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The Merthyr Express, Aberdare and East Glamorgan Herald, Tredegar and West Monmouth Times from Merthyr Tydfil, Mid Glamorgan, Wales • 10

Merthyr Tydfil, Mid Glamorgan, Wales
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a a a From 1867 MRS. WILLIAMS FT Monster William Xmas Harris Parcel VALUE CONTENTS SERVICE 1 lb. Empire Currants William 1 lb. Empire Raisins William Harris 1 lb. Best Candied Peel Harris 1 lb.

Pot Mincemeat 2 lb. lb. Granulated Good Tea Sugar Wonderful 1 lb. Self Raising Flour Wonderful pkt. Peerless Jelly Crystals Xmas 4 lb.

Dessicated Cocoanut Xmas Parcel. 1 pkt. Custard Powder Parcel 11b. Delicious Margarine lb. Pure Lard One pkt.

Nutmegs pkt. Pudding Spice 1 pkt. Raisley Flour ATTENTION Monster Xmas Parcel. COURTESY THE EXPRESS. SATURDAY.

DECEMBER: For FOURTEEN DAYS To 1925 WILLIAM Sac HARRIS THE FAMILY GROCER 58 YEARS A WILLIAM HARRIS CUSTOMER "THE MAGIC KEY" will be repeated in the Caedraw Mission, Tuesday next, 15th December. Admission, Children, 3d. Commence 7.30 p.m. ST. TYDFIL SPIRITUALISTS.

Mrs. Griffiths conducted last Sunday's services. Next Sunday, Mrs. Lewis, Treorchy. Monday, 7.30, Mrs.

Grifiths. The Angel Buildings were sold this Henry Owen to Mr. Dixon Walker, Pontycapel Brewery, Cefn Coed. DEBATING meeting of the above society will be held on Monday, 14th, Unitarian Hall, Thomas-street, commence p.m, sharp. An interesting debate on the Education Bill will take place.

All are welcomed. ZOAR Y.P.S.-A very interesting address was delivered on Wednesday evening by the Rev. D. T. Richarde, Dowlais, on "Evidence for and against At the close the following took part: The chairman (Mr.

John Knapp), Messrs. W. Lloyd Jenkins, George Edwards, Miss Hilda Davies and the Rev, H. E. Rogers.

THE TEMPLE, TRAMROADSIDE The above church will hold their third annual whist drive and dance at the Drill Hall on Thursday, December 17th. Whist and dancing 1 to commence at 7.30 p.m. and continue till a.m. Prizes for the above are shown at Mr. Simons' Furniture Shop, Pontmorlais.

Admission, 2. THE SALVATION -Nest Sunday, af 11 a.m. and 6.45 p.m., the Zoar Schoolroom, High street (kindly lent by the minister and deacons of the Zoar Chapel). The second Monthly Festival will be given by next. the Band in Hope Hall at 7.30 on Monday Latest S.A.

music. Silver collection. THE TEMPLE, TRAMROADSIDE N- On Sunday next the services at 11 a.m. and 6 p.m, will be rendered by Mrs. Phillips, The Quay, Merthyr.

On Monday afternoon, open pablio circle, conducted by Mrs. Phillips. Monday evening, at 7.45, partner whist drive, Good prizes given. Admission, 6d. PROPERTY Thursday Mr.

Henry Owen, F.A.L.P.A.. conducted sale of freehold property at the Drovers Arms, Cefn. Nos. 118, High-street, Cefi were sold for £240 to Mrs. Mary Burgess, and the double-fronted residence Bryntawel," situate on the Vagnor-road, sold for £400.

subject to confirmation. solicitor was Mr. M. Pulliblank. DON'T MISS SEEING the dignified display of beantiful and useful Christmas Presents at reasonable prices in the pharmacy of Henry M.

Lloyd, Chemiet Ophthalmic Optician, Victoria street Merthyt levuveite Market Doore) 12. 1925 grant £5 towards the cost of a new set of teeth for an applicant on the ground that his health would be greatly improved thereby. PHYSICAL CULTURE at the Ex-service. men's Gymnasium is stili going strong. branches of physical training are indulged in by the members, and these are proving boon to the prospective local champions.

Parents who want their boys to get healthy and strong should let them join the gymnasium, which is one of the finest in Wales. MADAME PEARSON'S Private Practice Dance, Annual. Ball, December 15th, Angel Ballroom Exhibition of original Argentine and modern French Tangos. Tango Competition. Prizes for Best Couple.

Evening dress optional. Refreshments. Single, double, 5s, 6d. Commence 7.30 p.m. many friends of Miss Iris M.

Gustavson will be pleased to learn of her in passing the senior division examination of the Trinity College of Music, London, with honours in pianoforte playing, obtaining an excellent percentago of marks, being highest in her grade in this centre. Miss is a pupil of Mr. J. J. Thomas, LR.A.M., A.T.C.L.

GEORGETOWN SPIRITUALISTS. On Sunday the speaker clairvoyant was Mr. Allen, Mountain Ash. Ho a very inpsiring address, and his clairvoyance was also very good. On Tuesday evening usual public circle took place, when the large room was filled.

Mrs. Jones, the resident medium, was the clairvoyant, when she gave a large number of descriptions. Speaker next Sunday, Mrs. Jones, Hamptonstreet; Tuesday, pullie circle. "DUCHESS OF farthfa Operatic Society present this most spectacular and dramatic opera, full of humour, light music and pretty dances, at the Theatre Royal, Merthyr, week commencing January 18th.

Book at Gramophone Salon, Glebeland-street, on and after Decem. ber 21st. or by post up to December 18th, with Hon. Secretary, Mr. Brynley Phillips, 4.

Gwendoline-street. Merthyr. Grand cirele Upper cirele (tax inclusive). WIDOWS' -The Administration Committee of the Guardians have sidered a letter from the Ministry of Health stating that in the absence of any Statutory authority to the contrary the Board take into consideration, in fixing relief for widows who are in receipt of a pension, the whole income of the household from whatever source derived. The superintendent officer was on Tuesday instructed to communicate the fact to the relieving officers.

LOW DEATH the month of November 106 births and 65 deaths were registered in the Borough, giving rates of 16.5 and 8.9 per thowsand of the population Union Infirmary, three at the General respectively. Ten deaths occurred at the Hospital, four st Isolation Hospital, and two at Pontsarn Sanatorium. The deaths in the wards were 033 Dowlais, 10; Penydarren, Park, Cyfarthfa, Town, seven; Plymouth, 10; Merthyr Vale, and Treharris 9. The infantile mortality 47 per thousand births. UNWHOLSEOME Sanitary Inspector Milton Thomas reported to his committee on Wednesday that during last month he made over a hundred visits to slaughter houses.

house, and butchers shops. The following, found to be unwholesome, were surrendered and Beef, 940 lbs. mutton, 240lbs: livers, 120 lbs. -fish, and 200 The. fruit.

Inspector H. Llewellyn Jenkins had surrendered to him 320 be beef, as well 'as sinall quantities of beef livers, mutton, Ash. 'and tinned goods; Inspectors Lewis Mills and B. Williams also reported the surrender of a quantity of foodstuffs in their districts. CONCERT AT.

THE HOSPITAL.Monday concert was held at the Merthyr General Hospital, organised by Mr. E. Jones, headmaster, Merthyr Vale School, when an excellent programme was given by the Arcadian Glee Society. The chair was taken by Mr. Isaac Davies, who is in the Sandbrook Ward.

At the close a rote of thanks was proposed by Mr. Isaac W. Jones (Sandbrook Ward), seconded by Mr. Davies (St. Luke Ward).

The programme was "Glory and love (Faust), The Party; duet. Madam Owen and Mr. chorus, Gwilym The Evans; Party; song. songs, Mr. Mr.

Dan Gwilym Bumford; ARTIFICIAL Tuesday the Board of Guardians adopted a recommendaof the Administration Committee to chorus, Gwilym The Evans; Party; song. songs, Mr. Mr. Dan Gwilym Bumford; and Mr. Jack Owen: recitation, Mr.

Leslie Jones; chorus, The Party: song, David Davies; monologue, Mr. J. H. Skinner; song, Madam Broad-Owen; chorus, the Party. the 1st at Neville House, Somerset-place, Merthyr, Mrs.

S. J. Rees. wife of the Rev. David Rees, passed away peaceably in her 66th year.

She had been afflicted for many months, but the end came rather suddenly. She was the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Powell, grocer, Wellington Mrs. Rees was teacher.

at Ynysgau Sunday School. The funeral took place on Thursday at Tabor Cemetery, Cefn. The Revs. W. Evans (Llanidloes) and H.

deacons E. Rogers, B.A. (Zoar), officiated. The of Ynysgau acted as bearers, The mourners were Rev. David Rees (husband) Messrs.

John Powell Rees and David lorwerth Powell Rees (sons): Wm. Thomas, Courtland-terrace (brotherin-law); Edward Morgan, manager of Bar. clays Bank, Neath (cousin); Thos. Courtland-terrace; J. E.

Thomas, Aberdare (cousins); and the following nephews: John Powell Thomas and Bertram Powell Thomas, A. Richards, Swansea: D. J. Williams, Penydarren; G. Auckland, Llanelly, and W.

Davies. Merthyr. The deceased lady left a husband, daughter, two sons and one sister (Mrs. W. Thomas, Courtland-terrace), to mourn their loss.

EX CONCERT. On Sunday evening the Merthyr Ex-Servicemen's Orchestra gave a concert at the Teinperance Hall, and were assisted by Mr. Todd Jones (tenor), Miss Nancy Powell Williams (coprano), and Miss Elsie Thomas The orchestra, under leadership of Mr. W. S.

Parry, maintained throughout distinctly creditable standard. Well deserved encores would have followed had time permitted. On two occasions Mr. Parry ducted his own and the into dering relief of his Forest Dancers" brought sition, technical knowledge of compoand natural penchant for music on the Powell part of Williams the composer. Miss Nancy needed no introduction to of the the audience, and her renderings were worthy reputation in the perfor mance of the "Rebel Maid" little back.

The introduction of the harp into the programme was happy 'thought, The harpist (Miss Elsie Thomas) gave inspired renderings of Welsh and her formance left nothing to be desired. Todd Jones, an old and one tionably with as 1 his popular reproductions as ever, of delighted everysome ingly difficult tenor solos, and his encore of Bonnie Mary" (by special request) earned well Mr. merited applause. The accompanist, the Gwilym Lewis, carried out his part of programme in his usual effective manner. The variety and excellence of the grammo promised further to the pro- ExServicemen's that orchestral efforts, and it 1 hoped another such concert will I held in the near future.

Society Y.M.C.A.- held -The a successful Literary and Debating last, the subject being. "Is debate the on Friday, Church ful. tion filling it's real social function?" The affir. and mative was taken by while Messrs. W.

R. Pettifor A. O. Hughes, Mr. T.

E. Jones upheld the negative. very lively and the interesting following discussion followed, in which members took part: Messrs. B. Phillips, G.

W. E. Williams, Williams, C. Lee, Atkins, Price and A. G.

L. Edward Peacock The chair was taken by. Mr. Mr. E.

D. Thomas moved the vote of thanks and Mr. 8. Luxford seconded. The negative side of the question was carried by a good majority.

CALFARIA, terly Sunday School meetings were held Sunday. Solve were rendered by Messrs. Williams, M. Davies, T. Jones, B.

Osbori A. Williams, C. Roynan, D. Morris, S. Wool.

D. sey, 'Jones, T. Richards, Misses A. Jones, H. Parry, Evan E.

Richards, I. Morgan, Morgan, M. J. Pasmore, R. Roynan, Nana Davies, R.

Passmore (Llwyn); duet by M. J. Passmoro and R. Roynan; part songs conducted by Mr. T.

Davies; male voice part songs conducted Mr. J. T. Richards: recitations by Messes. T.

J. Price, D. Jones, S. Morris, Misses Parry, H. Richards, R.

Wills, E. Price, N. Davies, 8. J. Haines, M.

Bathurst, M. Morgan, R. Davies; addresses were given by Mr. G. Llewelyn, Mr.

E. Davies and Mr. T. Jones. Much credit is due to Mr.

Tom Davies, the superintendent of the Sunday School, who introduced with marked success a "Children's Sunday." OBITUARY. The death occurred on Wednesday morning of Mr. B. Kwtosky at his residence in Wellington He is survived by a widow, son, three daughters and daughter-in-law. The funeral took place on Thursday last, the chief mourners being his son, Marcus, his sons-in-law, Mr.

Faggot, Treharris; Mr. Schwartz and Mr. D. David, Merthyr; his brothers-inlaw. Cardifi: Mr.

S. and his Schwartz and Mr. A. Wolfstein, nephews, Mr. L.

Kaye. Newport, and Mr. S. Odey, Cardiff; brothers Schiller. Fay and Joseph also The Rev.

Mr. Bloom officiated to a large congregation who came to pay their last respects. The deceased came to Mer. thyr 24 years ago from London, where he was well known. He was, 62 years of age and was the Jewish kosher butcher for Merthyr Hebrew congregation.

He was well known throughout Merthyr and the valleys and was a member of the Hebrew congregation and brother of the Grand Order of Israel and the Achi Brith Lodge. ORGAN RECITAL AT rare musical treat was enjoyed at Zoar Church on Thursday evening last, when the owned organist, Mr. Gatty Sellars, of the audience Kingsway Hall, London, delighted his large with varied and classical seleetion of music. This occasion was the reopening of the organ, which has been lately renovated, and in spite of the fact that it is showed forty its years old, the famed organist The Miss wonderful power and capacity. vocalist, Laura Evans-Williams, London, charmed her hearers with her markable soprano voice, and her rendering of Welsh folk-songs called for repeated encorts.

During the interval Mr. Gatty Sellars gave some very interesting and amus. ing incidents which occurred during his tour in the United States. The programme was as follows: Tone (Sibelius); "Solemn Melody" (Watford Davies); Nuptial Song' song, "Hymn to the Almighty" (Schubert); "Songs My Mother taught Mo" (Dvorak); tone poem, "The Mighty Andes" (Gatty Sellars): songs, "Shepherd's Cradle Song" (Somerville), Love My God" (Bullock), "Lift Your Eyes" (Gatty. Sellars); organ, "Rue Blas" (Mendel tone poem, Ocean: (Gatty Sellats); songs, Mor," Mao 'Nghariad Fenws," "I ble 9 myned Lilao Tree organ, "Extemporisation on a Requested "An Evening Barcarolle" (Gatty songs, Sellars); Thanks "Lagoon 'be Lullaby" God" (Gatty Sellars); to (Dickson), from Fos" (Dr.

Sonata" Parry); organ, "Chorale and Fugue 5th (Guilmant). Mrs. D. Jarret Williams and Mrs. Tom Thomas worked hard in the disposal of the tickets.

The success of the evening was due to the excellent arrangements made by the hon. Mr. D. Jarret Williams. VETERAN ATTENDANCE OFFICER.The funeral took place on Friday of Mr.

James Watts, Ael-y-Bryn, Dyke-street, for nearly Afty years a school attendance officer at Merthyr. He came to the town at an early age, and as a boy was employed at the old Penydarren Ironworks. In 1870 he was Hill elected member of the Court Anthony Lodge, later became secretary, and filled that position for many years. He was Chief Ranger in 1886, and district trustee in 1892, resigning only year ago, He was well known as a school attendance officer until July, 1919, when he retired on account of failing health. He was for over 50 years a member of Market Square Church, and one of the oldest deacons, and until 1904 conducted a when class of young men in the Sunday School, he founded the Caedraw Mission, and threw his heart and soul into the good work there.

He was generous subwill be to cause, and his genial presence seriber the much missed. He leaves only daughter (Mrs. Amelia Watts- Thomas) and two sone (Mr. J. H.

Watts, Llanelly, and Mr. John coffin Watts). and four grandchildren. The was covered with beautiful floral tributes from Amelia and Wallie (daughter and son-in-law): Jim and Mary, Llanelly (son and daughter-in-law); Annie and Chitaren and Rowley and Annie, Llanelly (cousins); Edward and Mary (cousins): R. E.

Grifiths (solicitor); Caedraw Mission Church Mem. hers: Caedraw Mission Sunday School Teachers; Mr. and Mrs. T. Barnes.

The family wish to thank friends for their kind letters of sympathy in their sad bereave ment. "THE the QUEEN'S Merthyr. A8K YOUR GROCER for the delicious Wales (Cardif) Jame TOPICALS CONCERT PARTY open for enragements. Each member an artiste, Terms particulars apply Mr. E.

E. Smith, 53, street. Merthyr. XMAS your photographs now to catch early mails to friends Ornely, Metropole Studios. The ayes, Cardin.

where you will, you cannot better instruments or lower prices than Prank Jelleyman, Piano Tuner, Breson(85 years' practical esperience). MINERS, before buying your working boots, don't to see Camwell's Through Twin Specially made for underground wear. from 11d. upwards. 71, Pontmorleis (late Merthyr Market).

OLD FURNITURE INTO must old furniture repaired before Therefore, advise the by post card send direct to Tai Furnishing Factory, MADAME CURTIS MORGAN. T.D. T.R.O.. Professor of Music, Merthyr, Teacher Singing, Musical etc. Pupils trained for profession concert party work.

Afternoon SPECIAL IMAS SALE OF EVENING GOWNS Gowns, Coats, Contfrocke. Jumpers, commencing to All goods greatly reduced prices. useful and Showrooms. (Over Meesre, Howlelds). DAINTY DANCE FOOTWEAR in all the shades and etyles.

Gold and Silver and Brocades from 12s. 6d. 378. 64.: Sateen and Batin from 60. 110., to 258.

Patent Dress Shoes from 11d, to largest in North Glamorgan. orthyr Williams, 117, XMAS the Christmas Season drawing near, Toomey begs to inform his election that he will be 1 having large of Aret-class Poultry and Game from Talgarth best farms and around Hereford. Abergavenny, Brecon. Also large assortof frat-clase fruit, and salad. rill you -have favour his him with your kind order personal attention.

will to order early, and he assures you spare no trouble in his efforts to secute same in such to complete satisfaction. Please note: place for you to get Game 90, Pontmorlais, Merthyr. YOU beautiful MUST and SEE useful the dignified display of Christmas Presents at Henry M. prices in the pharmacy windows Optician Lloyd, Chemist and OphthalRio Market Victoria -street, Merthyr (oppoDooral Local Intelligence. Caedraw Mission Comof mittee the two desire to dancers, point the out that the names Misses Beryl and Sybil Adams, were omitted from the report of the "Magic Key," which appeared in last them for their They help are also splendid grateful to week's issue.

and performance. Tho conductor was Mr. R. H. Rogers, A.T.S.C.

PARK CHURCH -The usual week. ly meeting of this society was held on Tues day Rev. evening. Lloyd The chair was taken by the Williams (pastor). The speaker was Mr.

Essex, who gave an address on Davies "The right use at of our Mr. out the presided the organ, P. Kelly gave hymns, and Miss Elsie Badman gave solo. CYFARTHFA CASTLE OLD BOYS AS. Drive and Dance will be held at the Cyfarthfa Boys School on Friday, December 18th, 1925 (and not on Thursday, December 17th.

as previously which announced). Admission by invitation ticket, committee may be members. obtained on application to or Hon. Mr. L.

Williams, 9, Fair View, Merthyr. Council INFANT the Merthyr Dr. Health Committee on Wednesday maternity Mary and Eppynt Phillips, in presenting her infant welfare report, stated that during the last menth. no fewer than 1,114 infants were received and examined at the -four centres in the Borough (Merthyr, Dowlais, Troedyrhiw, and Treharris). The attendances at the clinics numbered 1,172.

TRADESMEN'S B. J. Williams toki the Public Works Committee on Friday that tradesmen between Lipton' and the Swan Inn complained about sand being thrown about the street, which blew into their shops, The tradesmen contended that sand was not necessary here. The Borough Engineer (Mr. A.

J. Marshall), replied that horses and motor cars skidded all over the place, and it was absolutely essential to throw sand there in frosty weather. FALSE Merthyr Watch D. Committee Davies, on Friday, the Mayor, Alderman J.P., presiding, the Chief Constable's monthly report stated as follows: At 10.45 p.m. on the 27th November, the of Town police noticed flames in the vicinity Queen'e-road, but on the arrival of the brigade it was found that garden rubbish was being burnt." This proves, however, that the members of the brigade are always on the qui vive.

BEFORE BUYING your Christmas Pre sents be sure you see the dignified display of beautiful and useful Christmas Presents at reasonable prices in the pharmacy windows of Henry M. Lloyd, Chemist and Ophthalmic Market Optician, Doors) Vietoria-street, Mertbyr (opposite Goodwill In Industry. One of the most interesting and informaof tive the books tailoring on the progress and development trade is now being issued by Montague Burton, ment The of story this of the remarkable initiation and develop by Sir John Foster Fraser, reads more like business, written a novel than recital of actual fact. It is profusely illustrated with fifty and a of portrait of the founder and present head that the firm. noteworthy feature, also, is the entire proceeds of the sale this book will be handed over that worthy institution, the Warehonsemen's, nd.

Drapery Schools, Landon. The is strictly limited in. number, but will add to fortunate enongh to secure a copy their library of business literature thralling a most interesting, of informative and enrecital the development of the largest final tailoring organisation in the world. The Burton's celebrations to mark. Montague Matchless Semi Jubilee inaugurate Sale, promoting special moneysaving offers of tailor-made suits to measure, and overcoats, full particulate of which you may in the firm's announcements, year of this firm's activities should most appropriate that the crowning memorated by the opportunity for every man to participate in the purchase of needful attire at really gift-giving, prices.

not in mortals to command Montage Burton.

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