The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 4, 1938 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 4, 1938
Page 6
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Secret Marriage of Fenton Pair During Summer Announced ? : Announcement was mad th ~ marria *e of Martin en . ' son of Mr Adolph P«rtl of Penton to - . f »-•—Wgy«IVC» Ol Ml mi. >«L • "^ ite . also of Iowa City. The couple Was married a Armstrong on July 9, 1938. The attendants were Gladys Graves and Harry Coflfle, both of Esthcrvllle Mr. Peril is lieutenant in the C'CC camp at Whiting. Iowa, where tho couple will make their home after Nov. i. Girl Born to Kerns and Melvin Kern, Se*», "_-•••- i-=.<;,,i 0 of _ „...,.. norn on Wednesday. Sept. 28 Helen Kern of Fenton Is assisting with the CtbVrtnw the'new'a'rHva^ ^ trt* tamed will meet on Thursday, Oct. 6, with Mrs. Ed Priebe. Nick Neu of Clinton, Mo., spent Friday at the P. H. Bonn home Mrs. Bohn is a niece of Mr. Neu Mr. and Mrs. Olaf Berkeland of Eledorado, 111., left Thursday for heir home after a visit since Tuesday with the former's brother, Berel Berkeland and family. „ D , r> ™ d ., Mrs ' J - T " Walte Ie " last week Wednesday for northern Min- esota, where Mrs. Walte remanled or her health. Mrs. Waite has been uffering a great deal with asthma nd hay fever. the re Club Meefe .3. W. Ruske the first meeting of bridge club at th< evening. Mrs. Harry Walter Ohm wo ^"" ! Prizes. Mr. and Mrs Eigler xvere guests of the club. Lthern Nets $165 Aid society T , ocey « S , t utheran church held annual bazaar In the "church st week Wednesday. The _ .-- .-— ~i a n| ce collection of fancy Z?%, "l' UdinK « ui . Its ' «P«n». hold Mr. and Mrs Raymond Tietz, Joh ramenz and daughter, Loralne, le 'riday morning for Clinton. Minn o visit at the August Kierstein Mrs. John Gramenz who spent thre eeks with her parents, returne ome with them Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wegener o gona are staying at the home o their son-in-law and daughter. Mr and Mrs. E. K. Johnson, while Mrs Johnson is attending the cattle con gress and visiting her daughter Marjorie at Cedar Falls The MARCH OF TIME •_»>-_.«.. •B.o.AMt.oft. v * MUM. MS him some $800,000 worth of p«e- lous gems on approval so h* could select a few stones for his queen- to-be, impoverished, half-American, 22-year-old Countess Geraldlne Ap- ponyl of Hungary. From the $600,000 collection rought by courier. Zog chose a diamond tiara, a bracelet, brooch mJnlstrator A«br»y Williams last week announced the fourth successive alMim* peak for WPA rolls In a new high of 3,- many large pool of blood was trapped i the heart, Impeding Its motion. Dr Nlcoll slit the pericardium, and th blood , out At once '. »I ga m a> " DI °™ oo*«fl out- At on« wiman .. "i. "^"i- At I 1 ?* saltt * tlm * he I Manning's heart leaped In Dr. Nl proudly mad* another announce- coil's hand 'like a fish out of wat men t: that 1M,167 people had leftler" ^f^^ffcf" 8 * lft July , (ft *•* jH K was Immediately replaced and r^nn^*™»Iy turnover.) of whom the pericardium stitched with cat«2?/EE« Mt h*''«f«>n that they U,t A small opening was left In ^^^.^rf'U 0 . 6 "; .9*'*™- ??** **. roeon Inserted a rubber Dr ' and - A. Mueller and . ' . - . ueer and daughter. Virginia Ruth, left last ' for where , afternoon they at- the funeral of Mrs. Muellers uncle, George Saul. They returned home Wednesday evening Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Krause left Sunday for Iowa City where their T -inior, will be examined and by a specialist there. Junto has been ill with infantile para o H ""u>, apiuns, noia-i • Is Iniproving rapldlv and I «v cases and many other art- now able to walk which will be good Tie nmnnnf nio...j ... ni>u>e t« v,i. — « . " . e 00 " situation, growln«r «»»•*. *.«: Iu sands of Britons who kn«>w J> nr V... *.-•! u ""»"• i "» courier ana nis "'•" ,•-•. - — «••=•« ««»=" u umi mey gut. A small opening was left n hour and fostTrinl ZSSL L the tain that fleets o'oWa*M»m*?£, £ «,, hot then boarded a Rome- ** ~* k ,£? 11prlvat ? *» bs - Observ- which Dr. Nlcoll Inserted a rubber SnTi^rJS^SH^ ntsrn B!,,,LT t,|,~n? a .f.T" To drlv* hniri. *!«, , 5j' , the llner P Iun K e «l «nto fog, »»'w«on of supplying temporary em- A week later, after several blood •s had U. S. public *° u" f fc i ^J. e how enormously suddenly smashed Into the slope of P'oyment In periods of emergency transfusions the drainage tube WB» ir . ta "L°"? ° f the teJS Ie u. tt !"2! ^ orld F" ^•A«t«nonearForm.«. The jewel L rat . h _!f_ l han 'P a "^ «» has fre- removed For flv^ 8 wefks U Pat™l! oninin. " u '"»' c '" e naa u. s. public I, *" " rlv f ""me now enormously suddenly smashed Into tl bf«i«f I? co . nsid . er ,. and °n« of the ^.horrible the next World Wa? Mt Altlno near Formla The Jewel.- -• »««-, mfSf t.^??**!,*' the We6k wa9 a 7..L M ?? tS P redece «o«-. Pro- box hurtled clear, burst open and W«"t|sr been charged." major shift in U. S. nnininn I fessor Haldane rttea mi* A>...... I nnraa>« tu. . Jl A "*" '. . f-or Haldane" %«^i^:^^^^«S^\ USKma^Sr?-^l a " d . SO? \!^,*&'Z*«S?&*» .«!• S ™OT BEAUT -- -i •«• i ,,_ - — •V.MMU *isuico.i "f«-«« LUC £*rin0 -Tjvtrr tne M roll no I Fortnight ago the thought of war "tiTiBiJJ S™" 7 '?", fl " d N °v- Startled shepherds clambered to the MOOT HEA1M in Europe, between whatever pow- '£, ,, Jf918 ' Ge / ma " airplanes drop- plane, found It a blazing wreck, ANH WWMT* ers, for whatever cause. WHS nb - ^ " ,° 1n * °/, bomb , s °n England, with the 19 passengers and crew SCIENCE horrent to mnot TT c -in r, _. These killed 837 nennlp rtr, **•„,.„ u dpnrf Thoir n « n i>.».j ._ _.,. _, T«"B<w Vnotr. Few weeks ago the police or i aienaanis wneeied In Pair Naples heard tales of magnificent William Manning, who had been jewels being offered for fantastical- stabbed through the heart was on ly low prices. They investigated and the ' - 8 ". 1 " 6 neart ' *** on last week swooped down and arrested two men7 Before the po-1 licemen's popping eyes, the men Geinert accom - Weisbroa - arlv PrH E ' F J ° hnson '"« three tables with Mrs. Rond i««f y P r lda y morning for Water- Binning the high score and Mr, tovu i fi ndithecattlecon » ress and George Jentz the low. Mrs EC «?iJ ^ •, e 'atives. Mrs. Johnson will "'eisbrod and Mrs. Wilfred Stoeber r ' *" for absent members. Miss Lavaun Priebe entertained — -..„„.,_M.«uie consequences i » -«*.m,ncj, ne ueciares. Ait- f rupturing the "fabric of peace". e . r P utti "g on their gas masks, mil- reccnded his addressees of the Kel-1 l_ ns _ tof . Londoners should then .. _. -— — ««e"«-^r, Marjorie at the Teachers' college In Cedar Falls They returned home Monday Oth-1 the~mem"nVrTnf V*"^ ,!H,M nalned i t <:cl » a " a T s addr "sees of the Kel-1 llons - 01 , Londoners should then ers attending the cattleTongress thwLeSni,^at fhl* ^"'^ Wai- log,Br.and anti-war pact of 1928. crou .f in these trenches (which were Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bleckwenn ly meeHne in J heir . re 8 ular m °nth- fafd he: "The supreme desire of the would be covered with timbers and also of the Fairvllle neighborhood evenlnJ *Fi?i,t ' home Thursday American people is to live in peace. 8reen sod t« °"i"gu!se them from the I ^" el *n°ornood. evening. Eighteen members were But in the event of a general war enemv > every time an air raid warn- srs, tor whatever cause. WHS nb- £«,„ L. ,. ^ «, ° m °, s on England, with the 19 passengers and crew ™ horrent to most U. S. citizens. But If 9 »«f d « 37tpeopl «' :• On March dead They pocketed as many of NEW YORK: t ur au years , K , na - hnrt . Prirn . e . Minls t««- Chamberlain drooned ™ R , u° mbs werc Z MgM stones as they coul(1 « nd ly ' mellow-voiced Dr. Alexander Nihad appealed to Adolf Hitler, and ? °, ppT ! d ,, on Barcelona by German I when the police arrived at the re- coll of Ni>w V«M,-. » JK u agreed to the dismembermeAt of a ? d u a ," alr P Ianes - They ki mote scene only J52.625 worth re- nftal waitedtJ^v n jj* m ^' Czechoslovakia after Czechoslovakia * about 1 ' 300 pe °P |e - malned. The rest, th™ a ,,"^ a A I i?" a .u Wa "t d 1° tey .°^ an operation made a gesture of yielding and then Thus ' had th e bombing of Ba >repared to Hght, disapproval of f e ' ona continued at this maximu D.ctator Hitler and sympathy for '"tensity for even one full wee Czechoslovakia as the innocent un- hoth th e total weight of bom er dog was wide spread. Nobody dropped antl the total casualties •anted the U. S. to go to war, but this c!ty would.have considerab n the streets and at pro-Czech e * c eeded what all England su mass meetings people were already fered in its worst 95 weeks of ac cheering: "Go to it. Czechoslovakia!" l " al . war. Measured thus coldl episcopal Bishop Manning of New the 'horrors of bombing" have in ork said: "All men of sense know creased in 2 " years nearly loot hat there is a point beyond which per cent p J rm^ a ." d a » ression ca "not be Both the French and British got ermit ed to go. and that as a last ernments last week were rushin resort in certain situations, the use the final stages of their long an of force may not only be justified nounced plans to evacuate minion Sictofe o e f r r e | qU h'r d ^ U9 by every from Paris and London at the out truemanh^L - g ' ° f d " ty ' and °' break of war. Giving the British true manhood. government credit for its work in It was a moment for the Presl- Providing the 40.000.000 gas masks dent of the U. S. to make a gesture which this week are ready, Pro- toward Europe. In a personal mes- fessor Haldane Insists that evac- sage to Adolf Hitler and Czechoslo- lmt| on Is all wrong. Every park vakia's President Benes—copies of ga " and °P en s P a « In London which were sent to other European snd other British cities should Im- capitals—Franklin Roosevelt spoke mediately be dug up In a system of of the "Incalculable" consequences twisting trenches, he declares. Aft- f ruDturinir th«» "faK^i^ ~t ~ „ I er outtin? nn th«it* a-ao ^^..i ,, removed. For five weeks Patrol man Manning remained in an oxygen tent, and for several months he was given massages to stimulate his heart muscles. Last week Patrol- man Manning was well enough to attend magistrate's court for the hearing of his case. Said Dr. Nleoll: "All the stitches have been absorbed Into the heart tissue and cannot possibly cause any trouble. .. HI* diet... Is carefully regulated to build up red blood corpuscles. He Isn't allowed to smoke or drink, though he is permitted to walk upstair* ^~^ftjra]S5Ka5a2Fa I opportunity came last April when . of|« tendant a wheeled In Patrolman] been „.. ...A hearf n*a of death. confidently grasped his j "- Incision along the along the :hes, then SAFETY FIRST We are equipped to replace non shatter glass on any vehicle, car or truck. machine like a little hand vacuum cleaner. Then he j picked up Manning's heart and held It faintly fluttering in his hand The WASHTNGTON: Acting WPA ad -1 tS^^^X&f^ \ WINDOW GLASS A complete stock of window glass. We'can take care of any requirement yon have. SEE US —— PEAK AND TIUNOVER WPA RANKS GREENBERG AUTO SUPPLY The Place to Get Auto Supplies, Is An Auto Supply Store Rectal Diseases (Piles, Fissure, Fistula) Varicose Veins Hernia (Rupture) I give special attention to the treatment of these diseases by ambulant methods, which means that you can be up and around and lose no time from your work except for the few minutes you spend taking treatment In my office once a week. Dr. S. W. Meyer, D. O. First Floor Sawyer Bldg. Formerly In General Hasp. BUg. ALGONA, IOWA 29-tf Boh i J " ne . Mllford Wv.h ' Mrs ' Ralph Mr H ^ o" 1 Weisbrod Mr and Mrs. Rex Wolfe and their daughter. Edith, and Mr. and Mrs. T N. McFall. parents of Mrs. Wolfe left early Saturday morning for Os- SETTI.E.MENT Vi negotiations continue. dTirlrencSs may be reconciled. Once they ar broken off. reason is banished Tand fr ,° rce asserts 'tself. And force pro duees no solution U ood ° f humanity. for the future tJfe nnlt X ° an ' 8y hands on - F «ncl ta^f "/Ve especially chagrined ! P rv W ^ en ' from «nder their $1 g^o Mo'in W "„!"* BWay with in nrim? i J old - th e largest haul " " in ^ na hls , tor y- The gold was cMin7S »Ti y St ° wed aboard a n fp«m 17 m ght train northbound Mrs. McFaU's side of the farniiy' Relatives will attend from Cedar Kaplcls, Leavenworth, Kansas, and St. Louis. Mo. An aunt will come bt. Louis whom Mrs. Wolfe has not seen aince she was seven years old Mr. and Mrs. McFall will r" main for an extended visit and the Wolfes expect to return this week Wednesday. Raymond Wessel has charge of Mr. Wolfe's ' " Ing his absence. MAGIN a typewriter LONDON: The negotiations which m!i L me / ge , ncv brakes were jam- President Roosevelt urged Europ- ^vun^H tra 'nmen and guards ean statesmen to continue last week ml £ g * " to lnve stigate, six were begun in Adolf Hitler's moun- £2£ed men whooped out from the tain retreat at Berchtesgaden three JP, lde ' fired shots '" the weeks ago. were renewed at Code,- L f T ed thelr w «y into the „„.„ berg a fortnight ago when Britain's f , accomplice, hidden on the Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain HedVv 1?,'"^ ^ m as thcv hur ' asain flew over for a second talk ,ilf y ' Uggcd the K° ld crates to with the German Fuhrer. ! heir = ar ^ ^^ thev s Pend away """ Berchtesgaden Plan had al- Vard the Italian border, been "accepted uncondltion s Folks Like You and I, Jimmy, Who Profit Most By The Upper Des Moines!" -m*t V/E\GW S ostf 8 VBS. ^50l." -tHX! f«s \r4TO sonO SE AHO DESK 0 RA* £R " 0 ^VN ^i^*^^' ^G&c-- 1 V?^, ^T \*ijl r~~~\ •^••^ f "- ^:°'*Ks> f ~ "•it's the new ' == &\ *-~ephijr Come ln...see it...try out this amazing portable Lightweight but strong. Surprisingly complete Has 84 characters —Standard Keyboard — Swinging Shift-back spacer... truly a g reat buy and a full-fledged Corona. —AT THE— Algona Upper Des Moines —*— . •jt'cii uccepiea uncondltlon- «'"«r y Czechoslovakia. But when Mr. Chamberlain arrived In God*s berg he found Fuhrer Hltler-evl dently convinced that there might be no limit to the concession!U,re a tening to hurl his army against Czechoslovakia "within 48 hours" unless Prague immediately went be' yond the concessions already made. The Berchtesgaden Plan and the Godesberg Demands would each g ?, ?f£ la " y a " the most im PO'-t- ant fortiflcations encircling the west Hn of Czechoslovakia. To sanction either would mean that Britain and France had scrapped the League and other post-war treaty obligations to safeguard the "territorial integrity" of Czechoslovakia The Plan was to cede about 8000 square miles to Germany; the Demands would bring in another 1 000 square miles. But the Plan was to have been carried out over a period of "about six months", while the Demands insisted that bv October i all Czechoslovak armed forces gendarmerie, police, customs officials and frontier guards be withdrawn from the areas Hitler want- While neither German nor Czechoslovak armed forces would be ner- mitted in plebiscite areas while the \otlng took place on or before No\- fh K ?'• acor d'ng to the Demands, the ballot would be restricted to people who lived in these areas on Ortober 29. H.lS. or were born there before that date. Finally the Demands summoned he ( zechoslrjvak government to di. I narge from its army an,] , )0 |i. i fortes all , )t . r . sons of German ra< -••ml to let German political j.risor ,tra out of jail. j Although many Czerhosovlak i I.Mve .ouiited on heint' Hble to dvna imitt- their J250.000.000 fortifi, at'i(,n , in the Smitten area and Indus' I plants worth much more hefoi jhniiilinK the area over to German under the Ber«-hte., SK »dfcn Plan th Go,le.,ber B D t - m;in ,i., har.shly re<,uir e<! that evacuated territory be hand fd over in its present condition. Mr Chamberlain .sent the Grxles bt-rif Demands, complete with map K> the Czci hohlovak xovernn- "without comment." r Z '.-( ho-Io\-aki- promptly refused to cede the Slid' ••ten land under Hitler's new term, but did not refuse futher ,u--o nation. Next day. the British For ei^n Offire annouiK til: "It is .still possible <to fmd Peaceful solution, by negotiation 'M-rmanys claim to transfer of the . ndeten areas has already beep I'once.icd by the Frem h "lit it ; ; ('tvt 'ho.ilovak government.'- Hut j if in spite of all effort.-, made by |lf.' British Prime Minister, a Ger- I inan alta- k is made upon fzecho --lovaica tin.- immediate re.-ult must I ••• France will be bound to com.. it' her assistnuie. and (Ju-at Bnt- •"" a,:,i Hussia will ceitamly stand j' J> *'•'"<«•••• i —O— I IIA\1>B(K»K OK U AK I.O.VDOX: "I halt having to write i'<is book Air raids are not only "" Jll » Tt "--y are loathsome and <.'.sKUsiiiifc' If you had ever seen a • '.'Id smashed by a bomb into some- tiiuiS like a mixture of dirty ruy.i '•"'J cat's, meat you would realize Una fa>:t as intensely 114 I do " With this piece of gruesome can- •J'jr. BntLim's popular writer on •science and warefure. Professor .1 fc S Haldane of University College ahout tlie rent or liow to get new clothes. But people like you and I do. Getting the things we need on a small-income isn't as easy as just buying whatever and wher- ffnn .V n 1 T'- That ' 8 Wh >' WC tflke tj ^' Opper Des Monies, we ean find the best buys through the ads it carries and besides that ,t carries all the news that anyone ' |iil.l want to read. So you see. it's folks The Algona Upper Des Moines A '/ E MERCHANT backs up his fliiial assurance of easy winter starting and oil economy by PL-PLATING YOUR ENGINE Kfer & -more than an oil change! t „ direct from Your !• lips doesn't change the fact that he back. every word pe^nal.y. How doe. he go through with that? % £± your en gl ne the only O.L-PLAT.NG. That's not mere words; if. w hj patented Conoco Germ Proceed oil doe, want to start up again, after hours of wintrv k' h ° **** Z^-ZZZTtt^'^Z Proce«ed oii The gauge-tick back. You, Milage Merchant! CONOCO GERM PROCESSED OIL oii-FiATiNo GUARANTEED to i k»t ^^ *•' HARRIS BROS. SERVICE STATION WRAY SERVICE STATION"

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