBarre entertained her contract bri0ge club at two tables, Tuesday afternoon of last week. Mrs. L. t, Saul was a guest of the club. ' ' The Baptist Aid meets at the church on Thursday. Hostesses are Mrs. Henry Furst, Mrs. Roy Woold- Hdge, Mrs. O. R. Cook, and Mffl. Oliver Moe. The Trinity Lutheran Aid meets Thursday afternoon at two o'clock with Mrs, Fred Jacobs and Mrs. John Hemiihga as . The W. ft. C club *rhicft tt the auxlllaift of the & A;.«. mt With Mrs. Wille Friday for a social afternoon. Style Leaders for 68 Years For well over half a century, tills store has been style headquarters for the women of this trade territory. For thirty years, The Chrischllles Store Hat* been a leader In the ladles? ready-to- wear field. During this long span of years, other stores have come and gone—but this store has kept pace with changing times and conditions. Today, we stand, dedicated to those cardinal principles of Honesty, Square Dealing, and Quality, which must always be the corner-stone of any successful business. Large assortments (equal to those of stores in cities many times larger than Algona) reasonable prices, fair adjustments—latest styles—all these are factors which enter into the success of The • Chrischllles Store. We bring these facts to you, THE CUSTOMER, because reliability, confidence and stability are still o! as much Importance a* ever and these virtues, combined with those mentioned above, must enter into every retail purchase you make. Trade with the reliable old CHRISCHIULES STORE and get FULL SATISFACTION for every dollar you spend. VOTE FOR ACTION " LOANS—Personal, Auto. Cars Refinanced, lower payments.—L. S. Bohannon, Hutchison Bldg., Algona, Iowa. 44 REFINANCE all of your bills in one place. Low rate, convenient payments without mortgage or cosigners.—Marshalltown Financial Credit System, E. E. Seegebarth. branch mgr., phone 3013, Lone Rock. 44* DROP IN at Sampson's Tire Service when in need of a used tire or tube. .tf FOR RENT—Two heated office rooms over Moe & Sjogren store. Can be rented as a suite or separate ly-—Haggard & Peterson. Inquire Algona Upper Des Moines office. 35 WANTED—Your dead stock- prompt, sanitary removal. Phone 7, Algona. We pay all phone calls.— Algona Rendering Co. 11-tf WINDOW GLASS-Prices lowest in years. Storm sashes fitted. Labor rates reasonable. .. —Lusbys Druf? Store. 35-tf I AM making long time farm loans ut 4'.i% interest with no stoclt to buy and no red tape.—M. P. Hag- gurd, Aigona. 38-IS' For Your Car A NEW BATTERY- will relieve you of all doubt whether or not your car will start in the morning. We can actually save you some money on batteries.—Meyers Service, ' State and Jones. Phone 80. 44 ACQUAINT YOURSELF with Hudson-built cars. They're tops in tcfinomy, performance and double braking features.—Lloyd Gross, Algona dealer. 44* INDEPENDENT —No sir—the customer is the boss at this service station. What you say goes; even children are our bosses.—Stewart Chajnplin Service. 44 LET US VULCANIZE those broken tires and tubes. All work guaranteed.—Sampson Tire Service. 6-U State and National Ticket For United States Senator: GUY M. GILLETTE For Governor: NELSON G. KRASCHEL For Repreaenstative in Congress Eighth District H. LLOYD EVELAND For Lieutenant Governor JOHN K. VALENTINE For Secretary of State ROBERT E. O'BRIAN For Auditor of State C. W. STORMS For Treasurer of State LEO J. WEGMAN For Secretary of Agriculture THOMAS L. CURRAN For Attorney General JOHN H. MITCHELL For Commerce Commhutloner* HARRY B. DUNLAP RONALD L. RYAN For Superintendent of Public Instruction LUCY E. HALL For Judge* of the Supreme Court (Three to be Elected) JOHN W. ANDERSON MAURICE F. DONEGAN JOHN W. KINTONaER (To Fill Vacancy) ERNEST M. MILLER County Candidates For State Representative PHILIP J. KOHLHAAS For' County Auditor E. S. (DUKE) KIN8EY For County Treasurer M. J. DUFFY For Clerk of the District Court KATHARINE MO EVOY For County Sheriff CASEY LOSS For County Recorder J. J. DOOLEY For County Attorney L A. WINKEL For County Coroner DR R. A. EVANS For Member Board Superlson, Dlst No. 1 J. H. FRA8ER For Member Board Supervisor* Di*t No. 2 W. E. MC DONALD For Member Board Supervisor* Di»t No. 3 W.SOOSCrROVE For Member Board Supervisors Dist No. 4 JULIUS W. BOLLia Vote for Achievements, Not Talk! Proven performance is what counts, and the Democratic Party has a record of Action! 1—AAA BEJHEFIT PAYMENTS fc-OOBN LQAN PROGRAM 3-FABJLlitlARKETS ROADS 4^HOifEflfB£p EXEMPTION 5-REBA1H3TATION fr-FARM DEBT ADJUSTMENT 7—RURAL ELEOTRIFIOATIOlf

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