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The Merthyr Express, Aberdare and East Glamorgan Herald, Tredegar and West Monmouth Times from Merthyr Tydfil, Mid Glamorgan, Wales • 9

Merthyr Tydfil, Mid Glamorgan, Wales
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Saturday ABERDARE FEIE. AND EISTEDDFOD. prize had been shared between the Abcrdaro Ladies and Aloagitaiwg Glee Singers, Ton Pentre, each or whom gained 87 marks. The high standard in the above competition was more than malntaMed In the other two events, the placings in whim were as follow: SOCCF.SSFUL FUNCTION Al' PLASNEWYDD. Mixed Choral Merthyr Vale and Aberf an.

We Never Will Bow Down." 87 mats: 2. Mountain Ash Pestival Choir. "And the Glory of the Lord." 88; 3 Cor Glyn. Liwydeoed. "And the Glory of the Lor 81; 4.

Ovandare. "We never will Bow Down." 80. PRESENTATION TO MR. W. NI LLEWELLYN, J.P.

The beautiful grounds of Plasnewydd. Llwvdooed Aberdare, kindly lent by Mr. Richard Buxton, presented a very animated scene on Thursday, on the occasion of the holding of the annual garden fete and eisteddfod in aid of the funds 01 the Elizabeth Llewellyn Nursing Association. Aberdare. This event, which has become one of the outstanding social and musical gatherings of the district, is organised by the officers of the association, President.

Mrs. Charier, Edwards; Mr. W. M. Llewellyn.

3.P; secretary, Mr. Wyndham Thomas; and treasurers. Mrs. E. 13.

Humphries and Mr. Frank Rich. assisted by the committee. The event. which was attended by thous ands of people, was one a the most sucermful of recent years.

There were attractions for every taste and all ages, from the ever-popular kww-la in the mammoth draught fruit and flower stalls. refreslunrrits. weight-guessing ootnpetitions and raffles. In the one ()art of the grounds, and then to the other part, where there was the really eisteddfod for glee parties (12 entnesf, male voice (six entries) and hiked choral (four entries). THE OPENING.

Male Voice Trelewis. 'Crossing the marks: 2. Cambrian Colliery. "Charge of the Light Brigade," 3, Colliery. Mountain Ash, "Babylon's Wave," 4, Deep Duttryn, Mountain Ash, "Crossing the Plain, 88.

At the garden fete every possible thing had been done to ensure the happiness and comfort of the visitors. An excellent of music was provided by the thrwatin Brass Band under Bandmaster Edwards. Muth credit is due to everyone who assisted in the organisation. to whom however. the greatest reward is fact that it was a great success.

TREHARRLS TENNIS FINALS. The Treharris open tennis tournament Was concluded on Wednesday and resulted In handsome profit for the Hospital Fete funds. Results were as follow: MEN'S SINGLES. First Round. he opening ceremony, at which Mr.

Gnttith LlewoLyn, Mertiffr, was performed by Mr. T. Johns. J.P.. genend manager, Messrs.

D. Davis anti F'erndale. D. R. Jones beat Leslie Drake: T.

Harvard boat K. Harrison; R. Vowles beat Gwesyn Jones: -di. Evans boat Ivor Walters: J. Williams beat E.

R. Jones: W. Williams beat A. Lett. Second Round.

During ceremony Mr. Dd. oldest workman at the Bwllfa Collienas. presented Mr. W.

M. Llewellyn With vl oilpainting of himself and his hounds in a hunting scene the present iton being the outcome of a fund cornmowed some years ago, a portion of had been earmarked for this Puri) D. R. Jones beat T. Harvard: H.

Evans beat Vowles: W. Williams beat R. J. Williams: B. Cir Units beat I Roberts; J.

Farmer beat 0. Evans; P. Hall beat BaHard Evans: 8. Edwards beat T. Watkins; Emlyn Perkins a bye.

The was MLse Molly Latham, 01 Hove The speakers were Mr. W. H. Davies. Mountain Ash: Mr.

D. Jacob Price. Abercroon: Mr. David Price. Hirwaun; Mrs.

T. Walter Williams. M.E. and Mr. Edward Pugh, Mr W.

M. Llewellyn responded and thanked everyone for the hcatour be- Mowed uoon him that afternoon, and ev. his appreciation of the excellent ivorX being done for the Nursing Association THr MERTHYR NEWS IN PICTURES Ifers who met in an exhibition game. Friday. Centre: Police-sergeant P.

years' Miss Jean Davies a. Below (right): The Earl of PIP Photo Merthyr F.xiness. 1 Aro Er 'Pr' 111: i i i .4 i i. i 1 I As i. 4 1 re I all I ''S opli 1r ir -1 3 i 4 .4.4.4 1 11 1 A.

f- 1 II fl 4 i 4 4: 4 3 ,4 4, 4 a. Il it 0 a L- Our composite pkture County ana Mortal's Castle Cof Below on the left: The Earl of Plymouth inspecting Ex-Servicemen at Dowlais or Botting, who retires this week from the Merthyr Borough Constabulary after 31 and Miss Freda Protheroe with the cups they won at the Merthyr Swimming Gala mouth opening the new British Legion Headquarters at Dowlaik Third Round. D. R. Jones beat 11.

Jones; W. beat E. Perkins; B. Griffiths beat J. Farmer; J.

Farmer; P. Rail beat S. Semi-final. W. Williams beat D.

R. Jones; B. Griffiths best P. HsII. Final.

B. Griffiths beat W. Williams. 8-1. 8-3.

WOMEN'S SINGLES. First Round. Miss M. Pugh beat Mrs. Edwards; Pass R.

Lloyd best Miss Partner; Mrs. Robertson best Mrs. D. Thomas. Semi-final.

Miss R. Lloyd beat Miss M. Pugh; Mrs. Robertson bye. Final.

Miss R. Lloyd beat Mrs. Robertson 6-2, 6-3. COMPETITION RESULTS. The at the eisteddfod were Mess regory Evans.

Pontypridd. and Matthew Davies, Neath. The entries were of record dimensions, but quantity did hut in any way Interfere with The general opinion 6 upheld when the result of the first competition for the glee announced. when it was seen that the first i 4, fo i II A of Officers of the Elizabeth Llewellyn Nursing Association, Aberdare. PY a le: Standing (left to right) Mr.

Henry Jones, Mr. D. J. Davies, Mr Edward Pugh, Mr. W.

Buxton, and Mr. D. Jacob Price (Chairman). :3 ated: Mr. R.

Buxton, Plasnewydd; Mr, W. M. Llewellyn, J.P., Mr. David Evans. TRADES COUNCIL PROTEST FROM THE LODGE P.A.C.

APPPOINTMENTA. At the meeting of the Aberdare Trades and Labour Council on Thursday, Mr. W. Pirrle presiding, a resolution was considered from the Bwilfa-Joint miners lodge urging the Council "to register Its strongest protest against the unfair and Irregular mar.ner In which appointments are made to posts under the Public Assistance The letter from the Bwllfa Joint Lodge, oigned by Mr. Edmund Stonelake, J.Y., the secretary, stated: "I was also instructed to endeavour to get the County Councillors to attend, as charges of unfairness In the matter of these appointments will probably be made against them." Mr.

J. R. Williams, a member of tne lodge, speaking on the resolution, said the grievance raised was that a person had been apopinted to a poet under the P.A.C. but within seven days he received a letter from the offices of the authority In Cardiff cancelling the appointment. Later this man, wt was unemployed, discovered that another man, and a business man at that, had been appointed in hie place.

The chairman commented that this was a serious charge if it could be substantiated. Mr. Sam Wilcox (ilwilta) said th letter was not so much a resolution as a desire to rater it to the Trades Council, and to ask the County Councillors to provide an explanation, Mr. Sidney Stephens, the only County Councillor present, said he really thought the County Councillors were being badly treated in this matter. If they had received intimation to be present to give an explanation they could hcve prepared facts.

As It was there were many erroneous stat-ments being spread in the locality over this matter and he had made certain inquiries at Cardiff. Tho posts at present being filled were temporary ones, supervised by Mr. Arthur Griffiths. When a permanent post was filled, it was done by a full committee. It was decided to 'refer the matter to the executive committee, who will report back to a subsequent meeting, when County Councillors will be asked to be present.

SECRETARY'S RESIGNATION. A hearty vote of thanks was paa34.l' to Coun. Yeoman, who la retiring from the secretaryship of the The chair man (Mr. Pirrie) said Mr. Yeoman had always done all he could to safeguard the and financial position of the Trades Council.

His place would be very difficult, Indeed, to fill. Responding. Mr. Yeoman thanked the delegates for the things they had said, Hie principal aim had always been to clear the old debts that lay against the organisation, anJ he was very pleasz.l and proud to be able to say that happily and quite accidentally he had been able to do this before sacatlng office (applause). NEW SECRETARY-TREASURER.

Mr. J. Idris Bruton, a member of the C.A.C. Tramways staff, whose father, M. Jack Bruton, was one of the founders of the Trades Council over 30 years I was secretary-treasurer to StP-- coed Mr.

Yeoman, by a huge majority. Mr. Bruton has successfully carried out the duties of assistant-secretary for some time. There were three nominations, and the result of the ballot I. Bruton.

43 votes; J. R. Williams (13w1Ira Joint), Morgan Thames (Cwmaman), 7. The following were elected to the executive Miners' se't ion. Trevor Davies, Georg Williams.

and Tor) Rees; outside trades, W. T. Jones. The election of a representative of the Ward Committees was adjourned. July 2lst, CEFN COED.

Our tern correspondent le Kr. Cledwyn Gridlth.s. 7. Pontycapel-road to whom all Items of Interest and advertisements may be sent. Ist.

Cetn Coed Wolf Cub Pack attended the Rally of the Tredeaar and District Boy Scout Association on Saturday. and won a hand-painted Certificate. for the best pack outside the Association. The Cub blaster is Mrs. A.

J. SCHOOL Tuesday the Pupils of the Cefn Senior School, accompanied by the headmaster. Mr. Matthew Jones. and the School star spent an enjoyable day at Porthcawl.

Mr, D. J. Davies. Wheatsheaf Hotel. Merthyr.

conveyed the children to Porthcawl free of charge. MUSICAL the examination of the Trinity College of Mubic. Glenys Jones. daughter of Mr -and Mrs. W.

Llewellyn Jones. 188. Hlgh-etreet Cefn, and Olwen Jones. daughter of Rev. and Mrs.

T. R. Jones. Monumental-terrace. pained Honours Certificates for pianoforte playing in the Preparatory Division.

ENGINEERING AWARD. Mr. S. A. Blackali, Divisional Engineer, Newport Division of the G.W.R.

presented prizes for the best kept length in the Engineer- Gang 142. Cern Coed The prizes are awarded annually by the directors of the G.W.R. for the best kept length of permanent way in each Diyk.ion. The first man in Gang 142. Cefn Coed Is Mr.

Bennett, Celli. BEAUTY Ivy Parry daughter of Mrs. T. Parry, 40, Field-street, who resides at Ramsgate, has won a Beauty Contest at. Ramsgate This great honour carries with It the title of the "Beauty Queen of RlLMBgate and all Kent." At a pageant to be held at Rams.

gate in the near future. Miss Parry will be crowned Beauty Queen of the Carnival. VISIT OP Cefn Coed Oirl Guides. Rangers and Brownies turned out in full streggth on Thursday when an inspection was held at the Conservative Hall by the County Commissioner Mrs. Cooper.

of Builth Wells. The Cornmts.sioner was accompanied by Miss Gold. worthy. District Commissioner. Lieut.

Mrs. J. Rees, and Miss M. Frances Brown. Dances were rendered by Nancy Francis and Joan Parry.

The Commissioner also visited the Rangers' Hut where she was welcomed by Miss Bessie Evans, Ranger Captain. DEATH OF OLDEST INHABITANT-- The death occurred on Sunday of the oldest inhabitant of Cefn. Mr. James Price. of 7.

Godre Coed. at the age of 98. He would have been 98 on the 28th. of this month. The funeral took place at Tatarnau Bach Baptist Chapel Churchyard.

near Rhymney, where his family have been buried. on Wednesday. He is survived by two of his children. Mrs. Tom Davies.

of Godre Coed. danghter, and Mr. John Price, Cardiff. son. The cortege was accompanied from Cefn by Mr.

Tom Davies. Morris. Lewis Edwards. and Will Jones. NEW BOWLING GREEN oIrENTNU CEREANTRI ere ABERCYNON.

The opening of the Abercynon Bowling Green, which ha. been relayed at a cost of 1344, look place on Wednesday evening before a large assembly. Mr. W. Brown, chairman of the Welfare Bowls' Club, presided, and was supported by the Rev.

T. W. Jones, Mr. T. J.

Collier, assistant secretary, Mr. D. J. Price, Alderman Joseph Dicks, treasure and secretary of the Welfare Association respectively. Thu Rev.

T. W. Jones in opening the proceedings stated it was greatly to be regretted that there would be no play at the green that day on account of the drought, but it would be formally opened by Alderman Dicks. Ald. Dicks.

after declaring the green opened and complimenting the Welfare supervisor, Mr. H. Jeffries. on his excellent work in laying the green. referred to the demand made for a swimming bath, and stated that Inquiries had been made about the cost of a swimming bath and the lowest cost would be about £4,000.

If the Welfare officers and cornmlttee could only see the way clear to have the bath they would be only too pleased to do so, but at present the funds prohibited them from embarking on such a scheme. Mr. D. J. Price referred to the splendid green which had been provided.

on behalf of Mr. Bruce Jones, M.E., J.P. expressed his regret at being unable to be present that evening. A very lnieresting functior followed, when Mr. W.

Brown, on behalf of the Bowls' Club, presented a silver mounted walking stick, suitably engraved, to Mr. Bruce Jones, M.E.. J.P.. president of the Association, Aid. Joseph Dicks.

secretary of the Association, Mr. D. J. Price, treasurer of the Association, and Mr. Hy.

Jeffries, supervisor, and referred to tho excellent work done by the four during the last ten years In providing such a beautiful welfare ground for them. The Rev. T. W. Jones endorsed the remarks of the chairman, and Hrs.

Lynwood Jones, on behalf of the Ladies' Bowls Club, presented the Association with a cheque for fd M. Od. Mr. Price (treasurer) returned thanks on behalf of the committee. Too Much Boast of Patriotism.

Mr. Lloyd George, as a bard and a member of the Gorsedd, took part on Thursday in the ceremonies in the grounds of Caernarvon Castle attending the proclamation of the National Eisteddfod, which is to be held next year at the castle. of which lie is the Conat able. Speaking in Welsh, Mr. Lloyd George uttered a warning against boastful patriotism.

"We have too much boasttul patriotism in Europe to-day," he said. "What the world needs is a sane and pacific Patriotism. The purpose of the eLsteddrod is to show the path along which this new conception of nationalism will travel. That nationalism will do no harm to other nationalities." Boys playing on a vault in Wrexham OM Cemetery' felt In when one of the sides collapsed, and as a rexult a sperill council meeting Is to consider plans for the grazes, DOWLAIS. Our Dewhat.

correspondent Is Mr. Tbat Jones. "lionseleigh; Aweltryn-terrace. Peep Barren. News items and advertiseni may be sent to Mr.

E. Price. Thegn i Church-row, where they will receive sttelStlon. QUEEN'S 1. next Sunday J.

M. Jones, Hope, Merthyr. Services 11 am. and 6 p.m. IN AID OP recent envelope collection at Dowleis realised the sum of £lB Ils.

3d. The Dowlais area Malmittee extend their sincere thanks to all who so willingly contributed towards this worthy cause of the blind. The were: Chairman, Mr. A. Jones; treasurer, Mrs.

C. Jones; secretary, Miss M. P. Davies. LATE MR.

JOHN funeral took place on Thursday of Mr. John Jones. 1, Heol-y-Brynlau, Pant. Mr. Jones was well-known and and a faithful member of Brynseton Chapel.

Dowlats. The principal mounurs were Messrs. W. G. Cheeke.

George Cheeke, E. J. Cheeke, Gwynfor Cheeke. D. Harris.

Bryn Harris, David Cheeke. David Parry and Melvin Harris (cousins). The Rev. Roberts. Caersalem, Dowlais.

officiated. WARD HOSPITAL annual meeting of the Dowlais Ward Hospital Fate Committee was held on Wednesday. The Secretary and Treasurer presented the balance sheet for the year. which contained the following Christmas prize drawmg. £47 143: S.O.S.

appeal. £55 ss. ward ettorts on fete day. £6l 15s. making a total of £164 14s.

61d. BODILY HARM CHARGE. At the Mertlnr Police Court on Tuedsay Evan David Thomas (39). unemployed. of Dowlais.

was again brought up charged with unlawfully doing grievous bodily harm to a woman named Annie Davies. The Chief Constable (Mr. D. M. Davies) said the woman was still in hospital, and he asked that the accused be remanded for another Reg Freedman was for the defence--The case was adjourned.

PENYDARREN. Our Penydarren correspondent la Mr. Town Jones. ILoLneleagh." Aweltlyn-terrace. Penydarren.

COMPANY ROW fire broke out at the home of Mr. John Williams, 377, Company-row. on Tuesday. P.S. Wilton and PC Carter were quickly on the scene and with the aid of some of the neighbours suco eded in keeping the flames under control until the Merthyr Fire Brigade arrived i nder Chief Inspector Goodwin.

Considerable damage was done to the house and effects before the blaze was extinguished. ANNIVERSARY Sunday School anniversary services of Radcliffe Hall Church were held on Sunday. Mr. Dan Rees (supc presided over the morning session, which was conducted by the Sunday School teachers. The afternoon meeting (devoted to the Primary Dept.) was presided over by the Pastor (Rev.

E. C. Phillips). In the evening the scholars rendered a service of song. entitled "Sunshkie and Showers," conductor Mr.

George Isaacs. The accompanist was Miss P. Evans. Mrs. Delahaye (Worcester, presided.

The children taking Dart were Millie Davies. Lush Jones. Ceridwen Morgan, Cyril Bulks, Bertha Jones. Cora Davies. Gienys Bowen, Tom'my Davies.

Olive Protheroe, Martha Thomas. Bessie Williams Margt Betty Dyer. Stuart 'Griffiths, Megan Davies. Jenny Smith. Sheila Reed, Cledwyn Vines and David Lewis and Davies and Marie Williams sang a duet The children's annual outing took piaci! at Barry Island when 190 Were entertained.

TROEDYRHIW. Our Troedyrhlw correspondent I. Mr 0. M. Jones.

12, Angus-street, to whom news Items and advertisemeuts may be seat. TENNIS result of the game between the Harlequins and Mount Zion is as Burrows and Miss Stella Stewart beat Price and May Lewis 9-5: beat ft. Howells and Betty Aylward 9-1; lost to D. Gaston and Gertie Lewis 9-4. psi Morgan and Enid James beat Howells and Aylward 9-2.

beat Caston and Lewis 9-4: lost to Price and Lewis John Edwards and Miss Muriel Jenkins beat Howells and Aylward 9-1: lost to Price and Lewis 9-7, lost to Castor and Lewis 9-5. LATE MISS L. funeral took place on Wednesday of Miss Lillian Jones, daughtee of Mr. and Mrs. Walton' Jones, 3, Tyntaldwyn-terrace.

She had been ill for some time. Miss Jones went to Saron Chapel, end the Rev. J. Bowen officiated at the funeral, which was attended by a large gathering of her friends lrom all parts of the borough. The mourner', were Wm.

Jones D. W. Jones (brother'; F.mrys, Eddie, Thomas and Tom Jones; Robert Jenkln.s, David J. Williams and Thomas Carston (uncles David, Bryn, Evan and Norris Carston, David and Percy Jones, William and Ernest Adams, Ted and Norman Rees, and Wm. Morgan (cousins, and Danny Redman, LATE MR.

G. A. PITMAN. The death occurred on Monday, after a prolonged illness, of Mr. George Albert Pit, aged 56 years.

of 19, Tyntaldwyoroad. Born at Cardiff, Mr. Pitman had rasided in Troedyrlilw and Merthyr for the nest 31 years. and had been employed by the Merthyr Tydfil Gas Company for over 32 years. A member of St.

John's Church he served on the Parochial Council during the ministry of the Rev, John Williams. He was also a member of the Toc H. His wife, one daughter and two sons surVive. The elder son, the Rev. E.

C. Pitman. was Rector of Whitten. Saskatchewan. Canada.

He is now curate at South Norwood. London. and leaves for Yorkton. Canada, on August where he has been appointed vicar. The funeral was on Thursday at Cern Cemetery, the Rev Moses Gelly, Vicar.

othciatutg. MARRIED AT WESTMINSTER. The wedding took place at Westminster Cathedral on Monday of Dr. D. Merlin Prvcc.

pathologist at St. Mary's Hospital. Paddington. only son of Mr. and Mrs.

Pryce. Gunnetsbury-avenue, London, and formerly of the Green Meadow, Troedvrhtw. to Mao Patricia Whelan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eduard Whelan.

Queens County, Ireland Father Whelan, cousin of the bride. The bride. who was attired In a blue lace frock with hat to tone. carried a shower bouquet of pink c.ndia: ions, and war; er rte away rby iii grey rr'cis ii by Nia i i ti i Wye hat and also carried a shower townie of The bad man wit Pr J. of Vicory.

a fri.Nnd the brilearoma. The rocepilfm was held at the Belgravia. wnere a number of Licrcla and relatives were present. The ionov fi; thine; in Austria. There ire numerous an.l co3l.iy presents, includinc a diamond and sapphire brooch.

which the bride wore. a Rift from the late Lord Churchill. and household linen and ltirtuiure front Lady Chnrchaa. at, ft 3etty gt rls )av ct.

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