The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 11, 1938 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 11, 1938
Page 8
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NO INTEREST IN PENTONBAND7H-M fentnn; William .fentr., Fenton Mgt» *»h»ol hand ln»trtiet«*, ha* 40 prospective hand pupil*, all nt whom lira taking private lc»»on* Mo»t «f tlitm have never wwned or played a band in«trnment *o th* bann I* ftartlng from *craleh, en to *neak, However, with *u<!h nn uniMiially large clan* of student*, and a llttia aweouragement from th* parent* of th**e Children, (here f« no rea*on why Fenton *hnuldn't net »omi>- where with It* »cboo! hand In due time. And that remind* u* that the town conned neglected lo levy a band tn« for next year, ft wai are/tied that no one wa* lntere*lef In a hand, Well, here I* ampli proof that thl* wa* a ml*t*ken Idea Dorothea Hvrhard went to Hr Moln»« early flalurdny morning h»y w*r* lo wtiirn horn* Mnnday th«r« Mra, Oerhard vl»lt«< h«r brothar, WllrrM Rslm«r* *n< family, Mr, and Mr*, Albert Mitchell an , Anna Marie find B«nor« and Hen M«llng and Virginia ant lyorralne Rerkaland attended a birthday party at th* Theodore Mel Ing hom» near Cylinder Tbur*day evening In honor of Ih* Theodore Mpllnfl'n rlnifghlcr Other* attend- Inn were Hit John Mellnir family of fflari»nr« left Wedne*d*y *v*nln« for Oreen Hay, Wl*,, whero h* will vlult friend* Inr a week, Mr, nnd MM, P!rne*l Voider and •mil Robert nrrnmpanlfd by Mr, anH Mr*, C(ul Hcr|» drove In Minim f'My ta*l. writ Mondnv where Mr, Voll*I *r puri'hneed end l« Mr*, Hurry Wlddef enterlnlned the Sew and Hi rfuii at her homo Thiirndny. ft being th" flr»i meeting of thn ypnr. DrMH'Mi* refre*hment» were eerved, Mr*. A, V,. Ne)»on, Mr*. Jen* Hal- V*r*on, Mm, ,f II .feneen, and Mr*. Otto Wllber* attended a Woman'* Ml**fontiry Federation meeting at fluff* In Center la*( week Tueedny, Dr, and Mr* IB. W. Rusk* mad* Mvcfal trip* In Port Do4f* l«*t week, teklnit lh«lr *on, Ward, to a •neH«ll«l Ward hn* been *uff*r- Ing with bolle in hi* eer and they W*r* v»ry painful, The Rev, and Mr* R. W. Kab •fit* and dflujrhler*, Holorn* and tale •nd eon, Richard *p«nt lent week •t Cedar Rapid* where «h«y vl»lt«d Mr*. Kabelltr.'* mother, Mm, Hrhnleder, who I* III, Mr. and Mm, Warren Randall of Mfnneapoll* rama laat w**k Monday fnr a vial! here with friend* Mr, Randall U a brother of Mn. Wllmar Hanfelman Moth ar* former F«nton r«*tdent*. Mr, unit Mr», Rdwln Ku*hna*l Miimboldf, arompanled by Mr. an/ Mr*, Arnold Klalt, *p*nt j>art of (hi M«t wti-U at f'linlmi, Minn , vl»|t Ing Mr and Mr*, Au«u*t K*r»t*ln •nd family nnd other friend*, Mr? Don Brown and dniiR Kanpy and f)onna Clalra of Ol*n- dale, f.'allf,, who *p*nl two w««b* h*r« with Mr*, nrown'* narcnt* Mr, and Mr*. C'ha*. Olau*, Ifft lait wa«b Tu«»day for h*r horn*, William ./•nt* wa« honortd at A birthday *uri>rl«* party at hi* h»m* Thur*day av«nlng, flva hundrrd wa* play«d at t*n table* with Mr* P"r«d /*nlx winning the high irorn prlM and Dclherl Ifann* th* low. Luneh wa* brought by th* gue«t*, Mr, and Mr*. V. J. Tatum m-m panlod by Ml** Anna Klnn and Mr*, ryllnder, P*«irilon l/iilhcran Aid m*mh#r* wcr« Invllrd In all*nd Ih* Hurt fjiitheran aid meeting Thiir* day of l«it w«ek, The ladle* from fan ton allendlng wer« Mr*. W, V, Yager, Mr*. Amo* flnn**tad, Mr*, ll»nrjr Relmern, Mr*. Art Jenl*. Mr*. R/l Mllfhrll, Mr*. Mary Midair, Mr*, Hophla filerkwenn, Mr*, Paul Norn|l»i, Mr*. Fred l>a«, Mr*. Herman KI/IIKC, Mr* fferman l/eii'tfhe-, Mr., Mr*. Henry Tleman, Mr*. Kmll filar- Mm. Bl»l» Dreyer, Mr*. «nd Mr*. John Riihnke, ho«(e««ea wpra (he Henry Tletf and O* Tl Ka 2 County Sifll T.«d For Flrit PI*c« Tw« roit of town team*, Tyfe* Theatre and w**ley, eimtinned 'o hold flrtt place in the municipal bowling league a* the loop entered It* third week of play, Roth aggrr- g allon* had perfect record*, Ilia liver flray i)iilnfel with five win* and on* |o»* were lied for **cond lorn, Pot. U with the Farmer'* Five, fn Ih* «'hedill* for thl* week, Wenley rolled agnlnet the Junior ?hamner of fommsrce la*t night. )ther game* are the ('ourt ffoii*n late v*, fturl; The Farmer* v«, Illver dray, not»ford v*. TltonUn, Nlr-k'* Mhlner* v«, f/uVerne, Isngtt* (Handing* Ottw fiUrton wti 9fap at n«ilfllon« *nf r*m*mb«r«J about a half down is w*r* ft beautlfu>ei*h_., red.jMrrtetlnjjIfMM .. ireeWtM, Innldinta (clou*, which pear and an H number of year* ago h*r« In'tow/i" II can b* Identified by tha five point* nt (he bln*«nm end. MM, Gto, J«nnitiffi Hurt (n Colililon fttmd*)'Aft*rnoon l*»a Rewrites Ol N**y» from L*ii Thor»<J*y'» KoHutn County FRANK VntHltWinm, of r Verne, can lay rlalm to being one KoMuth I'oiinty'a beet fl«herm*n for I8»« He landed a munkle weigh Ing 2B pound* la*t week up In Mln ne*ota. The fl»h wa« 4« Inche* In length. Ion*, Brand FLOUR vlgorow* A wln«r Coffee 2-Mb, bag* 30o rireeii Olant Pea»_.ITo,303cnl6c f>el Mmlt, Vrmuit Mtyto Corn No, 303 can lOc Cocoa _2 Ib. can Iflc I'llllt Peft» 2 No, 2 can*) 16c were held"la*t w'eek, with r**ull* an follow*: Kagle Myron L Jnbn*on, chair man, Moyd O, Onrdner, vice, M* lie J, Han»en, member*, and Har vey r., |yir*on and Ueorg* Moor*, alternate*, Cre»co Hnrold R, Clayton I* chairman, Moyd A. Vlpond, vice, Michael W. l,o»», member, and Rufu* M Mridhoret and Oeorg* Wll•on, alternate*. Rlverdal* John teller, chairman, Peter Kaywcr, vice, fjcorge If ftorman, member, and 3. M. Pal- t*>r«on anil Raymond J. Thllg**, alternate*, Lincoln William If Put lemon, chairman, Albert J, Doden, vlre, KrneM. Chrlet, member, nnd I.nm- bert Hl|i|jen and Rufu* Olthoff, membere, Tue*day nl«lil r the following lownihlfi* elected. Heneca, Wllllnm H. Elmere, I'tiHlrmnn, Jo*, li. f'rowUy, vlre, Km ilk Meyer, member*, and Hugh t. Wnl»h and Chrla UnM alter- n«te». Ornrit Richard f, Andenon I* chairman, Henry Helberg. vice, W«l lace I,. Reynold*, member, Reuben c, /<ull*r and Harold K, Fl«- ilicr, alternate*. Rarniey ¥,\>\>n Johriaon, chairman, William K. Janvrln, vice, John W Kilillfx, meinlKir, iiml K. H f'ii*hmaii mid Michael Hoffman, al- Inmate*. Union Robert M man, John D, Ixuur, Jr., vlat, Har- W. R«ld, member, Fred U. >y and Tom A. Reid, alternate*. 'yke Thealre We»l»y oray ''nrmer* H Rat* Rnt»ford Junior f.', of i'. Nick/* flhlner* f/uVerne Hurt fl fl n fl 4 4 9 t 0 a Change* after Flood Made in Swea City flwea City: flcvernl Improvement* are being completed on Hweit city Nome* and bu*lne«* place*, The V, '/. Nel*on building I* undergoing n remodeling <hl« week. Th* lown Union Telephone company will move nto the building at nreeent occupied by N*l»on'» barber ihop and Wr*. Rv» Acker*on will have her Ivlng quarter* In the iinelalr* room* formerly occupied by the telephone office, Mr, N*l*on will move hi* >arber ehop to the *outh half of hi* on*-»»ory building, and Mr* Acker- ion'* cafe will occupy the north half of that building. The receni lood damaged the eldewalk* we*t if the fowa Theatre, *o new one* have been put In and Hie grade* ave been ratted. The Mldwe*t Nervlce etallon ha* l*o laid new *ldewalk* and cement living, The building* have been alnted and new floodlight*, air met- r and meter pump Installed. Many roperty owner* are having their ome* re*hlngled, Mr§, Herman Volg t Of Wf.ftUfi.0r* Hn. iirth Annlv«ri..ry Whlitemore; A number al rel ntlve* gathered at the home of Mr, 1000 and Mr*, Herman Vofgt, Friday night lo help Mr*, Volgt celebrate her birthday. Among (hone who were there were Mr, arid Mr*, Her man Meyer, daughter Oertrude, Mr, and Mr*. Henry flrhiilt* and grand* aon«, Norman nnd Oharlen, M/, and Mr*, rieorge Meyer, daughter Helen, Mr, and Mr*. William O»twald, Mr. and Mr*, Chrlnl Meyer, *on Walter, Mr. and Mr*, Archie Volgt nnd «on, Janice, Mr, and Mr*, Wni, Meyer, and *on, Alvln, daughter Helma, Mr. and Mr*, Blmon Welier and family, Mr, and Mr*, f/eonard Meyer, Mr, and Mr*, f^wrence Mey er, Mr, and Mr*. Moyd Walker, Mr, and Mr*. Art Heldenwlth and Ralph ftahere, all from here; Roeella Volgt of Algona, Mr, and Mr*, Merman Nlemeyer of D!lmhiir*t, III, A two cour»e lunr-h wa* *erv*d after the evenlng'e entertainment, ,oon ,000 driving north, and th* a doming fram <h* nortl[«a*t, vedln aflerpmm tt by Mr, ~)tnnlnt», an *v«l*t flflb'up driven by Mr* rty Bc*d ot Tltonka collided a the /iinctur* at rhllllp* and blag on/il itreeta, Oar damage* to not! machine* amounted to about |»0, in cludlnt A broken *t»*rlng gear on. th* ffeed car whloh cauaed thi wh*»l* to become locked, w«r* driving w*r« coming Tra* Domonitratipn Friday, Oct. 14 r Karbart R»»h. plant expert at th* Iowa Conwrvatlon C'omml«lon, will ha present at the tre* demon»tra- tlon by Prof, «, M, Kdgerombe of Iowa Mtata Oolleire on Friday, Oct. Nth, whloh th* Flower Club ha* arranged through the cooperation of th* Farm Bureau, Part of the de- mon*iratfon Wiii L?tie place at the trail Atat* f»»rk, and ilnre jt I* re It I* tha C f/ulred under a ruling of tha Conservation Commlnlon that a r*pr*«- enlatlve mu*t b» preaent when flny work I* done on th* tree* In the Mr, Ru*h |i being *ent here, Io ng rtiTy vey A I'ANT I.F.O U'AM n n«w way if currying "ff I he loot <lurliiK n mlrl in H wnl iTinf tun |<nli li ni'iir frv- nttt"ii '('In' ow/icr of llm |ui ii I H tiif cil n IOKN, lidwcvor, MN n reNiilt of liK iittflcki") l/y lior'lcn nl ;lo«<jijlt';f'K, win; prcfcrrol li Id w»t<'rin«l<tiu, Milk 4 tall cans 25c Metlitl nl Flour 40 Ib, bag $1,65 i CRI H Ml. SCO Hliortrnlng 49c Flour 4fllb. bag $1.09 dill) Nlrru/H I'lnk Salmon 2 I Ib cun» 23c HIIIKII, Ill-Id I'tiunLti- Flour 3'^ Ib. box 13«; A Ib. lint lid' N:tvy Beanu (} Ibfl 25'; Him- ll.«4. Rica 3 Ibu. I3-; OrackerH21b, pkg. 15« CornKix 2)ikg«25u Moll 'iHlkt Bread 3 20 ox ioaf 2B<: Hit/ 1 Ib, box 22*; HlIlM lldrt , 1'lltni-l'n, Hut li runt or M III COFFEE 48c i I Hll Mill: »)/.- Oxytlol Ann |'IIK<- pkg. 21'.; II,. T K/,. i mi* U for 26'; Y«aHt Mir i, tin, I Wheat Toktty Orapes 4 Ib, 26c Potato«» 100 Ib bg (lie CoJiwiitruli il (Him tHn i Super Sutls UU 2 for 3.h, . Super* SucU 2 for 36o 1000 STORES Km li««n, AlK'iiiu, tliu i| tn iiml ( out* by ./untlie iM'llii Wclli-r on n i lmr((n nt M'l-klvHN 'Irlvlou; A W 'I'lii-m lii'l'l, AlK'iiiu, Oiiol )/iil mi«|ii',nli.,| ii|ion iiKM'''iii<'iit lo ifiirt'li'iio ri-'|illi- ••d ll''i>rinre for vfii'llnx ilriiif* «/nl iiK'illi ln«'» l,,-for« JuNll, « J' A. Dun •on; \(ny Hung Alx"ii'i, wim ovi'r lo 'tlNli-J''* i nnft nn n , li >limiki<n ililvli.K In ,'ii«l|i VVildi' "mil I, wllli bond »V/0, wdlili In. loiild ni,i rurj • • « »HtM. O, II. ( AHTI.r inmiy y,-«i» n ii'xld'-nl of l. ill") ll' ){l-HWll|<, lllHl Will! n HI.- of I'l'.', Tin- fmnily niii ((•iiwl'li fioin J,uV«iiii. lt:ri-« boun>l mitr of |,iflla »B| iit for rnc, l||, l I,, Ill • * * 20 Organize Lion* Club at Livermore f Evermore: Mvermore ha* organ- Ir.ed (wo new club* during the paftt week, The Mon* arid Rand Molb- crii 'lulu A committee of Mona from Fort Hodge w»rn here Tuesday evening lo ae*lit In the organisation, and lh» meeting took place nt the new Kl« ueroa ballroom. There were 20 biinlncm men whn gned the membemhlp cnrd, nnd othera are expected to be on the charter member Hat. Thoee who were inixl ln»trum»ntnl In |)rumo(- Ing the organlxnllon of thl* club were Dr. H. J Oilman and How ard Hoffman. Other member* ID dat» Include W. V Miller, Al'icrt Web'T, J. K llnrnrn, Kmnk Miiunt gnrtnor, W M Hiriltt), Klm»r fJron. l.ncli. I/. It Hrnlth, 'Jitln Hi-irylil!l |.»o Devlne, O, 3. C-nyou, l^nil* Rr- hivunek, Jl*ru»y FM, Frank H"tt man, Moyd lli/gh*», Frank *Jch»ef- fer, Fred Falb, Jam** Rider and ('hiiilcn Houiton. Teinpornry offlr.-«r* who will ecrve nre Dr. R, J. Oilman, preeldpni: Albert W«li*r, vlre i/fol'li-nl: How ard Ifoffmnn, *ecrfl»ry; J. V Itiiiniii, (reaeurer. Th« orgnnlgiitlon of the "Hmid Mother*" wa» hi'ld Wrdncudiiy uf'- in, wild (In- following officer* "I Mr*. ./ K, Hiiiniri, WIIN niirii- cd (iretil'li-nt; Mr* Culvert Johnson, vl< i- f,re*ldenl; Mr* It. J Ollmnn. *r»-retary, and Mr* H. I/. Mgrung, VJ«)tor« at Irvington frvlngton: Mr*. J«*»le Uchm. and eon, rntrwood of Ruthven were week «nd gue*t* at th* home of her parent*, Mr, and Mre. Ray Fitch, On Sunday th* party motored to f/lver- more where they vlelted with Mr and Mr*, Cha*, Raney, Other giieel* of th* Raney* were Mr, ann Mr* chae. Clark* of Rrltt, parent* 01 Mr*. Fitch; Hay, *on of Mr, and Mr*. Chae, Ran*/, who ha* been a ptlent at th* University hoepltal In fowa Ciiy, taking treatment* for rheumallem I* reported very much Improved, Attend Stata Convention 8wen (,'liy: Rev. and Mr*, ft, I', Hronleewe and Mr*, Waiter U, flmllh drove to Ottumwn Monday to wttond the *tnte ronventlon of Jwji- Ut. churche*, In *f>e«lon (here until Thur*<lny, Rev. lironlnewe I* 11 momber of the etnto ronimlttee nit ('hrl*tlnn< cdur'atlon and til* wife |» H mnrnbcr nt Inrge. Mr*. Hinlth In illftlrii.'t prenldent of woinnn'* work, Bobby Lone* Pony f'orllnnd: Ilobby Jnndl had tho ml«fortun« to lone hi* fine *hellaml l»nny, Tueaday of l«»t week, a* n rcsulf of eleeplng elckn***. Tlio iinlmnl hud been hi* lifelong friend, nnd th« death wit* it «ad blow in Uobby, park, The CommlMlon readily granted p*rml**lon to Paul Will*, cuitodlan of Call Park, for part of th* da- mon*tratlon lo lake place there, The Algona chapter of the Ko*«uth Con- nervation },«afiie, al*o I* roonurat- Inf with the Flower Club, ft I* planned to aaeemble at tho Algona high *chool which I* one of th* place* tinted for demoritratlon, Oround* of tha Rlvervlew and At, Ceaella cemelarle* nrc to be ln*p«ot • *d. Futher detail* will he announced In the Advance, after the Monday matting of the Flower club and the Wednesday meeting of th* Algonn chapter of the Con**rvatlon league, Fanton Houiewarming Fenton: Mr*, Fred I', Newel wa* rlv«n a *urprl»* liou**-warmlng In Wr new home laet week Wedna*day evening, Hrldge wa* played nt lirea table* with Mr*, Fre*love Wel*brod winning the high «<?ora irlr.* and Mr*, Hnrold MoeUch the 'on*olatlon, Other* preaent weru >fr*. V, J. Tatitm, Mr*, Paul F,licl«r, kfr*. Derwnod Wlglur, Mr*, Jv«*ter WeUbrod, Mr*, R, A, Onetanh, Mr* tarry Wlddel, Mr*. O, O, Humphrey, Mre, John Newel, Mr*. Rex Wolfe and Agne* Ooetech, Mr*, Newul wa* pre**nted with a kitchen *tool * A r«membr«nc« of Ih* ocraalon. loKfeeeei were Mr*, Frank Klgler nd Mr*, II, f!, Union Man two?triftf Union i MtMM'Mn N *!» that friiliy pawhrt 1* ih'OUM abl* •ppetit* ha* nVarly nor Ftnton PTA Holdi lit Mating rentont Tp* f)r*t m*«tlng of P*f«n v«n auditor Al PTA Mtiti Today Th«r* wa* t» Jw « fn**tin» « s Pu njr (Ta«d»r) *t t',M p. «, ftth ' " - •* ----- m trnd« tenuof nil moth*r« of 'f Algflfl* *d, Th* children Invited, Th«m«i „, , to b* held at th* Brsfent tehool building, hoo! Fenton tlon ent-Teaehi/i wai h*td on Tiuiday eve ... . , Out, n, in tha high cehool urn, th* following program wa* given: Community ilHiitif l«f ifl«a Anna Finn With Ml** Virginia frank at th» piano, Mr*, Mllbert f«nt«lman thtn pU***d the and enn« with two baftutlfiil violin «el Largo by Hand*) And Ro mane* by If tJutlir, Ih* wa* an- nmpanled by Mill franlf lit th« l«no, Ml** Florence Well*, of ffmmetft iirg gnvfl an Intiriitlnt talk on Maw Trend* In Education," MM* Wall* ha* epolie h*r* a number at ma* and nlwny* hs* an lnt»re»tlng ubjact for ntr jlit<n*ri, Ml** Finn, miiila nmt nngllih teacher, «ve a humorou* raiding "/3nrlu* raen and hi* Flying Machine,'' Tha fneetlne otoiia With ft inort u*ln*«* meeting, |fo*t»»*e» w«ra Maidami* Albert lltc>h*||, D 0, TUrUeland, 104 Oerg*. »», Wilbur Molldor/, Arthur Volil. red nrown, O, a, Humphrey, will Rlmar*, Frank Blgler, CJiorg* Newel and R. n, Fnuerby, ihirman Belli Nov«l Richard Sherman, Algona, Iowa, author, ho* (Old hi* latent novelette, . , "preview" to the Saturday livening fl«*orla- p M i —Ing ' Eapair W«iley Church W*»l«y! A, grouu of woman cl««n. d tha wall* In the (,'«ngr«gntlonal hurch b«*«/n«n( Krl'iuy afternoon, 'h* wall*, of hollow til«, will th«n • given » cunt n( viir/iluli, Frmton Oirl M»rri«d Fenton: Franofi •chiitt of thl* placa and Weldon Met*arland, ion of Mr. and Mn, William McFarland of Bancroft w*r* married Saturday, Ont, l«t, at W*b*t«r City Th* caremony wa* p»rform»d by th* Rev, Horace tf, Solllday of th* Church of Chrlut, Tn*» w«r* at tended by Olln W, Bond and MlM larah Belle MoFarland, »l«t*r of ;h* bridegroom of Baneroft, Th* bride wor* a dark gray «ult with navy bin* accaiiorla*. Tha ymmg coupl* will be at horn* In Ban eroft, Attend Pinion Play Burl: Richard and kualla Wale ka, Mary Jean Rachut, Ruth and Alvlna lfa»«e, Margaret Rlohman and Luella Ulelch went to Fenton Friday evening And attenfleil the play, "You Wouldn't Fool M«" pr«* ent«d by the W«lth*r f*a.gua. Classified Ads For Sale Heely HM.K Hamp*hlr« ram*.-. tiros, Algonn, I'liono S4K2I HKK THK "Mi I'lyrnoulli i-ura at tli« Hocnk Motor H»rvli«, went nt (III) until Il0ll*<'. 41 Oet8 $130 Dividend W««lty: John O Mollln* loiipol Ibn I.I'X/ *to'-kbol,lcr* of lh« K * It (til t'nii^iHuy, hy r^'clvlfiK u <HvMwi<! clioi l< for $l.'!0 Twenty- four »!<»•kbol'li-r* M'i (-)vnl li li.llil nt II.AfXJ In 'llvl'lf/i>lD ••r. f'oi/i|i • lull f (,cd, M. Tulr, l/nl nix bo will li* Jii n ca«t for Ml ( I Al lit, i I",'IXI! lil< < V, jliuil <'!,n|,|,, I fill fi'.io u IO«{. i I I III Mil (I A I'l MMI'INU ti, hi'iir l/Kui li'c <iiiiiliiK uii'l <iiii' will l;« i<'l<l Kil'luy IVIII)HK. Hcfolmr 14, |)»,iiiii/i<'i| l,y lint K'iKfliilli Klowor lull uii'l Iliti AlK"H'i 'lm|/ltr nl llm '(dim I Vlillull 1,1 II K 1 "-' Mil. AMI MUM /«lni win u ii it i T»i« /lid. '«l/iwn ll rum with ,'{•) fi. ,,r «xt«n Hitimt'ii, LuViTiiii 4)' lit i,t HAI.K 'l'y ic imiiur, I>|H«|I mivitlnjii'H, Al«';iiii l/|,|,i.r lien Maine* Hii'lNon liullt cur*, They're In fci'iiiKiiny, iiurf'iriniini'ii HIK| i fi>Mlur««. /y|</y,| On/**, wltl lo|i» blu Al I'.l .I Mi Al'l, /r;/ , , Ill I I \V- in,, ,, I'l. I, I,,I Ull' I, 'i '• I .li 1,1,1,: , I,I l I I II |,,,|l<:,| ( j ' 1 1 in H.I jn '111 y u Wi'Jt <iX" II Mif'li"! |!.IIK : H 'i ii i,f Ml iiml Mix I A ill I «i«',III. I'l Wxlll I i.-i Minn HIV U H /I,HIM,i| UK- i cri-in'iK KOIl HAI-K 4 'in»'llum""|,rlc«>l young imllvt< work liorum, NIJ||M)I|» for Kirn liUHklnw. Will »ru,|« f,, r 1-niilu nr ti'mN II. M, ' ''dwell, |, In/in 1 ,'!f'i 4)» KOH HAI.K N«w (i')HiiMc tyji,. wcitc/n. I'm nun MII<| If/nlrrwoo/l. U(r/ft iiml up Mini tolnillt, ttlfiiii|>ii,| il/f l/0'l''fw»<(| Al 'flui Alumni l!|, |.ir /(ft Mnini-H ntllii' I'HH iM/.K 14 ln-ii'l fcc'lliiK i.l'i'in Wi-li/lil iilmi/l Wi'j DID tvmi I.'/IIK Iiml 4i» KOIt HAI.K I/Ill- »|,VV pli | •HHV.niv, mid I-I Mi l'nnnl, K |(,,,,|,, //I,,, M ,. w ,(- w , <' ( l/lli'/'. Mi KII MAN WANTED for Ml) family Rawlelgh route, Permanent If you're a hu*tler, Write ftnwlelgh'*, /A -11-13*, Kr»«p/<rl, III, lho«*brok. en tire* and tub**, All work guar- inleed,- Hainp*on Tlr* iervlce. «->f *DROI» IN at ««mV*on'e Tlr* tor. vice whan In n*ed of « u»*d tire or tube. «-tf *ior« Kon RKNT TW,, d,, room* over Mon * Hjoi CHII iHtrinited ii« n «i,li,/ or *0iiiir/ii« ly HUggnrd * l'elcr»on. l/i/iuln- Algorm l/pp«r ln,» Molima office ;to WANTKn Vour~d»ad~ ilm"k~ prompt, Mnlt«ry rornoval. Phone 7 W* pay all phone R«nd«rlng (!i>. in ||-tf l.,w«Ht fit ore, I rmmmmlilu. l,usby» AM mulling IK/IK I/HIM HI, 4V{ |,,i,, r ,, H | wtltl ,, 'i> liny unit nnreil tui>». M.I' H Atlflllllt ':',H M If fiirm Sexton Event* Announced Hexton: Th* date of the Rexton fxidle* Aid chicken eupper and hnt nnr ha* been changed MORI October 80 to Thur*day of nelRp^Nck, Oct. 13th, Kveryone Invited to attend, There will b* a Columbu* Day pro- hold nt th* Benton ichool next ilneadny evening. A lunch will bo wold nftftr th* program. Enters Rochester Hosp. f'orlliind: ('laud fflgibec, one of I'ortlnnrJ'a dilef nuotloneer*, drove lo Itochoider, Minn., Monday to en- tnr the lioopltiil nnd go throuKh the rllnlr. It wAin't generally known •in h a trip wii* n*o«*eary for Mr. W|*b**. ^ _ ^ _ _ _ Entertain Groups Mr*. Virgil Jen*on er lint week Wt'lneiday afternoon. Th« lii/lli'D M«'l (wo (iiillt* after which tin tuiHiuHM HI rv i>i\ lunch, Are Shelling Corn Wont ]{«>n/|: Fnrm«r« In thin vl< Inlly nr« »li!'llli]g their li*.')7 corn. Mo«t of Uii'in hiild the corn for n I|MII In (irfcn, but the exfieuteil booiit illil mil 1'iirnii. They now Imve to itln! room for n«w corn, To Allow Basketball 'I'l'oiikit: At n recent mealing of Ilia adiool bonrd of fluffulo ('onwol liliilu'l illntrlrt, It wiie voted to nllow tl/u «lrl* tit have lnt*r*choliuit|i' lm«k«tball. Till* I* th* flrxt time in ten yi'iu'H, Hint «uch permlvilon linn b««n given. Dorothy Urookit will be tliu couch, See Iowa-Badger Ganw {< Mr. iunl Mr*. A. «:, *'bl»- ael luft Krl'lny for Inwu City, whero ttiuy will vlMlt frl«n<J«, tliu J. I,. over MID week end. They u(li.|ii|ci| tli« Wl«i'o/i*ln Iowa fool bull KIHIIIJ nn Hutur'lny. 1 Prying the Lid Clear Off Hit Bottom at the ANNEX v t \ t!: KOIt HAI.K 'Ibri in»ey bull, or I rim :iii,/ity Put/, Hurt. KOIt HAI.K :v> f 'linn, l,o'ir* m-w y.'/ir for li 41' Polllll'l Mn i e/i o :t!i if HAI.K iw H|//,ll..'l I 'liinii bi/um. iilf-u i;|((lit whllK inn'l IIIIHH Anlon V.iuinyi n. KOIt HAI.K liOIIIU fllll Kl<lll|l ll, I (Hi Hliow, •I!'. 41 |(l,i« MAtilMTfKM Individual*, (Mrtrmr«b)|i* |nirtnui«lit|i», i cori/ormion* H(M|«, ion o I y M,H| /iiiioli Ipwi d«po*ll* Culled Mli»U» '1'iVKHiiniint, HIH| pontHl Illl, | H||,!|,K di) fllllll JOSI!|,|| /,l,,ll|i( (Mill r,il«l-,| I'mii Wllll null: I ,,,,),, |,, »(|li,i|li,t,,. limit, *., „,,, ,,tli-Mlii< l,,,,jc,||(,, 1,1 Ml. Kill I SI-.MI'll llj<lll l! *l,,»li ,n, ,-« I,, nl,i,,,,» «| I hi. AN I Hlu>,|,,,|,fi(. two 1 :, |(ii«li lltll Hi, Kin , ( ,o,l 111,1 1. l,| toll,, I, l,lll> MV>, H'l<>4 H HAI.K r HII|,» I'.it III,,,, l,lll> iln... » I,, '» »|M<'|"I |lt vt 1,1,1 1111(1 l,l| , olllUI llollltll ,,nl) »3.I»U unit t* l,ll||ll||) uiut HI. Id d (nil ngiitur or tuu lor I'roflt* net (JAI'lTAL AlH'dtlNT '"I »,ilt |)OUM \\,i> sl Iowa State Bank I Algoim, I/, Iliu Hi rf | e ,,l low«, «/rgunUei| under Die law* of ilia Ht,,to >l l.iwa. nod « !„«„!,*, of !>,. r, ltlirli i | iwl( , rv(1 HrfoM* be "o*« of /|«ln...« o/, «„,,» Mlh. K*m f' U |,||.|,«,| !„ w.nnlnn.l w"i>,,»"' , „ d« by »... Hup»r n •n.l.nt of Itonklng of |ow« «nd t| N »>.rf«ra R*i.rv» Hunk .'.»n?: i\ ' •'"; J',''"'" '"""' )/y "'" H«i/erliilwirt«it of Itanklnv "f low« • ml t»i« Uo,,rd nt i-;./v*riioj* ,,t th* Federal lt«**rv« Hyutem pureimit to «* ,,r«vl»l,,,,» of ||, B F«d e rttl |(, W , VM Act nnd. H«"tlon S'4 ? » of l//ilt*<l Hliil«* t/</v*r/.«i*;it wed or fully ginuriiiiU*'! frtlter bo/iile, »toi;k*, HIHJ ««i.>urllle* direct KuriillMre •ml Itimufvu with Ifmlnrul lt«*«ry« bunk t'u»li, bMl«ni<«* with other bank*, urn! In IIHH<U»* nt U'llm tloft , i>«*|i HW4M.IHI 34,781 of olliisr liunk*. <*r«llli«j nnd i/lfli:*r»' miUluinlliitf, not nuiint,,! |,y 11,1, pur IIHi.Ot) UH,!)4;fll ftO..XX)OU UMXJO.OO J7877S4 H JSW M9.M I, M U (HliiiofK, <'u»ltl«r of the nbovs-nmiMiiJ bunk, do *ul«mnly «w«ar that the »twv* »l»t«, «n* la true to the b««t uf my knowledve ttnJ " M L (Ht.MOHW l'i,»hl«r. Con«cl AtU«t: R, H MIU.KH I *' OVKKMBYIBB U B UNNAN, Director*. BUU <*f Iow«, County «f KuMutb, u: to wid »utwK rib«nJ b«|or« itn thl« 7th 4f»y at (k:U<b«r, IMS <*•*»•> ANNA MUKeJ. Notary Publk Beet Work Protfr«iMi Lakota; Work In the fucar heel field* I* In full »wlnir and It, In ex- peeted there will be anproxlmately 100 care »hlpped from here thin fall, Truman Turley ha* ehawe of tho w*l»hln» and other* worklnf at the f art/ GMnn it, l«*i A «ttf*fiM/fMt»H t waa fivin In honor of Wf, and Math Mllb«t, Frtif.w it «|iHfl», their farm h«»f nwth «f it, Mr, and Mn, Mlltwrt pnrcria*»d a horn* in Alfona and *rt mwlnf there «om, Whltt«mor« Aid lo Mitt WhlUemoM, Tha lit, PaulM f^it* Ihernn Mdl**' Aid will hoM their reiulaf monthlx ma*tlni| fnMMrtar In th* l/uthnrnn *nhrtol hall. Thoia who ar* to *erv« nt thl* meeting are Me»dam»» frad, Krwln an* Walter «tru«nk*r and Mr*, Aiifii»t Vaiidt, Clean Up Ve«, we muit aeli all of our reconditioned n*ed waoti' inery, tractor* and truck* by October 88, Coma In and pick out what you want—never priced lower, TRUCKS |M Ford TriirM-mi 'M InternaUnfiaJ TruW I,W» TRAOTOB0 Regular VvnwM Tnttm MeC«rml«k-nMrlng 19-10 Tnutor F-ll Farmall with eulllvavto* ' MACHINERY MflCormlck-»M»Hng Ho. IM Own Planter MofJormi(!l(-Di«r|ng | bottom 14" plow I h, 0. John Da«M gaa Mglnn I bottom, 14" <r«ftn »aare) Plow JJtUa Wondef I bottom, 14" plow McCormick * Peering Store Minim 52 U. H, Jfiitw-ll M«r. The Algona Auction Co. Wa ara hero to aurva bow tha *ell»r and buyer at our p*>v. IMon In Algona every iaturite*. O«fl. 15 ' forget we will run our regular *Mturd*>y «*>•, W<« Imvf opened up for full trarfa wlUi our *al« and ««0««t a goo<l lino «f «tu/r. AIAC1UNERY We arc Imndlltig thn Corn Red ilngln row «4fn pit-hot, look thla plrkor over before you Imy, Al*o Uie KewMM OreJn Bleva. tor. _, — ,--,—,,, _ Gf HV W^lll HMWp Olpjr ' hay* M f oo4 offering at *tw!fc,. now*, «prlng hi-lfcre, yuaHlnga, aleo II*M Hun* nwew mA ««wM uwil »iHit» good work horata, »l*o bring In your vwil wtlve* a* we will liavf parlirr and VAN! calvee buyer* liura for Tuning. Oct. tfftli ««>. We will Imvc •!! kind* of buyer* for Mtiytliinic thnt you havi- In the line of »t«ick, Ht>i your ninrk In curly, W» hud buyer* from ll»< central (mrl of Um atat« l«wit w»wk, I'lca,^ pboni- ua and let u* know what you Imvn and wn will gut tli« buyer*. O|icu Kvory Ony. Hule Hitrii pliona 77, tit*. I'hon* IF«», on atock at I (SO u, m, 4. o. iiiiHrij; A Mr\ Operator and Auctioneer get Iflv* Impott.nt «>.tru whin you U X Phillip, ly 0»ii ' Vou 66 Pel; 1, High Mil g*i at low mt ptlea, 2, I«tr« energy unit*, due to I, Perfect bal«ne*, 4ue to «*p«»i Phillip* refining. *)• V*»» 'roun4 peak perform* ftict ,,, th* mult of month by month malnhlng to ygui HJUM801LOOMPAKY

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