The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 11, 1938 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 11, 1938
Page 7
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LAKOTAN BREAKS POOF IN MISHAP ! R«>!>.rt Mr. n Dr. a bar wh«n the li foot «««ht in WM Uk « n t( » «» the bone* ««t And h« I* g«t " T, ~™ ~ j """*' »«v iwa ne is get- tififf Around on erutche* at present. Titonlca Girl Return* To Stephen* College Th« Algona Uppsr Pss Koines, Algona, long., Oct. 11,1036 i* A """••* • • *"" ; «r who rt, , nad an mi nek of rh«umfttf«m -..-- improved *o muph that »h« I £?itJ? r *J."£* "* r ^ h " ( > 1 **»* a Stephen* College, Columbia, Mo. Miss Carmlnhael »pent the end at her home In Hawk*y«, Titonka oirl in Mr and Mr*. Owar Miller drove j to oskaloosa Sunday to visit their , daughter, Ha*el who hnd an opera inffiSsS^i^saa.EMa-'tt W.«k Tue*day. Hon. Fred Ollchrlst speaker* of the aft •rnoon. The eighth dl»trlct meet ing It being held Tuesday and Wed- n**day ot this week at Boon*. Vlaft in 8w«Ni City Mesdames 3. H. Warburton and City lwt week noon for a *hort vl*lt with the Rev. and MM, H. K. Harvey, who Are moving to Clarion, low*, While there they went to the church for a lunch a«rv*d by the M. K. Ladle*' Aid, daughter, who died suddenly. Margaret Lee of Rutland and Delma Henderson of Lehfgh spent th« jveek end visiting friends In Tlton- Mr. and Mrs drove Mrs, Saathoff's Mr*. Amundien, Mr. and Mr*. pArent*, Mr. MUler Netoon And Ronald drove to Iowa Pall* Sunday to visit Mr*. rfel»on'« father, who has been «er)ou«ly III. Mr*. George Bonaelter entertain* Mr, and Mr*. Harry Wortman of WedneXJ" «rt^« for ' rl * n<1<( ,«• •orn. were loet w**b »** *tJi. Wednesday afternoon, the occasion being her birthday. Out of town gue*t* were Mr, and Mr*. Andrew Davidson rind Wayne of Rlng*ted, Rev. and Mr*. P. Mueller of Winthrop, Minn., visited Thur«day and Friday at the Henry Stacker and Oeo. Alke home*. Rev. Mueller, a former paitor of the Oerman J/uth- eran church In Titonka, ha* retired and I* living In Wlnthrop, Ledyard Beet Dump Now in Operation Ledyard: The beet dump opened on Tue»day morning with the following men In charge: Tine Brack, welgh-master; Tllmer Halver»on, tareman; Kdwln Lloyd, car man; Howard Dyer, machine man. Mis* Duma Fischer of Swea City I* now employed at the Lynch caf«, Mr. and Mr*. Otto flwalve of Bancroft called on Mr*. Brauer last Sunday. Mr, and Mrs, Wll»on Brack called at the parental F. T, Lewi* home In Lakota Friday night. Mr*. K. T. Halverson accompanied Mr*. Mllo Halverion of Buffalo Cento Cedar Fall* la*t Friday to be at ter to Ma*on City on Monday, the bedside of her daughter, Betty, Mri . i^R^y And «r*on and Mr*, wlip became III quite suddenly. Bet. PfMt of fudcllffe wtr , V l*ltlng at ty I* A .ophomore at the Iowa State the L . w . Wiemer home Thursday. Teacher* College. O|lv0r Maf - u ,, snd Mn mrrttt Matzener and Oten Yahnke were bu*ln*«* caller* at Algona Thur*- _ were last week end on at the I. K, Wortman*. K. O. John*on celebrated hi* 7Mh birthday a week ago Sunday with •everal of hi* children and famllfe* and leveral friend* a« gue*U. Mr*. William Schroeder wa* host•M to the bridge club last week Wednesday evening, Mr*. R Bert Ley wa* a guest of the club. Mesdame* W. K. Ley and H. Bert Ley drove to Maeon City last week Wednesday and *pent the day with their aunt, Mr*. Earl flhanor. Mr. and Mr*. Edward Hagge and little daughter attended a surprise party for Edward'* father, George Hagge on hi* birthday recently, Mr*. Ivan Everett and daughter*, Storm Lake, are making an Indefln It* visit with her parent*, Mr, and Mr*. J. A. Barger while her bus band I* In the ea*t on emergency telephone work. TITONKA COED ILL AT CEDAR RAPIDS Tltonka: Mr*. Roy Budlong drove Underbakkes, Hebron, Entertain at Dinner After Confirmation Hebron: Mr. and Mr*. Ou*t Un- derbakke entertained for dinner last Sunday In honor of the confirmation of Lowell Underbade, Mr, and Mr*. Adolpb Oswald, Mr, and Mr*, Bert Uiitffrbatilc*, JAi. and Mr*. Ifv)n Thompson and Marilyn, Mr. and Mr*. Elmer Quam and Orlo, Mr. and Mm. Lawrence Hagedorn and eon and Mr. and Mr*. O*car Heetland and little daughter. A class of eight were confirmed at Elmore last Bunday by Rev. Ojerde. Mrs, Enoch Hanson Is Improving and everyone I* hoping to *ee her come home *oon. Mr. IID(I Mr*. Churl** Crouch of Atchison, Kan*a«, spent a few day* with her foIkH, Mr. and Mr*. 8am Winter. They returned home Friday. The Adrian Hauskln* had their Infant »on baptized last Sunday by Rev. 8, O. Sorllen at the Zlon church recently. He received the name of Larry Dean. Tho *pon«or» were Mr. and Mr*. Herme Thomp•on and Mr. and Mri.. Marvin Thompson, Mr. and Mr*. Martin Thompson and Mllford, Mr. and Mr*. O»car Frandl* and family, Mr. and Mr*. Marvin Thompson and Duane, and Mr. and Mr*, Hervle Thompson and Ronald, Junior Drew and Alberta Meyer* and Mrs. Ole Hauskln of nine Earth were Sunday dinner at the Adrian Hauskln*. day. Vern Hawbaker and family of Dlcken* called on friend* here Saturday while paMing through the city. Mr, and Mr*. John Kennedy of Hutchl»on, Minn., called at the Jack McDonald home ThuMday, Th« ladle* ar* *l*ter*. Mr, and Mr*. Walter Miller Were in Rochester Wednesday calling on Walter 7 * father, Ed Miller, who l« going through the clinic. 17 at Meeting of Lakota Acorn Club Lokota: Mr*. K. J. Woodworth entertained the Acorn club Thurvday | afternoon with 17 member* and one visitor, Mr*. H. Bert Ley, pre»«nt. The committee gave their pi/inn for the Gentlemen'* Night to be held at the r'r«*byterl)in church rflnlnK i room, October 2Qth. Mr*. Samuel Warburton gave a ihort review of the county meeting held at Algona , last week Tuefday. The program ' contUted of roll call, Name and Locate a Lake or River In Iowa; Con- I *«rvatlon Leglilatlon, Mr*. J. H, I Warburton; vocal «olo, The Bird by MM. O. H. Krerklng, Halverson, Larson of NE Kossuth Visit in Algona Two vUltorv to Algona last Friday wore C. O. Halve moil and H. O. Larson, both of Hebron township. The men are neighbor*, and cams down to c'heck up on their taxes, and take care of other matters, Including the subscription of Mr. Hal- v«r»on, who has tak«n The Upper D«« Moln«s for many years, They *ald the beet harvest had been at a standstill for a few day*, but It did not affect either of them MS they were raising no bests Some hall damage had been done to their crop*, however. We are glad to have had a chance to visit «v*n for a few minute* with Mr, Halvervon and Mr. Lar*ou Sometime* we think our neighbors In North Kos«uth don't get down to *ee u* often enough. And then again, maybe It's our fault for not getting up to sos thorn more often. Farm Board Meets Lttkota; Thu county Farm llurcitu bourd met at Lakofu I/ml week MUM day «v«nlii£ arid the farm bureuu enliirlitliuiil thu buniiu'im men uf (ho township at a **v«n o'clock dlnnor, survoU ut the l j ro»bylcri«n rhurrh tlliilnx room by the wunu-ii of th« missionary sutluty Mr. Jerry HesUand acted it* tuuxtutUtfSlM following th« m«al nhurt Ulk« w«r« given by Cuunty Axvnt Mrown, Al goiui. county prosliivnt; (J Ml Bteich. Hurt; Mm H»y Jrfltl«-r Tiduika: J. C. Skow, W«*l«y. I K VVurt man »«J the Rev. O. H rr«rkiii«. Lakot*. Bridge Club M««ts Tiluuku: Thy TuawJuy oridgti cluU • WttiUixxiitty ut thu Jutoa Make* how». W«b ttcor* w«* w»4« I, . «>; Haul hull. Mumlld high by Mr». M. Bl«u,h tuid low by Mrs fcibMvt I'eWUMWJ, Mr» Lvrtuuwd 1«- uul Mr«. Itaymuitd Hurt Titonka Woman's Club Has Meeting Tuesday Titonka: The Titonka Woman'* rlub met Thursday afternoon with Grace French a* hoiten*. Kdith Kinder wa* leader of the le**on, which WM» a further dl»cu»*lon of the ma«BKlne article on An tfnu- llvhrnan'* Vluw* the Htat«» n» K!VI-II In tho Atlantic Monthly. Out of town ffuPBtd were the county [incident, Mr», Woodward of Whltt«- moro and MM. Carrie, J'ottcr, Algona. J Hyard Church Aid Sets Bazaar Date Ledyiini: Mr». H. l>. Mnyne «n- tertalntd (he M. JC, Aid ut the < liurcli parlor* ThiiMday afternoon. The final plan* were made for thu Aid biizaar. Tho dute wa» »*t for Thurcduy, November 3rd, Chicago Nurse Visits Hebron: Ruth Ege*dahl of Chicago, who I* taking nur*«» training, »i>«nt a few day* with h«r folk*, Mr. and Mr*, l^r* Kge«dahl taut flunday. Her »l»ter from Jew»ll, Iowa, und her brother of near El rnoru »|icnt the day with tholr parent*, alio. Probate of will HTATK OK K»WA. KOHHItTII COIINTV, *». No 44»l l» I'lntrU't Court, rit'li tfiiilivr Titrin, lU.'l* To All Whom It Muy Concern: Ymi An' llerrl'V Ni.tlll«<l, Ttmt UM IMBlruiiHMil of willing puii>"rflriK In hu thu limt Will mul 'IVmumwnt nf (• M IniiiH'iftill. |icn'ii:.i'il. iliilnl Miiri-h !W. IU20. liiivln« lii'cn Ililn iliiy hlnl. opi'iuul mid rt-iiil. Mniuliiy III" Slut iluy »l tMulit-r. iv;i». I" I*" 1 ' 1 ' fur linn inn proof »f *:iiiiu ut I hi' tVml Ilipiiu-in Al>;iiiui Imv.u. hi'f'<r« (hx iMsdii-l Court uf s.iM colinly, ur Hi.' tlt'ik of Kiiid Court, mul ut ttm ,>r|,ul( I III. al (III- il'V ithcrtl- IIU-II llulu-.l all pvr»uii» intttv;tU'i| «lf lu'lcbV '-lilUllfil In M|>J<li|l Illld »h',* ruu.-.e If iinv tlH-v h.ivi; \*!iv -ini'l iuiitruuii'iit iihuul'l nut bw pi »!>;'•'' Ull.l ullMW'Kd »•. Ulld I'H th« I""' Will ami Tiiluim-nt ul "*i"l 'l« : ' i- •»»«<! IJttUil ul Alguiiti, U»*v». Oi-lubvr 3. la.iu M, KVttV l>i»liitt Court HW»N. U«|.utv Sulllvaii. MiMatiwM * MMIUMI. «»« 4*l«srh FIRE PREVENTION WEEK WORRY Be Protected- Every FOTHI Of INSURANCE We run hifftire you find your property flgainHt every conceivable riak arid during National Fire Prevention Week we would eHpeefally like to have you eome in and hi- veHtltfflte fire insurance for your home, enr, find other building. Do your part during Fire Prevention Week and every other week to prevent fire* nnd Til J8 Week make it a point to stop nnd diHeuwi fire iiiKuranec with u«. Then, in ease of fire you may be irieori- verieieneed but you will be protected agaiiiHt financial IOHK. Kr use -Blossom Oct. O to 15Hi INSURANCE AGENCY 7 N, Dodge 8t. e Vl't ITU AW out *A*imi, mrr rrn wnu, vnum, vn#f .., "An Ounce of Prevention If Worth A Found of Cure" ProU^t ymir*elf and your family nt/w, try muMnn a chet'k of your property to prevent any pM*IM« f)/i*»<')a/ \im in ll*o*ter. (ffftffff/fftffferfA isn't so terrifying if you're insured Headqufirtur* fttr KtHahh Insurance '1'iini' fin' erieii''' 1 in I'ltnim for your 'iitu »HMiir<!M you of flu- nionf tn vnliH 1 iunl profeHJon. Reliable Companies Immediate Claim Service -Low Rates Savings as High as 50% on Your Insurance I'ffi'i'ifil over your prwnt r/ilen. You Will Find It Fays to be Insured With Algona Insurance Agency 1'Jione •t>t t, fu, Protect Your Car Save Up to 40% on AUTO INSURANCE I & Bchannon \\\\\e\\'\noi\ Hld^. Aljfn/t, Iowa IXMN9 Electric Equipment CORRECTLY INSTALLED BY COMPETENT ELECTRICIANS * one nf ilif (ti'fstii'Hl wtfi'(fiiiii'tln tifsitliinl yonr <'iin hny foi- yoni- ln>nn>, l'///'/-f/'//'j(y n\\ <\i\>ni.i>i'H fi'n , faulty line? mul Fira Prevention Weak Oct. 0 to 16 l)i'»l> into lln- I'i'iilt Wi'ft t'ii' t'niiiiinny <lnr Fir/- l'r/-v«'»jli//n VV/'/'k anil !///</)< ovi- i'tf Inn'* of Hli'i'ir'H'iil \\onie A All iii*1nllii1ion mul wiriiiif, IH iloin- \>y n nintf of fniiiM'<l nni\ *killi-il elei'lr' Pratt Electric Co. 214 Z State IN I \M. litf A I'llJK H<itintl, A'l<</|ij'(<« ItWtlll- AfV'I'I In Ilin unly iilu>riiii(lv<i / yi-iUH nf t'n I'il'n n nint miv- IHH whitt <)m /(/•(• </i/i., a, t ilii, llxi .in '/It • itr,'l wtitur HtHlHIt fftOTKITfON VOIK OIAHANII K AOAIHHT M>MH Consult You Too Can Have Side Wall BEAUTY That Never Grown Old JohnS'Manville Asbestos Siding Shingles can be applied right over tho Present Walls of your home! e'l'lt«»« «hlnHl«« Imvti tli« »oft ti-xlitr- of /incut WIMM) yet they are \\ti-.iiiiitit un'i will not wmtr unl Tliay are nwl •rule In tout u;nl rmtulrii tnl In if /in/ v n» time- go«» mi. Hitli-%iitit<t tins lift! i>f your family un't nl tliu »unm ilmi lliliaii'ie Oiu tiuiiiity ul your tiiiine wtlti a»b»»f//« *hlnt;l**. V<it t/*n »<•/ lity unit tfiiintinf th«y will mil th«rn»«lv«* In ynu MH.t. KOOKf NO, AHfllAI/f KIMK VHtHlV fNIH I ATtOH MILLER LUMBER CO. K. H. IMK Joel M. Herbst 170 Agency m////m///mm////^^ HE FIGHTS FIRES Doe* Our Insurance And Wliether Or Not HE Wim, YOU Do If Your Proiwrty is Carefully Protected Th« »peed of firemen In l^ettj/ig to the scene of t)j« );lu2e and their «jfi<; iwnvy in fl^htln^ fire ia protection ae/nunded by 20th century Americans*. l'>nl tl,i< 1'n'i-iniin i-iin only f,revent fmtln'i'iliiniiiui-oii'-i' I In- lire l,nn ,-l)iHi"l Inaiirinn'e i-i,vern »>/<- \, t ** wl*Hi the tinmen ,-itnno\ i/rey,.,^. \ ltl \ \\ j. s t.lie I'onntry home e^nei-iitlly wl,'n-l, i,'e<l,i the orote,-lion of iiirtiiraix-c »'in<-c itri tot'iiiion further from the tire »l/(l/<//, /,, l/l.dy to inm-nne tin iliinnil>e* from n tire Inquire nhont onr |/r/,i«'|| V < |,./ljrj ( .,, f, /r f, in/l Kossuth Mutual Insurance Ass'n t |J ( ,.|.-, I'M .,. |'»x«i.i.,H«-. v. \\nonn, \. I Si, • j .^, '_* tr I FIRE Don't Clean Clothes at Home Tin- III I li- v '.u in,i» -avc l»> I'lcaliliit; i-|,,t|i, , iv ji . hi.-hl v « t |,|.. • , t . •. ,i .i.lini ..-i . I. ,,1,11, i|ui<l in . . . IK.IIH -is ii'.I v\..i ih H,. il-k of ;t .M-arinj- hl.t-l t.f il .1, • ,, i,,.. i, n.,i, .1. •*.! i ..-, , ..ut i,../,,, . lfi .i ..,,,. ( ,,,ii,i (•III -|l->. . \i n lu.^ - "t , i , >ty til i,i- ||fr. Hi- >,i I r, 11» -» ml i n;.' all v utjl' i '\ ill In- .It h:,' ill ril ,, n IP . ..|j i v\ «.rk. *. i i • * ' I* I J |'ll-* -lit ; . . j .^ i j t i. I 'HI ' li a I, id, ; • .< !• M U Algona Cleaners and Laundereri **«.**t « .J, .-Jk.^^-.-. ^.. „. < . , * 4, "i

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