The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 15, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 15, 1949
Page 9
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TUESDAY, MARCH 15, 1949 HT.YTHEVTU.H; (Arm PAGE NINB Fittings and Site Set Home Price Size Only One Reason Some Houses Cost More Than Others Wlial facials Inrlnenee the sell ijin price of a house'/ The fact thai a SM.OOO Mouse may be twice as large as the 58.000 house la few blocks away is only one rea- I son why it costs more it '.vas Ipoinled out today by the Consmic- 1 tion Research Bureau. New York I clearing house (or bllildine Infor- 1 (nation. I The higher - priced resilience I stands on a larger, more costlv plot 1 ot ground In a more desirable lo| cation in the community; contains ..;uch moi'e equipment and other ti-lines and refinements of hl'jhcr I quality: has en individual, ensfm- 1 planned desi^ii nol foiind in the I low-priced home. I The S3.000 home occupies a plot seldom wirier than 130 feet. The house contains an average of 800 sonave feel of living soace. no move I lhan Kvo bedrooms and one white part-tiled bath. The S25.000 house Lhas 1,400 to 1,600 squnre fed ol Siving space: three or more bedrooms and two or more colored, fully-tiled bathrooms. Tim tiddi- li'nal size alone adds SS.001 to $7.500 lo construction cost. Refinements M:>ke Difference Most zoning ordinances reouire that a house of this si'/e shall occupy a' plot 85 fee: or more In width" This extra size may add up to S2.000 more to cost. If on a paved street, cost Roes up another SI.000 to $1.500: proximity lo a school may add S2SO or more. i The small house usually is ot ' frame construction or may have a front wall of masonry veneer. H lacks storm windows, has no p.araee. Included in Us sel!in K price arc kitchen ramjc of medium quality. laundry tubs, medium grade kitchen floor couering. a few built-in kitchen cabinets, automatic water heaters and sometimes a refrigerator nnd automatic washer. There is no fireplace. The heatin? plant is small. Many small homes have no snb- llooring. How Costs .lump The price of the $25,000 home Insurance May Be Terminated By Alterations Ttflmt makliiK allerations, home- niviicrs are advised by Insurance companies to check their policies and tnake .sure the changes are per- i milled. | j It Is possible to void a policy with [ • such apparently simple chairBes as i I installation of additional eloclrie 1 ! wiring, Ihc relocation ot a fuel oil 'tank, a chrmKe in type pf hci>:'n^ fuel u.sed OL- even the construction of a porch. If there is any question, consultation with the Insurance agent is recommended b'.-fore starling wor!; If it develops that the planned al- teiallon Is prohibited, a rider can usually be attached to the policy iind a method of safeguarded construction suctipsiecl by the will that will conform to Hie evl^tint; puliev. or a ll'"\v contract vrilK-n at a sliRlu increase In premium. Real Estate Transfers Planning Adds Convenience, Saves Space ICHICKASAWKA DISTRICT] ., . Jesse Brnum Weslmorlautl mul Luiah M. \Vc.stmorelaml to the Mississippi County Electric Company, rlphl of wuy line in Section 4- T | 1(1 iniorlor of any hous UN-10K, $1)03. lor old, usually needs sonip oh:ini>e.s Laliue and Charles K. I'cmbertpn n n 0 r Us now owner lives In It for in sorl time nnd ntemlxrs ol ihe I family discover (hat It l.< nnl ctim- plclclv adapted lo (heir living habits. [ There are many ways to Improve W. r. and O 'le Dora Shnv|> to | comfort and convenience, but un- Snii;h- ! |e,s ihe home-oivner cai dully 111 1 ', $1 i pbns (he chances livartvancp, costs rapidly. Many tmnrove- Ktlcy and O,:lc IJunkhi uila Cemetery. Inc.. '2 'I* Seclion 31-15N-9K, $78!.SD M,. soars in MOO and si. 000 jumps wlien incliulinjt a iireplaec. top-quality ! slate or tile tool out- Jol-n W. Sharp. UiL 5 ol Hi cn.-l (imiiier Section K-'5- aiin oilier ccnsideralion. Tlinla ncll Travis W l|K)le to C:irl H. I'nd Mary Jean 1/mg, S .1 o! L/>, at. B'-:-k "C" of '.lie Ilol- iem'nle Addition, $1 ni'd other con- :.i(ierRti fl n. Carl H. and Mary Jean UHIB lo Thlllii Hell Travis Walpolr. N •> ot tot 21 fit Ulock "C 1 of Hie Hiillen- rtalir Addition. J C. El'lJ.. St.. ami M Hie II. Ellis '.o Etirl iuid Willie Mac Simmons. N\V4 of Ihe NW 4 of Section 30 15N-11K. SIO.'OO. Burl :-nc' Vettrns Davidson to R L. and Mary Ellen Johnson. W 2 of stole or tile root, out- , ^ „ p f Blork 4 of i hc Bl ,,,.. .\cldl- door terrace, garase, sliding closcl d oljKl . consl rter; ti..ii. doors, picture windows, basement j,; scl)h tj Pnlsham «nd Elsie recreation room, rare wood for In- „ '. .. „,,,.,,,,., , o Lnriv ami - . terior trim rnd doors, air condi- i '. , ae !. lionin'!, complete nutomntic laundry. ami lav'^e numbers of hi"h- qualitv kitchen ua". incis and nther built-in features. Example-/ One builder reports that he puts slQO worth o[ kitchen cabinets in his sfl.OOO house: $1.400 worth In his Sl'o.nno iniMiuct. A distinctive or un- F.ll'Mir.m lo Lany .Joiincltc:' Caldvvcl!, L/'t 8 of liloci 'i of the Fnlphtim AtUlition. S'::0. Jrarph b. and Elsie Ornrtell P i!- -l^ni to Lillian D. Cross ley. L-jt 8 Blo-k 1 o: the FulBliain Addition, i can t'isr I'apldly. Many inenls can he mode by Ihe o'.\m-r himself If lie Is haiidy with putnl and lools. Storage .sheh'es. cabhli't 1 ! ami clo- scls must be planned fin cn-itest tlsc of s]>ace. \Vall logs nl chimney comers ai - e ideal for boi^shrU'es. A corner cunboard In Ihc iliuiii",- rnom Is u u ( 'i'd soiu:. r --s uer. ^mrc SV:M e in room corners. Is ollcn u\t-r- lookcd. A linen close! rxteiullim Irnm flooi- to celling nct'd be nn lii:''rer llu-n 18 bv •.>!". such an HI ca UMl:illy available in the rornei of a Inrll." A -vclcome addillnn lo ninut kncli- ens is a wide, hlnued shelf which will drop from the wall nml M-rve as a desk. A narrow shelf iihuve 11 can be used lo stoic cimkbooks and a Icleiihone exlrnslon 'I'lii^ simple operation of Building Permit Applications Fifed By Nine Persons Nine n]ii)Uciitioiis fnr vrsldenllftl buildltiK pt'nntts wci'f phicccl nu (Hi- ii> II"' olfli-c o( City Kiicliii'i-r Joe (Jiunoy rturliiK Hi* past \vi'i'k. Tulul i-^linntfil costs Itsleil m> (lip npplU-ntlons nmoimlcit (o $10.- •:oo. Applications \\\'\-f filfit by: K. U. Llp-sfonlb, lor n thiTi 1 ttlul onp-tuilf room frnnu 1 lAsldrnre on Clinton Bln>cl; <v.lliiinlrit rosl. *4.- COO. Milton Ciivnrss. [in- n torn' Miit one-halt room [iimie~iTshlt'wr; PS- llmiitrrt cost. J4,000. ' OM'nr Dodson, tor n [our-room f]:unc icsldi'tice nt First and Cole- rlduc HIiTots; rstlmnled cost. $2,OOU S. C. Mexnndcr, for n hilrk R.irnKo mid wR.stirooio M HOO West A^h: pMlmnlMi cost, $2.00(1. Wiillcr llomu'll. (or » lom-Kiutn fl'Limc irslilelKT i>nsl of llmviird SlrrcH; rsi imiili'il cost. Sl.flOO. Horn WuslllllKUm, for a Iwo- room frume rrslilriicr nt 112 I' Imon; ullin«lrd «>sl $500, A l/niis l.yniiin, tin" u Iwo-mimi i, [rilllic H'Mllcnco on Tluinms Slli-i-l: if; csilin;Ucd u>.st $100. II. Wcodc'r. to nclil loom. i>oivh unit Kcii(-rnlly repair n'sldeiur \vrsi of Howiml Stra't; e.sllimli'il rusl. »1,000. l-'ml Snltbii, for n II"' nml IHII- hnlf loom Inli'k vrntier n-Mili-mo In Hill-Is Third Addition; I'stlmui- cci I-.HM. $-t,UOO. rrfiiKOd xrMs at nn The American Wornun Su»frK« Afler 1 nll-Klavcn 1 convention In l/>ndon iii'ielln Moll nn<( Kllziibcth Catly Uinton held a women's ri«ht con- cnlu n at Senecu Talln. N. Y. As.sodallon passed out of In ly^O \s-hcn women received ihv vote. Us place was taken by th« Nnllunal League of Women VoUri, The Friendly Yard Itohinsuit l.iuulicr 4% HOME LOANS Kllii'i-l S. Johnson Tin- Kt|iiit:il>lL''c Asstii'iiiH'O Society I'litiur VilK fcvrnllijt* Thomas K. Morrow and MUTOW to Jol'.n Willis anil Elizn- .;>L'.1.U1!U IJllKlllLI. I\ (II^'.IIHIH L Ul nil- . .Ml.LH'\\ l^ J nvji... usual floor plan a-'ds lo Ihe price. ' l-tli Brolherlon, Lots 5 Slid G. Block • ' • Henry Aslinbranuer Aodi- bnt the Ijmei 1 ii^mllv sets a house t'.K't mcvls his Idea o[ what a home .should contain. i Few Imildei's today skimp on tiual- I Ity of Ij'isi- building mafri-.ils. us- iny the same lnnil)C]' firndes in the low-priced end hii;h-"i iced house. the spine grades of li:ne. cnnenl and nlister. Ihc ihicknrss and euantity of lusi'hll-vv I'su-lly, workmen wi'h Rreater sVill nre employed at premium nay on the hiyh- uriccd hofsc. Mu:-.t homes in all price brackets now lia\ - e copper and brr-s-! pltimiiini. natnvally | firenrouf tlicrmal Insvtlntion. firc- i resist ant roofs and are carefully put tojrthcr \vilh closcly-spnccd. well-braced framing. 13 d'-ors so that they will *v In^ in a different direction will oflen i«!d several seuare feet to a room's «lvc more wall space (or [ nilure. \ voritty i;--i to M nil:', si.u:" P A robi!'.S'»n to M rtlri R'>bin- .s--n V'i-"s!U. lot 10 and lr> leet of L-ii 11 BV-rk 10 of t!-e C'.ili-k-'.suwbA Adoilion le rlylhevillc. $1 and nliiar (•(•"-'rtcrntion.- II'iiK-i- p.nri A-tdir- P:.-l!cr to B" 1 '' •.ml V"t:rus D vidsmi. Ln( R. WlKf. 4 -•' RiifVlc- H(i-hls Adtl"'"'!. $700. H n Aiken and Willie M ••<• Alkali lo Ciollnilia Simmons and M'nme •--inm-oi-s. I nt 5. BVx-'- of the H. R .{•••-u Svb-Mvision, J3CO. Warren T. and Sana I). Davul- ..nti lo Mis. Eunice Lancaster Y-i.n". rarl of l/.)t 6. Block S of l.l'l D-v.s Srecrd Addition. S'l-OM. E. C. pnd Lora Mae Fireman If 1 ro 1 pnd Emma Donncr. plot 15' by ISO !ert near Die Bonlh Road Ditch n' tl-e Arkansas Stale High- 18. flSO. nvcll nr.d Geraldine l,ansi"<- to R C Coicman. plot 15t) by «5 15 feet in section in-l5N-HE. 5'.4.25Q. Odis B and H'Kl Harmon to CTV P. fiid Lynda Tatc. Lol S. Hlork 1 ol Carulhcrs Addition lo M-nilK. 5: 200. Joseph L FiiU-hTim and El.sis Orr.deil Fr.lsl'am. to M:":k M. Grant. Lit U. I'l^ck 2 of the Fxilghmn Addition, S-'50. Jose-ih L. Pnloliam and Elsie Oivdell fMlghrm lo Willie and Ad- riie Hulett, Lot 9. Block 2 of the FuWiam Addition. 4250. John and Nettie Russell to W. L. Fin'ey. Lot 2. Block B of the Henry A-hab:annrr Addition to Manila, SI and other consideration. J E. Flowers and Ethel Flowers to Norman Shields. Lot R of the Heplat of-the O. S. Rollison Addi tion of Seclion 8-15N HE. J600. L. H. and Mary Trusty to Charle,R. and Bef.trice Brown, a plot 40 b: 150 feet in Section 17-15 N-BE. »!,. Well-Worded Sign Greet Visitors to Office of Little Rock Health Office LITTLE ROCK. March IS i,!V - Vi.sitors lo the office of Or. Willtm P. Scarlett, Little Rock lii'nllh of fleer, have no doulH us lo the rie urce of welcome exlendrd tliein. A Mr,ii on lib door rends: Notice to visilois Friendly calls, two minutes. Friendly calls nvhcn bnsvi niinnte. Ihsuianco agents, five seconds Mn°.' zinc sule.sine]!. four se ou'l. r , Sto:k and bonds, three seconds, Ftieiuis with ti|W> on the horses. ci e-hnlf secoiul. Friends looking for a free meal. too bl:sy. Friends invilinj- ns to lunch .t'.vo liom-s. Visitors with legiliniale btisinc,^, ah'.'ays at your service. onn MOVED TO NEW LOCATION 112 No. First Street Behind Lemons Furniture Stor* Clan Heath Co. Same Phone — 828 ico. Albert Piul Lois Jean Fuilcy to \V. U FinLcy, L/jt 1. Ulo:k B of Llw Henry Aslinhi-nnnfr Addition lo Mntilla, SI aiul oilier coDsiclcrntinn. "JJi» dreues Hint wny btcauti tiei IP-Cos itovt mdkej fcir In) l» ot "Horn* on Iht rangt." \in>. mo, will feel like ^omiiiR "^'i|)[u•c" ulicn )ou ilul titw l.)'.Ci» raui;t An.! no wuiulcr! You alwjy* ciuik >our IH-M «ilh I.P-Cias. \\ f h.u'» more, no uial or wood lo i.irry . . . lio »%lici 10 fnipiy'. . . IHI >nloky w;ilh. l.ct liv sliov\ you lunv link ii null lo i-njuy [In ficciliitii ol in 1 !'-C;.i\ kiulicn. Elytheviile Propane Co., Inc. The Best in LUMBER nnil complete BUILDING SERVICE AND SUPPLIES Builder's Supply Co., inc. W. II. I'easc .]. Wilson Henry Siuitli HivvHv lil I'luinc 2i:'it Ninth Highway fil Vlionc R27 WAKE UP! Here's the Opportunity To Own Your own HOME! 25'x25' SURPLUS ARMY BUILDING (Shown After Conversion) FOR HEALTH'S SAKE BABY CHICKS SPECIAL! l-'nr ;i I.iiniluil Time 4A ?^95 Baby | J per Chicks hundred I. K. ASHCRAFT CO. t.'hrro A Itiillniacl. I'hiine VIM FOR SALE Concrete culverts, \'t Inch l»?,jl» icli. pluhi ur rtellforced.. A|M •nlieretn Bullillln Rliiclu chr«rp- r than lumber fnr barns, chlctoa uusrs. iiutnii houses, tenant louses, (onl shells. We deliver. Call us for free estimate . -,' lihone IJ9I. '^i OSCEOLA 5. TILE & CULVERT CO. Seed Soybeans Our Specialty ^ SPRING PLANTING OATS I Alsn Alliiirn, l.tspcile/a, S\vccl Stidun. Siuliin. l'astti|e iMixlinos, l.awn Mixlurcs nnd (ilhoi t'ielii seeds, ji Call l!a I'nv Your llciiuirenienls '''; BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORPORATION^ Blythovillc, Ark. ; ; > 856 Phones 857 L | $695 F. 0. R. LOADING 1'OINT A small deposit will hold at today's prices Don't confuse these buildings with any others ever offered in this torn- nuinily. Conies complete with 2'xfi' rnflers, 2'x8' floor joists, double hung windows, double floors and n 210 I,b. shingle roof. Completely built ol seasoned lumber. Truly yotir home in a hurry. Comt In ... Call ... or Writ* For Frit information Mid-South Surplus Building Co. 108 No. 5th Blytheviile, Ark. Write % P.O. Box 123 After 5 P.M. Call 2720 Phone 4905 DRINK WATER That's not a particularly astounding sl;ilcmcn( liccnusc we itll lesrned in grammar school that it's healthful In drink fi hij{ glasses of water every clay of the year. All we wish lo point out is that your Water Company is on duly 21 houis each day lo see that your home is supplied with clean, frcslt, sanitary water . . . a vital thing for your health. Blytheviile Water Co "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity" Nu-Wa Offers You the Biggest Laundry Value! ROUGH DRY BUNDLE ALL FLAT WORK FINISHED ' ; ; WEARING APPAREL STARCHED : Shirts Finished 12c each Extra Pants Finished 20c each Extra ' '• Call 4474 - 4475 ' NU-WA LAUNDRY CLEANERS Six Service Trucks ' \ • MEAT CURING • STORAGE ^ • FOOD LOCKERS f- • PR6CESSING FOR HOME FREEZERS % BLAYLOCK'S Highway 61 North — Phone 3172 ^ Baby Chicks • Custom Hatching •lags f T

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